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Backlog Assassins Extraordinaire

BLAEO is a Steam group for gamers who realized that they amassed more games than they would actually play, and who decided to do something about that. The group formed on SteamGifts — where you can easily bite off more than you can chew — and is mostly about Steam games (for now?).

It all started when revilheart hatched a plan to do something about his growing hoard of unplayed games. He set himself some goals, thought of rules that would keep him motivated, and invited others to join him on his backlog cleaning marathon. And the marathon — and a little later, BLAEO — turned out to be a great way to find motivation to finally conquer one's backlog …

So, what's BLAEO about?

It's really simple, actually …

Step 1: Make a plan and organize your backlog.

Your games are waiting to be played. But there's so many of them! Where to start? What to do next? How to avoid losing interest and ending up with countless unfinished games?

You need a plan. It can be simple, it can be elaborate, that is completely up to you. But the group can help you find it — just read the plans that worked for the others and start from there!

Once you found your plan, the group website can help you follow it. You can track your progress, you can tag or mark games, you can divide your games library into manageable chunks; the site is there to aid you.

Step 2: See others fight their backlog and draw motivation from that.

If they can do it, you can, too! It's as simple as that. And it works.

Step 3: Share your own progress!

You can give that same motivation back to others. And you can get kudos for what you achieved. Some crazy people won't understand why your backlog is bugging you — we do. We appreciate what you are doing ;)

Group Statistics
312 group members
4749277 games owned
130160 abandoned
3147173 never played
170723 unfinished
123753 beaten
173696 completed