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For the last 15 years or so, I’ve maintained what I call “The List”. If I bought a game (whether real money, Steam wallet, gift certificates, etc), if I got a bundle specifically for a game, or if I asked for a game for a gift, and I haven’t beaten that game yet, it goes on The List. Freebies and bundled games that I didn’t specifically get a bundle for do not go on the list, but I do play lots of those also.

Some games that I own on Steam I’ve beaten on other platforms or storefronts (Xbox 360 primarily). Many of those have been included in bundles over the years, so if I liked a game and might play it again at some point, I happily added it to my Steam library. I don’t consider those part of The List though, since I have already beaten those games.

As of today (October 18, 2020), The List contains three games: Pathfinder: Kingmaker, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and Hey Pikmin (on 3DS). There are a lot of other games in my Steam library that I want to play and do play, but those are the three that I’ve spent my heard-earned money on and haven’t beaten yet.

329 games (+40 not categorized yet)
52% never played
0% unfinished
43% beaten
6% completed
0% won't play