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Wedding Anniversary

Today I celebrated with my roleplay partner our 4th year wedding anniversary. Yes, our GAME wedding as our characters got engaged on Final Fantasy XIV May 17th 2015.
We’re not a couple IRL, hell, we don’t even live in the same country or speak the same native language, but over years, we became really close to the point she describes us as being platonic soul mates.

Carina and I met on FFXIV in 2013 and we didn’t speak much at the time. Both part of the same Free Company (= clan, group, etc.) we would meet from time to time during roleplay events. My partner at the time, N, was close friend with her character, which explains the fact we still had the opportunity to meet after I left this FC to form my own in December.
We wouldn’t interact much for almost a year, even though she eventually joined my FC and I regularly accompanied her in dungeons or helped her with her equipment. N was making sure that I wouldn’t have contact with others, isolating me as a good emotional manipulator he was.

Except that even though I was always pretending that everything was OK, Carina saw through it and eventually asked me what was happening.
It took 3 months before I would manage to cut ties with N and Carina was there with me and for me every single step on the way.
It’s been a little more that four years now and while there have been ups and downs, we learned from each other and became better persons both to ourselves and to the others.

This year, FFXIV introduced the vows renewal and we celebrated our friendship by going through the whole wedding ceremony once more.

I’m grateful I met her, It’s the second time I am blessed with the daily company of someone precious thanks to a MMORPG while I didn’t expect such a thing in the first place.
In case you’re curious, the first one is my life partner, we live together since 11 years now and met on Lineage II.

What do you think of game weddings? Did you proceed to one, even with a NPC? Do you believe in online friendship? Did you meet someone important to you through a game? Do you have cute stories to share of people who met online?

ABC Challenge - Killing in Order is the Gimmick

Let’s go for another challenge that can help me kill the Backlog. If you’re interested about the challenge, you can read everything about it > HERE < !

Personal Rules

  • I can play other games at the same times.
  • Games have to be played in alphabetical order.
  • If I dislike a game or find one broken, I’ll switch to another one from the same letter.
  • To track my progress, I may switch a game without achievement to a game with achievement would I find one appealing with the same letter.
  • If there is an empty letter (stares at Z), I can leave it empty and fill it if I happen to have a game fitting the letter.
  • No time limit, but I’ll try to kick one letter per month. I’m not in a hurry :) !

Games List

Do you participate to the ABC challenge ? Do you find that sort of challenge interesting ? Are you challenging yourself in a different way ? If yes, what is your personal challenge plan if you’re ok to share it with us ?

It’s Monday !

What ! Again ? Apparently Monday comes back every week with new topic. At least that’s what I was told.
Monday also generally means that I will get some packages delivered and this Monday didn’t make exception. The thing is when I made the whole list of stuff that were supposed to be delivered this week, the only thing I found matching the date were 2 1/2 inch medical tapes. And the delivering service that requested me to pick the date and hour was Fed Ex.

I don’t even want to know how much it did cost to them knowing that it was free delivery for me.

I’m being told that we’re supposed to speak about games here. So here is a game story.

This week-end I bought two keys for two games I want since a while on e-bay and I just received the confirmation that the keys will be sent to me via mail. Not email. Mail. To my mail address. I’ll receive the two keys written on paper via mail, I don’t even know why this is a thing, but I can’t wait to receive a postcard from UK with just two games keys on it.

What was your most ridiculous experience with a delivery ? Was it about the size of item inside of the giant or too small package ? What is about the delay ? Or maybe about the way it was delivered ? I can’t wait to hear your stories !

Tiny Hands Story - The Controller Struggle

I have tiny hands. That’s a fact that sounds pretty stupid to speak of, but since I have smaller hands than the Random Joe for whom most of products are manufactured, I constantly run into problems that requires me to find creative solutions to be able to do what everybody else can do with basic items you can find everywhere.

Controllers are big. By big I mean that since the firsts released, controllers got bigger and bigger over time and my hands stopped growing at some point, or I would look like the Cortical homunculus. The result is my own personal limit is the PS controller, and I’m not 100% comfortable with it to access to all the buttons and the lower trigger.

For some times now, I have been using my PS4 controller on Steam with a program aside to make it work. It was fine until a couple of months ago when it began to randomly behave, the left and right getting stuck (both joystick and pad), having the character running into walls until I would manage to unstuck it. On my very last attempt to platform with this controller, I had the pleasure to fancy my character running stuck to the right, then to the left, then again to the right and so on.
Comes the solution which is why I’m sharing this with you as maybe some of you struggle with the usual controllers which are sold nowadays, particularly the XBox one which is so huge that I can’t even reach all the buttons with the small version of it.

The reason why I’m making this post is to help people who may have similar problem so they know that there exists high quality alternative controllers working on Steam like a charm and how to set it up.

I got my eyes on controllers made by 8BitDo which makes small light weight controllers adapted for Steam, MacOS, Android and even have special receivers allowing you to use it on old consoles such as Super Nintendo, as well as new one such as Switch.
I chose a special edition of the N30 Pro, the Apple AP40 as it’s also compatible with iOS as I own an iPhone. Here is a video of it if you’re curious.

Apple AP40

Now comes the “how to set up this beauty”

Turn it on and pair it with bluetooth. Congratulations you’re done for the most part. Yet there are still games which wont want to hear anything about this new controller, I had the problem with Figment which only accepted the controller at the launch of the game, but nope right after (go figure).

  • Open steam and click on “Steam” on the top left, then click on settings.
  • Once there, select the controller tab and click on “general controller settings”.
  • Tick “Generic Gamepad Configuration Support” to get your 8BitDo to work correctly.
  • Select your controller on “Detected Controllers” list, you’ll be requested which sort of controller it is, just select Generic Controller.
  • Click on “Define Layout” and go through every option to associate your 8BitDo controller to Steam and voilà !

Quite simple in the end, configuring it that ways allows you to play most of the games without Big Pictures (which I dislike as full screen) and you can now enjoy playing with a small and light controller looking fancy ,) !

It’s Monday !

I wish you a great week ♥ ! What is your planning for this week ? Any game you wanna play in particular ?

Also I’m going to play Adam Wolfe which is part of my backlog.
I’m thinking of streaming things from time to time to encourage myself, feel free to throw a follow in case you wanna see some backlog games being assassinated or if you fancy rare and random screenshot edit streaming.

An old one

Backlog Organisation - Advice and Experience Wanted

Hey there !

Only a few days here and I’m already spamming the Activities with questions and organisations topics.
I would like to know how you organise your own backlog to be able to go through it without feeling burnt after a few games. After all, I’m new at trying to find a strategy to reduce my backlog and I like to learn from other people’s experiences and creativity.
I tried to find the “revilheart approach” as it’s named in the “Getting Started” guide, but the strategy isn’t exactly explained in all the topics I could find. If I got it right, it consists in picking 5 games and making a giveaway once those 5 are done ?

My organisation attempt so far

For now I have several lists which are classed as focus needed and length :

  • Currently Playing : Explanatory.
  • Main Target : Mostly Playing Appreciated games and some specific I need to play through before a certain date.
  • Kill Me ! Game I already began and have absolutely no reason to not finish.
  • Side Dish : Games which don’t require a lot of focus and can be played on the side. Perfect when you’re roleplaying or when you need to unwind for 5mn.
  • Slow burn : Long games or games which need to be played in small sessions to be edible. Those games aren’t expected to be finished within a month.
  • Neverending Story : Everything that doesn’t have an end per se, including online, co-op, RTS, etc.
  • Shame on U : While I’ll give a try to most of my games, some will straight go into that pile as I know that I won’t enjoy them all. This list will reset each month and isn’t available on my profile. Nobody needs an Ophélie ear worm…. Except those games.

Beside this, I think I’ll try to Stream once in a while, I’m unsure if it’s a good idea to make a public post, maybe I’ll keep it on private if it’s possible to follow members ?

Now that’s your turn ! Tell me how you organise your backlog to be able to chew it ! Do you have a special technique ? What do you do to not get discouraged ?


Planned Backlog Assassination : May 2019

Thanks to the groups Playing Appreciated and Play a Game you won on Steamgifts, I’m challenging myself to finish some games each month, but I needed a little push for my personal backlog, thus why I chose to join BLAEO !

Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
Swordbreaker The Game 24/67 0.8 [PA] Beaten
Figment 0/23 0 [PA] Never Played
The Low Road 0/21 0 [PA] Never Played
Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood 36/36 10.4 [MINE] Completed
Adam Wolfe 11/27 2.4 [PoP] Unfinished
Children of Zodiarcs 0/40 0 [PoP] Never Played
Far from Noise 2/9 1.0 [PoP] Unfinished
Nier Automata 0/37 0 [MINE] Unfinished

I try to write a review of every game I’m playing, if I did so, you can find my reviews by clicking on the link in the last column.

Backlog Assassination : April 2019

I know it’s the end of April already, but I was already assassinating my backlog before joining, thanks to the groups Playing Appreciated and Play a Game you won on Steamgifts.
To be able to motivate myself and for an organizational purpose, I’ll post each month a topic with the game I intend to play, including those from those two groups and my personal backlog.

Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
Fairy Tale Mysteries 2: The Beanstalk 11/11 5.1 [PGWS] Completed
Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan 29/29 8.4 [PGWS] Completed
Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova 10/10 5.8 [PGWS] Completed
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek 11/11 7.9 [MINE] Completed
True Lover’s Knot 4/4 (Bug) 3.9 [PGWS] Completed
KARAKARA 10/10 5.4 [PGWS] Completed
A Bird Story 1/1 3.9 [MINE] Completed
Lynne 1/1 3.1 [MINE] Completed
ABZÛ 6/12 2.9 [MINE] Beaten
Faerie Solitaire 27/30 (Bug) 13.5 [PGWS] Beaten
Blokin 4/6 7.0 [PA] Dropped
Conjuntalia 8/90 2.9 [PA] Dropped

I try to write a review of every game I’m playing, if I did so, you can find my reviews by clicking on the link in the last column.

The Magic of [randimg]

I posted that in the Steamgifts recruitment topic already, as it was advised to find a creative solution to alternate your screenshots if you wish to share many of them on the same post. I’m not so good at HTML to do any sort of guide, but I do know a website which gives you the opportunity to make “piles” of images and to have a single jpg link for them. Every time you or someone else will open the topic, the link will randomly pick one of the picture of the pile to show it.

Here is a quick example with some of my avatars, the 3 piles links I made have the exact same 6 pictures and it will randomly make appear one of those 6 every time you reload the page.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

[randimg] is currently in beta, but it works pretty fine and I am unsure what they intend to change in the future.

Quick Guide:

Once your account is created, upload your pictures on [randimg].
Click on “create a new pile” and once done, click on it and drag and drop the pictures you want inside it.
Once done you can return back to the home page and click on “link” to get the pile, share the pile link like another picture link :) !

I don’t know if it will be useful to anybody, I personally find it nice for avatars, signatures and things you want to share without dropping the quality by doing gifs.

PS: Refreshing the page to see what pictures you’ll get give a slot machine feeling =x !

[Solved] HELP ! I’m a noob i_i !

Hello there ♥ !

This is my first post here and while I wanted to organize my whole backlog before poking into the discussions, I happen to have some problems so I have yet to be done with the whole organization part.

First of all, I can’t find for the life of me the link to return to the place where you organize your backlog by dragging and dropping each item into one of the five base categories.
Here is a screenshot of what I mean:
I clicked literally everywhere without finding back the page once I was done with it the first time. I get that it’s only a “first time” sort of thing, but I wasn’t done with the “won’t play” section and the drag and drop part was making things easier than it seems to be now.

My second problem is related to the lists, while I created two of them so far (Currently Playing & Backlog Priority), when I go under “My Games” and click on the pencil to add / change the category, those lists don’t show at all.

I also checked on the list view as indicated in this tutorial, but nothing described appears: There is no research functions or other catégories / list appearing anywhere, so I have no idea how I’m supposed to add games into my lists.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading ♥ !