Getting Started

A “not-so-short-anymore” guide to help you find your way around … Just the most important stuff.


This site is meant to help you organize your backlog. You can tag your games and sort them into lists. Lots of stuff is regularly synced to make this easier for you; in particular:

Games Progress

You can group your games by progress (“never played”, “completed”, …). The progress for a game can be set by editing it (pencil icon in the games table).

When a game is synced for the first time, the sync tries to automatically guess your progress on the game. This guess is a little overcautious – the only cases where the sync is confident enough to set the game progress are:

When you use the site for the first time, most of your games will not yet have their progress set. Clicking that pencil icon 500 times is not fun at all, so there’s a special “uncategorized games” view to simplify that. Whenever you have games that you still need to set the progress for, there will be a note above your “all games” list with a link to the “uncategorized” view.

Once the progress for your games is set, you can marvel at it in the “Statistics” box on your profile. Well either marvel or despair. Completely up to you.

Lists and Tags

Filtering your games by progress is cool and all, but those lists are really long …

A useful way to organize your games is creating lists for them. While any game has exactly one current “progress state”, games can be on many different lists at the same time. Useful lists could be:

… but of course what lists you have – if any – is totally up to you.

You can create new lists via the item “Add new list” in the “My games” menu. If you want to change them later, there’s a pencil icon somewhere. To add or remove games, use the rearrange icon (well actually it’s “shuffle”) on the list. You can also sort your list there (that’s where the icon comes from).

Status Posts and Profiles

You can use your profile to show your progress to others. There’s the statistics box and a list of all your lists (if you set them to visible). You can use your profile description to tell everyone about the backlog strategy you (hopefully) follow. And what’s probably most important: you can post status updates. If you set your posts to be publicly visible, they will appear in the global “activity” feed – along with everything the other members post. So that’s all the progress in our group in one place. Nice, huh?

Of course when you are only interested in a specific member’s posts, you can just visit their profile. Easiest way to get there is via “Members” item in the top navigation bar. On another user’s profile, you can see most of the stuff you can see on your own profile. And you can comment on their posts!

You can’t comment on a profile directly – if you want to discuss the profile (what does that even mean? discuss strategy?), you’ll have to use the group forums on Steam. We don’t want to abandon those! Status posts are not meant for long discussions!