June update

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Overall backlog progress:
26% completed
54% beaten
1% unfinished
2% never played
17% won't play


I didn’t beat a single game this month… on the positive side I get better job and rented a room, so I will have now more time to actually play games.

I removed few games, so my overall completion rate did not change. Even when I added more games than I’ve beaten :blobevil:

I will start with The Room 3 and try to beat all floors in Hammerwatch. I will also see if Kao the Kangaroo 2 works on my laptop.

I saw that RX 5700 is a really nice card, on pair with GTX 2060 Super and GTX 2070. So I will grab it, or RX5600. Depends on performance and price difference between custom variants.


Congratz on the new job! The room 3 is better than the second. They added some different endings which enhances the replay value.


I did like The Room 2, as it was more complex than 1st game. I will try to beat 3rd soonish, to have game to fill “July update” :D


Well, I think you still have an admirable completion bar! And having a better job and a nice room is more important anyways. So congratulations on both :)


Thanks! :D

And yeah, having my own room is godsend. Previously I shared it with cousin kids…


Hell yes! Congratulations on the new job! I hope it works well for you, and that your new room is safe and relaxing.


new room is safe and relaxing.

It does not have any kids around, so it’s super relaxing!

Having to spend past 5 months in a flat with my cousin kids ( 5 y/o twins ) was literally pure nightmare. How can you listen how your kids scream and cry every friggin day, and still think they are well-behaved is beyond me :blobsweat: