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Half-Life 2

Mass Effect™: Andromeda

77 hours
29 of 55 achievements

I went in without knowing anything about the game, aside from those hilariously bad animations at launch (which had already been fixed). I enjoyed it. Combat is definitely better than in the previous games, and I actually liked Ryder more than Shepard (blasphemy!). Surprisingly, aside from the amount planet-hopping necessary for many missions and the corresponding unskippable take off and landing cutscenes, I didn't find a lot to complain about. Some of the annoyances were easily fixed by mods.

I also liked that they removed the paragon/renegade choices. No more being forced to stick to blue or red so you won't be locked out of dialogue options later. No complaints about the voice acting for Sara Ryder. Unlike in the previous ME games, I don't remember encountering any cringe-inducing delivery of lines here. Although they fixed most of the facial animations, they're still not perfect. But that's ok because it's also like that in the previous games. That's what a helmet is for. I just focused on the subtitles for scenes where you can't wear a helmet so I wouldn't have to watch some of the remaining weird animations.

I'm starting to question my taste in games. Fallout 4 is my favorite Fallout game. Now, MEA is my favorite Mass Effect game. Those are generally considered to be the weakest in their respective series. :p

It sucks that they did not release story DLC for this, and it's unlikely that they will make a sequel. :(

Half-Life 2

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

1.0 hours
2 of 30 achievements

Got this as a gift. I only played the first case but stopped when I played MEA. I intend to continue playing it later. I read that it's a good detective game (but a terrible trial sim from what I played). As for first impressions, the less you know about how a criminal trial actually works in real life, the better, as explained in this video. XD

Half-Life 2

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

11.9 hours
25 of 25 achievements

The only Sherlock game I played before this was Crimes and Punishments. I thought CaP was better because it didn't have those unnecessary and annoying action and QTE sequences. Also, they changed the voices and looks of the characters. Until the end, I couldn't get used to the new voices and faces. I think I liked the ones in CaP more. Solving cases is similar to CaP. You gather evidence and form conclusions. Aside from that crap last chapter (involving an annoying kid), the game is good for the most part.

UPlay (or whatever it’s called now)

Watch Dogs Legion (beaten)

I played this before MEA. I guess that’s why I didn’t mind the whole AI in my character’s head and scan everything you come across thing in MEA. I even changed the key bindings in MEA to make it similar to the bindings I used in WDL.

Missions usually involve infiltrating enemy territory to steal or delete data/rescue someone/steal a vehicle. You can use stealth or go in with guns blazing. Stealth is easier, especially after you unlock upgrades. You can literally play as anyone. Scan a random NPC, do the recruitment mission, and you have a new operative. I switched between my operatives early in the game until I got an Albion captain nicknamed “bullet sponge.” She pretty much became my main character because she really was a bullet sponge. XD

It’s fun, but it becomes repetitive. In short, it’s a typical Ubisoft game.

Recently finished games

Half-Life 2

Yakuza Kiwami 2

73.6 hours
45 of 59 achievements

I couldn't get into Yakuza 0 when I tried it. Fast forward to the time of the pandemic. Visiting Japan in the near future was (and still is) out of the question so I settled for the next best thing. This is a pretty good Japan simulator. Oh, and the cabaret club mini game was addicting.

Half-Life 2

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

15 hours
no achievements

Epic freebie. It's fun. You gather evidence and solve cases based on said evidence. I need that "check if you arrived at the correct conclusion" button in real life. XD

Half-Life 2


62 hours
67 of 67 achievements

Short version: It's awesome.
Long version: My review on Steam