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1.57 hours

Lost Legends has us tracking down a bunch of missing kids, which the weeping woman has stole


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After her husband cheated on her and took the 2 kids with him, the weeping woman drowned herself. Apparently she started to kidnap the children of the town so they started a festival to hopefully ward her off. It started to work but then on the eve of the festival, kidnapping started to happen once again

I like the story, its more unusual compared to your own kid being kidnapped by a bad guy. We got multiple children here, assuming its correct we get a bit of Mexican culture too.


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So it turns out a kid was kidnapped by his own mother and using the weeping woman legend she disguised her self and stole other kids. Apparently she believed they weren't being treated well enough, despite one just being simply adopted and that was the only noticeable thing I saw. The weeping woman was real but she had already come to terms with everything and had no ill will towards the townies

The ending is definitely insane, we do learn it half way that its not the real weeping woman behind the missing cases but its insane to think this lady kidnapped her own son and was crazy enough to kidnap other kids. Like I said above the most recent kid was adopted which was apparently the wrong thing to happen as she should be with her real parents but as far as I know it wasn't their child so why? Plus these kids were kept next to a lava fit like geez lady, there's a volcano that can kill them any moment and how did no one notice this lady apparently missing each day


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A mysterious man has been charming ladies, he puts them under his spell and after braiding their hair on the 2nd visit they become completely his. Well it turns out it was actually a lady, who was the head of a boarding school, apparently she did all that to make the girls strong? I really don't get how that works or what the plan actually was. I assume she did it to save the school which was getting less and less people joining but yeah kinda weird

It totally didn't fit with the main game, but I enjoyed it. I do believe it would've been better as its own game though instead of forcing it here but I guess they wanted to keep with a crazy lady theme


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This game is actually very interesting with its hogs. We get to interact with them more, like making a red board for example, other games would combine the paint with the wood, but this game makes you actually paint it. It just felt unique actually interacting with items during the hogs instead of just clicking 1 thing onto another.

We had a lot of matching puzzles, we got your typical match pairs but they were crocodiles hatching so we got to see an animation. We got to match patterns of skulls so like half the face is red then another school must have it on the opposite side. Or later on a puzzle that I skipped where you gotta match symbols together. I didn't really understand it until I saw it, frankly that would've taken a lot of time though so I'm happy I did skip. It just had a more unique look compared to the normal look every other game does


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So we do have 2 collectibles, it actually was kinda fun even if I didn't aim to finish them as no achievements.

We got morphing flowers, I don't like morphing things but it allowed you to click on the item without it being a flower so it saved time and kinda funny just clicking and boom you found a flower you never realised was there

Skulls is another thing but they are hidden. We actually got to click on items to find the skulls, like click on a painting and woah there's a skull behind it. Oh hey a skull is in this cupboard.

If it had achievements these collectibles would probably annoy me, but as I was just randomly getting things it was fun

I enjoyed this game much more then I expected. I hope small town terrors is just as good as this game

Updated Weekly Games #3

Labyrinthine Dreams

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A nice little puzzle game. Kinda sad, kinda sweet

Paranormal Stories

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Story was decent but having a timer and needing stars to progress gets annoying and repetitive

Shrinking Pains

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Serious game about anorexia, maybe decent but I can't say.

The Men of Yoshiwara Series

2 games

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Both games has a girl who goes to the pleasure district.
Yoshiwara is a poor girl who falls for the men
Ohgiya is a rich girl who is sent to get pregnant - I much prefer this one

The Night Fisherman Series

2 games

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Series games about a fugitive boy
Nightfisher is about a man in a boat who tries to bring him to safety but gets caught
Outcast is about a couple who take in the boy after they accidently hit him, where you can decide to save him or send him away

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns

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A short yuri about the death of Emmeline, definitely worth getting as its free

I got a decent amount of games done this week. I also made some progress on my multiple game reports so its not just this. I am excited this week for the release of another corpse party game. I also noticed today they brought out badges for Quantic Dream games. Detroit, beyond 2 souls and heavy rain got them badges but I am very disappointed. Heavy rain is the only one I like so I went from yay they got badges to oh no they suck in a matter of a minute
0.48 hours

Sakura Succubus who follows Hiroki as he gains the attention of 3 famous succubi.


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After failing to get a picture of pop idol Ayu and breaking his expensive equipment, Hiroki stumbles upon Marina who is a rich business lady. She takes a liking to him, saving his job and getting a private interview with Ayu. Along the way he meets another girl Cosmos and learns they are all succubi, becoming a bf to each of them

For a 1st parter, its a pretty good game. It's a harem game and that's the best route of every game. We can have our sadistic girl, we can have our charming and ditzy one. We can have a 3rd cuz why not. It has all the elements of what I liked about previous sakura games like cupid and sadist


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So this game ends on a cliff hanger. It has 4 parts so obviously they intended to keep leaving us wanting more. After reuniting all the girls, we end up at a hot spring with them. During our visit we see another girl who the mc believes to be his ex girlfriend. Its never fun having a cliff hanger and I cant say it makes me want to continue. Like I'd continue for more of harem girls but the idea of introducing an ex doesnt sound fun and well even if it was just a random chick I have no feelings there to make me say yes must play sequel now


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Ayu is a pop idol. I don't care for look or personality. She's always got this sour look on her face but then like a switch was flipped she goes into cute idol form. I dont like her clothing with her natural colours but I do have to say, I can appreciate them trying to be a bit different. While I wouldn't normally class has a chunky, she is compared to how every other girl is normally made to look, plus she's an idol so you don't expect her be curvy. Yeah like her look, her personality is just bad. She's rude all the time, but then she goes into idol mode pretending to be all sweet and innocent

Marina is our business lady. So I wanna say I like her general look, but not the colours. I'm just not a fan of light hair on dark skin, idk why but its never sat right with me. Now she has white hair which definitely needs a certain look to pull off. I do however have to say, despite not liking the colour mix, it does suit her personality. Like there's something about that bright white hair, with her sadistic powerful personality that just screams yes perfect lady

Cosmos is just a little cutie guys! She's like this popular social media girl with 3 million followers (compared to 700k that ayu has). She's completely ditzy thinking its totally okay to be acting like a dog cuz to her she believes that's what makes the mc happy and others around them. She doesn't quite get how revealing she's dating this plain guy is a bad idea but understands a bit when she finds out he could possibly be hurt if people found out. Her whole looks fits her personality, she's just so colourful and adorable, plus she wears cat ears!

So yeah gimmie Marina and Cosmos but leave out Ayu, I'm happy having 2 girls instead of 3


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I don't believe you can miss any of those achievements. You can unlock them all in 1 playthrough and if you don't have the patch attached you only need 1 playthrough. But if you do have the patch attached, you basically need to choose the bad option so you end up with Ayu instead of Cosmos

This is a great start to the series. If you ignored the end could you play as its own game, sure I don't see why not. There's plenty of other games that just end but here we get some harem fun

0.59 hours

Sakura Succubus 2 introduces 2 more succubi to the harem


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So we continue with the hot spring vacation and it turns out the mysterious figure, isn't our ex, but another Succubus. After the vacation we get tasked to take photos of an up and coming tennis star, who has rumours spread about her not wearing panties and being a lesbian. Turns out though she's just another succubus and the rumours were try, just bi.

I like this story, maybe its just because we get less time with annoying Ayu but its fun having an extra 2 girls. We aren't just choosing bad choices and good choices. Idk if its as good as we do spend like half the game with just 1 girl and the other half is clearly focusing on the other but hey we spent enough time with the other 3. Maybe we will give them more attention in the next


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So we do end on another cliff hanger, again about the ex. This time however we are sure its the ex as she turned out to be the Succubus Queen and has been watching over our antics as we managed to bag 5 girls in less then a month. This time it is very interesting as its like yes, lets see how he reacts when he finds out the truth! You know I wanna continue it rather then before where its like yeah it wouldn't be so bad as a 1 off


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Hifumi is an actress and actually the old queen. I feel like I should talk about her personality first, apparently she was a horrible ruler, she was very mean to everyone and you can see that in her interactions with Cosmos and Ayu as they despise her. Now she's took on a more Mothering rule, she has this calming and gentle vibe. She strokes Ayu's head when she's upset, caring about her reputation, she does the cleaning and cooking, all that stuff. I do very much like her look, black hair and purple eyes you can't go wrong with! She's very much into Japanese stuff so she wears conservative kimonos. I also really like her succubus form which is also kinda conservative compared the other girls

Hazel is a tennis star. Idk how I feel about her look, I can't really work out what her colour hair is and she's just in this skimpy tennis outfit. I feel like I cant judge her look until I see a normal outfit on her. For her personality she's kinda like Cosmos, she has this more ditsy hyper vibe. She sees absolutely nothing wrong about going commando despite many pictures out there of people clearly telling that's what she's doing. But she's also determined at her job, she talks about her hard certain athletes get it, that she doesn't want to use her extra succubus powers to her advantage so she's training her body so much so its actually her own power rather then cheating. Just like her look I can't really judge her right now, I need to see her away from the training


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We can actually miss stuff this time, but like with most visual novels its super easy to get. You can't really fail getting the ending, its pretty much just hey you gotta say certain things like green is better then pink/blue or how mother cooks best. The biggest one you will probably miss is the ending choice, you can either join Hazel in the shower or not. If you dont have the patch attached there's no point joining her, it will just go straight to the end, but if you skip the shower you meet up with Hifumi for a cg and achievement

This isn't one you can do alone, you will miss to much with our original girls, plus you will want to play its sequel. It's a game that is meant to be in the middle.

1.17 hours

Sakura Succubus 3 takes place in the Succubus realm after Yue claims Hiroki


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After watching Hiroki get really close to her subjects, Yue decides to finally return and claim him as her own. Stuck in the succubus realm, Yue punishes any girl who tries to take him back and won't accept leaving him

You know I expected more but I gotta say I was disappointed. Number 2 left us on this cliffhanger of our ex and we know she's apparently this evil ruler, it sounded good but then it didn't really live up. This game is meant to focus on the new girl and sure it does but at the same time it doesn't. We repeat the same thing over and over again, she will get angry claiming were just hers, then we got the other girls begging her to change and repeat


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This actually doesn't end on a cliff-hanger… Ayu managed to convince Yue to let Hiroki go and somehow she got convinced to. So we return and now we get a scene of all the girls together where they are playing twister and just having fun altogether with now a 6th member. Depending on how you act towards Yue you will either end the game with Hazel feeling sorry for being a traitor, or you end up with Cosmos

I did like the end, we barely had 4 of them together so it was nice having them together for once. I was expecting just a cg so I'm also glad I didn't waste my time getting 1 cg and returning to the end game with Cosmos again


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I'm having the same problem I had with Hazel but with Yue. She's our ex and the queen, she's the main focus but we also didn't really see to much of her. We got told she was kinda cold, she didn't really express any emotions. Now she's just insane, she has the look of a yandere. She's so clingy and possessive of this dude despite it being 10 years since they broke up. She looks ready to kill us if we dare say we don't like her. But then she does a 180 in the end game, its hard to say what she's really like when like 90% of the game I was ready for death. I do like her look very much though, she's got some nice colours and I really like her succubus form. Everyone else is very slutty but she practically has an outfit on just with the horns and wings. Her human clothing is very regal.

I can only hope I see more of Yue and Hazel. Hazel clearly isn't one of the main girls, she's just a side lover who is obsessed with Yue. Her clothing didn't change but I do see her in number 4 so maybe I get a chance. Yue though I don't see and it makes me worried. I'm not against Yandere's but like they gotta commit not just be crazy eyed


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If I hadn't found out before hand, I would've assumed these achievements were all story. I mean I look at them now and I don't get how any of them are missable. If you want all cgs though it is a bit more work. 1 main end is to stay in the succubus realm with Yue and the other is to return home. Depending on how you treat Yue though you will end up with either Hazel or Cosmos. I don't see most people being nice to Yue and making our main girls feel bad so you probably will miss the cg with Hazel but either way you will miss 1 cg based on those 2 girls

I feel like they could've ended the series here. Unless Yue does return there is no point on resuming this series as it ends fine. I didn't really like this game so I am kinda glad there is more, but I am also worried this might've been a waste of time and just filler

1.04 hours

Sakura Succubus 4 has the group go on vacation


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So this game apparently takes place a couple of months after the events of the previous game. The group decided to take a vacation together on Ayu's private beach.

Now this is the game we all wanted. This is a true harem game, previous games were more like yeah we are dating everyone but not truly an open group. We spend time with everyone here in a group and alone. The story was a perfect ending and redeemed my feelings for it after the disappointment I felt with number 3


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So its time to talk about 3 characters. Hazel, Ayu and Yue. Those 3 girls I had problems with, Ayu I just disliked, Hazel and Yue had the problem of being a minor character despite being the main character in their games

Lets talk about Ayu first as she's one of our originals. I would say this game redeemed her but just slightly. I don't like tsundere and she's unlike most as you don't see that sweet side to her. You just see a lot of mean and when she does act different its hard to say what's true or not cuz she's an idol. I do get why she's how she is, she's a young girl, she's constantly in the public eye so she can't show her true self. She cares in her own way but she's so hot headed that she attacks everyone then revealing the truth. If it weren't for that heart to heart right at the very end (and I mean like not even 5 minutes to the end) I probably wouldn't like her even a bit. She basically gets pity points for how we treated her.

Hazel didn't change much either, however they fully embraced her sporty side. I couldn't really judge her as what we saw, was just her doing photographed work out. Then in number 3 she was just obsessed with Yue that if I judged her then it would've been bad. She didn't change at all on vacation, she spent most of her time working out, her clothing was still quite sporty. She looked ready for a hike and stuff. While she didn't change at least they went full forced, I liked her clothing and they embraced the whole bisexual thing with her. She's not my favourite but I can at least say I like her rather then she's someone we screw

Yue was a major problem. Despite being a major character we barely saw her and what we did see was terrible. She settled down in this game, she didn't look ready to kill anyone and admitted her fault. We finally got to see a version of her that we could love and enjoy. We only got like 1 scene of her in this game but it was enough time to change my mind plus you know what Hifumi was just like her! She got forced into that position because of Hifumi and now she's changing for the better like her to

In the end I did enjoy my girls. We had a wide range and while I can't say I love Ayu I can tolerate her! Our main girls are still Cosmos and Hifumi so I'm very happy with them. They all look great


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This is probably the most simple to 100% out of all games, you can definitely miss achievements and cgs I believe but that would mean you were mean to the girls. There is an obvious choice each time, well except calling Cosmos heavy… As long as you do the nice choice for each girl its not hard to get all achievements and all cgs in 1 playthrough, no annoying multiple playthroughs like previous games

I definitely don't want another game but I am very happy with how this series ended. This is my perfect game, it gave the characters a proper harem story and redeemed everything I had a problem with before. Legit only issue was 1 cg displaying the all ages clothing for Ayu

1.28 hours

Paranormal Stories follow Esther who helps solve haunted cold cases

Esther was a private detective who got hit by blue lightning and sent 50 years into the future. She gained clairvoyant powers which she uses to help solve cases, from murders to suicides to pure accidents. We solve 5 cases and the game is timed, you need to get stars to unlock the next scene. During the game you can take a picture of a ghost, it made it seem important to do it but all it does is show the spirits pictures clearer and after a 3rd time their age. It's such a random thing that takes bonus time which ultimately fails to entertain. Repeating scenes and completing it will change your star count, I had a 3 star lvl but then repeated I got 1 star (bcuz i was looking for ghost) and yeah it put 1 star despite being perfect. Don't mess around with the profile names cuz that's buggy also

While I like the story it ends up needing a sequel and I did want to just quit. The game play really isn't that fun and very repetitive with the puzzle/matching pairs after each hog.

0.25 hours

Sad Story of Emmeline Burns tells us her history of how she died


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Toma visits a graveyard where she ends up meeting Emily. She learns about the tragedy that took place and learn about her love, who Toma reminds her of

It's always funny reading these stories that take place in England, as they are always in like Victorian times! We never have a modern English game so its fun reading about how oh they are rich with their 5 quid. The actual story is nice, I've really grown to like Ebi-Hime, they make some nice yuri games with some serious issues in them.


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While Toma is our mc she's kinda not. She's there to listen to the story and grow up in the end. I do like her look though and it sounds like an interesting idea having this innocent girl be interested in graves

Emmeline is an old school girl, her looks is old and posh. I can't really give an opinion her look but compared to our other girls I don't really care for it. Now her personality is definitely trouble. She goofs off instead of working, teases her love quite a bit to the point where she could get her in trouble as well. I like her being a troublemaker though, other games have them all be prim and proper so its nice to see someone like her

Cordelia very much suits the old rich girl look. Like Toma she has that pale look, so with the dark clothes she just really stands out. Now Emily is just overpowering its hard to tell what Cordelia is actually like. She does have this more serious and mature personality, it does fit her look. I like her just like how I like the others

This is a free game so its perfect if you want to try to get used to Ebi-Hime or even try them out for the 1st time. The characters are good and so is the story. Plus again its free so if you don't like it, well you just wasted a little time but not money!

0.09 hours

Shrinking pains tell the story of someone with anorexia

So to start with we can choose who our partner is, whether we end up with a bf/gf or even who we hook up with later. We get to choose whether we stay alone or whether we do try reaching out to the people in our lives. We can choose food but at the same time we don't, I noticed I tried picking a lettuce at one point but then the water was auto clicked, or later on its just blurred out and if you try clicking on it, it gets smaller and smaller until you are forced to eat nothing. We get a choice but in the end we can't help our person, the best we can do is watch as we waste away and depending on your choices even die

As with all games talking about issues its always a hit or miss. While we get the view point of the person with it, we are basically just on the outside, we can try to help but in the end we can only change if they talk to friends or not. We can't help out with the food as the 1 time we pick food, we never eat it

0.04 hours

Night Fisherman is a story about a man trying to help an immigrant kid, but they get caught by the EPG who hunt them down.

It's a very short game with 2 endings. There are a couple of choices but they always lead to the same thing. The hunter will always figure out we are harbouring an immigrant and they will shoot down the boat. It's our choice whether we surrender or die protecting

It's obvious a serious game so it really depends on your taste. It has a sequel and it seems like all their short games are political

0.11 hours

Outcast lovers shows us that the boy survived and taken in by a couple after being hit by them

It's a frustrating game as it always end in the boy was never seen for 6 years. We can keep the boy safe by having the couple protect him or we hand him over the EPG. It puts us more into place when we personally choose how to react, do we react badly to the boy and send him off into danger. Or are we protective of him and make the wife miserable because we decide to keep him

I don't believe it has a sequel also, I know of 1 more game they made but its about the protests last year so I assume they didn't bother tying it into how the boy is

0.34 hours

Labyrinthine Dreams relives Beth's path as she tackles mazes


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Beth is on the brink of death reliving her past. From how her dad worked pretty much every day to support them but got taken away from her. How she wanted to be a painter but ended up following her dad's footsteps as the college debt got to much. Meeting Artie her true love who is supporting her through the illness

It's a sad story, its not a surprise what we are expecting as its from the very 1st maze we see medical equipment everywhere and Beth makes a comment about how if she manages to survive she's got a bill to deal with. As you progress through the mazes you find out a bit more of the history and they represent each part of her life.


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Each maze has a different set of rules of how you move through them

Forest is the one I mentioned with the medical equipment everywhere. During those mazes you cant move backwards or to the left. So you are forced to loop around everything as forward and right are your own movements

Demon area is one that repeats after every different maze. In this area you are facing against death who moves 2 spaces for your 1. So you have to be sneaky about getting them trapped to reach the safe spot

Street area we play as a car. We can only move where the arrow points to, it comes with an achievement where you have to go through every intersection but its really not as bad as the previous games

Sky area tasks us to step on every block so you are left with only the starting block and finishing block. This is definitely a simply area but it can also be one of the hardest as you cant just backtrack like the others. This can make you reset which ruins the perfect achievement

Finally we got the space area. Beth is floating in a ball and only stops when she hits something. This is the type of puzzle where I'm sure most people would feel the most comfortable with.

This is a great game, its short and cheap. It has good puzzles as well as a good story, so why not pick it up

6.41 hours

Kikuya follows Misao as she explores the pleasure district after being mistaken as the rich merchants daughter


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After helping a couple escape to mainland Misao ends up delivering to the pleasure district and given a free chance at any man she wants, after being mistaken for a rich kid. The only way to meet men is through the pleasure district as all men are banned and forced into that life style. With the help of the couples money she spends her time buying one of the 6 men available to her. You choose from the start who you want and you can't switch to anyone else until you reach the end

This game does also have bonus stories, things like each guy has a flower we connect each other to. Or things like valentines/white day where of course our innocent Misao has no idea what they are as its something on the mainland not this little island or whatever they are on

All of these stories are completely different but they do follow the same theme of, innocent girl has no idea what she's gotten her self into. Spends all her money seeing one of the men and hoping to help them retire. It does have the typical tropes of like oh no we might be siblings, oh no were sick, but because these dudes are suppose to not pay attention to 1 character it actually makes those stupid stories fun. They end up messing up their client list as they only want you

The bonus stories are also fun, it does get a bit repetitive learning about valentines and the like multiple times but it just proves even more how innocent our girl is. She's protected from learning about those pleasures and its just nice seeing more of these men in a different view. Not forceful or attached to other dudes stealing you


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So the endings are pretty similar as in they all end in marriage. No matter who you pick they will retire, you will get married, the chapter name is literally the same. Their normal end is the most unique where it all depends on who you pick. Like they might retire or they might not, its more based on their personality. Like for Iroha, he has 2 stories actually and if you get his happy end you move into the pleasure district with him, there is no sense of leaving that place. But then in the super happy one he does leave his home for you, he doesn't really retire as he's basically the boss but that's like his own way of saying yeah all my attention is on you

As it does have multiple endings I won't get into to much detail with everyone as that's just a lot. This game also introduces date + sequel scenarios. Like the bonus stories its just extra content and considering only Iroha has a second story while married, its their own way of knowing what their married life is like


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I was expecting a big difference with these characters but they honestly don't change all that much between everyones stories. The main notice is Takao but also when you really look deep its not that much of a surprise. I will say I am upset with 2 characters, there's nothing wrong with them but they are claimed to have black hair but their characters don't. I get they didn't want 4 characters with black hair but then don't write that its black, it ruins the people for me knowing its wrong

Takao is the number 1 courtesan. I don't really like his look, brown hair with yellowish eyes don't appeal to me. You look at his face and he just looks mean, just that smile like yeah I'm the best and you are all under me. I like his clothes though. His personality is a mixed bag, like in 1 part he's nice, but then the next he is that whole arrogant I can steal your girl. During his route he's also a mixed bag as he does get very forceful at a certain point, but then later on he risks being punished by go to mainland to ease our worries

Tokiwa used to be the top courtesan but is now Takao's assistant. I do very much love his look. His whole appeal is being a foreigner and having different hair to everyone. Everyone is like brown and black but he's blonde. I love the green highlights which matches his eyes, his clothes are very much like him and out there. Just like Takao he's a mixed bag personality wise, its hard to tell what he's really like as he seems to be very outgoing every where and idk if I like him or if his only appeal is the look

Kagura is one of the top courtesans but is also one of my problem people. He's one of the more mature people, he prefers practicing his sword skills and reading high end Western books, it really shows in his look as everything about him is more plain to everyone else. Now that's not a problem as I do like his look but he has black hair… he's got this beautiful dark blue/purplish hair but then you read its black. It's like they are trying to ruin what makes him unique and it makes me sad. People would probably find him boring, as I said above he prefers his studies compared to satisfying customers, but I like that more gentle approach. Everyone else can get quite forceful in their entertainment and sex side. He's the type of guy where our innocent Misao can simply learn about him without that embarrassment

Kagerou is a trainee under Kagura, which is fitting as he's our 2nd trouble. Just like Kagura he's suppose to be black haired but they made him dark brown. Like you may as well be black at that point, he's not the best looking so black would've really helped him out there! I don't hate him but I also don't really like Kagerou. His look is not my favourite and he has a terrible personality. Nothing about his look stands out, as a trainee he goes to school so he doesn't wear a kimono like the rest, then when he is meant to pop his cherry he wears this insane look kimono that I don't feel fits him. No matter what route he is in, especially his own he's just this moody kid. He's meant to be someone who can satisfy any woman, but he clearly hates being there and wants nothing to do with anyone, especially Misao who doesn't know anything about the pleasure district. It's hard to like someone who openly hates on you and is forceful when the time comes

Hayabusa is a secret character and our childhood friend. He doesn't appear in the bonus stories, he doesn't appear in any route but his own. He barely even appears in the damn store page or even in the library screen. His look is decent and I believe his personality is okay but when you barely get to know him its hard to say. He constantly pushes us away as he of course doesn't want someone who is basically sister to see him in that place. It is a dangerous place and his whole thing comes along with the fact people find out that Misao committed a crime

Iroha is the manager and an ogre. Iroha in his human form is pretty basic, he has shortish dark hair that covers half his face and dark eyes and clothing. You see a bit of his ogre side with the pointy ears. In his ogre form though his hair grows out and turns white. His eyes turn red and I believe its when he's angry that a tattoo appears as its not always there. Despite being called the ogre manager cuz of his terrible attitude you don't really see all that much, you see little bits of how he punishes the courtesans but other then that he's generally nice to us. He welcomes us even if early, he actually looks after us even when we aren't suppose to pick him and he's quite open because he turns into an ogre when he's horny and angry. Then in the sequel he puts effort into helping another ogre find his place when he could've left him to be taken away

While certain scenes are very cringy, I did enjoy my time very much. These's aren't the best men around but its an interesting story. We will have to see if it lives up to its potential though when we got a sequel

5.12 hours

Ohgiya follows Kiyoha as she visits the pleasure district with the task of having a baby


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Kiyoha is the daughter of a famous and rich family. She is sent to the pleasure district so she can produce a heir and take over the business. She gets the choice between 5 men but really only 4 as Ageha is not of age and unlike Kikuya, Ohgiya follows traditions

There are no side stories this time but we do keep the date/sequel

I was slightly worried about starting this game, Kikuya was one of my early games on the phone, it was one of my 1st phone games when it came to steam so when I saw another version it was kinda like why? I was worried it was gonna be way to similar but it wasn't. I loved this one the most, it really showed off the flaws in the other one as this was amazing. There's less chapters and guys but it also had more time and interactions with them. Plus it was nice having a girl that not only looked completely different to all other otomes, but was stubborn in getting what she wanted, not shying away from everything


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The endings are very interesting because these guys are mainland boys. While the end is the whole retire them some don't need that. While we brought a couple, people like Asagiri was working there because he wanted to, he could leave whenever. Gakuto retired from contract. Plus were a rich kid so we didn't have this whole big task of oh no we need outside help to do this

Honestly I kinda wish I saw more babies, we do get 1 baby end, funnily enough in a happy end not the super happy end. I didn't really care about seeing a kid, despite that being our whole reason but like come on you cant just show 1 baby and not expect us to be fine without everyone else having one


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The characters made me the most worried, when I saw them grouped together all I could think of was oh no not carbon copies. In the end they are kinda similar but they really stood out on their own. They were all wonderful and sweet, they weren't forceful or mean like our Kikuya boys. I fully expected each man to be annoying but they were actually respectful of each other and helped you with the one you loved, not try to steal you away.

Takigawa is similar to Takao, he is the most popular and know his way around. He has a much better look with his brown hair and eyes, his confident look is more gentle then cocky

Asagiri was a worry, like Tokiwa I was afraid of how he was going to be. He has this very flirty look, his clothes are colourful and he has this whole smell thing to him. I didn't really care for his look but then you cant help but be charmed by him

Gakuto is I would say a mix of Kagura and Iroha. In fact during his happy end he even works for the business like Iroha. He's this more mature guy, he takes relationships seriously, he's the one who basically raised and mentored Ageha and Utsusemi. It's all about him in their routes. He's the one who caught my eye 1st, dark hair, eyepatch but admittedly he was my worst dude. I didn't care for the revenge story and it ruined the whole we are safe from being forced into sex because they get in a mood

Utsusemi is Hayabusa , he just has this more cheerful charm that he could easily be a childhood friend. He was one person I wasn't looking forward to, I didn't really know what to make out from his look, one moment he's like a kid, then the other he's not. He is actually one of the younger people which really worked and I did grow to really enjoy him. He really treasures Gakuto and Ageha. His side look is actually nice also

Ageha oh boy, he's only Kagerou in age. Ageha is still a trainee, he has the whole story of being a virgin like Kagerous but he is such a pure innocent kid, not a big old jerk. I never paid any attention to Ageha, his look isn't my favourite but I fell for that poor virgin boy. Even made me tear up in his route. He's the one boy there that you can be positive loves you, you know he's not lying to you as you aren't his wife for the night. He's always so cheerful to see you and doesn't play around with us. Like I just want to protect him and he actually did make me change my mind and cost me more money because I had to get him as the badge. I was gonna go for Gakuto at lvl 3, but nope got Ageha at lvl 5

If I had to pick one of these games to recommend, it would 100% be this one. You can play whatever one you want, I do recommend Kikuya 1st though because they appear in this game and these boys don't appear there but yeah it doesn't matter. I'm just so happy it changed my mind

Updated Weekly Games #2

Cirno's Perfect Summer Vacation

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Cirno is a game I've played many times before but still have no idea what the hell happened. After reading the page I think I get it a bit but its not a 10 minute game for me and I'm not a fan of touhou so idk who anyone is

Quest: Escape Room Series

3 games

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Quest escape room 1 + 2 follows a dude who got kidnapped by his date and after escaping spends a while researching why and trying to take them down.

Quest escape room 3 however follows a group of people who have to escape and rescue their 4th member of the team, but they can die in this game

None of them have a giant amount of story, its just really solving puzzles like a real escape room with a tiny bit of lore information and junk. Kinda hard to recommend when they clearly need a 4th game

Last week I had 3 new games this time 4 old. I took a couple of days off last week so my gaming kinda slowed to a halt, plus I also hit a bump with the trick and trick remake as I have 0 idea how to complete it. On good news though, they are bringing out the updated look for corpse party and I am so excited. Feel kinda cheated having to rebuy a game but it also comes with all the bonus missions we missed + 2 brand new ones so its kinda okay. I mean its corpse party I love it