Main Quest #75 - 21 September 2019

1954 Alcatraz

1954 Alcatraz

about 5 hours playtime
20 of 25 achievements (80%)

A decent point and click with a good plot, nice location design, and (two interesting playable) characters. The game has a few performance issues (random freezes) but apart from that, I had no issues.


August 2019: Games Beaten


    5 hours playtime

    14 of 40 achievements

  • Broforce

    11 hours playtime

    4 of 17 achievements

  • Fight'N Rage

    3 hours playtime

    1 of 20 achievements

  • Guns, Gore & Cannoli

    5 hours playtime

    8 of 21 achievements

  • Monolith

    12 hours playtime

    7 of 26 achievements

  • Raiden III Digital Edition

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Risk of Rain

    20 hours playtime

    15 of 15 achievements

  • Super Hydorah

    5 hours playtime

    4 of 21 achievements

  • Taimumari

    4 hours playtime

    15 of 32 achievements


    3 hours playtime

    25 of 40 achievements

  • Sora

    5 hours playtime

    8 of 34 achievements


Update 21: Third week of September

Third week of September and my backlog did not take as much of a nose dive as last week, but it still is not pretty. 4 wins and 3 purchases, well if you leave the DLC’s in form of study guids and flash cards for Learn Japanese To Survive out.

And as the last week I’m still playing several long games. So my backlog is suffering because of that.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence

19.5 hours
30 of 35 achievements

Wow, what a great game :) Definitly worth the money I spend. The story is engaging and I really liked the characters from the get-go. It is a stealth-adventure game that drops you in the middle of a 1349 France, riddeled with black death. You start with Amicia, the 15-year-old sister of 5-year-old Hugo, who likes her slingshot and her dog. She's out on a stroll with a dad and her dog and everything looks like a nice autum day, until it doesn't anymoe. The dog gets eaten by rats and everything takes a turn for the worse. For anyone wanting to try the game I hope you do not have a problem with rats, because you will see a whole lot of them.


  • really beautiful landscapes and nice cut scences
  • great music
  • nice character developement: they never forget that this are children and not some battle hardend warriors, with all the little details like Hugo running away because he saw something intersting, like a lot of 5-year-olds will do. Also the side charaters are nicely developed, the kids more so than the villains.
  • encountered no bugs


  • if you missed something on a side path/road you cannot get back most of the time since the doors simply close. This means that you will have to replay the whole chapter again for the achievement and/or material or whatever you forgot.
  • the savepoints are sometimes rather far away and you won't ever know when one comes up or not
  • you sometimes die a lot, until you know/remember every move you need to make. Also once you are spotted there is next to nothing you can do to survive.

I will definitly complete the game, though I might need a guide for the missed collectibles.



4.3 hours
43 of 43 achievements

Short little point'n'click. You play two young kids (brother and sister), whose house is run over by alien monsters.


  • short
  • funny


  • broken achievement: last achievement can't be obtained since you would need to load a save game of a game that does not exist yet
  • missable achievements: you can save the game, but without knowing when to save you'll have to replay the whole game to get the achievements you'd missed.
  • on alien planet there are several rather long "chat" sequences, that consist of just chatting back and forth with the alien for several minutes


7.9 hours
26 of 29 achievements

It is the most boring and frustrating game I have played in a while. It has nothing to do with hacking (except the weird back story) and consists entirely of badly done minigames that are nearly impossible to beat.


  • not sure there are any
  • thought of one: you can disable the annoying music


  • the mini games: either they are boring (hitting random keys to get some "code" that does not even make sense) or badly done versions of known games (Snake, Battleship, Breakout), which most of the times solely relies on RNG
  • bugs: had to sometimes restart the game several times to get it to load properly
  • the music: but then I do not like electronic music much

green = PoP thanks enkabard & Cjcomplex for the picks
red = Challenge Me thanks Tristar for challenging me
grey = BLAEO monthly theme
yellow = completions

Overall Backlog Progress:


Overall SG Wins Progress:

Here are the games I'm currently working on. In Bioshock Infinite I'm going for the DLC's now. Reviews will follow once I'm done with the games:
I've won 4 games this week and bought 3 games, that I activated. So that makes 7 new games and 3 beaten, meaning a +4 for my backlog this week. And +21 overall for this month :( I need to play more short games ^^

SG wins: Gifts:

Other games I've redeemed:
Games I want to play within the next few weeks:

Challenge Me:


PAGYWOSG: If I finish the other games in time.

    46 hours playtime

    20 of 28 achievements


Fallout 4 Season Pass ★★★★

The current monthly theme has given me the perfect reason to play though the Fallout 4 DLCs. I'll review them in the order I've played them. First Vault-Tec Workshop was disappointing. It only has a few quests which are just an excuse to give you control over your own vault. If you're into building, this is great. Unfortunately, I'm not. Then I played Automatron and it was better. Still on the short side, it was quite challenging, its story was quite good and this DLC gives you the ability to have custom robot companions. After that I played through Far Harbor and I feel this is the best DLC. The atmosphere is phenomenal, the storyline morally interesting and there's quite a bit of exploration to do. Finally, I got to Nuka-World and enjoyed it very much for the most part. The different sections of this amusement park are quite unique, the quests are interesting but I didn't like the end ones which force you to take over settlements in the Commonwealth. I didn't mind leading the Raiders in the new zone but back in the Commonwealth, it didn't fit with the moral stance I had taken since starting the game. Contraptions Workshop and Wasteland Workshop are just fillers and I didn't touch them. As a conclusion, only get it if you've really enjoyed the main game and can get it on sale as the full price is a joke.


Backlog of Epic Games

I still haven’t used the Epic Store to purchase any games, but I’ve been actively collecting the games they’ve given for free since the start. And there are ones that I want to try! The list would’ve been longer if half the games Epic gave away weren’t already on my Steam library, but eh. Free is free, so can’t complain. So here’s a list of games I’m hoping to play using the Epic launcher (unless somehow I get Steam copies).

Hopefully I’ll play them & update post in the future as I complete the games.

Game Status
The Witness
not started
What Remains of Edith Finch
not started
Last Day of June
not started
not started
not started
Kingdom: New Lands
not started
not started
This War of Mine
not started
World of Goo
not started

Well, Children of Morta is done and dusted. Took me about 22 hours to complete and was a thoroughly epic and enjoyable game with addictive gameplay, pretty amazing graphics, outstanding audio and an amazing narrator, and just an all around cool story. A must play for sure.

I’ll split time now with The friends of Ringo Ishikawa(which I’m almost an hour in already), Hypnospace Outlaw and Mable & the Wood now, and then follow those up with killer7. Such is the plan anyway.


Renegade Master

September 2019 - Mid Month Update

My games this month have been mixed bag between meh and awesomeness, but game time has slowed to a trickle as the month progressed since I’ve gotten busy with various non-gaming stuff. The rest of my month should be more fun though, whether I get much gaming time in or not. :)

With regards to my game library stats I noticed the percentages of each category now add up to 100% again instead of 101%, but my library now has the mark of the beast with 666 games - Oh noes. Fanatical’s bundle fest will save me, but I’m waiting to see more of the bundles before I buy them since their main bundle-only coupon has a minimum purchase amount.

If game giveaways are your thing, be sure to check out the latest SG community train, which I made some contributions to sometime after cart #1400.

Games I Beat

    Into the Breach

    Into the Breach

    25 hours playtime

    A wonderful rewarding turn based strategy/tactics game that is balanced very well on nearly all fronts that I’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t hate that genre. The versatility in gameplay shines between squads, mech types, and item types. So I recommend unlocking squads and playing with them as soon as you get enough coins through achievements. Some common and some unique achievements can be unlocked with each squad type, including the ability to play a random or custom squad.

Game I’ve Been Playing

    Mercenary Kings

    Mercenary Kings

    7 hours playtime

    A 2D shoot em up platfomer with crafting elements nails the classic console & arcade vibe, especially with its co-op capabilities. Crafting weapons and some things is neat and gameplay is fine, but it is weird to me that human enemies can shoot diagonal even when my character cannot. It is also not possible to shoot down without jumping. There can be like a dozen missions per map, which is a double edged sword because it makes the enemies more predicatable but being more predictable makes gameplay a bit more samey. I’m hoping that the future maps are cooler.

Games I Got Stuck On

    Human: Fall Flat

    Human: Fall Flat

    17 hours playtime

    This is a slightly easier but more amusing 3D version of QWOP in the form of a physics puzzle-type platformer. It has been walking a thin line between frustrating control and amusing gameplay, but its crossed the line into frustrating control.
    Occasionally awful camera views aside, I even tried using a controller, but that felt even more difficult to control.
    I tried several instances of multiplayer as well, but they weren’t particularly helpful or much more entertaining.

Games Still Queued for This Month

AKA games I might play next month


Weekly Games #55

Echo Tokyo: An Intro

0.3 hours, 6 of 6 achievements
sg win


This was a very short game but it was an intro so its totally fine. It made me want to read the rest and the whole thing was basically just cg after cg which was great. Could've done with an actual save system or the fast text but was no trouble at all

England Exchange

3.5 hours, 16 of 16 achievements
sg win


Im conflicted when it comes to this story. I like it but its more when it comes to a second route that it gets complicated. Stuff like the rival and job is different but that's really it. You have certain relationships that are exclusive to a certain gender but overall once you read 1 you are just repeating everything. I did a boy first and by that point I had to go through every route again skipping everything simply for the gallery pictures. Plus just like with the routes once you even finished 1 person you barely have anything for the others. So yeah I did end up spending more time skipping everything then I actually read. I didn't really like anyone in it either

So yeah overall I liked the story and was glad to see that there was a bit of change but it couldve been more. Was just kinda lacking after 1 route. Oh and the achievements unlock after you quit so now I have them all unlocked at 1 time -_-

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

3.4 hours, 13 of 13 achievements


I started this months ago before my laptop broke and I was disappointed in it. It wasn't as good as the original and while the first 2 stories were christmas themed the last 2 was this weird drawn picture book and I barely paid attention in the end since it wasn't enjoyable. Then I tried the 1st short story and that one almost made me give up again but it was short enough and the others weren't actually that bad. The radio and kings picture book was good too so overall it was good

In the end despite the weird picture book of it all it was good. I especially liked seeing them in their human form, my only other problem is simply that the last mini book wasn't obvious to get. I searched on steam but no answers and then I found out its unlocked when you finish the radio which I personally would've avoided if it didnt have achievements attached

Luxor 2

0 hours, 8 of 12 achievements


This is basically a match 3 game in ball style. You get lots of different power ups and as you continue playing you get more colours which just made it so hard for me. I struggled way to hard with these games that by the time they just added 1 extra colour I was having to do it at the last possible moment and those double rows damn just screw those

Little fact: I got 6/12 before since I didnt finish the game however I got 100% accuracy which was just to insane for me this time.

Oh yeah look whos back. I finally had the money and chance to buy a new one. Its my first ever laptop ive brought myself and with monthly insurance I should not have to worry about something happening and be left without for 3 months again. Anyway I’ve caught up a little bit with some stories done and making good progress on my pop. I also sorted out my lists so it should all be perfect now

Sep 19 2019


Main Quest #74 - 19 September 2019

Kathy Rain

Kathy Rain

about 6 hours playtime
20 of 20 achievements (100%)

A good point and click that I got for free some time ago. It gets a bit “darky”/”horror” along the way, which I wasn’t expecting at all, but in the end, I still ended up enjoying it.

Sep 18 2019


The backlog is alive again

In my previous post, I declared that the backlog is dead. And now, I can declare Long live the Backlog!

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes

5.1 hours
3 of 40 achievements

I bought this when I didn't have anything to play. It was ok but it didn't really grab me. I guess it's another case of "not really in the mood for it now." I thought of asking for a refund but I had already played a few minutes after the 2-hour mark so I just continued playing it. I stopped at some point because of Elite Dangerous (below). I didn't dislike this so I'll definitely get back to it the later. I just don't know when. And I'll probably have to start a new game. Not really an issue since I hadn't gotten far.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

113.6 hours
no achievements

After playing Subnautica, I wanted to play another chill exploration game. I found this. I bought this almost a month ago when it went on sale. I haven't played any of those truck simulator games but from what I've read, this is similar to those. Well, the cargo hauler/data courier part at least. In space, with spaceships instead of trucks. And with combat, mining and exploration.

The only reason I'm making another post here is because the servers are down for an update and won't be online until tomorrow. I've seen others having thousands of hours in this game. If it keeps me interested for that long, I probably won't feel too bad about not being able to run some new games *cough* Control *cough* because of my potato-ing CPU. (T_T)