Spring 2024

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

27 hours
Adventure Steam Beaten

Please disregard the mixed reviews on Steam as I feel they are unfair. This is an investigation game I liked from start to finish. The animations are poor and it isn't bug-free but the atmosphere definitely makes up for its shortcomings.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

25 hours
Platformer Switch Beaten

I had a great time with this one. It looks really nice, the gameplay is top-notch and I enjoyed the somewhat non-linear levels and worlds. If you're not going for the star coins or the extra challenges, the difficulty is just right for it to stay fun.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising

24 hours
Action RPG Steam Completed

At first, I wasn't convinced with the mobile game animations and lack of challenge but it slowly grew on me. Completing the gazillion small quests and hunting for crafting materials ended up being super addictive.

Soccer Story

14 hours
Adventure Game Pass Completed

Another game unfairly getting mixed reviews on Steam, I got completely hooked to this one! The actual soccer is decent at best but it's the colorful characters, the puzzles and the neat pixel/voxel art that kept me going back.

As Dusk Falls

5 hours
Choices Matter Game Pass Beaten

Sometimes, I get happily surprised by games I hardly know anything about. This is one of them. The unusual art direction, the gripping story and the dozens of impactful choices made throughout make a really neat package.


6 hours
Action-Adventure Game Pass Beaten

Much more than a climbing game, Jusant feels like a long poem. It's like being alone (well, almost), pushing through, piecing information together and weighing the meaning of everything you see. An ode to companionship and resilience.

Cat Quest II

14 hours
Action-Adventure Steam Completed

Purr-fect companion to the first installment, it has a similar gameplay while improving every aspect of it. Combat is fluid, dialogues are funny and it's very addictive. I'm looking forward to the release of Cat Quest III later this year.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

8 hours
Episodic PC Completed

I got this one from the Internet Archive since it's no longer available for purchase. Great dialogue, gameplay and story, I feel it's one of Telltale's best. It's really a shame they pulled the plug on this one.

The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales

6 hours
Adventure Game Pass Beaten

A very enjoyable game, even if the puzzle and combat sections were a little too easy. The story is original and the isometric visuals, which is a pretty uncommon artistic choice these days, are very well done. A treat for booklovers.

Hakuoki - Memories of the Shinsengumi

35 hours
Visual Novel 3DS Completed

An nice VN set in 1860s Japan. As a straight guy, I didn't care much for the romance but enjoyed the setting, the political intrigue and the supernatural elements. The routes were different enough to complete them all.

Assassin's Creed

21 hours
Action Ubisoft Connect Beaten

Despite the repetitive missions, the first game in the series is still worth playing in 2024. The parkour, which was revolutionary at the time, is very well done and the atmosphere really pulls you in.

Heroes of Ruin

16 hours
Hack and Slash 3DS Completed

A decent game that makes great use of the 3D feature. Unfortunately it suffers from annyoing framerate issues (even with the 3D off) and quickly becomes overly easy.

Terraformers: First Steps on Mars

2 hours
Colony Sim Steam Completed

The full game seems to be very pleasant (I intend to play if over the summer) but this free demo is buggy and won't save your game. My playthrough took about 90 minutes after losing my 25-minutes progress so it wasn't a big deal.

Return to Grace

2 hours
Walking Simulator Game Pass Beaten

I really tried to like this game but I was bored all the way to the end. The visuals are nice (except for the horrendous vegetation texture pop-in) but player interactions are a joke and there's way too much distracting dialogue.

Extra Time
Dead Cells 31 hours
The Elder Scrolls Online 777 hours
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 17 hours
Riders Republic 49 hours
Ring Fit Adventure 91 hours
Rocket League 68 hours


16.4 hours

Axiom Verge is one of the earlier metroidvania type games, before the genre exploded. It might be slightly incorrect to call it a metroidvania though, as it's clearly a love letter to the 2D Metroid games - not nearly as good as those ones, but that's a high bar that few in the genre have reached

Game elements are pretty close to classic Metroid (almost too close), but there's a particular focus on weapons in this one. Not unusual for a metroidvania, or even a Metroid, but tradition generally states that new weapons should double as new traversal abilities. That tradition is followed in Axiom Verge with the first few weapons you find, but it quickly falls back to more expected abilities (high jump, grappling hook, etc)

Eventually you find so many weapons that they're more of a collectible than traversal tools. At a stretch, you could say different weapons are more useful for different enemies or areas, or even just a player preference/expression thing. I kind of wish they stuck to the weapons as tools concept though, and focused on a few well designed ones, rather than including all the ones they did

On its own, Axiom Verge is a pretty good game, but putting itself so close to Metroid doesn't draw a favourable comparison..
Although, to be honest, "Metroid love letter" is what sold me on the game to start (and probably many others), so maybe the devs are a few steps ahead of me here…

Half-Life 2

Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™

58.5 hours
47 of 72 achievements (65%)

#23 of 2024
June 20, 2024


Another month, another delayd bought list!

Tbh I havent playd a lot of games these past months, my eyemigraines have been to intense, but that did not stop me from getting games (even though may was also a slow month for that) ;)

Games added in May:

Games added: 9 (8 less than the month before)
Games won: 1 (1 less than last month)
Free games: 3

Also bought the newest DLC for CP and Dave the Diver DLC

Only 1 cat-game, what happened? As always, recommendations are very wellcome :)

Jun 17 2024

Half-Life 2

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition

101.3 hours
99 of 127 achievements (78%)

#22 of 2024
June 18, 2024


May 2024
Well, I was hoping to write this at the top of the month but anytime I thought to a counter came to mind saying, “I could making progress on FFXIV right now…”. Needless to say that happened a lot. Now that I have allotted some time I can confirm… I have played A LOT of FFXIV but at least now I’m ready for the Dawntrail expansion. Bonus is I can work on other games now that I don’t need to hyper fixate as much.

Games In Progress
Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

    FFXIV: Stormblood FFXIV:Shadowbringers

    FFXIV: Stormblood & Shadowbringers

    No Trophies

    May Progress: Cleared Stormblood, Post SB, Shadowbringers, Post ShB. All jobs to lvl 60+

    June Goals: Clear Endwalker (done), Post EW(done), All jobs to lvl 70+, relic weapons, side content clean up, and extreme/savage runs.

    Stormblood continues to improve upon everything so far while introducing new mechanics, areas, and cast. First and foremost, the change to a bright and colorful Japanese Edo period style of environment is a great contrast to the grey medieval castle scenery that Heavansward located itself in. In particular, I enjoyed the villain this time around quite a bit more. The post game and side game content also receive a massive boost with the inspiration from Japanese folklore as well as collaborations with other Final Fantasy games. Some of the new mechanics/gameplay include new traversal options throughout the world as well as in game objectives that are not just kill x and fetch y. As per usual the music is great and we continue to get more character development across the board. Overall a solid expansion.

    Shadowbringers… Shadowbringers was the final push I needed to get me to play FFXIV when it released. Before then I had worries that I would not have the time commitment for an MMO… Unfortunately I was right as it would be 4+ years before I finally get to make any considerable progress in this game. Luckily, I was right about this expansion. Easily my favorite so far as it not only tackles interesting plots, brings forth a change of pace in villains, but also just a whole new world for us to explore and change. In some ways it feels like an entire game entry on it’s own. To summarize, we enter a world over taken by light and now must done the role of Warrior of darkness to snuff that light out. That concept alone is tantalizing. Interestingly enough, this expansion really starts to bring all of the threads of past story arcs together and get a glimpse of the big picture that had been vacant for so long. We also get a GREAT alternative to duty finder where you can use your cast of NPCs to join you in the dungeon. Not only does this offer a more single player experience, but there is also unique dialoge and even unique interactions (though I’ve only noticed this with one boss mechanic so far) with the cast of NPCs you choose. This also reduces any issues where other players may just charge ahead not letting you enjoy the dungeon and learn mechanics on your own instead of others openly explaining it, etc. Going forward I have been doing this for both this expansion and the next and no regrets. The general scenery across the maps feels incredibly refreshing and sets itself apart from the rest… other than some desert areas anyways. Not as much of a critique as an observation but it does invest entirely into this bleak existence as it maintains a constant serious tone with little to no comic relief or palate cleansers, if you will. Though FFXIV is known for (well a lot of things) music, this one is pretty great though I did find it to wane as you hear it more and more. Maybe because there are more vocals this time around but it can become tiresome.

    Favorite Jobs: Monk, Dark Knight

    SB: 9/10

    ShB: 10/10

Jun 16 2024

moRuk | OsManiaC

June 2024

What has been done so far since joined BLAEO website

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Ninglors Log 353

10.06.24 – 17.06.24

June Progress:
PPU monthly:
June Additions:

Completed Games:

Won/Gifted Games:
Deliver Us Mars – Ty ZPE <3
Bought Games:
Currently playing:
Dead Forest Cardinal Cross

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor

Sv. Prolivije

Since I’m currently in the midst of a proper Assassin’s Creed marathon, and nearing the end of the first game, for Screenshot Sunday #59 l’ll post a cool shot I managed to capture during my time with the game. Despite replaying the game last year, I’m still finding a lot of hidden beauty I missed last time in this old title that came out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Yeah, it’s (and so am I) that old. But enough about my age, or how I simply adore the worlds Ubisoft crafted for their Assassin’s Creed franchise, here’s that shot I was talking about. Acre is such a sad city in this game… and the color tone does a great job in painting that so well (love the different filters each city has!)

Acre's Watchful Guardian

Acre's Watchful Guardian

Jun 15 2024

Subs (SF)

Despite ‘accidentally’ acquiring a lot of new games coughs … I reached 50% of games beaten!
So, what do we have since the last update?

Deus Ex Machina 2 - weird musical glimpse into gaming history.
Later Alligator - didn’t enjoy this as much as I expected, but it’s cute.
Shelter - I was a terrible badger parent.
Corps(e) of Discovery - this one I really liked. A bit janky, but loved the whole idea of it.
i feel very lonely and i don’t remember myself - free, short, good
Light of Alariya -student game, and a bit wobbly in parts but a very interesting start.
If on a winter’s night four travellers - interesting gloomy point and click.
Syntherapy - interesting AI themed visual novel.
Luck be a Landlord - a rabbithole of a game that’s more deckbuilder than fruit machine. Loved it.
Hi-Fi Rush - Loved this one. Very sad to hear about the studio.
Always Down - got this because I loved Producer 2021. It’s a different sort of thing but brief and entertaining.
A Long Journey to an Uncertain End - though I’d get more into this but the mechanics didn’t quite work for me. Loved the setting, concept, and design.
The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow - really enjoyed this, apart from the actual barrow part ironically. Fairly easy but very moody and beautiful pixel art point-and-click.
Framed Collection - liked this at first but lost patience with the ones that required re-ordering. Still think this is a nice idea.
Disco Elysium - well I finally made time to play it. It’s as good as everyone says. What more can I say?
Falcon Age - Made me feel sick in VR, but the VR mechanics let it down when played flatscreen. Really interesting idea and fantastic bird, even if the gameplay didn’t really grab me.
2064: Read Only Memories - fantastic AI-centric storyline and lovely pixel art.
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (3 games) - funny old FMV, I think based on a paper game? Short and sort of adorably corny with terrible accents.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent - oodles of atmosphere. I know this got bad reviews for basically being a walking sim, but I love a walking sim with a creepy story.
Long Live the Queen - had this for ages, and sucked at it. Finally looked up hints online to complete it, and see more of the story.
Burly Men At Sea - play out outlandish stories. There are some more undiscovered stories in this, but I felt I’d had my fill. Might go back to complete them all later.
How Fish Is Made - really not sure what I experienced, but l liked it.
Asphyxia - had this one for ages without completing it. Didn’t really get into the story, but can appreciate the idea.
Reveal the Deep - good idea that got really annoying towards the end. Spooky underwater action is my thing, but this one’s frustrating.
Distraint 2 - liked this as much as the first. I love the art style in this series.
A Song of Farca - a big let down for me. Enjoyed the hacking, but wasn’t drawn in by the characters or world details.
Venba - absolutely one of the most beautiful and emotionally touching games I’ve played, and you can make dosa.
Labyrinthine Dreams - another one very long on the backlog. Found this frustrating, but it wasn’t too long.
Another Perspective - short game I’ve been sitting on for ages after getting stuck. Had a fresh attempt and a few hints. Weird but good.
Machinika Museum - free vaguely The Room-esque game. Not bad.
Energy Cycle - didn’t really enjoy but it’s done now.
Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus - annoying but well-made FMV game. The deduction side was a let down for me, as I found it hard to really guide the ‘investigation’. Liked the family drama.
Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Predicklement - buggy but arty comedy point-and-click.
Roombo: First Blood - weird and yet just my thing. Be a roomba.
Control - This would be one of my top games if not for the slightly awkward way all the lore and text is presented within the game. Great setting and spooky SCP-flavour story.
Justice Sucks - in theory the sequel to Roombo: First Blood, but to say this game manages to be unexpected is an understatement. I was not expecting it to go so hard, or to involve booty shorts.
thomas was alone - finally played this gem of a game to the end. Beautiful little AI story for a beautiful little puzzle platformer.

I think my next goal should be to play more of the unplayed games, and see if any of them inspire me to see them through to the end. Steam Summer Sale is coming, so danger lurks, but I’ll try to restrain myself to games I intend to play soon.