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Hello and welcome to my profile.

I will be posting weekly reports of my games and inform you all how easy it is to get achievements in a variety of games, or posting it down as an achievement hunters nightmare if they either don’t unlock or pretty much insane to get

This link includes my favourite songs from my stories or movies/animes. Used to contain other stuff but I was only really interested in keeping my self aware of the songs

Weekly Games #45

Alice of Joker - Circus and Liar's Game

0 hours, no achievements
7 books


So straight up this should've been before nightmare. However just like I did with the clover stories I wanted to get the people I've read out of the way first. Plus it did reference diamonds alot so maybe it was better for last

Now this was just confusing but thats what Joker is all about. He's there to play games and confuse you while the world is seperated into seasons which apparently you cant access without his help.

Frankly I liked this but it was a bit to confusing. Which technically works for who Joker is but in terms of trying to read just doesn't

So I ended up going through my xbox achievements and found out my tastes in games are completely different. There were so many car games I used to play. Now a days most things I used to play I wouldn’t even consider touching. Its like with my achievements my mind frame is so different. I had that with my reading though, I used to collect books after books but I was never a big reader. However hit 15 and suddenly I started reading so much because steam was the best library I could wish for.

Also this week I started reading comics. I’ve obviously talked about my manga because they are physical stuff but I never realised just how much stuff has comics about them. Like this week I read a powerpuff girls comic like what? Its amazing having so many options I can even choose to just read the whole movie for example monsters inc then watch it.

Weekly Games #44

Spyro Year of the Dragon

0 hours, no achievements


So I havent actually played this past the 2 world. So while I did go in having watched it and loved it (again this game was the one that made me love and buy the rest) I didn't know everything. I never saw all the levels or what happens when you 100%

Now I actually surprisingly struggled with this game. Okay so it wasn't surprising considering how many times I needed sparx to tell me where the last gem is on the 2nd game but still. I struggled so much finding everything in this game. Thats the thing this game is bigger then the others. Not only is the main area bigger but there's a bunch of side quests with its own area that also has gems. Its such a pain that its very easy for a gem to sneak by. Unlike before though to unlock the gem finder you need to do sparx levels. So instead of learning moves for spyro this time its sparx. They arent bad but also not great. However another new addition is extra characters. So of course you got the sparx levels but you can also be a monkey, a kangaroo, a bird and a bear. Everyone is completely different and its fun seeing all these different people

Now there's some bad like the skateboard missions but overall I do love this game. I didn't 100% since more extra bonus stories which I don't have time for but I did enjoy it. I saved so many baby dragons! Its sad that there's more spyro games but not by insomniac games like the original trilogy was.

I am so upset with myself right now. Its sunday. I missed Friday 2 days ago I just completely forgot. It didn’t even click with me that oh you were suppose to have your brothers today which means you should’ve done your report yesterday. Oh I’m going crazy. I’m so bored of stupid tv that I’ve even just started cheating on my phone game so i have something to do! As expected my friend is a total let down so I can’t be taken to fix my laptop so I think I might start praying that I get a loan so I can get a new one in around 1.5 months instead of 3. Fuck the step dad he messed up and who knows what happening to my brothers now so he can keep paying off that broken laptop

While I’m at it here my sale report which I planned to say this week. So it turns out my never played stayed at 63% so I could’ve bought my games when the sale started but oh well. I ended up buying games to finish my collections so xblaze lost memories, lucius 3, grisaia 5.5 and 6. 100% oj dlc. I also bought the 3 corpse party games since why not splash out on something new

June 2019



Achievements: 37,338
Perfect games: 210
Average %: 87
Completed this month: 20


So as can be seen I did end up doing this. I just don’t want this ruined like I didn’t want my weekly ruined. Became even more trouble when I realised oh yeah progress bar month which is also why I’ve waited to buy my steam games so I could cheat the system. It became the bigger problem when I had to go searching for my other one. Blaeo is not really phone friendly

Oh yeah I need to talk about my favourite game. I’ve been so distracted without my laptop that I didnt even bother to think about these games so lets give it to Blazblue Calamity trigger. Honestly looking back I barely liked the rest and some even hated. The only other I would give it to is higurashi but I dont want to give it to that multiple times. While blazblue wasn’t the best it did give me a new appreciation for the fighting game genre and even though I was just button mashing my way through it was fun at the time.

Random Serious Report

Oh no why you under this spoiler tag. There’s no spoilers here and no secrets either. No no I’m not going to spill any secrets how much memory do you think I have that I can remember any. Its why I’m great at keeping them! Anyway I wasn’t planning this. I don’t really wanna do this since I got my monthly report tomorrow but who knows there’s been a bunch of reports todays maybe more will appear. Anyway I ended up deciding to do this now since I didn’t want to wait a week before speaking my mind. Hopefully this way I can have something nice to talk about next week instead of this serious and depressing stuff. Its just allergies I swear! I watched a pirate episode of yugioh and I have bad reactions to pirate bubble bath stuff… can not remember what that stuff is called bath bubble bath thing yeah. Maybe its just bubble bath and im over thinking it right now

Im going to be very serious here this time. I’ve had very conflicting emotions about having my laptop break on me. I actually did go through the 5 stages of grief. Not in order but still the stages. 1st I denied the fact and hoped it would just return like the next day. While I didn’t really get angry I got annoyed. I was bored and I was annoyed that this laptop is the worst I’ve ever had and yet its my most expensive! I of course pleaded with it to work promising to just uninstall anything I’m not currently playing. I cried a bunch and then accepted? Well that’s a very broad thing to say. The thing I’m about to bring up is yeah acceptance of what happened but I also don’t want to accept it fully since it still affected me even if I was coming up with excuses to be okay with it.

Now what I was going to bring up is the fact I’ve really learnt alot about myself. I learnt I need to seriously chill. Without really taking note I was putting so much pressure on myself. I found myself watching things and thinking no you need to stop. You need to play spyro. Not because I wanted to play it even. I knew I was doing this if I got lost in just wathing random videos I would start hating myself. It wasn’t until it happened this week though that it really hit me. I don’t need to be 24/7 on my laptop playing games or reading. I can afford to let myself just take a break. I’ve been watching my yugioh gx since I moved and I’ve been loving it. It makes me so happy and the fact I’m not on my laptop or phone and just soaking in everything going on is great.

In my mind if I’m watching something instead of reading/gaming then I’m wasting my life. That I’ll just be seen as this lazy bum who’s making excuses to be able to stay indoors and laze about. However stuff like reading is like yeah at least she’s doing something productive. Im someone who is even terrified of my own family. So I’m always in constant fear of everything. So yeah that’s how I kinda got into the mindset of no stop watching just do this. Prove you didn’t waste your money and prove that you aren’t just wasting your life away watching boring youtube videos. I dont have anyone like me. They don’t game, they don’t read they dont care about anime or collecting stuff so I know when you look at my stuff it must be like why? Why do you need all these figures? Its hard to combat all my thoughts but with the breaks I can change that. I might still have so much trouble with it but I should eventually forgive myself and not give myself trouble when I want to have a little longer then 10 minutes of a break after reading or playing something for hours

Well a bunch of editting out stuff is done and I think what I said is fine. As I said I do need to work on chilling out. Sure things might be a little slower and I might end up completing 1 or 2 less games here and there but thats fine. I do plenty enough each month and I’ve completed a good 25% of my games this year already so I’m happy enough.

Weekly Games #43


0 hours, no achievements
12+2 books


I was kinda surprised by how similar this was to the anime. I know with books they tend to skip so much out so I did go in wondering if certain parts would be skipped with this. Sure there was certain things like the shock of finding out rem was a girl. Its not really important but damn was that insane to find out but for pretty much everything it was the same. The ending however was different by how it happened and the manga version did have like an ending credit scene. Honestly I will say it made me slightly disappointed that it was so close. It was so packed that it took ages to finish just 1 book so it made me very tired trying to read it all but with the anime it was less fatiging and fun to get the emotions out of everyone and it made the intense scenes even better. I totally don't regret buying this though. The 2 bonus books made it worth it. Finding out all the many many rules was insane. Plus I loved finding a card in the other book with my favourite character L on it. For the ending like I mentioned I couldn't say if I liked it or not. I preferred the build up in the anime but knowing there could've been more in the manga was interesting.

Spyro the dragon

0 hours, no achievements


For anyone who doesnt know about spyro let me explain it a bit. You are spyro a little purple dragon who has to save all the dragons turned into crystal while collecting gems and dragon eggs along the way. Now as a PlayStation game you know its going to be a bit wonky so Im not going to talk about the bad you can probably figure it all out. Im not going to fault the problems it has since its fine.

Honestly I dont even have much good to say about it. There's no big storyline except what I mentioned just saving dragons in each world until you finally get to the last boss. The only good I really have to say is about the levels. As soon as I entered a level I could recognise and remember what was going to happen in it. Hidden gems I struggled with before were no longer trouble. Ive only played it once and while it was 2 years ago for so many levels to be so recogniseable is insane.

Look there are a lot of faults and not many good for me but I love it. I fell in love with spyro when I saw the 3rd game. I ended up buying all 3 and enjoyed myself since it is addicting. When I saw the trilogy was out for steam (hopefully still steam) I was so excited that I just added it without even bothering to look at what it was like. It wasnt until days later I was interested and watched the trailer, only to love it even more. That trailer seriously confirmed that these 3 games are worth full price which apart from when I preordered life is strange before the storm, hasnt been done in a long time.

Spyro Ripto's Rage

0 hours, no achievements


The general idea of spyro 2 is the same as the original. You play spyro who with his handy dragonfly sparks goes world to world in order to collect stuff. This time we collect orbs which is obtained by get this story side missions. Yes you read that right we have a story! While the other game did have a slight story of save the dragons it weren't much but straight away you know this is much more. Every area has their own little stories to them and its amazing seeing all these different people that can inhabit them. Unlike before you have to buy certain stuff to progress with gems and that includes stuff like swimming which before killed you. So you do actually have to backtrack now in the game which is slightly annoying (but with ingame cheats you can like ignore that but sadly no 99 lives cheat) Finally for major changes sparks can now locate gems so no searching every single spot in the world for that 1 missing gem

Now I didn't really bother trying to 100% this game (however I must've improved since it was so much easier this time round. So I did 100% without trying and like with the 99 lives I didn't even need it since I 1 shot each boss). I did it before and the frustration from collecting all the orbs didn't do much for the end. Doing so you can unlock super flame for new game+ which is kinda pointless since I don't plan to go back and want superflame for a new game. There are also post bonus stories by doing challenges which nahhhh not fun not when I don't need to do them especially since im assuming you need to not take damage on the boss? Again never did it but i know bosses gives you skill points so big guess

Oh look the girl with no life is still here and still somehow doing more games and reading then everyone else. Okay with all seriousness now I didn’t want to avoid doing a report. Just because I have no laptop doesn’t mean I cant still reveal what I’ve done this week. My reports will be lacking pictures and all that junk. I’m sure my poor spelling mistakes are all over the place (I read everything before copying so probably not to much if any) and I just didn’t want my whole friday reports messed up (yes I know its sunday! Its the last day of the month which means it was 2 days later incase I played something today and yesterday) Honestly don’t know if I will do my monthly report tomorrow or not since its so much work but at the same time I’m going crazy from not having my laptop!

As mentioned last week on thursday it broke randomly. Blue screen of death visited me for the 1st time ever and it broke me. By friday I was so annoyed and upset but I was moving on Saturday so I didn’t have much time to be bothered with it. Then Saturday came and so much moving. I lived upstairs which a set of stairs that twirl giving us 4 sets. I’m not strong not at all the heaviest thing I lift apart from my laptop is cups and I stay in doors all the time so I don’t have much energy especially when my anxiety kicks in and thinks its fun to make my heart race so fast like I was sprinting. Plus the day before I only had like 7-8 crackers to eat and relentless/iced tea to get any sort of energy. Moving to new place there was more stairs but by the time we got there everything was brought up so didn’t have to worry at least. Now for the reason I brought this all up

Sunday. Bloody Sunday. Oh what can I say. Just like friday I had only energy type drinks and a couple of crackers. I was super tired, hungry and in SO MUCH PAIN. Oh and my brothers came over oh yay and we went outside. I got food at least but nah the 1 hour park after it wasn’t fun and I found out the currys in town was no longer there so where the heck could I go to get my laptop fixed! Anyway still getting off track. This whole thing was suppose to be about how in just a couple of days I was like no I don’t want to play spyro, since if the trilogy really does come to steam I don’t want to play it again after 2 months. Sunday though was like yeah spyro!! Screw the trilogy I want to play something. I need to do something that isn’t watching videos or reading my damn manga! I very much enjoyed watching my yugioh gx but that can only keep me distracted for so long. Its really a shame I wasnt old enough around the time yugioh cards was a thing. The only type of cards you could buy was football then I got a little older and found the world of magic the gathering which I brought and played once

Weekly Games #42

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.4 Himatsubushi

2.8 hours, 8 of 8 achievements


I've loved this series so far but this bonus story was a bit of a disappointment. While it was interesting to get an outsiders perspective on something in the past which we barely know about, I didn't really care for the story overall. It's different when we know the character but this was just some random detective person and away from the rika parts I can't say I enjoyed reading them. However the stuff it did add and the fact I got to see kid mion I didn't mind reading this since it was half the length then normal

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.5 Meakashi

4.9 hours, 16 of 16 achievements


This was intense. I don't know how to feel my emotions and thoughts are all over the place. 1 moment I was starting to warm up to shion then I wanted her dead, then I felt sad for her then I just thought she was just straight up crazy. This story is so crazy but I loved it. Everything just clicked together and things I paid no attention to before suddenly started running in circles in my head. People said how horrible ch 2 ending was and originally I agreed but seeing the truth behind it showed me just how cruel and terrible it really is. I think this might even be better then ch 3 for me now so apart from ch 4 so far every one has gotten better like I said. I seriously don't want to wait for ch 8. Also I was totally right for hating Shion, I knew there was something wrong with her and I knew Mion was the best!!!!!

South Park The Fractured But Whole

25.6 hours, 35 of 35 achievements


Its sad to say but I think I have to agree with others in the fact this game just isn't good. Stick of truth had so much love put into it while this felt like it was trying to play off the fame and get some easy bucks. The fact you have a season pass for this game sucks especially when they aren't worth it. Overall the story isn't as funny, the battle system is horrible and I had so many bugs. Like the major issue being the fact characters wouldn't appear for ages that I've easily missed them or forced to not move forward since apparently someone is in the area with me. Then in battle I got a wait a good 10+ seconds before I can even start doing its stupid battle grid fighting. The achievements aren't even fun either, with all the others they were silly but this is literally like combat, more combat and even more combat, all these not fun combat achievements. Plus that damn poo minigame. I barely found it fun before that I only did it once and now I have to do it 21 times and master it! This with the whole actual grinding experience out makes those parts not fun either. I couldn't even be the character I wanted because you have to be a black character. Now before you were forced into jew which was fine by me, its just a role and I liked it. However when I had the most pale skinned kid before and now suddenly everyone is black its not nice. I did not order a skin change! You do need a uplay account for this game as well unlike the other. Frankly in the end the only good thing about this game were the yaoi pictures and no if I didn't play stick of truth it wouldn't have changed anything, all it would do is make me hate all south park games

Alice of Joker - Nightmare Trilogy

0 hours, no achievements
3 books


Oh new world of Joker. So hearts we explored the country of hearts of course and gained love. Clover we saw a new land with friendship and this time we have Joker. We are back with everyone from both hearts and clover. Alice has the same premise like clover where she just stayed for friends but in the world of Joker everything is mixed up. The land keeps shifting with areas having different seasons and a new circus has arrived with the only new person of this series Joker. In the world of Joker will Alice be saved or captured (this is all over the place the others were easy to speak about but its just confusing this I don't even know how I will describe Diamonds since thats a mistake of a manga)

The nightmare trilogy is just what I wanted from a nightmare story. Having more books then just 1 means they can go into a deeper story then a forced romance. This just combines all the craziness from wonderland with the craziness of nightmare and then the craziness of joker. It's just so random but also some of the greatest bits I've read

Oh and I found another barcode in this one. Kept happening before just reading along and then barcode smacked in the middle of the page. This one luckily didn't have it stripped so I didn't have to literally peel it off the page risking the ripping

Portal 2

7.5 hours, 20 of 51 achievements


Oh this is a long time waited end to portal 2. I started this almost 3 months ago and I finally finished. Despite the long time to finish it I did prefer this to portal 1. The jokes and story was so much better then the original but the puzzles were just annoying and harder. Since I was playing it with sound I was able to use the excuse of oh I don't want to listen so I could avoid the actual gameplay. The original was so much easier and faster that I think I completed it in 1 setting maybe 2. With this I only started it to avoid listening to my stupid mother and her prick of a bf but then they broke up for a while so I had nothing to avoid for almost a month where I just took the opportunity to play while my brothers were here but after spending 1.3 hours completing 1 act I was tired of it all over again. So I finally decided to finish it of course without sound. I didn't want to do that but I don't think I can handle listening to this game anymore while being frustrated trying to figure out the damn puzzles. Not that I'm free I missed a lot of achievements and I need multiplayer still… Kill me now I don't want to find someone to play with. Well actually 1 person to play with and 2 extras. Why portal why!

Oh with everything above I'm sending mixed signals. I really did enjoy the story it was amazing and even though I had this game spoiled it still managed to surprise me. For anyone who played and enjoyed the 1st game this is a perfect sequel that kept what was good about it and just made it bigger

So if you pay any slight attention to my posts you will notice my story has no picture while normally it does. Well I ended up doing this whole report on my phone since my laptop died. It gave me the blue screen of death and now i cant use that. To make matters worse I move tomorrow so I have nothing to do all my dvds and books are packed away and the only thing keeping me sane is broken. I have no idea how long this will go on for depends how quick my laptop can be fixed. At this point I have no excuse for not reading my real books and watching movies since what else would I do.

Weekly Games #41

Castle of Illusion

4.5 hours, 12 of 12 achievements
sg win


This game tells the story of an evil witch who kidnaps minnie for her youth and beauty causing mickey to collect 7 gems to create a rainbow bridge and save her. It's fairly simple to get used to with just jumping and the rare throwing. Each level has 2 acts to collect diamonds, statues and cards/chillies. Then a 3rd act for the boss which are all fairly simple as well once you learn their pattern. I wouldn't say this is a very calming game at all at least not for myself. The jumping and stuff was a bit annoying to get used to and I would keep overshooting my jumps or undershooting so it became an annoyance when I would keep dying and end up half way across where I needed to be at certain points. Plus there was a water level which I did not enjoy one bit. No that set of levels scared me a lot and of course there was plenty of diamonds falling down upon me which I reluctantly collected

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.3 Tatarigoroshi

6.6 hours, 16 of 16 achievements
Challenge 3/5


Oh this was a hard read but I loved this. This would have to be my favourite story so far even though it was tough to go through the child abuse side of it. Compared to the others this felt so real while the others was just sounding like a spiritual thing which I don't believe in so I couldn't find it as believable as the child abuse and craziness of it all. Plus barely any Shion so that's always great. Based on Shion alone number 1 is my favourite

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

1.8 hours, 20 of 20 achievements
sg win


I liked this game but chapter 3 caused a lot of problems. It took ages to register my actions, there was something I had to use an item on but the inventory blocked the item so I had to move half way across the area just to use it and it stopped letting my click through text. I liked the characters though and story wise wasn't bad. I don't know why the boss turned evil and tried to destroy the world but whatever. At least the people you are helping are very well known unless you didn't go to school and don't listen or read anything media wise referencing them. As well as chapter 3 causing problems the achievements are annoying, they only unlock once you leave the game so you will look like you just cheated your way through the game!

Pixel Puzzles: Japan

4.2 hours, 26 of 26 achievements
sg win


I think I still have to say that undead is the best pixel puzzle game. The pieces move which is fine I can deal with it since I did before and I kept picking up the fish and wrong ones which can be used for an exploit. The pictures aren't high quality because this is clearly in the early days and there was no bonus help. You just had to keep making the puzzle and when you collected 8 parts you got the image to pop up which I hated. I couldn't see which pieces I put down and spamming the button doesn't do well since you got to be on the space or it doesn't attach, however it doesn't have a problem with sticking down the wrong pieces and making you struggle to pick it back up. The fact there is no image to look at I kinda just had to spam pieces everywhere until I got a clue on where things would be which is not fun. For the exploit you could just stack all the pieces up and then whenever you clicked on the pile it would give you the piece that is either next or around the edges. You don't even need to finish 2 puzzles in this game since there's no achievements for it and they don't count towards doing all of them. Anyway I didn't really enter this to enjoy it, this was just a way to get the dlc pack for pixel puzzles which on that version I liked the puzzles.

Swordbreaker The Game

2.8 hours, 67 of 67 achievements
sg win


Ahhhhhhh this was insane to go through. There are so many choices and so many scenes and so many and I mean SO MANY deaths! Everything you do leads to a death! EVERYTHING!!!! If you like choose your own adventure type books go ahead and get this since SO MANY choices and SO MANY scenes and DEATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XBlaze Code: Embryo

7.6 hours, 39 of 39 achievements
sg win


I liked this story but damn was the requirements for everything a pain. It's so easy to miss everything and have to repeat it all over again and again. Plus missing just 1 tio can easily make you lose the game since how dare you miss 1 when it's never made obvious you got them all and then you redo it and see the same damn tios yet apparently you have them all this time! All the achievements are a grind like play all the music just why? The summaries weren't that great to read so loading up each chapter 6 times was annoying and the only way the game remembers you did anything is to save. I literally had to repeat certain stuff because I read a tio or did a scene and just not saved. Plus so many tips I get it you're there to help but I didn't read them. There's 100 of those damn things no way am I reading them all. As well the controls suck. The controls are done with a controller and when you need a code for the gag route it's a pain trying to put the controller to the keyboard. When I did search it up though its like L is to skip, rshift is to save, J is for those tios and I is for tips. At no point do they tell you what button it is and considering it's important maybe you should so we don't need a controller! For the code I had to use o and u, at no point did I use those buttons, I know O was to go back but you can do that anyway with esc so what was u?

While you don't actually need to play blazblue games to understand the story I was happy I did try calamity trigger 1st. While it wouldn't of changed much, certain things like bringing up sector seven got me like yep I understand more. However it's as I said there is no need to really play blazblue or understand it's story. If you do then you will understand some stuff a bit easier maybe but there is no need at all

Pyrite Heart

0.4 hours, no achievements


Well here we go I guess, still don't know how to I missed this. It's been at least 6/7 months since I read this but feels like that not that long ago

So this is just a short story of how a princess wants to go to school like a normal child. Rich kid rivalry happens and you get to choose to date the student body president or the butler. That's basically it, its quiet short and not the best story but hey its not bad at least

So I looked at my games I’ve talked about and I found some stuff. Like pyrite heart wasn’t done which is a surprise but here we go I’ve now talked about it despite feeling like I did that not that long ago but I couldn’t find it. During that time when fast scrolling I got taken to the very bottom of my page and I found my 1st post from 9 months ago. So now I know what date I made it on and realised it’s been 9 months and I still haven’t finished broken sword 3. Now I know I haven’t touched it this year but that still leaves 3 months where I was just avoiding it. Damn that game sucks but I still need to finish it 1 day maybe in the future when I’m dead, considering I won part 5 it should be done soon since I can’t leave that to be the last win I play or I’ll never take part in the thread

Weekly Games #40

A New Beginning - Final Cut

5.1 hours, 28 of 28 achievements


As soon as I read the store page I realised I wasn't going to like this much and it was even worse as soon as I started it. I don't like the story and the people in this game are the worst people I've ever seen in a game before. Like seriously straight from the start you save someone and yet they just give her shit for it, while at the same time we get the dude she's asking for help from also doing the same. I don't like the look of this game and while the comic style was nice at the start the text is horrible. For some reason you need the comic text as well as the normal game text which sometimes collide with each other making it very hard to see either or they just don't say the same damn thing. As well for the text I kept having it move from the top corner to the middle to the bottom and it just kept swapping, which yes makes it hard to read when I have to keep moving my eyes all over the damn screen. You would think I would be done with what's wrong but nope I still have 2 more problems. Interacting was a pain, you had to hold the thing down and if you accidently clicked on the wrong thing which I found very easy to do with this game, it forced you to look or interact with that item. Now for my final problem, it just shut down on me! Now I have to say I'm glad it has a continue button since I don't appreciate games just closing down without my permission. There was no warning that anything was wrong it just did it.

I don't like the idea of being completely negative about a game but I can't think of anything that I found good. Reading about global warming and end of Earth is not something I'm invested in to want to read it in game form. I guess the best I can give it is that the achievements weren't broken but that shouldn't have to be a good point that should just be natural!

The Little Acre

1.1 hours, 27 of 27 achievements
sg win


This is a cute and short game about a little kid looking for her father who is in turn looking for his father. The world feels like a child imagination and their dog is just the best dog. The achievements are fairly simple even the speed run so with a guide its very easy to get everything in 1 playthrough then start a new one to get a solution. Totally recommend this

The Silent Age

2 hours, 24 of 24 achievements


This is a game I kept taking off and putting back on my wishlist and I wish I left it off. The game wasn't bad but wasn't good either. I didn't care for the story or the game play especially in the last chapter where it was a lot of back and forth. It took until the very last chat in the game before I realised the button next to it (which is something that typically means to me skip) was actually just make the next text show up. I was so frustrated that I didn't just risk it earlier but whatever it wouldn't have shaved that much time off anyway

Alice Love Fables - Toy Box

0 hours, no achievements
1 book


The toy box contains 4 sets of stories. 2 being other stories and the other 2 being about Alice in the country of hearts and clover. Both Hearts and Clovers contain 3 mini stories for all 3 hatter family, white rabbit (like gee only way I'm reading them), gray and julius. Each story was nice even if very short of course but considering its Alice Love Fables I could've done with it all being Alice rather then half her half random stories. I don't ever plan to buy more of these so I'm just going to ignore the other half of the book.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

24.1 hours, no achievements


I haven't really played any fighter games except injustice for a little bit on the xbox. I'm not a fan of them since I just never found them fun but I did with this game. I enjoyed the combat, art and story. There was a couple of characters which were a pain to 100% but each bit was fun. Now I have 100% only the characters. Every character is complete and I have unlocked all cgs for them and a couple of extra from random stuff. It was a bit of drag going through them again for those missing couple of % like my first character stopped at 99% because I forgot to lose a fight. I did 3 characters for arcade mode but since it didn't unlock anything I didn't bother carrying on. The movies are also bad, the text and sound don't mix well so you can be hearing 1 thing then seeing the last bit it just said or not at all in the last movie. However here's the kicker, play the 2nd instalment continuum shift, it has this game attached to it. Unless you mod it you can't get multiplayer and while I don't care about it myself I know most people do so there is 0 point to play this one instead of the 2nd game

Introvert Quest

2.5 hours, no achievements
sg win


I liked this game but it's a buggy mess. It breaks randomly so you have to quit and reload on its 1 save file, the battle system is pointless since all it does is send you to a hospital so there's no point even trying to win since you won't! Plus there's a game breaking bug on day 4 where you encounter santa and he traps you in his alley way. This game has been broken since it first came out and the people still never fixed it. I had follow someone's advice to edit the position of santa which was a huge pain to figure out and guess what I never did find this so screw it. I got to day 4 and I can't progress since santa won't move so gg I'm done this is dropped and screw this game.

Last week I played a lot of hogs and this time I did a lot of point and clicks. Wasn’t planned at all just had 2 picked out for play or pay and then 1 was for my win, I still have 1 left as well. I barely even planned all the hogs last week either, I just wanted to get midnight mysteries out of the way for my winnings. Then I just felt like going through grim legends then decided hey I have 2 days left until my report and hey 9 clues has 2 so why not. Frankly its been kinda nice this week and last. I have things planned out for next week as well so I don’t see myself thinking ugh what to play for a little while

May 2019


Achievements: 36,901
Perfect Games:197
Average %: 86
Completed this Month: 36


Oh end of the month only 1 more to go before we see my progress bar but considering I’m at 65% I would say that 5% should show. I managed to get a lot of my manga out of the way as well as many many hogs bringing me to 36 games this month, making it my highest in total this year

Would normally do these reports in the morning but I’m already waking my self up early since I’m staying round brothers today and their dad never tells us the time he’s bringing down the boys so I don’t want to risk sorting out my room and then find out I don’t have enough time for this so here it is. Still on the 1st for me but most likely still Friday for everyone else

I’m very conflicted here for my favourite of the month, just like I was with my games. I had a lot of great games which I enjoyed and definitely effected me at that time but I’ve hit the end of the month and none of that is there. While they were good they all had their own problems and they just didn’t have that long lasting effect. However I want to pick a favourite instead of skipping a month so I’ll give it to kathy rain. While it didn’t click with me as much as all the others, in fact not at all, I would say it was the better of the lot. I could’ve done with some more explanation in the end but overall I enjoyed my time playing it and unlike tokyo dark it didn’t make me repeat it

Weekly Games #39

9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek

1.5 hours, 19 of 19 achievements


I can't say I really care about this game. The art is strange, the story is just weird and the map is just awkward since it doesn't show every area when some parts have like 3+ areas. The puzzles are alright though and fairly simple which was nice and there is only 9 collectables that are very easy to see. It surprisingly doesn't have any bonus story so everything about it is very quick and simple to do.

Dear RED - Extended

0.3 hours, 11 of 11 achievements


I won't go into to much detail because it will ruin the story. This game tells the story of Red and her revenge on the guy who killed her mother. As you play you learn the whole story of what happened and the more endings you play the more notes you unlock which also help reveal the whole story. It's an alright story even if it can get boring repeating the same action again and again for a slight difference

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

2.4 hours, 29 of 29 achievements


I would have to say this is my least favourite of the set. The story is alright and so are the puzzles but I just find this boring and annoying compared to the others. At least you only need to play it once if you do expert and the collectibles are pretty easy to see

Midnight Mysteries 4: Haunted Houdini

3.2 hours, 16 of 16 achievements
sg win


Surprisingly enough despite being pretty much the same mechanics as the last game I didn't mind playing it this time round. I just found it so much better in story and gameplay wise, only having 70 clovers instead of 100. The only bit that frustrated me was the fair ground attractions, they are fairly simple but then you got the bottle throwing and it's terrible. It took forever for me to figure out the perfect angle and speed to throw those balls to knock down all 3 towers. It probably helped to like the story by the fact I did know the person. Mark twain I've never heard of but harry houdini of course I have and I just love magic

9 Clues 2: The Ward

2 hours, 34 of 39 achievements


So this kinda follows along the lines of the other one but you can just play this without the original without missing really anything. I preferred the looks of this game, the map and the actual story. Doing the detective scenes were different since you had to piece it together and the puzzles were harder I felt. There's still no bonus story but a whole lot more of collectibles and you have to replay it again to do mahjong instead, you also have to finish the game without 1 hint that's counting away from puzzles so that isn't fun

Alice of Clovers - Chesire Cat Waltz

0 hours, no achievements
7 books


Well this is the longest book out of everything including the common book. It's simply insane by how big it is for one person, I get chesire hasn't had his own story before and you don't see him much in everything else to know exactly how he is but damn

What I read was good though even if It gave me conflicting emotions. There's always a problem between Alice and whoever she's dating but this took it to a darker side. With everyone else they would be upset or just cling to her but Boris gets angry. He tells it as it is which was hard to read. I don't mind seeing the fact he's giving it to her straight about the mixed signals but even hatter just enjoyed the different reactions she was pulling. We end up getting a story that keeps swapping between her pushing him away and then worrying that he's disappeared. Then we get him getting angry and just clingy

There's also more stuff hinting about the white rabbit being important but just like the others were stuck having to make up our own mind. Like what is sunday afternoon, don't give me that information and leave me stuck!

I did like this story, it was nice to get a boris story but it gave me a horrible side to him and more horrible side's to ace. It really did give me a conflicted feeling between loving it and hating it, with it being the longest story with 7 books as well it just made it hard to read especially when they started adding in side stories with the biggest ones after book 5 and going up to the last 7

Double "dual" Phase

0.7 hours, no achievements
18+ Mosaics - Incest Yuri


Twin sisters teaches little kids how to have sex while trying to become one with twisted ends not even a joke that bit, they literally stick both of their arms up each other past their elbows like they are literally trying to become one

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

2.9 hours, 20 of 24 achievements


This is the hog that sucked me in the most at the start. Considering before this I played time mysteries it ended up being so nice. The characters were better, the background was better the fact you had a pet was pretty nice. Plus I just overall loved the story. With all the hogs I've played nothing has proven to be better then this one. I probably wouldn't have bothered with the others if I didn't play this and grew to love artifex. It does have the annoying collectables but I like how different they are, its not just collect the same item but figure out what part of the picture is changing plus there's no achievements so no need to collect. One bad thing about this game though is the fact you have to play it twice, while normally you can do expert and be done with it, it also requires domino games instead of finding objects

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City

2.3 hours, 34 of 36 achievements


I didn't really think much of this game the 1st time I played it but after replaying this it was a nice edition. It's different to the other games with having battles and while there was hidden objects it was more find the same items then just random junk. This also introduces in the combine objects together. The collectables were also very easy to see which was nice. Plus it was weird being given a name in the game instead of just player so it felt like we were just watching over the girl instead of being her.

Lilium x Triangle

0.8 hours, no achievements
18+ Mosaics - Yuri


Succubus came to earth to feed on girls and ends up freeloading on them. Lots of cute yuri scenes ensue while I get annoyed about the beach route I couldn't seem to get all the other damn times and still barely this time

Love Love H Maid

0.1 hours, no achievements
18+ Mosaics


Rich boy has sad relationship with father, uses that to take advantage of willing maid

Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham - Collector's Edition

2.5 hours, no achievements
sg win


I didn't think these games could get worse. I've been such a downer with all but the 1st game but I don't have good things to say about this, except no achievements. I don't get why they had to change how the game worked, while 1st glance it's pretty much all the same, same clovers, same ravens same everything but then you collect items and realise the inventory is different. Instead of clicking to go to the next item you hover through them all, it's so annoying trying to find something and click on it when its trying to move all over the place. Oh and I get why they didn't put achievements down since ingame ones are like do this in 4 minutes do this in 5 minutes and its like what. It didn't even take me a minute!!! Since when has a hog taken 5 minutes even in unlimited it barely went past 4. Plus without them I didn't bother collecting every clover and raven which meant yes I missed a couple of things but screw that, the guide I found didn't even bother listing them so I'm not wasting more time on it especially when it requires me to collect stuff even more


0.6 hours, no achievements
18+ Futanari


Futanari girl shames all the boys while video streaming her sex acts

Offscreen Scandal

0.2 hours, no achievements
18+ Mosaics - Yaoi


Boy gets raped, boy learns rapist is a stalker, boy turns out to also love his stalker rapist and everything is all good at least until a surprise sequel reveals the video tape of it all is leaked and everyone learns they have the worst love story ever

Sugar's Delight

0.4 hours, no achievements
18+ - Yuri


Do you like yuri? Do you like deserts? Do you like a candy double sided dildo? Then this is the story for you

I would love to point out my saviour internet history, I accidently clicked delete on where I was doing this report and I thought I lost everything, all my hard work on all my reports and all this setting up, I wanted to cry. I was going to give up post everything I could remember and leave it at that but I thought I would see if history had it so I clicked on the only blaeo link there was and everything was there but the 2 I needed to still do. Thank you history I love!!!

Oh its a perfect friday I get to end it on meaning no extra/less days for my next report. As mentioned last week with midnight mysteries out of the way I have finally done 51% of my wins. You can also tell I got in a reading spree. I decided its been a while since I went away from steam stories then I figured all of these stories are short so why not!