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The backlog is alive again

In my previous post, I declared that the backlog is dead. And now, I can declare Long live the Backlog!

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes

5.1 hours
3 of 40 achievements

I bought this when I didn't have anything to play. It was ok but it didn't really grab me. I guess it's another case of "not really in the mood for it now." I thought of asking for a refund but I had already played a few minutes after the 2-hour mark so I just continued playing it. I stopped at some point because of Elite Dangerous (below). I didn't dislike this so I'll definitely get back to it the later. I just don't know when. And I'll probably have to start a new game. Not really an issue since I hadn't gotten far.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

113.6 hours
no achievements

After playing Subnautica, I wanted to play another chill exploration game. I found this. I bought this almost a month ago when it went on sale. I haven't played any of those truck simulator games but from what I've read, this is similar to those. Well, the cargo hauler/data courier part at least. In space, with spaceships instead of trucks. And with combat, mining and exploration.

The only reason I'm making another post here is because the servers are down for an update and won't be online until tomorrow. I've seen others having thousands of hours in this game. If it keeps me interested for that long, I probably won't feel too bad about not being able to run some new games *cough* Control *cough* because of my potato-ing CPU. (T_T)

The Backlog is Dead

I’d add “long live the backlog,” but I haven’t bought a new game yet. :p


Subnautica (Epic launcher)

Hours played: around 30-ish? Not sure.
no achievements

I didn't feel like playing anything for the past several weeks. I tried some of my games on other platforms (Origin, GOG, Epic) in between Netflix binge watching sessions but none of those could hold my attention for more than an hour at most… until I tried Subnautica.

It's a survival/exploration/crafting game. I'm not really a fan of the survival aspect (or the survival genre, for that matter) but I liked the exploration. It was fun to just swim around, and scan fish and other stuff. Crafting was fine but searching for blueprints became a pain in the ass around mid-game. You get those blueprints from wrecks. There's no in-game marker that indicates if you've already visited a certain wreck so I ended up repeatedly visiting some wrecks I've already explored.

The game has 4 modes. Each mode uses a different slot, meaning that you can play the different modes at the same time but you can't play one mode and switch to a different one using the same slot mid-game.

  1. Survival - I think this is the "normal" mode. Here, you have to manage hunger, thirst and oxygen. I tried this first but it didn't take long before I became frustrated. I don't think I've enjoyed any game with hunger/thirst mechanics. I find managing hunger/thirst tedious.
  2. Freedom - Same as survival, but you don't have to worry about hunger/thirst. I played this mode the longest, but I wasn't able to finish it. I got tired of having to go back and forth when gathering materials because of the limited inventory size, and having to search for blueprints.
  3. Creative - It's basically cheat mode. You can't die, you don't have to worry about oxygen, hunger and thirst, all blueprints are unlocked and you don't need to gather materials to build stuff. I finished the story on this mode. It took me around 4 hours, including the time spent just swimming around and building my base.
  4. Hardcore - Same as survival but if you die it's game over instead of respawning at one of your bases.

I'm now fine with using Epic launcher. I hated it when I first tried it because I had a slow internet connection and I couldn't pause and resume my download. I don't know if they already fixed it but after switching to a fiber optic connection, I no longer find it necessary for most games. The Epic launcher is still objectively inferior compared to the other available launchers/downloaders (Uplay is a lot better) but it works.



22 hours
32 of 43 achievements

I've had this game as early as January but I didn't play it until last week. I already had it downloaded back in February then my old hard drive died. I didn't feel like downloading it again on my slow ass internet connection. By the time I switched to a fiber optic connection, I wasn't in the mood to play it.

I was able to beat the original RE2 on Playstation only once, and it was a long, long time ago, so I don't remember much from it. I enjoyed the remake. Nice graphics, sound, atmosphere. The controls are also good. I thought I'd need to use my controller, but I tried playing with mouse + keyboard, and it was perfect so I stuck with it. I'm not sure if the zombies are faster than the original, but they seem to be more bullet spongey. And I miss the dodge. I don't remember if it was in the original RE2, but it was in RE3. Several times when playing the RE2 remake, I was reflexively mashing the WASD keys upon being grabbed by zombies, then I remembered oh, that move's not in this game. XD

I did my first run (Leon, easiest difficulty) without using cheats, then continued the 2nd run with Claire. At a certain point, Tyrant appeared and the hide and seek became tedious so I bought the unlock everything DLC. I thought I could just copy a 100% save file and unlock everything without spending, but I couldn't find a file that works (I tried 4 different files). I saved myself the hassle and just bought the DLC since I had some extra Steam wallet money and it was cheap enough. I might try unlocking the rest of the stuff without cheating later, if I ever feel masochistic. For now, I'll have fun with my infinite rocket launcher.

I lost my templates after I KonMari’d my previous posts and my old HDD died. Couldn’t be bothered to relearn how to use those fancy html templates so I made do with plain text.

Secret World Legends (Beaten)
I’ve already finished most of the missions, including South Africa, so I think I can classify this as beaten. I really liked the atmosphere. I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if it had been an offline single-player RPG. It probably would have been significantly less grindy (endgame), would not have basic features locked behind paywalls, and there wouldn’t have been issues with lag or maintenance downtime. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. I wanted to play something with a modern/contemporary horror-ish/supernatural setting, like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. This was the only one I’ve found.

Sunset Overdrive (Dropped)
It seemed similar to Saints Row 3 or 4 so I bought it during the sale. Still not hooked after playing for 8 hours. Maybe the gameplay wasn’t my cup of tea. Also didn’t find it funny. I mean, there were some scenes that were probably supposed to be funny but my reaction was mostly “meh.” Might get into the mood for it later. Uninstalled it for now.

The Park (Added)
The only reason I bought this was because it’s related to The Secret World (now Secret World Legends).