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It’s Almost Monday ~ Summer Sale & Social Psychology

I’m not a specialist of Steam. In fact, 9 months ago, before joining Steamgifts, I had less than 50 games in there and never participated at one of those special sales with special events such as the Summer Sale. But. When I began to be interested in badges and all that stuff, I was told to wait for Summer sale and that there were cards and stuff and, to be honest, I didn’t understand much beside, “wait for Summer Sale, you’ll get more XP out of your badges (?) and good prices for games (!)”.
Come the Summer, some the Sale, some the Salt.. Not from me, but from a lot of people who expected cards (?), better sales (?), better events (!) and overall complained about everything and nothing during the whole stuff.
On my side, I just had a smile seeing how people would still protect Steam against every logical argument against it and its sale.

The Race

My experience with the event was pretty bad, not because of the cards and other stuff, I actually don’t even know how valuable those things were, but because of the countless bugs and abuses that were ruining the whole thing. Among the bugs I personally experienced, there was :

  • Nitro boost limit locked at 100 even though I bought some games during the sale.
  • Over 20k boosts linked to my achievements that were never unlocked, instead it was saying “you used your limit today, come back tomorrow” every day during the whole event.
  • I played Two Points Hospital during the event and it counted only 12 people cured, 1 ghost and 0 upgrade. If anybody played that game or “Theme Hospital”, you know that it’s completely inaccurate.

The Rewards

I was also confused by how “cheap” Steam was regarding rewards, giving away 600 games (was it 600 or even less ?) per day during the short time of the event. After seeing the month long on Epic and the Crazy Weekend on Kinguin, I certainly was expecting more, knowing that the amount of people who would participate to the sale would be enormous compared to the two other shops.
Speaking of the rewards, thanks to all the bugs I experienced I wasn’t even able to earn one Discount. The background held no interest to me, nor did the emoticons, so I ended spending everything in useless badges, since - let’s be honest 3 seconds here - The XP system is completely useless on Steam beside stating that you have the biggest.

Steam, Epic Store & Cognitive Dissonance

Look at that pretty title, it’s classy yeah ? Yeah. If you don’t know what Cognitive Dissonance is, you can check the video I linked which explain what it is and gives a lot of good example completely unrelated to internet, but it happens a lot and constantly because of another social concept stating that the Human hates change and for the sake of keeping the same routine and ideas, a Human can simply ignore, deny, lie, twist the truth or pretend to never have heard of it for keeping the same routine / idea while avoiding dissonance.

A pretty recent example is how people didn’t want to quit Skype despite the ads, the bugs, the scams, the account stealing, etc. and STILL don’t want to quit it for a good part of them because changing and adapting to another platform such as Discord will cost them more energy than pretending that the bad sides of Skype isn’t that bad and it doesn’t worth the chance.
Did you try to convince a member of your family or a friend to switch to Discord or to change their browser to another or.. Really it can apply to many many things, even stuff like trying to convince your grand parent to try to use a mobile, etc. Yet, whichever educated advice, knowledge, proofs you can give to them, that person would persist in their previous behavior, way of thinking and persist to use / say the same “bullshit” on your point of view and you don’t understand why.
Well now you know why, it’s not because of the classic “don’t mind them, they are too old to change” because even a kid can already have built a lot of habit and beliefs, it’s because it’s easier to keep things as they are and to avoid the dissonance by pretending that everything is fine despite what is actually happening.

I won’t speak of Steam vs Epic Store situation here even though named them in the title. What I offer is for you to make your own opinion of the way people react when they compare the two shops and now have the tools to understand why some attempts to compare the sales on both shop and the Crazy Weekend on Kinguin were quickly shut by false arguments (one even told me that Kinguin was only giving away $1 flip asset games. We all know that it’s the perfect definition for games offered such as : Rage 2, Sekiro, Cuphead, Stardew Valley and others, right ,) ?)

If you read up to there, you already know what will be the discussion about this week. First of all, what did you think of this Steam Summer Sale ? Did you like the Race event ? Did you face any bug ? Were you part of the lucky 600 daily winners ? Did you hear about Cognitive Dissonance and of what I described regarding habits and beliefs before ?

What do you think of GOG Galaxy 2.0 ? Do you think you’ll move to that new platform ? What about the brand new GMG Summer Sale ?

FINALLY, do you think that those social psychology concepts apply to the war between Steam and Epic Store ?

It’s Almost Monday ! ~ Fighting Invisible Battles

Hello, my name is Ylthin and I suffer what is called invisible illness. It means that while I usually look fine on the outside, smiling, joking as every other person, I suffer several chronic illnesses that causes me to be on constant pain and to deal with several side effects requiring me to live each day as they come.
This is why my Monday topic happens only today, I didn’t have enough spoons yesterday to write and the heat managed to kill my last “focus” brain cell, making me look at the white page for fifteen minutes without a proper sentence coming out.
Frustrating I tell you. But this is what being me is since four years now and while it’s still hard for me to fully accept it, I came to learn how to adapt to it.

What is an invisible illness, or an invisible handicap.

People view on handicap is generally always the same, someone who has something showing on their outside that they lack of the ability to do what a healthy human being can do. The most classic example is someone using a wheel chair, it’s clear at this point that this person has a handicap and nobody will question it.
Unfortunately, most of people suffer of invisible handicap, would it be mental, physical or both, and while those affect those people’s life, someone unaware of their test result may doubt or question said handicap. Especially when you request a privilege such as being first on the line or having a sit on the bus.

Here is a personal example

I didn’t always needed a cane to assure my balance, but I do benefit of the seats reserved to handicapped people. Once, on a very bad day for me, I stepped in the tram which was crowded, the handicapped seats being taken by four adults around forty-five years old to whom I asked if I could sit. None of them reacted while clearly having heard me and a pregnant woman gave me her seat, which I refused, causing another person to give me their own seat.
The four people I asked a seat to then proceeded to speak rather loudly to how young people were such entitled assholes, forcing those older than them to move and such thing, until I gave them my priority card which finally got them to shut their mouth (even though none of them apologized).

This is one of the problem you face when you suffer from an illness which cannot be noticed on the outside. I can stand up, I have the right amount of limbs and no prosthesis anywhere to be seen which is the case of the large majority of people suffering of a handicap. This is why we’re often saying that we are fighting invisible battles, especially for those, like me, who suffer from a still rather unknown chronic illness called Fibromyalgia.

Me and my Bro.

This was the title of a personal blog I had in the past where I was attempting to explain the struggle to suffer from Fibromyalgia and to be recognized for it. As well as to explain how lucky I have been to have had friends who were suffering from it, so I didn’t spend between 5 and 10 years to know what I have.
In France, we only begin now to consider the idea that Fibromyalgia is a thing and those who suffer from it aren’t simply trying to find an excuse to do as little as they can. Last year, when I filled my handicap help request, they wouldn’t take it in account at all, at least now they do and it’s a big progress.


Fibromyalgia is affecting each person differently and there are so many possible symptoms that it makes it complicated to diagnose it, for now, the best way to do so is to test the Fibro points and if at least 11 of those are painful, it’s necessary to look for the other symptoms that can be related to it.. Or not. Here is a nice list which sum up most of symptoms, even though you can easily find lists with way more of those, there is even a 150 symptoms checklist available for whoever wanna panic instantly as most of those are pretty common.

Enjoy a part of the list


Here comes the really fun part of the Fibro. There is no treatment. We know that some medication such as the Duloxetine has some effect on the pain induced by Fibromyalgia, but doctors and searchers have absolutely no idea why. The idea behind the treatment is to manage as best as possible the pain and the other symptoms, whichever they are, and to encourage the person to see a therapist as it may help to recover from it. But maybe not. Nothing is certain after all.

Living with your Bro

The complicated part of living with such invasive chronic illness is you never know what will happen tomorrow or even in an hour. The only thing you can be sure is you have limited energy, you are easily tired physically and mentally and some tasks which were easy to do a few years ago are now complicated.

Various examples:

  • I couldn’t write this text as yesterday demanded too many spoons and I simply didn’t have any left to write.
  • I usually need two hours in the morning before being able to do anything efficiently, during those two hours, I’m in pain, my body doesn’t react smoothly and by mental functions aren’t at their best.
  • I generally need to nap after taking a shower because showering takes a lot of spoons. Some people need a break after dressing up as well, I’m not at this point but it may happen.
  • If I’m in need to travel, to see my therapist for example, I need to prepare a snack, something to drink and take my cane even if it’s a good day because I know that the return will be hard and painful (and I’ll sleep for at least 3 hours right as I get home).
  • I can’t have a fixed schedule, my life is dictated by my chronic illnesses (fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, lumbar disk decease or PTSD symptoms) and they don’t care if I have an important appointment or if it’s Monday and I intended to write a text about invisible illnesses.

I didn’t write that loooong text to complain about my situation. I have the chance to have been diagnosed rather easily and to have a doctor who is willing to learn more about the illness so we can progress together. I’m also followed by several specialists and medicated properly even though they also come with their lot of undesirable side effects (for example, being under Morphine to handle the pain augments the frequency and the length of my Migraines while at the same time lowers the effect of the medication to stop them).
I wrote it because I had the chance to be part of a community where two people were suffering from Fibromyalgia and told me to have it checked. Since then, I try to educate people about it as they may feel all this familiar or remember of a friend who doesn’t manage to know what happens to them and their symptoms are pretty coherent with the diagnosis.
If I have an advice to give, if you are taking an appointment with a general doctor, take with you some documentation about the tender points and a list of the symptoms where you will already have checked those you suffer from. Not every doctor knows how to handle Fibromyalgia and sometimes the best is to ask to be sent to an algologist if you have the opportunity to do so.

I have no specific question for you this week, only a request: Please take good care of yourself.

Planned Backlog Assassination : July 2019

Thanks to the groups Playing Appreciated, Play or Pay and Play a Game you won on Steamgifts, I’m challenging myself to finish some games each month, but I needed a little push for my personal backlog, thus why I chose to join BLAEO !

Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
The Charnel House Trilogy 0/18 0 [ABC] Never Played
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™ 0/21 0 [PA] Unfinished
The Dwarves 0/34 0 [PA] Never Played
Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief 0/17 0 [POP] Never Played
Call of Duty: Ghosts 0/40 0 [POP] Never Played
Homeworld: Remastered Collection 0/34 0 [POP] Never Played
Where Is My Heart? 0/7 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Snake Pass 0/33 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Tadpole Treble 0/12 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Last Days of Spring 0/9 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Marble Duel 0/17 0 [MINE] Never Played
-KLAUS- 3/41 0.6 [MINE] Unfinished

I try to write a review of every game I’m playing, if I did so, you can find my reviews by clicking on the link in the last column.

[ABC] ABC Challenge
[PA] Playing Appreciated
[POP] Play or Pay
[PGWS] Play a Game you Won on Steamgifts
[MINE] Self explanatory ,)

Backlog Assassination : June 2019

Health got the better of me this month, I was completely unable to focus on long games and even playing “A New Beginning” took me more time than it should have. I have been overall slow or unable to do anything even IRL, so I guess it’s not really a surprise if I didn’t manage to do everything I wanted.
After discussing my insomnia and pain problem with my doctor, we switched around my medication and I could finally sleep a little more those pasts two days. Hopefully things will get better, even with the heatwave as we reached 42°C (107°F) Friday and it won’t get any better in my area. It’s really strange for me to need to put on the AC in June, but eh, better that than getting even more sick isn’t it ?


10% completed
2% beaten
6% unfinished
80% never played
2% Won't play

Planned Assassination :

I did less on that side than I wanted, but sometimes you bite more than you can chew, so let’s sum up what happened in the end.

Bonus Assassination :

ABC Challenge Progression :

8% completed
0% beaten
15% unfinished
77% never played

Don’t forget to be proud of yourself and what you accomplished guys. Since we’re Monday and I still have a lot of cleanup to do, I may not be able to post my Monday update as usual, we’ll see what happen. In any case, I’m proud of you all who fight the backlog as best as you can every month :) !

It’s Monday ! ~ Deception

There are days like that here you spend some time on something you expected to be a good, and then you’re getting disappointed as it’s not at all how you were expected it or simply because your expectations were so high that nothing could match them.


Months ago, I bought RiME and let it take the dust in my library, that is until I decided to give it a try and was mesmerized by everything I could find.
RiME is set in a gigantic island where you have to solve puzzles and discover secrets to progress and understand what is happening. You’re playing a young boy without a name whose boat got caught in a tempest and wakes up on the shore of an unknown island. In the middle of it can be seen a massive tower which is your ultimate destination.
You begin the game not knowing anything else than that and you can spend 99% of the game not knowing what the story is about, even after discovering secrets and toys hidden within the island. I won’t spoil anything as this game is worth playing, but even though I played it full three time, I cried at the end the three times and would certainly cry another time would I play again.


I knew I would adore the game the minute I saw the trailer. My best friend gifted it to me and it was nothing but an amazing adventure.
GRIS (which means grey in French) is a bit hard to explain without spoiling those who would like to play it. To put it simply, you’re playing a character without name (once more) whose dress changes form depending the actions used. Like RiME the world has a lot of puzzles and secrets you need to discover to disclose the full story. On contrary of RiME it’s not set in an open world and is a platformer, but the aquarelle style is absolutely stunning.

AER Memories of Old

AER was a game recommended for me both on GRIS and RiME’s store so I thought I would certainly enjoy it as I really really love exploration games and the possibility to turn into a bird was enticing. Of course, my expectations were high after having watched the trailer and read a few reviews.. And I was honestly super disappointed by the game.
First of all the world is amazing, if you want to explore a game and fly as a bird, it’s a game you will want to try, even though the controls can get really really annoying when you’re a bird as landing where you want is a pain (you can accelerate, not decelerate so don’t even think of trying to be precise about anything).
My problem comes from the lack of content. There are only 3 temples to visit and to do so you need 3 keys. All the puzzles are so simple that they shouldn’t be called puzzles anymore. You just run around and activate any button you find and you’re done. I’m not joking it’s this simple, even the more complex puzzles are only about doing simplistic actions such as copying a symbol you see on the floor by moving pillars with a switch.
Like for RiME and GRIS there are hidden area, but none of those will teach you anything about the story, you’ll see cute crabs singing, carcass of animals and such thing, but nothing that will reward you with a bit of story.
Speaking of story, you’re given tidbit of lore as your character progress, but nothing to tie those together. You learn about the world and gods and great divide and.. And that’s all. Why are there so few Humans left alive ? Why is there is such an advanced technology in a specific island ? What is AER as apparently you can collect it ? What were the wars about ? What are those griffin like creatures which apparently don’t work anymore ? It’s like the story wasn’t actually written, only a few events and a bit of legends, which leads the game to be dull and boring.
What a disappointment for a game which has so many positive reviews :| !

What game did you have high expectations for and ended to disappoint you ? Was the problem about gameplay or story ? What game do you intend to play and are afraid to be disappointed with ? What do you think of dramas related to people’s expectations (i.e. Tifa’s boobs size drama) ?

PS: Almost two months and my application to the group hasn’t been accepted yet, do you think I’m doing anything wrong i_i ?

It’s Monday ~ The Game is a Lie

Get ready because this week will be spoilery, so if you didn’t play the game I’m going to speak about and intend to, please avoid reading right after the banner. Seriously. That would certainly ruin your fun. Hope you got it. Yes that was a warning wink wonk.

When you engage a game, you tend to believe that everything that is told to you is the truth. At least in most of games, you get to know stuff, you believe those stuff and there are sometimes stuff you discover that weren’t true, but overall it’s just only a part of the stuff, not the big stuff itself. RIGHT ?
Most of games are based on the fact that as you begin, lore is given to you like it’s just junk food so you can understand what character you’re playing, why it’s there, what it is doing, it’s specialty, etc. Of course there are bonus information given by the type of the game, where it takes place, the whole design, etc.

To make it simple, we’ll speak of Zelda. Even if you never played a Zelda game, you probably know that Zelda is the name of the Princess, Ganon is the bad guy and Link is the Main Character who cannot speak (I SEE YOU COMING ! NO, THOSE TWO ATROCITIES ARE FORBIDDEN, BLEACH YOUR BRAIN WITH JAVEL NOW !).
As you begin the game, even in the early versions, you easily can recognize enemies, you meet people reminding you that > it’s dangerous to go alone, take this < , pots you can crush to find hearts and moneys, as well as deadly poultry.
All in all, even if you have things to discover (like the way you screw up and is the reason why things suxx that much in Ocarina of Time), the basic lore, who you are, who are the nice guys, the bad guys, the Tri-force, the fairies, etc. That is true and you have absolutely no reason to doubt it.

But. There are games which are based on false information given to the player (and generally the Main Character as well) and sometimes player’s reaction can be as violent as the MC itself. But I digress.

“Why would they lie to me !”

Last spoiler warning !

So yeah, I finished “A New Beginning” this weekend and read a few messages here and there of people being confused, upset, trying to find reasons behind the idea of an ally who doesn’t become a villain even though they kept lying to the Main Character to obtain what they wanted.
For those who don’t know the plot or forgot about it, a group of people from the future return in the past to avoid a nuclear power plant to explode which, as a result, created a dramatic ecological disaster leading the few hundreds of Human left alive to stay in bunkers while waiting for the next solar flare to wipe them all.
It’s important to understand that the first part of the game is Fay telling to Bent what happened and why she came to him. As you play Fay, you aren’t playing the events as they happened, but as Fay explains them, which - in that specific case - means that everything is intertwined with a lot of lies, which Bent has no idea about.
After Fay’s explanation, Bent get kidnapped by her and Ozzy, the later adding more lies to the pile in order to get Bent to trust them and to help them with their plan.
Eventually, even Bent hides stuff to Fay, Fay does the same and the whole damn thing shatters as Salvador reveals that the Phoenix Plan is absolutely not about trying to stop the catastrophe, but instead to create one to force people to react and to take more care of the planet. They didn’t come back to stop the power plant to blow up, quite the contrary in fact, Salvador is there to kaboom one.

What is interesting in there is that the plot twist isn’t about a part of the story, but the story as a whole, everything is based on a lie so the two main characters (Fay and Bent) can collaborate and reach their objective. And a lot of people, like Bent, don’t want to believe that Fay could have lied all along and -still- would be an ally to the end.

Also read a lot of complain about the lack of ending.

My thoughts about the whole thing

Yeaaah, well, you’re a bit stuck there with my point of view, also everything is super fresh so there is that.

  • First of all, I’m not sure that Fay and her partner (Nigel) had the same mission as the others, particularly Delvin and Salvador. I’m not even sure that they wanted to follow the Phoenix Plan in the first place as even the prologue is a little weird about it, stating that they have to abandon it.
  • What we do know is that all of the time capsules are sent at different place, we also know they failed to calculate the period of time (is it a lie ? I don’t think so) and appeared after the first solar flare which destroyed everything. Fay trips on that one at first when she speaks to Bent, she said they were stuck in 2500 then add that maybe it was 2050 as their way to calculate time isn’t the same. This is a lie, they indeed wear in the 26th centuries as confirmed at the end by Salvador.
  • Nigel and Fay both seem more like idealists who want to try everything to give another chance to the Humanity to change without using violence and after Nigel’s death, Fay will keep trying to do what she wants, causing a lot of commotions in the process.
  • There are definitely hostilities between Fay and the Salvador to the point I just wanted to be able to go through the screen to kick the butt of that misogynist asshole.
    I still don’t get why Salvador eventually calms down while Fay is ruining everything but shrugs.
  • I have no idea how Fay gets to know about the blue green alga, at which point she hears about it, if it’s before leaving the future ? During her visit in the archive ? Was her and Nigel working about it ? Who knows ! There are a lot of unanswered questions about Fay (for example, why does she cough blood).
  • I do think that she tries really hard to convince Bent to return to his research, and honestly it wouldn’t make sense at all if her goal was only to blow up a whole power plant.
  • Sadi’s call is both the most mysterious and the most interesting plot point to me. Sadi tells them that they failed and their attempts to change the past lead to more and more death. Fay doesn’t want to believe it, but her attitude changes soon after as she discovers that Bent had to lie about the power of the alga which causes Indez to react by blowing up completely the oil rig. After that, she does everything to keep people alive, including going against the Phoenix Plan itself.
  • You also play the whole game not knowing when it takes place until the last discussion with Salvador. Once you realize that everything is set in 1982, you understand better why people in the convention don’t want to believe that there can be a problem with the nuclear plant. As a reminder, Tchernobyl happened in 1986, those people cannot know what sort of disaster a nuclear power plant exploding can bring, they don’t know about nuclear winter, nothing that Fay can say actually makes any sense for those people.
  • Finally, the open ending isn’t a lack of ending to me, it’s just that this game is a good one to push people to think of our actual climatic problems and need of replacement to the fuel and nuclear energy. I understand that people may have wanted to see the whole planet green and all, but it would be contradictory with our own world where we no solution to fully replace everything has been publicly disclosed.

So, what do you think of those sort of plot twist, do you like them ? Did you play some game where it was a complete 360° like on “A New Beginning” ? Do you like story with open ending ? What do you think of those ? If you played “A New Beginning” what are your own theories about the game (if you have some of course) ?

It’s Monday ! ~ Educational Games

Hi everybody, I think that for those who are regularly reading and / or answering to those Monday posts, you got that the idea was to discuss both about games and other stuff which can be related or not. After speaking of my brand new controller and of the stupid packages I lately received (wow such amazing topics isn’t it :o !), I decided to continue on as it seems like you guys like to discuss and share your own experiences, which makes me smile and sometimes learn a lot.
Last week I hesitated to pick the Pride as theme for my Monday post but I thought that it was maybe a little too sensitive topic and I don’t want anybody to feel uncomfortable. At the same time, I believe in the power of education in small community more than a whole month with people going out in town while wearing a rainbow something, so today we’ll be leaning into the learning territory and I hope you’ll like it as much and share with us as much as the previous weeks.

LGBT+ Friendly Games

There are a lot of LGBT+ friendly games out there, there is even a whole > list of video games with LGBT+ characters < you can find on Wikipedia.
There are some with bisexual characters (such as Dragon Age), others with homosexual characters (such as Life is Strange) and some with transgender characters (such as Guild Warts 2), but there are really little representation of other letters of the LGBT+ family and at times it feels like they are living in a world where there is absolutely no intolerance regarding the community which is great, but not the exact reality about it.

LGBT+ Educational Games

I unfortunately know only two of those which I really adore. I don’t want to spoil anything about those games so I’ll just share them with you and won’t explain anything so you can play those , the second one is even free :) !

June giveaways for the Pride

Here is the > associated topic which was posted on SteamGifts < ! And here are my giveaways :

Did you play some LGBT+ friendly games in the past ? Did you like that part and did you have the feeling that the LGBT+ part was just a bonus flavor or that you learned something about the community ? Do you think that offering a game can help young people as much as adults to be more tolerant ?

If you know some LGBT+ educational or friendly games you liked, please share them with me !

It’s Monday ! ~ Wild Ride

Still deep into my backlog, I sometimes find some games that I wouldn’t recommend anyone to play. Even to my worse enemy. My last experience of that sort was Sunday and I think you deserve an in deep explanation of why it was a wild ride.

Classic 2014 remastered HOG so we can have fun with the Bingo (yay, I won’t have spent a few hours on that for nothing !)


For your eyes and pleasure only, I did a few GIF so you can understand the disaster.

What an incredible sense of humor.

Hahaha. Such funny joke. Wow. I'm ROFLing.

The “oh crap” moment followed by “how convenient, the solution is right where I am !”

Oh no ! I broke you and lost the rings ! Don't worry I can be repaired just here and send you in the medieval time to find the rings you lost 5mn ago. Wait a minute..

Fantastic remastered background animations.

Actually everything looks like having being stretched 90% of the time

Engaging dialogues and characters expressions.

Wow ! He even guessed who she was and all !

Of course, all this happened during the 15 first minutes of the game. Half through the developers seemed to have given up as well, the main character even stating herself that she hope it won’t last much longer and becoming more and more whiny over time.

What game got you “Oh boy, I’m in for a wild ride” after a few minutes playing ? Were you right ? Was it a funny experience or a nightmare ?

Planned Backlog Assassination : June 2019

Thanks to the groups Playing Appreciated, Play or Pay and Play a Game you won on Steamgifts, I’m challenging myself to finish some games each month, but I needed a little push for my personal backlog, thus why I chose to join BLAEO !

Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
AER Memories of Old 0/20 0.2 [ABC Challenge] Unfinished
Cities: Skyline 0/104 0.0 [PA] Dropped
Far from Noise 3/9 1.3 [MINE] Beaten
Hollow Knight 0/63 0.0 [PoP] Never Played
Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey 0/14 0.0 [PoP] Never Played
A New Beginning 0/28 0 [PGWS] Completed
Psychonauts 0/37 0.0 [PoP] Unfinished
Sword of Asumi 0/22 0.0 [PGWS] Never Played

I try to write a review of every game I’m playing, if I did so, you can find my reviews by clicking on the link in the last column.

Backlog Assassination : May 2019

Not everything went as planned, but I’m not upset at the fact I couldn’t progress on everything I intended to. My handicap has been a serious butt those pasts 2 months, forcing me to lay down at least once a day because of the pain and the insomnia didn’t help either as the days are getting warmer. Still, let’s have a look at what I planned and what happened in the end !

Planned Assassination :

Overall I believe I did not too bad, I only dropped one game and didn’t play one. I didn’t have the focus to go through Nier Automata so I decided to simply not play it. Beside, I was given some great games to play and I would have lacked of the necessary time to play it. As for Children of Zodiarcs, it was such a deception that I stopped after one painful hour.

Bonus Assassination :

ABC Challenge Progression

81% never played
19% unfinished
0% beaten
0% completed

I hope you’re proud of your own assassinations guys ! Don’t forget that even if you didn’t do as much as you hoped for this month, there is always another month. Don’t beat yourself over numbers, it doesn’t worth it, what is important is to try, not the result ,) !