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I will be posting weekly reports of my games and inform you all how easy it is to get achievements in a variety of games, or posting it down as an achievement hunters nightmare if they either don’t unlock or pretty much insane to get

This link includes my favourite songs from my stories or movies/animes. Used to contain other stuff but I was only really interested in keeping my self aware of the songs

Weekly Games #37

BioShock Remastered

17.3 hours, 65 of 65 achievements


This was an experience. Bioshock is another set of games like dead rising where it's a well known and talked about game so I thought why not get them. I already knew the spoilers for bioshock 1 and infinite so when something happened I was like ha I know what you are doing! However it didn't ruin the game for me. This is not known for being a scary game but I have a very low tolerance of anything tense or slightly scary so I couldn't play this to long since my chest starts hurting however each time I played I got 1 area done at a time so it wasn't to bad. Even my laptop had to nope out at 1 point. It went pitch black so I quickly saved and the game just shut down! I wasn't starting it back up to that I would've continued but waiting for the game to start back up so I can go into that nightmare part nah screw that!

I did experience the crashing. The crashing was horrible but it barely happened to start with. It always happened if I dared tried to look at the map and whatever else that bit does like hints? That's all I know that section brings up the map and hints since whenever I accidently pressed the button to bring it up crash. That's why I was so glad they had an arrow. It meant I wouldn't get lost but it also meant I could go exploring without losing my way to much. I did start crashing on the saving later on and the game deleted 2 saves which made me start over from the beginning of the area which annoyed me the most out of anything. Then guess what almost got to the end of that area and it crashed (because it crashes whenever I enter a new area) and deleted all my saves! It also reverted my auto save back an area. what is wrong with this ending, the game has gotten worse the more I play. I have literally played 1 section 4 times and I now know what rooms give me stuff and which don't! I know it off by heart because it won't stop crashing

Warning: I did play it on survivor mode
I can't say I really liked the combat in this game. I spent my time just hitting people with the wrench since the guns sucked which was to be expected on my difficulty. So I only used the shotgun pretty much in the end against Rosie. I also just pretty much stuck to electricity since I needed that to hack stuff and while I did use ice powers for a while with a pistol I realised huh you exploded and now I can't loot your corpse -_- Plus with the camera it was easier to just swap to the wrench straight after or frankly just whatever was after it when my weapons kept switching spots. You can hold the button to switch to your weapons but it was quicker to just quickly switch then when you need to hold down the switch to get to the camera afterwards. Now let me talk about easy mode, I loved easy mode but not for the difficulty but the fact of what it showed me. When you shoot in this game if you aim on someone and they move your aim moves too. So you don't have to worry so much if you aren't the best aim. If I hadn't put it on easy mode I wouldn't have noticed that detail since as I said I was straight up wrenching it. I haven't seen a game do this with its aiming before and I love that

Despite all that above stuff I did enjoy the story and game. While I was a bit to tense at times to enjoy everything it was nice getting all the voice diaries to hear about the other people who lived there instead of just following the voice of 1 dude and why was I even helping him! Sure I'm stuck in this underwater hellish place but why can't I just stay somewhere safe and wait it all out, I don't care about this dudes family. Hey I could've even just friended a rosie they didn't hurt me until I attacked and I kept saving her little sisters we could've been family! Next time just avoid listening to anyone talk so you don't feel like you should help out these strangers and avoid it all

I can't really say I liked the challenge rooms, they were just there to give you more stuff to do and annoying puzzles with more collectables and speed runs

Anyway I totally recommend this, there's a reason why 12 years later bioshock is still a well praised game and even if you have heard the spoiler as mentioned above I don't think it ruined the experience it just gave me a different version like when you replay a game and see all the details you never had before. I also have my own little sister

Hatoful Boyfriend

4.9 hours, 16 of 16 achievements
Challenge 1/5


Oh this story was interesting. The characters have so much personality and they're birds with just 1 single picture of them! Sure you get a person view of what they would look like to get some insight on them more but you only see that once when it introduces them. I never imagined something like this could have so many different personalities between them all. Plus that last ending damn, this game took a 180 turn around, it was insane. This is what all animal themed visual novels should be not like that insect girl thing

Kathy Rain

2.7 hours, 20 of 20 achievements
sg win


Oh I liked this but I was a bit disappointed by the ending. The ending was great but weird and I just wished it was longer. It was half the length of the others took me so a few questions were left unanswered which while appealing in its own right and gets me thinking I still want to know what the hell happened. There are just so many pieces left unsolved. However as I said I liked this game, it was fun plus it helps that I loved the look of the character. This has to be one of my favourite wins and best of all it didn't have any annoying achievements like repeat this action a few 100 times! Looking at you daedalic games and your stupid achievements

Alice of Clovers - Knight's Knowledge

0 hours, no achievements
Warning: Extreme Elliot (real warning in book) - 3 Books


Oh it's done, Ace's story is finally done. He has 2 stories but I decided to go for the 3 book version 1st since I feel like it would've gave me more of a story and it really did. It was amazing giving me insight to the mysterious knight, it gave us more queen love and white rabbit as well as more adorable elliot. What it also did was give up a little sneak peak into the next set which is joker. The art is also amazing, just searching it up the colours of his book is so pretty and the art is just beautiful way better then all the other ones I've read.

This is what the others should've been. An actual story not rushed into 1 book each so you can give them more then 1. Ace has 2 stories yet they managed to make 1 story be 3 books long. I mentioned the mysterious side since he is. He's the only person who wants out of his role and seeks to lose it but he can't. So losing the only person he did care about you see him go further into his dark mind and it compliments Alice. I didn't expect much from this but it's become my favourite out of everyone since it does have everything I could've wanted. I also managed to get all books for £10 since someone was selling them off, normally it would be that price just for 1 book so it was a great price.

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

2 hours, no achievements
sg win


Oh this is what I call a hog. Every scene is a hog with around 18 items each and at the end you got to solve a puzzle with the items you picked up from that scene. Unlike others it isn't a mix of hidden objects + minigames but as I said literally every move you make sends you to your next hidden object scene so there is no getting lost in this game. The hints though were a pain, you have to pick up crows which is 1 per scene so I spent the whole time worried I would run out that I just never used it which was a pain since I could not find anything. I need to play more hogs I've grown rusty! When I did use them it was the easiest thing ever that I shouldn't have missed it. Another thing done new was the way they did the names, normally it's what the item is but instead we got a few mixed in that described what the item was. So for example instead of iron they put pressing clothes, had to use an hint for that I could not figure it out then I saw the damn iron in plain view!

Basically midnight mysteries knows what it is and it is a hog. No stupid cutscenes or minigames for us just hidden objects! Part of me missed the story but you got enough to satisfy you through the whole thing that you didn't need a big explanation what was going on. It's a mystery after all

Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

1.8 hours, 0 of 14 achievements
sg win


Eh this was a bit of a disappointment after the other one. The story was good but it was was more puzzles and minigames which I'm used to. With the same hint system I was confused about where it wanted me to go and what it wanted me to collect. It didn't really change things up and this game adds in bonus stuff. Like no I don't want to collect all your 50 clovers only to find out it gives me the option to replay hidden object scenes that isn't fun. Oh and those extra things, I don't know what they do but you have a bonus for alice in wonderland as well as wizard of oz. Well I had the items I just didn't know I had to use them on a certain thing and since both bonus's are right at the end I'm not replaying it again. I did do it's coin hunt which was terrible, like geez I just found your 100 coins in golden time can I have something better? Oh an achievement I can get maybe if they worked I could've had that but nah you have to go through a bunch of trouble to make the achievements work in this game and screw that nonsense

Tales From The Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair

1.5 hours, no achievements
sg win


So I went into this game fully expecting it to break but apparently it didn't so I guess it must've gotten patched? However it was broken for years (at least 2) and the only way the person was fixing it was by getting you to email them for the patch, but it worked so I didn't need to worry about that. Despite it being a hog there is no actual hidden scenes just a bunch of items in the background which I will admit was pretty good at being hidden at least for me since I'm apparently very blind when I play these games, my glasses may help me see but they don't help for hidden stuff. Gameplay wise and story wise they both weren't bad, not great but they were okay. I haven't played the original but I don't think it would've given me a greater experience. I will also admit though that I did pretty much skip everything, with no achievements I didn't see the point of spending ages figuring out it's puzzles which might have actually made me slightly like this more. It made this game a breeze and since the skip is so quick I barely spent any time but of course if I knew what to do I would do it but if I didn't know the answer to the puzzles straight away then yeah skipped. Overall I did actually like this something I haven't said away from artifex yet (was clearly written before midnight mysteries, another example of how I write everything after playing instead of on the day of my report)

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.3 Tatarigoroshi

2.7 hours, 4 of 16 achievements


Thanks to a stranger and tsupertsundere I finally agree that mods should've been used for higurashi, lessons have been learnt. Those missing cgs I can't believe I missed them this whole time and here I was being dumb saying I don't use it. So that's why I am dropping this for now. I was going to wait until the other games were released but then I tried to play it and I just couldn't. The fact I missed out on seeing that extra stuff in this game has now broken my heart. So screw it I'm going to be replaying the other ones! Who care's if I had only just read them I want my missing cgs! Seriously though why does ps3 get cgs yet pc has 0 who decided that was a good idea! I like the damn art and I don't mind no voices but everyone else hates it, why did it get so messed up for us!

Don't fret your sadistic little heart blue lightning I will get to this story soon I just want to see my missing cgs 1st then I'll get this done. I mainly used this dropped as an excuse to bitch about the stupid pc version. But I'm having alot of problems with getting those patches to work so might be sooner then later

Damn I’ve deleted 3 drafts of what to say this week I can’t really decide what to say. I’ve had a bunch of ups and down with gaming lately but I have finally reached 50% of my wins completed, well almost. I’m in the progress of finishing all my midnight mysteries but once I do thats 51% finished.

Weekly Games #36

East Tower 1-4

6.2 hours, 113 of 113 achievements


I have a big soft spot for Roseverte stories and I'm pretty sure this was my 1st ever set of stories from the creator because I got gifted this. Admittedly the art is not great and the story isn't the most exciting to make up for it. However despite all the flaws it has in everyone of it's old stories there's something that makes me keep coming back to it time and time again. The way it tries to connect all 4 stories together is a bit weird but considering the fact they could've made the 4th one Kurenai into a 1 off story like all the others they gave it a try. Plus now they have the numbers next to them… despite saying what order to read them in people kept asking so I guess they just thought screw it here you go!

So I don't actually know my proper time. I marked down the 1st 3 games properly but on the 4th I apparently left the stop watch on. Looking at achievement time's I'm pretty sure I got roughly the right time so at most I'm 0.1 off. Really no point to even bring this up with that short of a time mistake but why not I'm trying to put down the real time it takes me to play something not put down roughly the right time

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.2 Watanagashi

7.4 hours, 15 of 15 achievements


You pitiful fools who can't see and appreciate just how amazing the art and music is in this game. In all serious though I don't really see the problem with how it looks and sounds, I have checked out the mod and while I do get why people would mod the game I just can't work out what's so bad about it. I love it and I even spent ages on this version listening to the 1 song playing in the tip screen after I let it idle a little bit longer then normal and heard how great it sounds. I do know it got updated the music so I don't know what the old one sounded like which is why I'm more interested in the problem with the graphics and such. I also appreciate the fact the background is blurry since the text takes up the whole screen.

After writing this I did some research I totally get it 100% why you would want to mod it. Instead of the full screen text it's a box, I see it comes with voices and honestly before I started I got suggested to use it and I gave it a glance saw what they looked like then ignored it. Seeing it now with the text boxes and the fact they have voices could've changed it all but I didn't and I'm fine with how it is. I think it's perfect this way, sure at the start before I got used to everyone I felt slightly confused by who was talking but now I wouldn't want it any other way since I can get stuck in without having those voices interfering or spending to much time looking at the background. Plus frankly the ps3 art looks odd to me so I'd rather just stick to the mangagamer version which I like

With that said and done since I didn't say it last time lets move to the story. From the get go it didn't suck me in straight away. While the last story had that whole 4 minutes of pure body tingling torture this version didn't. Instead this got me sucked in not that long into the story because of the pure laughter and happiness it gives me. I'm pretty terrible when it comes to laughing but these stories really do get me that way pretty much through the whole of their games at least until it takes a dark turn which then sucks me in, in its own right. What it also did was make me feel sad toward mion, something I would never imagine to happen but it did.

For the ending I won't go into to much detail of course but before starting this chapter I was already informed of the fact it's more messed up then the 1st story. Reading through it I would have to agree, it was so confusing and all over the place it was hard to tell what was real or not. The whole experience was heartbreaking and surreal which just left me with even more questions through out the whole story. While most of them got answered in the end, the ending just left me wondering which part was real if any and with that music it just stirred up all those conflicting emotions in me

Considering everything I knew from the 1st story it was strange reading number 2. Knowing what I knew I was on guard yet everything you know is completely changed up, so despite everything from the past, nothing ever happened and it was all happy. I still couldn't shake the feeling especially when they added an extra person in but they were a wonderful edition that added to the mystery. I also actually felt more worried as time went on with this story, since unlike the 1st there wasn't anything obvious to tell me what was going on but just left to wonder making up random scenarios of what could've been happening

Honestly at this point I've found it to be one of my favourite stories to date to the fact that I'm even considering if it can battle fruit of grisaia for 1st place which is a very big deal for me since that's been my top since I read it back in 2015. I can't wait to read the rest and to see how umineko will come out since I've heard well I've heard its super long but I've also heard its good. This story also was the badge that got me to level 100 on steam. Flirty Mion best Mion

Dead Rising

38.9 hours, 47 of 50 achievements


This game is all over the place. The controls are terrible as well as the ai. The ai is the worst thing I've ever seen I even got stuck for 5 minutes trying to get past 2 people who trapped me and I couldn't move them away yet I can do it every other damn time! Yet why cant I push the zombies, I go bump into them and apparently I have to pause and apologise but the people I'm saving GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY WAY, like Frank how about you push away the zombies instead!!!!!

Talking about Ai, I had 5 people die on me in my 1st run and for stupid reasons. 1st one was on the 1st day where you save these 2 dudes and you have to beat up 1 person and they will submit well he didn't! I kept trying and trying but he ended up dying by my own hands because he refused to let me talk him down which then caused his friend to spend 10 minutes crying over his friends dead body while I save other people in the same area, I was going to leave him there to die but he finally came. So 2nd death was just a random chick, apparently it hit a certain time and some girl died and no I didn't get a mission for them so I was just suppose to know at 9 oclock this girl needed saving while I'm actually trying to do the main mission which was expiring very soon. Okay then 3rd and 4th pretty much happened together. Escorting 4 people and 1 doing it's janky ai stuff thought hey you just saved me so I'll follow you but instead of using the open door right next to me let me go through this closed door… I had to go back and this was the only dude I gave a weapon too like cheers. So finally he got pushed and what happened BAM I shot him with a shotgun because he went in the way -_- Not even a minute later met up with the remaining 3 and BAM I shot another dude because I was frustrated and just wanted to see what would happen considering the others didn't die to me shooting them so why should he! He would've just ate through our supplies anyway I did everyone else a favour. The final one number 5 also died to a shotgun to the face. I accidently shot when I turned which happened to have the dude right next to me. So that was really my own fault but now I know, just never have a shotgun out on the next run through. I almost had a 6th where you had to stop a fire but it would not go out. Dude's health wasn't even there at that point just the smallest slither you have ever seen so thanks for that game!

The biggest pain I found though was just the pure grinding, sure the ai was pretty terrible and the controls were awkward but the grinding was annoying. I spent hours just grinding out ingame hours since there was 0 reason for me to leave a safe space when there was no one to help. This became a terrible thing in the final hours when I had to grind out 12 hours by that point all cases would've been closed if I didn't already finish it and was just waiting to get my final call at 10am which is still 10 hours away just to by surprise need 2 more hours to waste. It's not even just ingame hours though its the actual achievements. The 7 day mode doesn't let you save so you need to grind for 14 hours and you can't even just leave it on overnight since you will die by hunger. Away from that it's the zombie genocider achievement which fair do have a high number but 53,594? I barely killed 13k in my 3 day mode, so while there is an easy way to do that, it's going to be over 2 hours of pure driving so guess you should do that during your waiting time between missions which considering there is a lot of trouble with getting all 50 survivors maybe you cant…

Okay so despite all the flaws it had the story surprisingly wasn't that bad. I actually enjoyed it. I honestly didn't know what to expect, I added these games to my wishlist like I have with others because they are well known and talked about games so when I won dead rising 2 I thought it was only right to give the 1st game a shot. So yeah, I straight up thought it was going to be a grind but it was enjoyable and I liked the fact of what they did with the zombies. Everything to do with zombies now has them running but these ones are so slow, they make up with that though with being in groups to overwhelm you. It's very easy to just avoid them if you don't want to deal with them but then of course the survivors think hey, we hid from them since we know we can't kill them. But now that we can lose our health LETS GO FIGHT! Next thing you know you're half way across the mall and they are hanging out with their zombie buddies getting a bite in. Think this is why they made a calling for the people so you can carry who ever's injured, tell them to stay while you go make sure the others aren't causing to much trouble

In the end if you know what you are getting into (especially with that end boss) and can handle the fact kids having a tantrum would be easier to guide around then these stupid survivors I think it should be given a go

Alice of Clovers - Twin Lovers

0 hours, no achievements
1 book


Oh this was so much better then the last dee and dum story. With the other one it was so over the top with the adult and kids forms and all their affection but with twin lovers it has an actual relationship feeling with the presents and such. Plus while there is a little fighting between the boys it's no longer a thing of who can get the most attention but actually shows some brotherly love which I thought was wonderful. In all the other stories you always have them threatening everyone including each other, however this one when one of them was in trouble, instead of using that to the other's advantage to spend time alone with Alice he instead helped his brother out. I would still like to know who is who though, while they look different in their adult form there is still nothing indicating who has the long hair and who has the short but with them both being together all the damn time you would never actually need to know who is who

Alice of Clovers - Nightmare

0 hours, no achievements
1 book


So nightmare is the dream demon who is also the lord of everything Clover. Apparently they thought hey lets get Alice with this sick freak. Look I don't have a problem with Nightmare, he's cool but as a partner not really. There is no real development in this story, one minute were told they are engaged and then they apparently aren't, only to be given mixed signals if she does like him or not. Even with nightmare in the previous stories there was no hints on the fact he would like her yet here we are with him trying to marry her! Then when they do get together it's so rushed and we still don't even get an actual reason to believe that Alice has any inkling of romantic feelings towards him but feeling bad about his damn illness. Plus the art is so out of place, it's not as polished as the others so they look oddly shaped and swap between being wide faced to almost looking skeletal. While I didn't dislike this story it was also one I very much never asked for or wanted. Hey at least it's short though, it's like half the book while the rest is filled with bonus stories for Alice and as typical with all the other books a preview of their other stories

Alice of Clovers - The Lizard Aide

0 hours, no achievements
1 book


So this is the book for Gray aka nightmares 2nd hand and another book with that same artist for nightmare. It has a weird story and I was going to put odd art but it seemed to improve a lot, still not the best but it's no longer blobs of black outlined people you can't tell apart. For the romance Nightmare made some slight sense but Gray? No way. We barely interacted with him in the other ones. Yet again were thrown in the middle of some random storyline of where Alice apparently works for the hatter family because she got traded to them and now stuck in the middle between the hatter and gray! At least it was more action then romance but still. While heart was focused on love it made total sense but with clover and the fact she stayed for friends and is in this random place nothing makes sense when it comes to the new characters. I know it's easy to say because the hearts had that common story I can see her with those guys but thats not it. Those stories actually showed a real love forming. It's the same with the twins, while I can admit from knowing them before I can see them together but I also see how badly written it was, you are just thrown in and made to understand that apparently they got together despite the fact she was just there for friends. If there were more books you could see it grow but with 1 book only for everything, both nightmare and lizard aide, while also having bonus stories, you never get to see an actual love form between them at all. Heck I saw more love forming between Alice and the queen in like 5 pages of the bonus story then I ever did from these books and they weren't even trying to get those 2 together!

The start of this week has been very rough and has only gotten worse as time went on. However I had one saving grace, Higurashi stories. I started it to stop myself stressing over pop and other things but as soon as I got into it I forgot that anything was bad. For just a couple of hours I could forget the troubles around me and just immerse my self into that world. Part of me regrets buying them since we could’ve done with the money but at the same time without them I wouldn’t have recovered as much as I have so far. Considering I had 3 days extra time for this report I feel like I barely did anything however most of my time went into dead rising and into other games I’m trying to make progress in but of course as a complete game report it feels very lackluster even if I know that’s not the truth

April 2019


Achievements: 36,632
Perfect Games: 190
Average %: 86
Completed this Month: 26


So this has been another great month with 26 games. It has given me a lot of new perspectives and a number of truly great and some truly terrifying games. I have also hit a high of 8 wins this month and if it weren’t for fellow touhou group member asteroid I wouldn’t of had any of those but 1 to play.

For the whole perspective thing it is for my bullet hell games. I still hate it and the fact the suguri games were broken it didn’t help but it was fun. When it came just to the bosses I enjoyed battling them 1 on 1 and trying out all the characters were great. I have such an appreciation for the 100% orange juice characters now that I know their backstory

So finally my top game of the month. It was a tough one with dream daddy being up there but it has to go to walking dead a new frontier. I hate but love this game and it has proven to be my favourite of the set. I would’ve loved a lot more Clem and it had so much faults for forcing a new family on me, but they did and they broke my heart. I spent that night afterwards still thinking about it and even to this day I still think back to what could’ve been. Heck just 1 day after it I felt like I was regretting my choices for days then I realised oh yeah it’s only been 24 hours…. Playing the final season clearly helped it stay in my heart since that is a terrible game but I feel even without it my opinion wouldn’t have changed. So here’s to the new frontier, everyone else hates you and thinks you shouldn’t even exist but I loved you!

Weekly Games #35


3.3 hours, 30 of 30 achievements
Challenge 5/5


This game is a weird experience. People would say that for it's art and its story, I say it because of the no talking. In every point and click I've done there is talking for the actual story, there is talking for looking at stuff and there is plenty of nagging at you to stop trying to put those 2 items together. Yet this game has none of that, you look at stuff and nothing, you hug people nothing, people are scared of you and we just get little pictures. All speaking in this game is done by the same picture that's on repeat. Plus the time system in the game is strange. The game will literally change on you depending on what time it is and to progress the time you just keep moving or you sleep, it's not really obvious what you got to do during all those times either. Half the stuff I did probably didn't even do anything but get me a hug for the achievement.

The game deserves the praise it get's because it really is an amazing and surreal experience. Don't know why that 9000 steps is a problem though, I got it like 4/5 (in terms of a guide) of the way in. Unless you are walking perfectly without 1 single misstep I don't see how you couldn't that

Bonus Report

Always Sometimes Monsters

26.9 hours, 10 of 10 achievements


Always Sometimes Monsters starts us of with picking our character and the love interest. From the get go we know we have to go to our love interest, who's now our ex, wedding. So a lot of this game is just getting the money up with side objects on the side to give you more of a story. I used a guide since it's a lot easier then working out what the hell I'm doing in this game. You only get a certain amount of time to complete your objectives and 1 wrong move, you lose the good ending. There are certain points where it's mainly luck or pure grinding, like during the boxing. It's all luck if you manage to get a good paying fight and then it's part luck if you can even win. I spent over around 2 hours grinding out that 1 scene since I had to be perfect.

Despite of it's grinding though this game is pretty good. I like the story and even though I barely knew anything about our love interest, seeing the past with them just made me go yep I do want to get them back for sure, especially since you pick both names for your characters so they hold an interest from the start

Black Swan

6.0 hours, no achievements
sg win


I don't really have the best things to say about this game. It's your typical hog with what sounded like a good story. However you get in and you barely see that story, it's all so very bland and then you get to the ending thinking it will resolve the question for it to just end. It was so anticlimactic and just left me wondering if they forgot you need a beginning middle and end since where the heck is it! Plus it crashed a bunch of times, mainly in that non-existent ending. So just imagine me finally getting to the end thinking oh is something going to happen, reloading a few times after it crashed with less then 1 minute to go then credits. I just walked down stairs and it was over… I probably did something else but honestly after remembering how bad it was last time I wasn't in the biggest mood to replay this game just to see how long the thing actually is, when I know I would still get the same ending and leaving me with the same unresolved questions. Oh and a lot of people have reported a game breaking bug near the end so doesn't that sound peachy

Oh I know I said before I was willing to go 2 days early or late but I thought long and hard about it and decided I’ll deal with this. I really just want the months to actually show what I played in the month instead of pushing them to next one just because I never reported it. Sure it means I have a short week this time then next report has extra days but it’s fine. Either way I’ll end up disliking it so may as well go with this way. In the end it’s still 1 report each week just different days.

Also I’m ashamed to admit I started playing fortnite. My brother brought the battle pass and it feels like a shame for him not to get his money worth and get everything. So I just started a few rounds to do the daily missions while he’s not here to help progress it along to tier 100. However then I found out the weekly challenges which sucked me in more. I feel like I needed a distraction and this game gave me a purpose of helping them out so naturally I took to it hard. Despite all my hate of it, it’s not that bad. I suck at the building so I’m like ignoring half the game and I’m more focused on trying to complete 1 challenge each game so I’m also not exploring much but whatever. It’s a time sinker for now, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop hating on it though. I may not mind it now but I still dislike everything about it and everything surrounding it

Since I barely played anything why not more text. Since there was a sale I finally brought the remaining higurashi games and I can not wait! This also included all 3 umineko games since why not add in the fighter as well since I saw it. Those add ons also gave me extra stuff to add to my abc challenge for both lists. I said no swaps I never said no adding on so I may as well add umineko into both lists for a bonus game done

Weekly Games #34

100% Orange Juice

802.2 hours, 152 of 152 achievements


I used to love this game and I was so happy to be gifted this. It has proven to be my longest running game and I've been playing it for almost 4 years now since the start of my steam life. The game was fun, the people were so nice and I came across some amazing people but it's no longer like that. No one really talks anymore but the people I do half the time are jerks. I never came across them before but now that's pretty much all I have. I stopped playing when I was forced to stop. There's barely any lobbies anymore and the ones that are open are filled with people who hate on my level. I'm over lvl 120 and people see that as a threat when it's not. I've apparently won 428 games online or total 500, doesn't give me online lost but total is 1002 and I have 1,329 online played. Plus 35 of those wins is from co-op event. It's horrible feeling like I cant play a game I enjoy because others hate on my damn pointless stats. Plus the countless times I've joined a lobby only for them to leave and I find them in another lobby. The only time I can seem to play a game now is if there's someone of a higher level in there with me.

So yeah that's why I started grinding out my achievements in single player to avoid everyone else. Took me forever to finish up the latest dlc because I had no motivation, I didn't even bother playing 10 games with the characters (unlocks hair) since I didn't want to spend ages looking for a lobby anymore. Having friends was always preferred but it wasn't bad not to, however now without friends its a toxic place that I want nothing to do with

Crimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn

0.5 hours, 9 of 9 achievements
Possible Spoiler but should be obvious for Yandere


So this is the sequel to crimson gray. This time we get put in the view of the girl. It was great seeing her side of things and it even showed in the choices. At 1 point you get to kill someone and there is like 20 KILL HER. Only 1 of them though is don't kill her and you only see that if you hover over it. While it's not a big feature when it showed up for the other time it just amazed me. It was great. Plus since you are in the perception of the girl you get to the see the original protag. He's not as expressive which is to be expected, but every now and then you will see his eyes reveal how broken he is. What it also did well was showing how she sees everyone. Like there's only 2 people but they go through changes. So they look normal to start with but as soon as they become a "threat" they just end up looking sexualized.

Only thing I'm disappointed with this game is the art. Well by art I mean the extras. They didn't change the people so you have the same character art from the old game and the girl is 2 extras in this so it's just weird. Considering this game is so much shorter I would've liked for at least an extra girl. I'm not even asking for them to not reuse their old art. I just want them to not make 1 girl be 2 parts.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

6.2 hours, 19 of 19 achievements
Challenge 4/5


Well this story was great. I've heard about how good it was before I even started but I still barely knew what to expect. Each dad was so different from each other, in looks and personality. Even Robert the one I disliked the most before I even considered playing this showed off a deep and vulnerable side to him that made me come around to him. In fact because of that side and the fact Joseph sucked he's no longer my least favourite

As well as the characters the story was great. I wasn't expecting it to be a thing a facebook type of thing where you message to pick the guy you want but I liked how it was. Each person had their own 2 mini events in between their stories which just filled us with more dad jokes, however they do tend to repeat after a while but it's good enough. I also liked the fact once you completed someone their character portrait changed colour in the menu to show which one's you've done and ones you are still yet to do.

The only thing I would've liked was the the text speed to change. It wasn't to much of a problem with this game but I like instant text so the fact I didn't even have the opinions disappointed me. The amount of time's I had to reload the auto saves would surprise you. I kept accidently clicking on the choices without even meaning to just because I was trying to speed my reading up. The skip also could've been better but because of the way they set the routes up, you don't really need to use the skip at all so that also didn't cause a big of a problem

In the end I loved this story and I was happy to know you could choose your own stuff. I personally went for our kid having 2 dads and being born but it was nice to know we could've had adopted her and given her a mother instead. It doesn't change much as far as I know but it's like creating our own dad. They can't do much with that stuff but it's nice to actually personalise our own character and story for once

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

6.7 hours, 30 of 30 achievements


So this is apparently the worst of the Clem games and considering I haven't heard anything about it just proves that. However like Michonne it means I get to experience how it's meant to be. Since even though I didn't know what was going to happen in episode 4 and 5 of season 2 I still knew that Clem would end up with a child and I knew what that ending choice was because it has videos on like Oh look how these youtubers react to this choice and watch them cry.

So straight up we don't play as Clem. Instead we play this dude Javier and follow his family. We do see what happened to Clem though in the past and it made me regret my last choice. Plus with the new art it looks weird when it tries to retell the past of why she's not with certain characters I picked Jane but it took ages for me to realise with her weird look that it was her! Oh and we're 2 more years into the future I believe considering it started off with the walkers happening then jump cut to 4 years later which would be 2 years from the ending… honestly we could do with a year to make more sense of these timelines. I understand they wanted to give us another new view but I also don't care about how Javier is now taking care of his nephew and niece. I also don't want to get invested in this new family since surprise surprise they were not brought up in final season so I already knew something was going to happen. Same with the kid. No idea where the kid was but he appears in final season so clearly he's safe so no need to worry there. Even if I played this before final season came out I still don't want to be invested in this random family when by this point everyone knows these games are all about Clementine not all these adults and other kids who are just waiting to be munched on.

Despite all that you can just start a new game with it. It lets you choose if you want a brand new story away from all your choices or follow the ending you had. Of course I kept with my storyline since I went through 2 games to get them! Frankly I don't get why you would want a brand new game if you do have your old data. I guess you might've regretted your choices that much but even if I hated the outcome I would still want to know if my actions influenced her or not. Plus with a brand new story I have no idea what they might've done, for all I know they could've gave her a worse history then I did.

Honestly I actually slightly love this game, but everything I said before is true. I hate the fact they forced this random family on me. It just feels cheap that instead of going into the real story of clem we get little flashbacks. Those flashbacks as well are just there to make us doubt the people we encounter which we wouldn't need to if we weren't this new family. I actually liked this family as well so when any death happened I was angry and felt bad. Which made me annoyed since I don't want to feel bad about someone else!

Overall this is a deal with it game. If you want the whole story then may as well but I think there's a reason this doesn't have season in its name. Even the original walking dead, while not having season in its name is called season 1. It's just pointless, this game is basically an excuse to shove a random family in our face and show slight hints of Clem's past instead of work around the fact they made season 2 have a lot of different endings. 1 scene explaining why she isn't with anyone is not a real conclusion!

For my ending read below:
So I decided to go with Kate to save Richmond. Because of my choices Clem followed me. Which now while reading the ending guides I kinda wish didn't happen. I was always going to follow Kate so if Clem had went for Gabe he would've been alive however because she followed Javi Gabe died. I disliked Gabe, he was a bratty kid who fought against everything and revealed stuff that should've been left alone. However I also hated the fact I saw him die. He's still a kid no matter how much I wanted to smack him one so I felt bad that because of my choices I led him to die twice. I could've saved him or Clem could've but no ultimately I led him to die no matter what. But hey thanks to me going for Jane in the last ending he got a kiss so all good right?

Kindred Spirits on the Roof

10 hours, no achievements


So this is my 5th time reading this I believe but the 1st time with the new full chorus dlc which gives you full voiced story apparently and extra cgs. I love this story which is why its in my featured games on my profile and the new cgs were great. I think because I have read this before that the new cgs were very obvious, it didn't have the right look to me and I was disappointed to have them not very spread out. The ones that were there were great but I would've preferred them so they weren't going from cg to the new cg. I of course would've preferred them all Hina pictures but whatever didn't need any more anyway. The main character sprites though are pretty great mainly the fact of the differences. Most characters end up the same height in other stories but this ,even though they are generally the same size for each year, they all have slight differences from each other to make them even more unique.

For the actual story I love with how they done it. Instead of just having text after text you choose your story by a calendar. So you spend each month going through the main story line then afterwards you get to choose what order to do the girls you're helping story. I just think it's a great way to do it and it give's us a proper timeline of it all, instead of it looking like everyone is getting with each other in a matter of days.

Plus 1 time I reread this I did it in it's actual order. After the main game you unlock bonus stories of everyone, stuff that you wouldn't know happened and others that tie into the main story. So I didn't delete my data meaning I could see each event as it happened instead of reading main then side then finally extras. I think it's a great way to replay the game since you know everything already so why not just see it all play out in order. It can be a bit repetitive since where Yuna is involved you will be reading the same scenarios but in different views, however I still got that feeling just reading it normally anyway, now I'm just cutting out the little gap inbetween

Anyway if you are into yuri you should definitely pick this up since it was worth every penny I spent on this, the manga, the dlc and the videos. It's even my wallpaper since the videos had extras in them

LEGO® DC Super-Villains

2.5 hours, 2 of 75 achievements
Challenge 3/5


Instead of talking about stuff which everyone should know by now with a lego game lets talk about the different. So first up is character creation. With other games you create a character with pieces from others and that's as far as it goes. In this game you have to create someone to play for the missions, since you aren't just playing as the typical villains. With that you can create pretty much whatever you want. But not only do you create what they look like but you can choose what powers they have, what they sound like, heck even what colour their hearts are. It's a massive creation that it took me 30 minutes to complete. With that though it was a bit buggy. You couldn't see what it would look like unless you changed it's colour. I went a lot of time clicking okay and it just never equipping which could just be what it is, but to me it feels like a bug that unless I click to change the colour it won't just equip.

Honestly I was disappointed to learn that we were just going to be playing as our created character. Of course you play as the other's since it need's to make up for whatever powers you don't have but I thought this was going to be solely on them. Plus the character you create gets stronger and stronger as you play through but it's not the same. I don't create characters since I wanted to play the originals. I want to play as joker, harley, scarecrow, lex luthor all those people I don't want to be running around as my blue skinned, eye patched, butterfly winged ninja! Sure my character is great but it's not dc!!!!

That's as far as I can go for whats new. My game is broken. It was buggy already but then I reached a game breaking bug in mission 2. I'm glad I got this in the fanatical mystery bundle but even then I think I spent to much on this game. I searched it up as well and I'm not the only one who cant progress in that 1 mission. They were willing to try restarting the game and stuff but I'm not for many reasons

1: So many bugs
2: Awkward driving
3: Custom character rubbish
4: I borderline hate dc
5: I wasn't really planning on playing a lego game so soon after the after

Frankly I would've settled with 100% this game in this week or at least in 2 weeks but nah not like this. The fact so many levels have bugs in them I'm not willing to spend over 1 hour trying 1 mission. I don't even know how many levels this game has but I'm not in the mood to do that. This is just so much longer then all the others I played. Lego incredibles came out and people claimed that was buggy mainly for its dlc but that doesn't stop the actually playing of the game!

I'm happy to say I got a refund for the season pass. Considering I was over 2 hours it could've been denied but thankfully it wasn't. I wouldn't have been happy if they screwed me over

Wow this week has showed me some great games while also finding the bad. It’s going to be hard to pick my top game of the month but I got a pretty good idea what it will end up being but all in all it’s what sticks in my mind and stuff like higurahi which I gave it joint with walking dead michonne proves that point. I still think about that game and how I cant wait to play the others. Even with Michonne I still think back to it slightly since it’s that which has made me decide to give the walking dead comics a go. However I mentioned Higurashi since that really has stood the test of time. It’s been like a month since I played it but it still has impacted me and that’s what I want from the others. The bigger the impact the better chance it has of being remembered and being my top game of the month

Weekly Games #33

Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler-

12.9 hours, no achievements
sg win - challenge 1/5


Machina is too confusing to put into words about it's story, I barely knew what was happening as I was playing it however one thing I do know is that is is very beautiful.

For the battles it took some time getting used to. Even though I didn't really struggle in this game it took me until the 1st boss before I started using everything. Before I realised how good the tp is and how you don't really need to hoard it. I also wasn't using the combos correctly not that I still really knew what was happening but it looked like it was dealing more damage then me repeating the best action all the time. Even though I knew better how to do the combat, the battles are generally not hard. Some things can pretty much 1 hit you but as long as you keep up with everything it doesn't take that long to take anything out. Since I was also able to pretty much kill everything myself with just 1 round of the characters I never bothered to use the over arts power since I just didn't see the point of that extra time. Same for the tension meter since it screwed me over for the other rounds, since no auto regen anything here. So in the end the biggest trouble was the bosses. They weren't even that hard, especially after I got my 3rd character, they were just grindy. They took forever to battle and I never thought at one point was oh I could fail! I could have to do this all over again. I would just spend ages on them thinking is over yet. I probably needed to grind it up and sort out better items but there isn't much ways to do that from the start. I got lost going around everywhere making sure to pick up the items and it barely helped me grind my lvl. Checking out a walkthrough of 1 guy I was above their level when they did the boss yet they did so much more damage in such a short amount of time for bits that weren't edited (if it was, I barely even watched) so I was clearly missing something there.

In the end I didn't mind this game. Granted I barely understood what was going on but it was interesting never the less and again was very beautiful. Plus I think anything after saints row gat out hell is amazing at this point

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

11.1 hours, 29 of 45 achievements


So growing up with saints row I was so happy to see gat out of hell was a thing. I never even knew it existed until I came across it on steam and it ruined the series for me. Gameplay wise its basically saints row 4 except gliding is replaced by actually flying. Since you don't play as the boss this time round but gat or kinzie they just assume the boss is a dude. Frankly I don't care since they were male from the 1st game but when you gave people the option to be female from game 2 it would've been nice to be like hey do you want the boss to be a female. But no its a forced male boss all because they want a husband for satans daughter!

So onto story thats what the game is. The boss gets kidnapped by satan to marry his daughter, so naturally Gat and Kinzie follow suit to save him. They join this dude Dane and other baddies like for example Blackbeard and the twins from saints row 3. To save the boss they decide lets cause trouble in hell since that will somehow get them into the wedding? Oh and its a musical! No joke. Satan breaks into a song about how the daughter Jezabel will marry the saint and then she sings about being trapped. Then we get to Gat singing about how he can only murder with Kinzie singing backup about honestly I cant even remember. I kinda just zoned it all out when her tune was sounding like a rip off song.

Here's another thing that annoys me. Kinzie is pretty much there to be a female. She barely does anything to the story but give a reason for how the boss was kidnapped and its always about gat. He's the one saving the boss, he's the one in all the activity cutscenes. He's the one with all the plans. She doesn't even get a cool look, she just looks like a slob with a slight hint of arcane power in her. Frankly you could take her out and it would still end up the same way. Gat will cause havoc in hell, calling the wrath of Satan, will end up killing him in the end and saving the boss and Jezabel.

Oh and if you level up to fast from doing natural things like activities and side missions, you know the usual stuff. The game will progress you. I think it's still safe to do everything but when I got a main story cutscene from completing a simple side quest it was like woah no! I haven't finished anything yet! You can easily just complete the game without doing missions though. It is very simple and in fact just by getting up the point where i had to gain the 4 allies I already did enough stuff in 2 areas to warrant the ending mission. Plus the activities are broken, I spent over 30 minutes on 1 survival activity because the bad guys weren't loading in. Saints row 4 had the whole do activities for missions thing but this game took it to a whole nother level by not putting main missions in except save everyone which is barely a mission just go to this area. Kill off up to 4 guards and revive…

One last point and its about the story again. While there is no missions away from collecting the powers you have 5 endings. Screw fighting Satan 5 times though once was enough of a pain for that bullet sponge. Plus the ending I did didn't even last a minute so even more screw that. However if you complete all the loyalty missions you get an ending scene showing what happened with the people you helped. It's not much but I'm glad its more obvious that doing the loyalty actually gave you something.

So that's all I'm going to give this game. I get they couldn't of gone anywhere else because of saints row 4 being in a world where the earth is destroyed but they shouldn't have even bothered with this. This could've been a good game but as soon as they made them sing all hope went out the window. The fact I could easily finish this in under 5 hours sucks. Heck you can probably do it under 3 if you just don't search to hard of collecting items.

If you are interested in the endings these are them:
So I just went for the 1st ending which showed Gat go to heaven to be with his dead gf. Another ending has Gat stay in hell to be the new king. Ending 3 has the remaining survivors finding a new home planet. Ending 4 has the Earth being brought back but reimagined. Final ending has Gat know all the worlds answers like making the perfect lobster bisque.
They are barely 30 seconds each and more stupider then the last. Not worth the time I spent 100% it and will have to go back to get the remaining achievements where I must spend at least 10 hours more to be in hell for 20 hours -_-

South Park™: The Stick of Truth™

9.3 hours, 46 of 50 achievements
Challenge 2/5


So I actually played this on my xbox ages ago and completed it as a jew and slightly played as a thief. That version I had though was censored so I was slightly surprised at the end of day 1 to see the scenes weren't. While you don't miss much it is disappointing to know its been censored

If you have seen any bit of south park you should know what the expect. A whole lot messed up events and plenty of fart/poop jokes. It also has plenty of references put through its game with each main kid having a wardrobe of items that represent them. I haven't watched every single episode, I've barely watched any compared to how many seasons there are but I've watched enough to appreciate how much effort was put into this game to make it feel like the tv show. It's not just any old game with a south park coating to try to make it self popular

After playing Machina the fights were great. I love the fact all my stats are filled up after each battle. The actual battle system is pretty easy to get, even if annoying on keyboard and mouse. It doesn't really tell you how to fart or anything which is very important in this game. Mashing a and d also takes forever and I had to reset my game over again when I was apparently not mashing them fast enough even though I was! Anyway play it with a controller if you can since it will save you a lot of trouble.

If you are a south park fan you should enjoy this. If you aren't a south park fan but appreciate dirty humor you should also enjoy this. Now onto the fractured but whole!

So at the start of this week I decided to clean out my wishlist. Someone I’ve been winning from lately ended up posting a delisted game which I wanted off. So I decided I’m done. I don’t want these games on my wishlist for them to just pop up randomly and taunt me. So I deleted everything, I had I think 1086 games I know it was between 80-90. Cleaning it out I found out I had 47 games that were delisted from steam, some with store pages, most with none. I searched for ages to figure it out but I found a script in the end that managed to delete them all. Of course that meant adding everything back but by that point I had checked every single game in that 1 day to see what ones I wanted to keep so now instead of 1086 games I only had wishlisted 357 in the end when I don’t count the dlc needing readding

As can be seen I also didn’t actually play much. I spent 2 days sorting out my wishlist so I took a break with those days. However then most of my time went into saints row which sucked out all my energy since it sucks, by then I decided to join challenge me so now most of my time was towards south park. It wouldn’t normally take so long to complete but I actually played with sound so I wasn’t spending hours on it in a row. Yet here I am with my abc challenge and I picked the longest stories I had which will be with sound… What was I thinking!

ABC Challenge No Achievements

Been seeing this pop up lately because of Amitte and of course I’ve seen plenty of users doing it anyway so I may as well do it myself since I also decided to take part in a challenge me. Considering I play a bunch of games I decided to go for 2, a set for achievements and a set for non-achievements.


Only 1: which is no swaps. I could easily save myself time by swapping round letters when I get challenged to play a game, but this is to help me decide what to play away from those challenges. Also avoided adding anything I was planning to play any way because of sequels and stuff like that


Since I dislike keeping screen shots unless it’s like an episodic choice type game I won’t be posting anything to prove it. So all this will just have to be trusted, I also won’t be playing certain stories with the steam version so to see my real time it will have to be through my normal reports

# Game Achievements Playtime
1 Alter Ego
0 minutes
2 BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
about 5 hours
3 Cho Dengeki Stryker
about 5 hours
4 Disney Universe
about 5 hours
5 eden*
about 4 hours
6 The Fruit of Grisaia
about 85 hours
7 Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme
about 58 hours
8 House of 1,000 Doors - Family Secrets
about 4 hours
9 Ignis Avis Venatio
0 minutes
10 The Journey Down: Chapter One Won on SteamGifts
about 5 hours
11 Kindred Spirits on the Roof
about 5 hours
12 Lost Civilization Won on SteamGifts
0 minutes
13 Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy Won on SteamGifts
0 minutes
14 Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~
about 29 hours
about 5 hours
16 Princess Evangile
about 34 hours
17 Rising Angels: Reborn
0 minutes
18 Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius
0 minutes
19 Treasure of a Blizzard
0 minutes
20 Voices from the Sea
0 minutes
21 Who Is Mike
0 minutes

ABC Challenge Achievements

Been seeing this pop up lately because of Amitte and of course I’ve seen plenty of users doing it anyway so I may as well do it myself since I also decided to take part in a challenge me. Considering I play a bunch of games I decided to go for 2, a set for achievements and a set for non-achievements.


Only 1: which is no swaps. I could easily save myself time by swapping round letters when I get challenged to play a game, but this is to help me decide what to play away from those challenges. Also avoided adding anything I was planning to play any way because of sequels and stuff like that

# Game Achievements Playtime
1 Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 50) about 3 hours
2 Backstage Pass
0% (0 of 20) about 6 hours
3 Castle of Illusion Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 12) 0 minutes
4 Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story
0% (0 of 13) about 15 hours
5 Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
0% (0 of 11) about 1 hour
6 Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
0% (0 of 17) about 4 hours
7 Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 51) about 5 hours
8 Hatoful Boyfriend
0% (0 of 16) about 5 hours
9 Journey of a Roach
0% (0 of 18) about 6 hours
10 Kelvin and the Infamous Machine Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 20) 0 minutes
11 Lynne
0% (0 of 1) 0 minutes
12 Marie's Room
0% (0 of 7) 0 minutes
13 Negligee
0% (0 of 17) about 7 hours
14 Orwell
0% (0 of 27) about 4 hours
15 Pink Rage Otome
0% (0 of 78) 0 minutes
16 Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 22) about 3 hours
17 Red String of Fate
0% (0 of 4) 0 minutes
18 Seduce Me the Otome
0% (0 of 25) about 7 hours
19 Tokyo Dark Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 44) 0 minutes
20 Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova
0% (0 of 10) about 4 hours
21 World's Dawn
0% (0 of 30) about 5 hours
22 XOXO Droplets
0% (0 of 36) 0 minutes
23 Yandere School
0% (0 of 13) 0 minutes
24 天使帝國四《Empire of Angels IV》
0% (0 of 35) about 8 hours

Weekly Games #32

Animal Lover

5.8 hours, 24 of 24 achievements
sg win


I didn't actually know what to expect from this and its not what I thought. Just like my past stories its so so. I didn't mind the story in general but I disliked the guys especially Charlie. I've never read a story before where all the people I didn't care for. If I was going to go for one I slightly liked was the 1st guy Edmund. If anything I can give them the fact that I'm not used to those types of men at least. I would say give this a look at and see if it might be your thing but since I disliked the guys so much and the story doesn't make up for that I can't say I personally recommend this. Oh and there is no gallery, even games with 4 pictures all pretty much the same has a gallery…

Crimson Gray

1.4 hours, 10 of 10 achievements
sg win


Well this was new. I've never read a yandere story before but I have watched videos on them and its not been like this. With those they actually just aim to kill off your character but this was an actual romance story. Everything she did you could tell it was coming from love and not just for the sake of killing and stuff. You also get a little insight into the depressed side of the main character. Honestly I wasn't expecting school kids. I didn't look into this game super deeply to notice its based on a school just from the look of the girl she looks like an adult so it didn't click with me but it didn't stop me from carrying on. It just helped to make sense of how she could love the character since as is typical kids are more likely to think they love someone straight away. Its an alright story


20.0 hours, 14 of 14 achievements
sg win


This game is so hard! I couldn't even get past lvl 1 on EASY if it wasn't for a cheat that stops all damage I wouldn't of been able to do this. I don't care that I didn't play it properly, I've always said I'm only doing it for the story to know more about the 100% orange juice universe and I did and I loved it. While for Saki I was wondering what the heck she was the doing the rest of the cast actually used weapons that fit their card form. It's honestly not actually the story I was expecting but I was happy with it anyway since it was short with the cheat. Did take a while grinding out the achievements since they are a bit temperamental but I got them to unlock gradually. However from what I'm getting from the threads they are very broken that some people cant unlock them at all so be careful achievement hunters. Just with 1 the heat over 150 for 3 levels made sure that happened each time. Took me playing it on every difficulty and it still didn't unlock then

Save your replays and watch them. Doing this helped me unlock some achievements that refused to unlock. This advice comes from a comment in the discussions and it really helped


9.7 hours, 34 of 34 achievements


Sora is the prequel to accel suguri 2 so I ended up playing this before that. This game follows the style of the original suguri with the idea of side scrolling, bosses at the end and weapons. One thing it didn't stick to was broken achievements they also didn't keep the konami code cheat for infinite health. I hate bullet hell type games. I just want the story! They also added a story mode meaning you don't have to play the thing all in one. Wait was that just me who did that or is there actually a checkpoint in the other games…. Well I uninstalled so I cant see now! This game also introduces an actual story line. The others did to but they were short and in the end you just kept fighting the bosses for some reason, plus this has a tutorial which actually explains what the heck I was doing before. Now I understand what I can dash and what I cant. Its still great in storyline and gameplay at least for me since these few are my first really. Its so nice, that its so sad to go back and 100% the other ones because I know I have to grind the same achievements over and over again before they unlock!

The Walking Dead: Season Two

7.1 hours, 40 of 40 achievements


I really enjoyed this game and again I enjoyed it more then season 1. I can just feel all those stabs into the voodoo dolls trying to figure out what I look like. It was just a new feeling, in the past 2 I played you were adults who both were physically able to defend their selves and others. In this though you don't. You just end up 2 years into the future taking control of an 11 year old kid. Sure you see how tough she got during that time but she's still not able to 1 hit most things or easily dislodge her weapons. So instead you rely more of being stealthy and using others weakness's against them. You do feel that sense of worry that at any point Clem will be in a dire situation and if during that she's stuck with a big weapon like a shotgun she won't be able to use it meaning she has to use her agility and wits to escape. Plus with this game you do feel the choices matter. You don't normally feel it since other games don't have sequels but the walking dead is. So while I didn't feel like season 1 choices mattered by the time it hit season 2 all those old choices come back to haunt you. I don't regret my choices before but there's certain points where you can talk about your past and you just realise you messed her up and I'll give you a spoiler you can see of one of my choices and how it came to this
So in season 1 episode 3 one of the people you are with will kill another, you end up with the choices to leave them or take them with you still. I choose to leave. Now bring it to season 2 episode 2 the same thing happens, a member kills someone trying to help, thinking they were dangerous and when I got asked about the situation Clem mentioned we left the person before. All I could think was damn you're basically saying to leave the poor dude who was just looking out for you. Even though it didn't amount to anything by saying that it was still something that could've came to haunt the choice I made

Anyway with all that said I'm done, I was happy to play this and I thought it was a great choice to put us in the shoes of a kid. The episodes were shorter though but it just means you aren't spending a lot of time looking around which this didn't really need. Plus in this game adults are completely useless, not even kidding you got to do everything for them. Surprised they don't also ask you to feed them

The Whispered World Special Edition

3.8 hours, 20 of 20 achievements


I didn't put much research into this game since its daedalic and I've just been collecting those games at this point but this was great. Plus the achievements work and thats the most I ask from them at this point. During the cutscenes I really just felt like I was watching a movie and none of that changed by the ending. I wont say much about the ending since it could spoil it but it was interesting and while short was good. Very happy this was picked for the challenge. The whole thing was a bit shorter then I expected considering looking at the time of this game it was meant to be my medium game but even with idle time trying to figure out what I'm doing it still only took under 8 hours. My time does not include the time to transform spot 500 times. Since it has no progress bar I have no idea how much I did it but its probably about half an hour to do all that, kinda lost track. Might be an hour who knows it grinding out a transformation for ages who cares

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition

8.3 hours, 16 of 18 achievements


This game has changed into boss battles. Before you would have the typical side scrolling but now you just battle against the same boss's from before with a time limit. There's also 2 story modes as well as extra characters to play. There is no longer weapons now, you just get whatever the character powers are. Oh and we didn't even mention the fact there's multiplayer in this game now. So all that's different but there is one thing the same. The broken achievements… again I've had to grind out the same achievements time and time again before they unlocked. However this game is easier since you just need to avoid the couple of things the boss is shooting, rather then every single spot being taken up. Doesn't stop certain ones like kae and nanako being a pain though but they have sweet stories so its all good

Save your replays and watch them. Doing this helped me unlock some achievements that refused to unlock. This advice comes from a comment in the discussions and it really helped

Acceleration of SUGURI 2

4.3 hours, 21 of 24 achievements
sg win


Oh they need to make up their damn minds. So apparently acceleration means boss fights. I thought it would be like sora and the original suguri and be a side scroller but nope just bosses. What I don't actually mind. It makes this game so much easier and quicker to go through. This game ends up taking all the characters from suguri and sora and putting it into one. Each character has their own story this time and you even get an extra people for insane stuff. Like complete arcade mode with 0 continues, if you do it with a sora character you unlock 2 people so better to do that. For the worst one you have to complete all story modes with no continues -_- or complete 1 with no continues and play 256 matches in arcade mode. I could barely do one campaign with no continues but since you have to complete it with a bunch anyway for a bmg track just got to go for it. When it comes to story mode you get a little bit of story, then 5 boss fights then we get another 2 boss fights with their own little story each. I guess when you have so many characters to do you cant give them all a little story each but eh boss rush mode isn't to bad. For the actual stories its just the same with the others. All of them are dealing with the war that is going on/happened and depending on who you have 2 sides of the story. So suguri characters are fighting against the bad guys in sora while sora characters are brought back to life to fight the good guys in suguri. Simple stuff we already went through a few times. It certainly is the better suguri of them all as you would expect from a newer cleaner version but it was fun. As you can read below I've really grown to appreciate all these characters and these types of games. I still hate them but anyone who can survive these games especially on hard and take no damage is godlike in my book

Alice of Clover - Bloody Twins

0 hours, no achievements
1 book


This was just weird but great. With the romance of the twins comes their adult side. Every now and then it swaps the twins between a child and adult body. However they keep their personality so they end up very childish. Plus in their adult form you can tell the difference them both since one has longer hair, not that you really know who's who still. I've read stories before with twin lovers but nothing has gotten as crazy as this. Oh and it actually explains the whole moving situation. It's no longer just like yeah the hatters mansion, it moved to a whole separate land.

With this story we also get a bonus. A mini story of Alice crushing on Mary-Gowland… I didn't really know what to think when that happened. It's just not something I ever imagined, everyone else I get but him I don't. You never get any hints that something could happen and you barely even see him at all during all the other hearts books since thats where this takes place. At least I think so even in Clover he shouldn't really be a thing! So why did I need to see his own story, even if only a couple of pages. Not only that but a bunch of others have a mini story each just why? I did like the queen of hearts mini story though, pretty sure she has a girl crush. Why is there is no queen of hearts romance!!!!


0.7 hours, no achievements
sg win


This is the sequel to little kite. It puts us in the shoes of the abusive husband 3 years in the future. During this time he has become a broken man. It gives us a good look into how things change and since this is a story about making up for his sin it also shows us people who were bad can change as well. He may never be able to make up for all the abuse he put his wife through but the fact he can help and save someone else shows he has some redemption in him.

Well damn this is a lot of games this week. Almost decided to do crimson gray 2 yesterday as well but guess that can go next week. Plus with all the suguri games I’ve been playing I’ve grown to appreciate the type they are. Even though its just because of the cheats its been fun even if very frustrating that I’ve replayed the same thing over 100 times (get a picture when you reach 100) trying to get the achievements to unlock. Plus I also appreciate the characters more. You don’t get much in the original suguri but when it reaches the accel games you get an actual story with the characters and they are nice. I totally understand why sora and suguri are basically emotionless people since they just lived sad lives. In fact everyone is sad and dead…. 100% orange juice got very dark. Now I understand why Alte blows herself up because she’s dead!!!! She made her husband a widow. I’ll never look at 100% orange juice the same way again. That game is evil! I was just putting dead the whole time when I got ko’d but I was right… I was always right. Since its character lore I don’t really see this as spoilers but some people might if they never had any inkling of the characters before 100% orange juice and believe everyone is happy. We have someone who blows them self up and someone who has no arms (rereading this sounds bad but i cant think of how to reword it right now but just looking at the girl you can tell she’s emotionless at this point), I don’t think they were happy. Plus starBREAKER will destroy the world so tell me people if you always thought those characters were happy

Mini Report/Review

A Story About My Uncle

7.9 hours, 15 of 15 achievements
Sg Win


Since I don't normally go for 1st person platformers or platformer games in general I don't really have anything to compare this to. The story sends you off into this world your uncle found as you try to find him meeting weird frog like people across the way. Story wise I didn't mind it but it certainly isn't the best and achievement wise is a pain. You can finish this game and get 0 achievements. The achievements are mainly based on completing each part in a certain time and number of swings so be prepared to rinse and repeat. The other ones are for checking out every single story item and collectables. This normally means you have to go out of your way doing crazy timing swings to reach your objective and most likely fail a lot. Without a guide or some crazy searching your unlikely to find out where they all are and in the end all you get is some extras. Like you can do flips… or scream like a goat. None of the extras really help just there to annoy you but it was interesting turning everything to gold for a minute

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

6.3 hours, 19 of 19 achievements


I don't really know what to say about this. It's about this girl and a fox who travel through so much danger all in the end to stop a snow giant from breaking ice. Now it's been a while but thats basically my idea of explaining what that thing was. I know it had a name but eh. It's not a very challenging game but along the way you need to collect stuff which unlocks videos explaining the history of the people this is based on. Honestly I wasn't really interested but if you are I'm sure its a great story. While the gameplay and story was okay I hated the dlc. You need the dlc for achievements and it puts you right into water. I hate water in any game even if I know it's safe. I just have this inner dread going OH GOD SOMETHING IS GOING TO KILL YOU AND YOU WONT SEE IT COMING! The dlc actually had harder puzzles for me as well that I needed a walkthrough since I had absolutely no idea what I did especially when I broke the game.

Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ

10.6 hours, 34 of 34 achievements
Sg win


My first puzzle game and my favourite. While the menu zombies is a pain to grind out you get 2 options for puzzles. You can play it normally or you can play it while fighting zombies which I didn't do since screw that. I loved how easy it was. I could just spam the ghost button and place the pieces where it showed. I know it was cheating my experience but hey it was fun

Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime

30.5 hours, 27 of 27 achievements
Indiegala win


So far I have not spent a single penny on these puzzles not even my dlc for ultimate. I did not like this game. It was to hard. I spent 9 hours on the last puzzle! I really looked forward to the anime pictures but instead got stuck with annoying puzzle mechanics. In this version the pieces rotate… plus there's no ghost image you can spam so I couldn't even use that to help with the fact I needed to rotate them. To help you though you can do the ghost image for a few seconds. Make your piece rotate to its right rotation and show where the piece goes. To unlock them you either need to idle it out until your bar fills or you keep placing pieces. I wanted to enjoy it like the other one even if I couldn't have spammed the picture but because of the rotation I just couldn't even like it a bit

Sakura Clicker

14.0 hours, no achievements


Your typical clicker but with sakura style characters. You can buy dlc to accessorize your character though


11.1 hours, no achievements


Time for my own review on Undertale. I already talked a bit about it with others but I just didn't really enjoy this as much as I could've. I never had any troubles with it but I'm just not the best person when it comes to humor in the first place so this whole game just goes over my head. However when I watched my youtuber play it I enjoyed it very much. Frankly its kinda a blessing I don't love this game as much as others do since it spared me from the demon that is sans!

So normally I do this 2 games at a time when I find a few games I’m not interested in playing again but there’s a few I’m not interested in enough to play but also cant/dont want to delete forever so I thought I may as well get them all done in 1. I did end up deleting 1 though and decided to replay slime rancher since they did add extras when I finished