• Ahnayro: The Dream World

    21 hours playtime

    11 of 11 achievements

It was painful wracking my brain solving the puzzles but they are oh so worth it. This is an Alternate Reality Game, and I think this is the second game I’ve played, all from Alice & Smith. I put this off despite the low HLTB hours coz some of the puzzles are challenging. I remember thinking I’d need to learn advanced cryptography just to solve some of them (I didn’t). But solving the puzzles is pure pleasure that I kept thinking I should try just one more puzzle, until I get stumped again and just put it aside.

It’s helpful to get some help though. There are five clues available each day. The community is also quite active. I asked for help there and within a day (or two?) I got a reply. And I think anyone playing this would need someone to push them in the right direction. Some answers simply aren’t common sense, or you could easily miss them while going through the voluminous tomes from Wikipedia.

I’d recommend this for those who like puzzles and mystery.


Monthly Update

  • Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain

    15 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

    12 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

    14 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Legacy of Kain: Defiance

    17 hours playtime

    no achievements



lost in bundle (and elsewhere) ones

i like these BLAEO pages also cause of low numbers. to lower them another bit, this is the stuff i’m finding, while steamgifting.

Fields XY

0.5 hours, 1 of 16 achievements

sg-shitty-wins, lost in bundle and awesome

Dice 1000 online

6.9 hours, 40 of 213 achievements

sg-shitty-wins, lost in bundle and awesome. a must (only) if you can cope with very shitty UI and bugs. and RNG. and dices. and…

Mar 19 2019


What is the game that you played the most and how many hours?

Mar 18 2019


Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 34 seconds. Contains ~314 words.

Crossed "Cross of the Dutchman" off the batch, man!

A nice game game based on a true (and not-so-nice) story. You play as a farmer who leaves his fields and family to fight against the oppressors.

The gameplay reminded me of Driftmoon, even if here you basically only go around killing Saxons.
You move and attack with the mouse yet the controls are not very accurate. Example of this can be seen if you get stuck somewhere or during battles, where clicking correctly is everything or you miss hitting the enemies.
Even so, the game is not very long so I think it's rather easy to bear with those flaws.

There really is not much more to say about this title.. go here, kill saxons, go there, kill some more, etc. etc.

Other than idling time, playtime could be lower.. I just died a couple of times during huge waves of enemies (until I noticed that your health auto-regen after a while if you don't get hit.. after that I was invincible!) and a couple more during the stealth parts, mostly because I needed to figure out the right path.
Oh, and run across the whole map a couple of times because the end game was close and I hadn't unlocked the achievement for opening all the chests yet. Luckily, I eventually noticed that the map shows you how many chests you already opened in each area, so I able to find that last one :)
How long could've that taken? 15-20' at most? well, not that much, sure ^^; ..still, not a long game :)
Title: Cross of the Dutchman
Developer: Triangle Studios
Publisher: Triangle Studios
Release date: 2015-09-10
Regular price: 8,99 €
Bundled:      ☑Yes ☐No
Achievements: ☑Yes ☐No
Cards:        ☑Yes ☐No
cards idling: 2.5h
Degree of appreciation — 10% — 20% — 30% — 40% — 50% — 60% — 70% — 80% — 90%
  • Zenge

    5 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

Report #215: Zenge

Short & Casual

Time to complete a short game. Perfect for just about two hours (3-4 hours are idle time). You have to move pieces of a puzzle on pre-defined paths. In the very beginning it is just obvious, how to solve the puzzles. Later on you have to flip, rotate and move in the correct order


Update 5: Purchases and wins for the last month

I’ve decided to split the posts since they got too long XD
So from now on I will make one post at the end of the month with all my beaten/completed games and what I thought about them and one post in the middle of the month with new purchases and wins from the previous month up to that date.

This post will be about the purchases/wins starting from March 1st until today (since I did the wins for last month already).

My steamgift wins:

5 wins so far. Seems to be a good month :)

About the wins:
Silence: I was interested in this game for some time and will probably play this next month.
Solitaire Club: A nice little card game.
Age of Wonders III: Tried to win this for some time. Looks like a nice strategy game, which I like very much.
Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Pack: Couldn’t have come at a better time, since I’m playing Borderlands2 right now :)
Breach: Took part in this GA impulsively. Liked the trailer, so we’ll see what I think about it.

Other purchases (Humble,Fanatical,Steam):

So this makes 13 new purchases/wins for this month and I’ve beaten/completed 3 games so far and working on the 4th. So unfortunately for this month my backlog seems to grow by at least +10 new games. I’ll keep you posted XD


Ninglors Log 105

12.02.18 – 18.03.18

March Progress:

Completed Games:
Our Love Will Grow

Won/Gifted Games:
Project Highrise (Thank you!)

Bought Games:
The Frist Tree
Niche – a genetic survival game
Throne of Lies

Played this week:

Our Love Will Grow

28 hours, no achievements, ★★☆☆☆


Since it's late I'll just write a real quick one.
Our Love Will Grow is a super simple farming game. Compared to others, where you have to swap tools, dig up plots, clear your farming land, move the kettle onto the field in the morning and back to the shed in the evening, this one is way less complex. Firstly you do basically EVERYTHING with enter. Farming, looting, fishing, talking to ppl, selling, shopping, harvest, just everything. You don't switch tools. Right, said that before. Secondly you can only move with the arrows (or me just being stupid in working out how to change the keyboard. Like, honestly, I DIDN'T FIGURE IT OUT!?!). And last you have a very simple… err… menu (?) to work with by pressing either esc or zero on the num pad (which worked nicely with "enter" and arrows btw).
The most complicated thing was finding my way around the map. But once you know where everything is, that's also no big problem any longer. Second biggest problem was getting a girl to like the farmer. By the time I worked out I should hand out gifts to raise the heart lvl… I was almost done with everything else, so in the end I only kept going to get to marry. Once that was done, I decided it was enough.
Oh right, there is no real weather to talk about - only ever encountered rain in cut scenes - and most certainly no seasons. So we can grow strawberries at the same time as pumpkins - as long as we get the seeds for them. There are events but after the last one, it just ends and we just life on and on and on. So after the last event it became a bit dull to play. And yes, it's not the most exciting farming game to start with. But having events to look forward too and some requests from the so called "Consortium", make it not plain boring. Only raising the heart lvl sure does.
Still I enjoyed it. Probably bc I'm always bored at some point by farming games. I LOVE them, but I'm always bored after a certain amount of time. (HM sure take way longer to reach, but then I never play it as much at a time as I do with PC games :D)
Recommendation? For relaxing in between gaming: Yes :)

Cat Story ahead!
Sadly nothing here this week, bc soooo busy on my part o.o
But I brought you this:

I’ve been visiting a friend and we went to a concert – I reckon it might just be the best I’ve ever been at. Not just bc of the music, but also bc of the audience. I never felt less estranged, which was a totally new and exciting and beautiful experience. So yes, best ever. Also meeting the friend for the first time was so super awesome. All in all, I had two awesome days. Wish it would have lasted a bit longer, but since it was in the middle of the week – and right before she had to write exams – there was no other way. Sadly. Next time definitely more :]
Also I’ve been for the longest time ever out painting. I left about half past ten and the town was super deserted, considering it was a Sunday night. But it was just great getting back to it and totally into it. I hate my lack of motivation to go out and just do it – and love my ability to just get so lost in the whole painting process. In the end I decided to just reserve a table for each Sunday, that way it’ll find its way into my calendar and it’ll feel more like an appointment and appointments I normally don’t just ignore.
Sry for funny phrasings or such. Head is in chilling mode ;)

As stated before:
I’m happy to paint for each and everyone of you. Only fee are the material and shipping costs \o/
If you wanna give me something for the “work”, that’s totally up to you and not expected ;)

Ninglor_ious on Instagram

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor

Dad Tip #74 - Anyone who tells you that a drink isn’t manly has never known heartache

Mar 17 2019

  • Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

    18 hours playtime

    25 of 36 achievements

Report #214: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

XCOM play-a-like

This was a big surprise for me seeing in the Humble Bundle monthly. When I got the key I immediately installed and played it. From the description and comments I was expecting a game, very similar to XCOM. Well, that is true and false at the same time.

True, it has a similar mechanic. Playing a squad, having turn-based combat and different skills and weapons. But your squad size is much more limited and you can actually walk outside of combat. Starting the combat is almost everytime up to you, and if you are sneaky, you can even avoid or silently kill single enemies.

Definitively recommended to get it for this cheap. Had a lot of fun. Not going for the very hard difficulty achievement

🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

Second week of March

I was hoping to have a 4th game done this week, but then CS:GO happened… again… I ranked up at least wooo \o/.

Completed SG wins

Heaven & Hell
Playtime: 6.6 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: Your average match 3 game, which is not a bad this at all. I had fun playing it. There is a story mode that takes about 6 hours to finish , an endless mode which I have it one go and it was really weird and a puzzle mode that wasn't unlocked for some reason (I guess you had to beat the weird endless mode for it)
Sakura Agent
Playtime: 5.8 hours
Achievements: 10 of 10 (100%)
Review: Once of those VN that would be a lot better of with a little bit less boobs and a little bit more story. But I am also a straight woman so what do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other completed games

Slash It
Playtime: 3.6 hours
Achievements: 302 of 302 (100%)
Review: A quite fun reflex/typing game with 6 different game modes. If you play it make sure you have a keyboard with a numpad for the "numbers" game modes so you don't have to go hunt down your old keyboard in some box under your bed like me.