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Update Three Hundred and Forty-Nine: 13 November 2019

the Majesty of Colors Remastered

.4 hours playtime, 7 of 7 achievements


Oh, wow, it really was just the flash game again. Huh.
This five-minute game is about you controlling a sea monster, and you can either kill people or don’t. That’s about it. I don’t recall what’s remastered about this, considering the graphics are still very basic.

It’s aight as a free flash game, less so as something to pay more than a buck at most for.

Next up:

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-Eight: 10 November 2019

Small Radios Big Televisions

2.3 hours playtime, 9 of 9 achievements


Oh that was precisely exactly veritably the kind of shit I like.

Small Radios Big Televisions is a point and click game where you navigate several strange factories and teleport to strange places via floating cassette tapes. The soundtrack is a delight, a dreamy and smooth ambiance, and the strangeness is perfect. Navigating around is smooth and feels so fluid and is satisfying, and the puzzles aren’t bullshit at all. There’s the barest bones of a story, one that’s tantalizing but a couple of steps too barren for my tastes - in fact, the game is rated lower than I’d like simply because I wanted MORE than what I got, just in terms of WHY it is I’m floating all around these strange places.

If you can win it on SG or get your hands on it - do so.

Next up: my wife picked this one - apparently she had no idea this originally was a flash game!

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-Seven: 10 November 2019

Able Black

14.8 hours playtime, 2 hrs actual, 7 of 7 achievements


Short review for a short game (and also I have a little headache and need to shower) -

Able Black is a series of brain teasers intersperse by a pretty all right set of passages about a robot trapped in a bunker under the earth. It’s nothing groundbreaking and it’s pretty competent, with good sound design and pacing. Yet again, there’s no real punch by the end, and the puzzles are fairly rudimentary for people who really go hard in the paint for puzzles, BUT it was a decent way to spend a quiet morning. Get on sale, perhaps?

Next up:

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-Six: 9 November 2019

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

3.5 hours playtime, 5 of 39 achievements
Did Not Finish/10


CRPGs is the game genre I like the least that I would actually play… until today.

Today, I think I’m going to move the goalposts once more and ice out CRPGs permanently. All it took was a game that was perfectly fine all on its own that was still a struggle to force myself to play. I don’t want another two-month gap, and even though the story beats were mildly interesting, the CRPG-ness of looking at tiny (ugly, hunched-over) little models scampering around busy backgrounds from 4,000 feet in the air is too much for me to enjoy. Too much of it is a chore - the combat, moving around, the imprecise nature of the clicks where I have to click four or five times on a character before the game registers I want to talk to them, not stand next to them -

My life has settled into a routine with a much smaller amount of time to game in it, so the time I have is precious. I can’t spend it on games I have to make myself like. I know I have this revelation once every ten months or so, but I really gotta mean it this time, guys! There’s already so many games I’m missing out on that I honestly DO want to play…

I’m gonna take some time today (continuing to unpack and) comb through my library and be really honest with myself about whether I actually WANT to play these games. My ‘won’t play’ section is going to grow much bigger today, and, well, CRPGs like Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Planescape: Torment will be among their ranks.

Next up:

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-Five: 7 November 2019

Empty Horizons

36 hours playtime, ~3 hr actual, 13 of 13 achievements


Hmmm. You know, I might be falling out of love with ebi-hime’s work. The last couple of hers that I’ve read haven’t quite clicked with me, and, unfortunately, Empty Horizons continues the trend.

Long-time artist and collaborator SillySelly is continuing to improve and tighten up her painting style, which is lovely to see, and the UI is similarly unique and fitting the story… but the story itself…

It just doesn’t… DO anything. GO anywhere. I’m not expecting there to be a big moral of the story every time, but once the story plays out… the story does play out. This game is missing an element, just one, to augment the story and give it an interesting kind of tension, to have it, I dunno, SAY something.

I’m a sucker for people who bicker and eventually fall in love, but Mirielle and Lyon… just… don’t… they don’t seem to actually LIKE each other, or they only like each other because the VN demands it. So if the story is weak, and the romance doesn’t work very well…

It was an okay time, just ultimately disappointing. Hopefully my tastes will align with ebi-hime again soon - regardless, I’ll still keep supporting her when I can.

Next up:

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-Four: 4 November 2019

Lost Girl's [Diary]

.7 hours playtime, 10 of 10 achievements


Oh, man, what a bad VN. Short review for a short game:

Some fuckoff teenagers get together to tell short, poorly translated, unscary stories. You hear five of them. They’re like three minutes apiece. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing else happens. That’s it.

The art is way, WAY better than it has any rights to be, though it falls in an uncanny valley of being, like, a little TOO lively and expressive? The painterly CGs are also very good and do not deserve to be in this game.

It’d be an easy, free 100% except for an achievement where you have to click 9000 times. You’ll be clicking ABOUT 500 times through the story. Fuck these guys.

Next up: Okay, come on, come on, good VN now—okay, okay, more ebi-hime. Let’s dig into—

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-Three: 4 November 2019

Forgotton Anne

8.9 hours playtime, 33 of 33 achievements


An incredibly unique puzzle-platformer, Forgotton Anne is, above all, drop. Dead. Gorgeous. By far the strongest part of this game is its insanely beautiful 2D animation and incredible background design. Every frame looks like its right out of an animated movie, and the style is strong and consistent throughout. The lighting in particular ties everything together, and the color palette of the game as a whole is just - it’s a feast for the eyes, to be sure.

Unfortunately, with the bar that high, not everything can seem to match it.

You play as Anne, the Enforcer of the Realm, one of only two humans who exist there. The Realm is populated by forgotlings—items that humans have lost and then, subsequently, forgotten. These forgotlings are given jobs all working together towards Master Bonku’s one goal—finishing the Ether Bridge, something that will supposedly bring them back home. Rebel forgotlings, however, are doing everything they can to stop this plan…

The overarching story beats are well done and decently paced, and this is on the longer end of indie platformer games like this - much longer than I was expecting! It never meanders, though certain platforming sections are kind of aggravating. Luckily they never last for long, and it was never something that putting the game down to try again a little later couldn’t fix. The controls are the most mediocre thing about this game, unfortunately, though it’s only glaringly apparent in those aforementioned aggravating platformer spots. In general, the game mostly tasks you with exploring and climbing up/down stairs (which is an achievement just on its own).

The story isn’t the most groundbreaking thing I’ve ever experienced, and it’s a little loose here and there, but it works and works well. It’s nice to just ENJOY a game, and I enjoyed this one.

Next up: It’s about god damned time:

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-Two: 4 November 2019


21 hours playtime, ~1.4 hrs actual, 1 of 1 achievements


Huh. Okay…. okay. This is a weird one.

This is a short psychological horror VN that executes what it wants to execute well—I just don’t know how much of an impact that is.

Lynne is about a girl named Lynn (no e) who kind of sucks. She’s a mess. She’s plagued by awful dreams and begins to fixate on a schoolmate named Lynne (note the e this time) who is exactly like her but better in every way. Things go about as well as you expect.

The usual ebi-hime staples of Britishness mixed with anime and psychological themes are prevalent here, too, though this is darker than I’ve tended to see her go. Taken like a horror short story, this VN is an interesting time. … but I didn’t like it, I guess? The teenage anxiety, depression, and angst aren’t things I relate to anymore, nor do I look back on them with any kind of fondness or desire to revisit. (I am, in fact, so excited to not have to be a teenager anymore that even in tabletop games I have to be forced to play one rather than a badass grandma.) That alienates me from the story, which isn’t bad, especially considering its short length. It makes it hard to recommend, though. … but it is free!

Next up: Ooo, another short freebie! Guess RNGesus wants to help me thin the backlog before 2020 hits.

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty-One: 3 November 2019

Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month-

209 hours playtime, ~8 hrs actual, 16 of 16 achievements


Waahhhh I’m not going to dedicate much time or brain power to this Higurashi-ish clone with mediocre art and meaningless shounen bullshit. It’s readable, but only just. If you REALLY need something to read and you have this, well, you could I guess. Doesn’t bring anything new to any table, and apparently this is only the first scenario? I’m passin on the rest. I really should’ve just skipped through all this - I’m making a resolution now to do that if a VN is kind of bad because I really don’t have the time to sit in wackness like this….

… because I spent the past three days moving into my new house. I have a house now. I own a home. It is lovely with tons of natural sunlight and is quiet and clean. My knees are a mass of bruises from moving and I am exhausted. It’s pretty fuckin rad, though the pets are all still acclimating.

Next up: A short ebi-hime freebie that I might knock out later today:

See you soon!

Update Three Hundred and Forty: 20 October 2019

the Shivah

1.4 hours playtime, 10 of 10 achievements


Okay okay okay in my defense I didn’t realize how short this game would be.

I’ve played a ton of Wadjet Eye games, and this is a remaster of his first one. It’s particularly interesting to go from David Gilbert’s latest title (Unavowed) to this and see the level of growth and expertise—and boy, is there a lot.

the Shivah has you playing as Rabbi Stone investigating the murder of a past member of his synagogue. It’s fairly straightforward and, as evidenced by my playtime, incredibly short. Gilbert’s staple of using the in-game internet to look stuff up got its start here, I suppose, and it made me feel incredibly nostalgic. Other things didn’t age as well, like an uncharacteristically stiff and poor performance from Abe Goldfarb, a voice actor that’s been in every Wadjet Eye game to date.

Gilbert has talked before about how looking back at Shivah made him cringe, and I can understand why - it’s an early work and it shows. While I’m thrilled at it going all the way in on the Jewish aspect, I’m similarly not thrilled one of the main character beats Rabbi Stone had is committing to not conducting an inter-faith marriage because “Jews are going extinct.” That’s not great.

Even so, it was a nice one hour!

Next up: I’ve had the remaining two of three Shadowrun games sitting in my library for years now, but I can’t bring myself to pick the next one up. Instead, I’ll dive into -

See you soon!