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Alone in the Dark
Anna’s Quest
BioShock Remastered
Blood and Bacon
The Crow’s Eye
Fluffy Horde
Fran Bow
Freedom Fall
FTL: Faster Than Light Advanced Edition
Haimrik gift
Hatred gift
Immortal Redneck
IS Defense
Juanito Arcade Mayhem
Killing Floor 2
Lara Croft Go
Life is Strange: Before the Storm
Metal Slug
Navalny 20!8: The Rise of Evil
Plug & Play
Resident Evil 2
Rocket of Whispers: Prologue free on Steam
Samorost 2
Sleeping Dogs
Styx: Master of Shadows
Sundered: Eldritch Edition
The Walking Vegetables
Wuppo gift
Yakuza 0

Origin Access

Dead Space 3
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
Titanfall 2
A Way Out Great co-op game, had fun playing it through with friend. Can recommend getting Access for month because of this.
Fe (seemed fine, only tested it, felt like one gimmick game)
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
RiME (just tested, game was stuttering)
Unravel (didn’t play through, looked pretty swell, but Origin doesn’t have controller support like Steam and game started rippling and lagging which is certain issue with Xbox One pads)
Virginia This was quite nice in the end, enjoyed it.

Black Mirror I
Black Mirror II
Black Mirror III
Blacksea Odyssey
Broken Sword 2 - the Smoking Mirror: Remastered
Dead Island
Lethe - Episode One
Life Goes On: Done to Death
Reigns: Her Majesty
Rise of the Triad (2013)
Soul Axiom
Star Wars Dark Forces
Super Duper Party Pooper
Super Samurai Rampage
What’s under your blanket 2 !?
The Whispered World: Special Edition

Aliens vs. Predator
Bionic Commando: Rearmed
Bohemian Killing
Broken Sword 1 - Shadow of the Templars: Director’s Cut
Dreamfall Chapters
Dreamfall: Longest Journey
Exodus from the Earth
Gorky 17 gift
House of Velez part 1
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II
Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up or Slip Out
The Longest Journey
Neon Chrome
The Norwood Suite
The Overdreamer
Rock of Ages 2 gift
Sacred Citadel
Serial Cleaner
Shadow Blade: Reload
Shadowgrounds: Survivor
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Tidal Affair: Before the Storm
Until I Have You

Black the Fall
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Cannon Fodder 3
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD
Cold Fear
Condemned: Criminal Origins
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)
Halo: Spartan Assault
Karma. Incarnation 1
Legend of Grimrock II
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death
Mr Shifty
Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER
Rogue Warrior
A Room Beyond
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather
The Bridge Gift
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
Cuphead Gift
Dishonored 2
Hollow Knight SG Win
Nex Machina
Putrefaction 2: Rumble in the Hometown
Rampage Knights
Seasons after Fall
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Gold Edition
The Way
Zombie Vikings

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
CAYNE (This is free at Steam, kind of sequel to STASIS)
D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh
Drakensang: The River of Time + Drakensang 2 - Phileasson’s Secret
Escape Dead Island
Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut
Quantum Break
The Red Solstice
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
Section 8: Prejudice
The Shrouded Isle
Velvet Assassin

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Armed and Dangerous
Armed with Wings: Rearmed
Assault Android Cactus
Bulb Boy
The Cat Lady
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
The Deadly Tower of Monsters
Dishonored Definitive Edition
The Evil Within + DLCs
The Fall
Hector: Badge of Carnage - Full Series
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice SG win
How to Survive 2
Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One SG win - Revisited since finished product and out of Early Access.
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Master Reboot
Mighty No. 9
Putrefaction 2: Void Walker
Saints Row: The Third
Scanner Sombre
Shank (SP +Co-op campaign)
Shank 2

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas (Uplay) SG freebie

The Banner Saga 2
Costume Quest 2
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark
Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series
Reflecting Fate