Finished in May(1-5 or 6?)

  • Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective

    5 hours playtime

    36 of 41 achievements

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective


A relaxing maze game with almost no challenge. Apparently it is based on the book series I never heard about. For me it looks like a huge “Where is Wally” (or “Where is Waldo”) picture, through which you need to run between point A and B. The most fun is in just looking on this big incredibly detailed pictures and notice all weird little scenes on it. Which is the main downfall of the game, because after around 1/3 of a game pictures are getting noticeably less detailed and the whole thing is starting to get boring. Looks like artists just didn’t have time to prepare everything to the point of a few first levels, which is sad, because I really like the pure chaos of the beginning of the game.

  • Bunny Park

    4 hours playtime

    no achievements

Bunny Park


INCREDIBLY simple idle game. You are preparing a garden. Bunnies are showing. Bunnies give you money. You can make garden bigger. Bigger garden, more bunnies. Until you have all of them. I just left a game for an hour, spend everything I had and left for a nother couple of minutes to catch all the bunnies. Boring.

  • Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

    8 hours playtime

    55 of 64 achievements

Bear With Me


Bear With Me: The Lost Robots


Bear with me situation on Steam is a bit confusing, because there are several version of it, but it looks like I have the fullest version - both every episode of the original game and a sequel. The game itself is a classic adventure game, and I really liked it. The writing is good, even if some jokes didn’t land with me. The characters are interesting, and the setting is very nice - it’s basically an imaginery land of a girl, who I think watch a bit too much noir movies. I have mixed feelings about an ending, but I had very good time with both games.

  • Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope

    7 hours playtime

    22 of 25 achievements

Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope


I dropped it some time ago because the game has a game breakking bug if you do something in a sequence that wasn’t predicted by devs. I returned to it, finished it and I’m still saying that this is one of the worst hopas there.

  • TOEM

    4 hours playtime

    37 of 37 achievements



TOEM is a light adventure/puzzle game, in which you have a camera, and need to make certain pictures to help people. It’s easy, incredibly relaxing, and just a feel good game.

May 17 2022


May 2022

Another year, another post. I really should get around to doing these more often :P In the meantime a lot has happened, but i think the biggest thing has to be joining the PAGYWOSG event, it’s really motivated me to start playing my SG wins, and to be more selective in which giveaways i choose to enter. I joined in June 2021 and have beaten 15 games so far. Now onto many more! :D

Currently Playing


  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

    12 hours playtime

    7 of 47 achievements

  • Iconoclasts

    5 hours playtime

    2 of 11 achievements


  • Trials Rising


    12 of 54 achievements

  • Ghost of Tsushima


    16 of 77 achievements



  • Bang Bang Racing

    2 hours playtime

    1 of 12 achievements

  • Call of Duty 2

    8 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Coffin Dodgers

    5 hours playtime

    10 of 37 achievements

  • Deponia: The Complete Journey

    19 hours playtime

    63 of 105 achievements

  • Chaos on Deponia

    Part of the Complete Journey

  • Goodbye Deponia

    Part of the Complete Journey

  • Figment

    9 hours playtime

    15 of 23 achievements

  • Frederic: Evil Strikes Back

    5 hours playtime

    12 of 18 achievements

  • GNOG

    7 hours playtime

    14 of 20 achievements

  • Gone Home

    2 hours playtime

    1 of 10 achievements

  • Life Is Strange

    23 hours playtime

    32 of 60 achievements

  • Lovely Planet 2: April Skies

    6 hours playtime

    1 of 28 achievements

  • Mosaique Neko Waifus 4

    5 hours playtime

    97 of 101 achievements

  • Papo & Yo

    4 hours playtime

    6 of 10 achievements

  • Snail Racer Extreme

    8 minutes playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

    36 minutes playtime

    6 of 6 achievements

  • The World Next Door

    9 hours playtime

    20 of 24 achievements

  • Wrath Of The Violent Vicar - Interactive Grindhouse Movie

    44 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • USA 2020

    11 hours playtime

    4992 of 5000 achievements


  • Trials Fusion


    6 of 51 achievements

  • GTA V


    37 of 78 achievements

  • Driver: San Francisco


    21 of 51 achievements


  • Spiritfarer


    25 of 39 achievements

  • Townscaper


    10 of 10 achievements

  • Hypnospace Outlaw


    1 of 14 achievements

  • Danganronpa


    12 of 38 achievements

  • Forza Horizon 5


    53 of 53 achievements

Stats (May 17, 2022)

1487 games
85% never played (1265)
5% unfinished (72)
2% beaten (34)
0% completed (6)
8% won’t play (117)


17 May 2022 | S22E13

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Sigma Theory

11.4 hours
25 of 38 achievements

The game gets repetitive pretty quickly. It's worth playing through the story though.

May 16 2022


Second week of May

I really wanted to get a fourth game done but I ran out of time in the end. Also why the image for Gems of the Aztecs is in a different aspect ratio from the other ones is beyond me, but I am not even gonna question it because thats from Steams side.

Current balance of acquired - beaten games: 52 - 48 = 4

Completed games

Gems of the Aztecs
Playtime: 11.5 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A match 3 game with 120 levels to solve. It is not particularly great but also not awful at all. My main issue is mostly with just how quickly you can beat some of those levels and the game is not particularity hard at all. Also I am either missing something huge or people on HLTB have no idea how to play a match 3 game because it took them 25+ hours to complete vs my 7 hours (rest is idle) and I even had to replay some levels. Works fine with Proton.
Roads of Rome: New Generation 2
Playtime: 10.9 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: Omg, this game could not be over soon enough. It is a clear the road type of time management game with 40 levels to solve. I usually like these but this one, just like the first one is missing so many quality of life improvements that it is simply annoying to play. Generally works fine with Proton, but it did crash on me 2x when I was playing it for a longer period of time.
Mundus - Impossible Universe 2
Playtime: 7.3 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A really nice match 3 game with 177 levels to play in total. I don't have any complains about it at all so I don't have much more to say about it other than it works fine with Proton.

Ninglors Log 262

10.05.22 – 16.05.22

May Progress:
PPU monthly:
May Additions:
Yearly HOG counter:

Completed Games:

  • Heavy Rain

    23 hours playtime

    56 of 56 achievements

Won/Gifted Games:
Murder by Numbers – Ty Cece <3
Bought Games:

Played this week:
Raft Doctor Who Infinity Graveyard Keeper

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor

Weekly Games #32

Dead Age

10.07 hours, 77 of 77 achievements

Click to expand

Its one of my wins and I very much enjoyed it again. I made sure to actually keep copies of my save so I didn't have to replay a random playthrough 7 times

Drinks With Abbey

0.20 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

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Its one of my favourite free games. The music is mainly why as I absolutely love it but the story is pretty good too

Eaten Alive

0.13 hours, no achievements

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I was always disappointed in this win but now I finally forced myself through it, I'm even more disappointed. This game was never finished, you get a task to kill someone and then you can't progress. The countless bugs were never finished and its so disappointing.

Frog Detective Series

1.13 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

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Both games are pretty decent and similar. Collect items and find out the case was a misunderstanding all along

Garden of Oblivion

0.12 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

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Its a nice little free point and click game. Super short and super easy

how do you Do It?

0.01 hours, no achievements

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Super dumb game about putting dolls into sexual positions. Its probably better watching it but its super quick and free if you would rather play

Humanity Must Perish

0.31 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

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Its a great free visual novel. We come across the most stupid and silly situations


2.23 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

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This game is split into 3 different stories and they are all amazing. My favourite gameplay is the 2nd one while the 3rd story is definitely the best. Everyone should definitely give it a go

My Boss is a Futanari

0.05 hours, no achievements

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Cant say I really love this game, its got the 1st voice over which makes every flaw about it 10x worse

My Doctor is a Futanari

0.05 hours, no achievements

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Yeah its another bad one. Idk what happened here as the art is very weird. You can simply pick up 2 different games and then doctor and you will see its a completely different look and makes the doctor look like a monster

My Sweet Confession

0.25 hours, no achievements

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This game is fine but once I thought off a big issue with the game I couldn't help but just flaw this game. Considering its not really a yuri like you think, I didn't have much to approve off

My Yandere is a Futanari

0.06 hours, no achievements

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Its definitely the better game of the past 3 games. This will be my last one of these games though

Over The Phone

0.13 hours, 0 of 3 achievements

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After the amazingness of drinks with abbey this game is admittedly a disappointment. I know it definitely is a real situation that could happen but it does feel way to rushed for me

So I've done a lot of games this week, not only newer ones here for reviews but also games I'm gonna delete. If you want to see just how many check out my won't play list. I did a list of all my free games and ones I'm not 100% sure on keeping and I ended up with over 800. I am finally below 1900 games and I will soon reach 1800

May 15 2022


April 2022 Update

Next update (works only on profile page)

Overall backlog progress :

26% completed
60% beaten
1% unfinished
1% never played
12% won't play

Side note

It looks like COVID is gone in London, as everyone act as normal. No masks in closed spaces or in public transport.

Now everyone prepares for the queen jubilee which means pubs and restaurants gather reservations, half of central London will be closed due to terrorist risk and people will either go away from London or stay indoors and wait for it to pass. Unless you’re one of the people that want to go out to stand in crowd like sardines in a can. Risking getting COVID or tramped over. But we’re getting new underground line that will cut transport time from West to East London a lot so yay.

I’ve beat SotTR mostly to beat it. It is solid game but I didn’t like it all that much. And now I feel like not playing games much this or next month. So disappointed it’s no longer badass Lara with a bow scoring head shots that I so liked from 2013 reboot and then RotTR. Let’s hope next game in a series will be good, especially with this recent Crystal Dynamic acquisition.

Half-Life 2


4.2 hours
10 of 10 achievements (100%)

#22 of 2022
May 15, 2022

Half-Life 2

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

34.8 hours
no achievements

#21 of 2022
May 15, 2022

Challenge me! Monthly Edition
(15.05.2022 - 14.06.2022)
Guess what, It is almost summer. But only almost. So better finish some games first before the weather is too good to stay inside.

For Pickers. Just copy paste and complete the data :)


  • Please make sure your games are sorted by completion before applying.
  • If you so desire and you have at least 5 unplayed SG wins, the 5 games can be picked out of your SG wins (instead of only 2/5). Just note it in your application comment.
  • Note in your post if you're ok playing multiplayer only games.
  • Same for Early Access (I know some people want to wait for release).
  • When you finish one (or more) of the games picked for you, please post an update by replying to your picker's comment.
  • If the game has achievements, you can link to either the Steam or Astats page corresponding to your progress.
  • If the game doesn't have achievements, please post a screenshot showing your completion.
  • Finally, if you have completed all the games that were assigned to you but want another go at it, feel free to post another application.
  • You can pick for/challenge up to 2 fellow assassins, please refrain to pick more so everybody who wants get a chance at it.
  • You can pick for anybody who has applied and hasn't been given a list yet, unless they specified otherwise (see next point). It is recommended to signal with a "reserved" comment that you're currently picking for that person. This way it'll avoid the situation where you spend time picking games just to come back to somebody's comment 2 minutes prior.
  • Please use the following criteria when picking a list for somebody.
  • Pick exactly 5 games
  • Length-wise: at least 2 short games (under 10h to beat) and 2 medium (under 15-20h). You can use HLTB to check the time, or more conveniently the Enhanced Steam browser extension (it shows the HLTB time directly on the game's steam page). That rule can be overridden by the bottom (i.e. pick 5 short games) but not the other way around, as not everybody has the same time to dedicate to gaming.
  • Pick two SG wins unless the person specified SG wins only, in which case pick only in the applicant's SG wins list.
  • Quality-wise: at least 3 of the 5 games should have a positive (or above) rating. You can use this site to quickly sort games in a user's library by ratings (thanks to JaffaCaffa for the suggestion).
  • Please, respect the applicant's choice regarding multiplayer-only and Early access games, as well as other requests (exclusion of certain genre etc.).
  • Please use the code below to post your comment, it's already formatted, you just have to copy/paste & complete the data.

Do I have to participate in this event?
No, this is an event to help you reduce your backlog. If you already have a plan and don't want anyone to pick games for you, you're free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the event?
Absolutely nothing.

What happens if I play all the games picked for me this month?
Still nothing. (You might get a shiny profile badge at some later date. And you can come back for another batch.)

What if I don’t have time to play 5 games?
Don’t worry, one is enough, we’re just asking the pickers to select 5 to give the player a little choice.

One of the game picked for me won’t run on my computer for X or Y reason, what do I do?
If this happens, please notify the picker by replying his comment and ask them to pick a replacement. If the original picker don’t give you an answer within 24h, don’t panic, just leave a comment and we’ll pick one for you. Meanwhile, you could try one of the other picked games if you haven't played them all yet.

I played all 5 games that were picked for me and I want more!
If you have completed all 5 games and reported your completion to the original comment, you can make a new request for another list.

When picking for other people, can I only pick “never played” games?
Not necessarily, you can also pick games that seem to have been abandoned but haven’t been categorized as “won’t play”. No beaten or completed games, or games being currently played obviously.

Why are there so many rules for picking the games? I can’t be bothered!
We’re trying to make this enjoyable for everyone so if you decide to pick games for others, please read and follow the rules. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for the pickers too, but if it’s bothering you too much, remember you don’t need to pick games for others to join the challenge.

I’m new here, can I join the challenge?
Yes of course (and welcome to BLAEO). Please just be sure to have your games sorted by progress before signing up for the challenge, to make it easier for your picker.