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4.1 hours, 15 of 22 achievements

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I'm on mixed ground with this game. I found it kinda boring, but at the same time the simplicity was nice. I don't know if I want to get the dlc but maybe it helps idk

Well I am almost a year into my new start. Its gonna be a shorter week for my next post but luckily I have a game already set up to finish today so I have no need to worry

Sep 25 2022


Ninglors Log 280

20.09.22 – 26.09.22

September Progress:
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Completed Games:

  • Emily Archer and the Curse of Tutankhamun

    4 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

    2 hours playtime

    12 of 19 achievements

  • DRAMAtical Murder

    21 hours playtime

    18 of 18 achievements

  • Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Hidden World of Art 2

    5 hours playtime

    no achievements

Won/Gifted Games:

Bought Games:
ManServant (Kickstarted)
Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

Currently playing:
DbD Graveyard Keeper

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor


2022 / 12th Completed Game

2.7 hours

An enjoyable short walking simulator. The game takes place in Norway, which is a fantastic thing in my opinion since we rarely see this part of the world! The story revolves around Edward, who comes to the small island to search for his sister - a bit of an in medias res start, but we will get the little pieces together in a short time. As the days pass by we uncover more and more secrets about the island, its people, and even ourselves.
This mysterious vibe is fun and somewhat gripping, however sadly towards the end the story will turn into a weird mess in my opinion, so the actual ending will leave thousands of questions in the player.
I enjoyed playing it, however, I think the playtime was too short for a title that had this much to explore. I really hope the developers will continue this story in the future!

Half-Life 2

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

69.8 hours
58 of 59 achievements (98%)

98%, So close, yet so far…

#54 of 2022
September 25, 2022


Guess who forgot to post his gamepass stuff?
Yep that’s me.

But I also managed to reach 70% completed on steam!

70% (925/1328)
1% (14/1328)
0% (5/1328)
27% (359/1328)
2% (25/1328)

Okay Gamepass:

Xbox Game Pass

Okay, in general I wouldn't say this is a bad game.
I had quite a bit of fun with it,
but when a puzzle can soft lock your entire run and you have to restart halfway in, just cause you are stuck behind a puzzle?
That sucks big time.
After that I dropped the game and didn't pick it up again.

Xbox Game Pass

I finished one story run on the normal difficulty.
It feels like there is another ending to it, but I didnt bother to look for it.
In terms of gameplay it's fun, but nothing special, I wouldnt want to spend too much time on it.
So for the short while I played it, it was nice.

Xbox Game Pass

Damn this was fun!
I expected something like Pikmin, but was surprised with a 3D platformer.
The "Pikmin" are basically just abilities that help you in different ways to solve puzzles or platform around the area.
It's a really sweet mix of platforming, collecting and a touch of Pikmin.
The only tiny little -, it would have been nice if they would show missables with the goggles, but I managed to find everything naturally.

Xbox Game Pass

This one is hard to judge for me.
I had mixed feelings through the whole game.
I like the art and the setting, the whole beat'em up gameplay isnt really deep, the level up and equip mechanics are nice, it's a lot of repeating….
In the end I played through the whole game, I had fun, but it isn't that great of a game.
Probably more fun in co-op(offline only)

Xbox Game Pass

This game is weirdly fun.
I was just curious but in the end I kept playing and playing.
Till I finished the first half of the story? I moved the whole way up, but didnt want to bother with moving back down.

It's one of those games I would say "try the demo", either you get stuck with it or you don't.

Xbox Game Pass

I had a blast with this!
The Tim Burton-ish setting is awesome, the story feels kind of unique, the gameplay is fun.
You have a sort of action based combat, but you draw your equipment as a type of consumable cards.
Stuff to collect, monster to fight, a story to enjoy with a good atmosphere!

Sep 23 2022


July 2022 report

Thanks to participation in Cj’s event on Steamgifts we managed to play a good amount of games again and all of them were pretty much enjoyable.

Enough of small talks and now to the actual assassinations! Good luck in a new month and enjoy your games!

In AER Memories of Old we follow young girl Auk on her pilgrimage through the Land of Gods. The old Evil which caused a great disaster to the land of her ancestors is slowly creeping back and shows its dark presence around the world. She has to visit old temples and seek help from long forgotten gods. Her journey will take her around the broken world which now consists of clusters or lonesome flying islands. There she will find memories of old and maybe a hope for the future.

Main aspect of the game is Auk's bird shapeshifting ability, with it we are free to explore the broken world and go everywhere we want. Just jump off the edge of the island (or simply into air) and change into a bird. And then… fly. I have heard that dreams about flying are the best (not sure I ever had any), but now I can understand it a little, because flying in AER feels so amazing! I have enjoyed simply soaring in the skies and watching my shadow running on the land below or diving headfirst into the clouds and piercing through them. It was a joy!
The controls were a little bit confusing at the beginning, but once you grow accustomed to them nothing stops you from exploring the vast skies. To land you have to change into human again and doing it at high speed can lead to missing the island utterly so you have to change into bird, circle the island and then go on the landing again, but with more islands you land on the better you get with it. You don't have to be afraid of dying when you fall off or fly beyond the threshold or you slam into the land, you are pretty much safe in doing anything. :)
When you are not high in the skies you can search the islands for ghostly remains of the past or notes of previous shapeshifters, both of which can shed some light on the events that happened a long time ago. When you have explored enough or just want to move forward in the story, you have to visit old temple ruins and solve puzzles to uncover their secrets. The puzzles are not hard, which isn't bad as it doesn't disturb the calm mood of the game.

The relaxing experience of flying around is intensified with a beautiful soundtrack which nicely corresponds to the game atmosphere. I found the simplistic graphics rather appealing, it's very colorful and every region offers different surroundings. Controls can be somewhat clumsy, but nothing serious. The game can be completed really quickly I suppose, but I really liked flying around and just exploring the islands. It was great fun.
The ending was a little abrupt though and no definite answer was given to us. There are hints through the game on what's gonna happen, but we will never know for sure. To say the truth I though there's gonna be some post credit scene about the world and its inhabitants, which would offer a closure to a great mysterious story, but sadly we are left in dark.

Silence is a sequel to The Whispered World, so it's very much advisable to play the first game before the second one as lot of The Whispered World's events and characters will get mentioned or even will make their appearance. But the true feeling of nostalgia will kick in once you hear the iconic main music track from the first game and see the beautiful background visuals. And of course, once you hatch Spot. <3

Silence is an adventure game where you get to play as three different characters - Noah, his little sister Renie (she is a real sweetheart) and Spot. Both Noah's and Renie's characters are greatly written and especially Noah undertakes a serious development through the story. As the game is focused on the storytelling and on heavy emotions the gameplay is sadly rather shallow. You have no inventory and the items you find get used mostly on the same screen. There are few (very few) traditional logical puzzles, attention is mostly focused on interaction with the surroundings. I got stuck once, but it was mostly of a bad game design as I wanted to perform an action, but before that I had to perform two other actions even though they were completely unnecessary for the result.

The highlights of the Silence are great main characters, beautiful soundtrack and gorgeous hand painted graphics. I was a little bit afraid of the 3D characters, but it worked nicely in the end. The story adapts the same theme as the first game, this time without its “wow effect”, but the idea is still very strong to carry another whole similar storyline. Weakest point are side characters whom we meet right at the beginning. Even though we can select in what way to interact with them and their characters develop somehow it all leads into a big nothingness. Their whole presence in the game is pretty much without any meaning and if they wouldn't be there it would have pretty much the same effect. It's rather sad, because in The Whispered World all important characters got their conclusion during the credits (it was a touching moment). Not this time though and all we can do is ask why they were even there.

To obtain all of the achievements you have to play it twice at least. Some of them are rather tricky so beware as you can't simply load it up. There is only an auto save, which is pretty much disappointing and sometimes leads to replaying a whole scene again as it saves only in certain moments - once you start doing some scene, you better not leave in the middle of it.

I have enjoyed the Silence even though it in some moments felt like a weaker sibling of The Whispered World. The nostalgic note plays well with me, I admit that.

Half-Life 2

Jotun: Valhalla Edition

13.0 hours
21 of 36 achievements

In Jotun we assume the role of Thora, a Viking warrior, who lost her life when her ship got sunken during a stormy night. As this was an inglorious death unworthy of a warrior, she is given a second chance to prove herself to the Gods and earn her place in Valhalla. From Ginnungagap, the Void, she has to venture into five different worlds and collect their respective Runes. Each Rune is protected by a mighty Jotun though and fights with them will put her fighting skills to some serious test. If she wishes to stand before Odin himself she has to endure and fight bravely to the end!

Even though Jotun is basically a game about fighting with Bosses filled with short intermezzos of exploration and story, it can be quite enjoyable. Each world offers a different setting (snow, grassland, magma etc.) with specific challenges to overcome on our search for the runes. The route isn't always straightforward and we are required to perform certain actions to open it. As we explore the surroundings we can stumble upon God shrines - bestow godly powers on Thora, trees bearing Ithunn's Apples - permanently boost Thora's life, Mimir's Wells - refreshes health and skills, or uncover secrets from Norse mythology.

All of this is wrapped in beautiful hand-drawn graphics and accompanied by a fitting soundtrack. Icelandic voices create an awesome atmosphere and listening to them was absolutely amazing. Jotun also does a great job in portraying Thora's smallness and overall insignificance as everything around her is so big (especially bosses), that she is sometimes even barely visible. ^^
Biggest flaw of the game is sadly in the fights. Thora moves around rather slowly, which is intensified even more by her smallness. There is no run option (only with a God skill and only for a moment), the illusion of a quicker movement offers a dodge roll. Sadly it's not very useful even during fighting. After the roll Thora doesn't continue in her movement (even if you hold the button), instead she stops for a tiny moment, which is enough to get hit. Also, when she rolls, she just pushes the enemies before her instead of smashing them around. So when she is getting up then the enemy is free to attack her. Not very helpful. Thora has only one weapon, her trustworthy axe, with two kinds of attacks - basic and powerful. Both of them feel slow and the powerful will even hold Thora on the spot until she releases it. Sooner or later one will get used to it… my biggest issue was with godly powers. There are six of them and they have limited charges, which is fine. What isn't fine, is that they are all set on (basically) one key! You scroll through them with Q and E, from the front or from the behind. In the heat of battle it can get pretty confusing and I have selected the wrong skill like that many times. When I was trying for the timed or no hit achievements it felt almost like a typing game as I have prepared a clear sequence to navigate through the skills.

Playing through the game doesn't take long (it depends heavily on your skills), so luckily those small problems don't overgrow into a bigger frustration. It was rather fun. Some of the achievements are pretty crazy, so kudos to all who manage to get them.

Half-Life 2

Little Nightmares

12.8 hours
13 of 22 achievements

Little Nightmares is what would Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi by Hayao Miyazaki look like if Tim Burton decided to film it.
That's how I feel about it. I didn't know much about Little Nightmares when I started and after finishing it I still don't know much.

The visual design is truly creepy and unsettling. Similarly soundtrack helps to create the right atmosphere, which is really well done in the game. You spent your time crawling around or running away from your chasers and that can get pretty intense. Controls were okay, in some moments a little clunky, but worse was the camera angle in some jumping parts - I just couldn't see if I was in the line or not, so I usually died. This can be a problem when doing the no death run.
The game uses an autosave and only in certain locations, so it's better to leave the game after you are certain it was saved (I have sometimes mistaken flashing icon for save when it was just for a found collectible). When you die in a chase or you are caught when sneaking you are usually respawned right before that part, but when you leave and come back you can find yourself at the start of the area. The game isn't long and the chases are mostly doable on the first try, even though some parts require pretty tight timing for succeeding. Luckily re-doing my failures didn't turn into a chore and I have quite enjoyed it.

Story is… well there is something. Not really clear though. I still miss the DLC's, so I don't know if there is something more said about it, but I highly doubt it. I have read through official materials, different player's thoughts and many hypotheses, but nothing from it creates the right image (for me).

Half-Life 2

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

46.3 hours
39 of 47 achievements

I was thinking about playing through Batman games in an order and because I had finished the first one a long time ago and because I was still missing some achievements (especially Party Pooper was nagging me as I have stupidly missed it the first time), I have decided to play it once more, this time on hard difficulty. Let me say that doing that achievement on the hardest setting was one of my dumbest decisions. I screamed some dirty words unworthy of a lady and almost broke my table with my angry fists. Also I almost cried when I realized that I would have to play through the whole game on easier difficulty to obtain it should I fail on the hard… but I did it! To my surprise, I am not even sure how. ^^ Final showdown with Joker was also horrible. Have to say that I am even a little embarrassed for the tantrum I was throwing when failing miserably, I have then slapped myself (figuratively speaking mind you) and came victorious! It felt good, but never again.

I was then playing around with challenges. Stealth missions are pretty good, I will maybe even try the hard ones (with the help of a guide), but those combat challenges are just too much for me. I always make some tiny mistake and it destroys the whole combo. As I was playing Batman after Mad Max I was quite displeased as Max has a much longer threshold for the combo continuation. Here if you miss the one millisecond you are busted. Anyway, I am not sure that I want to spend more time on it, I am just not that good at fighting games. And I actually can't wait for the second game. ^^

Beaten during July, reports will follow once I complete them or am done with them in some other way.

SSS… Steam Summer Sale

Except for three games, all were on my wishlist.

Lego Humble Bundle

Hentai Stuff

You see nothing. >_>

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 146 achievements

  • Zetria

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements


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    0.0 hours playtime

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April 2021 - the list was made
6% (9/149)
4% (6/149)
6% (9/149)
84% (125/149)
December 2021
8% (13/154)
4% (6/154)
7% (11/154)
81% (124/154)


4% (1/23)
13% (3/23)
83% (19/23)


33% (7/21)
14% (3/21)
52% (11/21)

I’m really curious how I can make my profile have tabs like Garcias profile is like. I really like that he separated by sections and I’ve seen it shown on other profiles? 🤔


Sep 22 2022


Main Quest #173 - 22 September 2022

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence

about 10 hours playtime
21 of 35 achievements (60%)

Great game! Couldn’t put the game down and loved every mechanic and how different the characters were. I’ll definitely play the sequel when I get my hands on it! :D

Sep 21 2022


Currently in progress with this game. It’s really based on level and grind. It also demands you to start a New Game + once you’re done, so that’s another ~50 hours I think.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

44.1 hours, 28 of 48 achievements
Currently Playing - Won on Steamgifts - Play a game you won on SteamGifts event

Currently this month’s objective progress so far.

33% (1/3)
67% (2/3)

Locked and loaded. Ready to set up my backlog and send it to the world. It may take a while, but it will be finished. 😄