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My favorite game genres are turn based strategy or tactics, RPGs, and simulation/management/building but I enjoy a variety of mostly single player games. Rocket League is my most played game on Steam that I still keep up with on occasion.
I’m a patient southern US gamer who buys the occasional bundle, trading or giving away what I don’t activate (via, SteamTrades, SteamGifts), and otherwise I wait for seasonal sales.
My rig: Intel i5-3570K, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, Samsung 860 EVO 480GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

So I am starting to use BLAEO lists to tag games on tap for the coming month, and also lists for some reasons that games are in certain states. Ever since Steam purged all my library categories when I went into settings and did Clear Download Cache (wut) troubleshooting my primary steam library being unavailable when my secondary HDD with my non-primary Steam library failed (I now have a replacement drive), I am only using Steam to flag games I am currently playing as “Favorites”.

My New Lists


Games I have played for a while where I got to a point where I am unable to progress further, and I am not motivated to retry again for quite a while.

Progress categories: Unfinished.

Notable examples: Distance (~3/4 of the way through single player/story mode) and Crypt of the Necrodancer (can’t pass 2nd or 3rd dungeon).

Awaiting updates before playing

If I know that a game will have significant updates (DLC or not) in the near or mid term, which includes almost all my Early Access games, I prefer to wait for such updates or release to occur before playing them or continuing to play them. This may include waiting for the release of DLC within any season pass I may have purchased.

Progress categories: Never played (17/19), Unfinished (2/19).

Notable examples: Battletech (played some, but waiting for additional DLCs to be published), This War of Mine (played non-DLC content, waiting for third and final Stories DLC to be released, overdue since 2018 presumably because dev focused on Frostpunk…), Startup Company (not played yet, might be what’s been stuck in Early Access hell the longest out of all my games)

NOTE: It was a pain to find out which games in my library are in Early Access, because the Steam library/game list does not denote which ones are or are not early access, nor allow for filtering on such a thing. The closest I could get is the Steam library filters site, but Early Access is merely a filterable user defined tag, and so far that tag shows up for any game that has EVER been in Early Access regardless of whether it has released out of Early Access or not - That’s ~80 out of my 500+ games!

DLC wanted before playing

There are some games I own where I don’t own some DLC but I know that will have a significant impact on gameplay. So I want to hold off on playing those until I can get such DLC.

Progress categories: Never played (15/19), Unfinished (3/19), Beaten (1/19).

Notable examples: Civ IV (seems with Civ that there’s often one more expensive DLC per release that’s must have), Subnautica (waiting to buy the ice world DLC), Turmoil (beaten before DLC, waiting to buy DLC)

This month’s list of games (June 2019)

Here is what I might be playing this month from my backlog - I already beat two short games this weekend (Brothers and Worms Pinball), and I’m revisiting Tower Unite thanks to its recent fishing update in which I’m collecting fish and putting them in a giant aquarium next to the club room of my highrise condo. I’ll try to post a progress updated with mini reviews by the end of the month.

For my first BLAEO post, I will go over my use of BLAEO categories, first impressions about my initial stats, recap the games I have played for the past month (May 2019), and what I might start to play for June 2019:

Use of BLAEO Categories

The different categories available are relatively straightforward, but there are certain types of games where the line between Unfinished, Beaten, and Completed is kinda in the eye of the beholder - So I will explain those situations here:


Multiplayer Only Games: Any progress that falls short of Beaten category. Examples includes Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer where I have completed training, but only played a few matches.

Beaten category

Multiplayer Only Games: If at the time I played it I had played every major mode available, have made significant progress, and played any limited training modes, I will consider the game “Beaten”. Therefore, it is possible for content to have been added after I “beat” it that I have not played yet. Examples include Rocket League where I have reached level 70+, Warframe where I reached mastery level 20+, and Tower Unite where I have played every game & every level as well as purchased the most expensive condo.

Games played outside of Steam: If I previously beat a game that I own outside of Steam or prior to getting a Steam account, I will mark it as “Beaten” or “Completed” depending on progress. Examples include Worms which I owned before Steam was a thing.

Remastered games: If I beat the original game, and the remastered edition does not add much to the gameplay, then I will consider the remastered game to be “Beaten” but not “Completed”. Examples include Full Throttle and Mark of the Ninja

Games without a clear end game condition: If I am reasonably sure that I have unlocked everything available within a game and progressed significantly in it, then I will consider it “Beaten”, but not “Completed” unless I have 100% achievements or if no achievements I am 100% certain I have maxed out the game. Examples include Game Dev Tycoon, Mad Games Tycoon, and SimCity 4 Deluxe.


Games without achievements: If a game I beat did not have achievements and I am reasonably certain I unlocked all things & modes available, then I will consider the game to be completed.

Won’t Play category

Original editions when Enhanced/Complete editions exist: When there are games that I own that come with both an original and an enhanced edition that significantly alters some gameplay elements, I will mark the original as Won’t Play, and then will mark the Enhanced edition appropriately. Examples include Divinity Original Sin 1 as well as Ori and the Blind Forest.

My Initial Stats

562 games
73% never played
11% unfinished
12% beaten
1% completed
3% won’t play

My First Impressions

I expected my stats to be more like this:
69% never played (off by -4%)
20% unfinished (off by +9%)
5% beaten (off by -7%)
1% completed
5% won’t play (off by -2%)

I am relieved that I have beaten more than I thought and don’t have as many unfinished games as I thought, but my never played games doesn’t surprise me given how active I am with trading and gifting games. I would say that at least half of the “unfinished” games are ones that I am “stuck” at a certain point on, but can’t bring myself to consider actually abandoned.

Game Activity for May 2019

    Hand of Fate

    Hand of Fate

    35 hours playtime

    I recommend this deck building action RPG to anyone who enjoys action RPGs, as it combines them really well, although the action elements aren’t perfect (but they’re not terrible either). This is one of the few games where it was beneficial to go back to a prior level/stage in story mode, which is due to them being a lower difficulty. I eagerly await a sale for the sequel to see how they change and improve upon this deck building action RPG format.

    Do Not Feed the Monkeys

    Do Not Feed the Monkeys

    10 hours playtime

    I recommend this voyeuristic game on sale to fans of other big brother-type “choices matter” games after having played through it twice in 6 hours with a desire to play it again maybe once or twice more (a rarity for me). Gameplay well illustrated by the 2 Steam trailers seems well balanced when not feeding monkeys, as I only had to rollback to 2-3 days twice in order to reach end game (~15 in-game days), wherein “game over” is not unlocking enough cameras by the designated day #. It is worth considering “feeding the monkeys” in the early game.

    Rocket League

    Rocket League

    235 hours playtime

    So I have a love/hate relationship of advancing Rocket Pass levels: I love that it is not exclusively tied to how much you play through some secondary pass-specific XP level, but I hate that there have been multiple weeks where one of the basic three goal/achievements requires owning a specific item that needs to be purchased from a prior seasonal event.
    I’ve maintained my Gold division for competitive Rumble and Ice Hockey modes. The traditional competitive game modes have been much tougher as well as far more toxic.

    Tower Unite

    Tower Unite

    62 hours playtime

    Tower Unite is a collection of mostly party-type games that branch off of a virtual world, some of them more integrated with the core Plaza area than others, all of which is free of microtransactions. Almost everything is purchased with in-game currency earned through playing games and getting achievements, with the exception of some unlocks or random drop opportunities (spin a wheel, cat pouches, etc). You have lots of cutomization options for your character and condo, including custom player & condo items that can be brought into the game through the Steam Workshop. I recommend the game to midcore gamers as well as achievement hunters, but casual and hardcore gamers may not enjoy it.
    My personal favorite games are Minigolf, Virus, Laser Tag, High Stakes Texas Hold Em, and Balloon Pop.
    I built a penthouse type condo with a club area, and a trampoline basketball & volleyball courts.

    60 Seconds!

    60 Seconds!

    4 hours playtime

    This is a largely narrative based survival game that I unfortunately can only recommend at historic low prices for survival enthusiasts that love achievement hunting.
    It is fun to spend the first 60 seconds trying to grab as many people and things as you can to survive nuclear fallout, but grab & Go Controls feel kinda clumsy, even after adjusting sensitivity to your liking. That’s partially because there are some scenarios where one item can appear above the other, like on a shelf, but there are no controls for which one to pick other than left or right and hope the item you want winds up getting highlighted. Items don’t seem balanced, because some may be more vital to rescue & survival than others. The different events and choices are interesting…for a few hours. I played through every mode several times and all challenges.



    4 hours playtime

    I never play horror games, but this was somewhat more of a voyeur-centric game in that the game is played entirely through someone else’s cellphone and you communicate with people that the phone’s owner knows. I recommend it to people that are okay with horror and voyeur elements of games while enjoying some choices that matter. The story doesn’t branch though, as it stays pretty much one set of rails, but your interactions with people change based on your choices.



    4 hours playtime

    This is a unique cross platform single & multiplayer (asynchronous) bot combat arena strategy game that runs entirely using AI logic and command sets that you define. It does not require programming knowledge by any means, but it may require the patience or willingness to “troubleshoot” kinda like one given that there is considerable trial & error. Intro tutorial is decent at teaching the basics, and the official wiki is even more helpful in terms of other strategy tips & options.
    I have only focused on Elimination mode in single player with only a few multiplayer matches, and will get into the other two base & capture modes once I have a fully fleshed out Attack AI from beating Elimination mode.
    The Android version is free, and progress can easily be synced between the PC and Android versions when an account is registered with the game’s site.

Games I Might Start in June 2019

Spelunky, Lethal League, Brothers - A tale of two sons, Dreamstones, Worms Pinball