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Hello and welcome to my profile.

I will be posting weekly reports of my games and inform you all how easy it is to get achievements in a variety of games, or posting it down as an achievement hunters nightmare if they either don’t unlock or pretty much insane to get

This link includes my personal opinions on the best characters, routes, couples and songs in my many visual novels or games. As I make progress it will continue to fill up and grow
Favourites Masterlist

Mini Report/Review

Okay its not actually mini but im classing it as that since its not my actual report, so read the warning below to know what to expect
Don’t read if you aren’t prepared for a long negative rant

200% Mixed Juice!

0 hours, no achievements
You do not deserve my colours game!


I was planning on playing this game after I finished 100% orange juice, but after cracking down on what I got in my library and what I will play I decided I couldn't do it. I brought this game as soon as it came out and I regret it. While it does unlock an extra character for 100oj I don't think mixed poppo is worth it at all.

The game play is based on battles where you roll a dice and it gives you some moves, which are needed to activate your attacks. Its also based on rock paper scissors. So you have to make sure you have a mix of characters with a mix of attacks. Last thing you need is 3 scissor characters or even 1 of each kind with all rock attacks. Oh and the system gets worse, so if both you and the enemy are 1 hit away, who ever has the better stat goes first, so paper before rock and so on, so you will die and have to repeat it again. Plus swapping characters will waste your turn and if you are in a boss battle you will most likely end up dead by 1 hit or at least near death.

Next on the characters, you unlock characters by grinding battles for cash where you then go to a shop and buy people. Now there's an achievement to collect them all and every combo of characters too. To make matters worse the machine will give you doubles (granted you can sell them) meaning you could spend hours grinding for 1 character. By the end of the game there is no point swapping which 3 you use since you will have to grind more to get them to the right level to even make a difference.

Finally my last point. Lore. This doesn't even give the satisfaction of lore, I dislike shoot them ups but they have actual backstory to every character being added to 100oj still and some of them just like 200mj give an extra character. So while I know I'm gonna dislike them when I buy them one day I at least know its going to be worth it. Now I'm not saying it has none at all but as far as I know its not meant to be at all connected. Its a side game which you can give or take.

So there we go. I never wanted to be so negative about a game, its not nice to read for anyone but its my personal opinions. I hated the game, I regret it. Will I delete it? Of course not, I still want my mixed poppo even though I dislike using her, it still adds to my game. I see the reviews are a lot more positive now as well but when it came out it did get a lot of hate because it did just feel rushed with blurry backgrounds. So I know I'm not the only one who feels like this at least.

Typing this up as a draft I went to send but actually went past the 2k character limit, so screw it. I’m happy with what I said, I don’t really need to edit it later so here it is

Weekly Games #20

Costume Quest 2

7 hours, 18 of 18 achievements
Added to Masterlist


Just like the 1st game you play as the twin of your choosing and go around in Halloween costumes beating up various forms of enemies while still trick or treating. This time the storyline is based on saving Halloween from the evil dentist and is believed to be a better story then the 1st.

With it being a sequel there are lots of changes, which I personally didn't like, except the fact you could go faster all the time while in the last game you had be the robot. I didn't one bit like the battle system especially when you tie in the hardcorn achievement which makes one of your characters unplayable. So its an endless grind of having to battle and heal, battle and stupid heal! Plus instead of battle stamps which boosted your stats you now have cards which you use in battle and apart from the end its kinda useless since it takes up a turn which is better used attacking. Also they don't really do much in general its like do you want to heal? Well here's like 3 versions of it, make your choice and then have to wait 1-3 battles to use them again. So having more then 1 type is good there but as I said, healing is a factor now so for the most part there's no point healing inside battle since straight after you need to find a healing fountain anyway! Unless you use 1 card which heals you fully after battle which in that case you get to spare yourself 1 battle of backtracking

Now I will still recommend this game, I personally didn't like it as much as the 1st because of the new battle system and healing factor but it doesn't stop it from being a great game. Cant really tell that from my hate but it does have a good and even better story

Space Pilgrim Episode I: Alpha Centauri

0.7 hours, 7 of 7 achievements


Not really much to say about this game (which is how the others was suppose to come out like too), I won this part and then got gifted the rest so I'll be playing the complete set of these games, which I dont hate the sound of, it was a nice little game to pass the time with. Worth it on sale


4.7 hours, no achievements


Game info

Amaranto is a yuri visual novel by Trifolium Garden. Set in a post apocalyptic world, the plot has a somewhat fantastic and mysterious vibe. The story follows Mio, who tries to unravel the rumors behind several murders happening in her district.

  • Has 4 routes
  • Has 7 ends
  • Japanese contains more content


Amaranto has to be one of my top favourite non-steam stories. Even though its a yuri its not meant to be a love story. The most there is, is a kiss for a couple of lines and that's as far as the romance goes. So if you are looking for a romantic yuri story then this isn't the one for you, its more about finding out about the murders and putting an end to it. It is a bit short though and if you aren't interested in 1 route you most likely wont continue, since for the most part they are kinda the same but I still love it.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

??hours, ?? of 39 achievements


Oh I so wanted to like this especially when its one of my wins but it sucks. With clunky pc controls, crashes and buggy achievements I just couldn't. I liked what I played and I thought it looked beautiful even though most people don't but it was a chore to play. I lost hours of progress playing this which is why I didn't bother putting a time since I don't know what the time was and I gave up keeping track of what you could get achievement wise on the 1st playthrough. Well really you can get all but 2 if you play perfectly

Speaking of which 2nd playthrough. Its a thing, you cant unlock everything in the game unless you play through it twice all because the last boss depends on an early choice from act 1 or you could've skipped to act 2 because of quests, as long as you didn't die! Dying means you need to restart all over again because an achievement requires you to never die and you can't leave in the middle of battle to main menu so you will have to quit.

Now if you aren't an achievement hunter well I don't know if I could recommend it still. Guess you should read reviews or watch a bit of gameplay and decide for yourself. Since its a big hit or mess especially if you don't own a controller

Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune Collector's Edition

2.7 hours, no achievements


Not much to say about this game. Its a simple easy point and click/hog about a witch who turns princes's into frogs and you have to save them by reuniting them with their princess. Which are based on fairytales. I have classed this as a hog since its based on them, you find objects and craft things. However its not like other hogs that make you search lots of different scenes for random objects, but instead 1 set of items every now and then.

I normally regret my hogs the most since I haven't found anything on par with Artifex Mundi yet but I don't regret winning this. It may not have achievements but its still nice and saves the pressure of having to complete puzzles which I couldn't figure out. So if you are interested in a fairytale game which is made better by also scratching your hog itch pick it up and play

Deep Space Waifu

0 hours, no achievements


I just couldnt do it, since I got gifted the neko one. I thought I'd try out the first one just to see whats the whole deal with it and I just couldnt do it. After finishing the 2nd girl I had to put it down. I'm just not a bullet hell fan at all then combine that with naked girls and I get 2 things I dislike! I'm not gonna bother replaying the one I have to get the real time since I dont think I can take it anymore.

If you are into those games go ahead, I'm sure you will enjoy this whole series of games but its not for me

So I decided to crack down more on my games and deleted a bunch more which yeah ruined my blaeo stats more but its all good. I plan to get through so much this year that in the end you wouldnt even be able to tell. Well I dont really have much more to say this week, so I may as well get cracking on my next set of games and adding to my new masterlist of favourites I have started adding to (this was written yesterday since this morning putting 1 game into my completed section gave me back my 70% not played but I cant be bothered to edit I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR OVER AN HOUR!!!!)

Masterlist of Favourites

Characters: My favourite characters and partners
Couples: What couples I think are the best together overall vs who I prefer the best together
Routes: What route I enjoyed the most and other interesting ones
Songs: So I don’t go insane trying to work out Non-English lyrics and ultimately fail
Don’t click on the links if you’re afraid of cg spoilers (I will try to keep it to pictures you see in opening)

Favourite girl: Mio
Favourite Partner: Ria

Costume Quests
Favourite twin: Reynold

Sono Hanabira
1st Couple: Nanami
2nd Couple: Kaede
3rd Couple: Mai
4th Couple: Runa
5th Couple: Eris
6th Couple:
New Generation:
Overall Favourite Girl:

Best Couple: Shizuko
Favourite Couple: Ria

Sono Hanabira
Hanabira best :
Hanabira favourite:
New Generation best :
New Generation favourite:

Favourite Route: Azoth
Interesting Route: Ria

Sono Hanabira
Favourite Game:
Good Game:


Sono Hanabira
Hanabira Credits

Weekly Games #19

Akai Majo

0.1 hours, no achievements


Short dark fairytale about a red witch and her red lion.
Nice read if you have a spare 10 minutes or looking to quickly read something short

Costume Quest

5.1 hours, 20 of 21 achievements


Halloween adventure game where you play as kid trying to save their twin from Grubbins.
Best played around Halloween this a great game for kids and adults. There's a variety of costumes with its own specials that it can be played according to what you prefer whether its an offence team or defence or just plain and simple mixed team. You can make it your own, you even get to pick the kid you play so girl or boy its your choice.
With simple achievements (1 needs to be set to Christmas day to get, which is the missing 1 I'm showing) It's a game for all types of gamers

Oh I just cant give this up. This is who I am. I am a weekly poster! I have been since I started and its nice. I thought I needed something more and I had it pretty much. I’ve got stuff on the go that I was considering writing about like I planned to, its why I did the update post but no its just not me. So instead I’ll make it my own, I’m not cut out for full on writing, actually paying attention to games and its stupid music! So I’ll do what I do best which is hunting for those achievements and going through 100s of games a week! So from now on I will be playing games and seeing how easy it is to get achievements and how quick you could possibly do it in. Now I don’t plan to get every single one since some are just insane and I plan to do them in single player not multiplayer so it will be achievements you can easily get from just playing the game. Thats the reason I show off that costume quest is not complete. Its very easy to get the last one but in a normal game play unless you are playing it on Christmas day you will have to go out of your way to get that so I left it. Well that’s all, I think I’m happy with this now the best of both worlds so to say. I will still do my list of my favourites and the music, since why not? I still need to know where that damn Japanese tune has come from

Weekly Games #18




Achievements: 35,822
Perfect: 156
Average %: 80


So its a new year and I’ve been considering how to change things up and I think I’ve hit the pinnacle of what I can do on this site. Which isnt bad, I’m happy how ive done things, just 4 months ago I had no idea how to do anything. I couldn’t create tables, I had no ideas about images yet here I am now! I’ve learnt how to both of those things and how to create the boxes granted its just inputting numbers into the generators but I didn’t even know that was a thing until I saw a newcomer been shown it. Now I’m posting simple and easy weekly reports. Not to copy anyone else who does the same thing, is post an overview of my monthly games overall. I was doing it privately before and its a great way to see how much I do each month and keep track overall instead of counting it at the end figuring it out.

So enough about the changes even though this kinda will be as well, I’ve put down the progress bar. The top represents the previous bar and the bottom will represent my current bar. I think doing it every 3 months so 4 times in a year is the best way to see progress.

Anyway to end things off I’ve joined play or pay so every month I’ll be playing 3 games chosen for me which will be interesting to see work out especially since if you click on my profile you will notice I barely have any long or medium games so gg there!

Well thats it, hope everyones year goes well

Weekly Games #17



Achievements: 35,767
Perfect: 153
Average %: 79


My last post of the year.
As can be seen I’ve only been here for 17 weeks during that time I’ve added countless games and finished countless games too, well actually that one I can count, 76 games completed thats not counting games like my 100% orange juice where I’ve completed it so many times but the damn achievements keep popping up again in brand new dlc. In such a short amount of time I’ve completed over 25% of my backlog and I find that amazing. Before this my steam stats was also like around 50-60 by the time I started posting like this it was just 67 and now im at 79/80. I say that since everytime I get a new achievement my % goes back to 79 but I keep hitting 80 I swear!

Honestly I’m quite surprised by the fact I played so much this week. I didnt expect to this week and when I got struck with a cold I had to take off time since I could barely keep my eyes open. So for me to even finish pretty much 1 a day with me being off a day and being off yesterday since staying with brothers is surprising.
Oh and I didnt get that deep space waifu I got gifted it so I had to get it done out of the way. Turned out me buying my games before didnt stop me from gaining more games and ruining my never played from 70 back to 71 again

Anyway better go. I won another sg win and I have a chance at 1 more today as only entry so I need to finish 2 games before that makes me go down to 71 again!

Weekly Games #16



Achievements: 35,668
Perfect: 152
Average %: 79


So Winter Sale screwed me. I only brought from steam since its the only thing my games were on meaning the cheapest they got was around 50 with the highest at 35. So that’s a whole £100 wasted on games that I wont play except the ones that dont need the patch to reveal their whole story but I love seeing it in my library so its not the biggest waste.

Grisaia complete
Grisaia phantom trigger complete
Kindred spirits complete
Princess evangile complete

So thats my list all in all I brought 12 games since I owned the grisaia, kindred spirits and princess evangile games so I brought less then the full pack. Why should I spend £13 when I have the 1st games and can just pay £12

Those 12 games also screwed me over though since now my ratio of never played is back up to 71% I just got it down to 70 :(

Oh yeah I also joked about doing an f game on my last post since I managed to get a bunch of letters before that, then I played frosty kiss only to realise afterwards I actually did complete an f game so my joke came true

Anyway my post idk how it will be next week. With Christmas coming up my brothers are getting an xbox 1 meaning im gonna spend a few weeks reliving my childhood with viva pinatas and kameo. With maybe a side of overwatch. So while ill be trying to do my backlog I dont think it will be the biggest amount since VIVA PINATA!

Weekly Games #15


Achievements: 35, 563
Perfect: 147
Average %: 78


Damn, I knew by the way I was keeping track of what I completed that I done a bunch of games but seeing it up close in this form is shocking.
Also didnt take notice that my order of games were in alphabetical order, I had some sense of it but not until now did it really hit me. Better find an f game then!

Also who guessed pixel puzzles ultimate was gonna be on this? Probably everyone since its never gonna end BUT wait it is, because I dont have any dlc and Im almost at the end, so yay but boooo since it will be uncomplete!

I had more to say but as I was typing this I forgot.
Oh it just hit me perfect games while not noticeable actually went down since more achievements got added to my 100% orange juice. That wasnt what I wanted to say but thought id add it in.
On the topic of what I was gonna put down was my average % shot right up went from 75 to 78 in a week. As I expected replaying the stories I reset really pushes it up. I wonder what it would be if I completed all the stories I reset achievements for. Well we will find out soon!

Weekly Games #14

Lonely Yuri

1 hours, 0 of 0 achievements
Non Steam version


Achievements: 35,381
Perfect: 143
Average %: 75


Almost coming up to a whole new year, another year to hopefully finish most of my backlog but who knows with me wanting so many games.
Joined playing appreciated so that should get me to play more wins so thats always good and nice to give back to people who will play the games I give.

Played a bit of Dead Island with a friend and Borderlands 2 so that was fun and also did a bit of 100% Orange Juice since Christmas event. Also doing a backlog challenge with them so even more motivation

Finally I started Frosty Kiss since its a Christmas themed only to learn I needed to play Everlasting Summer first. So I could’ve left frosty kiss off since I didn’t read much but hey why not! I did start it after all. Both are free and while I cant give an opinion on Frosty Kiss, Everlasting Summer is proving to be a good and interesting read

Weekly Games #13


Achievements: 35,328
Perfect: 141
Average %: 76


Finally finished my lego incredibles, I make that sound like Ive been playing it for years but its only been like 2 weeks but I finished it. So much easier then the other lego games and i’ll most likely be playing it tomorrow with my brother again so fun!

Pixel puzzles is still going on. It will never be gone as long as I finish even 1 achievement it will be up there for the end of time so get used to it!

Also can be seen I dropped arcane. I tried but then I got to tutorial and gave up because I have no time for that. Of course ment i dropped the other 2 arcanes and the 2 occult I had only to learn arcane reraise and preraise is another game you cant get removed from count so thats not nice