Update Three Hundred and Fifty-Six: 1 December 2019


1.2 hours playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Did Not Finish/10


I’m unfortunately going to be letting a couple of people down when I admit that I played the first, I don’t know, half? of the first playthrough of Pinstripe and was having a good time until I got told I had to backtrack through the three areas I had just worked my way through hunting for some arbitrary amount of currency to go forward, a ploy to pad for time SO blatant that I went from ‘cool’ to ‘u kno wat fuk u’ in three seconds and then spent the rest of the day playing Yakuza 5 instead.

So…. uh. Yea.

The game is very pretty, the controls are nice and receptive, the story is aight, the voice acting is… aight…ish… but it tripped my zero-patience policy so I’m gonna not. Sorry, folks.

Next up:

See you soon!


of to a great start this month. you are dropping them left to right


XDDD When I make a resolution, I gotta stick to it! Especially now! I have like maybe ten gaming hours a week now - I gotta make them bitches count!


God I hate it when games do that, ever since I played the original Rayman.


The game doesn’t seem that long to begin with, either, and they expect you to play it through twice anyway, so, like - frfr? You want me to what?
I would’ve kept pushing onward but that stupid little sled bullshit was just…


I hate hate hate backtracking unless a game makes it fun, so thanks for the review. I also like that you drop games when you aren’t having fun. I really need to learn to do that :P good luck on your next game!


Aww, stef, thank you! While it’s made for some short, piddly reviews, it also frees me up to get to experiences I like more!

I’m excited for this next one, for sure!


i try to stop when i’m not enjoying a game but often i feel like i’m more than halfway through it and just really want to finish…

{distant} May

I’m just gonna leave this here.