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I will be posting weekly reports of my games and inform you all how easy it is to get achievements in a variety of games, or posting it down as an achievement hunters nightmare if they either don’t unlock or pretty much insane to get

I’ve changed this damn description so many times I no longer know what to put. I only ever look at others when there are pictures so why would I bother with mine!

Weekly Games #62

The Charnel House Trilogy

2.1 hours, 18 of 18 achievements
sg win


This was actually a nice unsettling point and click. I liked the story and once I knew what was going on the story became even better. It did however stutter for me a lot. The music would stutter when certain actions would happen and the people would just stutter too, it was a big annoyance that did slightly ruin my experience. Overall though it was fine

Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders

4.4 hours, 47 of 50 achievements
sg win


This was actually better then expected. There's always a worry when stuff are based on stories or even a detective type game but this was fun. The puzzles were easy but had some thought to it and its just a decent point and click adventure

Dead Rising

9.5 hours, 19 of 50 achievements



I don't think my opinion has really changed from the 1st time. The ai is clunky, the game just gets annoying in the 2nd half but the 1st half is fun. I still like how the zombies are slow and grouped up rather then fast, also that credit song was actually amazing. Overall this was fine a 2nd time and it helped knowing I would need queen wasps

Dead Rising 2

9.9 hours, 25 of 50 achievements
sg win



This is a much better game to the original I believe. The ai are 200% better, the psychos are more fun and interesting and it was just so simple racking up deaths. Seriously barely got 5k on the original yet I over doubled that by the time I did this game. There was also just much more missions to do so I didn't spend a whole lot of time just waiting around. Plus its interesting seeing a different variety of zombies showing that now everyone knows they are a thing that they can get stronger. There was some stuff I didn't prefer like the map. It just felt like I was running around the same areas since there's like 3 casinos! It makes sense as Fortune City but it isn't fun just running around these same looking area's. Also why the damn ending fight again. Who knew it could be more annoying, I thought the final boss of the original was just a pain but this one is longer to kill and you got to be cranking at the same time, at least there was no zombies! Oh also this has its own amazing credit song, against everything they have that


21.5 hours, 25 of 33 achievements
sg win


The only reviews I've seen as far as I read it just mentioned how boring and grindy it was. I do have to agree with them. I really liked the story but for like 124 missions you are just in the same few areas fighting the same boring monsters. Even the story just gradually got boring since its split into 3 arks. The 1st bit has plenty of story but by the 2nd it becomes very scarce and then the 3rd well hard to even class that as a story. This doesn't even mention the last difficulty which is just pointless, it has those mini hq stories still but they just repeat them. I wouldn't mind if they changed it every time but there really is no point to doing any of the bonus missions.

Before I get into something I liked as well, the achievements are a pain. I wouldn't really say that they are hard just very grindy. Like use the same weapon for 500 missions… I didn't change my weapon once while playing but I still got over 350 missions to grind through, which again are in the same small areas with the same boring creatures. There's nothing to redeem it especially when you get to a point where you have to literally idle minutes for another creature to come out. One point I actually had to wait 5 minutes only to have to wait another 5 just let me finish the damn mission game! No amount of staring at my amazing created character could save me from that

So my final thing I want to mention is the credits. You have you guessed it 3 credits to match 3 stories. However they are pretty good. The credits are worth watching since they have pictures showing what happens between each story. It's nice having that, its easy to get what's happening without being overburden with unneeded info. Anyway I did like the game but it could've been better, the battle does just sink the story in the end and that's not what should be happening

Last minute addition to this if its not obvious. I decided to relisten to the opening but no just not something I want to listen to after this and the opening was a big spoiler. There's a limited amount of story in this game and it reveals a bunch of the major keypoints! Don't even need to play this damn game you can just gradually figure it out on your own

Had some bigger games this week. Right now I’m gonna focus more on my wins so its gonna be a lot of longer games and many many sequels. I’ll try to go continue with my A games still but currently its taking up a lot of time with certain games. Oh and I just noticed my list not only goes from my normal alphabetical order but also its time is in order. Amazing!

October 2019


Achievements: 38,025
Perfect Games: 243
Average %: 89
Completed this Month: 50


You see that my new record. I also lost a lot more time then usual this month so its even more surprising, however I just clearly found the shortest of the short to get done but thats fine with me, they are all to be done one day

Anyway I can finally announce I have an actual favourite this month. No pity choice. Ever since I started it I loved it so this month goes to Adam Wolfe. It really is an amazing hog and now my favourite but it will also receive a shout out as being in my top 3 wins along with of course Higurashi ch 1 and Lost in Harmony

Weekly Games #61

A Normal Lost Phone

0.7 hours, 13 of 13 achievements


You know its not everyday I regret deleting a game. This is 2/5 games I restored. When I first played this I couldn't say I really cared. It just didn't click with more or anything so I kinda just glanced at it. However this time I paid actual attention, I read every single message, every damn email and all those threads. If it was there I read it. I've gotten more interested in topics like this so it was a nice read to get into the mind of this confused kid. Also the music was a surprise, you don't typically get songs the whole way through but they were nice and even the credits were done like a phone so that was great

A Summer Promise to Forever

1.5 hours, 6 of 6 achievements


I was expecting a lot worse out of this game but it actually wasn't bad. There were a few spelling mistakes but it was like 2 maybe 3? Cant really confirm I read too fast to pay attention to most things. The thing I didn't like was the achievement for going on the H-scene. You didn't actually need to see anything but just why? Why force people to click on it especially since it's not translated so you aren't getting much

Alter World

1.1 hours, 12 of 12 achievements


So this is 1 of 5 games I got back for the letter A. Honestly it felt much harder ages ago but it has been like 3 years so maybe I just gotten better. It's actually a nice looking game with a variety of lvls getting progressively harder which you want from a platformer. Now I just wish there was more story. The most we get is that this mans dog is abducted and then you reach the last level and you can either just leave or get your dog… That's really it. I'm not asking for much but a better ending would've been nice. Like I didn't need to be told they would be happy together I could've guessed that myself!

An Octave Higher

4.8 hours, 6 of 6 achievements


Yet again another story where it ended up the complete opposite to what I expect. Not that I had an expectation for it but I didn't realise it was about magic. I really liked the 1st half of this game, I enjoyed the magic and the fights. I didn't mind the second half but it did make me go ugh is it over yet. Overall though it was quite good

One Small Fire At A Time

2.2 hours, 21 of 21 achievements


So this is the prequel to An Octave Higher focusing mainly on Janis. While it's less about the magic side of the 1st game it still does have its own battles. I ended up actually liking this more and its frankly just amazing how Janis as a 13 year old couldn't even cast magic however in Octave Higher she is one the most powerful people out there able to wield all 5 with such ease

A Story About My Uncle

1.6 hours, 0 of 15 achievements


It's been a little while since I played this game. It was one of my 1st wins and it was surprisingly good. I'm not into parkour games but I did like the story, I did however just ignore any side story I knew was there since well its barely anything! This is also a game that you can easily finish without getting a single achievement. Those require challenges and going right out of your way so they are hard to stumble upon

Ai Yori Aoshi

0 hours, no achievements


I don't suggest reading this without watching the anime or manga. This is clearly made for fans of it already and it skips a lot of the context. Even the info I found on this game describes stuff we should know but it's never made clear of if the story actually knows it… It really is just an episode in story form and while I liked how animated they all were I gave up on after finishing it twice since its hard to continue with it when you don't even know what its really about

Amy’s Fantasies

2.5 hours, no achievements


I just don't even know what to say about this. I was expecting a story about a girl wanting her cousin. It started out like that then next thing we know it goes crazy. It turned into a damn yuri game with bdsm and rape. Suddenly a boy who looks like the cousin is actually your brother and just ugh. It's split into 3 stories as well! This seriously was a mess and just not good at all


1.4 hours, 5 of 15 achievements



I quite liked playing this again. I knew what I was doing and it was an overall good time. I'm not gonna bother trying the challenge maps since I'm just here to get these out of the way so I can get to aperture tag

Sono Hanabira 1 + 6

1.8 hours, no achievements



So of course I have played this multiple times and most of the times with sound actually. I decided to just separate each set of stories instead of combining them like last time. These 2 games introduces us to our 1st couple and also my worst both in story and characters. I'm just not a fan of either of the girls and I hate the whole jealousy side to it. Like be jealous but talk to each other about the problems, dont have problems and jealousy it doesn't make for a nice story

Sono Hanabira 2 + 4

2.1 hours, no achievements


So done in order the 2nd and 4th game introduces us to the 2nd couple which are cousins. If I was to put them down as a favourite they would probably be 4th. They were 3rd but then I realise I should really class this as 6 couples and not 5. The story though I wouldn't say is my favourite out of all of them, however I really like that compared to all the others you never worry about something bad happening. I know they got to put drama into stories but sometimes I just want a simple romance, not worrying that they could break up or something bad is about to become one of them.

Sono Hanabira 3 + 5

2.1 hours, no achievements



This is the 3rd couple we get introduced to if you can't tell by the 3 in the title. They are actually my favourite couple and my favourite stories. I might just be very biased though since in the 5th game there is a cg with my favourite Mai wearing her cool outfit and its just the best. If I counted cgs into my favourite people she would totally beat out everyone. This also brings out the 1st story to have a song I would listen to in my free time

Alice's Patchwork

0.3 hours, 0 of 18 achievements


Okay so I will admit I didn't give this a big of a chance. I played it for 20 minutes and completed the first 10 things. I just didn't find it fun and while I'm sure by the pictures it becomes more Alicey later on I just didn't get that, it just felt like it could've been anything with its generic pictures

So it turns out my new system is a bit over the top with games. Between my backlog and friends I’ve got like 100 games… Even at my speed thats like 3-4 months work. Plus with me playing it with sound now I must be slowing down a bit.

Anyway I saw my brothers last week and went christmas/bday shopping. Picked up a microphone 1 brother wanted and that was suppose to be it. However like last time where I only planned to pick up a big jack jack before ending up with baby fire jack jack and a tracer plushie, I ended up with my own items. Got myself this mini romance figures from disney of ariel and prince eric. Then afterwards I got myself a lioncorn. You guessed it right its a lion that became a unicorn. There was another one that was massive but I went for a baby one. They are total opposites though, mine is brown while the other was white, my hair is black while the other was rainbow! However my one has the messiest hair ever with a bunch of colourful highlights, plus its called Ramsey what more could I want!

Weekly Games #60

A Salem Witch Trial

0.7 hours, 10 of 10 achievements


This is your typical salem story. Sickness hits town, town believes its a witch, witch hunt begins finally whoever deemed guilty is killed. Simple as that. Now I'm not about to say its that good or anything but I will say it's not something where I would rather delete it

Oh and with this story I reached 38,000 achievements on the dot!

A Wild Catgirl Appears!

0.5 hours, 5 of 5 achievements


So I have played this before years ago but I can't say I really remembered it. However the 1st time through I actually didn't mind the story. Unfortunately this suffers afterwards. There is no real story difference between your choices apart from the end and the settings well they are it's own problem. 1st of all there's an option for voice yet no voice, then the other settings make no sense. Clicking on fullscreen made it fullscreen but clicking on continue skip after choice it doesn't? Click not to skip though it does? But also the skip just skips everything despite your choice so it's kinda good there's no story difference. Also there's this extra option to click on the menu yet it does nothing… It just brings up the screen with the save, load, options and menu but that's it. Like I feel that should've been a gallery or something. Oh and the achievements were a bit buggy. So yeahhhhh… Good 1st time, afterwards not so much

Adam Wolfe

4.3 hours, 27 of 27 achievements
sg win


Oh I loved this hog and it might even be my favourite. Having a hidden scene happen and they talk about what object they want instead of giving you a list was so fun. The cutscenes were in this comic style and the music to accompany it all was great. I liked the interaction to it too, it wasn't just forcing time rewind on you but you had to physically click on the watch or click on a eye to get a better look. Plus the phone you sometimes had to just click on the dial button to actually make that work to. While I was happy with the end it did leave me still wanting more since there's so many questions that weren't answered, but all 4 episodes were great. The best bit though is the credits, now no one likes the credits but I decided to listen to the end. Idk how long I listened for but enough to let it loop at least once. Yep that's right the credits just loop! It's just so fitting for a game about time

AER Memories of Old

2.1 hours, 20 of 20 achievements


Original Oh just look at the difference of time 2.4 hours. I knew I struggled but I didn't think it was that much. But I wasn't kidding about spending ages flying everywhere before figuring out what to do and even then it was a big problem

Here is a game that gives me a confirmation that I did the right choice. When I started this originally I didn't really like it. I had no idea what I was doing and apart from the flying I just didn't enjoy it. Replaying it though and with sound I regret my decision. Knowing what to do this time combined with the music made for a relaxing experience. It really was much more beautiful and it really was calming. This is a game that I believe is better with sound

Alexa's Wild Night

1.3 hours, 22 of 22 achievements


Well this was a pleasant surprise from Dharker Studios. All their other games are the typical boy with lots of girls yet this is a girl with plenty of guys. Yeah that basically say's its an otome but otomes don't typically have adult content and its just unusual for that studio. Plus their art was also completely different and it was pretty nice. I liked the style of the men and while I'm not the biggest fan of the adult content, the style of art really did make those scenes more realist and dirty. So yeah overall this might be one of their best I've done so far

Alice in Stardom - A Free Idol Visual Novel

0.5 hours, 6 of 6 achievements


So straight up I had this ignored. It just didn't interest me and while I won't say I'm happy that I have it now I'm also not about to say it should've stayed ignored. It's a fine story seeing this beginner intern become the winner of this idol show but it did just feel lacking in that aspect. Plus for me the game was so colourful and bright that it was a bit hard on the eyes but at the same time for the story it was very fitting

A Little Lily Princess

4.1 hours, 7 of 9 achievements


So if its not obvious by now I've been going through games as they should be, with the sound and everything. However while the music wasn't bad I couldn't keep it up. I dislike stat games, I don't want rng with my stories however luckily enough for me there was an amazing guide. Now the reason I stopped was because alot of times I had to restart the week because I didn't have the right stats. After a couple of times of that it's like do I want to have sound and get more annoyed or do I turn it off and distract myself with videos while I play this. I still put all my attention into it but I just couldn't continue the way I started

Ignoring the type of game it is, I did like the story. It was bittersweet and definitely felt like I was in Victorian England. I can't say the girls grew on me though… Normally they are redeemed but the 2 besties I just couldn't stand!

Adolescent Santa Claus

0.2 hours, no achievements


So I decided to get back all the free games I owned and a story I deleted to go through them too. I went through this before but this time with music but I just couldn't. The music wasn't bad but if anything happened with Santa this stupid pinging noise would go off. It became obnoxious fast and as far as I could tell there is no options anywhere

Honestly the story is worse then I remember. Santa is like the most whiny person I've ever seen and if it weren't for the santa name I would think I was looking at a loan shark pyramid scheme happen right in front of my eyes. That's literally what this is! Santa wants her interest from the hopes and dreams she gave little kids… I mean come on could've at least made her Christmassy is it to much to ask for a little tinsel on her school uniform

Akai Majo

0.1 hours, no achievements


So I have actually played this before and even reviewed it at the start of the year. There's not really much else to say about to be honest. It's just a very short bittersweet story about a witch and her lion. I will admit that the music wasn't actually bad and considering it was very short there was more then 1. They could've easily just picked 1 soundtrack and left it at that, so for that fact I do respect the dev and its actually kinda nice

American University Life ~Welcome Week!~

1.2 hours, no achievements


For a game I didn't even know I owned this was pretty amazing. Thats the problem with blaeo choices they don't show profile limited so who knows what other games are lurking in my backlog! While the background story is a bit stupid, like only 5 students really? The rest is pretty great. The girls are fun and that school just damn. They don't even pay for the school yet they have a private gym and music room in their dorm. They have a gourmet buffet each day, they live near a beach and they have pretty much any type of sports field you want. This doesn't even talk about the city they live in, its just amazing. I wish it was real. Oh and of course the story was nice but just the world they live in was just wow. They did more stuff in 1 week then I've done in years

Doki Doki Literature Club

2.8 hours, no achievements


I think everyone knows by now just how cute and kid friendly this game is. I knew what to expect but you really do kinda just block out the other side to this when you 1st play it. Then it just reveals how smart it is with the changing of games files. It's like how people took to undertale how it would remember stuff and thought it was so smart and that's literally was the same with this. It seriously was better then I expected it would

The Waters Above: Prelude

0.2 hours, no achievements


Its so short I can't even talk about it. But I did like the style of the writing how you could have it like a graphic novel instead of normal and sure if they ever bring this out for real I'll give it a go

I’ve gotten back to that unsatisfying time in my life again. Where no matter what nothing is right. Like with my pop lists for example I thought I would give it a bit of an update because recently with corpse party something that should be like 20+ hours to complete was under 10 and its like well doesn’t feel right having that as a long game when it isn’t. But then I sort them and its like well if I base the times on my real time and not all the time it takes me for research then a lot of stuff ends up short… So I’ve ended up deleting and rearranging it like 3 times.

When I get into moods like this it normally doesn’t go away unless I change certain things. Like at the start of the year the same happened and when I changed how I did my reports it went away and I was actually happy with it. But sadly this mood is around this same thing. I want to play other things not just on my steam but with how I’ve been doing it I’m never really happy. I’m stuck in a way where focusing on steam games is the only way.

Frankly I’ve been letting other people get to me a lot especially lately when it shouldn’t. I care about achievements so what? It doesn’t hurt them by me trying to get all the achievements as much as possible yet they make it seem like I’m causing them trouble. I got such bad depression and anxiety that I never leave my house unless I need to, I buy whatever game I come across when I want to but again its not causing anyone trouble but myself. I always have money for my mother and I never make myself broke enough that I don’t have emergency money if my mum needs it. It’s not like I don’t know what I’m basically avoiding, of course I think about how I should be normal going to work and junk but that’s just not possible at my current time. I’m always in a state of doubt and worry so yeah I do know what should be happening. I don’t go up to anyone and be like why you getting all these games you are never playing. You barely even play yet here’s you wasting money so why the hell am I the one getting attacked all the time

I know what I want to do right now but yeah I’m worried about resetting everything. It would be this massive change. I’d still do my best with pop and play your wins but away from that everything will change. I will be doing my best to not only focus on games but watch my damn videos finally! It would be easy to turn back again but maybe I need to just try. I have probably started it this week already so I hope no matter what happens that you all will support this change and put up with it all. Also yeah I guess my abc lists will be put to the side a lot with this new way so I think I’ll probably just get rid of them

Honestly I wanted to delete this all. I barely want to post this but I know I will regret it if I don’t post anything. It was only like last week I was telling someone about how I’ve been fine this month and yet next week I’ll have to tell them again about how its been one of my worst weeks. Guess my life is balancing out again

Mini Report

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done one of them but frankly I really don’t want to be retrying this game again right now. I still need to finish my psp version!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

5.8 hours, 21 of 21 achievements


I am a big fan when it comes to yu-gi-oh. I grew up watching gx on repeat so many times and even now with the ones I have on dvd it doesn't get boring! While I never got past season 3 of the original and haven't even touched the other 3 this was still amazing to play. Unlike the psp games you actually take control of whoever wins in the battles and they just have the most iconic ones out there. It was just amazing to play. While it was a bit confusing with the ones I haven't watched it was still interesting to see just how much each generation has changed and upgraded to their own version. I think its a worthy game if you liked or even want to experience some of the most iconic duels out there

Weekly Games #59

Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel

0.3 hours, 6 of 6 achievements


Oh this was disappointing. It's suppose to be a nice emotional story but it's just not. I couldn't get over the creepy factor and the text was a disaster. 1 moment it was a normal text box but then the next it was this horrible text that covered the whole screen. It was a mess and just hard to see and I just lost the story during those moments

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

6.3 hours, 33 of 33 achievements
Praise be almighty pencil!


This story is spine chilling. Every time some kids laughed or anything really it just sent chills up my spine. The sound was coming out at random so 1 moment it was to my left but then it was the right, it was just mixing it up causing a creepiness to happen. Despite it being a visual novel as well it does require a lot of work. You got to work your way around the school again with a map making sure you check every room for those hidden tags then recheck again later on. Plus the deaths are amazing. This retells everyone's fates in a worse off way so if something happened to your legs in the 1st game well you better believe it will happen again but in a slower more gruesome way. It's just amazing and more creepy then the original

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

3.2 hours, 11 of 11 achievements


You know what I get why people think this is one of the best games by artifex mundi. It wasn't over reliant on magic and junk like that. Of course it didn't avoid that type of subject but the main character doesn't at all. It's just a mystery game where you solve a crime simple as that. This was just what I needed, a simple game with a simple normalish story

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

3.1 hours, 34 of 34 achievements


I'm sad to say that I really didn't like this. Just like the other I was annoyed by having 3 different collectibles this time but no repeat. It was annoying to keep track off and I just didn't like the story. However it tied it up so I cant really complain but frankly I would've been happy enough without it

Forgotten Places: Regained Castle

3.1 hours, 35 of 35 achievements
sg win


Okay this is a bit of glitchy mess, a bunch of times the story would clearly be there but nothing would happen until I skipped it which also took its time to disappear. Plus sometimes doing so will make the whole UI disappear so I couldn't make progress without restarting.

With the actual story its eh. I didn't really pay much attention to it since it frustrated me that I had to click on the forward button. It just became such a hassle plus they refuse to let you carry all the items since as soon as you fill that whole line its all done, which honestly did only happen once but still it was frustrating combined with all the other things wrong with it


2.3 hours, 30 of 30 achievements


This is a cute little game about her dragon and her mysterious liar papa. It's separated into 3 stories where you solve the mystery of the place you reside in currently. I've played this many times but it never gets old since its that great

Written in the Sky

0.2 hours, 2 of 2 achievements


This was terrible but also just so funny. Everything about it was crazy and dumb but at the same time fascinating. It's a mix of emotions

Corpse Party

6.7 hours, no achievements


Okay straight up I didn't plan to play this any time soon at least not until around winter sale minimum, however after playing the steam version of this game I just wanted to play book of shadows so much. So here I am replaying this game but in its better form

Honestly the graphics was a bit hard on the eyes, however the pictures were amazing. With the voices and pictures together the stuff that happening is more impactful, it actually helped me get why people say this game is quite creepy because when you do get both of those things together it really does crawl under your skin. Since I had just recently played it the game was much easier but at the same time harder. I knew what to do but those damn ghosts, I never got caught before but then this time round I died 8 times just in chapter 2 since I could not avoid it! I don't know why but it did start feeling like they were faster in this version since I did just struggle so damn much

While there was no skip you could fast forward everything so in the end it didn't take that much longer for stuff this time round, but there are now 10 extra chapters rather then 5. Which also confirmed to me that the steam version while including some of those extra endings actually added in some too like the chapter 5 ends.

Oh and I was listening to the opening for the anime and realised don't trust dark hair. Naho was evil making people enter the haunted school. Shig was taking pictures of the dead people. Kazami well he straight up kills people. Ayumi while people may like here god is she evil, just see her bad end for chapter 5. Then of course sachiko and the people with her all black haired!

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

2.8 hours, 32 of 36 achievements


Honestly when I saw the achievements for this game I wanted to hate it. I just hated seeing 2 collectibles with 1 being those annoying illusions and then you had a match minigame instead of normal hogs as well just it was not needed when you don't have expert mode. However the story was great and even the illusions was fun since it showed what they originally looked like rather then turning something into a completely different thing. This did have more magic to it but whatever it still had the detective side to it and frankly it was an interesting game overall. Plus I totally knew the twist from the start so oh yeah!

The Escapists 2

19.5 hours, 24 of 58 achievements


Not much to say, it's the escapist again but bigger. More prisons, weapons, people, chores, animals even moving prisons. There's a character creation which as you play unlock more stuff and even more escapes in your prisons counting for 1 perimeter escape, 1 solo escape and the most important 1 multiplayer escape. Yes you read that right Multiplayer! Everyone wanted it before and now people have finally got it. SCREW YOU ALL WHO WANTED MULTIPLAYER! Now I got to find multiplayer partners to play this game with, go ahead add mutliplayer games but just leave the achievements out it tortures me and my poor soul that is going for 100% only to be knocked down when I find out I can't complete it without help! Anyway it's in general the same game as the original so like that then go ahead, havent played it well may as well just pick this 1 since idk it's kinda better? I mean I liked the character creator and I liked that the game told you what escape you did and the fact each escape has it's own cut scene. Actual gameplay wise I prefer the original but that stuff I just mentioned was good

I didn’t actually have anything planned to say this week and I don’t believe I can think of anything now so guess I’ll keep it short. Keep up the good work everyone

Weekly Games #58


0.9 hours, 14 of 14 achievements


I do like this story but its another one where seeing it again has me less interested. The ending is just so random and all over the place that its not satifying and the whole story is about being afraid to die in the game but it only counts if you die twice so its like huh I made a mistake oh well I'm free to carry on

Corpse Party

8.9 hours, 17 of 17 achievements


Its sad to see alot of hate and negative reviews on this game based around its art. Sure it's not the best art but when I'm seeing reviews from people with like 0.2 hours its annoying since they literally brought the game just to hate on it. However there is a mod now for the art and voices so hopefully its made people happy but there is no pictures so you cant win

I never bothered with the patch and frankly it didn't really matter. After awhile the art just became 2nd nature and it didn't bother me. Sure not having the pictures was disappointing but oh well. Even though I've watched this been played I enjoyed it very much. The last chapter was a bit annoying since you are made to go through a chunk of story for those bad endings but at the same time it was fitting that the last chapter would have the most bad ends, the most other ends and the most tags. It was a fitting end to the game and I can't wait to play the other corpse party games. Plus with this version it is slightly different, while there is less content sometimes there are also more like the bad endings for chapter 5 which not only include more story but actually more endings!

Grim Fandango Remastered

4.7 hours, 47 of 47 achievements


Okay straight up this game felt much longer then 4.7 hours. Of course like always this is with help from a walkthrough but still just felt much longer

I enjoyed this game but it really annoyed me with its glitches. The subtitles didn't match up with the cutscenes so I was forced to listen to them and when I got to this tree pump puzzle it kept breaking. I just struggled with it and then it would straight up make my character disappear and the screen darken, meaning reset from last save… Overall though this was one of the best point and clicks I played and I did enjoy it a lot the whole way through

Highschool Romance

1.1 hours, 4 of 4 achievements


Honestly going through this another time I've come to realise I really dont care about these characters. I still like the story but its really not the best either

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom

2 hours, 13 of 13 achievements
sg win


I mean there's not really much to say about hogs since they kinda end up the same but this one wasn't that bad I believe. It was fairly simple for everything and I liked the new alchemy stuff. Plus yeah I did enjoy the story behind it too

Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery

2.2 hours, 12 of 12 achievements
sg win


I actually preferred this to the original game except the alchemy minigame. Before you had to just had to copy an easy pattern but this time you had to match 3 basically. While it wasn't that difficult it did get annoying sometimes and I did fail because they simply didn't join up like I needed

Lost Grimoires 3: The Forgotten Well

2.4 hours, 13 of 13 achievements


I believe this is better then the first one but I think I prefer the 2nd game still overall. However it was nice how they kept improving the alchemy system. It was no longer just collect items but break them down, weigh them even juice them. That way you just feel like you are making potions rather then throwing in random items. As a whole I really liked this series

Yandere School

1.0 hours, 13 of 13 achievements


Okay yeah this sucks. There's just no variety, kill this person then bury, kill this one and bury. Frankly while I don't know what the state of the simulator is anymore I also know in its very early stages yandere sim was way better then school will ever be!

Lost in Harmony

1.7 hours, 0 of 58 achievements
sg win


I am so glad I took a chance with this game. At first look I wouldn't have bothered but since it was being given away with so little people I decided to go for it and won. What starts off as a confusing runner turns into this wonderful and sad story. Even the levels have a little story going on since as your progress the song the background changes, its just amazing. The music of course is great and frankly I have no problems with this. After that initial bump at the start, A ranking just becomes a natural thing. Plus since the achievements don't work I didn't have to worry about those

Well I certainly went on a gaming spree this week. I just ended up with a lot of short games that I always manage to finish 1 a day or sometimes more so it just started stacking up. Add on games that I was finishing up like corpse party and grim fandango it’s just become insane

I’ve also noticed I’ve done about 70% of my won games at this point. It’s also just insane to see how much that went down, while I always appreciated my wins I also know that I would keep pushing them to the side but they are going down fast and it shouldn’t be long before I run out. I am unfortunately leaving all the long ones until the end… It’s not good leaving all those to the end but they are also ones I know I need time to make sure I can get them done without something occurring

Weekly Games #57

Final Fantasy X Remaster

28.5 hours, 34 of 34 achievements


I love this game, it's been my favourite since I was young. I've owned over 6 copies between this and the x2 version but I've never personally finished them especially x2 since that one was way confusing without a guide. Honestly when it comes down to speaking about it I don't really have much to say. I haven't really played any other final fantasy game to know how it compares so to me the weird one ends up being x2 with its changes.

Overall the achievements aren't the hardest just grindy. It's the achievements that actually made me finally complete these games. You have to max out all your characters as well as make sure you collect everything with some being missable. However with the pc version they did help out a bit. You can use their ingame commands to do a bunch of different things. Change your speed x2 or x4, have lower, higher or no encounters, you can get max items, gils and skills. There's some more but I didn't bother with them to remember. So yeah they really made the pc version so much faster and easier which is great for people like me who have played the original version so much that being able to get everything quicker is perfect.

My only fault is the art. I get they remastered it but I can't stand the art especially Yuna. She's just so expressionless now and I don't like how chubby they look. It's the same reason I'm not a fan of the style of sims 3, they just got that chubby and expressionless look on them. I don't actually know what the music is like either. They gave me the chance for the original so I stuck with that since I love it.

Anyway ignoring the art I love everything else about this game. I would continue buying this over and over again if I could. Also that stupid meme on their laugh could've been put to the first one. The one you see actually has great context behind it but when it first randomly happens nothing. Why the hell you laughing guys!

Oh and this time around I saw something I never noticed before. When you get to luca you see a new aeon who kills everything so easily but then in the end of it, it sheds a single tear

Bonus + Tip: When doing blitzball, score until you are in the lead then hang out behind your goalkeeper. The other players just spin around not touching you. For the bonus I actually own the necklace Tidus hangs around his neck. Got it for christmas and while I don't wear it as much I love it and when I went to my bank before apparently the person setting up my account recognised it

Tip 2: Look stay away from Kimahri. There's a battle which uses it stats from him. Well I didn't realise this having maxed him out and didn't do break damage on my weapon so I spent over 20 minutes grinding a pretty much endless fight before I quit to add break damage

The Ghost of Joe Papp

0.4 hours, 5 of 5 achievements
sg win


This sucked so much. I have 0 good things to say about it. The story was all over the place and jumped screen to screen so you don't even get to process everything. Plus you have 3 versions which are basically the same story. Like there was basically 0 reason to pick a guy and girl when you could've ignored all the choices and straight up got what they were saying. Plus the looks of the people so ugly! They all have the same face and the girls may as well be guys because they certainly don't look that girly to me. Just avoid this game just don't bother. Even 23 minutes was way to long for this rubbish

Lost Civilization

2.1 hours, no achievements
sg win


Okay this was better then expected. I liked how they did the hog scenes even if they were frustrating. Basically you had to put the items with stuff they belong with so like a fly goes with a frog/spider or a cherry belongs with another cherry. It was pretty easy but there were certain things where it was like what the heck does this go with! Where even is it, the image isnt that clear! They did also have the normal hog scenes to so it wasn't just that style. Plus with this game they made you play in Portsmouth which is where I live so it was like omg yay its where I am! We actually do exist people!

The Mirror Lied

0.4 hours, no achievements


I'm not good with interpreting games so I have no idea what to say about this except I got confused. Like I can't even say what I think happened since I was to busy being stuck to even give it a slight thought. If you want a quick game though from the people behind to the moon give it a try

Also I now believe this game is magic. Less then 2 minutes from when I finished I had nothing in my inventory. Next thing I know the game ends and shuts down without me doing so and a booster pack popped up. Magic!

With it being horror month I finally decided to dig into my corpse party. I just ended up loving it when I watched the blood covered version and when I saw that book of shadows was more like a story I just loved it even more. It made me want the game but I couldn’t however with them out on steam now with the english version of the birthday game, which I roughly watched a little of it subtitled in, I finally had a chance. I will be trying out the blood covered version to later on when I’m nearer to the time of doing book of shadows but it’s great to play a game close to the time I brought it. I also found out there’s another corpse party coming out on the 10th so yay

Also for horrors I learnt they are very easy to find in hogs. I was just wondering what I could even play then I came across someone doing enigmatis and then when I looked at others it was all over the place. Horror tags everywhere. So yeah you ever need a quick and easy horror just look for that random hog in your library

September 2019



Achievements: 37,524
Perfect games: 220
Average %: 88
Completed this month: 16


Considering I started half way through the month I’m very happy with my progress and the quality of the items I did play. Plus I’m almost done with my pop games already and they have definitely been my favourite out of all the time I’ve been in the group. Also my blaeo stats didn’t change 1 bit. All I did was remove the 2 won’t play and added a bunch to unplayed so got to make it up for my last one of the year!

So this month it’s very easy to pick my favourite. For the 3rd time out of 5 games it has to go to the walking dead final season. Unlike higurashi I don’t feel bad about giving it to that game each time since it’s so much different then just reading the same set of stories. In the end the game I hated the most became 1 of my favourites and it will be missed

Weekly Games #56

Finding Paradise

3.9 hours, 1 of 1 achievements


This was shorter then expected, from htlb and people in discussions and stuff they said around 5-6 hours. I know I have shorter times then most people but there's literally 0 reasons for it to have reached the 5 hour mark since everything was simple. The story though was good, not cry worthy but good. I haven't played to the moon or bird story but I'm interested in it. I mean I even had bird story as ignored but I gave it a proper look over while playing this and decided I want to see that too. Whether the original was played or not this a game I would recommend and I'm glad I didn't giveaway this game like I was planning on doing originally

Forward to the Sky

1.2 hours, 12 of 12 achievements
sg win


I liked this game, it was nice and short. I had a lot of trouble with the combat but the rest was alright

Lamia's Game Room

1.8 hours, 12 of 12 achievements


I've played this game so many times and I still don't really know how to feel about it. It's so short story wise and makes little sense that I cant hate or love it. Plus I don't really care about the card game side of it but at the same time its not the worse if you know the tactics to it. So yeah the game for me is neither good or bad. It's just a middle ground game to play when bored but there are alot of spelling mistakes which can very easily annoy people when they are everywhere

Pub Encounter

6.8 hours, 15 of 15 achievements


When Tsupertsundere posted their review on this game I agreed with most of it, mainly the characters. When it comes to otomes I've seen or read its the same thing over and over again. The girl is super shy about everything, the guys are young and then the girl gets forced into sex. This story is different though, first of all every guy is over 40+ almost double the age of the girl and while she does get embarrassed she is the one who initiates a lot of the stuff happening. The whole story on this is about helping the guys out as well not her and even in the face of danger she never backs down. It's such a nice change

I do love these mobile games and this one is so refreshing. However because they are mobile ports the pictures don't show fully. Meaning to see the whole thing you need to go to the gallery. It's not the biggest problem considering everything but I did find myself wanting to see the pictures straight away rather then wait until I finished to finally see the full picture. It really would've been easier to just post the whole picture in the 1st place since why give us a super zoomed in half version.

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya

7.6 hours, 17 of 17 achievements


I believe this was my 1st ever mobile game that I played as well as the 1st I ended up completing. Compared to others I've played by this dev it's a bit longer. Not only are there more chapters per character (which end up being around an hour still so shorter) there are more routes, pictures and side stories. Plus the pictures you don't have to go back on to see the full thing which was great to see. Honestly considering it had more sides and chapters it was very short for everything overall but having a lot more pictures made up for me. I'd rather have those pictures then more story to just drag the whole thing on. Plus the good ends were so much shorter which I also didn't mind since it makes the situation very clear to you that no this is just a good end not the very good end

Stories: The Path of Destinies

13 hours, 36 of 37 achievements


I found there to be a lot more bad then there was good with this game but I enjoyed it never the less to the point where I would listen to the new sections. This game rewards you for not using what it gives you. Want extra strength? Well then you got to fight more to make up for those couple of extra hits. You wanna use power swords? Well better work 5x as hard because its too easy now. Shortcuts? Nah don't use those or spend extra hours fighting the ravens you kept avoiding. It's just stupid! They make you feel so powerful and yet by being powerful and using the surroundings to your advantage you are actually just screwing yourself over in the long run. Then there's the dash which sometimes just didn't work despite knowing I'm not near anything for it to stop me and in rare cases it just flung me off the edge and I just fell. Its biggest flaw for that though I got stuck. I ended up falling but managed to land inside the platform meaning I couldn't move or anything so I literally had to restart the game. At least when an enemy does that you have a slight chance to save them if they land in the right position to be hooked. Finally the pick ups. My oh my why don't they come out of the chests! 90% of the time nothing will come out it will just stay stuck and while sometimes you could keep pushing against the chest to catch it a lot of times I just had to give up since it wasn't working.

I enjoyed this game, I found it fun but it is so repetitive. I wanted to just fly through the levels not be stuck fighting the same things over and over again because you got to get every single upgrade!

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

8.1 hours, 44 of 48 achievements


When I started this game for the 1st time I was disappointed. It ran so badly compared to the others that no matter what sensitivity it was on as soon as I ran the camera would do a 360. I didn't like how they changed the fighting, the fact there was fighting was annoying and by the end of episode 2 I broke down in tears because no matter what I couldn't get the bow and arrow to work. My game just couldn't process it fast enough.

However that's all changed, I can now actually play the game without struggling over the controls and the same section that I died 15+ times on before it was a breeze. I actually enjoyed myself this time and while I still could've done without the fighting I do get it. We aren't just making choices waiting for those qtes to pop up but instead realising the work it is to actually kill the walkers 1 by 1 when they are cramped up together

So in the end I loved this game. Since I first tried it I hated it. I was so annoyed by everything and then that bow and arrow sucked out the last bit of joy I had for it but now its fine. I got to enjoy the story and realise its a great end to Clems story. People still want more but I think its fine like this. I dont need to know how much I screwed over AJ because believe me I turned him into a mini devil. While I'm not overjoyed by the fact I have to repeat this game for the Louis timeline it was still great and I no longer regret paying extra for a key

Thomas Was Alone

2.4 hours, 30 of 35 achievements


When I first played this it was a nice story. You play as these cubes that have all these different flaws and abilities trying to get to the end but then you reach the final 2 chapters and they shook it up. We ended up with this whole different team who could gain abilities but you don't get much story behind them. You spent the past 7 chapters getting close to thomas and his friends so to suddenly have this whole grey family of blocks were disappointing and not needed. Then I got to the end and it just ends. There's not much explanation for anything that happened to everything and while I would've forgiven it for the ending at chapter 7 the last 2 just made the abrupt end so stupid. But look despite what I think of the last 2 chapters this is a nice puzzle game. It's not to hard but it also has a thought process behind it with some of them. I did not bother collecting all the cubes or dying 100 times so my time is simply how long it took me to go through the main story with a couple of collectables if I saw them

Monday is such an annoying time for the month to end. Its too early for me to do my friday report and then do the Monday. However it just ends up too late that I have a giant week. It ends up a matter of do I want 11 days for my weekly report or do I want 12. Its the same with tuesday. Its to late for me not do the friday report meaning it ends up to early as well. So both of those days just cause so much trouble for me in the end when I want to show all the games I did this month and not push it to the next. I also didn’t plan to post this so early in the day but I decided I won’t play any short enough games today so it will be fine