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Favorite game genres: Horror, Story Rich, RPG, First-Person, Walking Simulator, Stealth, Visual Novel, Point & Click, Casual.

Noirvember candidates

Face Noir

2.0 hours, no achievements

Murdered: Soul Suspect

2.5 hours, 0 of 48 achievements

The Franz Kafka Videogame

2.5 hours, 0 of 12 achievements

100% done with Corpse Party

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

31.8 hours, 38 of 38 achievements

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient

6.0 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

She Sees Red

She Sees Red

3.0 hours, 15 of 15 achievements


A VN, but with movie scenes instead of text, sprites, and CGs. There’s a True End and several Bad Ends.


  • Short! Perfect for one evening/sleepless night.
  • Badass female protagonist.
  • Plenty of action (and stealth!) scenes.
  • Revenge!


  • The story is not particularly mind-blowing or ground-breaking.
  • Violence.

Yes, to everyone who likes interactive fiction and action films.

Hashihime of the Old Book Town and Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Hashihime of the Old Book Town

53.9 hours, 23 of 23 achievements

I’ve played read Hashihime for over 50 hours and ended up not liking it! Mostly because it contains many tropes I find annoying. Like, All Just a Dream, more or less. Really? Laughing&crying emote. Literary references, dreams/hallucinations, OR IS IT, видения/привидения, dead/not dead, time travel, multiple timelines, BOOKS, MOVIES, have I mentioned FICTION, boundaries between reality and fiction blur, coffee, sitting in cafes, IMAGINATION spongebob.gif, melancholy rain, books, fiction, writing. Literary & cinematic references. Yawn. MEEEH. I know this sounds weird, but these are my personal hangups. Lots of players (will) love this game. /vent

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

31.8 hours, 37 of 38 achievements

Fits the October: SCREAM theme.

(I hope the Finality achievement will be fixed in the nearest future.)

Corpse Party the First ( is good. Everything else in the franchise (so far) feels like fanfic of varying levels of crappiness. Blood Drive, in particular, in terms of writing and ending reminded me of Mass Effect 3, which is NOT a compliment. The old villain becomes irrelevant, more and more characters are added while old and interesting ones are sidelined, the final boss is introduced only to be defeated in the same fight. Well, whatever. Yoshiki is still the best.

Playing Now

Both games are taking longer than expected. Which is good because more entertainment. Or bad because it means I’m a terrible player :)

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

20.2 hours, 16 of 38 achievements

Hashihime of the Old Book Town

40.5 hours, 15 of 23 achievements

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

I’ve played this game before, but now I’ve finally 100%-ed it! If you plan to play it, make sure to find all the notes because they’re crucial for understanding what is going on.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™

~150 hours later, I’m finally done!


Complete many, many, MANY side quests (kill X of Y, collect A of B) and “tasks” involving lots of quest-related busywork, similar to Ubisoft games (icons on a map) and Dragon Age: Inquisition (hiking simulator while collecting rocks and picking flowers). The Dead Kel DLC, in particular, is in parts very similar to DAI (castle upgrades, sending characters on missions), even though DAI came out later.
Enjoy pretty fairytale-style environments.
Mix and match three skill trees with numerous character build possibilities. Respec at any time for a in-game-currency fee.
Craft OP equipment and weapons!
Zone out and relax while running around huge maps and killing the same enemies repeatedly.
Feel free to completely ignore the overwrought and at the same time generic story full of fantasy epicness.

Bottom line: I’m glad I completed it, but I’m also happy it’s over.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™

Bought four years ago, never played beyond the tutorial. Until now. Stars seem to have aligned for this game: I’ve been playing it for the last several days. See you in a month or so.




36.3 hours
39 of 60 achievements

Another HL2 tribute, open world-ish edition, with a Fallout and Mad Max flavor


  • Works reasonably well on a potato once the right settings are found;
  • Save anywhere!
  • Five difficulty levels, from Easy to Ultra Nightmare;
  • Racing is fun and normally I hate racing;
  • Item descriptions are worth reading;
  • Wingsticks are the best weapon;
  • Play as The Engineer and craft all the bots and turrets.


  • Everything in the game—the setting, the crafting, the upgrades, the quests, even the plot (such as it is)—feel either very familiar, so the player feels right at home, or generic and unremarkable, so the player feels like they’ve seen it all before;
  • The player character is a typical mute badass video game protagonist with exactly zero personality which is either boring and weird, or very good for self-insertion, I guess.


  • Recycled areas: many of them are visited twice, most notably the Dead City (there’s even an achievement!);
  • Console port, so using menus w/o a controller is a pain and the recognizable I-only-have-four-buttons diamond-shaped menu for weapons/items is there, no matter if you use a controller or not.

Recommended to FPS and racing/driving fans who don’t need a(n original) plot to enjoy shooting and racing/driving.

Why is it called RAGE, though?


Found another barely played FPS! Abandoned years ago due to shooter burnout. Let’s see how it fares now.

UPD: I also got the Scorchers DLC to fit the Deal with the DLC monthly theme.