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I will be posting weekly reports of my games and inform you all how easy it is to get achievements in a variety of games, or posting it down as an achievement hunters nightmare if they either don’t unlock or pretty much insane to get

I’ve changed this damn description so many times I no longer know what to put. I only ever look at others when there are pictures so why would I bother with mine!

Weekly Games #72

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

9 hours, 34 of 34 achievements

If you were a fan of Chloe in the original Life is Strange then this should be the perfect game. We finally get to learn about Rachel Amber and play more rebellious then we could as Max. Since she also has no magic every choice is final so you have to be careful. If you didn't like Chloe however well probably shouldn't touch this. Not only those 2 do we learn about but also characters like Nathan. Most of the people here don't appear again but he's a major character that is totally different. You can't even tell that he needs to be locked up in this game.

Despite the game being shorter in episodes it sure made up for that in terms of length. I was spending an extra 30 minutes compared to before. Without time travel it feels like we are doing more stuff each day when actually no it just drags the story on more instead. They really could've done anything with this prequel but they went with the 1st time Chloe talked to her. That was fine in it's own right since we would've gotten a different view of Chloe and the people around her

We also get a bonus story between Max and Chloe as kids. It takes part during the same day Chloe's dad dies. God that really is a heart breaking thing to see. Like were just so happy then next thing we know we just see her whole life fall apart in a matter of seconds.

Normally I would post a couple of songs that I liked during gameplay but frankly pretty much every song is amazing in this game so I couldn't just post the like 3 that I did like.

Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past

2.1 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

I definitely preferred this game to the 1st but it suffers the same problem with the end. You fight the last boss, which is horrible btw the worst ive ever done, only for it be like you did it THE END. I just don't know what happened with these games. All the others had suitable endings or some sort of ending but both of these so far suffer from not having any!

Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn

3.2 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

Omg it has an ending. So apparently the way to making queen quest have a damn ending is to just make it much longer then the others! Frankly the whole thing could be done so quickly if they just explained why you shouldn't collect those crystals. But no they didn't explain and just let the very obvious twist happen!

Queen's Quest 4: Sacred Truce

2.3 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

It's sad to say but I really didn't like this game. It's the first hog from artifex mundi that I've seen have a man but I dont base these games on genders. I just found the story to be bland and drag on way to long. There wasn't really any puzzles and the ones there were, were just way to easy and the hogs scenes I struggled way to much with. Oh and I did skip the bonus story, I'm not a fan of them naturally so I'm not gonna touch one where I disliked the main

Also I noticed except from the 1st one, for which we actually play the queen, none of these features a queen (or at least one in charge). They probably could've just made the 1st a standalone and then called the other 3 a different name. By the looks of it number 5 goes back to it but I don't own it!

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

17.1 hours, 37 of 50 achievements

This version of dead rising 2 is complicated to say the least. For the most part the story is the same as well as psychos, survivors and gameplay. I found that alot of missions were no longer announced (pretty sure 75%was just bugged though since no mention on wiki) but they also added more people like a pretend cop who Frank can refer to the original game or Chuck as a psycho, who is the 2nd games protag. Frankly the story changes were like ehh, thats one way to include Frank I guess but then the end is just different and so stupid. The people just have different motives which kinda makes me want to say play both while also thinking why would you do that just pick 1! It's hard to talk about it without going into spoiler territory. Our last boss is a giant robot… Up until the last moments you didn't see anything that would make you suspect Stacey. She was good in the original game and was very helpful still in this game. Sure you saw a CURE member start the outbreak but thats because we saw TK pay him this time! The guy was also a psycho in both games. Then suddenly it turns out she's a secret agent and we have a giant crab robot to fight. Just search up the robot and see how stupid that thing is. I came for zombies not crab robots! Lets just say someone compared this to resident evil 5 so if that doesn't excite you for this game idk what would

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

11.5 hours, 40 of 41 achievements

Honestly I was dreading starting this. I didn't want to touch this last POP game since at this point in the last couple of months I've played so many point and clicks that it was getting boring and frankly most of them were terrible. I've not read The Pillars of the Earth and 1st glance it looked like it would be a drag to play through but it actually wasn't. I really enjoyed the different types of people I could be and because it tells you what choices you made in the end it felt more like an episodic game rather then your typical point and click adventure. That point is only helped with the fact you have timed choices and qtes!

Finishing this I totally get the praise. It was so much more amazing then I could imagine and I was honestly expecting to repeat so much more then I did. When I heard 2 playthroughs that's what I expected not save and reload a little bit for like 1 damn choice.

Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness

1.1 hours, 21 of 22 achievements
sg win

I was enjoying this but it doesn't really finish of great. There is an end but there's no talking. You defeat the bad guy which is typical but they don't say anything, then you rescue the baby in this case where we don't learn what happens. Clearly they went back home but was everyone okay? Did the queen forgive her husband for what he did? Like I don't expect much from these games but the story is just way to simple! Oh stop the dragon, open the gate and stop it again. Fix the ship and beat the bad guy. Simple is fine, I liked it but it doesn't feel satisfying since there is no end! However what I just mentioned was slightly fixed in the bonus chapter which is fine I guess? Normally the bonus chapter gives us story on why the events happened which I would've liked to see instead of just making us play more to get our actual ending which still didn't answer anything. All it answered was that indeed the husband wasn't unfrozen. In the end I also managed to miss a damn achievement since I didn't realise I had a tutorial to listen to dammit.

I’ve really been slacking lately when it comes to preparing comments. I guess neither way turns out that great but damn it’s just so much quicker if I have one prepared. I don’t think I have anything to say again so short comment it is. I have though found out this week that I’m having a sister. All these weeks its been convinced that the baby will be a boy but in the end, its a girl. My 1st sister and my brothers are not gonna be pleased since they have many sisters at this point!

Weekly Games #71

Life Is Strange

10.5 hours, 60 of 60 achievements

Song 1
Song 2
Song 3

I'm doing this for a few reasons. 1 is for the blaeo monthly them. 2 because I of course want to play life is strange 2 and more. Then finally the 3rd is for the fact L was going to be next letter. I was going to pick L because of life is strange 2 so why not just start it early.

Anyway I love this game. I brought this before the episodes were finished and I've played it so many times now including for my mother. However I did have problems this time, doing certain things would cause the screen to turn white and repeat certain stuff, it kinda ruins the mood. Also I totally get why people have a problem with Max. Frankly I dont mind her but I was paying more attention and she's just so whiney! I get it you want me to be guilty for the choice I made but shut up. Also I ended up changing my ending this time round, I always picked the more canon ending at the time because I saw the other on youtube so much but after seeing that the end now has an impact in Life is Strange 2 I cant be doing that

I'm not gonna talk about the story much but I do want to bring up the last chapter. Not going into details since I am still seeing people just playing these games now its a giant mess. It really does ruin the tone for a lot of people. Now I don't really like it, there's a lot of going back into the past and destroying everything, then there's alot of stealth which is the main problem. However it does fit what this game is about. For the past 4 episodes we have messed with time so much so finally seeing the consequences of using it for every damn action was needed. Sure it really didn't need the stealth part at all but it just adds to the mess that we created. But seriously that ending section was unneeded! Oh you teach us time travel has this huge consequence but make it worst by having us use it to avoid failing every 3 seconds? OKAY! I really needed those pictures for my collection as blood pours from my nose

Oh and for all the people shipping max with warren just no! Read her damn diary like I did and read that he's just a geeky brother! Oh yeah MAX AND CHLOE!!!! Should've kissed her again, she said she wanted to why didn't she except in the other end I didn't do! Apparently a girl gotta die before I get a kiss around here. Does it work with anyone?

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation

17.8 hours, 37 of 42 achievements

I tried to give this a proper go. I was actually battling everything for once and of course listening to it but then it crashed on me lots of times. After the 3rd time I went screw it and decided to just play without anything. Screw the sound, screw the battles! It wants to waste my time so it doesn't get respect!

I actually liked this game, the new characters they brought in was great and fun. However it has the same problem as the second game. The bosses just suck. It's the same characters who you fight over and over again. You couldn't beat us the last 3 times why you think you will have luck this time? Plus this time we have 2 characters from the last game as well so they even repeated way more so why? Sure it was interesting seeing those past bosses but come on! Just a different type of failure here. The 7 sages also weren't as great as the last set of bosses from number 2. There didn't seem a reason for them being there and they kinda just all mixed up together

Oh and I'm so upset I completely forgot to do the normal end to this game, I just cant believe I forgot. I didn't have a save any where near to it so means I get to have fun with new game+ I did watch a video though and wow. Overall all the non true endings seem bad! Either Neptune abandons her real dimension or her sister It was very surprising as well to find out how much end content the game had. After the true end you have like 3 more mini stories. 1 defeating bosses from the prologue. 1 having the cpus be idols and the last searching for treasure. It was nice but also just very strange and they are so overpowered. Even at level 300 I was barely making a dent but then I also never changed my items so probably didn't help. Heck for all I know they might just be the same lvl as you are which would still be insane anyway

Dead Rising 2

63.2 hours, 48 of 50 achievements

I just want to talk about the TIR gameplay a little since I didn't before. This multiplayer gameplay is actually quite fun. I ended up finding some people who are helping people out like me. Going in the modes could be quite enjoyable to play. It's just disappointing that its just a buggy mess that you can't enjoy it and when you do find a game you most likely are helping out someone so you don't even get to enjoy it then either. It would've been nice to actually have a real game of this but its sadly not possible

I actually had 2 options to choose from today for my comments. The 1st day of the year actually I was conflicted, I went into this whole thing but I’m going to go with a short version. I ended up having to go to the hospital this week so I frankly have even less patience to do something that is stressing me out. So I’m taking Sam’s advice and going to stop with the extra games. I enjoyed myself with them but right now I think it’s best to stick with my backlog for a little bit. I’m still going to keep respecting them by playing them with the sound and junk but unless I think its required for sequels or something like that I won’t be playing anything not in my steam backlog

Also wow been a while since I did so little games even with the extra 2 days. I got 2 games though lined up ready for next week. However might be short posts for a little while since I’ve got a lot of big games coming up. I got the rest of Life is strange which will be 1 episode a day, I got a bunch of jrpgs that are taking up a lot of time and of course my dead rising. I’ve also got a bigger story planned to read in the upcoming month hopefully. So it’s definitely a slow start to the year but I’ve also got a lot of hogs that I can easily get out 1 a day with if I decide to

2019 Year Report



Start of Year
Achievements: 36,015
Perfect Games: 167
Average %: 82

End of Year
Achievements: 38,848
Perfect Games: 261
Average %: 90

Overall Games
Everything: 349
Steam: 189


I was just gonna wait until tomorrow to do my last report until the next week but I just wanted to get it out of the way. So this will be my 3rd and last spam of the day. I never planned to put all my games into a list since to much work figuring out how to do those lists again and just to much work putting it all down anyway. Instead we get my favourites of the month, at the least the ones that deserve it no pity points!

Anyway 349 items done altogether is insane, but that is everything. That contained any sort of game (not just steam), books and comics, mobile stuff frankly anything that I counted as progress. Which is why I did say I would do a steam only version which is still insane at 189. I could’ve counted more from that but I’m literally only counting what I owned not family share and I couldn’t be bothered to take away the few that I did repeat so deal with it! In the end I did 27.16% of my whole backlog. Give it 3 more years and it will be 100 XD

Decemember 2019



Achievements: 38,848
Perfect Games: 261
Average %: 90
Completed this month: 36


Seriously, I had a terrible month of gaming because of my mental health and I still did one of my highest ever. I just clearly blocked out playing half of these games since it didn’t feel like I played anything

Picking a favourite game was very hard this month. In the end I’ve decided to just do a double favourite like I’ve done before. So I have to give it to Remember Me. It was an amazing game and as I put in my review if it weren’t for certain issues I would’ve gladly 100% it before posting. I will also give the 2nd award to Broken Sword 5. In the end they ended that series off perfect. The gameplay was great and I enjoyed the story.

Weekly Games #70

Town of Salem

589.6 hours, 361 of 361 achievements

I'm actually here because of some douche YEAH I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS FCKER because they accused me of cheating on this game. Now this wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of stuff from random people who I've never met, still have no idea how I was helping cheat with this random dude I never recognised but oh well. See 1 thing about tos achievements unlock at the same time. You got that right! If you don't play through steam you will unlock everything in 1 big chunk. Oh but they also had achievements at the same time am I accusing them of cheating hell no cuz I know the truth! Truthfully yeah I havent 100% this game, did I use SAM though? No. I did not, I signed into a different users account which unlocks the achievements still :O Gosh how dare you use other peoples account what kinda monster does that. Omg its not possible for anyone to be able to get 100% naturally or even to get achievements that you don't have to unlock the last ones you couldn't be bothered to get. BOO FCKING HOO JUMP OFF A CLIFF FOR REAL WILL YA!

Anyway if you read through that spoiler and you didn't rfun away I congratulate you and apologise for that long rant, I refuse to be called a cheater of the achievements in a game I spent over 1k hours on. Personally on my merit alone and no one elses I have 249 of 361 achievements. You don't mess with someone who went through that torture. On to the game though I gave this another go anyway for the fact they updated the steam version. I don't really use steam because it was so slow. So I was always playing it on the browser and coming back everynow and then you to do my dailies and update my achievements gotten. I don't know how long its been since I played this properly but most likely at least around summer before and I still had a friend request XD Oh how I miss the days when I had so many friends playing this and I got to enjoy me self

Turns out I had no idea what I was doing! I got straight in and couldn't figure out how to see my character. I paid for my Grim Reaper Costume I want to see it!!!!! I also didn't know if I could equip or unequip anything… Also Idk what the roles are for consig so I was clearly off to a great start. Thats when I finally figured out it was right in my face and thats how Cece became 10x more of an idiot. So 1st game I did I died 1st typical. I just love coming back to the game only to die 1st

So this is how my games went
Died 1st night as Pirate
Died to jailer as lookout despite them in will saying they think im truthful….
3rd game I was an amnesiac so no luck and I played with a friend at this point who had medium so… We suck! However there was 3 mediums so I trolled and became the 4th that was great :D
So after that I got a guardian Angel which I dont trust and friend died n1 to a bg as the only bad guy so gg butttt I won since my target was the arso and with that I am done reporting since I decided on my 1st win I would stop

You know I will give this game a lot of credit. It still horrible to play especially on your own but its nice now the steam version. The game runs so smoothly. You can see every detail, from when they died to what position they actually were. Each role now has their own icon for when they die or even when they kill. You can send your will to chat without copying it and theres a notepad now. It's so nice to see that I might even keep playing it every now and then


Acceleration of SUGURI 2

0.9 hours, 20 of 24 achievements
sg win

We are back to the original accel suguri game with boss battles only. This time we play as all the characters from suguri and sora with 1 extra person Sumika being introduced. The Suguri characters story takes us along fighting the sora people who are luring her to Sumika, who turns out to be someone they left behind on their old ship. The sora characters of course fight the suguri people after they are brought back to life for a short while. Honestly its all kinda boring. Its basically the same thing over again of sorry we left you Sumika we will visit. How dare you bring me back to life for a short while to fight you. Oh and you get access to suguri v2 in 100% orange juice with this game

The Night of the Rabbit

6.2 hours, 13 of 17 achievements

I have complicated feelings towards to this game. It's really nice, almost like a kids story but that's whats also wrong about it. Its so kid friendly that there really isn't anything exciting about it. Their other games are based on the end of the world type stuff so it was nice to get this type instead but there wasn't anything to make me want to carry on. I was basically forcing myself to play this from the start and while my mood did attribute to that, I know other things I'm doing that was able to push through it. This game is also buggy, the chat would fast forward so I couldnt even see what was being said and certain things like dewdrops just never showed up! Frankly I'll be honest the fact I missed pretty much the whole ending to this game thanks to its buggy chat I'm on the side of disliking it

QP Shooting - Dangerous!!

5.4 hours, 0 of 36 achievements

Oh I had no way out of playing this normally. Even on easy mode it was not a simple game. This time we take control of QP on her search for pudding and making everyone remember. We actually get given QP Dangerous for 100% orange juice as well. This time we meet, Syura, Kyousuke, Krila, Yuki dangerous and Sweet Breaker. It does have a picture of like 5 more characters but I cant be sure of the name. Should be tomato + Mimyuu. Guessing Chris and Mei. Finally Yuuki

I will say though this did seem much easier while also not being. Before in the last ones I played you lost health as a health bar. This time you got to gain health and as soon as you lose all those hearts you auto die. If you lose all your health but win you go into the next level with 1 hit left, you go in with 3 hearts then you keep that 3 and so on. The bullets though leave the stage when you kill that enemy and we now shoot up instead of sideaways and can attack more then 1 thing at a time

Oh and as can be seen I did give up, I got to stage 4 with 1 health left and it was impossible. I had 5 health on the past stage but no matter what I couldn't complete it with at least 1 heart left so I can't be doing this. I brought this game so I could experience the lore and stuff behind 100% orange juice, I didn't buy it for the actual gameplay

Xmas Shooting - Scramble!!

3.7 hours, 0 of 33 achievements

Honestly after watching the end of the qp game I decided there was no point to even playing this either. I will have to play that normally and most likely suck to so screw it. Overall these stories were great. It was nice seeing the lore behind certain characters and I get Aru Scramble from this game. So this game has Aru trying to find her lost christmas presents, even in 100% orange juice they get stolen! So for our final people we meet: Natsumi + Mei for real this time. Kiriko and Niko. Its surprisingly short compared to the others with only 3 levels while also having one of the best stories

My last report of the year is here! I have no clue how many games I’ve done this year but I know I’ve made amazing progress in the last couple of months when I changed up my reviews. I also have brought some more games! So I ended up buying God Eater 3 which gave me a free game of Millie yeah not great but oh well its free so whatever. Yakuza 0, How to sing and Seduce me 2.

Weekly Games #69

Adventure of a Lifetime

3.1 hours, 20 of 20 achievements


This is a story where I really enjoyed it until I did Chisa's route. When I think back to it, childhood friends are the worst routes ever. I like them and I support them together but its the most grinding and horrible experience out there. The lead up until they finally get together properly just ruins the whole experience and makes me regret ever bothering with them. Emily's route though and the common route was amazing. I really enjoyed the sea side to it and it was great. If it weren't for Chisa this would be a perfect story!

Ascendant Hearts

2.3 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

Oh this was wonderful. It's a rpg without the stupid grinding. I've actually played an otome version to an rpg and both of them are just great, its just fun seeing these characters trying to explain how an inventory works in their world but I do wish the endings were more fleshed out. There wasn't much story change between all them just telling the girl you choose you can stay and leave whenever


2 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

How the heck is the first person we see a teacher! Pick a different style or learn to make them not look like kids dammit! Strawberry Vinegars dad looks like an adult!

Okay thats out of the way so onto the review. Now I tended to avoid Ebi-Hime. Lately I've read a couple of their stories and its frankly not that bad. I just wasn't a big fan of the art and what I read was kinda boring so it became a point of just ignoring anything from them since I could recognise their art from a mile away! Oh this is so confusing. The people were so horrible, none of the characters were remotely likeable and even "friends" were so horrible towards each other. So much hate is put upon Sam because of her depression and sure I can get what they are saying its not treated in a kind way. I neither liked or hated this story, the most reaction I got from it was my chest hurting. I can get why people like this story but it's really nothing mind blowing to me

Honestly the Roberta route was probably the worst to read. It was fun and serious. It actually did show a gentle side to her that in the end she didn't seem so bad, but it just reminded me of myself actually. Having someone who changes everything, makes you feel happier then you are alone but ultimately left in a state of where nothing is worth it anymore without them

Aozora Meikyuu

0.6 hours, 1 of 1 achievements

I actually had this deleted and brought back. It was a story that never completely interested and while its not that great still I guess there's nothing bad enough to get rid of it. Its actually okay and you get the full game as it is. Sure you can uncensor it but that only gets rid of the light beams in the cgs and doesn't replace any chunks of story

Amayakase – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend

0.5 hours, no achievements

Oh man I said it with Angel, Devil and Elf that I don't want no pregnant chicks and guess what we get a pregnant niece. Yes our silver-haired girlfriend is our niece who is made to live with us because her dumb ass mother didn't take her with her. Oh and she's pregnant by the time the mother bothers to finally settle down and see her child… Frankly I wish I got to see her mother's face when she realised she made a mistake letting the brother take hold of the daughter, that would've been great. Hey sister dear don't mind me, just knocked up your precious little girl

You know what the game actually wasn't bad, nothing magical of course since it's made to be purely sex but I've never seen niece insect before, now I can cross it off my list

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate

160.2 hours, 385 of 1691 achievements

I wasn't planning on doing this for a long time but during this 2x/3x gold Christmas I actually got through a bunch. To the point where I've run out of puzzles. I still have ones I brought through the store but I ran out of dlcs so technically I've beaten this game pretty much, sure I could just wait until I have done them all but that's just not how I do things, so I guess I'm boasting my stats a bit for the end of the year.

Now this is a free puzzle game. It activated with my other games and by accident I got an achievement in this and now I'm stuck playing this cash grab. To get all the dlcs it over £400. It's way to much for me to ever spend so I know I'll never 100% but I can at least try! Anyway this game does give you a bunch of options. You can buy certain stuff, like pictures of course, music, themes, cursors all that stuff. For the actual puzzling you can choose if the pieces rotate, move, how sensitive they are. When I started it I really enjoyed the short puzzles, they were quick but then I realised I was wrong. The bigger the puzzle the easier it is to snap the pieces together! I barely had to go near them for it to happen and here I was wasting my time on cheap rewards!

Remember Me

6.3 hours, 30 of 50 achievements

Remember me is an amazing game that I even considered 100% before I did my report. Due to issues though I thought it was best left to completing next year along with other games. This was a secret santa present and I couldn't have been happier with what I got. I really enjoyed everything about it and don't have any complaints. I also really loved the fact it made it easy for me to see what I've missed since each chapter has it's list of items you need to collect. In the extras you can also see just how much progress you made for each achievement as well, it's great to know that replaying it will be just as enjoyable as the first time. This game really is worth going into blind


1 hours, 20 of 34 achievements

Just like the original suguri, we now take control of Sora fighting people to end the war and save the planet. The levels appear again and the bosses felt more fleshed out with what they could do. The boss especially was more exciting since the music reved up, the screen was filled with colour and it had a voice for that final boss only too

In this game we get to know: Alte, Tsih, Mira, Sham, Nath and Star Breaker

Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime

31.5 hours, 27 of 27 achievements

I'm not replaying this game again! If I'm so desperate I'll go ahead and do it on pixel puzzle ultimate so it helps my progress. So that's why they will all be dropped and I should remember it right but some details might be slightly off.

I really disliked the Anime puzzles. I liked what it looked like but I couldn't stand the way it worked. The pieces moved and compared to undeadz which I played before it, it felt annoying. I spent ages on the last puzzle waiting for the help bar to load up so I could just spam show me the damn location or gradually show me what way it should be facing then spam! I think it would be good if people are into that but I don't want to be stressing over puzzles

Pixel Puzzles: Japan

4.2 hours, 26 of 26 achievements

I mainly entered this to get the dlc so I wouldn't have to buy it, I know rude but I still gave it a go because its not right to just do that. I wouldn't say I liked this more then the anime game but also didn't dislike it either. The trouble with this version is there was no photo side by side. It's awkward trying to piece things together when I had no idea where I was going. You did unlock it gradually as your help bar loaded but that takes a long time and then becomes impossible to see where you put anything before that. So I ended up using like a glitch I found out about where you just stack the pieces together and the one it picks up with be around the edges. Plus there was no reason to complete 2 puzzles since I had it 100% before that

Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ

11.6 hours, 34 of 34 achievements

Now this I did enjoy when it came to the puzzles. I liked the look of it and the fact you could see the image on the board just made me abuse that setting to not have to find my way normally. I just really enjoyed it and there's so much more you can do in this game. On the main screen you can fight zombies until you die and there's a puzzle mode where you have zombies coming for the barricade so you got to do both things at the same time. I never did that but its cool to see more then 1 setting!

The end of the year is getting close. My last review will be early on Tuesday, so I need to put my all into that last couple of days to make sure I have the best stats possible! I’ll most likely have more games by then as well since I get paid again on the monday

Weekly Games #68


3.9 hours, 45 of 45 achievements

There's so much gayness and furriness going on in this damn game. I didn't really know what to expect but I liked it, all the characters were great. There is a character creation but don't expect to be seeing much. Apart from the colour you pick, you only see the tail once so anything from the head is useless. Plus no matter how much girl features you put or even say that you are, you won't be a girl since this story is intended to be a male. However there is a few features you can change like what kinda furry you want to be or small details like eyebrows which I did not include, or what kinda boobs and junk you want.

Army Gals

3.3 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

There are very few studios which I have decided to support no matter what. Dharker studios being one of them. They don't have anything special going for them, both story and art are subpar but yet here I am trying my best to acquire any games they may release.

Oh the magic of tops. When they are in the water they clearly have no bra, but take it off and suddenly a bra appears. Clearly the boy has an imagination on him to always see wet braless girls. Anyway I really liked this game. There are 21 endings which normally would be a huge pain but its fitting for a game about being lost in a forest and trying to escape. Honestly it made me reminisce about fruit of Grisaia. Just stuck in this forest trying to find your way through while you slowly run out food and death looming above you. Depending on your choices you could get out very quickly or you could even spend 10+ days in this forest lost. I really liked the characters too and to find out that their troubles enhance when you do escape is nice to see instead of just knowing they are troubled teens with no real conclusion to those facts

I will say I had a bit of a tough time with this one. I had to use both walkthroughs for this game since the 1st I used didn't include the walkthrough for the guilty and fate achievements. However the 2nd one was a bit of a mess and I kept not seeing stuff it said I should. I actually just checked and yeah it goes from 8 to 11, damn if I knew that I wouldn't have made those endings my last. I am also missing a cg but by the looks in the discussions no one else could get it either

Yesterday Origins

8.4 hours, 36 of 36 achievements
sg win

This game would be good if it wasn't so buggy. I thought I could handle it but by chapter 2 it was just breaking apart. Certain screens would go pitch black. Chat boxes would mess up so I couldn't see the text or options properly. Using items wouldn't work because the game just refused to let them pop up so I could use them, or the cursor would just disappear. Sometimes the chat would even just repeat itself for no reason or just crash completely. Heck just the chat will mess up in general by showing making the chat or examine button show up/take you back to that screen.

The actual gameplay isn't that great either. You got to awkwardly move round things to activate them, so if you aren't in the right position it just won't let you use it. For some reason you can't double click to leave a room (at least not all the time) but you can double click to make you move towards an item quicker. As mentioned above as far as I can see I couldn't find a way to save so you have to wait on that auto save. So when it broke and I couldn't examine anything I was pushed back quite a bit. Oh and the achievements expect you to look at everything. So it's not even like I could have just sped through it, nope. I had to examine every single item again, no skipping anything. Fun!

Despite what I said though about the examining items it was different. Sure it was awkward but it was refreshing compared to the normal and I did enjoy the story. If it weren't for the bugs I encountered this would've been a great game but its still good at least, it just really needs to polished since those bugs happened much to often. Oh and omg I actually did the speed run for this game! You have to do it in 250 minutes so about 4.2 hours so hmmmmmmmm idk what happened there but I won't complain since I dont have to replay the game again oh yeah! I mean I know I had to replay a bunch because of the crashes but I didn't click through over 2 hours of gameplay! Someone else also said they had like 10 hours so yeah clearly its a bit buggy

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition

0.9 hours, 9 of 18 achievements

I didn't actually finish this game 100%. I did the 2 story modes and 1 extra story that in the end I didn't bother reading.

So unlike last time we get story modes. 1 story has us meet noname who gets the girls to fight each other for their knees… Then the 2nd story has everyone fighting Saki for her pudding because well its pudding! Finally for beating arcade mode you get mini extra stories for certain characters. Another new thing is boss battle mode. Now before we had the bosses but that's all this game is, no levels just boss after boss

Well anyway we get to meet as mentioned NoName, Sora, Qp and 2 new versions of Suguri SP and P

Artificial Iridescence

0.1 hours, no achievements

Oh this story is just crazy. It's all about this guy waiting for his wife to finish working on her AI work. There really isn't much to say that won't spoil it but it was a nice little read to help me get back into this

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation

13.9 hours, 37 of 41 achievements

So just like the other this game also doesn't work like it should. Also I originally wondered if they were in a different dimension since the map is different, they don't recognise old characters and they completely ignored the end of the last game, just everything about the whole game really. So when I started it back up I looked in the discussions and someone did mention that they actually are in different places but why? I read the whole discussion on it and I do agree that it kinda sucks. I just went through this whole journey, meeting all the cpus and other friends. Battling bad guys and creating little sisters for what? Nothing, in the end it all gets rewritten, I feel like I wasted my time learning what everyone is like since now I have to relearn them again! It also just made the game weird for me, like I'm getting into this game being told something bad has happened 3 years ago and expected to care. Idk this version of the cpus so why do I care what happens to them and everyone else in the world. It really did feel like someone pushed me off a cliff and expected me to not crash at the bottom

Anyway I'll finish with that and actually talk about the actual game. Once I got used to the fact it wasn't the same as before I started to like it. This story is more serious compared to before but it still has the silly charm to it and its good to see that Neptune is still her slacker self even if IF and Compa changed up. Once everyone got together it really kicked off with the same fun that I felt before and frankly they didn't put it to much in your face that things are different so it was easy to get used to in the end

For our characters I honestly didn't care for the sisters to start with, I liked the twins but not really the other sisters. I felt like I was getting 2nd hand copies! However they are much more then that. Sure they all share personalities to their sisters but deep down they aren't the same but mini. Nepgear while not my favourite showed great progress. She started off as this scared little girl who keeps putting her self down and sure not much changed later on but she grew braver, she managed to get everyone back together despite everything. Uni as mentioned was also a disappointment. She felt the most like her sister which I disliked. My favourite is Noire but I didn't want to deal with this whole no were not friends routine over again! In the end though all she really wants to do is be strong for her sister and not just be a tsundere. Finally the sisters who I did like. I feel because there was 2 it was better then just 1. You could see Blanc in both of them, the shy in rom then the angry side in ram, only together do you get the best. I just thought the dynamic between those twins was just great. Without Ram, Rom is just this lost little crying child and without Rom, Ram wouldn't be there to help the others and take part in events

Now onto the bad guys well that's where it kinda goes downhill. Now let me just say that at no point did they bug me at all. I was fine with them the whole time but I do admit it was very played out. For most of the game you are fighting this person they name Underling and nothing really changes. They continue to just play out calling them Underling and foiling their plans. Rinse and repeat. They really don't bring much to the table and none of them really do. You got this mouse as well who is the same. Does this stupid "Oh my Angel Compa" then it's plans is ruined and just like Underling, rinse and repeat. In fact a bunch of times they are together and nothing good comes from any of them at any point. Next we have these 'strong' CFW bosses. For such powerful creatures that could help stop 4 cpus they sure don't seem that powerful. They all get beaten up so quickly that you don't really get to see their personalities. The most we see is the pervy one who full on licks the twins… I'm not even kidding, that dudes tongue is so long that he could hold them both and still have room for a triplet! Then of course you got the main one who is bringing back the deity of sin and well idk what to say. We barely saw her, sure she was the real one who got rid of the 4cpus and nepgear but there's just no fear there. With Arfoire we saw how she could gain the power from the cpus and actually steal their powers so there was a sense of we have to get rid of her! With this one though, you just don't see anything there away from the beginning to give you that sense of hurry. Plus with all the Underling stuff going on the whole damn game, they ended up taking the spotlight instead!

Wow with that huge bummer out of the way lets end it with the ending. Now we have plenty of ends here for a total of 9 endings! Yes you read that right 9. 9. Just 9… Now it's fairly easy at least to get them pretty quickly. Just save in chapter 5 and do your conquest, then holy sword ending making sure you have 2 saves spare. Use 1 of the spares for your human ending, without cpus recruited. Then use the last spare to clean up the city ends and true, simple! You know I'm really glad there's a big enough difference between them that I could do it that way. It made it simple for me to gather up everyone in chapter 5, with of course my save without the cpus, and not worry about gathering up certain ones later. As long as the lily rank was low enough I didn't have to worry about screwing something up and then the later ones just need shares which is simple enough to not screw up either! When I originally saw them I was not happy, lots of endings are a pain especially with this type of game where you will be grinding the same thing time and time again just to do that clean up. Oh god that conquest end. So emotional, wasn't enough to make me cry but it was so sad! Who knew this game could do this to me. Also I still love the credits, I would even gladly play that version of the game


0.6 hours, 2 of 14 achievements
sg win

I really hate bullet hell games but this version comes with an invincibility cheat for anyone like me who just wants it for the story.

Not much really happens in this, we just take control of Suguri who is stopping everyone from destroying her home. We get introduced to Saki, Iru, Nanako, Kae, Kyoto, Shifu and Hime in this game. It's just your typical bullet hell game with a level then boss fight

40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain

0.4 hours, no achievements

Oh what a sad day when you drop 2 more stories. I was actually gonna push through this story until it crashes at a certain point, with no skip either. While it's not my type of thing it is a nice and sad story. I wouldn't have started its sequel a happy valentine but I also probably haven't dropped it if I did

Always Remember Me

0 hours, no achievements

I know another game dropped. In terms of this review its my 3rd this week but screw it! I also have just another one to throw away too so this week is just a review of dropped games and why! Most of them as well I havent even touched. In fact I only touched 1 game out of these 4.

Anyway Winter Wolves is a dev that I've been meaning to try out when I can. Because of the stat building happening I've been avoiding them but I want to give them a chance. However I cant deal with that main guys name. I don't particularly want a dating game with a name that I know attached to someone who is a waste of space. Like Amplitude I'll give it a chance in the future but ugh can we just let the bf never remember and just erase him from the game completely, make him never exist?

AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel

0 hours, no achievements

Oh its quitting galore over here. Literally went to the menu, got up the guides for the games, read through them slightly and just slowly backed out saying no no no no… I don't think a game has made me quit so fast before then this XD I like the sound of the game but those guides are giving me way to much to process and screw that! Ill try again in the future but right now I want to just read something simple!

Anaheim Girl’s Love Story

0 hours, no achievements

Another game I didn't touch. I was actually looking forward to this game but its not in English. It does have english translation but not as a patch. As I currently stand I don't want to be wasting my time trying to read this horrible document to get everything right, I just shouldn't have to do that. Not even my grisaia is worth that effort!


0 hours, no achievements

I hope you didn't have enough of dropped games this is my 7th in 3 days… It's basically monopoly so I shouldn't have been so confused but I really was. Idk what was so different about this or what all 3 of them do but yeah I just dont know anything I'm so confused!

Aru Fuyu no Monogatari

0 hours, no achievements

I didn't actually know what to go ahead and call this. I knew it as winter's tale but it has this name. So I went with the proper version but in fact if I went for winter tale it would've been earlier in the list… oh well that's what it gets for such an annoying title! In fact lookie it was dropped XD Oh I mean I'm showing good progress if I'm dropping things instead of suffering through right? The screen was tiny so the text was tiny, the text couldn't be changed speed even by clicking continue so no thanks screw you game. Okay after writing this I found out by using the touchpad I could fast forward it but its not escaping the dropped pile that easy. I got lots more games I still need to go through

Eve Burst Error

4.6 hours, no achievements

Considering I put so much time into this game I didn't actually want to drop it but damn does it just get annoying. I found the story fun and while the 2 protags were both very crude they were fun to watch. However the mechanics just won out in the end. It's the same problem I had with amys fantasies where you have to literally click on the same command time and time again until something progresses. No matter how much I made sure that everything repeated I was still somehow missing key points! I want to know how it ends and I want to play Adam double factor but I don't have the patience right now to be grinding through these 2 long games

It’s been a bit of a tough week. As can be seen I’ve ended up dropping 7 stories, so 9 in total (none of my own) and everything has just been getting to me. Both physical and mental health hasn’t been that great. I get to see my brothers though tomorrow and spend early Christmas with them.

Well anyway lets get to the sale. I managed to save up an extra £30 between normal money and steam so I was able to buy a lot of stuff that I want. So of course I brought Life is strange 2, QP Dangerous, X-Mas Scramble, Dead rising 2.5 3 and 4. Those are ones that I always planned to buy, so here’s what else I brought: 2 100oj dlc. hat in time dlc, yesterday and anima gate of memories (cheaper since I own 1 part) . I do still have like half my money left over so I can buy things at a later date like god eater which I planned to buy until I remembered life is strange 2

Weekly Games #67

Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse

6 hours, 35 of 35 achievements
sg win


Now this is the broken sword game I wanted. No 3D areas you got to move around in with your clunky controls, pure originals with the beautiful 3D artwork! Colourful and quick to the point that the thing you are looking for is dangerous. Just a simple great story with no mafia. Just random people wanting power and priests. Plus I felt so rewarded getting the achievements in this game, it gave me a reason to click on 10 pugs for no reason or to click on that stupid joey so many times. Does it progress the game? No! Does it give you commentary that you wouldn't have realised otherwise? Yes. I mean I still don't get why they split it up into 2 episodes… Felt like I was back to my problem with journey down but whatever. Just gave you the perfect stopping point half way into it.

Everything about this game was honestly great. I really enjoyed seeing old people again and the goats! when you get the dynamite use it on the goat. You lose it either way but this way its more fun No goats were harmed in the making of this game


1.1 hours, 7 of 7 achievements
sg win


I actually dont know what to really say about this game. It's very short for the price tag normally, let alone if you want the 18+ patch. Heck the patch costs more then the game yet you get like 2 scenes and from what I read nothing else should've have been cut out. Frankly as a win it was fine but if I brought it I would've been disappointed. It just goes from one thing to another with not much in between. Also they love their sky! Little bit of story sky. Some more story sky. Gotta love that sky

Now I get to enjoy idling it for cards since they only gave me 1 out of 3 -_-

A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk

6.9 hours, no achievements



I cant help but be disappointed in this storys routes. I did the normal route 1st and I loved it. I thought the mists were great and interesting but then I got to the girls routes. I thought the Neko route was so fun but then it just ends unexpectedly. I wanted so much more from it but all I got was like 50 minutes of this girl being confused in how to get a bf. Kidnapping, licking and babies aren't the way to a healthy relationship… But that's it. We spend that time just watching Koga confused on what to do then we see Neko always embarrassed by holding his hand, only to end once they had sex. You do unlock bonus stories which is just another short sex scene, oh and they are dreams. On the other hand Tsubaki did have a bit of story behind it and frankly I liked it. Sure it was less then Neko but I think because we know her a lot more it was like yeah I get it. They were sweet together as friends and it makes sense them being together and I really did enjoy it. Tsubaki is one of my favourite characters after all and seeing this completely different side to her is amazing.

Finally we have Mooko our main true end girl. I have to write about this girl in spoilers because well I need to go into more detail which I didn't plan to do at all. So from what I kept seeing Mooko was suppose to be like the true end which I understood. She's the one you see the most and it made sense with us finally knowing everything about the characters that it might've carried on you know but it didn't happen. Instead we just got this stupid short romance story which is worse then the others. Now I found it funny that our main boy got hit with cupid's arrow and fell in love with Mooko until the sex scene happened. Oh god we forced that girl. Now she neither confirmed or denied having sex but she the whole day and even during that time kept pushing him away. Plus as I mentioned earlier in the extra scenes its basically a dream where she said you did me against my will… Look its funny to have this guy getting clingy to her especially when before she was like this ice princess who did nothing wrong but crossing that line was not right! You gonna do that at least conclude the end of the normal end or just give a good ending dammit.

They should've just gave a real damn ending to this game! The normal end shouldn't be the best route! It was a perfect game when I read the normal route, oh it was great, fun just amazing I loved it. But they ruined it. They ruined this amazing game by giving us stupid romance that felt wayyyyy to forced. Oh and the song sucked to begin with but after the 3rd time it grew on me.


0.8 hours, no achievements


I don't actually remember ever coming across this story but I certainly didn't add it to my list to play before my change. Anyway you take control of this guy called Roman who has trouble with his new co-worker Eris and work to make the jazz club a better place. Basically you have 2 routes for this game which is to either be nice to her or to not be. I preferred the nice story much more but the bad side isn't bad in it own right. Pretty good for a free game

Gochi-Show! for Girls

3.2 hours, no achievements
sg win


So apparently you can fail at these episodes and waste your damn time! I worked hard for those 120 points

Anyway to my actual review, lets start with the points since I mentioned them. Now the worst part about this game is the grinding. To unlock more recipes you need to progress the story, but to progress the story you need to cook the recipes. So you end up with an annoying grinding where you just speed through the cooking to get points to finally unlock the story. It's just a silly thing to have. There's 0 reason why they have done this and as mentioned above if you fail the episode you are on you got to pay again! 120 points cost me 4x of cooking and that's only because I did the Western story 1st and unlocked the only 30 point recipe there is.

Onto the story and actual cooking side I thought it was great. You have your common route should we say where we get introduced to the 3 boys and cook a mix of styles. After that you get to choose between Western, Japanse and Chinese cooking which is basically your romance route. I thought the story was nice and the cooking while I haven't actually done any I thought it was great. It goes into lots of details, so it's basically good for beginners and gives reasons for doing certain things or helping you know certain terms like what a pinch of salt would be.

So ignoring the grinding its a good cooking, romance game. Sure you can just search up recipes but with this you really are being taken through every step making sure you know what you are doing and seeing pictures to get a better idea.

Karakara 2

1.4 hours, no achievements


I feel like the games are mocking me now. Episode 3 and 4 are you telling me that they seriously could've just combined the damn games together -_- See if it was episode 1 and 2 it wouldn't have bothered me, it would just be like a sequel, but seeing episode 3 and 4 just makes me think we only had 1 half of the finished product. However I did enjoy this much more until I got to the end. The characters and story was fun but then you have the end which is a cliff hanger… I did search it up and they said winter 2019 so we can only hope it pops up soon but still I'm not happy that they released this game and has taken over 2 years to even consider finishing it

Portal 2

4.3 hours, 23 of 51 achievements


Lego Song

Admittedly when I wrote my 1st review on this game it was a bad time. My life was just going badly and I was sucking so much that it seriously was taking me hours to finish 1 damn chapter. I ended up forcing myself to play this which wasn't the best thing to do. So it ended up taking me 3 months to finish a game that if I really put my heart to it takes a day. This time though it was much quicker. I took notice of the solution faster and I remembered which ones I was stuck on before so it shaved up a lot of time. Portal 2 is the best kind of sequel. Portal 1 is just us basically learning what to do while number 2 takes it up a notch. We now have more witty commentary and it's no longer stuck inside those tests chambers until the very end. Plus again we have some amazing songs. I like to just play all of them together which is while I'm also including the links to the lego version

You can’t really tell by the progress made but I’ve had a slow week. I’ve really just been slowing down and taking a lot of time off. It’s been half good, half bad all this time just catching up on videos

Oh and I finally finished off my wishlist. Considering sg synced up with my unfinished list I really took my time with it but just been busy between seeing my brothers and therapy

Weekly Games #66


3.3 hours, 7 of 7 achievements


When I started my first couple of routes I wasn't the biggest fan. However by the time I reached the 3rd or 4th route I really started to enjoy it. It's actually a much nicer story then I expected and I'm glad to have activated it despite all the bad experiences with ebi-hime

Among the Dead

0.7 hours, 7 of 7 achievements


Oh there's not much to say about this. It's not a particularly good story but there's some thought to it since it's not an achievement spam game or anything. The art though is pretty terrible especially the zombies. I'm sorry but they looked more like aliens with a bit of fake blood then a zombie, even the ones with the stupid cuts on them. It also ends on a cliff hanger -_- Like even if they made the 2nd game I wasn't gonna be buying it to see what it was like but they don't even have the sequel so to be continued for the rest of our lives

Angel, Devil, Elf and Me!

1.2 hours, 9 of 9 achievements


Oh I'm not against reading nukiges but I can't say I really liked this. Half of it is just annoying you should pick me, make me pregnant blah blah blah. Then the 2nd half is pregnant chicks and that's where I wanted to draw the line. It just got worse and the character at the start felt like he should've been in an actual romance story with all his are you okay im not hurting you am I. Oh and everything is so massive yet they wear so little, you can kinda tell their boobs get bigger but when they are huge already there's not a big different between being pregnant or not

Eventide: Slavic Fable

2.3 hours, 25 of 25 achievements


Its rare that I can say I enjoyed every bit of a hog however with this game I did. I enjoyed the main story a lot and the extra story was even better. Normally I find the bonus stories to be a boring or just annoying back story but this one was sweet trying to help the mother

Broken Sword 4 - the Angel of Death

6 hours, no achievements


Just like broken sword 3, the game is good in terms of story but the controls are horrible. This time we get to use the mouse but its awkward trying to move around with the mouse so I spent most of the time using the arrow keys. The main problem I had anyway with it was the climbing. It's very easy to drop down but climbing is so hard. Sometimes it works 1st time then most times you failed 10 times trying to make George pull his fat body up the damn wall. You also can't skip the text this time again and half the chat is cut off so it seriously made me not want to listen to it if I was forced to read the text anyway to understand what they were trying to say. For the most part it also didn't feel like a broken sword game but for the fact it had actual puzzles and stuff I'll give this the title as best so far. Hopefully the 5th game can live up to the others even if I didn't prefer them

Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror

1.7 hours, 27 of 30 achievements
sg win


Oh eventide is proving to be a nice series, I really enjoyed this game and they really have confirmed that they reuse the same minigames between games in a series by mixing them up slightly. The thing I don't like about it is that you have to replay it twice, it's not the most unusual thing to have since others have done it but the bug in the achievements means you can't quit the game! So if you quit after your 1st playthrough you will have to play it 3 times… now it might've been fixed but its been a problem since the start and I haven't seen that it's been fixed

Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends

2.2 hours, 27 of 28 achievements


It's always the 3rd one that isn't the best. Now I did still like it but I also didn't care about this random brother that got introduced. With the others it was like oh magical woodland creatures, oh lets help the people deal with their dead loves one and this was you're on a cloud and you only meet 1 cloud person who just whines for you not to leave him. He seriously would not shut up. At least the collectibles were easy and I do enjoy the rune battles

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

8.5 hours, 43 of 45 achievements



I'm sure at this point most people if not all know about this game, or at least Neptune since she is a meme. This is just your typical lots of story with a bit of combat jrpg from idea factory. There's alot of 4th wall breaking since they are very aware they are a game, so there are lots of gaming + anime reference. Also I'm pretty sure I recognised Hakuoki in the background of Vert's room.

Well I had a hell of a time with this game. I've never had a problem with it before but now the graphics just don't work properly. You can see it in the discussion that the game is rainbow drug land. Luckily the normal text works fine but damn the characters and backgrounds sure did ruin some of the fun. People have found ways to get it to work but I have no idea about technical stuff so I'm not gonna mess with that. Other games work great so why doesn't this stupid game work fine! Never got to see baby if :(

With all the chat I've seen about this series I can't tell if its liked or not but I think its fine. I don't care for all the 4th wall breaking or anything but I'm not groaning about it. It's actually different to the others I've played but we will see how the others end up. I've only touched this and a bit of the 2nd game

The Journey Down: Chapter One

1.3 hours, no achievements
sg win


Honestly this is just kinda weird. Having parts instead of just having it as a full game is strange but I liked it. Even though this whole game was us just fixing a damn plane it was alright and chill

The Journey Down: Chapter Two

1.7 hours, no achievements
sg win


Now this is more like it. The story really picks up with giving us a mystery about the father and the Underland. We have a much bigger area with more characters to interact with and its just so much better then the 1st game. It's got everything you want, corrupt cops, pirates, erotic movies, jailbreak all in 1 little package

The Journey Down: Chapter Three

1.9 hours, no achievements


With this the game is done. Journey down was pretty fun the whole time through and I really liked the ending to this, very fitting for craziness of Bwana and friends

Oh no I didn’t have any comments prepared for this week, we all know it ends up wonky when this happen. Well I have almost finished the damn broken sword series! I never thought I’d get close to even finishing it this year or next but here I am. My wins are progressing better then ever and I’m still happy with my arrangement. I’ve also been sorting my wishlist out again like I do every couple of months and got rid of a few games so we will see just how much of my wishlist was actually dlc since I know it took up around half

November 2019


Achievements: 38,380
Perfect Games: 250
Average %: 89
Completed this Month: 27


This month was hevily focused on my wins and pop games. While I did like the new stuff I got to try out they were very grindy. Between God Eater and Dead Rising I was constantly grinding out achievements. Same can be said for bioshock since I was either trying to work out how to do the achievements in the best way possible or I was repeating the same thing over again cleaning them up after. Now that can easily be blamed on me wanting the achievements but frankly the biggest trouble was God Eater. It’s just like I said in both reviews I didn’t mind the story but the missions felt horrible. I’ve played a couple of rpgs and they make you repeat the same stuff over and over again but they don’t feel like it.

Anyway onto better notes I don’t think its gonna be a surprise to anyone who read my review but Bioshock 2 is my favourite game of the month. I absolutely loved the game and it just gave me so much joy adopting all those cute little sisters. While Dead Synchronicity would’ve been an easy pick if I didn’t play bioshock 2 it also doesn’t even come close to the scale of fun I had playing it. That game alone made me so happy I brought all the games even if Infinite didn’t quite live up to its 2 predecessors