Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator dad x dad visual novel short (2 - 10 hours) en

I'm two years late to the party but at least I finally got here. Everyone and their mother know by now of the existence of this dad dating simulator game which became a hit since the day of its release.

Dream Daddy is a visual novel where you play as the main character, a single and widower dad who just moved into a cul-de-sac in Maple Bay with her daughter Amanda.
Conveniently and strangely enough, there are lots of single and romanceable dads that live in your very same cul-de-sac. If I have to read the word cul-de-sac again, please drown me into mineral oil instead.

Beware! It starts with a character creator, so I obviously had to spend a whole half an hour on it before the story even started. I couldn't even decide on a name so I ended up being Dad McDad.

There are seven (!!) romanceable dads and all come with their own (sort of) story arc. The relationships are sweet and fluffy. The dads are not perfect and can have their flaws (I mean, Robert likes pineapple on pizza, so don't talk to me ever again, Robert).
All dads being gay (or bi, I guess) in game is not a source of drama, in fact I don't think that being gay is even really mentioned, it is just wholly accepted. It reminds me a lot of the Yuri on Ice anime universe and there's no bigotry based on sexual orientation or gender identity or races. For once, you don't have to worry at all about other people's reactions during your dates and this makes for a great escapist game.

The art style is really colorful and pretty with a top-notch character design (unfortunately, your protagonist made with the character creator is more stylized), the backgrounds look good too.
It is partially voiced and by that I mean there are some voice clips like gasps, laughs or small sentences used to provide audible feedback during conversations and they're used so often I felt like I was in Japan and after twenty minutes of it I wanted to give up on my earphones.
The engine used is Unity which is not bad since there are many minigames. Some are better than others but we could have done without them. There's not a skip read function, so you gotta fast-forward text on your own hoping not to miss new sentences.

And here comes the juicy part: no, there is no 18+ content, I didn't mean that!
When this game was released, people found out inside the game files traces of a mysterious secret cult ending which could not be accessed in game. Someone even ended up creating a make-do renpy port of what could be found; but a few months ago the devs finally implemented this ending in game through the Dadrector's Cut update.
It is very short but it is my favourite part of the game. It ties together some details you learn during Joseph and Robert's routes. The developers said that this story is not-canon, but I find the game's whole plot to be 100% more interesting by thinking of it as canon. I mean, there is a reason why almost all their spouses are dead and it is not a coincidence??? Sign me up on this. Joseph suddenly becomes the most interesting character. I'd pay for any official sequel or prequel to this cult ending.

Overall, the quality of this title is too good for the price I paid when this ended up in a bundle!


Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a game where you play as a Dad and your goal is to meet and romance other hot Dads. You and your daughter have just moved into the sleepy seaside town of Maple Bay only to discover that everyone in your neighborhood is a single, dateable Dad!
Will you go out with Teacher Dad? Goth Dad? Bad Dad? Or any of the other cool Dads in this game?

Are you ready? Hi ready, I'm Dad.


Jul 19 2019

  • Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

i’m continuing to play the putt-putt games with my kids. this time we put it on the htpc and my 5-year-old daughter used the trackball on the wireless keyboard to control it. they were able to figure out almost all of it without my help. they continue to improve a little with each new game — this one added a quit option you could click on and included a fun song about the zoo. had to run up the playtime to get all the cards to drop after the kids had beaten it, and they got at least halfway through the first time but then had to go to bed and started over next time because there’s no save.

this one was about what i expected after playing the first 2, which is what i wanted it to be. we’ll keep playing these every so often.


Weekly Games #46

Alice in Junk Box

0 hours, no achievements
1 book


Short and simple this is just a whole lot of short stories surrounding the 3 worlds of hearts, clover and joker. Its nothing special but hey its better then the toybox which was only half alice half other

Walking dead - Final Season

6 hours, 11 of 48 achievements
Example Draft


From the new frontier, a game I knew absolutely nothing about, to the final season, a game I know everything about. 2 completely different sides, despite the spoilers I'm glad to know what I was getting into. Frontier and Michonne was nice to not know what was coming up but I always felt dread in not knowing what was coming up. What if my actions caused something bad like it did with my ending. I spent alot of time thinking should I trust this person, what will this choice do but with final season I knew what I was up against. I may not know every action but I know in the end what to expect.

I honestly almost gave up on this game. The game runs so badly for me and the others never did. The graphics are on low and it just looks like its glitching out. The camera is on speed, I had to turn it down to -5 and even then as soon as I ran I got a full 360 view since it goes up to +5 I swear. The fighting changed, it's no longer gtes nah, its strategies the best way to attack these zombies without 2 being close together which they always are and use traps if possible with a pinch of gtes. Oh and that bow, oh its why I gave up finishing it for the last Thursday of April. I couldn't do it. After 10 minutes of straight dying since my game runs to slow for me to be able to kill everything around me, I burst into tears and had to give it up. I've been frustrated with games before but never to the point where I broke down. So I did what I had to and gave up for once

Now the thing I struggle with the most is the collectibles, I pride myself on checking everything possible in these games but the game is so bad that I didn't want to spend extra time searching for everything so I didn't, but that's not even the main problem. The main problem is the missable achievements. I could've easily played with a guide but I didn't want absolutely everything spoiled for me. So I missed out on so many achievements because I decided not to do stuff like tickle.

After the whole episode 2 ending breakdown I even considered just restarting from episode 1 so I didn't have to replay that twice. So I did what I didn't want to do, I looked through the guides, checked out what achievements they were to decide if I would be happy choosing whatever they were. But then straight away episode 1 the achievements split into 2 paths… In fact in the 2 paths you also got a mini path… It was hard but I knew if I didn't restart the game from episode 1 I would've needed to replay it an extra try for the 1 I missed during who I wanted to be with. Oh and what did I see in the guides, more bow and arrow achievements. Apart from episode 1 it seems like every achievement I could do in my 2nd playthrough if I missed it the 1st time but I didn't want to risk it, as long as it didn't stray to far from what I would've liked to go for I was gonna deal with them

After following advice and changing the screen size it ran smoother and I played the 1st on a small screen so it was fine with me. The story honestly isn't that bad. While it could've been more I liked what they did. If it didn't run so badly and didn't have the bow and arrow I might've even considered letting it be my favourite but the story couldn't make up for the faults. There's just something about being the protector to someone so young. The 1st game wouldn't of been so good without Clem, then with new frontier all I wanted to do was protect the family no matter what, same with this game. I'm still in the mind set of protect Clem and with AJ in the mix it's like I will mess you up so badly but no matter what I'll defend you. With adults I don't care but yeah throw in the kid and I suddenly do. I would do anything even if everyone including the people I'm protecting hate me

In the end I really wanted to like this. This was suppose to be the end to Clementine's story but it was a mess. It's sad that it ended this way and I wish I would've just watched someone else then maybe I would've liked this. However now all I'm going to remember about this game is that bow and arrow and how terrible it ran for me that it made me hurt so much. It could've been so much better but not everything ends well

I was going through my game drafts and wondering what it will be like by the time I finally finish off my games. I tend to write them before I finish so I don’t just stick to the bad side of things. However they are all a work in progress since yeah how can I comment on what the story is like if I haven’t gotten to the end. Pretty much everything ends up with an edit with some more then others. Even my comments change depending what I think of at the time. Like so far just this week I’ve deleted 3 different ideas and having to write this whole thing again since I stupidly edited this all in instead of creating a new message. Somehow I made things shorter and others longer and everything is just in the wrong place compared to before

So as you can see I gave walking dead as an example. This was made in april pretty much after stopping it and then finding a suggestion on what might help the game. This is a draft which could easily change depending on if the fixed help or not. Especially now with a new laptop who knows what might change. Its my biggest example of how I work. The start is of course everything I experienced. Then you see the fake part since no I havent touched it since and I didnt finish episode 2 let alone episode 4. That all there is assuming it worked and assuming that the story will not make up for that stupid ass bow. Now I know this wont stay the same one bit. I don’t hate it so much anymore, i dont resent buying it and trying it. Im no longer scared of it and stuck reliving the fact it brought me to tears. I have hope that when I replay it again it will run smoothly one way or the other

As things stand I have 6 drafts. Walking dead, kindred dvds, chinese paladin, escapist 2, space academy, hatoful bf christmas. Now I haven’t finished space academy or hatoful bf so they will of course need an edit. Walking dead is in for a complete redoing so that just leaves me with 3. Kindred spirits has given me all I need to be confident in what I put same with the others. Ive only gotten around 58% with chinese paladin and when I replayed it I probably made it like 25% again. Thats all I need to know on what I like and what I hate. However like walking dead I cant be 100% sure on it since I can’t be certain the faults was the games problem. Like im pretty sure the controls are sucky but im sure my laptop didnt help with that. So yeah only 2 out of 6 reviews I don’t feel the need to edit. My drafts are plain and simple drafts. They are there ready to be changed whenever for when its time to post. Even on the day when I reread the full thing for the 2nd time I can still change things or add things depending on my mood. Anyway thats really it. This was never planned so I had to improvise everything for a 2nd time. Should’ve just left my talk about my slump in instead but my mind works in mysterious ways


I know I’ve said no indies on my first BBT, but there’s nothing stopping me from breaking my own rules, right?

Report 10: Big Boys Time II: Going rural

    Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley

    133 hours playtime

    It’s an indie game and I wouldn’t exactly call it big, but it sure as hell took a sweet chunk of my time. Pretty sure it doesn’t need any introduction whatsoever. It’s a Harvest Moon clone, and a pretty good one at that.
    Pretty much every mechanic works as pleasantly as possible to soften the tediousness of your actions.
    Although the game can be pretty tedious alright, if you go for the completion, like I did. The last 30 hours or so I’ve spent trying to complete the museum collection, and then getting 10.000.000 in total profits. I’ve pretty much had to abandon the farm altogether and straight-up go to bed first thing in the morning while I wait for my starfruit wine to age.
    The social stuff was a bit hard too, especially since you’ll be able to contact some characters only in a very specific time slot at first - damn you, Sebastian.
    Overall a really great game.

Backlog progress status: still hopeless


Check it out, everyone: someone on this site is posting about a Kirby game!

Come on, Kirby doesn't take up nearly enough of the box! Make him bigger next time!!

Return to Dreamland is your typical Kirby platformer: along with your standard left/right movement and jump ability, you can keep pushing the jump button to FLY INFINITELY. Also, just like other traditional Kirby games, you can hold the attack button to eat enemies and star blocks, at which point you can either shoot them out as a projectile weapon or swallow them to absorb their powers (if they have one), and swallowing two or more enemies with powers triggers a roulette that gives you a random power (the power-combinations from Kirby 64 may be gone for good). New to this game is that if you shake your Wii-mote, you can eat specially-designated stone blocks (on top of being able to eat further and more at once), and shaking the Wii-mote is also how you escape the grip of larger enemies (and how you deal the finishing blow to the final boss). You can also abandon your power by pushing the minus button, at which point it turns into a star and bounces around for a few seconds; it’s actually a good idea to do this (especially with mini-bosses) because the game likes “hiding” the optional collectibles behind barriers that can only be broken with maybe one or two powers, one of which was that enemy you just killed, and no, you don’t get to backtrack to where it was, so you have to play the whole level again just to get that one last collectible.

Obviously, being a Kirby game, you can expect the difficulty to be fairly low. It’s far more substantial than something like Shu, but, like, if the official New Super Mario Bros. games make you rage-quit, this is the franchise for you. I lost count of how many levels start off with what’s basically a flat hall with the occasional enemy that only attacks whenever it feels like it, without even so much as a spike trap or bottomless pit (that, again, you can just fly over). To make things even easier is the game’s main gimmick: Super Powers. Basically, every two-or-three levels, around the half-way point of said level, there will be a glowing enemy that the camera will focus on for a couple seconds, and swallowing this enemy will grant you said Super Power. They only consist of one attack each (on top of having a limit to how much you can use said attack before it runs out and you go back to being normal Kirby), but said attacks are much more powerful and further-reaching than standard attacks. Plus, these segments always have that one object scattered throughout the room that only interacts with the aforementioned Super Power, and triggering the one near the end opens a portal to an auto-scrolling segment followed by basically-the-same-mini-boss-each-time-except-maybe-the-arena-is-a-bit-different-now-or-maybe-it-has-one-new-attack, and defeating said mini-boss gets you two more of the game’s optional collectibles. Honestly, I’m not that big a fan of the Super Power segments since they come across as scripted and gimmicky (though less so than Giant Kirby from Triple Deluxe since this game at least starts to do interesting things with the Super Powers by the final world, like making you time the snowball-dash between crushing pillars). It seems like it’s only there for the power-fantasy element: “Hey, remember all these mini-bosses that made you actually put forth some effort to get through them? Now you can kill them in one hit! Doesn’t that feel so amazing?”

Well, at least the rest of the game is fairly solid. The difficulty in the main game doesn’t really think about picking up until you make it to the boss of world 5, but there are plenty of optional segments that help add some challenge. On top of the auto-scrolling segments mentioned previously (where you’re being chased by a harmful wall of purple that slows down if you get too close), there are segments where you can race an enemy holding a key in order to unlock a door, which usually leads to another optional collectible; it helps spice up what would otherwise be average rooms. There are even segments where the key is just sitting there, but you actually have to hold the key and bring it to the locked door yourself (and holding an item prevents you from flying, though you can still jump). Similarly, there are a some segments where you can enter a giant shoe (which also prevents flying), and if you want whatever secret is at the end of the section, you have to time pushing the jump button at the moment the shoe stomps on an enemy in order to make a full jump (otherwise, it’s just a small bounce that’ll force you to abandon the shoe before you fall into a pit).

Now, you may think that whole “ ‘s “ in the title would imply that Kirby has to journey back to his home, but Kirby actually starts off in Pop Star and spends five worlds with the promise of being able to go somewhere else. Instead, that whole “return” is meant to imply a return to form after 11 years without a new, traditional Kirby game, and this is reflected in just how much content is recycled from earlier entries. I’m okay with normal enemies being the same since level design is what’s supposed to keep platformers engaging, but half of the mini-bosses are lifted from Kirby’s Adventure, and all of the mini-bosses are regularly recycled throughout the game. It takes until the final world for the game to start doing unique things like “now there’s a cannon in the boss’s room!” or “you have to fight two mini-bosses at once!” There’s even a level that’s just a mini-boss gauntlet because, hey, Kirby’s Adventure did it, and people liked that game, so clearly everything in the game must be a good idea! Even the final boss takes some cues from the final boss of Super Star/Super Star Ultra, but at least it has (mostly) its own attack pattern. However, I think the most annoying part of the game is that if you lose your power (and there are a few attacks that force this if you get hit by them), you won’t have any way to attack the boss on your own; you have to wait for the boss to throw a special projectile or for a collision to generate fat, yellow stars that you can absorb and throw back at it. There were a few times where I found myself just standing around, waiting for the boss to throw me a bone (or energy ball or whatever), and if you get your chance and miss, like with the final boss that likes to teleport without warning, you get to wait some more. I also found it weird that, whenever I died against a boss, its health seemed to go down much faster the second time than the first. At least the game managed to incorporate Super Powers for a couple bosses while still giving them a bit of challenge, which was neat.

Even though the entire campaign is built around single-player, it’s possible to play this co-op with up to four people. Similar to NSMB Wii’s multiplayer, the camera tries to keep everyone on screen at once, potentially leading to there not being much camera space to see incoming enemies, and players can also bounce off of other players to jump higher (except in this game, that’s usually a bad thing since if we wanted to go up some more, we’d just use the built-in flight mechanic!). However, unlike NSMB Wii, anyone who gets too far away from Player 1 gets teleported back to Player 1 (it even delays the respawn if Player 1 was shot from a cannon and hasn’t landed yet). Another exception is that, in NSMB Wii, anyone could come back as long as there were more lives and someone else still alive. In this game, Players 2-4 can keep coming back even if the life count is at zero (though another life gets spent if it’s above zero); however, if Player 1 dies, everyone goes back to the last checkpoint (or the beginning of the level if the life count is at zero). Playing multiplayer can even break some of the optional challenges: rather than having to throw the key onto the conveyor belt and run to the other side before it falls down, one player can be on the other side to catch the key as soon as the other player throws it onto the conveyor belt. It also helps the boss fights not be so time consuming: Kirby may still have to wait for something to spit back at the boss, but Meta Knight, King Dedede, and that one random Waddle Dee never lose their weapons and can keep up the offensive. Oddly enough, while none of Kirby’s powers have any friendly fire, the giant shoe and the equip-able cannon do have friendly fire, so if you’re playing multiplayer, you’ll have to be careful not to hurt your allies (Super Powers also seem to have friendly fire, what with the knock-back animation playing, but actually looking at the health bars seemed to show no change).

Despite any recommendation I could give, this is one of those games where you already knew whether or not you’d like it by reputation alone. If you’re a huge Kirby fan that somehow doesn’t have this game yet, you’ll enjoy it (it may not be worth buying an entire console over, but that’s what Epic Yarn and Rainbow Curse are for). Are you looking for an easy game, something to introduce someone else to video games, or just something to have fun with no more than three other people you know? Then yeah, it may be worth checking out on sale. However, if you’re looking for a more challenging experience, or if you believe that succeeding games in a franchise need to do something drastically different than its predecessors to be worth checking out, then this isn’t a game for you. The game does have a few challenging parts, but it takes its time getting there.

Let me know if you found the hidden reference in my post. Spoilers

Jul 18 2019


A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

My brother visited me after not seeing him for a few years and we did what one would normally do. No, we didn’t go out to visit some places or anything like that, we played that one game we beat over twenty times and was last played in 2001. I’m talking about Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis

Playing a game this old makes you really aware of how much gameplay has changed over the years. Things you take for granted (like getting up/down platforms automatically when running towards them or using keys (and other key items) when needed just by pressing x on the locks (or whatever else that item is needed) instead of having to search for that item in your inventory) are missing here and it makes for an awkward experience until you get used to it. There’s also the whole “tank aiming” which is pretty bad, but imo it still beats aiming with the twin sticks.

Replaying this game also helped me remember some bits of the plot I forgot as well as some puzzles and map layouts. You have no idea the amount of pointless backtracking I did in the hospital because I forgot to check the rooms in order. Also I didn’t remember well what happened between when you leave Raccoon Park and you get in the facility, as in there should have been another map in between them. It turned out there wasn’t anything there and the transition from one map to the other was pretty abrupt.

All in all I wish this game gets remade like RE1 and RE2 did. The game could definitely use a gameplay overhaul (and improve its graphics while you’re at it) and the story is already good enough to not need any changes (except you know don’t put a secret facility right next to a park).

Jaay Dee

damn I forgot to update in a long time!
Not much, besides “beating” crusader kings 2 by playing a game from start to finish, and beating hacknet, I only played and beat three other games: Arkham City was 100 percented, half life 2 was beaten, and new vegas main game was beaten, currently playing dlc stories. After that, backlog is clear

Happy playing!

Jul 17 2019

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence

    19 hours playtime

    35 of 35 achievements

Report #239: A Plague Tale: Innocence

Such a good game

I just finished the best game so far in 2019. If you have the chance to play it, do that immediately. The story is really cool and gameplay is awesome as well.

You play as a young daughter of a lord. But then there comes the plague and you have to get yourself and your brother to safety. And also try to fight the Inquisition.

It plays similar to Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice, but not too similar. Fighting is different, but the graphics are both equally good and they play all on a rather linear path

Took me around 12h to complete the story, replayed almost every chapter for the collectibles and finally some more to get the last materials for the weapon upgrade.

Very satisfying game

Max Mnemonic

RONIN: The backlog is dead


    9 hours playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

  RONIN is an action game with a twist, where the combat is turn-based in a 2d platformer environment. In your turn you can either move, kill an enemy if you're close enough or use a special ability. It's inspired by Gunpoint, a game which I played around 5 years ago for about an hour so you'll forgive me if I can't make any comparisons.

  Right off the bat I'm going to say I don't dislike the game, but it has a lot of problems. For one, the turn based combat mechanic is barely developed throughout the game, with barely any enemy, location or weapon variety. The skills *sort of* bring a little spice to the gameplay, but half of them are useless or extremely situational.

The Skills


   There's only 4 skills, with a couple of power ups for each, but I only found two skills useful throughout the game. You need stamina to use skills, which you get by knocking(1 stamina) or killing enemies (2 stamina). All good here, so what's the problem? Any other non skill action also takes stamina away from you. Unless you fall on an enemy directly from above, you're going to push it further away from you when knocking it, which means you have to use the stamina you just gained from knocking him to get near him again to kill him. Not knocking him means he can use his turn to shoot you, and you don't want that, since one shot will kill you. Let's take the sword throw as an example. This skill (as some others) has the condition that you need to be airborne to use it, and it requires two stamina. So, you kill an enemy, get two stamina, and go airborne, which uses up one stamina. Now, you're left with just one stamina so you can't use the sword throw. This is just one example but the stamina system really limits the times you can use skills, and it's just one of the problems this game has.

Another problem: Variety. I think I understand why there's only two 4 skills: the game's really short. I'm guessing the dev didn't want to overwhelm the player with too many options or didn't want to make the character too overpowered, and the solution to that was limit the number of skills. The problem with this is that more choices would add replayability and you could allow the player to adjust to their own preferred playstyle, not to mention making combat more fun, which brings us to the next problem of the game: The combat is too bloody repetitive.

The Combat


   The combat is too repetitive. There's only 4 unique enemies. 4!! Introducing: Guy with gun, guy with machine gun, guy with sword and guy with phone! Gun guy shoots at you every turn, machine gun guy shoots at the same spot twice, basically suppressing fire, guy with sword does a dash, and can only be knocked down and subsequently killed by attacking him. Guy with phone triggers a lockdown of the facility after 8 turns, and that's it. This four enemies are all you're going to see for the whole game, so you better start asking names so you can refer to each other on a first-name basis. There's also civilians, which you're not supposed to kill, but they are more a nuisance than a meaningful game mechanic. The only diversity in later levels is that more guys show up to the party. I'm okay with not having many enemies when the ones you have are complex and interesting and make for varied gameplay, which is sadly not the case here. Every battle is 90% similar to the last, and after a while you either get annoyed because the amount of enemies is frustrating or because it's too easy to win small fights since you already know what to do.

Since it's turn based, I'm guessing the developer wants you to approach combat as if it were chess, but since skills are extremely restrictive, enemies are boring after a while and there's little to no complexity to the gameplay, I'd say you have to approach it more as if you were playing a very action packed game of UNO. The icing on the cake: Controls are also extremely restrictive.

The Controls


   If you're not in a fight, you can jump, move and throw hooks at your heart content. During a fight though? Well, obviously it's very bad etiquette to move during fights, you can only jump in wide arcs and waste a turn throwing a hook without knowing exactly what trajectory you're going to make when swinging from it. We're all familiar with the concept of gravity, right? If you're hanging from a thread, you can't apply force on the thread to propel yourself towards the sides, you need to go straight down! Any deviation from this would destroy modern science as we know it, clearly.

Seriously, though, you'll be fighting the controls almost as much as you'll be fighting the enemies, but mostly because sometimes they don't act as you initially intended, and while it may not always kill you, it will frustrate you to no end when it does. I had way more fun with the game when you weren't on a combat situation, and I was stealthily swing from roof to roof killing unsuspected enemies, free from the shackles that was the turn based gameplay.

The Closing Thoughts


   I enjoyed my time with RONIN but I wouldn't play it again, ever. It feels like it could have been of one of those amazing hidden indie gems, if only the developer would have put a little bit of time to polish all the things they half assed, or at the very least spent some more time playtesting their own game. I saw on the forums that the game was on early access at one point? That confuses me to no end because unless the dev released a demo and then made the rest of the game through early access this doesn't feel like something that went through a lot of development after the base completion and release.

I also want to mention New Game + (didn't know in which category to put it, combat got a little long), the story and the artwork (too short to make it it's own category). NG+ it's pretty much the same as the first playthrough. There's one enemy that gets an upgrade, making him a bit more deadly (or frustrating, however you want to call it), and other than that I didn't notice any other major change. The story is almost non existent, since every mission it's "do some hacking", and you get a couple of phrases thrown at you at the start of the game and at the start of the some missions. I like the artstyle and animations are nice and smooth but it also feels like a regular flash game, not a game sold on steam for 13 bucks, but I guess that comes down to preference.

Up next: Hey! It's been a while since we last talked, how have you been?! Yeah, I know, I forgot about the website again (sorry!). I'll try to do a big post with retrospectives on all the games I played on the last two years, either finished or shamefully abandoned, but I don't know how that will go or if I'll even have enough recollections for an adequate post. Then again, I wasn't expecting to make a fully fledged (by my standards) review for RONIN, I guess after not writing one of these in 2 years I needed to scratch the itch. As I keep saying every time I remember this website exists, I'll try to post more often! I'll also try to play shorter games. I'm sort of addicted to huge games that take a sh*t ton of hours to either finish or master, but I want to have more gaming experiences and try to experiment what cool things and stories can be told through the medium. Additionally, if you have any thoughts on how I could improve the way I transform my thoughts into digital signals, please do tell. So yeah, ramble over. Until the next post!


Posting this here for everyone that’s not subscribed to the “BLAEO Announcements!” thread.

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The new guidelines are:

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