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Just sharing how my backlog adventure is progressing! Not much more to tell, but please make yourself at home…

Another month, another update! ABC Challenge: 5/27 Beaten

Well, seems like I actually did fight against my backlog this month. I finished an amazingly small total of 11 games!
And then I realize I bought 3 bundles last week. :( send help I’m addicted.

Either way, 11 games are 11 games, so here is the regular table:
Oh yeah, and some reviews down below.

Game Time Played Status(+ Achievements) Should you play this?
12 is Better than 6 9 Hours Beaten (35/46) Definitely!
Another World 2 Hours Completed (13/13) Ehh…
Bell Ringer 3 Hours Beaten (1/15) Please Don’t!
A Bird Story 5 Hours Completed (1/1) Yes!
Evoland 2 Hours Beaten (16/29) Yes!
Make it Indie! 7 Minutes Completed (9/9) Please Don’t!
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 14 Hours Beaten (28/74) Yes!
Portal 2 Hours Beaten (5/15) Definitely!
Vanguard Princess 2 Hours Beaten (0/0) Yes!
Westerado: Double Barreled 7 Hours Beaten (33/79) Definitely!
You Have 10 Seconds 2 41 Minutes Completed (0/0) Yes!

The Monthly Small Reviews (Warning: Probably not good!)

12 is Better Than 6

I can only recommend this one. Hotline Miami mixed with some sort of Cowboy/Mexican/Indian storyline? Count me in! This game is kinda difficult and has a pretty good story line, so playing this is worth it.

Another World

Well, this is kinda a mixed bag. The game is pretty good, but considering it's already damn old and really buggy, I don't know if I can recommend it, It's a remaster, with (as far as I know) only some upgraded graphics but the same story, so if you already played the original one, it might not be worth it. The game was not very clear on how to progress further, but I guess this is from it being old. What wasn't really excusable, was the fact that this game crashes way too much. I'm pretty sure it crashed at least 8 times and this became very annoying very quickly.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

This is a great game, but it got kind of boring at the end. Story was okay, and I could follow it pretty easily, even though I never watched anything LOTR related (I know I know, please don't kill me D:) At the end I just rushed the story missions, but I still think it was a lot of fun to play.

Westerado: Double Barreled

This was my "Well this Game is Surprisingly Good!" of the month. I played it a bit before, but gave up long before finishing it. After starting it again, I'm sure I beat it in one session. It was so fun to play! I never played something like it before, a pixelated 2D Western Shooter, and it was great. Gunplay felt good, story was interesting and it took just long enough to keep me engaged. If anything, I definitely recommend this one the most.

Well that wraps things up, if anyone is still reading, I hope it gave some motivation to also beat your backlog! I hope I will have the time to play some stuff next month too, and see you in the next update!

~~A Flashing Return!~~

After months, I’ve finally returned! Ready to fight my backlog yet again! Everyone remembers how…
Wait… No one remembers me?

That doesn’t matter! I will just make people remember me!
Well… they probably won’t remember either way :(

Anyways I’m back! If you do actually remember me, good job, that’s what I least expected.
Truth is, I’ve been slacking off, like… 10 months of update slacking off. (whoops)
In these 10 months, I’ve bought more games and played even less than before hehe and my backlog started to become too big, so that’s why I’m back! I’m excited to start playing some games again and finally get rid of that pesky backlog.

I did finish some games, so here is the obligatory update:

Game Time Played Status(+ Achievements) Should you play this?
Doki Doki Literature Club! 11 Hours Beaten (0/0) Definitely!
Boomtown! Deluxe 66 Minutes Beaten (15/25) Nope!
Westerado: Double Barreled 7 Hours Beaten (33/79) Yes!
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 11 Hours Beaten (17/29) Definitely!
Sonic CD 113 Minutes Beaten (6/12) Yes!
Dungeon of the Endless 19 Hours Beaten (9/33) It Depends! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hordelicious 45 Minutes Unfinished (5/10) Probably not!
Fire Emblem 15 40 Hours Unfinished (Final Battle) Yes!

As I said, not that much and way too few for 10 months. Don’t have any plans yet for my next month, but I will definitely finish some games!

Small update

My first update since I started here. Hi everyone o/
I haven’t played much but I did finish some games.

Highlight of My Month

DEADBOLT was definitely the highlight of my last month of gaming. It was fast, hard (might be because I’m a bit stubborn >_<) and a lot of fun. The story had its fun twists too, and overall the game is worth playing in my opinion.

Game Time played Status(+ Achievements)
Voxelized 2 Hours Completed (1/1)
Pony Island 3 Hours Completed (20/20)
DEADBOLT 6 Hours Beaten (12/24)
Refunct 25 Minutes Completed (4/4)
Pixel Piracy 22 Hours Beaten(22/30)
Fire Emblem 7 8 Hours Still Playing (0/0)


I’m quite happy how my post turned out to be, but it doesn’t look as good as the others on here! I still have to learn this whole Markdown thing. Hope to see you around next update! ^_^