• Rituals

    1 hour hours playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

Report #286: Rituals

Played a very short game in between. Basically a walking simulator. Controls are similar to google street view. Gets a bit annoying after a while. For 100% you actually have to complete the game twice. But the first run with exploring everything takes about 40-50min. The second with remaining achievements and fast forward took around 15min.


Rest of 2020 recap

Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure

1.1 hours, no achievements

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A game I played with my kids. Like often in point and click, it forced me to go back and forth repeatedly when I didn't understand clearly what was expected to unravel the story, exactly why I don't like this genre. Overall, it's basic, in animations, voices, sound, music or story but it's a nice modest introduction to gaming for kids I'd say.


2.1 hours, 1 of 19 achievements
ABC project

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V (yeah, let me spare myself some Vs) is a 2010 classic where you have to travel across a spaceship to rescue your partners. The trick is gravity messes with you. The short levels are never too mind-boggling and I finished the game in just 2 hours (but most of achievements are really hardcore and for PGM). With its big pixels and savvy gameplay, I feel like V can withstand forever the test of time.

Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche

10.0 hours, 16 of 22 achievements
ABC project

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A simple (even if wacky) concept : blocks fall through the sky while lava (or whatever) forces you to go up, so you have to use the falling blocks, sliding atop them or on their sides, to escape death. Of course, some enemies and a couple of bosses come uninvited to make it more difficult, but on the other hand, you can also pick up bonus (shield, higher jumps, dashes, higher start point…), some time-limited others permanent. It's the perfect game for short sessions of 10 or 15 minutes, and when added, I spent 10 hours until I finally beat the last boss, and I kept fond memories of this game.
And there's only 3 games left on my ABC list !

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

0.9 hours, 2 of 54 achievements

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I dropped this game after 1 hour because of the way it deals with stealth and gunfights. I felt like in every level, the game forced me to always approach situations in the same way : come closer to a lone enemy, kill him stealthily, repeat with the next bad guy and when there's just a couple left, you can kill them with loud shooting. I thought the game would more look like X-COM but it's not even a distant relative, so not for my taste.

Kingdom Come : Deliverance

54 hours, no achievements
Epic Games Store

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What a good game ! (CAUTION : little spoilers ahead)

Like some CD Projekt games :wink wink:, I heard this one was released in a pretty bad state, with buckets of (sometimes game-breaking) bugs. There remains some (the erratic pathfinding of NPC) but KCD's still a gem : you start as an ordinary Middle-Age fellow, son of a blacksmith in a small Moravian village, who finds himself entangled in war and a broader story, and I really felt the slow evolution till you're some sort of a knight. And yet, even when you're more powerful, you're never OP and even often helpless in a way, because for example, it's hard to win when you fight alone against more than one enemy at a time. So, all the game long, I kept that feeling of vulnerability while going through the woods. The scenery is BTW magnificent, lively and feels real, especially in the wild.

I enjoyed the different junctions in the story and different outcomes depending of your choices and the way you play : you can focus on building your character, leveling up in hunting, gathering herbs, alchemy, theft, fight, etc thanks to side quests or "free play", or you can just ride the main quest. The plot and the twists are interesting. It's rare a game makes me want to learn more about real history but I wanted to do so with Middle-Age Bohemia.

Oh how much I loved hunting in the woods, stealing and slaughtering poachers, walking the countryside always on alert after a couple of early deadly encounters with bandits (or worst, Cumans). My best time was when Black Peter set a revenge ambush the day after I managed to beat him during the tournament. Or maybe that quest with the bon vivant priest, where you share good food and good girls, and finish drunk together naked in fields at sunset. All in all, I'm full of such nice memories of the game so it's hard to retain my best one.

A special facepalm to myself when I understood only after 30 hours how to "perfect block". Well actually I knew how to do it because I had read it on forums but it didn't work and I was puzzled : the point was I had not triggered the appropriate quest (which kind of end the fighting tutorial) and so, perfect blocking wasn't yet possible… After that, duels became much easier and entertaining !


169.7 hours, 76 of 104 achievements

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June and July 2020 were Terraria months, with around 90 hours spent (and the end of the game yet to overcome).

I will not present this gaming behemoth, just say that I managed to progress till the Lunatic Cultist but then stalled against him, and decided Terraria months were over. If anyone has a couple of hints for this lunatic guy, I'd be happy to beat him (and later the game).

Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest Collector's Edition

4.6 hours, 33 of 40 achievements

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Just another HOG game, with nothing wrong in the mechanisms but always the same dull story of love, hate, good and bad guys, malediction and patronizing divinities.

Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race

2.9 hours, 7 of 14 achievements

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The last Teddy Floppy Ear game was not the best of the series. OK, it's a game catering to children but the driving feeling is really bad, the power-ups vary from lousy to impenetrable and the tracks seems to date back to the Nintendo 64 era. Moreover, it's not an easy game and I doubt a kid could win by himself all the races in different modes. It's as much a chore to win a string of championships, as to pick up stars on tracks or to beat time trials. Kudos to the people that got all the achievements of this game, must not have been a sinecure.

Battle Brothers

165.6 hours, 50 of 101 achievements

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After my summer Terraria marathon, I followed with a big BB surge.
I succumbed to 2 DLCs (Beast and Exploration and Warriors of the North), unlocked a couple of tricky achievements, and like for Terraria, I realized I was over my whim after 111 hours between August and September !

PC Building Simulator

2.9 hours, 9 of 74 achievements

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Like many (all ?) simulator games, this one is getting repetitive once you've grasped the gameplay loop. It's interesting if you want to learn how to build PCs (I already knew most of the basics) and it's a technical feat to render every PC components and emulate how they come together in a machine, but as a game, it's not very fun to me.

LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™

38.4 hours, 48 of 48 achievements

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One more LEGO game completed. This one is as buggy as former games : I had to start a second campaign on another save slot to unlock one achievement (fortunately unlockable in the first level), some jumps have to be done in diagonal with the pad while your character jumps straight onscreen. Many achievements required quite some grind. Finally, I'm not really keen on LOTR, and the universe is a bit too dark to fit LEGO but I enjoyed my time.

Horizon Chase Turbo

8.9 hours, 14 of 37 achievements

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I managed to see through the end of HCT campaign and I think I'll try to unlock every achievements (not sure I'm patient enough to persevere through the endurance races though).
I have mixed feelings about this game : I regret you can keep almost always the same car, whether the track is twisty or straight and speed-oriented. Once you get the power-ups, your car is way better than your opponents' and beating them in the first levels in order to get all gold medals becomes casual. The weather or tracks variations are nice but I would have really loved if they had also implemented variations of AI behaviors, or completely different modes, because every single race feels more or less the same : you start last, catch up many cars in a glimpse and then you try to overtake number 1 and 2 rubber-banded cars, which are always miles ahead in front of others, and you usually manage to do so near the end of the race. It's often more challenging to pick up the badges scattered on the track than winning the race.

Football Manager 2020

13 hours, no achievements
Epic Games Store

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Some 15 or 20 years ago, touted by football-loving friends, I had played a version of Football Manager, when it was still called Championship Manager. But after a short time of play (with Bordeaux, this I still remember), I had dropped it because of the lack of control on the team and the lack of feedback on what happens : I felt frustrated not to know how my choices and actions (recruitment, training…) were taken into account to make my team win or lose a game and a championship.

When EGS offered FM2020, I thought it was time to give it another try. But in spite of all the tweaks and adds of this modern version, the symptoms remained. There's at once too much to grasp (and it's a blessing you can delegate many tasks and chores to different AI people) and too little hints for me on why you lost this particular game. Although I know well football, playing FM still feels like a slot machine where after you chose your tactic and tickled a few cursors, your most common task is to repeatedly click "next day", and watch your team win or lose games : some players seems to enjoy looking for golden rookies in hidden places, scrutinizing endless columns of numbers, or even cheesing the game with OP tactics but after all these years, I still don't.

Pretty Girls Panic!

3.6 hours, 38 of 38 achievements

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This game recalled me of a small and old game I played on Windows 95, where you had to split the screen while avoiding bouncing objects to touch your cursor. Therefore, PGP has not an innovative gameplay, it only adds moe girls pictures in the backgrounds you unveil, hence "pretty girls" name. Once you've caught the different enemies patterns, it's quite easy to complete and get all achievements.


2.7 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

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This is the little brother of Hexcells games (same dev), but a bit shorter and easier than these. There are 50 levels of increasing difficulty, and the learning curve is very progressive. It took me less than 3 hours to complete all the puzzles.


41 hours, no achievements
Epic Games Store

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I'm not the biggest fan of rogue-like but 2 of them captivated me recently and I can't help comparing Hades with Dead Cells and the former makes almost everything better. So why is Hades better than Dead Cells ?

  • Hades is shorter : my main grief about DC is the long runs. You can spend up to 1 hour on a run and lose it all in a few seconds against a nasty enemy or a mid-run boss, because of a bad weapon drop or a personal blunder. In Hades, I'm much more tempted to try another run because they take only around 30 minutes. The backlash is Hades only has 4 worlds while there are many different levels in DC (especially with DLCs) and therefore a greater variety of foes. But even if Hades first ending can be easily attained, if you want to complete all the side quests, unlock every trinkets, etc, you can easily play 100 hours and still have a lot of fun.

  • Hades is easier : I managed to reach the end for the first time in around 35 or 40 runs. Since there are less different enemies and bosses than in DC, their patterns are easier to memorize. The best idea of Hades is the way you can adjust the difficulty level once you've beaten it, hence lengthening its life-span with potential tens of hours ; DC introduced this idea too but the tuning felt less astute than Hades' and more punishing with only stronger enemies and a weaker protagonist. Hades is sometimes too easy with certain combinations of boons and weapons, and sometimes on the verge of being muddled when there are a lot of simultaneous (positive and negative) visual effects. But these are petty flaws.

  • Hades has a great background story : DC has some sort of narrative but it didn't really catch my attention while in Hades, unveiling the story and the characters, understanding their motivations was my main reason to keep on playing till the epilogue. The gameplay is great but coupled with a compelling story, the game's even more enticing.

For all those reasons, I understand Hades is 2020 GOTY of many, and it certainly is mine too.

theHunter: Call of the Wild™

7.4 hours, 10 of 164 achievements

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Who could have thought I would play and like a hunting game, where you mainly walk in nature and occasionally shoot a bullet every 10 or 15 minutes ?

I'm not a hunting or weapons aficionado, quite the contrary in fact. But I, as many, experienced 2020 lockdowns and this game (a bit like American and Euro Truck Simulator I found out during Spring 2020) offered a nice alternative to real walks in the countryside, holidays spent in nature or finding out new places. It's calm and contemplative, it's more of a hiking simulation in beautiful natural areas than a hunting one, even more so if you decide not to shoot animals but only take them in pictures for example.

The Saboteur


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I played this for a couple of days, around the end of 2020. I had not put my hands on it when it got released, back in 2009, only had heard good things about the game back then, which got me to buy it on GOG a few years ago (it's not on Steam, you can only buy it on GOG and Origin).
After playing it a couple hours, I went to read reviews on GOG : most of them were praise and once again, they sounded to me more like nostalgic memories than objective evaluation of a game you play 10 years after release. The point is : can you like such a game today if you haven't played it at the time of its release ? I'm not sure and it applies to a lot of genres whose gameplay greatly evolved in 10 years (while others are timeless classics).

The real strong point of The Saboteur is undeniably the ambiance : if history must keep something from this last game of Pandemic studio (they were shut down by Electronic Arts even before the game was completed, hence the lack of polish in the story and fixing some bugs), it should be the use of mostly black and white graphics - with pinches of red for swastika flags and blood - in the zones you haven't yet liberated from the Nazis while freed districts get a new lease of life embodied by the come back of colors. The idea and implementation are both great, it gives a nice to WW2 Paris. The map (mainly Paris and some countryside) is reasonably big, with notorious landmarks and architecture, and the graphics are still OK under today standards. On top of that, music broadcast while driving is great. That's it for the good things.

As for the bad things, they are plentiful.

First, the story, characters and acting are really mediocre and stereotypical, while taking themselves too much seriously : the worst thing I saw was the bad guy, a blond Nazi being at the same time a crazy race car driver and a psycho torturer, supported by some sort of female bodyguard with prominent bosoms showcased in a black leather outfit, in a kind of representation you expect more in Saints Row. The 3 or 4 hours I played were full of such clichés. All women seemed designed to appeal to average male teenagers (for instance, you can enhance a nude mode where I think in the devs mind you're supposed to take full advantage of the HQ being located in a cabaret, crammed with topless dancers, oh, how convenient) and the protagonist acts like a "chick-magnet", eventhough he's a total jerk. These flaws have nothing to do with the fact the game is 10 years old : a lame story with crappy characters and bad acting remains forever a lame story with crappy characters and bad acting.

The gameplay, a mix of Assassin's Creed, Just Cause and GTA, was maybe OK in 2009 but it felt to me limited in all these three aspects. First, it's hard staying stealthy because enemies always peep on you, see you from miles away, even with disguises ; anyone of them can blow his whistle in a second and attract infinite waves of soldiers until you manage to escape the area. No matter how stealthy you are, you'll almost always have to pull your guns and shoot like a damned anyway, so why bother losing time trying stealth in the first place. The easiest way to escape is then to climb the roofs of Paris but parkour felt mostly unnecessary ("let's follow this AC fashion" must have thought the devs) and clankier than in AC. The main missions ("kill this man", ""help this guy", ""blow this up") recalled me how stiff old AC's missions were and how much I hated them : make one step out of the tracks and you're doomed to replay the mission from the last save point (no free saving points BTW, it's 2009 and a console game ported to PC). Like in JC, you have a gazillion things to sabotage but there's little interest doing so since the punishment of having to escape the zone after the explosion is worst than the reward. And it's unsurprisingly repetitive. Like in GTA, you can carjack the poor old passers-by without anybody (especially German soldiers) raising an eyebrow, and you even have to do so since you don't have any personal car : harassing and occasionally running over innocent people is funnily ironic since you're supposed to help liberating French people from brutal Nazi occupiers.


Update 80: Januar 1st to 15th

Well the first month of this year started about as “bad” for the backlog as the last month ended. Oh well. Can only get better^^

Half-Life 2


8.2 hours
5 of 16 achievements

I really liked the game visuals, but to be honest I found most of the game to be too hectic since you were chased around by robots or whatever else on the planet was chasing you to enjoy it more. The puzzles once you got the hang of it were not too hard. The standing around to wait until emenies disappeared or looked away where sometimes annoying. Overall it is an okay platformer. Still have not really figured out how to get all the achievements without consulting a guide. They are all somehow connected to collectables so you could possibly do a runthrough without getting any.

Half-Life 2

Felix the Reaper

4.3 hours
8 of 26 achievements

A fun, sometimes quite complecated puzzle game. Enjoyed it once I understood how it worked. Will probably get back to it to play the harder levels too.

Half-Life 2

Dead Island Definitive Edition

41.1 hours
29 of 57 achievements

After playing all the HOGs in December I needed something completely different. So I decided to go with one of my oldest unplayed wins and hack and slash some zombies. And that was exactly what I did. I loved to hack and slash their legs and arms apart. I am evil, I know ^^
I actually enjoyed getting in the thick of it far more than blowing their brains out XD
I enjoyed my time with this game immensly. Can't say anything about coop though, except one random stranger joining in, and they mostly just stood around doing nothing. Might get back to it to do some arena stuff.

Overall Backlog Progress:+0,01% change to last times unfinished/never played games (69,06% unfinished games)

15.66% (166/1060)
13.11% (139/1060)
4.91% (52/1060)
64.15% (680/1060)
2.17% (23/1060)

Overall SG Wins Progress:+2,25% change to last times unfinished/never played games (43,97% unfinished games)

34.83% (101/290)
22.07% (64/290)
1.72% (5/290)
40.00% (116/290)
1.38% (4/290)
Here are the games I'm currently working on. Reviews will follow once I'm done with the games:
I've won 8 games and 1 DLC since the last update and was gifted 1 game and won another in a group event. And I've beaten 3 games, so that makes a total of +7 for that timeframe and a +7 for Janaury.

SG wins: And a gift from adam1224 and a win from the QGG special winter games

Games I want to play within the next few weeks:

BLAEO Monthly: nothing atm will be busy with other games

PoP: thanks to CalculonJones & Laura for challenging me


Monthly in A Month:

Just for fun:

Weekly Games #124

Connected Hearts - Visual novel

4.6 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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I actually beat this for the 1st time last year in june apparently but I checked many times and I never talked about this story. This is one of many that I guess just slipped through the cracks so I'll talk about it now.

This game has obvious mistakes but it didn't really distract from the game. I really enjoyed it surprisingly the 1st time round and I still really enjoyed it when repeating it that I'm gonna keep it. The art is pretty cute to me even if no nose is certainly a statement and I enjoy the whole 2 playthrough thing to see everything.

I'm not a big fan of their other free game trick and treat but I brought last year Winters empty mask and the other is wl so I cant wait to try those out too


14.2 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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This game was pretty good for the 1st 2 routes but after that it was just boring. After my 1st one I didn't pay to much attention but there was bonus stuff for replaying it but by the 3rd there wasn't anything really, I didn't do the text so I just kept walking wherever needed.

I gave away this game a lot of times but I'm glad I activated it since it was a very fun and interesting experience. What made it very unique again lost its touched by the 3rd route since it was pretty much the same choices each time, but the 2nd route after knowing everything was just amazing to see. This game gets put in tier 1 alot so if you can get it

AftLife -Girl and Cats, and Lost world-

0.2 hours, no achievements

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I dropped this ages ago since I couldn't deal with another badly translated game and yeah its terrible. I read the only 3 chapters they have there and wow. 1st of all there are no options anywhere, you cant change the screen, you cant change the language, you cant change the text nothing. You have both English and Japanese text on the screen, when someone popped up playing a game it wasn't off to the side like normal it was just kinda smacked near the middle.

Look the art is pretty nice and I can see it being really interesting once more chapters come but as it is, its a mess. It was to awkward to read and I cant believe it has a positive rating when most badly translated games don't

Escape to Moscow

1.7 hours, no achievements

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I really enjoyed this game but I got to be honest I'm disappointed in the ending. As a free game and considering its escape to moscow it cant be helped but I wish there was more. We finally escaped what seemed for real and we don't get to see it. It was so disheartening seeing the credits roll knowing that yep this wasn't just another bad end. I want to find out more about this girl and our strange dude, I want to know how they will survive and what happens to them in general. We don't get a big pay off but I did still like this game, it was a very nice short read and while I'm sure it won't be carried on I would love and happily pay for it to be so

Say Goodbye

1.6 hours, 21 of 21 achievements

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I must've touched this before since I have the achievements and it was done very early in my blaeo days but damn its awful. Pretty much every sentence is badly translated. I will say though haha to the people looking for quick achievements because you can't skip it!

Signs of the Sojourner: Prologue

0.1 hours, no achievements

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As a demo basically I wasn't to concerned on completing it. I like what it was going for and I'm sure playing it more would make it better. From what I played though I don't see myself getting the main game, it just wasn't for me

Synthetic Love

0.2 hours, no achievements

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Normally I can ignore mistakes in games but there was so many that I couldn't avoid it especially when I had no idea what I was doing. The more it told me to talk to people the more it bugged me and the more those stupid grammer mistakes got to me, like what do you do night. I can tell what they meant to say and what not but it just shouldn't be happening

As well the text stuff (I know this made sense at the time but now I'm confused) the screen was annoying. If I have the option to go full screen and window its fine but when it goes into full screen but is broken that's when it becomes a problem. There's a reason this game is mostly negative

After writing this I read a review and I cant believe its by the same people as last weekend. I didn't actually mind that game and I funnily enough played it right before and I came across a game breaking bug then so yeah just not good for the dev

I didnt forget about my post this time. Okay I did slightly but in my defence I had to go shopping so it slipped my mind for a little bit. Compared to last time I didn’t start playing and before doing anything, except some eating, I went straight to doing my report.

Jan 14 2021



Good day, friends!

In my list post, I asked for your advice regarding the backlog games I know little about, and I chose 5 of them from your comments as the new aditions to my inmediate to play list. Thank you very much to all for your advice and input. These are the 5, in no particular order:

Sunless Sea
Train Valley 2
Shadowrun Returns
Rebel Galaxy
Faeria - I don’t know if it’s possible to finish this one, but I will give it a fair trial

Now, for the games I finished since last time. I am still playing AC Odyssey, which is taking most of my playing time since December, so most of these games are quite short.

Half-Life 2

Dark Strokes: The Legend of the Snow Kingdom Collector’s Edition

0 hours
no achievements

This is a fairly decent HOG game, but nothing special. If you are very into this genre it might be interesting, but there are much better games out there. To my knowledge is the last HOG I had, so time to play other things.


Half-Life 2


0 hours
no achievements

What a fantastic small gem! This is a short "walking simulator" game with a quite compelling story and original gameplay that made the game interesting. I will not spoil anything, but I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys this type of story driven games.


Half-Life 2
**EXTRA GAME 101**

The Supper

0 hours
no achievements

This is how you make classic adventure games. Nice art, dark short story and a really nostalgic aura around it. For the grand prize of free, I'd recommend to try this 20 minute long adventure. I'll definitely keep an eye on this developer.


Half-Life 2

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown

0 hours
0 of 29 achievements

As some fellow assassin adviced me, this game is no longer playable, since the servers were taken down. A pity that I could not try it, i'm deleting it from the challenge.


Half-Life 2

Remnant: From the ashes

0 hours
0 of 29 achievements

This game is hard. VERY hard, at least for the small team that was playing together. Gameplay is quite decent, and it seems to be kind of a "souls-like", but with guns. Atmosphere was good, story was spare but intriguing, but we could not finish the game. Difficulty was very high and my companions and I decided it was too much for us and uninstalled.



That’s all for today, have fun!!


Finished in January (1-5)

I started a year by cleaning my shorter games. And all of them were from last Steam Sale, so I don’t feel so guilty for buing so much during Christmas.

  • Shape of the World

    78 minutes playtime

    9 of 26 achievements

Shape of the World


Weird little game. Walking Sim with no story at all, you just go through weird half nature, half abstract environment, sometimes you are creating stairs, sometimes you are collecting seeds, because why not. You can plant trees, there are some animals you can scared (actually, quite a lot), but there is almost no challenge accept for spotting, where to go next (I actually was a bit stuck one or two times), It can be quite Zen, but I didn’t fully emerged into it.

  • Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

    4 hours playtime

    17 of 30 achievements

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise


A very, very nice classic adventure game. It has “Escape the Room” type of puzzles - mostly spotting clues and patterns or collecting X number of keys to unlock the box. The area of the game is quite small and we are going back many times, which to be honest I quite like - I enjoy those type of games where there is a lot of little things on one screen, and you are resolving them bit by bit. The story is James Bond parody, I also had Carmen Sandiego vibes - it’s basic, but servisable - the writing gave me a couple of smiles. All in all I liked it a lot.

  • Pumpkin Jack

    6 hours playtime

    25 of 33 achievements

Pumpkin Jack


Classic 3D platformer game. And I cannot really say anything original about it - if you like linear platformers, like first Spyro, this one is 100% alright, although keyboard controls can be a bit weird and unresponsive (I died quite a lot because I didn’t make the jump, and also controls for a little race minigame in the middle of the game are just horrible). It has bosses, it has minigames, it has suprising amount of weapons, which were quite nice. All in all, a good game.

  • Superliminal

    4 hours playtime

    6 of 27 achievements



Wow - this is an original puzzle game! With awesome visuals in the second half of it. It is feeling like a Portal game, but less focused on complicated puzzles, and more on story, even with a bit of walking sim aspect. It mostly relying on false perspective, with a bit of optical illusions. The only thing I really didn’t like - In many puzzle you need to figure out, what you can interact with. And many times objects, that were usable in the previous scene, are just decorations here. That was quite annoying and sometimes almost “pixel-hunting”, and it prevent me for giving it better score. But beside that - very good game/experience.

  • Cloudpunk

    14 hours playtime

    69 of 79 achievements



This one is weird. You are a delivery woman in this cyberpunk, dystopian future, you are driving a flying car, collecting one package after another and talking to the citizens of the city. The weirdness here is - there is no gameplay here. It is basically a walking (well… flying) sim. You can destroy your car by bumping into stuff, but if you do that, you just starting to fly very slowly and wobbly, and you need to go to the service station. You can run out of fuel but… well, I didn’t, so I don’t know what is happening then, but I don’t think it will be gameover. You have some collectibles to collect, you can buy some stuff like food or cosmetic items, which are mostly completely useless. But 90% of the time you are just flying from place to place, where your boss ask you to go, and from time to time you have some morale choices. Don’t think about any races, fighting, or any dangerous stuff - you will fly around this city, or walk on the platforms, looking at (quite nice) visuals, talking with people and basically thats all. BUT - if you have right mindset and you don’t expect GTA - this game has one very, very good thing - and this is writing. Our protagonist and her AI friend are very likeable, most of the NPC’s are creative, with interesting background and stories, and voiceacting is well done. I especially liked the cyborg-detective, who, because of some bugs in his code, could speak only like a detective from old pulp novels - think Chandler and Maltese Falcon here. There were also moments, I felt genuinly moved by the story, especially in the end. So yeah - this is a very good game, but only if you know, what you are getting into.

Jan 12 2021


Main Quest #131 - 12 January 2021

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3

about 8 hours playtime
16 of 77 achievements (21%)

I’ve had a few busy games in the last week, so this took more time than predicted. I also predict it will continue to be a little busy, but I want to finish a few more games this month. The game was an improvement over Sniper Elite V2, although I much preferred its setting. SE3 world was well designed, but something about the desert and Africa that does not entice me

Jan 11 2021


December 2020 Where’s Your Motivation? - Vergil, DMC5: Vergil DLC
I’m feeling a bit fatigued to write out all the reviews this month. Hopefully regain some energy by February. Let me know if there is any game you would like to hear about and I can type something up.


Ninglors Log 199

05.01.21 – 11.01.21

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Luxor OurLife Why?!?

Man, I finally found the page!

713 finite single-player games found (34 excluded )
If you were a video gaming zombie who plays 24/7 without sleeping or eating then:
• Your total amount of consecutive current playtime would be 9 months, 1 week, 5 days and 1 hour.
• Your remaining amount of consecutive main playtime would be 3 months, 3 days and 8 hours (45.13%).
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Strawberry Vinegar

Cool-looking Food Good Reads Japan Quirky Short

I played this for Play or Pay, but it had been something I wanted to check out for a while as I was impressed by Asphyxia, made by the same dev. And okay, the style is super cute and the food pics.

I guess that's Norwegians for you!

So, a demon appears to a girl in Japan, demands she make her food for a week, and is mistaken by everyone else for a Norwegian. The main character, Ri, has no friends and has drifted apart from her parents. She speaks more like a cynical teenager or adult (as did the characters in Asphyxia), but I feel like it works.

Apple rose tarts

The Room


I feel like I would be more impressed by this if I didn't already know about the Nancy Drew games. Whie it feels more sophisticated than a HOG, there was nothing to investigate to make complex puzzles. I didn't need to make notes or anything. There were no puzzles to brood over throughout the game, as you complete them pretty much as soon as they appear. And I kind of expected a room to explore rather than pivoting around a box within a box within a box around a table. It wasn't bad, but it did seem a bit simple.

Rusty Lake Hotel

Food Lockdown Quirky Short

This had what The Room was missing. Explorable stuff, puzzles complex enough for me to write notes down, actual puzzle rooms, interest in what I'm doing/the story, etc. The story felt like a mix of And Then There Was None and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You have to collect ingredients for dinner each night, and to get the ingredients, you need to complete puzzles in each guest's room. The game doesn't make it obvious, but you need to do those in a certain order to get all 3 stars for each meal. The order is dependent on what ingredient you find before entering each puzzle room. I had to redo the first room and most of the 2nd room because of this, though ultimately I don't think it matters.

Raft update #1

Crafting Pirates, Hacking, & the High Seas Player Homes Very Long

First of all, I play on Easy because I don't have time to lose my inventory if I die (although by now most of my inventory is in storage, but I kept dying of thirst, hunger, or shark before I had storage). I haven't started any story stuff yet because I am still short on some part. I just recently got the smelter and started making iron and copper ingots, so I'm probably ready to start the story next time I play. The most recent important upgrade I built is the permanent anchor, which I haven't gotten to use yet.

Current raft, permanent anchor behind me.

Everything was laid out flat for a long time, but I built a mid level with storage and smelter for now, as well as a top level that just has a rug and a bed. It also has a wrap-around balcony, so I can easily jump from it to a higher point of an island. You can see the half wall of the balcony just above the sail, while I will probably move so I can extend the balcony.

No roof yet, and I might have put the walls on backwards.

There is still some stuff I have available that I haven't used yet, like paint and a few pieces of furniture and decoration. As for the game itself, I'm having fun. I wish there were chances of rarer items in the ocean loot, because getting the same few things is kind of boring.

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