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February 2020


February went by so fast, I only managed to beat two games ^^’

Favorite game this month: Hollow Knight - I’m so glad this got picked for PoP :) When I first started out, I was really bad and died a lot, but it didn’t bother me. I slowly started to get better and really enjoyed the increasing difficulty. So much fun! And do I even have to mention how beautiful this game is in every single regard? <3 It looks stunning, the soundtrack is one of the best I’ve ever heard and oh my god the sound effects… every time I stumbled across a grub, I was so happy :’D The only thing I didn’t like about Hollow Knight was the huge amount of backtracking. I used markers, wrote down obstacles I wasn’t able to pass, but still I had to walk through the same areas over and over again, because I needed specific items or skills to progress. I just wished there were more fast travel points. Eventually this is what stopped me from getting the other endings for now… but I will definitely go back to this gem one day!

January 2020


Favorite game this month: Mass Effect 2 - I can’t believe it took me so long to finally finish this masterpiece. By far one of the best games I have ever played and one of my favorite storylines. Everything is so well-written and immersive. I can’t think of many games where I felt so close to my in-game companions and cared so much about their well-being. So glad I got the best ending ^-^

Next Month(s)

Play or Pay picks for Feb-Apr:
Hollow Knight, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden,
The Banner Saga, Hitman: Blood Money, Yesterday Origins, Vanquish

December 2019


Favorite game this month: Subnautica: Below Zero - Not a huge surprise since Subnautica is one of my favorite games. It just throws you into this fascinating alien world, lets you explore its scary depths and makes you forget everything around you which was exactly what I needed. BZ is still in early access and seems to be getting a complete story overhaul, so I decided to play it now so I can compare both versions later. Loved the setting, felt right at home, really interesting plot, but the tasks were too repetitive (as in: find it, scan it, repeat). I really hope the new writer will keep the great characters but change how the story impacts the gameplay.

Next Month

BLAEO monthly theme
Bioshock - Remastered (also for PoP)
Do not Feed The Monkeys

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November 2019


Favorite game this month: The Final Station - Honestly, I didn’t think a 2D side-scrolling game about a train conductor in a doomed world would work, but it was such a nice, unique experience. One might argue that the gameplay gets a little monotonous after a while, but I was completely immersed the whole time - definitely in large part due to both the great visual style and the amazing soundtrack.

I stopped playing The Outer Worlds halfway through because I got bored :/ I also tried to play Kingdom Come Deliverance, but got terrible motion sickness, because even when standing still, that guy sways back and forth as if he were drunk. I had to quit after a few minutes. Can’t be turned off in the settings (._.) but I found a mod that gets rid of it, so maybe I’ll try again … someday.

Next Month

Play or Pay (Nov-Jan)
Bioshock - Remastered (currently playing ♥), Bayonetta, Prey, Tyranny

Play a Game You Won On Steamgifts
Owlboy, Windward, HOGs

Further plans
Gonna play ECO with a bunch of friends which will be… interesting to say the least. They want to start tomorrow which means it will end between Christmas and New Year. Let’s just say I’m pretty sure we will get crushed by that meteor :D Other than that I finally want to finish Mass Effect II :) And I’m not sure if this month, but I plan to play Civ for the first time - can’t decide if I should start with V or VI though.

October 2019


Favorite game this month: For The King - So much fun and challenging without being too hard or frustrating (I look at you, FTL). It really scratched the itch for games with a similar feel to Slay The Spire. Highly recommended and my favorite SG win so far!

Next Month

Play or Pay
Really looking forward to playing some of my great picks:
The Final Station, Transistor, Bayonetta, Bioshock - Remastered, Prey, Tyranny, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Play a Game You Won On Steamgifts
Quite a lot of SG wins fit this month, especially because of the story-rich tag:
Owlboy, The Final Station, Finding Paradise, Northgard and some HOGs :)

Not on Steam
With The Outer Worlds, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Luigis Mansion 3 and a free month on Origin (A Way Out), this is definitely gonna be a busy month.