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All my games in order of best to worst Kept and Deleted

  • Pixel Art Coloring Book
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2.7 hours


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Its a simple colour by numbers game. It will light up the ones you need to colour and will remove ones you've completed. It won't even let you colour the wrong pixel. There are boosts that will colour in sections for you, you only have access to 1 in the free version. We get access to 250+ photos which are Animals, Architecture and Food. There is a dlc that will give you access to over 3k pictures though and apparently unlimited boosts.

I don't mind it, it works better then others but it is a bit slow for me as it skips over pixels if you move too fast. At the start of this game being made there were less then 100 free pictures which I could probably drag out longer but to much when to slow


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You do not need the dlc to complete this game, everything here is already free for you. All you need to do is simply use each of the free boosts as well as complete the 3 free packs.

The achievements are very nice, if I cared about the game I would probably be sad that I don't get achievements despite them doing like 3k pictures but its also nice for if you don't. I said it in gameplay that if I had the game from the start when there wasn't 250 pictures I would probably complete it but I don't have the strength to play through all those pictures

As a colour by numbers game its not bad but it doesn't stand up to my main 2 games. I just find it to slow and while I wouldn't be against the full game I also feel that I would just spam the boosters, one being 50% coloured which by a guide back when it had everything free could be used to just fully finish

Weekly Games #51


4.1 hours, 15 of 22 achievements

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I'm on mixed ground with this game. I found it kinda boring, but at the same time the simplicity was nice. I don't know if I want to get the dlc but maybe it helps idk

Well I am almost a year into my new start. Its gonna be a shorter week for my next post but luckily I have a game already set up to finish today so I have no need to worry
Weekly Games #50

Algebra Ridge

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Its not great but not bad. If you want to see how good you are at quick maths this will certainly test you especially later when it does the whole 4+(7x2)+57

Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel

0.7 hours, 6 of 6 achievements

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On my 1st go at this game I frankly didn't like it, while it isn't as creepy as it 1st seems I did still have those feelings that over took the whole oh this is fine. Going into the game knowing what to expect though I could appreciate it, seeing things that I never saw before and while I probably wouldn't keep it still I can understand thinking its great

Aozora Meikyuu

4.8 hours, 1 of 1 achievements

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Its not bad but its a game with annoying waiting sections and frankly none of the endings are super super amazing. I did however like the bad end as it was more interesting then the random romance

Antenna Dilemma

0.3 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

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This is quite an interesting game but sadly its only part 1 of what should be more. Hopefully in the future there will be more as I would love to see what was happening here

AWAKE - Definitive Edition

0.4 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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I didn't mind the game but honestly its not as great as 1st thought. We don't really get a proper conclusion its basically us killing this random dude who's killing and then repeat the same steps but with different weapons that all look the same.

CamGirls: Sophie X Rias

0.6 hours, no achievements

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Its a dharker game that is purely sex, its all about being a camgirl cuz our mc needs money and if you fail you become a stripper but you do good you become a camgirl yourself

Chibi Wars

0.1 hours, no achievements

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So its the sword of asumi team fighting against zombies and other monsters. There really isn't much to say about it as its super short but its nice

Dating Life: Emily X Miley

1.0 hours, no achievements

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So this is a sequel where our girls on a second date, following Emily this time. Its kinda interesting seeing from her point of view but frankly its not as good as the original

Dating Life: Miley X Emily

1.5 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

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I really like this game. We end up on a date following Miley and its interesting seeing more of Emily who we originally see as the mysterious owner of Negligee. Every end is pretty fun to go through and it is one of those games where I am annoyed at having to buy the adult patch but you at least have that chance to play normally

Metropolis: Lux Obscura

2.9 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

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This is a decent game taking on a comic style match 3. If you want a happy end this definitely isn't for you, no matter what you take on it ends up badly but there is 1 decent ending even if still classed as bad

I had a pretty good day yesterday, all but 1 game here was done yesterday which I'm pretty proud of. I'm pretty much double finished what I had last month, and a few of these games done are brand new not just new cuz I never talked about it years ago
Weekly Games #49

100 hidden turtles

0.1 hours, 100 of 100 achievements

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Oh this was a great one. Might be the 2nd best or even the best for me with snails 2

Animal Cafe

1.3 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

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Well its an interesting dharker game. I was curious how the animal cafe was gonna go and while different it was decent enough

Empty Horizons

1.3 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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This was a shocker of a game. I was fully expecting it to be a romance but its not which is very refreshing for the ebi-hime games especially with the main 2 being a guy and a girl

Femboys & Fries

0.2 hours, no achievements

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Well its another one of those cheap sex games. Its really not that bad compared to the other femboys and we have a bit of interaction this time where you can choose just how much you want to see

Harem Girl: Alicia

0.2 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

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Well with this game I was able to buy a solve it mode so by the time it starts getting annoying and boring it wasn't bad. Its basically just fixing up a image that gives you different variants

Harem Girl: Nikki

0.3 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

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Its another one with the solve it so again it was decent to play and I really liked the different images for her

Harem Girl: Samantha

1.9 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

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As the time suggests this doesn't have a solve it mode and this was the 1st one I did. While her bonus images are nice, I don't think her pictures are better then the ones I did after. They are just plain and simple which is nice since I did it alone but also disappointing

Model Melissa

0.4 hours, 4 of 4 achievements

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As with all dharker games they are fine but I think I had the least amount of fun with this game. It just doesn't add anything to the series as a whole like all the other mini games do

My First Femboy Date

0.1 hours, no achievements

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Its another actually decent femboy game that gives us 2 kinda endings, based on how you cuddle apparently it decides which boy asks out which. Its also interesting seeing how made it work if you disagree to have sex with the boy

My Pet Sitter is a Futanari

0.1 hours, no achievements

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This is a weird game. It kinda has the same vibe as yandere where they basically treat the mc as a pet to do their bidding. They are definitely getting better

My Stepbro is a Femboy

0.2 hours, no achievements

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Okay now I'm shocked by the effort in this game. While the other 2 have got choices this one straight up gives you the choice to be a female or a male or even a mix. While it of course stays on the same course we do have slight text difference based on what genitals they have

My Trainer is a Futanari

0.1 hours, no achievements

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I think this might be my favourite futanari game of them all. I actually enjoy the art, the story and even the voice acting!

Puzzle Girls: Alexa

0.0 hours, no achievements

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Yeah by this point I did 3 other games so I just skipped through. There's really not much to say about it considering its just pictures from the alexa game

Puzzle Girls: Cute

0.4 hours, no achievements

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I'm a little disappointed with this game, the trailer makes it seem like it involves multiple games but this one is just the beach bounce series. I don't mind it but I did think I was gonna get others like summer fling but I couldn't work out if there was a setting to change or whether they never included it in the end

The Futanati

0.0 hours, no achievements

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Ehhh its fine but after the other ones I played its not great. I do appreciate the ending screen not being the typical the end though

The Magic Storm

0.9 hours, 0 of 10 achievements

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I'm not sure how I feel about this game right now. I started off very kid friendly but then I struggled so hard to find a lot of things. It felt like at times they were being really mean about where items were as at one point 1 item I needed was a tiny dot at the top of the screen, I couldn't see what they were expecting me to find. But yeah I need to replay it and see how it goes when I try for the achievements

Whoo beat the amount of games I did the last month. I did pretty much all of these in like 2 days as you can see they are very short but it made me feel better. I'm gonna try to focus on removing some games and do my wins
Weekly Games #48

Coloring Pixels

Final Fantasy III

Well nothing was done this week, obviously it was shorter cuz I had a longer week yesterday, but I'm still trying to just focus on more colouring pixels and the remaining final fantasy. I mainly spent the past couple of days watching videos but here's to next one!

August 2022


Completed: 10
Gained: 65
Overall done: 259


Oh damn I was just gonna get straight to the favourite game which honestly is not much but I was surprised to see how many gained I got. I brought a couple of sets that were on sale but didn’t realise the amount until right now when I decided to count

Anyway my favourite has to go to Final Fantasy 3, Starlight Vega was the only other one to be it if not. Maybe its because it was done last minute instead of the start of the month but it just rings in my head as the best game. It surprised me with how good it actually was and got me to appreciate a game I really didn’t like at the start

Weekly Games #47


7.5 hours, 31 of 31 achievements

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Having done both versions of ff3 I can now officially say I prefer this pixel one. I love the map system and while some of the 3d art is decent the changes I absolutely hate cuz I played this one 1st and its basically perfection!

Well spent my week doing some final fantasy games. Considering how much I prefer this to the 3D versions I will most likely get the other ones that are out as well as I struggled with number 3 originally but this time round it was fun! It might actually get me to like the 4th game as well which I also didn't care for to much
Weekly Games #46

Miracle Calamity Homeostasis

0.5 hours, no achievements

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Its a silly free visual novel that doesn't try to be serious. Its about a war against cats after eating your favourite shawarma and becoming the chosen one. Its not bad, not good, its just okay

A short report as I only did the game yesterday as I needed something to get played. On bigger news I did manage to beat another game today which was much longer then just 20 minutes and done over 2 days so progress?
Weekly Games #45


0.4 hours, no achievements

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Its a decent small little game about getting to know the Ai Em-A-Li inside a house where a bunch of woman have died. Not much to say about it as its just going room to room piecing things together

No One But You

5.3 hours, 0 of 18 achievements

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I don't mind the story as a whole but the characters in this game kinda suck. Half of them you forget exist and the other half are so annoying that you wish they didn't exist. This game also has problems with its achievements and the fact that when the cut off sex scenes happen it can bug out the game

Simple Story - Alex

0.8 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

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As the name suggests its a simple gathering game as we learn why this Alex drinks all the damn time
I don't actually mind it and the dlc is kinda nice

Starlight Vega

3.0 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

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This was a fun little yuri game about a succubus being released by a human girl and being stuck to her. I really enjoyed all the characters especially the 2 succubus. Even though our mc is kinda plain and boring it works instead of other mcs where the girls are just there to move the story along

Well bit of a rush job with my thoughts, ended up leaving half way through and didn't return for like an hour. No point dragging this out, here's to the next report and good luck everyone with your games as well