Weekly Games #111

The Suicide of Rachel Foster

3.4 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

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1st of all how do you spell sweet right and wrong in 1 sentence. Sweet pea correct but sweat-heart no, like come on its the same sentence how was it wrong. Also Day 5 was buggy for me, I couldn't progress until I reset the game otherwise everything was fine

I'm glad I activated this game, it was daunting at 1st with all the rooms I had to find and stuff but I really enjoyed it up until the end. It did creep me out a little but I expected that with the horror tag. You are stuck in an abandoned hotel, stuck by a snow storm with only 1 dude to talk to for the next few days. I didn't properly take in what the store picture was, I just saw a general shape of a butterfly but now I see it closer and yeah definitely weird to have

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York

4.6 hours, 28 of 28 achievements

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I'll probably get rid of this game after this month is up since I played it for the monthly in a month. This game was alright the 1st playthrough but after that it was boring going back through. Making a visual novel out of such a big rpg game isn't right. The characters you choose had slight differences like the girl was more aggressive then the guys but other then the opening it didn't feel like anything was important. I never failed at using my powers and even with picking it pretty much every time I didn't run out of blood and that was with me barely taking in any. By the 3rd playthrough I did all the side missions so I just skipped everything spamming whatever option was there because guess what nothing changed. It's still the weird ending that ends out of no where. I could barely be bothered with the allies since the guys were just boring

Dead Rising 3 DLC

32.6 hours, 34 of 36 achievements

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This game also has dlc. A couple of bonus clothing and weapons. The main stuff is the 4 bonus stories. I was annoyed at 1st because it was a question of why make us go through more when we just did the main game but actually they were better then I expected. I was gonna do this with the main review but as can be seen I ended up just doing it separate

The 1st story has us take control of the soldiers looking for the president. Something that pops up in the main game. As a first story this is what made me okay with carrying on. It was interesting to see what was happening with them, watching as they infected the safe houses we have to clean out, how they took over their main camp which was run over from the start. It was also interesting to see that they really did kidnap the president killing her bodyguards along the way. The ending made me want more since you never saw what was actually happening inside the bad guys minds. I did the main story again and realised he's actually a mini boss when we take over the camp

The 2nd one made us take control of the illegals. They are the people who made the safehouses and the ones who you help to escape. This must be in the early days since it has us actually set up safehouses that will be important in the main game later on. This wasnt as fun as the one before it. Since I was making sure to get the achievements it was a bit much, there was just so much junk around and the story wasn't that entertaining either with so much blocked off. At least with the other story the collectable side of it actually felt important to the main game

The 3rd has us take place of a starter boss. I wasn't a fan of the biker dudes origins but I did like the end finding out it was taking place literally at the same time we started the main game. It did slightly make the whole episode better in the end

Finally it started off great and ended great. The final 4th dlc has us take control of a zdc agent, they are the people who make the zombrex chips so people don't turn into zombies. I liked this for the same reason as the military people. It was fun just seeing a different story, all the others we know what they are about. The military and biker dude are bad we know that. The illegals are good we know that what we don't know is the truth behind what happened. Playing as this zdc person who is trying to save people despite everything happening is a surprise. It just goes to show not all their company had planned to kill off a whole population of people. Oh and it brought me back to the 1st episode and carried on that story slightly so that was pretty nice since I wanted more but it made the main story complicated. Mainly the ending part but just ignore the main story and its fine.

Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret

1.8 hours, no achievements
sg win

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I really liked the style of this game. We go from room to room helping out the ghosts locked up by the evil Grot as we try to rescue our daughter. There is no backtracking in this game its simply do whatever they need to be free and then clean up the next picture to warp through. I really just liked the picture cleaning the most, I love just scratching every part of a scratch card so I just enjoyed cleaning part. Luckily I didnt encounter the bug, apparently the end has been broken for years but I had no problems

The Shapeshifting Detective

5.0 hours, 20 of 21 achievements

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Just for the fact this game changes killers each playthrough makes it a great mystery game. It requires you to actually think about the clues you are given, you cant just use a walkthrough and be done with it. Everyone is made to be suspicious. From what I found with my killer they mentioned 1 wrong thing and that was it, otherwise it could've easily been any of the other characters.

I don’t know what it is about october but I always somehow end up playing horror games. It’s not like I even pick them on purpose it just ends up that way. Even with games like the shapeshifting detective there’s nothing I found really fitting horror but yet it is tagged like that.