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Hello and welcome to my profile.

I will be posting weekly reports of my games and inform you all how easy it is to get achievements in a variety of games, or posting it down as an achievement hunters nightmare if they either don’t unlock or pretty much insane to get

This link includes my favourite songs from my stories or movies/animes. Used to contain other stuff but I was only really interested in keeping my self aware of the songs

Weekly Games #28

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi

5.8 hours, 14 of 14 achievements
sg win


Oh I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I totally get why it's such a talked about and loved series. It was the most fun I've had reading in a long time. The start cracked me up and then the end hooked me in with its mystery. It was a joy. I don't even care that I was kicked out of sg attrition for it since it was worth it! It amazes me how much I enjoyed it and I even played it how they say to. With the sound, at points I was thinking eh why am I listening, it doesn't sound like it helps my experience but oh it did. It enhanced those moments, the happy times were more happy and the mystery side was more tense. Plus damn that start made my body tense up. 4 whole minutes reading, since you cant just speed through of pure torture. Normally I don't agree with everyone when they claim something is the best or its great but I totally do agree

Alice of Hearts - My Fanatic Rabbit

0 hours, no achievements
2 books - Romance


Oh straight up until I wrote this down I thought it was fantastic rabbit.

I love the march hare (also known as elliot) He's just the most adorable thing. Even though he's in the mafia and will straight up kill everyone when it comes to loyalty he has it all. However he's pretty clueless. He hangs off everyone's word. No kidding, his boss the mad hatter can insult him to his face and he takes it as a compliment. He will use what he knows to solve everything but he's also quick to realise killing isn't actually the answer when it involves Alice

Again the story has changed. Since with him you never met the Queen, however in the mad hatters book you were living with them. There isn't really much that honestly happens in it. You just see a budding romance between them and see more sides to Elliot. Which is great because he's just so cute

Alice of Hearts - Clockmaker's Story

0 hours, no achievements
1 book - Romance


This is of course the clockmakers (aka julius) story. Just like the mad hatter we lived in the queens castle for some reason but overall its the closest to the main story since it focus's on Julius and his work. This was also the story I found in the library which made me buy the rest. I was amazed when I saw it so I didn't even bother reading the library book which I do feel bad about since it costs to take it out but I didn't wanna read it when I had at least the main 3 books first.

It is the shortest of the lot at 1 book, however he has another book focused on him so you end up with 2 mini stories instead of 1 longer story

Dark Souls III

45 hours, 35 of 43 achievements
sg win


I'm not going to say much about this game since I don't have anything really nice to say. Sadly it is a win. Honestly I entered it on a whim since I heard so much about it so I thought why not there's 6k people I won't win and yet I did. Just like Shiness I wished I would like it, I hate the fact of hating a win but I cant be expected to love everything and at least I played it right. If you are into these types of games I'm sure you would like it but I just don't. It just ends up being a drag for me trying to work out what I'm doing while figuring out controls since it only shows them in controller form. I followed a walkthrough to make sure I did it all right and I still found myself wondering why isn't this person here! You told me they would be here! You are insane for doing this walkthrough even for new game+ and ++ even though for those it was more like these items exist here, then anything. Once I found a guide with a map of each area it was easier since I was able to see exactly where it wanted me to go for items.

However it's still a time consuming game, I could've just took longer to complete but if I stopped playing and played something else I would've dropped it. While I'm on it the achievements is just playing through really, apart from the collectables but with a guide or just plain old searching everything you shouldn't find to much trouble. They will also be time consuming since you will have to play it 3 times just to get all the rings. Also they can be temperamental when it comes to the weapons

Episode - Campus Crush

0 hours, no achievements
113 Episodes - Romance


This was my 1st ever story on this app. It asked what genre I liked and I got romance and this. It was a good start and I got really addicted, however now after reading so many others its kinda lackluster. You follow this girl on her 1st day at school tackling classes, dating, sororities and a mysterious benefactor. Everyone seems to know something about her while she has no clue whats going on. Now its not a bad story, you wonder whats going on. Why are they all interested in her, whats with the benefactor! However when I read such long addicting stories going from them to something thats so short I can read all 4 episodes in 10 minutes or less its terrible. So instead of small story with long episodes we get long story with short episodes. Which would be fine for most people but not me! It does get slightly longer as it gets near the end though but when it's a whole lot of the same thing it still doesn't make up for the rest. Plus straight after you go back into the shortest 2 episodes for the ending. I need something longer then 10 minutes every 4 hours. I dont want to be watching more ads then reading campus crush. Its 113 episodes long! I'm going to be reading you for around a week if I dont watch ads. At least make it worth my 16 tickets each day! Plus nothing I did made a difference, it actively fights again all the choices you make. Like my girl had her heart broken over a guy I wasn't nice to and was forced to date them. At this time I was currently going on dates with someone else, let me have him not this stuck up jerk

While I'm at it, while it does have romance features it feels more like a mystery. The romance is literally you dated this guy u broke up. Maybe get a few kisses here and there with others. So as a romance it sucks. As a mystery its not bad

Gears of War

5 hours, 43 of 57 achievements


So i went to my brothers house for weekend so I played this with step dad. Since he skipped all the cutscenes and we played it on casual we were able to go through 1 act under 1 hour so I just stuck on 5 hours to complete.

I grew up with gears of war and its the 1st game I remember playing properly. We sadly were missing 2 cog tags which are collectables in the end but we found 3 making his total go from 25 to 28. No idea where the others were but it was fun playing this again. I do wish I saw the cutscenes but whatever you get the general gist of this. Go here and fight, then move on because of reasons. Stop walking up to the easy mode enemies and dying! For easy mode those things sure are bullet proof. They are also mean, 1 point I got hit while inbetween 3 of them meaning I got stunned. So I just got bashed to death by those 3 evil monsters

Oh I cant believe I made some progress this week. I watched movies, I listened to new songs (mainly japanese songs but songs) I read some books, finished my episode which should’ve been finished last week! Completed Dark Souls so I can put that behind me and made better progress on my high school story. Oh I also finally got to play guardians of galaxy with brother like I did with Wolf Among us, didn’t really work out as well but hey we tried and I still got to see some new things. Plus frankly being forced awake twice and going in and out of consciousness, I wasn’t going to complain about not carrying on

I cut it out last week but I didn’t touch my episode game at all. You can read it in my campus crush review of how short the episodes were. I was watching 4/5 minutes of adverts then reading for an extra 5. So I just didn’t touch it at all apart from night time and even then I didn’t bother. Same with my high school story I just kinda left it to night time/morning to put my people on tasks and that’s it. Maybe pop in every now and then to collect coins and gather books. Sometimes it just got overwhelming. I had like 10 quests going on and each one broke the other because I would need the same characters. Some I couldn’t even access since I never made it far enough into the game to unlock these special all stars. I don’t even know how long this goes on for. When I first played it I was spending months already on it and it sure didn’t feel like it was ready to end. Searching it up seems to end at level 36 and if I’m remembering right I was level 31 so it seems like I wasn’t that far off. I’m like level 14 right now which makes it sound like it shouldn’t take long but trust me. You need to grind weeks worth of books later down the line while making sure you have new plots of lands at all time since they will get longer and long as you unlock more. Currently just unlocking 3 strips across starting on the 4th its going to take me 2 days. Thats 2 days that could’ve set me back if I didn’t have extra plots waiting to be unlocked with a mission

Weekly Games #27


4.7 hours, 10 of 10 achievements
Added to Masterlist


I had this game back when it only had 2 girls. Now they have 2 more and even an extra route for misa to explain her side of events. Thank god for calculators, not only did I leave my stop watch on twice for the time but i also never marked down how long it took after I finished. However I marked down my time in my phone calculator so I just used that history to get roughly the right time

I absolutely love this game, the 1st girl they added Lucia doesnt do much for me. It's kinda pointless since it just leaves on a bad end but its still interesting to read. However the other 2 routes they added add so much more. Misa's route tells us stuff we never saw before and of course we finally get to know what this voiceless girl is thinking and the next girl Cecelia explains what happens before the events in the game. To be honest I never found myself wondering but it doesn't hurt to know. The original 3 though do pretty much follow the same line of your job so having the extra girls does give you a more variety at least.

I would totally recommend this to others. It's a great story (at least for me). The art can also be questionable though since certain characters are massive while others are tiny compared to each other. It shouldn't take to long to complete especially the achievements since they never added more as they brought out more content. It does have incest if you try to stay away from that but its an all ages game so it doesn't get to explicit

The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne

0.4 hours, 5 of 5 achievements


This story shows us Samantha Browne and her struggles to make some measly oatmeal because of her anxiety. As someone who has anxiety I felt it so much more. Every move she makes you see what she's going through her head and its so true. I didn't think it was under playing it or even over playing it. It was just in the middle ground, which I think is the best since everyone takes it differently. It had so many endings to this game as well but only 1 good. You end up going through 9 bad ends showing off how just 1 thing can change everything. I cant say much more, this is a story that should be read not told since the way I see it could be different to how others see it. I do honestly believe its a must read, its not long and its FREE! My only problem with it is that there's a timer with certain parts so once your cooking you are spending a few minutes waiting which when you are just trying to get through it feels like a life time. Oh and you do have to finish the game in 1 go so if you care about achievements and cant put away an hour of your time I wouldn't suggest playing it if you care for that stuff

I’m clearly in a rut. It’s why I’ve barely touched a game in the past 2 weeks. I’ll get over it soon I’m sure, just get through dark souls and I can start motivating myself to play others. Its the same with movies though, I’m not the best at doing nothing or just doing 1 thing so movies I tend to avoid unless I’m reading or gaming or just anything keeping me busy. I’ve got like 100+ movies and I have pretty much watched them all at one time or another, I think I should start watching them again and actually finish them. Like I spent £90 buying yugioh gx and I made it into season 2 then got busy and just dropped it. Same with my last movies/episodes. Adventure Time. Got busy and just dropped it so hey maybe I should start (re)watching my movies and during the time I can finally go through my long steam wishlist.

This user is matching games with books, so I could easily enough match my games to my movies. I think I will have to set a limit on disney games though. Since last thing I need to do is watch monsters inc and next thing I know I’m playing disney infinities and disney universe

So yeah thats what I might do. Just use a random picker to decide which and if I get an anime like grisaia I’ll read it. I dont have many but I have a few animes that can be played with steam like corpse party, amnesia memories, clannad, i could even buy certain games if they get picked too

In fact I started that off. I didn’t have a movie for 8 crazy nights or even inside out. However I thought hey inside out shows us the struggle of this young kid and we feel all those emotions, so thats when I remembered well The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne. While it’s not the same I think its pretty close enough, since you are reading about the struggles of this young adult and seeing what’s going on in her head

Mini Report/Review

Eaten Alive

1.6 hours, no achievements


It sucks so bad! I cant go through it again. This is probably my worst win regret. It was back in the early days, it was 1p why not enter. Well if I did some real research I would've found out why. I get why its so cheap because everyone knows how much it sucks just look at its reviews, mostly negative. If you want a zombie game, there's plenty of others go find them and stay away from this. Read real reviews to get what's so bad, just if you play it have fun getting out of the 1st area, its a pain to make work

Town of Salem

579.8 hours, 361 of 361 achievements


Don't take my time as the actual amount I have. I played it for ages for free before I brought this when I started getting used to steam. I also haven't played this for ages but I don't think it would've changed much.

As with most games I started playing this when I saw a youtuber play it, back then it wasn't that bad. You were able to have a real game, people believed what you told them so as an investigator you didn't have to worry as much about being called an exe or jester. Now though no one believes you, you could be proven and they will still lynch you. As soon as you speak suddenly you're framing everyone! Heck I was mayor once and some idiot tried to lynch me, serves them right I killed them and what did it turn out to be. A TOWN! My own team tried to kill me! I'm the only one who can be totally proven innocent what the hell people. Yet I have like 5 votes against me. It's horrible and toxic. I used to love it you had real games, now its like whoever gets voted for lynching first is dead without any proof.

Its not surprise no one bothers to wait to start killing. It started as a simple game, town, mafia, sk and arso as the main killers. Then they added in a werewolf which didn't cause to much drama since there can only be 1 and they only attack every 2 nights but then came the coven pack. Not only did you end up with a team like the mafia but it also brought with it 2 of the most dangerous, unkillable people ever. How do you expect a town which consists of idiots to take down every evil there is. It's not possible, its so hard to win as town now since the game is filled with evil. Sure with the coven they brought out more town but it doesn't help. 1 of the town kills anyone visiting them so they can easily kill another town and the other lays a trap which only kills murderers. So the other pesky evils like a framer gets let free oh yay plus oh yeah, they can kill town if the visiting person is a vig!

Oh but of course they didn't just stop there, they also had to put alot of changes into guess what the evil! Before the arso would tell you if they doused you, now they don't no one knows there's an arso until everyone dies in the end. Plus anyone who is investigated is shown as an arso so it can screw you over if you are good. Let's not stop there though, jester. Before they killed if you voted guilty. Meaning someone could take the hit for everyone if they didn't know if jester or not. Or if they are being nice and giving jester a win since they have enough people. Now though they made it harder to kill the jester, since you need to vote innocent to stay safe. So now no one wants to vote guilty or abstain incase they die to a jester! So not only does it make it harder to lynch for everyone but it makes it harder for the jester to win since no one will vote you off. They added a few details to others like the invest and sheriff but nothing that helps. Just changes for what they see so nothing helpful. Thats all I can think of off the top of my head but it just goes to show how annoying it is for everyone else now.

There's also alot of cheating and game throwing. The amount of games I've been in where someone just "happens" to know all the evil. I've even been accused of it when I had good luck plus there was one incident which made me leave the game. One day was playing and there was this one person who I've never seen before. I didn't know who they were but according to them and everyone else, I was cheating with them. I went into every game with people going oh this (whatever name i pick) is cheating with (whatever that fu*kers name was) It got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore. I spent every game getting abuse from everyone and it was unplayable since when somehow I did survive past the 1st night they would do everything in their power to kill me off. I didn't even play with my friend during this time which made the matter worse. The fact I've never been banned from the game goes to show the community found no proof of my so called cheating but it was a terrible experience

If you play this game I suggest play it with a friend, since without them you won't enjoy this. You will end up in toxic games, at least with a friend you have a small chance of getting anywhere in the game. If I remember correctly its not even free to play anymore either. While it's still a browser game I remember reading you need to buy it still. It was put there to deter extra accounts but that doesn't stop everyone. Cheaters and hackers won't stop just because you stop free accounts

I swear these mini reviews always end up bad. I was planning on being kind for town of salem but as I was writing I just remembered every bad experience I had with this game. There was so awesome games in there, like when I was lookout and kept finding all the evils. I should’ve died 3 times in that game but I had a doctor healing me that whole time, it was the best game ever since I managed to get so lucky, plus I ended up meeting the most important person in my life at that time, because of that one match. Another match I remember being one of my best was a vet when I managed to kill of sk, 1 arso and 2 mafia all in the 1st night. Then proceeded to kill off another mafia and another arso the next night. Doesn’t end there though, amnesiac remembered arso at this point I still had 1 alert and even told them to visit me (as confirmed vet), since I didn’t expect them to I didn’t alert but they doused me again! By that point arso could’ve killed my twice if they ignited instead of visiting me for the 3rd time. However after that it was just me arso and last town so we just lynched them. Silly fool. This did all happen in the good days though, before people went toxic, now a days I don’t think this could happen. I dont think people are able to play it properly and some of it, isnt even their fault at this point

February 2019


Achievements: 36,049
Perfect Games: 170
Average %: 83
Completed this month: 22


Thanks to my phone stories covering up this weeks I was able to complete 22 games which is far more then expected. Honestly this month nothing stood out to me, so I’ll give my favourite to Episode - Because of her. Straight from the start I was hooked and not one moment went by where it was a drag. It was short in episodes but the length of each one made up for it.

So I’ve also stuck with Overwatch still, I’m actually trying to think of what point do I class it as beaten for this year. I could just put it down but I want a milestone. Like 1000 wins for example would be great before I start talking about it especially after yesterday where I played dps for the 1st time of my choosing and loved it. I was just actually on a roll yesterday getting so many play of the games and even on my 1st time as dps got a 5 player kill. There is of course just go for the end of the year, yeah sure I could do that but thats a damn long time away people.

Oh and I was wrong about that £3 every couple of weeks thing with my High School Story. I’ve sunk way over £40 into it since I started like just before this week. It’s crazy but you get to a certain level and you unlock all these all stars which cost crazy amounts of rings. One of them cost me almost the full £12.50 worth. They were I believe 2750, 2850 at most and for the price I just said you get 3350, so I ended up with just under the amount I needed for the next one at the same time. Its calmed down now that I brought them all but I know when I hit that level 13 I got 3 upcoming. At this point I’ve sunk so much money into it I may as well just continue to do so. If I knew it would be so costly I might’ve reconsidered the idea of reading everything!

Weekly Games #26

Alice in the Country of Hearts

0 hours, no achievements
3 books or 6 individual - Romance - Long Review


I wasnt actually going to do individual reviews for these books. i was planning on just putting hearts as a whole but then i got to thinking and realised I would have to much to say about this so you will have to bear with the fact each storyline will get their own review. If you are interested in reading these opinions for some reason but don't want to read each part then once I finish all the stories for the hearts series then I'll put it into its own section and you can read that instead

Okay so still here great. Alice in the country of hearts is based on Alice in Wonderland. You got the rabbit, queen of hearts, mad hatter and march hare. Got tweedle dee and dum, chesire cat, even got a random knight. There are a few extras like a clock maker and many more which arent really in this series since places like clover have other people. I would consider looking at ozmafia on steam for an idea of what this is since like ozmafia the characters are basically a mafia who are in war with each other.

Did you search it up? Did you play it? If you did you get a general sense of what to expect. Plus this manga is actually a playstation 2 game for the Japanese. So good for them, I would love to play that and get a better sense of characters since sadly I'm missing the rabbit story :( I couldnt find part 2 anywhere and part 1 would've cost over £120 so it would've been nice to see his love line.

Speaking of love that is what the hearts is about. This series focus's on everyone adoring you and trying to keep you here since they all know something you dont. Honestly until I read it the 2nd time I didn't even really know what the heck was going on. However the 2nd time round I realised why shes in Wonderland and why they refuse to let her leave. I was so shocked that I totally missed why right at the end of the 3rd book. It was kinda obvious but at the same time youre so focused on trying to read everything right and all the other pictures that it just goes over your head

So after figuring out that truth I understood everything. I get why she wished to be in Wonderland and why everyone adores her. Now even though I mentioned love this one doesn't really contain it. While it does show some interest this overall book is more focused on her experiences in this strange place. It's in the mini books they focus on 1 character and the love side to them. As you would expect when it comes to anything Japanese, its not safe for child to read any of these mangas (dont hate on this, just look at popular animes or stories and tell me its safe for a child to see hentai or death. I of course don't think everything is like this, im just emphasizing the point)

I do love this series though. It's my first ever manga and I've spent hundreds on buying every possible book I could get my hands on and having to fight for part 7 of a later collection because I never got it. Had to get a refund once since it never arrived, the next time I brought it they apparently didn't own it so another refund. Finally the 3rd time it arrived but it ended up costing me more then the others and I spent weeks wondering if it would turn up or not

Alice of Hearts - Mad Hatter's Late Night Tea Party

0 hours, no achievements
2 books - Romance


First I'd like to point out from this point on while the story is the same in a general sense you are basically playing a different timeline. So for example instead of living with the clockmaker you now live with the queen of hearts and anything you learnt before needs to be relearnt. With that said let me explain this one

I don't need to explain this follows the Mad Hatter right? This time we get a softer version of the Mad Hatter and the others. No longer do you get a jerk who is basically claiming your slut and trying to kill you every other meeting, however he still can be a jerk who tries to force his way onto you causing harm to others. This story focus's heavily on the mad hatter gang with every now and then a mentioned about the clockmaker and the queens palace. Which is to be expected and happens with the others but its still insane how different things are, as I said you are in a different timeline. One time someone is a jerk then they are kind. Then you are loved and next thing you know your evading death!

Personally I don't like the Mad Hatter (oh and his real name is blood), I don't like his personality. The fact he would do anything for his family though means I can respect him at least, anyone who is so cold but also loyal deserves some recognition

Episode - Brother My Brother

0 hours, no achievements
30 Episodes - Romance


First I'd like to point out I hate this apps layout now. I first played this years ago, it was great, I spent months reading all types of stories. Everything was clear, you could search up a genre and it showed you everything. Now you cant see anything since they added in community stories. Now the whole app is flooded with random stories that aren't complete and I can no longer find certain stories unless I search up its name. So no longer is it neat its also broken. Went on it and a file was missing to restart a story, no big deal guess I'll just read new ones. However went into favourites that have been there for months and it keeps everything in my favourite section but invisible. So one second a story could be there, exit, come back on and its disappeared. Like why episode! You want me to read you or not, watching your 2 ads each episode THEN LET ME READ! Don't make me spend ages trying to work out the search part. Plus stop adding removed favourites back in! I dont want them. Anyway rant over guess I'll explain what it is now

Episode is a story based phone app where you read of course. There are 1000s of stories to choose from and you can even create your own. Most stories will give you multiple choices meaning each story is replayable. How you read is with tickets. You get 4 tickets every 4 hours. Meaning if you pick a short story you can easily finish some in only 1 day. Each 1st episode is free so like a demo you can see if you want to continue or not.

I picked Brother my Brother to read first because its a classic. This was here in the good old days. It is still great to. It tells the story of how you end up with a popular actor as your step-brother and the challenges that come with it. It is a romance story. I even watched so many ads just to speed up my refill near the end since it decided to let me do that. Watched over 10 just because I loved it so much

Episode - L.O.A.P: Life of a Prisoner

0 hours, no achievements
5 Episodes - Comedy


A new community being featured for black history month, yeah lets not question the fact that's super old and needs to be changed to something better like Idk Valentines? Its about you being arrested for a crime you have no knowledge of doing. You are then put into a prison, for the crazy, that's being recorded for a tv show. It is a comedy story with customisable main character. I was actually hooked on the 1st free episode. I really did feel like I was watching a real show. As expected all the prisoners were crazy and the cops were just as crazy.

Episode - Confessions of a Teenage Detective

0 hours, no achievements
12 Episodes - Mystery


After finally finding your real dad, you also stumble across the fact you have a missing long lost sister. So you set out half way across the world in search for her, with help from boy riley, a guest at your fathers hotel. This is a community mystery story with limited customisable main and love interest. Only thing I'm disappointed in, is the fact it wants gems. You get them by reading episodes own stories or you buy them. Its why I dont touch their stories since without gems you basically getting a rubbish story. So the fact this story wanted me to use gems is a big disappointment. However you don't need them, they just add extras, I had a spare 12 and used it for one option and it sucked so

Episode - Because of Her

0 hours, no achievements
12 Episodes - LGBT - Action


You are in a position for assistant chief but to get it you must solve a murder investigation with partner Alex, a girl who has flipped your world upside down. This is a community lgbt action story with custom main and love interest. If it wasn't 1am and they let me watch my 6 ads I would've been reading it still by 2. With the teen detective I got hooked a little while into the story when the mystery kicked off and I was invested in finding out if I was right for who kidnapped the sister (I was right!) However this one I got hooked straight away and more interested in when Alex's kid is gonna get another mum then the murders. Plus I was actually suppose to be on my next story but when going through my list I was interested to see what would happen.

Saints Row: The Third

53.8 hours, 74 of 83 achievements
Long review


Oh this game is great. I grew up playing this for hours but as always i tend to stick to the same storyline. Cant be changing my choices that would be silly. From this point in the series it did take a non-serious turn. It's still about the gangs but later gets silly with zombies. Plus they killed off everyone's favourite Gat, it happened right at the start but I don't wanna be moaned at for spoilers, if you haven't seen it by now will you ever? However we do get a military side to this game. It's not all about gangs, after the 1st act they get brought in and prove to be a challenge. Especially late game where you always have the police on your back for the slightest thing. I'm just there to kill gangs and accidently drive people over, leave the tanks back at base!

The endings I find a drag to do, I absolutely love the song that plays at the end I need a Hero but the stuff you have to do is a drag especially for what I like to call the bad end which is also non cannon. For more detailed opinion on the ends read the spoiler text somewhere in this post

However dlc wise I never played. I didn't have it. My game had the extra cars, outfits and cheats (which paused your achievements) So it wasn't until steam I finally played them and frankly its not great. You got Apocalypse Genki which is just basically a bunch of activities you already done so don't expect much. Then there's Gangstas In Space. Where you are filming a movie. Not the worst but kinda a drag, it does have the easiest achievements of the bunch though. Finally Weird Science where a nerd brought back butch Gat where If you read below. Features probably the hardest achievement ever! The dlc is never mentioned again so its just nonsense story

Achievement wise, they aren't the hardest (apart from johnnyguard, requiring a giant monster to not take 1 tiny hp of damage). More time consuming and 3 of them are for multiplayer. There is 1 pretty impossible achievement though, they shut down the servers meaning you cant upload your character, meaning no achievement. However people have found some ways to work around the shut servers so you just need to try some ways

Hello so first I'll explain the mission, you have to go 3 places on the map which none are close together, fighting a horde of Stags and Luchador gang members. Already its a drag doing that especially when you have to repeat it for the other end. After defeating all 3 areas you get to choose your ending. You either kill Killbane who is trying to escape, everything you done has been for this moment so you dont want him to escape, however choosing that means the Stags blow up a monument to frame you. Doesn't sound that bad until you find out that Shaundi who has been with you since saints row 2 will be blown up with it and Viola but who cares for her when Shaundi is in danger. So then there's the other choice, you go save Shaundi but everything you worked for is null since Killbane escapes. They are both in opposite directions so you get to listen to I need a Hero while you drive a while to one of the options.

So lets talk about my favourite ending. Saving Shaundi. I don't even need to think about it twice. I love Shaundi, she is great. She's been with you since saints row 2 and stuck with you through thick and thin with this game. So naturally I choose the loyal ending and cannon ending for saints row 4. You end up going to the monument getting rid of all the explosives until you save your 2 girls. Stags are now gone and you're put into a tv show based on tracking down Killbane. It's pretty stupid but I dont care I saved Shaundi.

Now we got the Killbane ending. You and Angel go to the airport to shoot his plane down and then you got button mashing and that's it. You don't get a satisfying fight. You literally shoot it down and then button mash when it tells you to. You then get to see the explosives go off and the stags get permission to bring out their secret weapon. So this senator women gives permission for the stags to DESTROY the city. They literally bring in a weapon that is tearing apart that city piece by piece. They are people! Learn to shoot them down, you don't need to kill innocents, destroying their homes and everything they know. So naturally the saints plan is to destroy the weapon that is flying above you. Which then brings on the worst fight ever. I hate stags, they are a pain to kill, so going into a fight with them all is a major pain.

It's just so unsatisfying everything. You are doing this so they know you cant be messed with but the other ending does just that. The gangs are no more, the stag are no more, you are adored, no one is messing with you since they know they cant. So why was this Killbane ending necessary. It does absolutely nothing for the story and just shows that when it comes down to it the saints are heartless people who give up their own to kill someone that no one mentioned ever. Killbane did 1 thing that put the saints in the wrong light and after that no one even mentioned him! It's like he didn't exist until the end and even then they only cared for a few seconds when his mask was removed! Maybe if the Stag wasn't introduced I could get why maybe we would've gotten more from the other gangs but the only gang that made any real sense was the 1st group morningstar, since they were the only ones at the time. Everything that happened was because of them and for revenge of killing Gat

So again my weekly post is 1 day early since the new month is tomorrow. Anything up to 2 days I’ll do it late or early. However a 3rd day nah, it can just be put into the next month. This week after seeing ads for it a few times decided to restart episode. It’s a great way to pass the time like my high school game. I absolutely got addicted though into brother my brother storyline. I read it before which is why I decided to add that to my favourites list to try again but damn was it just as amazing 2nd time round. Especially when you barely remember it. In fact I got addicted to pretty much everything I read. Once I figured out after using my tickets, if i stayed for a couple of seconds later I could watch ads to make my refill quicker I spent alot of time doing that.

Putting phone games onto my stats is a bit cheating especially when its every story but as I mentioned last week. I’ve counted games that have took me 6 minutes before, so why shouldn’t I count these. Granted they aren’t in my backlog but Idc. I’m playing something still and that’s what its all about this site. To share your progress

Oh and I finally started my real life reading on Tuesday. Since I started reading a very long episode story it was perfect chance to down some energy drinks (was actually only one) and get cracking on my manga!

Weekly Games #25

Beach Bounce

1.4 hours, 10 of 10 achievements
Added to Masterlist


I don't really know what to say on this. Its a simple story with a bunch of different girls for your liking. Surprisingly it has a few bad ends though all with their own achievements so not getting away from those. This is part 1 of the resort series, after reading 3 I realised it is best to read them all in order, since part 3 references part 1 and 2

Beauty Bounce

0.7 hours, 5 of 5 achievements
sg win - masterlist


Part 2 of the resort series and part 1 really isnt needed! You end up having to save your resort which was fine before with a beauty contest and each end is just finding out if you keep it or not. With this part though we get even more girls and even the bad end gets you a girl. However you have lost 2 girls, so really you gained 3 to lose 2, also the extra 2 wont come back either so you've actually lost variety but its only by a total of 1 if you really think of it in pure numbers. Plus with extra cgs on opposite choices for the contest, it gives you a reason to repeat each girls routes over for them

Bunny Bounce

0.9 hours, 4 of 4 achievements
Added to Masterlist


Part 3 and the final part of the resort series at least for now, never know in the future. This part as I mentioned in the Beach Bounce review actually brings up the previous 2 parts. We follow straight from the beauty contest and 1 of the original girls Nymph was brought up. So you still don't really have to play them in order but its really best to, to get the full experience. The game did take a weird turn which isn't the first time but now everyone is an animal. Just like Beauty Yuuki is the only girl you can officially get with but at the same time you can mess around with the others plus 2 new girls, so its not as bad as I thought when I saw MouseWithBeers review on it

The Escapists

64.4 hours, 37 of 37 achievements
Long Review


I apparently got this game in early access which was a surprise to see but my dlc I never brought proves I did. This is one of those games where I watched it be played and thats why I brought it, however its one of those games where I dont mind playing it. Normally I regret it since its better to watch but its not bad playing it trying to find your own way out of the prison. When you get to an hour point in the game and only spend 3 days though it gets a bit daunting.

The achievements are fairly simple to get just playing through depending how well it goes, because thats what this game is, luck. You could play through it once and get nothing you need, looking at you duct tape. Then other times you could get like 5 of them in 1 day. So you could easily escape on the 1st day with the right items while at the same time in the same prison it could take 20 days.

So I brought up the luck element but the game in general can be difficult. There's a bunch of prisons, which get harder and harder. You actually see and feel the difference. You start having more guards and prisoners, you get room mates which will tattle unless your friend, more cameras and metal detectors. Thats not even counting the fact that one prison starts everyone hating you, police can 1 hit you and MINES! Yep underground mines that will kill you if you try to escape. It gets insane

The dlcs are a new thing though, in them you get 1 way to escape. So you have to follow like a quest line collecting parts to build your escape vehicle. Which can be difficult in their own right since they are all locked behind places you cant reach unless you break in and get a key. Plus with the A team there's only 4 people so you are going to be searched so much that you need somewhere to store your items.

My last point is that you even have a map editor. So once you finish you can either play other peoples prisons or create your own. Give's a more unique feeling when you got certain ones on a boat for example.

So with all that said, apart from a few bugs its a pretty good game. That bug though isn't even game breaking, in fact its very interesting when it happens, basically you get quests to make your fellow prisoners happy, well every now and then the quest giver asks you to beat them up. So its like Beat up Aiden for Aiden

A Kiss for the Petals - New Generation

3.5 hours, no achievements
18+ - Visual Novel - Yuri - Masterlist


With this finished the kiss for the petals series is over. As you could tell this game features a new generation of girls including SUPERMAN! No lie, got a girl who hides her identity with glasses and new hairstyle. She only gets found out when oh no the glasses aren't there :o

Again the art changed however its not bad. It again has a more cartoony look, but just like I said with hanahira I haven't seen them look any other way so its fine with me. In fact its basically like other highly known (aka expensive) stories at this point with it

So this actually follows 3 couples with the main focus on the new girl then after you get to see the others, again there's incest. Its not an 18+ game without some form of forbidden romance. Apart from a terrible dream ending (which you could probably figure out if you think back to movies) its pretty solid in both characters and story. With all 3 of the couples being nothing like I've ever seen before.

Saints Row 2

4.7 hours, no achievements
sg win


You can tell by my time alone that I dropped this. Its impossible to control. The driving is badly ported that the slightest touch sends you flying in that direction and when I need to shoot and drive with the horrible controls and camera it doesn't work. Plus most of the activities which you have to do to even play this game requires driving. Also it crashes alot, so another thing that makes it unplayable. I've completed this on the xbox 360 so you know what I don't care. Don't even bother playing this version. If you want to play it get an xbox and play it on that.

You don't even really need to play this version to get number 3. Saints row 2 follows from number 1 which is confusing since I don't remember anything to do with it so everything it brings up goes over my head but its not the biggest deal. However number 3 takes the people from number 2 and changes them up. Like number 4 it does reference the other games but its more like easter egg quotes then anything

There is one good thing about this game though. The radio mix channel. Has great 80s songs including my favourite A ha Take on me

So I got into a reading spree. I managed to finish off my kiss for a petals and 2 parts of what I call the resort series all in 1 day. After all that avoiding of reading the maidens of michael I suddenly just had speed read to make up for lost time. Helped bump up my steam stats with a bunch of perfect games and extra % of achievements.

I also decided to restart high school story. I played this years ago on my phone. I absolutely loved it and now its officially over. They’ve posted the last update which I didn’t even realise but its great. You can tell I love it so much that I’m even willing to spend real money on it. In no way do you have to spend real cash to finish it, however I want to see it all. I don’t want to miss important backstories or learn about the all star cast so £3 a couple of weeks is worth it. Its time consuming so it will take months to finish and only takes a couple of minutes out of my day as well so its a perfect time waster

Finally on my long ass comment section, since why not make this bigger I was considering finally reading my real life books. I’ve spent hundreds on my alice in wonderland manga but as soon as i finish the heart i just dont continue since I just lose the motivation. So screw it im gonna count it as my monthly stats. I’ve counted 20 minutes and less of reading as something complete so why shouldnt something thats going to take me over 30 hours count.

Mini Report/Review


70.6 hours, 20 of 20 achievements


A match 3 game where you romance girls and after a few dates take them home for a sex scene cg. After each date as well you get a text message with a picture which gets more lewd each time, however sometimes it wont send you the 2nd date picture before the 1st because its screwy like that.

Its actually surprisingly not to bad. There's a variety of girls to romance all with their own outfits and hairstyles for your choosing. You can talk with them and gift them items to make their match 3 easier or you can simple ignore then never learning about them and just use them for their body. Each girl has their own preference of tokens. So matching up their favourite rewards more affection while their least wont get you much. You can also upgrade your person so everything you do rewards you much more then normal or you go the hard life, like the achievements want you to and never upgrade anything, failing every date until they are no longer interested.

Some of the achievements aren't that easy though. I mean I just mentioned the fact you got to not upgrade anything but you also shouldn't talk to the girls. Not only that but you got to spend the night with all girls (including the 3 secrets) in 18 days, meaning fail 1 date and you've lost, especially since one of the achievements is to never lose. You may think match 3 is simple but its not that simple later on. The fact you can match up broken hearts just adds an extra challenge to those already challenging achievements

HunieCam Studio

8.6 hours, 16 of 16 achievements


This game is plain stupid. It's just the same thing grinding out the game until you reach the end and get a trophy for your trouble. So as soon as you got the top trophy you are stuck grinding for hours just to unlock tokens to get a damn picture and outfits. There's alot of outfits!!!!!

I got this because I had huniepop so I thought why not but it wasn't fun. I spent so long just trying to get the tokens which wasn't FUN!
They added more girls in but I didn't really like them much and the girls we knew before all changed. Some aged okay thats fine. Some got younger… not fine. Some had a bigger bust, some got smaller. Like why. Stick to one stat. I don't want to see that this person went from a b to a d and got younger.

I can tell its suppose to be a stand alone thing, since no way would people want to be a cam girl because of what they were in huniepop but I would still like to at least see consistent stats across the games


4.4 hours, 10 of 10 achievements


New is not always better. The art is great, the fact you can choose your spouse is great, multiplayer I'm sure would be great if people played it. However that's it for me. The achievements are simple and had trouble unlocking. I don't mind simple just make them work! The game however didn't feel at all like a game of life game. You moved like you would, no longer picking your favourite number but now you get to pay out of your own money if you landed on someone else's. When you landed on what should've been a life card was instead the same few random life events like create a band for example and then you and someone else spin to see who wins the cash prize.

The game did add in cpu's and minigames but they only work if you don't play with family so I couldn't even do that with my brother. They also added in house buying and you can force a child, as long as you roll high enough to get 1. The other game did have houses but they forced you to get a house, this one you only get a house if you land on the spots…. But they aren't that great. Again you gamble and see if you will lose the money you spent on it or gain money on it, with only one house gaining you money for both situations.

So no this is not the game of life. This is the game of who gets the most riches. No real person is creating 5 family bands or being a rocket scientist without going to college (I forgot to mention that actually, you can get one of the best jobs without attending school and vise versa) I think I will stick to the real game of life from now on since I haven't touched this once since getting 100%

The Game of Life

6.8 hours, no achievements


This is your classic Game of life. You can only play it with someone in person, taking turns seeing how your life will be and making Spin to Win into a game show when you land on them. Its simple and great, if I could have it in fullscreen it would be better since the way it is now if I open it wrong I cant see the text without lifting the app up which then pauses it. My brother loves playing this so I think its great for what it is

Going through my lists and adding some more I finished then noticed this. Didn’t want to add to games I played on Friday since I haven’t touched them so thought I’d just put out another mini report/review like I did with 200% Mixed Juice

Weekly Games #24

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

16 hours, 52 of 52 achievements
sg win


when I first played this I actually found it boring. It was a drag doing the same thing over and over again. Always regretting buying certain stuff since I could barely afford anything and then it expects me to somehow buy everything screw that!

So i dropped it however around the time I joined playing appreciated I decided to give it another go on extreme and it was so much better. From the get go I was able to buy a variety of things that I could never dream about getting on normal mode. It was actually enjoyable. Granted its still pretty much the same grind but doing a couple of days at a time makes it less of that.

The achievements though can be easy or difficulty depending how your games go, I had only 1 crime happen compared to 4 before and my dates were a pain. Not only did I put their dishes on the menu for them to moan that I didn't, but I also never got a message that they enjoyed my food like it normally does. If I didn't catch that crime who knows how many more hours it would take me to get it. So just like its gameplay the achievements in this game can be a grind if you aren't getting good outcomes (15k costumers is a grind in general unless you're doing like 200 each day)

Time Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered

1.5 hours, 10 of 10 achievements
sg win


This was my first ever hog, well with cutscenes should I say. It got me into playing more hogs and I even played it pretty much straight away when I won it over 2 years ago. It is very short however and with blurry pictures I cant say its the best entry game since that could deter you away, but as a series on a whole the time mysteries are my favourite in the bunch

Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres

2.2 hours, 11 of 11 achievements


This game while coming from the same family doesn't follow the same story as number 1, I'm mentioning this because number 3 follows this one. Its also set in 1 area in different time lines rather then going between 1 area to another.

The pictures have improved since you can easily see stuff without working out if that blur is an item or not and then click it 10 times before it recognises it is an item. Since its more going back and forth there's now a map which tells you if there's something to do. However I have noticed through the whole game I had a place marked down even though I had nothing to do with that room pretty much never again so its not the best map but it sure helps

Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma

2 hours, 11 of 11 achievements


Okay so as i mentioned this follows on from number 2 at least the characters. Plus number 1 gets slightly tied into it as well. Because its time travel its kinda complicated on how everything happened. Not only are we actually in the past from the start but then we go further into the past where it feels like its explaining how merlin and this wife became what they did but it doesn't make sense. So we are kinda left up to fix the past which would change the future, which would mean the main character would have no idea about this family to even change the past/future!

I get it, time travel is complicated. However there's gotta be some consequences for this girl basically making everything she done null in both games. As long as you don't think into the whole time line bits, the series as a whole is still good. They are still my favourite together. On the other hand, you do take this very seriously then it might not be the best. Or maybe you will see it a different way to me, since someone else could see how it does fit together, rather then me who sees it all as ruining everything that has already happened.

The puzzles aren't to hard except from this 1 sliding puzzle which I struggled with a lot. Plus with no reset you have to follow a video from the start since no walkthrough will tell you how to do it step by step so if you are like me, you either have to skip it or well thats your only option. (there is another for bonus chapter but you are able to skip that 1) So that 1 puzzle and the fact my inventory cant be locked into place makes me dislike this game but its not the biggest problem

Fable - The Lost Chapters

12.8 hours, no achievements
Long ass Review


So first id like to point out I have played number 2 and 3 so I am very biased when it comes to how I felt with this (with the most simple of the bunch number 3 as my favourite) I also only really focused on the story missions not the extras

I was disappointed learning I needed the original xbox controller to progress further when I first tried out this game, however now I finally got the chance to play it, I don't feel like I missed much. As expected from a 1st game all the kinks were being sorted out. I know it was because I didn't have a controller but the controls were awkward in general especially when it came to long ranged attacks and that was very much needed in the final battle (for which i almost didn't take with me)

The battle as a whole I struggled with. I've never had so much trouble before, however I was dying left and right. When I started to give up with the game I just brought all the health potions I could and just progressed the story even though I definitely could've done with a lot more experience. So basically healing every few seconds because I was so weak!

Next the quests, they weren't that great and complicated. For most of the time I had no idea where I was suppose to go or what to do since it doesn't really tell you that much and the map just shows you where you got the quest from so that's no help. Most of them though was bounty type quests, you pick up a few and have to defend/kill that area. One quest you even got the choice whether to be good or evil, while the rest was a mix. Which isn't bad in its own right I guess? However if you want to be solely good or evil taking on the quests would ruin it. I mean I don't go evil yet I was so scary to everyone because of the quests, it wasn't until I was stuck in a story mission that required killing alot that I stopped being scary which would've ruined me if I was going evil

Other gameplay wise I had no idea what to do. You're suppose to buy a house yet where I didn't know so I had to resort to crashing on random mats when there was any since its very out of your way to get a free heal in. You're also suppose to romance people? I didn't really figure out how you're suppose to do that. I tried once and I don't think anything happened, I managed to use the flirt expression once but I don't get how I was suppose to make any progress towards marriage which again REQUIRES A HOUSE! Heck I couldn't even work out how to make people wait and follow. The follow worked but not the wait and then they wondered why everyone died and I looted them.

I really did want to enjoy this since I grew up with fable and I loved it, however it goes to show they did get so much better as time went on. That's also a good thing though, to know the studio improved. I wouldn't go against this and say avoid it at all costs, however if you had a choice go for number 2. Honestly I didn't finish that and cant remember anything about it but I know it had some challenge, if you were thinking more of a story side then number 3. Not only does it have the better graphics it also has important choices from the get go. It's not like hey you are on the last mission, lets give you one important choice. Even the multiplayer was good and each player got different weapons that you could get through trading and working together. Unfortunately it was removed from steam though so the only one you can get is the remakes of fable 1


0.8 hours, no achievements
All Ages - Visual Novel - Yuri - Masterlist


Oh its a fresh start to the kiss for a petal series since we have ditched the 6 original couples and went straight into an all ages game following the lives of 4 girls and their friendship. Its short and sweet with cutesy romance rather then lewd. Since they mention the other girls they are still in the same timeline as the others (mentioning this since new generation is next and follows a completely different story)

Just like maidens though the art took a weird turn, however since they weren't shown another way I'm totally fine with it. Plus with it being all ages I'm not thinking ugh kids! NO!!!!! Plus it was my 1st look into the kiss for a petal games apart from the steam game of course, so its kinda special

Maidens of Michael

5.8 hours, no achievements
Long ass Review


This game comes after the remember how we met all ages ago, following Risa and Miya becoming a couple while at the same time giving us looks into the other 5 couples as well. So naturally its much longer then all the others since it basically is 6 games in one.

With it being a bigger game it came under a few changes, mainly the art. I would like to point out I hate the new art, I don't know why they felt the need to turn them into cartoony kids. Now for most its not bad but the problem I have is the 1st couple, mainly Nanami. She looked normal before, now as I said she looks even younger then the actual youngest girl Runa. I don't know what happened to make her look so much younger then the others but I cant look at her and be alright with it! It seems to be only the 3 oldest girls who looked alright with the new art. For all the perverts out there, they also removed those mosaics so you get the full scene instead of a pixel mess. Or maybe you aren't interested in the scenes which is why you can change it out and say no

Compared to how the others were, it was slow paced with getting Risa and Miya together, as a normal couple though it was great. You actually saw a connection happen rather then quick force that one onto that other one and call it a couple. There is a problem with the whole couple situation still though, the fact everyone is so open about each other, then later on they suddenly become prude again (I get they were with other couples but keep the sex life to yourself!). I spent 10 hours watching those couples trying to hide it then this game introduces a group who's open about wanting to get it on right there in front of everyone else. Since its a story we cant question why no one seems to have a problem with the incest and teacher/student combo, but I disliked the personality change.

So this not only got so much right but it got so much wrong. I get changing it up but it wasn't for the best, at least for me. The art got creepy and the girls became cringy. Felt like I was back in school listening to my friends going on about all the boys they've slutted around with. (I dont actually have a problem with this next point but gonna mention it anyway) Considering how the other games were all about the sex side to these couples it doesn't have alot of that in this game. Apart from Risa and Miya they get 3 each which is a normal amount in other stories but when you played 10 other games with like 6 scenes each part, its a disappointment. Heck it even tricks you to believe they will have 5 each but nope, 1 of the memories is for the credits, 1 is for the ending scene and then the other 3 are for the actual h-scenes. The good was as I also mentioned how they brought the new couple together and the music was pretty great too. The story of course is also great when its away from all the girls being together, its not particularly bad with them together but it was just weird to me

Considering that its disappointing it got removed from steam, not that long after steam changed it up to allow 18+ games but by then Mangagamer decided it wouldn't be coming back. It would've been nice to add this to my collection, since despite its faults I enjoy seeing these couples grow together

Well this has been a very eventful week. I completed alot more games this week since I took a break from Overwatch, with 2 being very time consuming. Plus Steam went on a hacking spree destroying sg with it, fun! But damn did all that stuff go down fast. I also got addicted to a bunch new songs by nerdout and a very surprising one by ozzaworld (send help) The new humble bundle also gave out cook serve delicious 2 for the same price I spent not that long ago!

There’s nothing really to say about the games, in fact I went into so much detail that both fable and the maidens story in planning had to be split up because it went past the 2k character limit. Never planned to ever say so much but the fact I played the sequels to fable I just had to give my opinion on it. With maidens I went through 11 hours of before yuri with only 1 under 1 hour of that being for all ages. Then had to go through 5 hours of more yuri, only to go onto more yuri by this series so damn did I deserve to say that it was creepy and cringy! Wow for someone with not much to say I sure had a lot to say…

Well better go, more yuri wont complete its self

Weekly Games #23


0.8 hours, 16 of 16 achievements


A short game where you have to decide between life or death for 4 different elderly people.

Each elder is different in their own way and the ending change depending on how many you spare/kill. It does become a slight drag after the 1st ending since you just have to skip text for a while until you reach the next end. However its short enough that it doesn't become to much of a big deal.

For me I believe its even worth the full price since it knows its short so they aren't charging us to much, so I could recommend it at either price

My Lady

0.2 hours, 9 of 9 achievements


A story about a lady wanting her butler. That's pretty much it, she wants her butler but she has a suitor. So each of the ends is deciding which one you end with up.

My time is apparently quick, it took 9 minutes with some of that time being dragged by me having to turn off the time when the skip broke. However according to everyone else its about 40 minutes to 1 hour? Like seriously people how slow you read!

I don't normally have problems with this story but for some reason the achievements didn't work and the skip as I mentioned as a problem, skipped everything. It's still okay to read even if its very short and barely has any new story content to it. But if it takes you longer then 20 minutes there's a problem

Twilight City: Love as a Cure

2.3 hours, no achievements
sg win


Well I totally judged this wrong. Saw hog and point and click so i assumed it was that. Not a grinding stat management with quests…. however it wasn't to bad. It kinda reminded me when I used to play facebook games and I would have to do quests everywhere, sorting out my stats and money as well as find objects every now and then.

So thats basically all it is. You just spend time grinding out money and resting (if you dont wanna spend ur money to keep progressing) then you spend all that money on spells and objects and thats it. The quests are literally just oh learn this spell, WHAT DONT YOU GET ABOUT LEARN EVERYTHNG! Then you repeat that progress of working, resting and learning for the rest of your miserable life in this game. Plus it just ends prematurely! You never see your goal of becoming mortal or anything.

But hey, you get to be a man or a female and you customise them! That totally makes up for all the grinding right? No? No, didn't think so. Its an okay game, would I recommend it, not really, however you want a time wasting stat management kinda game go ahead. The story isn't that bad, just alot of filler thats there to just waste time and then it ends as I said prematurely

This week I learnt that if I became a vampire I could become mortal again with these easy steps

Step 1: Work until you can retire for a million years
Step 2: Become a genius that you even know stuff before its a thing
Step 3: Be the best wizard you can be
Step 4: Dress and live like a snob
Step 5: Become the most powerful vampire to ever live
Step 6: Learn how to become mortal and actually do it?

What is wrong with being a vampire, screw step 6! Stay a vampire forever, everyone will bow down to you! You dont see the queen becoming a hobo now because power is everything! Just force your love into immortality. You got plenty of time to make it up to them

So I finally started my next story yesterday. I’ve mentioned it in my past reports but I’ve been recently playing overwatch which has took up alot of my time and when I’m playing on my laptop its cook serve delicious or fable so I’ve kept putting it off. I only got 3 games done was because 1 was for play sg win and the others was because I didn’t like the idea of only have 1 game done so 2 short more it was. I was planning on reading something else however I dislike reading 2 different things so hopefully playing a bit of maidens of michael will get me to actually finish it next week. Just gotta remember complete that and 2 more from the series and you can get another sg win out of the way!

Gonna add a little extra because I just acquired the walking dead final season for STEAM so suck it epic! I can finally play it how it was made to be played

January 2019


Achievements: 36,015
Perfect Games: 167
Average %: 82
Completed this month: 24


Well this was an eventful month. I did actually complete more games but I’m only counting the ones I reviewed. However 24 is still a great amount of games to do. Granted they were on the short side but that doesn’t matter since I got to go through them sooner or later. Apart from Shinless I enjoyed them alot and I would have to say Telltale Marvel’s was the best. Plus I started playing other games like Overwatch so thats been keeping me busy, in the the mean time between games. Hopefully I can keep this sort of pace up and by the end of the year I will have done so much, but I already have plans on what I’m buying next and I know they are all long games so its going to be hard to push through them.