Stop the Presses! I got a request in my curator group

Well, this was seriously unexpected since my group is super small and I barely started. Actually I got the request a few weeks ago but the dev asked me to not make any reviews until the game was released. The game in question was Deeproot Manor.

At first I was a bit hesitant to accept the request since I’m bad with horror games, but I though the simple graphics would make it easier to deal with to me, after all I managed ot beat Ino without issues. 5 minutes was all it took to realize how wrong I was.

The game’s atmosphere is really well done and you can feel the tension as soon as you get in the manor. It doesn’t help one bit that it plays with your expectations, there are times when everything is building up to a jumpscare, and you brace for it… but in the end there’s no jumpscare. The puzzles are also well-thought and you can tell they put effort on them.

In the end I was too much of a wuss to finish it but I liked what I played. Horror fans will definitely enjoy this one


May Updates

Half-Life 2

Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders

6.0 hours
44 of 50 achievements

I enjoyed this game very much. I like that it was intuitive, mysterious, fun. I liked that you had multiple choices (at some point), but I hated that you can't get 100% achievements because of that (separate paths).
Gameplay identical with Sherlock Holmes Devil's Daughter (except the role-playing parts), but I liked more this one, maybe because of Microids or the story.

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2: Episode One

4.2 hours
10 of 13 achievements

Back to nostalgia, of course. Enjoyed it so much, but is not a perfect game. And I hate crazy achievements like finish the game using one bullet. C'mon, I'm not that desperate.

Half-Life 2

GRIP: Combat Racing

11.5 hours
20 of 35 achievements

Nice Racing game, nice mods (race, combat, car-kour), it's good that you can play it co-op (up to 4), but the campaign is long as hell, becomes very boring, you unlock cars but they are not sorted somehow and you don't know which is the best, you have to try them all. And everything is so fast…. I'm just not that young anymore. I enjoyed it somehow but not till the end.

This month I was lucky, but I managed also to improve my playing percentage. Keeping the good fight

Month: May Games Beaten Games Won
new games Agatha Christie Abc Murders, Half-Life 2 Episode One, GRIP Republique, Hitman 2
started WRC Fia 7 other wins: Moto GP 15


May 25 2020

🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

Third week of May

I almost completely forgot about the post so thank you to Samwise for accidentally reminding me :P Not much has been done yet again and I been having more PC issues… yay… fun times.

Completed games

Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep
Playtime: 3.4 hours
Achievements: 27 of 27 (100%)
Review: Claims to have Linux support but the Linux version doesn't actually work (crashes at startup). Proton version works fine as long as you don't tab out as if you do you will get some weird graphical glitching. Other than that it is your classic Artifex Mundi HOG, but with this one I almost lost my shit at some points in time.

May 24 2020


Ninglors Log 166

19.05.20 – 25.05.20

May Progress:
PPU monthly:
May Additions:

Completed Games:
Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth
Heart’s Medicine - Time to Heal
A Wild Catgirl Appears!
House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside
Anime Studio Simulator

Won/Gifted Games:

Bought Games:
Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest

Played this week:

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

19 hours, 41 of 41 achievements

I did not read the Book, nor did I watch the movie - there is one, right? Even though there is a copy of the book at home and even though I used to love to read these super thick history books. Not so sure if I still do. Anyway, never did. So I didn't really know what the story was about. Apart from the Cathedral obv. Still, when it was published I decided I wanted it - even though it's a Daedalic work aaaaaaaaand I don't really like them anymore. Shocking, I know!
First thing first: This is not some ridiculous P&C game. You don't have to combine stupid and apparently senseless things with each other to accomplish something. In fact you rarely have items to use. Instead it's mostly a VN, if you ask me. And what ever you do, it will have consequences. Ppl will judge you by your actions, the story will - most likely - evolve differently. I didn't really test it that much though. But characters can die, while in a different approach they'll stay alive. Somehow I doubt the Cathedral will not be build, if you fail though…
The Art was very beautiful and the music pleasant. The characters were well written - can't say that much about the voice acting, bc I played it in German, since it's German production. I had better vocals in games, but it's ok I guess.
And the story? Yep, it totally got me. In the first book (the games is divided into three books and… er, some chapters) I thought I might wanna read the book after all. In the second book I was still totally into it… just to be annoyed by the end and the beginning of the last book. It worked out in the end, but it somehow felt like: "Jesus, we gotta get it all together!" So yeah, the last lacked a bit imho.
Achievements were a bit… troublesome, since I didn't keep saves to start with. So I had to replay the first book entirely (tip: Keep maybe a save per chapter?).
Big thanks to ernesttico who played the game at the same time and talked with me about it and offered help for the achievements <3
Hidden LEWD rating: Eh, maybe? There was a sexscene, but we never really saw it. Plus one of the guys… oh, wait.
Gay-ship: Not really, but one of the guys hinted stuff like: I'd totally do him… if I was into guys…
Recommendation? Yes

Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal

12 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

On of the genres my aunt introduced me too and I still like it. Time management, progressing story, different lvl and equipping a place - sadly I can't choose between different things. Like colour or style. But that's ok. I was very hooked and was tempted to just keep on playing (yeah, I know, one should go at some point to bed…).
It had a very sad touch to it and we had to overcome some emotional conflict. On the romantic front some things happened, I didn't expect, but that's good, right? Games, which surprise us, are a good thing!
I totally added the second game to my wl and maaaaaaybe I should try to get more games like these I guess.
No hidden LEWDness nor gay-ship included
Recommendation? If you're into these games, yes indeed!

A Wild Catgirl Appears!

4 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

While this game seems cute enough at first glance, it's actually very sad. So we play a gay girl and in every route she dates a girl and eventually have her "happy ever after". Only… it's not that happy. Bc whatever happens, her parents never ever accept her that way. And here is the super sad part about the story. They tell us how love is the most important and she is or will (probably) be happy, bc she has the love of her life and she moves out in almost every version. Bc she is not accepted at home. So yeah. Screw the light-hearted story - it's not. It's sad. It's about being bullied bc one is different and loves the same gender. Yes, there is love in it and how the two will stick together and be the family they need, but… yeah, the but.
Nin sad.
Hidden LEWD rating: A bit maybe. Girls smooching xD
Gay-ship: Can't say which I liked best rly.
Recommendation? Yeah, I guess

House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside

4 hours, no achievements

Not sure if I should have played them in order, but steam said I should play it, so I did. Contrary to my latest issues whit Alawar this one worked out nicely. I played it in eng without any troubles getting there. The riddles and HOS were nice enough and the story was decent - although I don't get where the MC came from and how she not in the slightest doubted her "new family" or anything. Weird. And how she is the last (?) I don't get either, bc the boy clearly is younger than her. Oh my. Guess I have to play more of the series.
No LEWDness nor gay-ship included
Recommendation? Yes

Anime Studio Simulator

7 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

We're out to create an Anime. Good start, right? While there is no romance involved - shocking! - we get to choose what kind of Anime we're making. Also when what happens and how we manage the whole thing, which results in the success or failure of the Anime.
It's actually pretty easy to fail. Stress was the most reason it didn't work out for my team, closely followed by not enough money. But if that all works out, you have an Anime! The routes were mostly the same, only slight alterations bc of the difference in the Anime stories, but that makes sense.
OMG! These faces freaked me out! The moment they were happy or very much not happy, their mouths were awkwardly open. I kinda wish they didn't look like that. Super creepy.
But yeah, nice enough VN. I liked the story how a group of teenagers succeeded with their dream \o/
No LEWDness nor gay-ship included
Recommendation? Yeah

Cat Story ahead!
I bullied Ameno – Tizio as well actually, but he didn’t seem to mind. I wanted to do something good. So I read coconut oil is supposed to help with external and internal parasites as well as do nice things to skin/fur and improve health if they eat it and make a fresh breath and what not. Since I hate how one normally uses some kind of poison to fend of parasites I thought I’d give it a try. While they seemed to be interested in the smell and Tizio didn’t mind at all having it on his fur, Ameno went nuts, bc I smeared some in the back of his neck so he couldn’t lick it off. Apparently that was the worst idea ever! He started scratching like a mad man. Or mad cat I guess. So I washed him. Obv he hated that even more. So he was very, very, very mad at me – or the humans in the house in general. He hid for most of the night and sulked somewhere. Eventually he came out, when I went to bed and (!) even joined me in bed which he doesn’t do often. Only for like a minute, bc I thought it would be nice, if I moved my leg near him, so he’d feel me, but nooooooooooo, too much contact, huuuuuuuman! So yeah, he left. But he’s very cuddly today \o/
Btw it was rather easy making Ameno eat it. He even liked it off my fingers, while Tizio looked very sceptical at the treats with it on it D:

I guess I had my furthest order so far. Off to Canada. Sadly the ceramic broke on the way. I’m super down about that and I very much blame myself for not securing it enough. Ugh, why did this have to happen? D:

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor


Update 54: May 18th to May 24th

4 games this week and great fun with some friends. Also it’s vacation time. So I guess this week went rather well.

8.9 hours
8/10 ⭐
Played on Steam

I had great fun playing this game with some friends (thanks MouseWithBeer, PV and Jip). We started out to play a bit and ended up playing for nearly 9 hours. RIP Saturday.
It is a fun puzzle game, though I am not sure how you are supposed to do some of those puzzles alone.
I was lucky enough to have people with me that actually have played the game more than once before so they gave me great tips on how to move, which is not an easy feat in this game. You basically look like you are drunk all the time or doing the macarena XD

If you have the possibility, play it with some friends. It is great fun. I will probably get back to it again. Just to get some more achievements ;)

Half-Life 2

The Night of the Rabbit

15.0 hours
14 of 17 achievements

This was just not my kind of story. On the surface it seems like an innocent story, but especially with the ending it gets a lot darker, overall I found it kind of akward. And some of the achievements are just meh. I mean why make you search for dew drops that are barely visible most of the time.
If you are into point'n'clicks it is a solid game.

Half-Life 2

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

5.5 hours
8 of 19 achievements

Found the first game better. Here I was stuck a lot of the time, having to upload irrelevant data to progress. The story did not grip me like the first time around and I was not a fan of the two new features. It was hard to find the correct terms for the search bars, so basically just dragging various possible terms on them over and over again, until you find the right one. Also the dragging of the datachunks did only sometimes work. I nearly got stuck on episode two because I did not upload a picture that had a phone number in the background.
And then you have the 3rd episode where they introduce "The Influencer" a completely new feature, where you can influence the people with either truth or lies via social media. I will not understand why this feature was only introduced in the last chapter of the game shrug

Half-Life 2

Shuyan Saga

4.9 hours
9 of 9 achievements

I liked this game. Story was good and the battles were a nice addition, though some of the special moves are kinda hard to do. Though you do not really need them. I was able to do the tournament before after episode 1. It was feeling like an interactive comic.
Overall it was a fun experience.

green = PoP thanks to Aldowuj & Laura for challenging me
red = Monthly in a Month
grey = BLAEO monthly theme
orange = completions/for fun games

Overall Backlog Progress: -0,36% unfinished/never played games :)

12.02% (110/915)
11.15% (102/915)
5.46% (50/915)
68.96% (631/915)
2.40% (22/915)
Overall SG Wins Progress: +0,56% unfinished/never played games :(

32.66% (65/199)
21.11% (42/199)
1.51% (3/199)
42.71% (85/199)
2.01% (4/199)
Here are the games I'm currently working on. Reviews will follow once I'm done with the games:
I've won 2 games in the last week. And I've beaten/completed 4 games, so that makes a -2 for the last week and a total of +2 for May.

SG wins:
  • Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 22 achievements

  • Prodigy Tactics

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

Games I want to play within the next few weeks:

BLAEO Monthly:

PoP: thanks to laura & Aldowuj for challenging me

PAGYWOSG:none more planned for now

Just for fun:

May 23 2020

  • Samsara Room

    3 hours playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

Report #266: Samsara Room

Beautiful short point&click

Just finished a very short game. It is free to play.

There are a couple of puzzles and one hidden/optional room. The puzzles are easy to medium in difficulty. The ending is a bit weird.

May 22 2020

  • F1 2019

    159 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

Report #265: F1 2019

Why are racing games so addictive

So, next game done with 100% of achievements.

This one was quite surprising, that I was going for every achievement. I started it after all those Corona pandemie was starting here and we were moving into Homeoffice. Started it and thought that I will maybe play it for one weekend. After couple of races in career mode I gradually improved my skill, switched from automatic gear to manual, then played a bit with fuel mix, switched to manual ERS mode and then played a bit in ranked mode.

After 40h within the first week, I really got addicted and played very competetive in ranked mode. Took me a while to reach the gold ranking. Played in some leagues and competed in the racing weekends

Really cool racing game. The MP is toxic as hell. Some unranked matches are very similar to Wreckfest. Maybe I will continue in a few months in F1 2020

And done with Batch #25. I am very surprised that this is a batch with 10/10 games perfected to 100% achievements

  • The Pedestrian

    4 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Nephise Begins

    44 minutes playtime

    5 of 5 achievements

  • Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™

    20 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    129 hours playtime

    63 of 63 achievements

  • 7 Billion Humans

    32 hours playtime

    19 of 19 achievements


    3 hours playtime

    29 of 29 achievements

  • Etherborn

    4 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

  • Eliza

    8 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

  • Spintires®

    63 hours playtime

    62 of 62 achievements

  • F1 2019

    159 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements


    55 minutes playtime

    1 of 14 achievements

This is a platformer. A jumps and X does a kick that has way too short of a range given how quickly the first enemies beeline towards you and how delayed the kick is. After a few rooms, the game introduces guns, but doesn’t tell you how to use them; turns out it’s a twin-stick shooter now: right stick to aim, R2 to shoot (you can also jump with L2 instead of A). You have your choice between different guns, but they’re either too weak (taking 3-4 hits to kill even the weakest enemies), too slow (making you wait a solid second or two before you can fire another shot), or have a random chance to veer just enough from where you’re aiming to miss the enemy.

Half of the enemies blend into the scenery. Tiny snails can hide behind rocks or dark-grey metal birds can be placed next to dark-purple weeds on the ceiling in front of a dark background. Sometimes, killing one of those snails will cause tiny green mushrooms-or-something to spawn where it died, and these also kill you on contact. The way the game introduces explosive barrels (at the beginning of the second level, or as the game calls it, “level 1” because the first stage is “level 0”) is to put one at the bottom of a jump with enemies on each side, so when you go to shoot the enemies, you shoot the barrel and blow yourself up. It seems like whenever I stopped being overly paranoid and shooting all the background objects, I’d get killed with no way to figure out how it happened.

There’s also rocket launchers and enemy spawners. The rockets fire much faster than you can move and the launcher always points at you, so it’s less about reacting to it and more about anticipating when it will fire (there’s no telegraphing for it, either). The spawners generate three tiny enemies that beeline your last known position (updated every second or two), which wouldn’t be that big of a deal if any of the guns were decent. Plus, these enemies activate several units off-screen, so you could drop down an empty vertical shaft that turns into a seemingly empty hall, then suddenly a rocket flies in from off-screen and kills you. The final level puts them in especially devious places: rockets are placed in little nooks beside the top of vertical shafts where you can’t hit them with a straight-shooting weapon from below and you can’t jump in/out of their sight because their rockets are too fast, so you need to just rush through and anticipate when it’ll fire its rockets, jumping accordingly. It’s even worse with the enemy spawners: it starts as just a room with lasers, so you need to wait for them to turn off, but they’re so low that you need to be in morph ball (defenseless) mode to avoid them. Problem is, the last laser ends at a point where the hall opens up above you, and there are two enemy spawners off-screen, so if the laser catches you right at the end, you’ll suddenly get attacked by the spawned enemies with no way to defend yourself. Oh, and even if you make it through, it’ll still be enough time for one of them to start spawning the enemies, and you’ll be close enough that you’ll need to get rid of them quickly before they kill you (you can’t just run away because this room ends with another laser that requires you to wait in morph ball mode, giving the spawned enemies plenty of time to catch up to you).

In contrast, the bosses are super easy. The first one is just a mouth that doesn’t move and only spawns human enemies directly below it (not only are humans visually-distinct from the background, but they don’t beeline towards you until you’re in their line of sight, or in this case, about a second after they spawn). The second and final boss swaps the genre for a bland horizontal shmup: tiny bullets infrequently spawn and slowly move to the left while the boss moves up and down. Ah, but it wouldn’t be complete without one more unfair cheap shot, so if you get too close to a bullet vertically, it’ll suddenly bolt vertically towards you and kill you.

Not recommended.


Weekly Games #90


0.1 hours, 1 of 1 achievements

Click to expand

Honestly I stopped listening a few clicks in. I didn't mean to it just bored me I was just there to listen to some text and press 1 single button the whole time

Blossoms Bloom Brightest

0.8 hours, 7 of 7 achievements

Click to expand

So it turns out this is a free version of Galaxy Girls which I own. I didn't mind the story and characters but it was short so I couldn't get attached the girls. In normal circumastances this would be deleted but as the remake version is dharker studios I will be keeping it. I will suggest trying this out though if you play galaxy girls because you might like it more

Dr. Frank's Build a Boyfriend

0.6 hours, 3 of 3 achievements

Click to expand

This was just a fun little mess. As the title suggests you do get to create a boyfriend with the option being hair/colour. Skin colour, eyes and genitals. It was just a quick game that I enjoyed. To bad my dream boy was not a dreamy boy in the end XD

Echoes of the Fey Episode 0: The Immolation

0.6 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

Click to expand

Yeah I hate this game. It crashed on me more then twice. One of them during the stupid run out of time count down resetting everything so thanks for that. I just couldn't get into the story and stuff like that but it did start out promising until we actually saw our characters. At least I don't need the sequel now

Galaxy Girls

11.1 hours, 23 of 23 achievements

Click to expand

It's awkward to play this game after blossom brightest. This game is bigger then that version but in the end its the same thing. The same events happen but this time with a forced 3rd character. The new character that got added doesn't add anything because she's really only there with one of the other girls.

The art sucks too. Compared to the free game its not nice. The purple girl Kotoha is made to be childish and she was in the other one. In this game though she doesn't look like a kid. It just makes her personality really annoying. The other girls including our one just look weird and sexualised.

It is a good idea to play the free game before galaxy girls. It will give you an introduction to this and from there you can decide if galaxy girls is worth it because it really is just the same thing but with an unimportant new character

Slime Rancher

12.7 hours, 57 of 57 achievements

Click to expand

This is a very calming game. You can take it slow, taking your time to grow your ranch or you can hurry to the end. The story is told in daily mail. The more you progress by exploring the world around you the more that will unlock. If you want something harder you can do a rush mode where you have to make the most money. There are plenty of different areas you can explore with different slimes. Should be picked up

Art of Murder - FBI Confidential

3.9 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

I like this game but its not as good as the past point and click games. There's no real excitment and suspense from the killings. It's just slow and has no real impact. Like I mean we finally find out who the killer is and it just ends. Just could've been much more but I do have the others and hopefully they are better

Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition

12.7 hours, 31 of 52 achievements
sg win

Click to expand

I can get the critism of the romance in this game. We got forced with a girl I never liked even in academy all because they wanted to force a story on us. I actually liked this story a lot but I can totally get hating the fact you are stuck with one person each damn time. Like it gives us chances to be friendly with other people and the other girls clearly love you so yeah its sad having one girl force upon us especially if you are like me and don't like the person.

However thats what return is for. Where we get to try and fix the future with our chosen girls. I actually went in the order of how I would do academy to decide. I'm not really concerned on who to do first like I normally do so I thought why not.

Also this game was much easier to read. The free game had some tiny text while this is bigger and colour coded. It's partly why I paid attention to this game more then the other one and enjoyed it more

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

3.9 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

If you like life is strange you should like this game since it is set in the same universe. It also introduces the life is strange 2 characters so it's a good idea to play this before touching the 2nd game. I really like this free game, its short and nice to be seeing a kids point of view of everything instead of this adults with powers

ERROR: Human Not Found

0.5 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

I had to drop this because it was annoying and boring. The story wasn't fun to read through and the puzzles were just to complicated for me. Smarter people might enjoy it more. Despite that though while boring I was slightly interested. But I did keep getting stuck on puzzles which made me stop, if I could skip the puzzles I probably would've finished it

Half-Life 2


0.1 hours
1 of 1 achievements

Just press the lmb a few times and bam easy achievement you can get in a couple of minutes. Don't need to think twice about deleting

Half-Life 2

Blossoms Bloom Brightest

0.8 hours
7 of 7 achievements

It's buggy but works

While you will unlock a buggy full gallary achievement as soon as you start up the achievements unlock perfectly fine. You will unlock 2 per characters if you do the bad and good ending

Half-Life 2

Book Series - Alice in Wonderland

2.8 hours
8 of 8 achievements


Most of the achievements in this game is to simply start it up in all the languages it has. Bit pointless but easy to do. If it weren't a win it would be considered as being deleted.

Half-Life 2

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

71.0 hours
63 of 63 achievements

The achievements to this game is almost the same of the 2nd game. It requires searching every area, having an enemy kill its friends, requires 100 kills from characters and that annoying lvl 1 of every challenge. There are alot more unique achievements though like going 5 minutes without oxygen, killing enemies by slamming down on them once by your self and another in a car. You can spend your rare currency on drinks as well as upgrades and you get to pull a gun out of the stone.

There are more multiplayer achievements, 3 in fact. Since we are out on space why not heal people 10 times, win a duel like the 1st and more annoyingly complete the ghost mission with 3 other people… Other two are fine, easily rigged with 1 other person but 3 is not okay!

The holodome dlc is basically moxxis dlc from the 1st game which no one liked im sure. It's just the normal arena fights you get in the main games before but why. You have to complete all the rounds while also not getting ko'd. It can be annoying but fine or it can just annoy you if you struggle

Finally claptrap dlc has a bunch more. As a story it has those achievements of course but we don't talk about those. During the dlc you will want to speak to all the holograms. Kill 10 spybots before they can take a picture of you, outrun a giant wheel, indiana jones style and complete all 9 different ways to do more arena fighting! Seriously do people like the survival fighting?

With that, thats it. The game isn't really that big compared to the others. Most of the fighting ones you might just come across accidentally and if you completed borderlands 2 you should know what its like to explore everything and get all the challenges done.

Half-Life 2

Dr. Frank's Build a Boyfriend

0.6 hours
3 of 3 achievements

You better show off dr oink if you want to complete this game. Even though you only need to do it to 1 person for the achievement you better show her off to everyone possible!!! The other 2 achievements are just the endings

Half-Life 2

Echoes of the Fey Episode 0: The Immolation

0.6 hours
11 of 11 achievements

This game is just annoying to complete. There's a couple of achievements that need to be reloaded and that whole run out of time is a pain. The time doesn't go down fast enough to warrant waiting around for it to be unlocked. People have also mentioned some of the options just not popping up. I have no interest in buying the next games considering it crashed on me a bunch of times

Half-Life 2

Galaxy Girls

11.1 hours
23 of 23 achievements

Main Only

This game can be a bit buggy when trying to complete. There's a few discussions and comments about certain stuff not unlocking like the easy/standard mode you play on so it might be a lot more work then it originally looks.

Half-Life 2

Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Collector's Edition

18.5 hours
26 of 26 achievements

This game is annoying to 100%. It's just a complete mess of things. It wants you to view every single cutscene which feels like it wouldn't be to bad if talking didn't count. I messed up and managed to miss 1 chat (not counting the 7 minute bonus) and who knew where it was! The game also wants you to get the best score on everything possible. The hog scenes you can actually cheat if you do it during the main game. If you quit out it will reset your accuracy and time which is very much needed when you need under 20 seconds and 90% accuracy on everything. The puzzles though you cant cheat your way through so you got to keep trying and trying again until you somehow cheese your way through it

Half-Life 2

Slime Rancher

12.7 hours
57 of 57 achievements

There are a lot of achievements that will most likely put you out of your way. Unless you are a psycho who thinks hey lets throw a chicken into fire, dump slimes into the sea and then jump into 40 slimes in a crowded spot! They are fairly simple to get except from completing the Slimepedia. While most of it is easy to find there is a pesky little food item that shows up only once a day in a random spot. It will make you hate everything! At least the ending song is good


Half-Life 2

Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition

12.7 hours
52 of 52 achievements

I was all about to talk about how annoying it is to get the achievements in this game but it surprised me. You can skip the battles in this game with console control and it still counts as killing 1000 units which is amazing. Of course you will need to do a bunch of work for the rest but its much simpler to 100% this game then it originally looks. Oh and the steam stats don't update but instead the game are its achievements and it will show you the actual progress.

Half-Life 2

Art of Murder - FBI Confidential

3.9 hours
no achievements

These are all gonna be the same. No achievements = nothing to talk about. Point and clicks especially so since there isn't really any extra content to get from

Half-Life 2

Brother Perro

3.9 hours
no achievements

I don't think there are even choices so just skip this whole thing and save yourself a couple of hours. Will be deleted

Half-Life 2

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

3.9 hours
no achievements

There really is no way to complete this game. You just play through the story and that's it. The biggest difference I can see is what you make captain spirit look like. I did a simple hero with a mask and light colourful armor but you can wear a helmet instead with dark heavy armor. You can mix and match what ever you want

So this week I managed to complete all my wins only to then win something a couple of days later a kick in the teeth. Cant go 1 week without a win looming over me and on the upcoming 1st I'll have another one (maybe after 2 weeks someone else entered!) Also I figured out how to make blaeo delete free games. I figured out when they are showing up in my recent played list it just won't delete off blaeo. However as soon as it isn't it will delete. I figured it out when I deleted 3 games, 2 recent 1 not and only the game not recently done was deleted. Annoying I have to wait but now I finally know how to do it! No more suffering

Oh and I mentioned 2 weeks ago about how my aunt had to go to hospital because of bleeding complications well because of that I have a new cousin. They ended up having to get the baby out early so they beat my mother to the punch. Now we are just patiently waiting for my sister to be born and I'm forced to have my picture taken!

May 21 2020


Finished in May(4-6)

  • Spirit of the North

    6 hours playtime

    19 of 24 achievements

Spirit of the North


Nice game about a fox on a journey. A bit of platforming, some riddles, everything just enough to avoid “walking sim” genre. A story is a bit shallow, but I always appreciate effort to tell something without words. I think the devs are a bit inexperience, because I saw a lot of little bugs and problems with design. Nothing particulary bad, just bits and pieces which can be a bit improved. Visuals are pretty although I must say the first level looks the worst, which again, is a bit of mistake. But all in all it was a very nice little game.

  • Eagle Island

    22 hours playtime

    4 of 27 achievements

Eagle Island


My SG win. It’s a mix between traditional platformer and roguelite platformer. The overall world is fixed, but smaller “dungeons” you are going through are random generated. I liked this game - it was a solid platformer with most things done in the right way. And I didn’t get bored even if some levels kicked mt butt hardly before I managed to beat them.

  • Last Dream

    29 hours playtime

    44 of 236 achievements

Last Dream

6/10 - unfinished

My old SG win and my attempt to beat a long game in this month. I didn’t finish it, because I got totally bored half way through. It’s just run of the mill 100% standard jRPG, with everything good and bad in this genre, there were some extra things, mostly optional puzzles, which went from very clever to ridiculuos. All in all for the fans of the genre. Oh - one more thing - the main character is incredibly stupid. I don’t like being forced to do things which are obviously bad ideas, so there’s that.