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1.20 hours

This game follows Trond dealing with quarantine

I just wanna point out the negative first, the skip skips everything. While the events we deal with are typically separate from each other its still annoying going in and possibly skipping new things like a different random question. This game follows a path of choosing 1 girl to spend with, no matter what happens we always break quarantine to "help" them, learn the truth about them and ourselves until we ultimately reach a disastrous end. It's a decent go about with a lot of dark topics, our character and a few others repeatedly have negative thoughts and talk about death. It shows how being isolated can bring down the peoples mood and how some deal with it better then others.

This is a dark game that people might not be comfortable with. If you can deal with it though its worth trying. Its a free game and for a 1 person job its pretty good

0.22 hours

This game has us defend a husband accused of killing his wife on their wedding day

Regeria hope is a free game based on the cases of ace attorney. It has a similar feel, with just a bunch of stupidity and silliness in the actual trial. It's a fairly simple game with what seems could be an interesting cast. However it shows in the end, spoilers for future episodes, which is no where to be seen. As a 1st game its decent but without the remaining games this game doesn't live up to its potential and really lets its fault outshine what could be a nice set of trial based games

Without the sequels I can't see myself repeating it so its being deleted. If its ever released maybe I would keep this as its nice a bad game

0.14 hours

This game has us cleaning to unlock pictures of girls

Yeah there's no story to this game, its literally cleaning up 5 different coloured items to unlock a random picture of 4 girls. They each have 5 pictures with not much rhyme of reason for what they are doing. It was an addicting game but it doesn't stand up to being replayed as you go through the motions of nothing to worry about. The lvls have so much time that you have no need to hurry so there's no real excitement unless you want to beat your best time score

The music is horrible. It's horrible for the fact it just replays every time you open a new lvl and you are spending less then 30 seconds in a level so you just keep hearing it repeat and repeat and repeat again.

For a time waster its not the worst game, it censored for the most part so no worries there. In the end I don't think I'm gonna keep this, it cant stand up to being replayed which is a big downer for me

0.31 hours

The story follows Ivry as he pieces together clues about himself and his sister Iva

This is an interesting little free game as things get more crazy as time goes on. It's separated into 2 parts, ECIRP and PRICE. In ecirp we are in the sisters room as we learn bits about our sister and our father. In price we are in the bothers room where we learn about the truth of ourselves and just what is happening. It's a bit gory, its mysterious, its sad. Its a point a click without all the trouble of having items somehow mix.

The music in the game is very nice but it does get a bit to much. The music is very loud and its a constant song in the background as we progress, but its also a big part of the story so its kinda nice getting to hear this song that is apparently important.

For a free game you cant go wrong giving this a go. I'll be keeping this one

0.31 hours

This game follows 3 celebrities at a lake house
Okay this is basically a yuri version of summer fling, the mc invites both girls to the lake house. We go for food where we basically confess, we go shopping for swimsuits, we go swimming and someone makes food. Only thing is that it doesn't expand to much on either thing, there was no swimming cgs so there was no reason for choosing either swimsuit. Melanie has cgs for either underwear you pick out and I don't believe Rinoa actually matters. Frankly if it werent a yuri it would be disappointing, what we have is pretty nice but I have no attachment to any of those 3 girls and they don't have a big enough ending to care about what happens to them

This is a cheap knock off but for over £6 less then summer fling, with it being a yuri, its not the worse alternative

1.41 hours

This game follows Josh as he tackles dating a celebrity
I liked this game and I was surprised by how long the 1st route felt, as usual the other routes are quick to run through but that 1st one had a decent amount of content in it. We got introduced to alot of new characters as well as some old, but new people from the beach bounce remake. We met melissa ages ago so it was nice to see what she is like as she was quite timid before. While it did include Sophie like I could see she wasn't a big part of the game which was great as she's had her spotlight everywhere else

I think we are officially done with Sophie but we got at least 1 more with Jasmin and a whole game for the harem girls!

Weekly Games #151

Dating Life: Miley X Emily

0.5 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

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2.6 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

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Gone Fireflies

1.2 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

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3.4 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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Humanity Must Perish

0.5 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

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9.0 hours, 17 of 17 achievements

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Negligee: Love Stories (adult ver)

1.3 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

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Negligee: Girls Night

0.3 hours, 3 of 3 achievements

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Negligee: Opposites Attract

0.3 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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CamGirls: Sophie X Rias

0.3 hours, no achievements

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Dating Life: Emily X Miley

0.2 hours, no achievements

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Loving You Fully

0.2 hours, no achievements

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Happy New Year, Zeliria!

0.1 hours, 3 of 3 achievements

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Wow completely forgot to do my comment section just released this report without. I did alot of games this week as they were so short. I decided to start the paradise cove games as there are so many and I wanted to finally see what they are like, I can understand why there are like 16 games surrounding negligee (and many more coming soon) so hopefully the 2 games get on sale soon so I can get them
3.40 hours

The game follows a boy who on the way to finding his mother learns what colours are
This is a great little game, the whole colour change is what got me interested and I really wanted to learn more about the mother and the world she sees as we progress. The later puzzles are difficult more for getting the timings right, rather than the whole thing of what am I even suppose to do, so yeah it was more fun then frustrating.

I really liked this game especially its voice acting which we got. I'm glad I activated the key

1.07 hours

This game follows the lose that Tom and James have experienced
It's a sad story, its obvious from the store page. I got gifted this so long ago from Icaio after entering his giveaway and he would give entries the spare keys he had. I enjoyed my time with it, I knew what I was getting into and I knew it was about an hour long, I never expect there to be actual choices either with a main ending choice and little bonus ones like asking someone on a date.

For the price it is I can definitely recommend it

0.15 hours

This game follows Emily as we go on a 2nd date with Miley
I don't enjoy this as much as the first date game but its pretty decent. It felt really let down in the hotel end when its describing stuff but the pictures aren't matching up, for a game forcing the 18+ scenes on you it should have the decency to make sure they fit. The whole dating thing just wasn't as enjoyable and while I liked being Emily this time round, as its not as big of a game as the original covered the endings, it felt lackluster.

Overall this was a nice mini series and I'd love to see more of Emily