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I've been on a spree of playing some short games with even shorter reviews, but at least half of that statement has now been invalidated with Wandersong because it got me busting out the usual long form review. Hey, it's only been... a month? Aww, shucks. I also wrote a brief take on a particular anime OVA from the 1990s. In case you really want to feel old and enjoy some occasional gore.

Hope you're staying safe and enjoy the read. ;)

A.D. Police Files ( Action, Cyberpunk – 1990 – 3 episodes ) + OPENING

What to say other than it really is perfect '90s anime - action and gore with some nudity here and there. It is a shame how it got cut down to only three episodes over some supposed legal disputes, though.

Show itself is set in the same world as Bubblegum Crisis, but taken at face values it definitely seems disjointed with three standalone cases that still end up featuring luscious tanned Jeena and her rookie partner as protagonists or side characters. Year is 2027 and we're in Mega Tokyo as technology has given birth to cyberpunk and all the madness that entails. Amusingly enough, fully synthetic humans are called Boomers [or Voomers, depending on translation] and as a response team to their existence we now have AD police alongside Normal police. In best Hollywood action movie fashion former leaves a wake of collateral destruction in their wake and aren't much beloved by latter. If you know cyberpunk you can already guess what you're getting here as everyone involved ponders about whether technology is encroaching on humanity's spirit, whether it's wrong to replace what you originally were or if it's just a path forward. There were chilling scenes when female Boomer model goes mental as she is recycled and only lingering memory she hangs onto, that of being shot to pieces, becomes her fetish as she seeks her "killer" to re-live it or when a full-on police cyborg realizes he's gone berserk as he internally screams for his comrades to kill because he can't help himself.

Basic yet short enough to recommend if you're not squeamish about some gore with notable effort in the presentation considering this is a '90s OVA. Perhaps even look into the setting with more works.


Ninglors Log 183

15.09.20 – 21.09.20

September Progress:
PPU monthly:
September Additions:

Completed Games:
The Banner Saga

Won/Gifted Games:

Bought Games:

Played this week:
Backstage TR Legend

The Banner Saga

13 hours, 29 of 31 achievements

Ok. Banner Saga. So I stopped bc I failed one achievement first time round. Which super annoyed me. I again failed it, but never mind that. I decided to not 100% it, just play it. So that worked out ok.
I still am not really a fan of the game. I don't much like the fighting system - I somehow never do, do I? *grimaces* But I managed on easy. I can't imagine doing it on normal, tbh.
Maybe don't read on? Maybe spoilers, but really just some thoughts here.
As for the story: I might be intrigued? But not really into it. I don't get how a world should work, if there was no sun at all, as they claim - also it's by far not dark or could enough for there really being no sun. So I guess it's not true? Just… I dunno clouds all over and they can't SEE the sun? Otherwise I wouldn't get it. Also… stone ppl? Really, I just… I don't get it. And the Varl can't reproduce? How is it possible to create a race (if we really believe there ARE gods) and… I dunno, just don't give them women or the ability to… somehow do it. Even if they would lay eggs. Or I dunno split off an arm and that grows into a new life. But nope, nothing at ALL. Weirdness. But hey, the humans can make babies. And even the stone ppl! Awesome \o/ (Are they even stone ppl? Questions over questions.)
I kinda think there might be a different outcome with some things, if I did things differently, but… I really couldn't care less at this point. I played it. I'm done. Next game!
(Why did I get the second game, without knowing if I liked the first? I REALLY have to play more first games of series, so I know whether or not I like them…)
No LEWD-rating nor gay ship included
Recommendation? …. right. No idea. Not for ppl who like just the same stuff I do? Maybe? xD

Cat Story ahead!
Ups, I did it again! runs away

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor

Sep 20 2020

  • F1 2020

    79 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

Report #282: F1 2020

Corona season completed

What a long time without any report (beside the Challenge Me! post). One of the reason could haven been Fall Guys on the PS4 :D

On PC I finished in the meantime F1 2020. I pre-purchased it during the last summer sale and jump right into it at launch. It has done a lot of things better then the previous one. Also it took around half of the time, mostly because there is no grind achievement for character development (by answering interview questions) and no MP gold medal achievement, which requires a lot of ranked matches.

Grip has been much improved. Also I liked the overtake handliing with ERS instead of the 5 levels of F1 2019

🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

Third week of September

OMG… I am finally done with Planet Coaster… finally… took months. Now I can finally sleep at night.

Completed games

Psi Cards
Playtime: 1.6 hours
Achievements: 451 of 451 (100%)
Review: Some shitty card guessing game that can be very easily exploited and is laggy and buggy as hell. I dont know if that is Protons fault or the game itself. Would not be surprised if it is just the game.
Planet Coaster
Playtime: 66.7 hours
Achievements: 32 of 32 (100%)
Review: This game can be both fun and frustrating has hell depending how much the game hates you. Also has some bugs with the achievements and UI that a game this expensive really shouldn't... Works fine with Proton. And 4 last words that anyone watched me play it heard way too much: I hate building roller-coasters.

Main Quest #109 - 20 September 2020

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

about 6 hours playtime
no achievements

I’ve never played this one back in the day, so it’s good to finally play it now. The only MW I played was 3 in the Wii, so I can’t wait to play 2 and replay 3 when I can on the PC. It’s fun, classic COD gameplay. My favorite mission was the Pripyat, and then the epilogue one. The whole Act 3 was very action-heavy, my favorite of the three.


Update 68: September 9th to 19th

And lady luck still reigns supreme O_O Another update and another winning streak. At least I am winning games I like ;)
This time around I did not fininish that many games since I spent most of my time on Tales of Symphonia.

Half-Life 2


0.0 hours
no achievements

Can't really say anything about the game. The servers got shut down soon after I won the game shrug

Half-Life 2

Tales of Symphonia

56.3 hours
9 of 39 achievements

Overall this is a good game, pretty long winded at some points, others might find that charming ;) Though it got never to the point where I did not want to play any further. You have a great seelction of characters and skills to choose from, so it does not get boring. I had no problems with crashes or bugs.

Half-Life 2

Zoo Park

3.3 hours
no achievements

Very basic Zoo Tycoon clone. Basic animal research to unlock animals.

  • you can't rotate the zoo
  • no scenarios, the challenges are a nice touch, but not that great either to make me play more
Half-Life 2

Red Riding Hood - Star Crossed Lovers

2.9 hours
no achievements

Good HOG with very few typically HOG logic moments. You know the ones I am talking about, right? Things like: Oh you need a knife to cut the rope…yeah you have a sword in your inventory, but that won't cut the rope, because it can only be cut by that certain knife.
This game tells you the story of the red riding hood, but with a twist ;) It is at times humorous. I enjoyed myself.

Half-Life 2

Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders

2.7 hours
31 of 31 achievements

Good HOG with beautiful visuals, a nice soundtrack and good voice over. The hidden object scenes are nicely done and we have a good fast traveling map that works well. The collectibles are a pain in the ass though. So I would recommend a guide for these since you cannot backtrack through the scenes.

Half-Life 2

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

3.9 hours
22 of 22 achievements

Okay HOG, unfortunately you never know what you are really looking for and some of the puzzles come without good instructions. I had to check a walkthrough more than once with this one. Though at least the collectibles were easy to find in this one.

Overall Backlog Progress:-0,31% change to last times unfinished/never played games (70,84% unplayed games)

14.23% (140/984)
12.60% (124/984)
4.78% (47/984)
66.06% (650/984)
2.34% (23/984)
Overall SG Wins Progress:+0,04% change to last times unfinished/never played games (43,37% unplayed games)

33.33% (83/249)
21.69% (54/249)
1.20% (3/249)
42.17% (105/249)
1.61% (4/249)
Here are the games I'm currently working on. Reviews will follow once I'm done with the games:
I've won 9 games and bought 1 since the last update O_O . And I've beaten 6 game, so that makes a total of +4 for that timeframe and a +11 for September.

SG wins:

Games I bought:

Games I want to play within the next few weeks:

BLAEO Monthly: nothing so far

PoP: thanks to AlvinCanCabbage & emymer for challenging me : done for the month

  • The Mims Beginning

    15.6 hours playtime

    16 of 35 achievements

  • Alpha Protocol

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

Just for fun:

Sep 19 2020


Progress Report #4

Better late than never…

I hope this finds you all well. I haven’t posted in a while, I’d like to write more consistently but lately my life is quite chaotic It’s not an easy time for anyone but at least more time at home means more time for gaming. At least with school that started again this month there’s a semblance of normality. It also means that I’ve finally got back to work, yeah!

Gaming update!

My Highlight this month is Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town.

I loved playing this great point & click game. It really feel like an updated version of the old classic like the Monkey Island serie. The story was engaging, the graphics beautiful and there’s a very extensive map with an impressive numbers of locations. If you’re interested in reading my review for it, you can find it here.

Half-Life 2

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

7.3 hours
35 of 35 achievements

As usual here are the other games I managed to finished. Sol 705 is another Point & Click, it has a couple of flaw but it was enjoyable and I have to point out that it was developed by one creator alone. Anyone who like point & click’s games should definitely give it a try. It’s an updated full game version of this free game that came out in 2017.

Shivering Hearts is a nice small game combining visual novel with RPG gameplay, it’s not outstanding in any way but for the small price it does worth playing through once and it’s in a bundle right now for anyone interested.

Tango: the Adventure Game was a great point & click that I thoroughly recommend to everyone that like this type of games.

Ourea was okay, it’s not that it was bad but I believe it would be better if it was publicised to a much younger audiance.

Welcome to Elk: The First Stories is great, it’s only serves as a prologue to the Welcome to Elk game that actually just came out on Steam and I’m looking forward to playing since I really enjoyed the prologue. It a eclectic mix of style but works really well together.

And finally Before I Forget is a short walking simulator. It’s a very emotional and meaningful experience. If you want to read more about it, you can read my review here

Otherwise the only one I really did not enjoyed is Corona Simulator. It’s basically another version of Plague but with much less features, less stats and a lot less fun.

  • Sol 705

    3.6 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Shivering Hearts

    4.8 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Ourea

    1.7 hours playtime

    6 of 9 achievements

  • Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest Collector's Edition

    30 hours playtime

    26 of 40 achievements

  • Before I Forget

    1.4 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Tango the Adventure Game

    7.1 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • Corona Simulator

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Welcome to Elk: the First Stories

    0.6 hours playtime

    no achievements

Have a wonderful weekend and lots of Backlog slaying 🤖


Sea of Solitude

6.1 hours, 14 of 22 achievements

Click to expand

It was okay. Some serious overacting, and pretty cliche. Still, the game itself was pretty and the puzzles, although not complex, were decent enough. Overall, giving this a meh rating. Played on the PS4 via EA Access.


7.0 hours, 7 of 12 achievements

Click to expand

Pretty much a game about nothing. Interesting song mechanic, but a lot of parkour puzzles that can get frustrating. Other than that, I thought the level design and gameplay was decent and the game was also pretty. Played on the PS4 as part of EA Access.


13.4 hours, 7 of 37 achievements

Click to expand

Also played on the PS4 despite also owning it on Steam. It is cross play, so ultimately the venue doesn't so much matter. Fun enough, although I'm definitely getting map fatigue, and I was a little disappointed to be killed in solo only to watch as the death cam revealed a team working together despite it being solo and despite 4 player matches being available. Good change of pace, but I'm just about ready to move on.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

47.2 hours, 19 of 34 achievements

Also played on the PS4. Tons of fun, although map fatigue has definitely set in, and the recent update didn't do much to entice me back, although Season 2 certainly will. Fairly well a must play for you and your kids if you have any.

Rogue Company

12.8 hours, no achievements

It was okay, but at the point where I got bored of it, it was still in beta or what have you. That said, I think there is really only so much fun to be had from 4 vs 4 matches on only a couple maps, and with randoms who generally just run off in whatever direction lol. Certainly worth trying for free, but it gets old fast despite being fairly slick, with decent feeling guns and such.

Sep 18 2020


Finished in September (4-7)

I cannot find a game for myself for a couple of days. I started couple, but I found out that I’m not in that mood. Well until I find something I want to play, I can write about games I finished.

  • Unravel Two

    5 hours playtime

    no achievements

Unravel Two


This game must be awesome in co-op. Unfortunately I’m a lonely player, but it was still fun. It’s a platformer with some riddles elements and absolutely gorgeus art. It is similar to original game, but now you have two characters who are connected to each other. This is giving opportunity for interesting gameplay mechanics, and as the whole this game has better gameplay than the first part. On the other hand, I prefer the story and “the feel” of the first one was much better. Here we are following two kids, but I couldn’t get invested in their adventures in the way I was enjoying the loose story of the first game. All in all - good game. If you are interested - check both.

  • The Spiral Scouts

    7 hours playtime

    31 of 32 achievements

The Spiral Scouts


Oh boy… Why? Just why? This is such a good game - mechanically. It’s a puzzle adventure game which such variety of riddles and such fun artwork and I want to love it. But the writing… it was terrible. It was full of “edgy” and “naughty” jokes. We have such classics as: Fart jokes. Cute characters swearing as sailors. A special “juice” made in a toilet (with proper sound effects). Woman who literally blow up because she had too much sex. Wibrators and “self massage” session. Pig sex. Heroin mining (I was hoping it will be some clever word play, but no. You literally have a syringe with heroin from there, and of course you are using it). And much, much more. Larry Laffer has sophisticated humor compared to this. I mean… ok, maybe “I don’t get it”, maybe I’m not a target, maybe I’m to “oldschool” to understand the brilliance of it, but I don’t remember smiling once during the whole game. Which is the shame because I really, really enjoyed the gameplay.

  • Grim Dawn

    25 hours playtime

    24 of 185 achievements

Grim Dawn


It’s basically a Diablo clone, but a good one. I simply realised, that I’m not enjoying simple hack’n’slashes anymore. At least not if they don’t have anything else to offer, like a nice humor of Victor Vran. But if you like Diablo, don’t mind my not so high score, just play it, it’s really good in its genre.

  • Night in the Woods


Night in the Woods


Wow… that was a strange game. You are a 20 year old college student, who dropped college, return to home town and now is trying to find out, what to do with her life. You are waking up every day, and just live… talking with your parents, hanging out with friends, searching for little secrets in your old, slowly dying city. There is this nice term to describe some TV shows - “slice of life”, and this is exacly what it is. There is an overall story, but if you are doing only main events, you are playing it wrong. The goal is to learn about the city, the neighbours, go and friendly argue with a priest, then steal some bread to feed a rat family, and after all of that, maybe go and do what you should do to move story further. I loved it for most of the time, my only problem was the ending - it was too quick, and a bit disconected from the tone of the whole game, like someone suddenly changed genre of a story. I was hoping for something less on the nose, but it was still great, even if a little depressing, fun.


Weekly Games #107


24.1 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

Click to expand

As with most games ending on a cliffhanger there's no news of the sequel. Despite that though I will be keeping this game because its still great. Most free games that try to do a mystery doesn't work, it just ends up boring or stupid. This one just works and all the characters are great. We just need more of it

Pink Rage Otome

0.7 hours, 78 of 78 achievements

Click to expand

I did 2 and a half routes before just calling it quits. I liked the music alot but the story was just eh. I didn't care enough to try and work out whats happening longer then I did

planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~

1.3 hours, 19 of 19 achievements

Click to expand

Like other key games, this is a beautiful and sad story. Its focus is on giving that experience rather then focusing on other things like backgrounds, for which there aren't many. Even the character doesn't obey the rules by being outside the background onto the text box. If you get the chance to pick this up then do it because its worth it

Sakura MMO

1.4 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

Click to expand

I want to quickly say how amazing I find it that sakura can keep me listening and paying attention. With lucid9 I would listen for a little bit before the no voices made me lose concentration. It's probably because of how short they are that its like yep I'm near the end no point having background noise.

Anyway I liked this sakura game. I find it interesting that not only does this have real sequels to carry on the mystery we also don't get introduced to one of the girls into the last 5 minutes. Like normally we know who we are getting with, we make the choices focusing on them but nope one of our girls shows up way later into the story. I'm actually looking forward to reading the next ones

Sakura MMO 2

1.6 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

Click to expand

Despite my fears the sequel was just as good as the 1st part. This time we get to the quest side of mmos and I liked the new characters we got to see.

Sakura MMO 3

1.7 hours, 25 of 25 achievements

Click to expand

I actually want more of sakura mmo because this set of games were great. It was a great conclusion to see and we finally got given our harem ending. It's not just pick a girl for a couple of pictures no we get proper endings and real life Eleri is just cute. Oh and viola is way more sadistic then the one in their actual sadist game.

Tessa's Ark

0.3 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

Click to expand

So I did the 1st puzzle before ignoring the story. It just didn't interest me and with the art style it was a pain to look at. The puzzles are kinda boring since its just the same thing but it wasn't the worst.

Yes, Master!

0.3 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

Click to expand

As expected this was dumb but its one of those games where bad is good. Yeah lets leave it at that you can tell what game it is by just looking at the picture


5.8 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

This is a shorter game then I expected from a point and click but it was still good. The story is told in notes so if you don't wanna read don't bother. This does need a sequel though, it ends just so suddenly that its not satifying and we get left with wondering what happens now.

Despite being in a slacking mood I got a bunch of games done. I know they are short but as always backlog is backlog and I need to clean up my games. Got rid of 3 just this week to make up for the 3 games I added… Also after 2 months I won another game yay