Alright. Mosaic is done and dusted, with the 1% DLC activated. The DLC is really just skins and an in mini game ad blocker lol. Which will make more sense later. So, Mosaic is kind of weird. On one hand, it is not fun at all and borders on tedious. On the other hand, it’s very interesting with a strong, “don’t sell your soul to corporate overlords” message, which I appreciate.

The game alternates between driving home the “Be a good corporate worker. Corporation is life” and “I gotta break free of my corporate bonds while I still have a life to live”. As such, you’ll start each day of monotony slowly getting ready for work and even more slowly getting there. At some point, you’ll do your daily work assignment, presented in puzzle form.

The game is separated by days rather than chapters, and each day, something changes you a bit more. The game is all dreary greys and blacks and whites except for the moments that touch your soul. Those are full of color, and represent what you can have vs what you do have. Each day, a bit more of that color starts to break down the brainwashing you’ve been subjected to, until finally, you embrace what the soul wants and break the chains that bind. My favorite part of the game was the end reveal, which I quite appreciated.

Mosaic most reminds me of games like Inside or Monochroma, but presented as a walking sim rather than an adventure platformer. A very slow paced but thankfully short walking sim.

You have a cell phone,from which you can read a few messages from people you used to know before you became a corporate drone, which are usually filled with regret at your withdrawal from life. Most of the other messages are directly from your corporate masters.

Your phone also has some apps. The most impactful being BlipBlop, which is a clicker minigame, meant to represent the mindless distractions offered to you as a corporate drone. All of Mosaic’s achievements are actually tied to this mini game. My suggestion would be to tackle that first, then play through Mosaic’s actual story. The adblocker from the DLC allegedly prevents corporate ads from popping up while clicking. In my playthrough, the ads still showed up, lol.

That’s more or less the game in a nutshell. I think it’s a more difficult game to play through from a presentation and slow walking standpoint, but the actual story is worthwhile.

I played this on the Steam Deck with zero issues. The battery lasted my entire playthrough, so you could definitely play this on the go.

I received this license via my Robilar’s Reviews curator program. I definitely would not have been happy if I’d spent the retail asking price of $19.99 for this. To me, this is a buy on sale or in a bundle type of game. It’s a quality experience, but not a particularly fun game.



🎮 Games Completed in February 2024 🎮


Stats End of February 2024


Overall statistics

14.004% (952/6798)
10.797% (734/6798)
2.427% (165/6798)
34.805% (2366/6798)
37.967% (2581/6798)

Monthly change

Won't play

Overall wins statistics

19.345% (443/2290)
15.721% (360/2290)
4.061% (93/2290)
26.157% (599/2290)
34.716% (795/2290)

Monthly change

Won't play

Yearly Challenges

Yearly Challenge 2024 - Visual Novels

11.538% (6/52)
11.538% (6/52)
76.923% (40/52)

Finish all games on the Presents list

8.333% (2/24)
8.333% (2/24)
83.333% (20/24)

66% of games added in 2015 and 2016 beaten/completed


58.163% (57/98)
2.041% (2/98)
39,796% (39/98)


38.235% (26/68)
1.471% (1/68)
60.294% (41/68)

Wins - Finished >= Won


300 games finished in 2024

13.000% (34/300)
7.333% (22/300)
79.667% (261/300)


Challenge Me

37.500% (3/8)
62.500% (5/8)


100% (27/44)
100% (17/44)


66.667% (4/6)
33.333% (2/6)

February 2023


And too few time to finish any game….

Finished games:


New games:

  • Super Panda Adventures

    67 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Alwa's Awakening

    60 minutes playtime

    0 of 15 achievements


    1 minute playtime

    0 of 30 achievements

  • A Tale of Paper

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 29 achievements

  • Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior

    7 hours playtime

    25 of 63 achievements

  • Tinykin

    2 hours playtime

    0 of 43 achievements

  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens

    2 hours playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

  • Islets

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 44 achievements

  • Wobbledogs

    52 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • A Little to the Left

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 55 achievements

  • The Mummy Demastered

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 37 achievements

  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 46 achievements

  • Arcade Paradise

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 54 achievements

  • Mad Experiments: Escape Room

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 13 achievements


February 2024

31.6 hours

Half-Life 2

Lethal Company

44.3 hours
no achievements
Half-Life 2

Dead by Daylight

1101.8 hours
181 of 242 achievements
Half-Life 2


19.4 hours
6 of 10 achievements
Half-Life 2

Remnant II

11.6 hours
14 of 55 achievements
  • Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition
  • Call of the Sea

February 2024

Slower month. Busy with work and roguelikes keep eluding me of the completion. Should suck less, I guess? Also have been testing/playing some of my free Epic games. Jurassic World Evolution is simple theme park simulator but still somehow enjoyable. Mutant Year Zero felt like dumbed down XCOM (modern) that is dumbed down XCOM (classic).



23.8 hours, 42 of 54 achievements

Click to expand

Certainly not what I was expecting. For some reason I was expecting more of building mechanics and less scavenging. Humor was alright but kept diminishing through the game. Could have used more of the immortal chicken. I think I kept playing the game wrong. Wasted so much time gathering resources that didn't really need.



9.3 hours, 9 of 44 achievements

Halls of Torment

26.9 hours, 226 of 301 achievements

ENDLESS™ Dungeon

39.5 hours, no achievements


8% (36/428)
80% (343/428)
5% (22/428)
2% (7/428)
5% (20/428)
8% (36/428)
80% (342/428)
5% (22/428)
2% (8/428)
5% (20/428)

I forgot to write this yesterday, because I felt like shit, but here we go! February has ended and I already finished almost as many games as for entire last year…
My plans about completing Horizon and moving to some classic titles pretty quickly has changed, thanks to Humble Bundle :) They released “Mind-Bending Masterpiece” Bundle and it was probably the fastest I’ve ever bought something. Since for a few months now, I really enjoy playing puzzle games, it was just perfect for me. So yeah, some people might say that I added a bunch of stuff to my backlog, and didn’t complete the games I was already playing. That’s true to some degree, but this bundle is probably the first time ever that I’ve bought a bunch of games, and finished most of them few weeks later (for now I’ve completed 5/7).
I don’t know what this month will bring but I’m pretty optimistic when it comes to those “big titles” in my library. But of course everything can change with the next bundle created completely for me :)
P.S. Sorry if those texts wouldn’t be as comprehensive as they could be but this week I finished my meds (that I took for like 2 years) and I feel like a drug addict on detox :))) So it is especially hard for me to formulate texts, especially in my second language

The Best Game This Month:

Half-Life 2
How the game so simple could have so many different mechanics??

Patrick's Parabox

14.8 hours
22 of 22 achievements

Ok, simple "wow" is enough. This game, even though is very simplistic, don't have any story and is basically a mind-bending puzzles compilation, could possibly be at the same level as both Portals, Fez, or other "greatest" puzzle games. At least in my ranking :)
The simplicity of mechanics that progressively get more complicated makes this games pretty easy to get into but really hard to complete. It's basically the game where you need to put cube in a specific spot. That's it. But at the same time, thanks to adding new techniques, function blocks and (as title says) paradoxes, this simple premise makes your brain melt… IN A GOOD WAY!
I don't know what to say more. This game is so simple, but so complex at the same time… The only thing I could add is that it upgraded from a game that I never heard of to one of the best puzzle games that I will recommend to anyone who love to think for a while before finishing a level.

The Worst Game This Month:

Half-Life 2
Why does minimalistic puzzle games have to have such pretentious stories...


3.6 hours
13 of 13 achievements

At the start I need to clarify something - This month I didn't play any bad games. I don't know how it happened but yeah, every game I started was at least "ok". But, it doesn't mean that something wasn't the worst. And Etherborn was deffinitely the least impressive.
The premise of this one is simple to many others (and even to the last game I finished - Manifold Garden) finish puzzles by working with changing gravity. It's pretty popular mechanics now, but at the same time it's really efective, so I don't mind. But for me, it was just too easy…
Easy games are not necessarily bad, but if you boot up specifically a puzzle game, it would be nice if the difficulty level required at least some effort from you. My second issue is the "story". I have no idea where it comes from, but many minimalistic puzzle games need to have this super deep story that refer to the meaning of life and stuff like that. It is totally subjective, I know, but I'm just tired of this… It is so repetitive and boring now…

The Biggest Positive Suprise:

Half-Life 2
Ok, so VNs can be pretty good...

Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk

3.2 hours
10 of 10 achievements

It's the second month in a row, where both of my biggest suprises are VNs! But first of all, let's begin with something nice.
For anyone who never heard of that one, it's a sequel to really short game that has pretty identical title (just replace "outside" with "inside"). On paper, the story that both of those games tell is not very engaging. There's a girl who needs to buy a milk and then comes home, and goes to sleep. You know, what I said is probably the biggest summary of both of these games that you can possibly come up with. But it's pretty much it. Apart from, of course, the strange, disturbing characters our heroine meets, her mental problems, how she deals with them, what traumas she has experienced, etc.
Both of those "Milk Games" are so much more than I expected. Most of the things we learn about our main character are just a façade. We either have to push it a little to find out what the truth is, or simply deduce where certain behaviors come from. Damn, it's a pity that both games only last about 3-4 hours (and the first one lasts about 20 minutes). I would like to know more about the main character, about her past, about how she dealt with problems before. And of course I would like to know what happened to her later… Well, maybe there will be one more game in this series. But what will it be called this time?

The Biggest Negative Suprise:

Half-Life 2
Basically a story from r/nosleep

Pumpkin Eater

0.7 hours
5 of 5 achievements

Ok, I know this game was created for some game jam. This is actually why I gave it around 6/10 :)
Pumpkin Eater is a short VN that is partly about family trauma, partly about psychological problems, and partly about psychopaths in general :) I found the game through my fellow friends at SteamGifts Magazine who mentioned it while they tried to recommend me something. It was cheap, short and felt a bit gruesome, so ideal for me… But yeah, after around an hour, I had a mixed feelings. Not because of the macabre content but because it could be so much better. Maybe this is a result of the short time in which the game had to be created. Or maybe the creator who wrote the script was simply not as talented a writer as I would have expected. After all, I felt like I had read some creepypasta on Reddit, and unfortunately not a good one. The idea itself was really appealing, but the execution made me feel like I was reading fanfic written by a middle schooler…



Progress report: February ‘24 (a.k.a. Just Chugging Along!)

Like I’m a sad little train! It’s an okay kind of “sad”, though, I think. I thought I had a bit of a job going, turns out I’m being bamboozled and have to dig my way out of the mess. Oh well! The worst part is still definitely the fact that I have to start looking for something else and seriously now. Now if only games weren’t this enticing…

But enough of that! I’m saying “it’s gaming time” and gaming all over y’all!

100 hidden frogs 2 - A great visual improvement over all the previous games, but so poorly optimized, my laptop could barely run it. Can’t believe it took me over an hour, between the game telling me I had outdated graphic drivers and actually trying to wade through it at a snail’s pace…

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery - By all accounts, this game looks and feels like a Ghibli movie; so much so that I could have sworn that’s how it was being advertised on its Steam page. Most specifically, it’s like if a Ghibli movie had interactive segments and some simple puzzles thrown into the mix. It’s the perfect example of a game to play in the evening, with a cup of your favorite hot beverage in hand, when you just want to relax. It’s about as long as a movie, too, but all that just begs the question… did it really need to be a game? Every once in a while, I happen upon games so short and/or with such inconsequential gameplay that I have to wonder if someone didn’t just force their vision of “it needs to be a game” upon a piece that would have been serviceable as a movie, comic, book, etc. It’s also horribly expensive for something that only takes about 2 hours from start to finish. Recommended only on a deep enough sale.

Call each NEW YEAR - For some time now, I’ve had this odd desire to try and see what it would be like to read a VN in a language I don’t know at all using a real-time translator. Welp, turns out it’s still pretty hard to do! It took time to get right, obviously; sometimes I had to take photos when the app struggled to focus on the text… but let’s just assume I got as much out of it as I possibly could have. Well… this was par for the course, as far as indie Russian VNs go. A bunch of friends (I’m still unclear on how much they actually like each other) in their twenties meet up to celebrate New Year’s. You’re established as some kind of a loser (heck, the first bad end you can get is staying home to play games instead of going out) they seem to be more or less willing to put up with. If you get far enough into the game, you’re at someone else’s house, drinking and having fun until you black out. In the dream you’re having, you see Sasuke from Naruto just because you can, I guess. After coming to, your friends tell you that you went on a rampage, chasing one of the girls around with a guitar and breaking it (not over her head, thankfully). From there, you can choose to 1) drink alone, which will lead you to doing some thinking about the future and eventually, celebrating your next New Year’s back in college, with your new girlfriend (but apparently that’s not the good/true end?), 2) go to the bedroom (and die from falling out the window - somehow I was waiting for that to happen ever since I learned the dream was a black out) or 3) keep drinking with the guys, which will lead to irresponsible firework play and breaking a neighbor’s window. Otherwise, you can choose to “fix everything”, which entails drinking a mix of all the alcohol available and harnessing some kind of time travel power, parodying some other thing I did not recognize. This succeeds and you find yourself back in your room at the start of the game. That could be pretty cool, but not going to the party is a bad end. So then, I chose to go and as it turns out, nothing in the game has changed from that point on. Admittedly, I only tried once, but I figured that might as well be a good place to stop. I much prefer to complete games than leave them at a point where I’m not certain I’ve seen everything, but VNs that don’t care for having some sort of a checklist or other ending tracker just get on my nerves. And to add insult to injury, this story wasn’t even very funny. The protagonist is sexist and pseudo-deep, and watching his friends barely want to handle his shit doesn’t make me like him more either. If you know Russian and the premise sounds like something you’d like, knock yourself out. If not… there’s millions of better games out there.

Click For Points - It’s a big, red button. It can be clicked for achievements. I did that, and you can too.

FRAMED Collection - Originally released for iOS and Android, FRAMED and FRAMED 2 are puzzle games in which you re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to push the story forward. I really enjoyed the noir setting and the distinct art style, not to mention the soundtrack. Plus, the thought of it being (semi?) classic mobile games just tied it all together, somehow. I found these games to be sufficiently challenging, not always easy, but never so hard that I gave up. They introduced only a few mechanics (panel rotation and refresh), but they still made some levels solid headscratchers. Okay, I dunno, this review is sounding pretty basic, so I’ll just say: this was a good puzzle game, and considering it’s not often I can say that about a puzzle game, having played through most of it with no external help, you should probably play it too.

Motion of the Heart - I wish I could try and pretend like there’s something interesting to say about this VN, but there really isn’t. It’s just a story of a girl running away from home to see if her overworked boyfriend cares about her anymore (from the guy’s POV), but even calling it a “story” is giving it far too much credit, it’s nothing more than a prompt that should be the starting point for something more. As it stands, it’s so short and so… nothing that I am embarrassed for the devs for even having made the effort to put this on Steam.

Sleep and Girls - …I bought another one. I… am unhinged, clearly.

The Complex - I’d be lying if I said I knew what this was about. I mean, yeah, nanocells are a highly coveted technology and all those happenings were pretty scary, but I just got lost near the end. The endings were all really same-y, too; it only took a few choices near the end to establish which one you’re going to get, which is pretty poor design. Speaking of design, however, I really liked the white and orange aesthetic, particularly on the uniforms, but on the lab tech as well. And as for some of the actors: Michelle Mylett (Amy) is so beautiful, I couldn’t stop looking at her whenever she was on screen. Al Weaver (Rees) is the familiar face this time around, as he later went on to play Toby in Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus?. Kate Dickie (Nathalie) and her thick Scottish accent? Don’t ask me how, but it just works! Looking at IMDb, it seems that this also got released as a regular movie to rather poor ratings, so maybe I’m not completely dumb for not having been on board with it. It was just o-kay.

Trombone Champ - Boy, oh boy. I’ve been craving a new rhythm game and this seemed like a solid choice. I mean, people all around YouTube were playing it for a hot minute, it’s gotta be good! Well… the more I played it, the closer I came to the conclusion that it’s excellent as a shitpost, but not nearly as good as a rhythm game. There’s a selection of 60 songs (possibly more in the future), from classical pieces, through a selection of national anthems, all the way to original electronic compositions and remixes - a fair amount, but it got repetitive after I S-ranked most of the songs, yet still had a lot of grinding to do. Each song has an original animated video in the background, but because of what the gameplay looks like, you’ll technically be missing most of it because you’ll be too busy looking at the left side of the screen. The story mode is… well, it blends right into the rest of the game, so much so that I needed to look at a guide to know how to proceed. Then there’s a collection of 50 cards with people or things related to tromboning that you can collect as you play, which was nice until I got to the endgame and needed to collect 10 of each to “engoldenate” it. (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but no joke, I’m pretty sure this grind took up nearly half of my playtime.) There’s a good amount of customizable unlocks, most of which I never used, but the “Gassy” sound set is a real treat. I also have to mention the extensive list of accessibility options, including the ability to play without having to click the mouse button - WooLoop has been giving me enough hand strain, so thank you for that, truly. In the end, as wacky as it was, I kind of wished I was just watching one of my favorite YouTubers play it instead.

Valentine Panic! - I was originally planning to play this a route at a time, for four Valentine’s Days in a row. Clearly, that didn’t pan out, so I figured I might as well complete it this year. The concept is simple: you’re struggling to find a job, but a mysterious woman, known only as “K”, calls you and says you can work at her cafe. About an hour and two hands-on tests later, you get the job and can choose which two of the four characters to work alongside. From then on, the next three days are really busy, as the cafe is having a Valentine’s Day Rush - everything on the menu is half off, so there’s a ton of customers coming in each day. After those three days are over, you will have, ideally, gotten closer to one of your coworkers. It’s all really simple and surface level, which in turn also means that you can’t choose a single answer that isn’t obviously aimed at your character of choice. All the work is represented by a time-limited memory game, which would be okay, if that didn’t take up more time than the VN part of the game. There’s an “endless mode” and achievements tied to it, which are the only reason this game took as much time as it did. Just because something sounds cool (completing 100 rounds of the game in a row), doesn’t mean it should be a thing. Think it’ll take me at least until the end of the month not to hurl at the mere thought of playing another memory game.

Wordle 2 - I admit I can no longer tell if the first game actually had unsolvable levels or if it was just me not being competent enough to solve them (probably still the former). I also can’t be arsed to pretend like I care about solving these puzzles on my own. Oops!

Yi and the Thousand Moons - From the people behind Evergreen Blues comes Yi and the Thousand Moons! (It actually came out before Evergreen Blues, but shh.) I only really bought this one because I got a discount coupon for it after crafting a badge some time ago. It was, uh… it was okay. The story didn’t exactly make sense, it felt like being thrown into the middle of an established world out of nowhere and picking up from there. …aaand I’m not sure this really gained anything from being a game, but still, it was okay. I just can’t recommend it due to how short it is, in comparison to its price.

See you next month! :)


Here is my February-2024 month progress on my “Action Rogue-Like” games:

I added another good amount of games to the list. And haven’t play much because I got drawn into Steam Trading Cards and having fun collecting badges.
+29 new games in total.

1.1% (1/93)
63.4% (59/93)
8.6% (8/93)
14.0% (13/93)
12.9% (12/93)

I beat two games:

Half-Life 2
Stats Before Starting This Month:
0 Hours
0 of 45 Achievements

Children of Morta

21.8 hours
42 of 45 achievements

It's a very good game on terms of gameplay, but the story was ruined by the end in my opinion.

Half-Life 2
Stats Before Starting This Month:
Game added this month.


12.5 hours
29 of 42 achievements

Won it on SG. It's extremely difficult, and I was forced to use the accessibility options to beat it.

I grinded very little but still some of this game to complete at some point:

Half-Life 2
Stats Before Starting This Month:
36.9 Hours
26 of 114 Achievements

Heroes of Hammerwatch

37.7 hours
26 of 114 achievements

Like I said most of this month was spent trading Steam Trading Cards, and with no regrets to be honest, I’m having fun doing it. But I don’t want to forget about my “Action Rogue-Like” self impose challenges, and I’ll continue to beat and complete more for next month.

You can check my Full Action Rogue-Likes BLAEO list here


Report 84: February 2024

Cats Hidden in Italy/Maple Hollow: Simple hidden objects game just like the previous two. 5/10
The Last Stand Legacy Collection: Collection of small flash games. First two are base defense shooters, the third one is a straight-up action-RPG. Very nostalgic for me. 7/10
Resident Evil 2: This one differs quite a bit from the first game’s remake, kinda miss fixed camera angles. Higher difficulties are actually hard, yet still manageable. Really liked this one. 9/10
Boneraiser Minions: It’s a really good VS clone, but good god, getting all the achievements was kinda tedious/boring at the end. Had to set up color tracing for playable character and enemies characters, I really don’t get why it’s not default, since it gets really hard on the eyes late in the game. Otherwise, pretty good. 8/10
Resident Evil 3: This one is definitely weaker than its predecessor. It is way more action-oriented, the puzzles in 2 were pretty dumb, here they are pretty much nonexistent. The game is hilariously easier since you can buy endless bazooka with earned points and autosaving is off only on the hightest difficulty. Pretty short. Heard a lot of complaints from the people who played the original, but since I didn’t play it, it felt alright to me. 8/10

Backlog progress:

15% (449/2986)
4% (129/2986)
5% (141/2986)
73% (2178/2986)
3% (89/2986)