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Weekly Games #137


6.0 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

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I wasn't completely sure on this game because the only other game like this was those lost phone games and I wasn't a huge fan. I did enjoy this game though, it was mysterious and there was so much to do with all the talking and junk. I also appreciated that on new game+ the text would skip, for the most part you probably saw like 90% of the text so having it be normal would be very draining

The sequel seems even more interesting so I cant wait to try it out


5.4 hours, 37 of 40 achievements

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This game was much better then I expected, this was another whim win but I did very much enjoy it. Once you got into the grove of combining items its amazing. You get so much money and end up with lots of profit that you dont need to haggle the price which I gave up after like the 2nd day XD

I injured my foot this week but luckily my gaming was at least good. I really enjoyed the games I completed and the games I’m currently playing for the hb games theme, I seriously picked some great games to play. I also won 6 new games this month sadly none were the hb games but oh well!

Weekly Games #136

Drinks With Abbey

0.8 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

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I'm only posting another report for this game because I've decided to keep it, the story isn't bad and I love the music. Their other game has mixed reviews but I'm gonna get it to support the makers and well experience it

Legends of Talia: Arcadia

0.7 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

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I picked this up for fairly cheap and I very much enjoyed this. Unlike other all ages sakura games it didn't go into pervert territory. We didn't have this perfect mc, we had this grumpy old hag who wanted a break from fighting. She cared about her self for the most part and sure she may redeem her self but she doesn't care about being that wonderful hero we are expecting to have

I loved this game I wished it was longer but damn give me more of this then sequels to sakura games

Tiny Echo

1.6 hours, 6 of 6 achievements

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This was a nice little win but it did annoy me at times, certain points just didn't work out but a little reset fixed it. Its a short game without much going on so there isn't much to say, however it is a nice relaxing game that is very beautiful

Manual Samuel - Anniversary Edition

3.6 hours, 16 of 28 achievements

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I forgot to activate this in time when they gave it out the 1st time but thanks to a recent bundle I managed to get it
I watched this like others before on youtube, I enjoyed watching it and I didn't mind playing it. I was expecting it to be a bit more difficult though, I was expecting the breathing to be more present, it felt like once I left the house it didn't really feel like it was doing anything. I made sure to breathe when doing something important but for the most part I kinda forgot to do it since away from walking I couldn't do 2 things at once. The end bit is annoying, the fighting is a pain and you just got to guess what to do on the boss fight. So I did enjoy this and I wasn't expecting anything amazing, screw the time trials though as if the game wasn't annoying enough

The Kite

0.3 hours, no achievements

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So I played this after little kite since I wanted to really remember the game. I was surprised by how different this game was, it was the same basic premise of abusive husband and kid goes missing but pretty much everything else was different. This is a pretty rough game but it is 5 years older then is remake so can we blame a 1st draft.

This game is very short and rushed. It doesn't really explain much of what was happening, like we don't even know if the husband is the kids father or not when in little kite hes not. When we get abused it just happens, for some reason we decide to throw away his bottle of alcohol but like he doesn't seem that evil until that point! Nothing about the game is impactful especially the end, there really isn't much to say

Look I wasn't a big fan of the game but I do believe people should give this game a go, it shows how far little kite got to become how it was. Its also so different that its worth just trying it

Went on a nice gaming spree yesterday and I’ve won a bit from joining bundle quest. I’ve also activated some games that’s not my typical stuff to just try and experience something new. A quick look at my library screams, visual novels, point and clicks, anime. So I decided to give some games that I would probably go through and give a decent chance

March 2021

0% (1/955)
0% (4/955)
1% (10/955)
98% (940/955)
6% (69/1203)
2% (24/1203)
0% (6/1203)
92% (1104/1203)


Achievements: 14,059
Perfect Games: 449
Average %: 92
New Completed: 23
Bonus Completed: 12


I got to say I’m happy with my progress in these 1st 3 months. I’m almost 10% of the way through my games with over 90 games done. Of course those are mainly from short free games but that does include a decent amount of my normal backlog with a few longer games right in there.

Now my favourite game has to go to sleeping dogs. As I said in my review I spent a whole week just grinding it out, it completely surprised me and I loved it. I’m glad I took a risk in buying it because it was worth it even at full price I would say

Weekly Games #135

Frequent Flier: A Long Distance Love Story

1.1 hours, 4 of 4 achievements

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So this game was actually better then I expected but it didnt mean it was fun to read. Part of it was just the type of story it was but it also just reminded me a little of my history. I don't plan to keep it but it was alright and I liked the English when it actually spoke…

HuniePop 2: Double Date

12.7 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

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Having played it 3 times I can no longer tell if changes are actually good or not. I liked the threesome parts of it and I really liked getting to know the girls better away from a picture in huniecam studio which didn't do much justice for people like Zoey or Brooke. From what we see of the old girls (mainly jessie) I really liked her new dynamic then just being a slutty milf but her dressing up as her kid was a bit strange. The way everyone acted together was also great and I think they did a good job with Polly's picture where no matter the genetails it never showed it anyway

The whole stamina thing and baggage was interesting. Some baggage was great like Nora who doesn't get hurt by broken hearts however she drops them more often and with limited moves thats not great. Then there's people like Sarah who bring your attention to them all the time, or Ashley who hates you if you dare match the same colour twice -_- It gave everyone a nice backstory but the chatting is terrible that I didn't want to repeat it a 2nd let alone 3rd time

What I also liked was only needing to date twice and whatever time. Before you need like 4/5 dates and at night time here you can get it on 3 times a day if you have the girls ready. The girls also had so many clothing, I cant say I was a big fan of like half the outfits/hair but they did feel much more unique then the 6/6 choices before hand.

I was lucky enough to get this as a gift and it was fun. I prefer the girls in the 1st game with the talking but I didn't mind how the gifting and actual gameplay worked.


14.6 hours, 101 of 101 achievements

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I just finished this today on report day and it tired me out, I was planning on playing more but this game just keeps going. You get all 100 endings well here's a new mode with 8 more endings. Finish those endings guess what you need 125% to get the last achievement.

The game got very tedious you are pretty much doing the same thing but slightly different, oh you died to the dragon well this time use the shield but you still died so now use a charm oh whoops you died use the charm with the shield and so on. However no matter how tedious it got I did enjoy getting the main 100 ends, they were a fun laugh and I loved how we kept changing character to fit our death. The hidden characters was also fun to see like a cage with hollow knight, sonic, thomas the train

Sakura Magical Girls

2.1 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

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This was a decent sakura game, I liked the characters especially Ayame. I felt like the adult patch actually had a lot of work to it, for example Ayame all cg unlocks when you see her twice yet there was double that with the patch. It definitely could've been more but it was a good addition

Simple Story - Alex

0.5 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

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Like probably most people I got this when it was free, I don't normally go for the free games but this sounded interesting. Now its a middle ground game, I didn't mind it but it wasn't breath taking. I brought the season pass and well its so short you were looking at like barely a minute each but I did enjoy the story that wasn't Alex

Strawberry Vinegar

6.3 hours, 28 of 28 achievements

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This was actually a nice story with so many pictures of great looking food. Going in thinking we are getting 9 year olds together was sketchy but it really wasn't, because of how Rie acts you just see it like her having complicated feelings of having a friend which is pretty much is for the most part. This game doesn't force an overally romantic story at us, you barely have anything until the last route where they are now older.

Plus I realised when reading it that actually this is very tame compared to now a days. This isn't an 18+ game there is no reason to find it sketchy playing as a 9 year old. Again they didn't make it weird, it had so little romance and frankly I grew up listening to worse. It might just be because of how I grew up but I don't agree that someone should see romance + 9 year old as a turn off

Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's End

7.1 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

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The art really made me flinch but the rest of the game was decent actually. I really paid attention to the music since I liked it and I found the game interesting but yeah the people ugh

Thrillville: Off the Rails

7.9 hours, no achievements

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I wonder if I ever actually beat this game because I didn't recognise all of it especially the last part. I played this on the xbox for the most part but when I brought my psp I also brought it for that. I got gifted this by Sam and I loved it. Certain things like the cleaning was so much easier and same for the shooting, I used to suck because the controls were too awkward for little ole me.

Since I wanted to experience as much as I could I made sure to entertain in each area and omg I was missing out. I love the veronicas and after all these years it turns out they got a song in this game! I could've been rocking out to them much earlier but let me say I did them dirty. As soon as I made any mistake my brain shut down, I was to distracted listening and singing along to care about anyone else!!!

I didn't think I could love this game more then I do but somehow I did. I also just want a full game of sparkle quest, that and stunt rider are 2 games that I always 100%

Oh love that progress so many games done, trying to keep top spot on the play a win event really makes you kick it up a notch!

Weekly Games #134

Table Manners

8.1 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

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I was probably one of the few people who loved seeing this in the bundles, I've watched a few people play the game but only in the 1st level or so and its a lot of messing about. This game has its faults, its a physics game so it bugged out quite a bit but I had fun. We get to date in a normal setting, one where you have conveyor belts and chopsticks. A boat that moves you between tables, an icy restaurant where everything is slippery and frozen. Finally we get to date in 0 gravity! I found it to be a great fun game and once you learned the pattern it was pretty easy to get a perfect 3 hearts even with what seems like big mistake


0.9 hours, 3 of 3 achievements

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This is a short game about a boy and his tree, sadly my cursor was messed up on my playthrough so I was kinda annoyed at how it was working but it was a nice game

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters

9.4 hours, 35 of 35 achievements

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Maybe I was tired from the last game but it became a chore to finish this one. Certain places are blocked off so there's a bit of back and forth. The enemy becomes stronger randomly and can 1 hit you unless you carry mace for which you are only allowed to carry 1 -_- I did like the story though and the addition of the ghost vigilanties

The Crooked Man

8.0 hours, 27 of 27 achievements

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I remember watching a bit of this game actually years ago, I like these sort of little horror games and I'm happy that the crooked man wasn't an occuring figure but just for certain quick scenes. Replaying wasn't fun but I did enjoying learning more about the characters. I'm looking forward to the other games

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

40.0 hours, 50 of 59 achievements

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I took a risk on this game, apart from saints row I haven't really played any open world games. What I did play of like gta was as a kid and saints row was not your normal game. Sleeping dogs goes for pretty cheap in my opinion so while buying my remaining ff13 games in the sale I thought lets add in sleeping dogs too. So I got to admit I compared the driving to saints row but that was it, I kinda missed jumping into cars rather then slowly getting into them. I was a big fan of the drifting in the game but that was pretty much it

I was surprised by how much I loved this game, I spent like a week just grinding it out because I was addicted. Somehow not using a gun was fun, pretty much the whole time you will be fighting with your fists but it was amazing. As long as you got the counters right it was very easy and I do love feeling strong against like 30 people at once!

I loved the characters, we play as an undercover cop we shouldn't be loving these gang members but damn I did! I was invested in them they were my family and anything that happened to them broke my heart! In fact the police were the sucky people GANG FAMILY FOR LIFE!!!! When speaking they would sometimes break into chinese (now I assume this just because its hong kong) it kinda just showed a more serious side when it happened and kept my attention which definitely wasnt a problem anyway

I do have to say I accidentally stumbled upon a dlc. I didn't realise until near the end when I picked up a collectable and realised wait this is dlc stuff! It didn't really ruin anything but it was sad. However I did get to meet the characters in the dlc, in the main game so it was funny being like hey I know you!

Look all I got to say is that I did absolutely loved it. I did this for the hb monthly game thread, I was planning to play it at the same time with others but I had no time I had to just get this out no matter how many days I spent just on it. Honestly I got a feeling this is gonna be my favourite of the month, if it gets beaten wow because I don't believe it can be

True Lover's Knot

1.5 hours, 4 of 4 achievements

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Omg I played this ages ago but I never actually completed it, I couldnt stand the minigame or the story but its even worse! Everything about it is still bad but the text, I reached the boat and thats when I realised how horrible looking the text is. It has a shadow behind the bold text so it was hard to look at, once that happened I couldn't carry on or it would've actually hurt my eyes. It has a very negative rating for a reason


0.0 hours, 0 of 22 achievements

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I'm sorry but I just couldn't give it a proper chance right now. Anytime a new person talked the text box would go down and back up. There is just no reason to do that, it became very slow and annoying. I'll give it ago again in the future but that was so stupid

Whoops turns out I was slaking and had to write up a bunch of reviews days after playing them. Luckily I noticed before report day so I didn’t have to worry about writing them today. I’ve mentioned writing up drafts before hand so its really strange to be like yeah today when actually today is wednesday not the friday (sunday now). Yes you read that right I didn’t leave my comments to the last minute like I keep doing. I had to take a couple of personal days but I’m back on track again and ready to pump out more games before the month ends

Weekly Games #133

Frisky Business

2.5 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

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Don't take this game seriously because it sure doesn't. This is a stupid and silly game but I enjoyed it. It really did feel like a bad porno though indeed. However no matter how much I enjoyed it, it broke the main rules of vns. No options anywhere so no volume buttons, no text speed and the most important no skip… I'll always say it I don't care how amazing the story is, how short it is, without a skip button it is ruined. There is no signs either of the sequel releasing but lets say this I do want it. I wanna see the new look in action and maybe see more of Sam

Kidnapped Girl

0.2 hours, 2 of 2 achievements

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I liked this game but I wish I could've gotten more from the good end. Its a short game and we got this weird boy who thinks hes a psyhopath and an abused girl who ended up living with him. With the friendzone side of it its not bad but just telling us that hey these 2 are dating for like a month is bogus!

Path of Giants

4.0 hours, 17 of 17 achievements

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This was easier and more fun then I expected it to be. I liked that we could pick our colours but of course they were made default for cutscenes. The main trouble was actually its special levels for winterfest and even then when you find the solution you feel like the idiot for something so obvious, not anything they did

The Coma: Recut

3.9 hours, no achievements

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I liked this game but I was disappointed going through the endings all just to get the same thing. It wasn't even worth getting them all apart from the true end because pc doesn't have achievements while the console version does -_-

This game can definitely get frustrating with the killer on you all the time. In the last half you lose all your saves points and it becomes an awkward maze. Hopefully the sequel will provide a better experience

I like anime but gosh its hard to get into you know. There are so many shows, some being short then others with like 500 its insane. I’ve always wanted to get back into it, not that I was an avid watcher in the 1st place, all my stuff comes from dvds actually. However its just like where do I start, do I go safe watching something I know and love or do I try and go through many things to maybe find something. I just don’t really have the time, I would have to watch it on my laptop which really puts me off because I’m not that great at focusing for that long. I own yugioh and the gx dvds but even them I never finished and I love gx. Its just the sort of thing where hey you got 400+ you have 300+ it doesn’t work! Then when you tie it in with normal shows there is never enough time to work between them all. I’ve brought up jacksepticeye before and rpgminx I loved them but once I hit 16 i lost all my spare time. I remember spyro being the last thing I watched and yep 4 years ago XD Back then I didn’t have internet so by the time I did at 18 I couldn’t get back in. My whole gaming got really intense and now with me listening to games I don’t even have the time to watch stuff much.

This has gotten quite big so I’m just gonna split it up. Before and while typing this up I was going through crunchyroll just to see everything and I recognised a few from being games. I still agree on the fact I wouldn’t even know what to choose what to watch in the 1st place. I’m curious on just how many they got probably millions. Also so sad attack on titan is finished and I need to get back into it, I watched up until season 2 as it was the only seasons out but never went ahead and finished it because of all the delays between it all. Really need to do that and tokyo ghoul, both very unfinished

Weekly Games #132

The Henry Stickmin Collection

5.5 hours, 82 of 82 achievements

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This might be the 1st game in a very long time that I played just because I wanted to. Now by the time of playing this I was picking my own games but it still had a theme going, this game however didn't. I actually played a couple of the games ages ago because they were free but I had never seen the last game. My god that last game took over half my time. It was getting late but I wanted to finish it, an hour later I was like half way through and I just had to stick it out even when it went past 10pm. It was insane but so much fun, you can tell a lot of effort was put in to make sure the past games were connected. Bios was a big pain but I did read them and yeah it was fun, I remember when I watched Jacksepticeye play and he was like is that me. Well no the green hair dude wasn't you but actually you were earlier in the game. If you ever watched or played earlier games in this series I do suggest it, its so much fun playing through your self and seeing if you recognise any more references which is pretty much everywhere.


18.7 hours, 17 of 26 achievements

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This game is another that proves to be bad once you reach the end. I wasn't a big fan of its controls but it didn't bother me to much and I liked the story. By the last episode I was frustrated. I got lost for about an hour between no waypoints and just not knowing what I was suppose to do. Getting lost put me in a bad mood when I found out that actually I was just suppose to go up, like yeah kinda my fault because they did say go up the stairs but you had to go up the stairs to reach the ones you needed. So yeah I got annoyed so when I reached the next point I was plunged into something without any idea of what to do now. I had to follow a video walkthrough and then realise oh hey I have to listen to the voice recordings but at the same time you dont.

Now above was slightly my fault but the story wasn't the best either in episode 5. Frankly episode 4 felt wrong, someone described it as a horror survival and yeah I agree. We were just hiding from this one giant dude who was always somehow near you. Then by episode 5 we were back where we started but with worse mechanics! The ending yeah that did suck, it proved its point on the fact we weren't hope we are this random camera but it was just a disappointing end to a disappointing episode

I need to repeat the game for collectibles so maybe I will feel better knowing what to do this time round but I can only hope. The 1st 3 episodes are great so I am considering keeping the game

I’ve been so late on my past reports that I got up early just for all of you. I’m hopeful of this months games, I’ve done the pacifist route for undertale and I’ve been playing through sleeping dogs which is surprising me so far. For the rest I got plan to play hiveswap and coma which I’m most excited for, path of giants is another but unlike the other 2 it doesn’t seem the best.

Weekly Games #131


7.7 hours, 23 of 23 achievements

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This game was amazing and that ending was hauntingly beautiful. I didn't know what to expect from this, I activated it on a whim but I loved it. The gameplay was fun and the music was great. The epic show down song was a perfect end. I see they are bringing out figment 2 this year so I will be getting that definitely

Little Inferno

2.1 hours, no achievements

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I've loved this game since I 1st saw Jacksepticeye play it, the song was so catchy that who can't love it. It was fun finally just getting to experience it myself and I felt my heart break when right near the end I accidently dropped my free hug coupon into the fire pit when putting in blocks. I wanted my hug man!

I’ve been here for a while trying to think of what to say but I’ve been blank. I don’t want my report with nothing underneath so I guess pointless talk is better.

February 2021


Achievements: 43,849
Perfect Games: 447
Average %: 93
Steam Beaten: 7
Bonus Beaten: 13


These past 2 months have been some of the worst times in my life. For gaming wise it’s been lacking but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’ve slowed down I was surprised to see I got into the 10s before managing to get some shorter games done, but again I’m not saying that’s bad I’m just stating a fact. I’m happy enough with my progress, despite everything I’ve still been gradually pushing forward and winning some generous gifts. With my bonus games for hltb I’m about 50 games and while that doesnt show up here since most were deleted it’s still amazing

For my favourite game I’ll say sound of drop. It was amazing not being to grindy like others or too short like the rest. It had decent amount of gore but not to much that it would put people off and has so many endings that are fun to get. Seems like visual novels got 2 out of 2 for favourites so far, hopefully that means I can get many more as for my yearly report I only kept 2 out of 10

Weekly Games #130

Criminal Girls: Invite Only

25 hours, 36 of 36 achievements

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When I started I was a bit taken back, I wasn't expecting the fights to be how they were or motivating the girls to be so 18+ against young girls. Gradually I learnt how to deal with them, the fighting in this game isn't like most rpgs. The girls will pick a random attack or support skill which they own from the motivating. Alot of the stuff requires mp so you do want to keep stocked up on those items or well you will be kinda screwed.

But like I said I got used to it all, I found the 4 people I liked the most who attacked all enemies. I really enjoyed all the girls and seeing them get over their sins. From what I see there is a sequel which I would love to own too

dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~

13.8 hours, 35 of 35 achievements

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Oh look another done before. Just like with highschool possession down below I did this in my very early days. Also I'm gonna mention about the art in the next paragraph and lets just say when the sprites are prettier then the cgs its bad

The art is not the greatest and the common route is a bit of a pain but I like this game. Its all about finding out the truth between yours and Youjis past. I personally like how the story goes and how it doesn't just force us into relationships. Completing the boys end true ends also unlocks Rei who is just the best

Highschool Possession

2.7 hours, 2 of 2 achievements

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I've done this before but it turns out it was right when I joined blaeo, it may have even been the 1st time when I used the generator which is still insane how long ago it has been

Possession is actually a more serious game then normal, you wouldn't think that with the body possession but it actually goes into details on terrible relationships, depression and bullying. While it did do its typical oh im in a girls body lets masterbate once that was done it was normal. It's kinda annoying/weird that when the boy goes back into his body he forgets everything. Now he doesn't properly forget but retains some feelings of memory yet doesn't remember being the one who stopped all the problems

Beyond the Invisible: Evening

2.0 hours, no achievements

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This wasn't a bad hog but I did miss a few things. Like just voice acting of course its not important I don't expect them all to have it but it did feel weird just reading the cutscenes. I also realised when objects disappear its weird when it doesn't. It actually felt sad having everything on the screen, it was like I never touched the area. You see its just so strange not having it, you like get conditioned to how other games are done so when its not there you don't know how to feel! As usual the ending was abrupt but I did like the story and finally getting to see the boy we played, well I assume it was the boy we played and not some random kid

I’ve been replaying borderlands and ages ago I always preferred Lilith. I loved going invisible and being able to get somewhere slightly faster, however I really missed my other 2 characters. With Athena and Maya I could hit everyone at a distance but now I actually gotta aim at far away people. I never imagined I would miss them since I always felt disappointed in them but actually no I miss being able to just throw something and win!

As someone who replays games so many times it becomes a big factor when looking at games. Its why I delete games because 1 I just don’t want it in my library anyway but 2 because I don’t wanna replay it. Between all borderlands I’ve clocked in at under 400 which is insane but I’ve played them so many times yet here I am replaying and enjoying the hell out of them!