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I try to get rid of my hoard of unplayed games. It's not much, but still it's some kind of backlog, right?

I give priority to my wins from SG, though it still can take me few months to beat long ones (like Fallout 4 or Skyrim: Legendary).

2016 Oct Nov Dec
2017 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2019 Jan Feb - - - - - - - - - -
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October - Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir, Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief, The Beginner's Guide, Ether One, Her Story, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, Fallout 4
November - Regency Solitaire, Chroma Squad, Broken Age, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
December - Mad Max, Undertale, Paladins, Sakura Beach 2, Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube

January - Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily, Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala, The Secret Order 4: Beyond Time, Anna's Quest, Plantera, Oxenfree, Far Cry 3, HuniePop, TRISTOY
February - ABZU, Contrast, The Turing Test, Victor Vran, ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West
March + April - DARK, Mushroom 11, Evoland 2, Event[0], The Journey Down: Chapter Two, Castle of Illusion, Tales of Zestiria
May - Aragami, Gods Will Be Watching, Unravel, Orwell, Beholder, Pony Island
June - The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams, Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's End, Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold, The Room Two, The Swapper, Jotun, SteamWorld Heist, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
July - Adam Wolfe, Toby: The Secret Mine, Hollow Knight, Sniper Elite 3, RAGE, Alone With You, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
August - Tales from the Borderlands, Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter, Risen 3 - Titan Lords
September - Witcher 3 GOTY
October - INSIDE, TitanFall 2, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, The Technomancer, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Shadowrun: Hong Kong
November - Mass Effect: Andromeda
December - Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Milkmaid of the Milky Way, Secret World Legends, Deadpool, Seasons after Fall

January - Valley, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Sword Coast Legends
February - Tacoma, Quantum Break, Dex, OwlBoy, The Whispered World Special Edition
March - The Walking Dead: Season Two, Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
April - EARTHLOCK, Styx: Master of Shadows, Rise of the Triad
May - Alpha Protocol, Lara Croft GO, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
June - Finding Paradise, AER Memories of Old, Dreamfall Chapters, Stories: The Path of Destinies, RUINER, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
July - The Sexy Brutale, Renegade Ops, Dying Light, Final Fantasy XIII
August - Firewatch, Dungeon Siege III, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, A New Beginning - Final Cut
September - Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, DOOM
October - Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Figment
November - Ghost of a Tale, Pillars of the Earth, Fe, Path of Exile, Rakuen
December - RIME, Wuppo, Orwell - Ignorance is strength 2019
January - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, GRIS, Outland, Zombie Army Trilogy

Also short legend on my scale:

⭐️⭐⭐⭐⭐ - game I really enjoyed. For either really good story or humor. It can has flaws, but they are minimal in comparison to fun I had with it

⭐️⭐⭐⭐☆ - game I enjoyed, but has it’s visible flaws that can make gameplay annoying. Or games with solid gameplay and good story, but without this something that would make me really enjoy it

⭐️⭐⭐☆☆ - starting point. Neither good or bad. Average story with average gameplay

⭐️⭐☆☆☆ - when game has average story, so I could beat it to see plot but it didn’t make me want learn more about characters or universe. Plus gameplay is so bad it make whole experience terribly annoying and irritating

⭐️☆☆☆☆ - only one type of games will get lowest note. Games that are unplayable or barely playable due to devs laziness. And their story is not interesting enough to push me into spending hours on the internet, finding a way to make it work. If game would be playable, but I wouldn’t enjoy plot or it’d have bad game mechanics it’d get 2 stars

March update

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Overall backlog progress:
26% completed
54% beaten
1% unfinished
2% never played
18% won't play

- really good co-op experience
- involving story with twist at the end
- well implemented co-op mechanic
- only one player must own it

- some delay problems on joining player side


Story: "We must bust out of prison" game. One character is already inside, and wants to run away. Second character only arrived, but is sure they did not commit crime they were sentenced for. Which feels like typical scenario of all prison-action movies. They have their own personalities, which were written as "typical opposites" - calm and analytical vs aggressive and impulse driven. But it does not feel forced, they feel fleshy in what they do, and their actions are clearly justified by their past experiences. Game ends in a way I did not predict, and that it's strongest point for me. I did feel like literal shit during last sequence, and was like "yeah, yeah do it, I deserved it".

Gameplay: Split screen without need to sit on the same sofa. Only one player needs to own game, for both people to play. Which is neat. It is strictly co-op game, and is unplayable with only one player (AI won't control second character). Fact that screen is split in half all the time can be bit confusing though. Action-linear game, where we can do some small side activities. You can compete in throwing darts, play baseball, throw horseshoe, play music or just annoy your partner by not going towards objective. It's possible to interact with objects individually, and each character react differently. While one will open fridge and say there is nothing of value, other will open fridge, pick up beer and drink it. Talking with NPCs will result in different dialogues, depending who talk to NPC right now. It does help to flesh out characters and makes game really enjoyable. There are moments where cutscene is shared, and characters must pick what they will do. For example they enter elevator with guard inside. Try to talk your way out of it, or attack?

Graphic, music, bugs: I did not encounter any bugs in this game. Music is fitting, and graphic is fine. There are minor delays in transition from "shared cutscene" to "actual gameplay" for joining player. So while cutscene per se plays fine, then at the end I was stuck a bit on loading screen, while other character was already in-game, playing.

Side note:

First time in a long time my progress dropped, as I activated more than I beat. Lame. I play now in Angels with Scaly Wings and it’s nice game. But looks like I will need to replay it few times, to see all routes.

February update

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Overall backlog progress:
27% completed
54% beaten
1% unfinished
1% never played
18% won't play

Side note:

Bit cheated update, as i beat this game in March (today). But I do not want to have empty months in my spreadsheet, and writing one quick update is easier, than gathering few and then sit a lot to write reviews xD

I played a bit in Evolution:The Video Game beta when it was up, and it’s nice. But damn, I am bad at competitive games when I try to play online versus others xD

I was also trying Witcher: Adventure Game on GOG. It is nice, and as there is no real direct competition I don’t get annoyed when I play. Still, this game is so badly designed at times, like inability to hide card menu by simply clicking somewhere on the background, or pop up “tips” menu that can’t be turner off. Which likes to remind me every single turn I can use specific card.

January update

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Overall backlog progress:
27% completed
54% beaten
1% unfinished
1% never played
18% won't play

- fluid controls
- really nice art-style
- nicely done simple environmental puzzles

- no option to skip cut scenes
- achievements for beating the game unlocked after unskippable credits... ugh
- checkpoints are too far apart, so collecting mementos is annoying (I skipped it)
- game lacks story


Story: Well there is no story. So not much to write here. No images showing main character past, no memories, no nothing. There is one cut scene after player collects all mementos and beat last chapter of game again. But IMO it's weak to hide only useful bit of information behind that much backtracking. Names of optional achievements points towards stages of grief, game does not hint why main character has depression.

Gameplay: Well made platformer with very easy environmental puzzles, most of them are skippable. Controls are fluid, and we unlock new abilities along the way - double jump, swimming, ability to smash things etc. But there are no metrovidania elements - it's not possible to backtrack and there is only one possible way at any time. Only after game is beaten it's possible to pick previous levels to look for collectibles.

Graphic, music, bugs: Strongest point of this game is art style, and I do think that game should not be rated based on story or puzzles. As both those elements are totally secondary. Game starts in black and white. With time we unlock colors, which fill world like water color paint fills canvas. Sound is ambient, game is bugless. This game is more of calm art experience, than story-driven or gameplay-based game.

- fluid controls
- good platforming
- proper co-op implementation

- not many co-op challenges
- last boss is annoying
- map could be better


Story: We're reincarnation of hero that trapped god-sisters long time ago. And surprisingly we must defeat them again. So nothing extraordinary or deep.

Gameplay: Our character has ability to change alignment. When we're blue we're protected against blue enemy attacks, and against red attacks when red. But at the same time we deal not much damage towards enemy of the same alignment. There are also alignment-dependent platforms and blocks, which are solid when we have the same color. This mechanic forces us to constant shifting alignment, often mid-jumps which can be challenging. Certain abilities are blocked behind story-important events. Killed enemies and pots drop down coins which can be used to extend health or energy pool.

Graphic, music, bugs: Graphic is simple, and all objects have yellow outlines. With exception for blue / red enemies or blocks / platforms. Music is hardly noticeable. Game is bugless, and only problem is that there is weird delay between pressing jump button and actual jump. Which requires bit of getting used to.

- hordes of zombies to kill
- good implementation of co-op mode, and game is quite hard in SP
- we can kill Hitler

- small bugs, like when enemies get stuck in the ground or objects have bad ragdoll effects
- not many open areas
- it feels that game is dated and made on ancient engine


Story: Hitler was close to be defeated, so he released disease which turned all alive and dead Nazi soldiers into zombies. And they wan to rule the world! We must of course stop them. During story we visit Berlin and some other areas.

Gameplay: Game is similar to Sniper Elite with exception that there are not many glory shots, as it'd be hard to have slow-mo shots in game for 4 players (when other player gets glory shot, other see it as well). Game is quite corridor like, and there is not much incentive to roam around. There are few enemy types, but in the end they all boil down to "shot in the head till it's dead" strategy. There are no mission challenges or optional objectives. We can choose how our character will look like and our weapons at the beginning of mission. No character progression or different abilities sets though.

Graphic, music, bugs: Graphics looks fine, but it is already bit dated. Music is nothing extraordinary. And game is mostly bugless, but there can be bad ragdoll effects of objects and enemies. Plus enemy can get stuck in half-dead state somewhere on the map, which blocks further progress.

Side note:

I am without PC at the moment, so I can’t play in anything demanding. Even Magicka was working with 20 FPS at my laptop :D So updates will be very smol for some time.

And damn, I don’t understand how people want to have kids. I have enough after 3 weeks of constant screaming :sweatsmile:

December update

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Overall backlog progress:
27% completed
54% beaten
1% unfinished
1% never played
18% won't play

- fluid controls
- well made bosses
- interesting and well thought lore and story
- characters wrote in humorous way

- not best journal
- no ability to sort items in inventory
- not all game mechanics are explained properly, even when we're forced to use them


Story: Our character is thrown away from house (or more like hotel?), as they were lazy and messy. So we're forced to find new home for ourselves. It later turns into "save the world" theme, but it's shown in not so-serious way. So it doesn't feel overly forced or pompous. We learn history of Wuppo land, and facts about creatures that live there. Nothing is overly deep though, but it doesn't need to be in this type of light game.

Gameplay: It's similar to Hollow Knight. We have backstory to push us forward, responsive controls so platforming parts feels well-made, simple boss fights that doesn't require nanoseconds accuracy. Both platforming and boss fights are way simpler in comparison to HK, which makes gameplay less stressful. There is only one annoying boss mid-game that could be designed better. There is a bit of metrovidania touch here. We find objects that are needed to progress plot - like onions to make soup. We collect a lot of objects, and can equip them to use as weapon or costume. They are tied without any restriction to any button on controller we want.

Graphic, music, bugs: Graphic is really simple, but specifically colorful and weirdly happy. Music acts well as background, characters are not voiced but use sims-like blobs / clicks when they talk. Game is bugless, I didn't find anything that would make it hard to play. Only (as I wrote earlier) one boss could be designed bit better, because it's possible to get stuck between it's body parts during the fight.

- addition of influencer tool
- story is bit intertwined with events of 1st game

- information added after official day ends (so a bit like in free roam mode) are not marked as "added" next day. They can't also be added again (already in database), so sites are marked as having unread info
- finale with rather not shocking revelation
- characters feel bit less fleshy than they were in previous game


Story: It did feel like story was worse than in previous game. Maybe because I was caring about main suspect from previous game more. In this game our task is to localize double agent, who went missing while spying for other country. It later changes into task to discredit journalist, who wants to put The Nation (so our mother country) in bad light. Of course nothing is simple. People have their backstory, which explains their motives. And it's again strongest point of this game - showing that reality is not black-and-white, and it may be better idea to dig up longer to see someone's motives, instead of acting on 1st bit of info we find.

Gameplay: Just like in previous game we read internet sites, check people phones and PCs to find bits of information. After they are uploaded into Orwell (so big spying program), can lead to other bits thanks to cross-linking. We found that someone met suspect in park? Let's put park address into facebook-like site search, to find photos made there, and see who suspect met with. On top of that we have influencer tool (unlocked near end of the game), which is used to create narrative that's later send into social media. Similar to what trolls on troll farms in Russia and other countries do. It is bit scary, that something we do in game, is happening every day in real world. Where gov departments responsible for propaganda use farms, to send certain narrative into the internet, to create "reality" that's convenient for them.

Graphic, music, bugs: Apart from this "can't mark as read" bug game is bugless. Graphic is basic, but well designed and serve it's purpose well. I do think though developers could use some slider to change interface size. I did feel like a lot of space is wasted for too big buttons, instead of giving more reading / compare space. Music is really ambient, nothing exceptional or memorable.

End of the year 2018 stats:

  1. Beaten 43 games:
    • 1 Uplay game
    • 8 Origin games
    • 34 Steam games
  2. Favorite game beaten in 2018: Pillars of the Earth / Ghost of a Tale
  3. Worst game beaten in 2018: Final Fantasy XIII
  4. Longest game beaten: Dying Light - 51h
  5. Shortest game beaten: Tacoma - 3,3h
  6. In 2017 I’ve beat 60 games - 17 more than in 2018
    • 7 of them were HOGs I stopped to play in 2018. Which partially explains worse stats this year
    • I started to spend more of my time outside of gaming - work placement, getting driving license, moderating SG, being more social

Seeing that I beat games on Origin and Uplay that I already have (old free copy of AC:4 / games from Origin Access) it’d be pointless to add them on the graph. As I add game to library on Origin, beat it, remove from my Access list. So it’d artificially shrink my backlog and boost my progress.

Winter Sale 2018 update

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1. Games I get as gifts.

  • Angels with Scaly Wings

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 63 achievements

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 50 achievements

2. Games I bought myself.

  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    0 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • That’s it. I get only 1 game for myself, and 2 as gifts from others. Was thinking about Little Nightmares but even when base game was -70%, complete version had only -60% discount. Wanted to stick to my “no buy if not -75%”, so I did not grab it.

    Which is nice, my pile of shame did not grow much, to start making me feel uncomfortable. I’m in place where I no longer feel like I must play games to beat them. But can buy smol game like Valliant Hearts to beat it in 5h and be happy about it.

    I have 8 games left to beat on Steam. And I’m quite sure that very last will be Pillars of Eternity. I will need a lot of time for this one xD

    I managed to beat most of the games I bought during last 2 big Steam sales. So I also don’t have feeling I bought something just to have it.

    November update

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    Overall backlog progress:
    27% completed
    54% beaten
    1% unfinished
    1% never played
    18% won't play

    - really nice story, where it feels that choices do matter (not "Telltale whatever style" gameplay)
    - well written characters
    - interesting setting
    - well designed UI

    - it's always easier for me to find 5 cons for every pros, and I need sometimes think really hard to find some pros in game. But here I really don't see any cons. Huh


    Pillars of the Earth is a game adaptation of the book series (there is also TV series). And damn, it's nice. It shows power struggle between gluttonous church and smol-ego "I'm the best" king / Earl. We're thrown between schemes of people way more influential than we are, and we must wiggle our way around them. Game is following book story, so when someone dies in book, they will die in the game as well. But in other places it does feel like we do have impact on the story, it's not telltale style "no matter what you do game will end like that, we will simply kill this characters off-screen later".

    Story is shown from few characters perspective, and in some places intertwine. E.g. later in game we have small retrospection, and now-NPC says thing we said when we were controlling it. It's a nice touch. Game has well-made point&click mechanic, with easy to understand logic. So to have water in a bucket, you must use bucket on water. No super complicated and surreal or illogical solutions. (I still remember I had to use cheese on puncher machine, instead of actual punch card... to read certain sequence and open door... what?)

    Graphic is nice, characters move in natural way and there is no feeling that they are "floating" above background. There is only this one small thing, as characters have only few "default poses". So you will see the same animation over and over again - like when monk says something, he will use either "open arms" or "cross hands and think" animations. But it's not enough to count it as a cons.

    I liked best to play as a monk, as we can either cite bible as responses, or use more "human" approach. So instead of citing bible to answer to "why god abandoned us?!" I could pick "I don't know" option. There is also one character that refuses to talk at the beginning, and is only nodding head or grumbling :hehe:. My type of man!

    I will follow Lost.FM suggestion and read books when I have time. It was not possible to fit whole books content into a game, so it focuses on most interesting aspect of church-king-Earl power struggle. But I know that books also talk about architecture and building techniques.

    - really nice art style
    - fluid controls
    - interesting setting and story

    - map could be updated with collectibles we already have


    It starts slow and really peaceful, for a moment I even thought there are no enemies. Heh. Enemies are present, but are easy to avoid and death is not "scary". We run around, sing to animals so they follow us and help with really easy environmental puzzles. At the end of each section is "main animal" that teaches us their song. After that we don't need to rely on certain animal to move around (bird song opens flowers to give us bombs, lizard song activates flowers that allow us to jump further etc.). In order to hide from enemies character hides in grass bushes.

    Nothing is said or written in this game, story is learned by observing environment and discovering monuments with images. Monuments that are most basic are visible along main roads; to find more of them some sidetracking is needed. I disliked AER for just teasing some info about world and then leaving me with pile of unanswered questions. I don't have this feeling when it comes to Fe, so I say even when in both games story is discovered in similar way, Fe does it better. It also has really nice addition - we can find helmets that allow us to see story through enemies perspective. It made story to be way more interesting.

    Platformers need good controls, and this game is fine here. Camera also works properly, it doesn't move on it's own to show something important, when I want to look in other direction etc. So in short it's nice platformer with interesting background and child-friendly gameplay.

    - F2P game that is not aggressive with monetization, and don't give impression I had to pay to unlock some needed functions (glaring at you Star Wars: The Old Republic)
    - good variety of enemies
    - as for F2P game story is fine. But nothing extraordinary
    - ability to create really diverse classes...

    - terrible crafting system with way too much currency items
    - awful item drop - you basically never get anything for your own class, I played mostly with Fnord and get tons of wands for his witch, but never found any bow or quiver for myself... used bow that dropped for Fnord around 20th level till end of the tame
    - no respec option
    - I did feel that maps resets way too early


    I do dislike this game. But I know some may like it, as it's not a bad game. Only game that was not made for me.

    I could do barely any damage, as I picked wrong perks and abilities early on, and it's not possible to reset character. So I was able to die 3 times, trying to kill one yellow enemy, when Fnord basically just stomped through it without stopping, and it was dead. It does punish people that don't start game with guide, knowing what abilities to choose. You get books that give ability to return perk points. But I ended on 65 level (so I spend 65 points), and through whole game I get like 25 return points? So it's way too little to "fix" broken character.

    Same as gems drop (they give actual abilities) is random, and you may invest time to level up gem that turns out to be useless in the end. And it's not possible to level up something fast, when you already invested a lot of time to upgrade "bad" gem from 1st to 10th level. You will start again with gem at 1st level and need to grind to upgrade it. Bonus point for selling all gems you *think* are useless, and then hoping you find them again. As it's not possible to buy many good ones at vendors

    I haven't seen worse crafting system in my gaming career. Normally you have 1 - 2 currency types, you buy materials, craft things, upgrade them at blacksmiths and so like. Here you get currency items as enemy drop. And there is like 20 different kinds of it... It's main function is direct crafting. So you can use orb of alchemy to upgrade normal pair of jeans to rare quality, or orb of transmutation to upgrade other normal jeans into magical jeans. But as I wrote earlier items that drop are useless for you, so only thing to do if you're not into trading with other players (like me) is to sell them to vendors... and in return you get bunch of currency items! You want to buy something from vendor - you need specific type of currency item. Like rings can be bought with one kind, and flasks with other. You don't have enough currency items of certain kind to buy something? Exchange other currency items at vendor! But sometimes it's not possible to be done directly. When you have a lot of currency a and not enough currency d, you may have to change currency a to b, then b to c and only c can be exchanged into d. Just ugh.

    Story is enough to make you leave camp and kill monsters. But not much more. You basically have to kill one or few gods in every chapter, and as fast as you kill one, another one emerges and you must yet another time save the world!

    So... I can't say how combat really is, as my character was utterly borked and I couldn't kill anything reasonably fast for half of the game. As a single player from the bottom of my heart I found crafting to be bollocks (but it will be less or not at all problem for someone that likes to play with others, exchange items, gems and so like). Story was fine enough to make me playing, but flat enough I don't remember much more than go - kill god - return theme. That's why I must give it just 3 stars.

    But if you like hack & slash, social aspect and don't want to pay for game - it's easy 4 stars for you and worth playing. And it will surely be better than Diablo: Immortals, even when you all have smartphones most probably :hehe:

    - involving story
    - some things may look superficial, but have deeper reason or meaning
    - characters we interact with are well written and complex
    - event that took place in 2011 sets up nice background for whole story

    - I get stuck in one sequence for an hour, as guide created by game authors was so bad to explain what you need to do D:
    - not everyone must like singing parts that can't be skipped or hurried like rest of dialogues
    - no Steam support. No information achievements are unlocked, no native DS4 support. Even using DS4 Windows is wonky, as keys are mapped to different keys than they should be


    It's how sequel to To The Moon should look like. Not the thing we get with re-used setting and ideas. We're kid in a hospital. Our mother visits us, and we begin adventure to help other patients on the floor. Through the game we get ability to find special doors that teleport us to alternate world, where we meet other-versions of patients from our floor. That way, by moving between real and magical word, we learn their story and learn how we can help them.

    I obviously won't write anything more about story to not spoil it. Game is combat free - so it's perfect for kids. It would be also good medium to poke some deeper topics for older kids - depression for example. There are "enemies" in game, but are mostly stationary, and we simply must watch out to not touch them. Chests found in game contain either story objects, or gold. Gold can be spend on buying items for hospital "fun zone" as side activity, and is needed to buy few main story items.

    I don't remember when I was involved enough in a game, to cry a bit when one of the stories ended. So yeah, I think it's well worth playing.

    Side note

    I did GPU (Asus D2T 280X, 1,175V at stock) undervolting around 2 months ago, and it end quite well. Sadly it's not possible to cut core voltage lower than 1,100 V. But it works stable, temperatures and GPU fans speeds are lower. I tested it in Doom, Path of Exile, Mass Effect: Andromeda and RIME (10 min runs), but results from first two games get lost and I'm too lazy to re-make them. Figment, Ghost of a Tale, Pillars of the Earth, Fe, Path of Exile were all beaten with undervolted GPU.

    -Mass Effect: Andromeda - started with IDLE GPU at 33C and 1000 RPM fans, played game for 10 min, wrote down results
    -RIME - played game for an hour at 1,1V with stable GPU temperature and fans RPM, rose voltage to 1,175V to see where temperature will stabilize (took 10 min), wrote down results and went back to 1,1V (took 3 minutes for temps to drop down)

    Both on stock and lower voltage GPU 3D Mark Fire Strike benchmark (DX11 test) ends with the same score.

    Game GPU temperature at 1,175V GPU temperature at 1,100V GPU fan RPM at 1,175V GPU fan RPM at 1,100V Change of temperature Change of fan speed
    Mass Effect: Andromeda 70°C 64°C 1600 1320 6°C / 8,5% 280 RPM / 17,5%
    RIME 70°C 66°C 1750 1440 4°C / 5,5% 310 RPM / 18,7%
    Too bad I waited so long with undervolting. Oh well. I'm sure I will undervolt my next GPU as well. No loss in performance (no change in core or memory frequency), less power consumption, heat generated, and (as a result) quieter GPU.

    I moved Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 into beaten category. I think I played enough of it.

    I’m close to beat my Steam backlog, but will keep playing games on Origin. EA did add some games I either had on my Steam WL or was interested in to their Access Vault. Samorost 3, RIME, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shotgun, Wuppo, LEGO Batman, Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, the Surge… damn that’s a long list D:

    I will also repeat my resolution from last sale, and not buy anything that doesn’t have -75% discount. Worked well last time.

    Big thanks to ZephyrusRaine for showing me how to add jump to next post buttons. It will make navigation on profile a bit easier.

    I also must cut down length of my summaries, they are way too long >_> But sometimes it feels appropriate to write more :thinking:


    October update

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    Overall backlog progress:
    27% completed
    54% beaten
    1% unfinished
    1% never played
    17% won't play

    - interesting and easy puzzles
    - some characters speak with rhymes - can be counted as cons for some people
    - graphic style is light and pleasant
    - light and not complicated humor

    - lack of map
    - already acquired collectibles are not marked
    - bug which made it impossible to get all achievements, due to faulty camera work - after transition from previous level camera is locked at the end
    of next level. So it's not possible to move around, as we in fact move character that is not visible - so don't see where are walls, paths and so like
    - forced returns to hub area after beating the boss
    - combat controls can be wonky, and fights are more annoying than interesting


    Some ugly creature steals our ice, and we can't have drink without ice! So we go on adventure to get our ice back. It'd be start of the game summary. Turns out we're inside someone's head, and need to fight their fears in order to bring back normality (and ice). Best thing is that main character doesn't do it because of some higher goal or need to bring order. He does it because it's annoying to leave things as they are. As normally he'd gladly lay down and do nothing.

    We solve simple puzzles to progress. For example - there are clouds of poisonous gas, and we need to start fans up to blow them away. It requires starting them in certain order, re-purposing batteries to turn off fans we don't need, and power up platform or other fan we need. So it's nothing demanding, but made well enough to keep me entertained. There are also time-based sequences, but thankfully they are rare.

    There is hub area, and 3 routes branching from it, with boss at the end. They must be completed in certain order, as later levels are unlocked when we beat previous boss. And here comes my main problem with this game - after beating boss I'd want to go back to hub area on my own, and collect items I missed along the way. But it's not possible, game automatically kicks us to hub area. And to collect missed things, I'd need to again go all the way to the boss, and then all the way back. As you don't get "magically" teleported to hub area 2nd time. Game should ask if you want to go back to hub area, or stay on level with the boss.

    Overall it's fine game, but nothing extraordinary. It does feel like nice game for kids, as puzzles aren't really complicated. But timed sequences or wonky combat in narrow areas could be frustrating for them.

    Side note

    I’ve beaten Ghost of a Tale and it’s so nice game with cute mouse :blobaww: But it will be in November update. I started Pillar of the Earth and playing feels weird, as I did see fragments of TV series. So for example I know who the bad guy is.

    I hope I will beat Path of Exile this month, and maybe play Fe. It’s on Origin.

    Stats didn’t change since last month, as I played only non-Steam games.

    Also it’s exactly 2 years since I joined BLAEO, writing updates every month (1st post at 12.11.2016). It did turn into nice history of my backlog killing progress. I’d like to be able to see profile with pagination though, it may take a lot of time to dug all the way down :D

    September update

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    Overall backlog progress:
    27% completed
    54% beaten
    1% unfinished
    1% never played
    17% won't play

    - nice slasher game
    - interesting weapons and glory kills
    - various enemies

    - story is meh. But it's slasher and I didn't expect it to be any good
    - bugs that forced me to replay sections, as scripts didn't fire up. So I was left on empty map without NPCs starting to talk with me etc.
    - sadly enemy AI is not spot-on, and they can for example get stuck, looking at wall till we approach them
    - completely corridor level design


    I have very vague knowledge about Warhammer universe, so most of the things that were happening in game were out of context. But apart from that it's nice slasher. Sadly there is not much more to say about this game. I will try later to play a bit in multiplayer.

    - really nice fast paced shooter
    - rune mechanic which allows to personalize gameplay a bit
    - maps are semi-open, so it doesn't feel like corridor shooter
    - bugless
    - works well on older PC (i5 4590 + R9 280X)

    - problems with Steam Overlay
    - only one checkpoint without auto save, so corrupted save can mean having to replay game
    - ammo is overflowing the screen, so it doesn't give any kind of strategy approach
    - boss fights are predictable and easy
    - map controls could be made better
    - ability to turn off gore etc for people that don't want to see swimming pools of blood


    I played in Doom 2003 and liked this horror atmosphere. And I thought this game will be similar. Thankfully I saw before playing that it's not horror game, but fast paced FPS. So I wasn't surprised / disappointed.

    Apart from that it's nice fast paced shooter with fine plot. Nothing amazing though, just enough to justify slaughter. Many people say that music is spot-on... well I don't care much about music in games. So I can't say anything about it. But it surely wasn't not fit for this type of game. So it's fine?... I guess.

    Multiplayer is nice and fast paced, level creator in MP mode is terrible and obviously created for console users. But downsides aren't big or important, so it's still really good game.

    Side note

    I have few games more to beat on Steam, but I will move now to play in games on Uplay and Origin. Right now I’m in the middle of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. And it’s the same like any other Ubisoft game… climb tower, uncover crapload of items to collect, maybe progress plot, close to none side missions. So I think I will skip AC:3 and Watch Dogs that I also get for free on Uplay. And focus on games I have on Origin thanks to Origin Access.

    August update

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    Overall backlog progress:
    27% completed
    54% beaten
    1% unfinished
    1% never played
    17% won't play

    - inventory and exp is shared, so no reason to be grumpy "omg you stole my trousers!"
    - not amazing, but proper story

    - camera is really low, so it's hard to see what's happening around
    - characters don't attack where we point with mouse, but where it faces
    - really aggressive auto-aim makes it sometimes impossible to shot enemy we want
    - only host can see quests markers on the map, pick up dialogue options, have save game on PC (as joining player I didn't have any save file if I'd want to continue on my own)
    - clunky minimap / camera controls
    - attacks are not always responsive, and it's possible to be forced to press key few times before ability is activated (esp in case of special abilities that aren't activated directly)
    - various texture bugs
    - players sometimes die randomly due to delayed boss attacks (?)


    This game feels like it was designed as console sofa aRPG. Aggressive auto aim, low camera, no quest markers for 2nd player and no shared save file aren't an issue in that scenario. But it doesn't work well when we play it over the internet on PC. Story is decent to made me continue playing, there are some simple choices that influence last sequences. I wouldn't play it in solo most probably, but it's fine game to play in co-op (up to 4 players).

    - good story with interesting setting
    - really big ability to shape our own character
    - game is not linear, we can do quests in any order we want. And some are unavailable if we progress main story too far before starting them
    - game doesn't grant exp for killing enemies, so there is not incentive to kill every NPC on your way

    - tutorial that's easy to miss, as nothing indicates random NPC talking to you starts it. Which left you without knowing basic game mechanics and without lock-pick (it's possible to buy it later)
    - clunky controls, lack of map
    - bad journal without distinction between main and side quests. Only ongoing and closed ones
    - graphic
    - problems with source engine physic - our hairs and clothes "lift up" when we drive down elevator, like if we'd been falling down
    - claustrophobic maps
    - NPCs easily block path and it's not possible to move them or run around. They also have huge models that makes it impossible to walk past them even when they are 1m away from the wall
    - wonky camera control in narrow spaces
    - if camera zooms in to first person due to narrow space, using ladder or performing action, it doesn't go back to third person view
    - models of NPCs further away are rendered with less than 30 FPS... so their animation movement is really bad and wonky
    - whole ending of the game is focused entirely on combat, so characters that specialize in stealth may have problem
    - platforming elements that are problem due to wonky camera and collision detection
    - ranged weapons are bad D: Long reload, big recoil, enemies models hit boxes are weird


    I have no idea how long I played, as installing unofficial patch forced me to use patcher exe file. And it means steam doesn't record gameplay time.

    This game is so uneven :notlikeblob: Story is good, character creation is really detailed and without restrictions. There are few clans we can pick, and every has it's own ups and downs. Like one clan is fast and strong, but look like monsters. So they can't use streets to move around and need to use sewers. Other clan talks in rhymes due to mental problems. Another consider itself to be "high vampires" (or smth) and can't drink rats blood from sewers (and it's easiest way to refill blood meter without spending money). They differ in abilities and some stats may be locked from leveling up above certain level due to class restrictions. Like I couldn't level up my strength past x points, as I picked mix of stealth and magic class. Setting is interesting, nothing is black and white. Choices do influence a bit plot, but it's nothing like in Alpha Protocol for example.

    Abilities are divided into 3 parts. Attributes (eg. strength, dexterity, charisma, appearance, perception, intelligence), abilities (eg. dodge, intimidation, firearms, stealth, security, computer). And then there are class-depended abilities (in my case seeing enemies through walls, dominance that can confuse enemies and blood magic that can shoot projectiles or cast shield). Certain feats are dependent on first 2 categories. Like hacking depends on level of intelligence and computer. Ranged depends on firearms + perception. Lock-picking on security + dexterity etc. So it feels really detailed, you don't simply add +1 to certain stat. And it's level of feat that matters in game, not attribute or ability.

    There are no levels, experience points are awarded after completion of quest or certain quest part in various number (2 - 6). And can be spend directly for attributes / abilities / powers. Every level requires more experience, so 1st level of firearms costs 3p, but 2nd 6p etc. So sometimes it's better to level up attribute instead of ability to level up feat. Like buying 1st level of perception (that will also level up inspection in the process) to level up ranged combat, instead of investing more points into firearms. It does make whole system really interesting and way more "alive" than "add +1 to dexterity to get level up in lock-picking and bows"

    But whole technical / gameplay side is really bad. It's clunky and not enjoyable. And not intuitive. I won't describe it, I'd need to add another 3 paragraphs here. If you're unable to play in game with bad gameplay it's not game for you. But if you're able to grit your teeth it will be worth it. For setting, character creation, non linear plot, ability to choose NPCs fate etc. Also I don't have need to replay it, but playing as different class would give different experience. For something as simple as picking Nosferatu which blocks many "easy" routes and force players to look for alternatives. Just don't pick this clan for 1st playthrough, playing as ugly vampire that's forced to use sewers only must be terrible experience for players that don't know gameplay basics and quests structure.

    - no illogical actions to perform like in Deponia games
    - game mechanic doesn't have any annoying features

    - don't know which language is considered to be basic, but english audio doesn't fit characters lip movement at all. Well their whole face expression when they speak is rather wonky
    - inability to skip dialogues in comic parts
    - double click to skip section of the map doesn't always work


    It's not bad point&click / adventure game. But it's also not amazing. It's just average. Our goal is to go back in time and save human race from global warming consequences. And to do so we must prevent nuclear plant in Brazilian forest from blowing up. (It's literally said to us in few first missions of gameplay, so I don't consider it to be a spoiler). There are few easy logical puzzles, running back and forth collecting items. Thankfully items aren't used in "deponia level of abstraction", so no problem to progress further. It's not a game I'd pick as my 1st pick, but it was in my backlog as last point&click game. So I decided I can give it a chance.

    Side note

    I have literally 7 games left to beat on Steam. So I’m really close to beating my backlog here. I have some backlog on Origin now though, as they added really nice games in recent Access update - like Orwell DLC, Fe or Ghost of a Tale. So I will have stuff to play for another 2 - 3 months. Enough to keep me occupied to Christmas Sale.

    I also moved some games to won’t play category - like METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE or King’s Bounty: The Legend. I tried to play them few times, but they pushed me away every time with “meh” feeling. What I like most is that I beat all those bad games I had in library. So no more of “you must complete it D:” OCD. I can add only nice games to my library and enjoy them. Inevitable flashbacks from FF XIII, Trails in the Sky, all those point&click games I won on SG when I was small and stupid, and had compulsion to beat them

    I passed driving test. After 9 months since I started it. Course took like 3,5 month to complete, and then I had break from driving (stupid idea). Took me 3 exam attempts and 8h of extra driving lessons to pass. But I have driving license \o/. I don’t have car, and I don’t know if I will buy it now bc of reasons. But at least now I feel like I can achieve something if I want to. Also whole end of August was rather hectic with driving exam, preparations for my friend’s wedding, preparing job applications and so like. So I was finally able to sit down and catch my breath this week.

    July update

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    Overall backlog progress:
    27% completed
    53% beaten
    1% unfinished
    2% never played
    17% won't play

    - nice and not stressful shooter

    - minimap is positioned at the middle of the screen
    - a bit wonky car steering


    Simple twin stick shooter (that's still better to play with K+M). Nothing deep, just simple game where you drive around in car and kill waves of enemies. We can pick from few different cars and each has different abilities - I went for Gordon from Half-Life and was able to summon ant-aliens.

    - well made parkour mechanic
    - properly implemented co-op mode
    - story is not amazing, but also act as nice background for killing zombies
    - easter eggs that are made in amusing way
    - maps are big and detailed
    - it's not scary :D

    - badly ported UI from consoles
    - auto-aim that can't be disabled which result in us shooting other enemies that we were aiming for (esp with a bow)
    - no information how many items we already have on shop and crafting screen
    - invisible walls that don't allow free parkour in some places
    - inability to catch ledge to drop down or start to move downwards. Character simply fall down if we try to crouch and approach ledge to move down
    - inability to remove or hide schematics from crafting menu, so it's terribly cluttered with junk
    - already beaten challenges doesn't change color to indicate it
    - inability to craft few items at a time. So to craft 20 med kits you need to click 20 times
    - game doesn't remember which chests / doors we already opened, so we can spend time opening something that's empty
    - DLC is rather buggy with repeatable dialogues, host game crashes, and whole ending that doesn't work correctly in co-op


    I beat this game with Fnord and really enjoyed it. Properly implemented co-op with not many bugs (more in DLC), fluid parkour, nice combat, ok story that doesn't feel forced or stupid (oh no, zombie apocalypse, go to closed city to find documents!). It would have 5 stars if game menus and UI wouldn't scream at every step console port! I will surely play in Dying Light 2 when it will drop to acceptable price.

    Proper way of playing co-op:

    1. Shoot explosive barrels when partner is nearby and say "sorry!" (or not, it's optional to apologize)
    2. Mess up climbing and be salty they didn't do 200m jump down to horde of zombies to resurrect you
    3. Turn on electric traps when they are nearby to electrocute them
    4. Be actually helpful when there is big enemy nearby, as waiting for 2nd player to resurrect and run back to you to progress story is annoying
    5. Laugh they messed jump and die, but be gravely offended when they laugh from you
    - easy to outrun enemies to not be forced into fight
    - no random encounters

    - game lore that's thrown on player without any explanation what's what (I had to go on wiki to understand what characters talk about)
    - shitty cinematic camera in combat that can't be locked in place and constantly spins - makes it hard to know what's going around
    - inability to position characters in combat, their actions are automatic and they tend to flock together waiting for enemy AOE attacks, which takes away a lot of strategic approach to combat
    - first 15h feels like way too long tutorial. Srsly I got ability to change squad members after 17 hours (sic!)
    - battle paradigms aren't saved. So when you change squad members and go back to primary battle squad you need to set everything anew
    - game is completely linear, without any side quests (pls don't consider those "go and kill" fetch quests that are unlocked in 11th - out of 13 - chapter to be side quest) and inability to move away than 2m from proper path - locations are literally corridors with point A as start and B as exit
    - leveling up weapons require huge amount of resources, so it's really grindy
    - K+M controls without cursor, so you can't navigate menus with mouse clicks
    - unlikable and shallow characters
    - game downloads both audio packs (each take nearly half of game disc space) even when one is not used
    - shops are tied to save points which doesn't make much sense. Why all shops are available when you're on some planet in the middle of nowhere?
    - leveling up characters is really grindy
    - no respec option
    - copy-pasted repetitive enemies that differ only in colors and slightly in abilities
    - change of combat paradigm doesn't stop combat, so it's possible to get hit few times just because we want to change combat style. But it works like that only one time with 1st change, next are time-space-dancing-animation free. So it takes way less time
    - valuable objects to be sold for money are put together with crafting materials - so I used them all to upgrade weapons. They should have "valuables" category like in any other game
    - super weak and pointless "ultimate summons"
    - bosses with 3,5 mln HP that takes 25 min to beat and normal enemies with 1 mln health that are killed in 2 min


    Babe don't hurt me, don't hurt me... no more...

    Side note

    I think it’s my last jRPG I ever played. Tried few, didn’t like single one. Ugh.

    Was at my grandparents house in the countryside for a week. Apart from terrible coverage of GSM signal (my phone was dropping 50% battery after few hours) it was nice week. Less hot than it’d be in the city, and with some cleaning on SG.

    I decided I won’t remove previous post about FF XIII. This game deserve more than 1 negative update. Also there is something wrong with Sexy Brutale box. It’s too hot now to sit and analyze it though.