Ninglors Log 301

20.03.23 – 28.03.23

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Ambition: A Minuet in Power

10 hours, 9 of 20 achievements

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The Ambassador’s Coterie – Ty <3
NO, THANK YOU!!! – Ty <3
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Gotham Knights Dorfromantik

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor


Completed today - Mar 28 2023

Half-Life 2

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

18.5 hours
34 of 34 achievements

It’s been a while, been playing a few games but haven’t completed any yet until today.

This game is really nice! I’m not a visual novel person even though I played more than a few, I tend to doze off whenever I’m playing one unless it’s really interesting. Not only I was interested from beginning to end, it also managed to keep my attention with a minigame where you prepare drinks and serve them, it’s awesome. Great OST, too.
I got 100% completion with two playthroughs. Easy to complete, but will require a guide for some achievements.

I know most of them have all been easy to complete, I need to do the hard to complete games too lol

Mar 27 2023

  • Hamilton's Great Adventure

    23 hours playtime

    26 of 26 achievements

Report #373: Hamilton's Great Adventure

Here we go, once more a game finished that was started a while ago, but I lost track of it. It crashes sometimes to the desktop and also some of the puzzles are just annoying. And the parot you have as a companion is hard to navigate in that 3D level because sometimes it selects a wrong location next to your cursor. But anyway finally finished including the DLC levels. So another one perfectly done in the library.
A bit late but at least that is 10/22 from the 20/22 challenge. So you could say I am halfway through :D

Bingo progress


I am done, got two bingos actually. Column A and Row 3. Was fun, will still complete the remaining tiles.

If you wonder, what do you mean with Bingo progress, please read the first post

With Hamilton’s Great Adventure finished I found 3 tile to fill.

  • B1: DLCs
  • A3: Low rating
  • A4: Companion
1 Trading cards DLCs 2+ Playthroughs Minigames Additional launcher required
2 Achievements Free 2 Play Manual save High rating Soundtrack
3 Low rating Steam launcher Got for free Game crash First abandoned but then finished
4 Companion First person No steam cloud savegame Supported by 2+ OS Has Multiplayer
5 Checkpoint saves Vehicles/Mounts Third person Credits Release before 2020
Weekly Games #77

Grow Home

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This was one of those games I watched on youtube when it came out so I kinda knew what to expect and I had a key so thought why not. I mean its a decent game but nothing special in my eyes. Its pretty decent in not punishing you as there is no grip stamina, no punishment for dying, no punishment for using a thousand seeds and flowers.

So pop got started early this month so I decided to get grow home done right before that happened, it was my last short game to do plus it actually gave me a game to have completed as I've mainly just coloured. There really isn't much else to say other then that, I've hit that point of where I'm like oh its right at the end of the month, do I really want to start anything new

A while back, someone made a thread on Steamgifts asking for a list of all prologue games, and someone else simply linked to a Steam search of the word “prologue.” I decided to go down that list and add the interesting-looking ones to my backlog since they’re all free, but now that I’ve played them, I realize most of them are really just glorified demos instead of being genuine, standalone prologues to their main game counterparts. Because of this, there isn’t much to talk about since–yeah, of course the demo for the puzzle game is gonna be easy and boring since it only includes the few puzzles that gets you used to the mechanics. It’s not even a good way to judge whether or not the full game is worth buying since you don’t know if it’ll actually add depth to its mechanics and have clever puzzles, or if it’ll just spin its wheels and keep introducing new gimmicks like other mediocre “puzzle” games before it. That said, there are a few of these demos I can recommend playing on their own:

  • Prologue For A Vacant Kingdom

    2 hours playtime

    3 of 4 achievements

  • GunBlocks: Prologue

    2 hours playtime

    9 of 12 achievements

  • Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

Prologue For A Vacant Kingdom
I played on normal mode, and the three multi-phase bullet-hell bosses managed to be challenging without going overboard too much (though there were a couple times I felt the need to use the in-game time-slow power). The non-bullet-hell segments have the potential to be expanded into being actual puzzles, but given how quickly the water-redirection mechanics were abandoned in favor of a number-combination-riddle, I’m worried the full game will just keep switching between gimmicks. There’s also a fourth bullet-hell boss you can only access after beating the rest of the prologue, though you also need to find a couple hidden items to unlock it; although the secret paths aren’t unfairly hidden or anything, it can be kinda tedious backtracking everywhere to look for them if you missed one. Also, the fourth boss did go overboard a bit too much IMO, especially the third phase having the projectile bouncing off walls offscreen so you don’t really have time to react to it when it heads towards you.

GunBlocks: Prologue
A Tetris block falls from the sky each turn, and you use them to create stairs or bridges to get over obstacles, while also shooting enemies and other obstacles. Since the whole game is turn-based, it’s not hard to see how those two hours only really encompasses two or three levels, and thus isn’t a good benchmark on whether the full game is worth a purchase (at least, not on its own). That said, you unlock a “race” level after beating the main prologue, and that helps add to the demo’s value as a standalone title; the race is still turn-based (and I wasn’t really a fan of how it was three rounds in a row instead of just one level), but there’s still some challenge since you have to shoot other racers to stun them, then avoid their counterattacks. EDIT: The race level has three difficulties, but beating the harder ones first doesn’t give you the achievement for beating the easier ones, which is annoying.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue
The first battle of this turn-based tactics game is really bad. Not only is it en medias res–dumping a bunch of mechanics and special attacks on you while you’re still learning the basics, only to take away most of said abilities (and team members!) in the very next battle–but it’s also a supposed-to-lose battle! (something only implied beforehand due to the lack of objective and regular enemy reinforcements). It also made me think glancing attacks were based on a percent-chance (which TBH may very well still be the case), but after finishing the demo, I think it only happens when attacking a character facing you (as opposed to flanking or backstabbing the enemy). I also wasn’t too fond of how certain attacks and abilities force you to spend 2 AP if you have that much, but allow a slightly-weaker version to be used if you only have 1 AP remaining (why not let me use the 1 AP version twice? EDIT: or use it once and then move?). That said, if you can get past all that, the core gameplay is pretty good: none of the moves rely on percent-chances, so the mechanics are reliable and challenges fair, but battles also have optional objectives you can complete for extra EXP and currency. The game won’t let you replay a battle if you move on, so you’d have to decide right then whether or not to retry to get all the objectives/items for that map, but I was always able to complete all objectives on my first try. The game never explains that units don’t heal between battles, but even that isn’t much of an issue since you’ll have plenty of healing items by the time that becomes a noticeable issue.

Squadron 51 Prologue gets an honorable mention, but 1) the monochrome colors can make it a little hard to distinguish things at times, 2) there were some enemies that came from the top of the screen in the first level, and I never saw the dot indicating incoming enemies from that direction like other enemy-waves have (they killed me the first time), and 3) it was delisted with no demo counterpart on the full game’s store page, so you can only play it if you added it beforehand.

Hero of Ice Fairy: Prologue is another honorable mention despite still being available since 1) there’s only really one boss fight and nothing else, 2) jump is mapped to the analog LT button instead of the more-immediate-acting LB button–and controls can’t be rebound (the game is a twinstick-shooter/platformer hybrid), and 3) one attack in the “challenge” version of the fight (the one with the raining knives followed by the three /// lasers) was a bit too ambiguous regarding what would hurt me and what wouldn’t, so I never figured out how to avoid damage despite taking a few passes at it. Not saying it can’t be done, just that it could be made more clear.

P.S. If you’re especially curious why I wouldn’t recommend the other prologues I played, you can check my list of games (ctrl+f prologue) and name the ones you wanna hear about in the comments.

Mar 26 2023


Fourth week of March

I am really not happy with the progress this week, but oh well, what can you do. Also Valve broke their reviews (it ignores line breaks making reviews illegible) so I can’t even post the whole review of Poly Bridge on there… It just got fixed apparently. So I could now finally post my review complaining about it.

Current balance of acquired - completed games: 37 - 45 = -8

Completed SG wins

Poly Bridge
Playtime: 36.3 hours
Achievements: 22 of 22 (100%)
Review: Do you like to torture yourself? Enjoy pain and suffering? Enjoy doing the same exact thing over and over with completely different results? You find fun moving things pixel by pixel till you get the desired result? Then oh boy do I have a game for you! The main issue is that the physic of the game is inconsistent which is, well, bad for a physics game and the game gets ridiculously hard. Linux version isn't great either, but it works fine with Proton.

Other completed games

Playtime: 1.5 hours
Achievements: 53 of 53 (100%)
Review: A nice and simple puzzle game where you need to connect together road tiles and make a path for a car from the beginning to the end location. There is 50 levels to solve which are all pretty easy and straight forward with a few more challenging levels towards the end. Issues are a lack of clear labeling for tunnels and that one achievement is broken (dev gave a half assed fix for it on the forums). Linux version works fine.
Playtime: 55 minutes
Achievements: 7 of 7 (100%)
Review: A decent puzzle game where you have to find 2 halves of a cuboid that fit together. There is a 100 levels in total to solve and only really the last few actually require you to stop and think a little, the rest are really easy. But hey, it is a nice relaxing experience and it is really cheap so can't complain too much. Works fine with Proton.
Sv. Prolivije

I finally found the perfect style for my Screenshot Sunday event. Thanks to both Ghostie, for the code they used for their posts, and Arbiter Libera, for pointing me towards Ghostie. So, to mark this special occasion, here are some more fun screenshots from Assassin's Creed Valhalla and one from Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, a game recommended to me by Kyrrelin (thanks a bunch!) when I didn't know what to play and was going through a gaming crisis. There is still the need to adjust the distance the screenshots have from the post corner, which I'll be working towards for the next weeks post. So, hope you enjoy this new, more finger-fatigue-friendly solution.

Mar 25 2023

Half-Life 2

Lighthouse Keeper

5.6 hours
38 of 38 achievements (100%)

#13 of 2023
March 25, 2023

Mar 24 2023


I am so late behind reviewing and posting my bought games here, sorry (I’ve had a very hard week).
Hope fully next week will be better :)

Half-Life 2


6.2 hours
21 of 21 achievements

Because of franplants "challenge me", I ended up playing this game.

And I am really glad I did, because I think it's a pretty game. Nice story (almost sheed a tear in the end) the graphics are pretty and the music is cozy.

A couple of the puzzles were a little hard, so I had to look them up, but it did not affect my feelings for the game.

Highly recommended if you like beautiful puzzle games

Mar 23 2023

Half-Life 2

Gotham Knights

34.4 hours
39 of 55 achievements (71%)

#12 of 2023
March 24, 2023