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I’ve changed this damn description so many times I no longer know what to put. I only ever look at others when there are pictures so why would I bother with mine!

Weekly Games #112

Labyrinthine Dreams

1.0 hours, 7 of 7 achievements

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This game really was a labyrinth, the game takes place in stages all with difference puzzles. For example our 1st area the forest we cant move to the left while in later areas like the sky you have to walk over ever block. In between we get little snippits of story. I'm pretty sure this was one of the games I brought during the summer sale and it wasn't bad. If I was to choose to recommend it or to stay away I guess I would agree to go play

Hiveswap Friendsim

1.6 hours, no achievements

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1st up my time isn't correct, idk what my real time is but its at least 4 hours so who knows what happed for 2 of my sessions.
Since I won pesterquest I decided to buy this which was nice timing since it was half price for all the dlc. I really enjoyed the characters in this game, it was pretty simple going through each unique character and those bad ends were great. Really worth going through which you probably will see a couple since sometimes the right answer isnt right. Some people were annoying, a couple of the friends speak weirdly. Some are just cosmetics like a heart next to it or theytalklike_this. Som3 though talk lik3 this, y3ah annoying much, imagin3 this but 3v3ry word contains a god damn E! Sure she was one of the more fun friends but god damn trying to read a whole paragraph with 3s every word is a pain


3.1 hours, no achievements

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What's wors3 th3n this? W3ll th1s of cours3, 1nst34d of just 3 for E now w3 h4ve 1 for i 4nd 4 for A.
It was horrible going through that route I didn't even bother reading most of it since it was screwing with my head to much. Alot of this text was pretty terrible with 8s for bs and EvErY oThEr LeTtEr LiKe ThIs. I didn't enjoy it before but at least it wasn't to bad before, this time its just way to much.

To be honest I didn't find this game that good compared to friendism. That game was just silly, the trolls were unique and didn't feel annoying. The whole this dude is a criminal out of pure accident was funny and made it weird. This time round it felt like they were pushing it. Giving us time travel and teleportation just felt like a cheap way to make things happen. Stick with trolls or humans well no need to pick one when we just teleport you to these random people. The characters were just bland, they weren't likeable and they are all connected to each other. I liked finding out before that a friend we made knew one of our earlier ones. Now its just going between everyone in the group because of reason. Saying this as well they didn't look all that different. The humans were very white with a bit of colour, its quite a bright harsh colour to look at. Same could be said about the trolls, they didn't have this really big new looks to them because they are stuck with these symbols on their top.

Now this game can be done without knowing anything before hand. Frankly if I didn't own friendism and did that I probably would still be disappointed in this. Sure you can play this as a stand alone but its sad to miss things that you could quickly go through by owning the other. As a stand alone game it didn't sit right with me. Its hard not to remember how amazing the other game was and knowing that its hard to be fair, its just not as funny as the original and again with that horrible text its a drag to read

Resident Evil

27.1 hours, 36 of 44 achievements

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Ages ago I wrote about how I dropped this game, I spent an hour doing the 1st 5 minutes of the game and it just wasn't for me. However I looked more into the achievements and decided to go ahead and actually try to 100% it. I attempted many times using a video to help me. After failing many times I tried again while 100% every area, that was a horrible inventory management. It actually didn't go so bad that by the time I did my 2nd playthrough I managed to get a time of 2 hours and 37 minutes while using a knife. By the 3rd 2 hours and 4 minutes. I really liked knowing where everything was since I was able to just rush through

I felt like the difference between the 2 characters were noticible. Before this I only experienced the weapon difference, its much more impactful here. Jill is definitely an easier one to handle, she has 8 instead of 6 inventory spaces which you definitely want especially with hard difficulties. She also has a lockpick skill for which after doing Chris again reminded me that it is a lifesaver! I could rush through her but Chris needs old keys and I had no idea where those were for a speedrun. She can also pick up the shotgun without having to do the puzzle, all that just means less health naturally. Chris obviously has the 6 inventory spaces and he can't lockpick, instead he has a lighter. I didn't find much reason for the lighter but hey it saves a space I guess. I don't actually know what else Chris has apart from more health

Onto the actual story I found it boring playing as Chris. There's not much difference in story between the 2 characters, the main reason to carry on is purely for the fact they have achievements. Apparently each character deserves being praised for doing the same thing, oh you defeated the snake eh now me I did it and got an achievement. It really is silly beating bosses only to be told you have to do it as the other character to get notice for it.

The puzzles weren't actually that bad, they were pretty simple to figure out and the items aren't actually that hard to find. A bunch is actually pointless if you don't go for 100% like getting the blue gem from the start or burning some wood. Plus as mentioned above its not that bad during a 2nd+ playthrough. Once you figured out where everything is and what they are for its quite a breeze. I think the most difficult bit to do will be in harder difficulties where the inventory box isn't connected, even then most items are used for 1 area only so it actually shouldn't be that bad as long as you remember which box the items are in.

If you want to know the history of the resident evil series like me then definitely get it. The story isn't the best but as an original game its not that bad. The only way to get this old school re game is number 0 now since 2 and 3 were updated

The past couple of days I’ve become quite obsessed with resident evil. I never expected it to happen but I just got through the 1st game so fast and by this report I did resident evil 2 in one fell 11 hour swoop yesterday. There was just something there about knowing what I was doing. I was able to just rush through in the original game that it just became like yeah lets do this, just spend 1 day working on it instead of doing like 2/3 hour chunks in other days. By the time of the 2nd one I am just invested in completing it, I’ve been putting this series off for a while and now I just can’t seem to stop. With these starter games you kinda don’t want to take a break, you are up against the clock, you are up against the puzzles. You either knock it out in giant chunks knowing what you are doing or you slow it down and struggle to figure out what to do yet again.

Weekly Games #111

The Suicide of Rachel Foster

3.4 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

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1st of all how do you spell sweet right and wrong in 1 sentence. Sweet pea correct but sweat-heart no, like come on its the same sentence how was it wrong. Also Day 5 was buggy for me, I couldn't progress until I reset the game otherwise everything was fine

I'm glad I activated this game, it was daunting at 1st with all the rooms I had to find and stuff but I really enjoyed it up until the end. It did creep me out a little but I expected that with the horror tag. You are stuck in an abandoned hotel, stuck by a snow storm with only 1 dude to talk to for the next few days. I didn't properly take in what the store picture was, I just saw a general shape of a butterfly but now I see it closer and yeah definitely weird to have

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York

4.6 hours, 28 of 28 achievements

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I'll probably get rid of this game after this month is up since I played it for the monthly in a month. This game was alright the 1st playthrough but after that it was boring going back through. Making a visual novel out of such a big rpg game isn't right. The characters you choose had slight differences like the girl was more aggressive then the guys but other then the opening it didn't feel like anything was important. I never failed at using my powers and even with picking it pretty much every time I didn't run out of blood and that was with me barely taking in any. By the 3rd playthrough I did all the side missions so I just skipped everything spamming whatever option was there because guess what nothing changed. It's still the weird ending that ends out of no where. I could barely be bothered with the allies since the guys were just boring

Dead Rising 3 DLC

32.6 hours, 34 of 36 achievements

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This game also has dlc. A couple of bonus clothing and weapons. The main stuff is the 4 bonus stories. I was annoyed at 1st because it was a question of why make us go through more when we just did the main game but actually they were better then I expected. I was gonna do this with the main review but as can be seen I ended up just doing it separate

The 1st story has us take control of the soldiers looking for the president. Something that pops up in the main game. As a first story this is what made me okay with carrying on. It was interesting to see what was happening with them, watching as they infected the safe houses we have to clean out, how they took over their main camp which was run over from the start. It was also interesting to see that they really did kidnap the president killing her bodyguards along the way. The ending made me want more since you never saw what was actually happening inside the bad guys minds. I did the main story again and realised he's actually a mini boss when we take over the camp

The 2nd one made us take control of the illegals. They are the people who made the safehouses and the ones who you help to escape. This must be in the early days since it has us actually set up safehouses that will be important in the main game later on. This wasnt as fun as the one before it. Since I was making sure to get the achievements it was a bit much, there was just so much junk around and the story wasn't that entertaining either with so much blocked off. At least with the other story the collectable side of it actually felt important to the main game

The 3rd has us take place of a starter boss. I wasn't a fan of the biker dudes origins but I did like the end finding out it was taking place literally at the same time we started the main game. It did slightly make the whole episode better in the end

Finally it started off great and ended great. The final 4th dlc has us take control of a zdc agent, they are the people who make the zombrex chips so people don't turn into zombies. I liked this for the same reason as the military people. It was fun just seeing a different story, all the others we know what they are about. The military and biker dude are bad we know that. The illegals are good we know that what we don't know is the truth behind what happened. Playing as this zdc person who is trying to save people despite everything happening is a surprise. It just goes to show not all their company had planned to kill off a whole population of people. Oh and it brought me back to the 1st episode and carried on that story slightly so that was pretty nice since I wanted more but it made the main story complicated. Mainly the ending part but just ignore the main story and its fine.

Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret

1.8 hours, no achievements
sg win

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I really liked the style of this game. We go from room to room helping out the ghosts locked up by the evil Grot as we try to rescue our daughter. There is no backtracking in this game its simply do whatever they need to be free and then clean up the next picture to warp through. I really just liked the picture cleaning the most, I love just scratching every part of a scratch card so I just enjoyed cleaning part. Luckily I didnt encounter the bug, apparently the end has been broken for years but I had no problems

The Shapeshifting Detective

5.0 hours, 20 of 21 achievements

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Just for the fact this game changes killers each playthrough makes it a great mystery game. It requires you to actually think about the clues you are given, you cant just use a walkthrough and be done with it. Everyone is made to be suspicious. From what I found with my killer they mentioned 1 wrong thing and that was it, otherwise it could've easily been any of the other characters.

I don’t know what it is about october but I always somehow end up playing horror games. It’s not like I even pick them on purpose it just ends up that way. Even with games like the shapeshifting detective there’s nothing I found really fitting horror but yet it is tagged like that.

Weekly Games #110

A Case of Distrust

1.7 hours, 8 of 10 achievements

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I encountered a weird bug during this game. When talking to a man in the barber shop it teleported me back to a previous conversion somewhere else. It broke one of my achievements and it was just strange. This game was interesting, considering how short it was I liked the detective work in it

be you 2

0.1 hours, no achievements

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I really enjoyed the original game so when I saw this one I had to get it. This game is much bigger. There is a voice reading the game this time and we actually look after a child this time. We grow it to be tough by giving it a gun telling them they suck and all that. Or you know pick the couple of nice options.

Dead Rising 3

22.9 hours, 38 of 88 achievements

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Everything good about this game is also bad. I've played complicated games before but never to the point where everything is both. This game is much bigger then the others. We are confined to a little city then a mall. It's nice having a bigger newer place but its very annoying getting around to all 4 parts. The colour scheme is very grey to, the previous games had plenty of areas that look the same but this feels worse because now its just buildings. Exploring though you got plenty of different cars you can make with some being pretty fun.

The story is much quicker. While before you originally had to wait for the mission to start if you are fast enough you could only spend 2 days out of the 7 you get. This game is more about survival of the fittest then anything else. We care about finding a way out more then helping people. There's not even achievements for doing anything with survivors, theres like 25 we can take around with us but you also don't need them. I could only recommend the chapter 0 girl since you unlock a safehouse with unlimited weapons and junk. Speaking about the people the psychos suck. The best parts about the original dead rising games were their psychos. They were insane but this time not so much. They are just dull and they just feel like evil people you could get anywhere

Even the timing was both for me. I loved that you could choose between story mode and nightmare mode. Nightmare mode is perfect for a 2nd playthrough where I won't be bothering to do the side stuff I can just rush through the main game. Story mode is perfect for taking things slow. It's much slower then originally, there's collectibles you can get all over and you could easily get them all and still have plenty of time to spare. The bad for me was just how slow it was. Night time is horrible, felt like it was lasting forever

Thief Gold

1.6 hours, no achievements

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I did the 1st level of this but I don't want to carry on. I ended up with this game because it was cheaper to buy all the games then to just buy thief on its own. This game wasn't that bad but I don't want to carry on getting lost in this clunky game. Having to look in the direction I want to move in is awkward when you are trying to avoid being spotted. It also felt kinda silly trying to work out where I was when I knew I could skip to the last level in a matter of minutes.

So I spent this longer week tackling longer games. Managed to beat 1 game for my pop already and 1 for the monthly event. Most of my games coming up also fit in for the blaeo theme too. Hopefully next week I’ll have those current games done

September 2020

33% (281/845)
8% (67/845)
2% (14/845)
57% (483/845)
41% (372/916)
9% (84/916)
1% (11/916)
49% (449/916)


Achievements: 42,524
Perfect Games: 411
Average %: 94
Completed this month: 41


While I’m certain happy with my progress this month it didn’t go as planned. I had planned to do my grisaia series this month but after deciding to leave eden to next month it went downhill. I ended up just not playing labyrinth despite being on 1 story left to finish. Which of course meant afterglow and melody couldn’t fit into this month unless I forced it. Even lovekami healing harem took longer then usual. The other 2 took 1 day. Yet that one took 2 days, even while playing it took multiple sessions. I also planned other games but I’m not gonna go into detail with those.

Just like I said earlier though I am happy with my progress. I mean I got over 50% even into 51% in like a matter of hours somehow. I also reached the new milestone of 400 perfect. Really who could complain about so much being done in such a lazy month! By removing all my won’t play games I managed to get back to 51% which I ruined a couple of days earlier and I didn’t realise how bad my stats were last quarter. I did amazing!

I would love to give best game to fruit of grisaia but I really shouldn’t. I’ve played some good games this month and it wouldn’t be fair to just give it to fruit because I love it. I won’t even go for the double favourite. Since this quarter has been dumb enough with favourites, by having lucius and a sakura game why not give it this time to a hog. Lets go all out crazy and give it to vampire legends. I probably won’t find another game like that so it can have the best title

Weekly Games #109

ARISEN: Prologue

0.1 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

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Since this is a prologue there isnt much to it. Despite the fact I wouldn't go and get the full game the little bit I played was enjoyable

Beyond Eyes

2.1 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

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If you own this game just go play it. This is a beautiful and wonder experience to behold. We take control of a blind girl looking for her cat. The world is completely blank apart from around where we are standing, you will bump into walls and bushes way before you even see it. Little sounds and smells will give you a slight bit of view ahead but not by much and when it rains you lose all senses of where you are. A bunch of the world isn't even what it seems, what seems like water from a fountain is really a drain pipe or a bunch of scary animals are actually not. It really does make you feel vunerable especially in those last chapters where I mentioned you cant see anything at all. You go 1 spot out of turn and you are just lost

Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond

2.0 hours, 28 of 28 achievements

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There's nothing good about this game. There's barely any story so were just wondering about for no reason because apparently there's a goal. The bonus story is just like what, it might be better then the main story but it makes no sense so don't think I'm saying its good. The only good thing might be that you can use as many hints as you want? But why in this game? We have been taught to never use hints, you would assume its a natural achievement to get but nope. I was half way through the game hating myself because I accidently hit hint only to find out near the end that its not an achievement! If the rest are like this then its gonna be a drag

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter

1.8 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

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This game is 100x better then the 1st one. This is one of the best stories I've read from a hog and the puzzles were actually challenging for me. I'm not ashamed to admit I struggled so hard on this game

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation

1.7 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

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I didn't mind this game but it did feel like other games. I mean you cant use the hint anymore, you got to save a kid just what you got in others. The story so far was the best and I really liked how it joined up the previous game

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

6.7 hours, 22 of 22 achievements

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I have a lot to say about this game. It sucks. They should've made the demon hunter series just a triology like the rest. This didn't feel like a demon hunter game, it felt like it was trying to be about demons but because of the gods it wasn't. The whole getting rid the demons got annoying fast and I just didn't see anything I liked about this game. The ending puzzles were terrible with all the back and forth. The bonus story was no better, it took until I was finished before I realised we are playing as someone we helped. I even considered just skipping the whole thing because its pointless. Oh and that map why did it change sides! I kept clicking the diary because it was in the wrong position

Demon Hunter 5: Ascendance

2.8 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

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Again this should've been a triology. Idk if I hated this more then the 4th one or not. It was even so lazy it reused a puzzle we dealt in the last game. I know these puzzles are all kinda the same but it was literally the same that I didn't even need help solving the stupid thing. Another annoyance to the game is that this for some reason needs the morphing collectibles

Lovekami -Healing Harem-

3.2 hours, 19 of 19 achievements

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Considering this is a harem game they should've done a harem route. True to its name its technically a harem, you get with all girls you just deal with 1 more then the others because it has to have a route per girl. I found this to be the better story of them all. I liked the characters the best but I'm still missing my credit song. It's more upbeat then the useless goddess but I need my fix. I've been constantly listening to divinity stage since

LoveKami -Useless Goddess-

3.5 hours, 19 of 19 achievements

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I liked this story more but I missed the ending song. This is just a sad music for the credits not even any singing to go along with it.
This version of lovekami focus's on fixing a useless goddess. Compared to divinity stage its not such a big thing through all girls routes so it was slightly disappointing but it didn't matter in the end

Panzer Hearts - War Visual Novel

0.9 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

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I'm not gonna keep this game but I will say its much better then I expected. It also made me want more from 1 of the endings even if I never would go and pay for it

Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire

7.1 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

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I'm not a big fan on the girls side of the game but I don't actually mind mahjong. So yeah I did enjoy this game but not because of the girls. Rin and Amaye aren't so bad though, so first and last, both have the most stages too!


0.1 hours, 5 of 5 achievements

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The problem with short games like this is that I just don't have time to process anything. By the time I started getting whats happening its over. There was nothing there to keep my attention from the get go so it did kinda just end up with speed reading to get it over with

Call of Cthulhu

9.0 hours, 46 of 49 achievements

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This was another game I activated because I've heard how much its wanted. I still remember when it went on such a cheap sale mistake and everyone tried to grab it. I really did like this game though despite not going for these types of games. I'm not the happiest though that I got to go through it twice for all endings. There's just not really anything there that I can bring along for another game, at least you can skip pretty much everything

As you will see tomorrow I really ruined my stats. I was at 51% only to lose it by adding a few games. However that just showed I'm trying to be productive. Lately I've been getting along with my 3 month old sister too. While she's still angsty every now and then she's become much more calmer with me. I'm able to hold her for extended periods and she's really been focusing on me, especially when I'm eating she will just not blink staring right at you.

Since another quarter has gone by tomorrow I'll do my terrible horrible progress bar and I also cleaned up my friends. I had like 21 people but now I'm down to 8. There were a few I considered keeping but I just don't see the point, especially when I know they can contact me through discord.

Weekly Games #108

LoveKami -Divinity Stage-

2.8 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

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Fullscreen is a mess, it makes everything so slow. However in window mode this game works fine. I made more progress in the 10 minutes of window then I did in the 30 minutes of fullscreen so if the game is slow just don't go full. Once I was able to actually play the game I really enjoyed it. This games proves you can have a good story without needing 18+ content, sometimes it felt kinda rushed but I also never felt like I was missing stuff. For the story, this lovekami game focus's on auditions. It's all about helping the girls achieve their singing dreams

Randal's Monday

8.3 hours, 21 of 21 achievements
sg win

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This would be a perfect game if it wasn't slightly buggy. It happened twice where I had to leave out an area and return because the game didn't progress. It wasn't game breaking at least but it shouldn't be doing that in the 1st place and I know others had it worse. But yeah apart from that I found this to be pretty much perfect for me. I loved the style of the game, just like why I loved edna and harvey. I enjoyed finding references everywhere. Like even if you don't have the biggest gaming knowledge you will probably find 1 thing per screen

Unhack 2

1.3 hours, 14 of 14 achievements

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Well this is a bit of a rushed job. At the start I was kinda sad to lose out on the interaction unhack gave us. It's in this game to with still 10 different levels just more story. However you can skip those lvls and get their achievements. Once we got more into the story I started to really enjoy it and it just made me not want those minigames because whats the point, I can skip them! If you like unhack 1 definitely get the sequel

Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova

6.7 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

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I absolutely loved this hog. It was perfect it was just straight story. It doesn't require you to find anything, play on expert, doesn't make you need to listen to everything perfectly and the art was nice. Sure the minigames were a bit silly but there wasn't anything stupid about the logic. The bonus chapter was even good and it has 2 different endings, I'm to lazy to go repeat the whole thing but the fact there are 2 ending is a surprise.

A Detective's Novel

3.2 hours, no achievements

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The art isn't that great and the story doens't start of so well but actually once you get into it, detective novel is pretty great. The ending was just amazing and I just loved Knox. Normally we either get a rogue detective or they just too stiff. Knox though just doesn't care. He just wonders along and somehow everything works out for him. Definitely a game that gets better the more you play and that ending again just wow


1.8 hours, no achievements

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I'm always worried about free games, while I have experienced some great ones, I've dealt with bad ones more. Especially for games that aren't longer then an hour. So when I saw what I was about to read I judged it hard and it was wrong. I won't say its a great story but its good enough that I might end up keeping it on my profile. We look at 2 couples with their own problem. The 1st couple I did was the dragon couple. The girl has problems with their relationship while the guy has problems with their jobs. That just left me with the alien couple last. The girl who doesn't want to leave earth and the guy who doesn't understand his own feelings. I think I preferred this couple to the past, I liked Kitten's story more then everyone else and I felt the dudes version of story added more important stuff

The Dandelion Girl: Don't You Remember Me?

0.4 hours, no achievements

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This is a great story but the store page ruins it. I haven't read the actual book on it, I didn't go in knowing everything but they put the whole gallery on the store page. I mean it was still nice but its sad that you lose out on just taking your time to find out the end

The Fruit of Grisaia

114.3 hours, no achievements

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Even after 5 years I still love this game. This was one of my 1st ever visual novels and its just became the best of everything. It's got my most favourite girl and because I'm biased I ended up loving the anime. Compared to other games and animes like amnesia the changes to it are great. They couldn't exactly run away with each girl in the anime so they had to change it up. It's also why I decided to go for Amane last. If you read this I suggest going for what the guides say for michiru, yumiko, sachi, makina and amane. They have makina last because she reveals the past of Yuuji but I prefer Amane because of how important she is. I obviously won't get into it to much because spoilers but like the anime I do think shes the best suited. She's technically the only one you actually get with by asking out not just because its a romance story! To me she also has the more important story to her especially with her end and finally I just think shes the best suited to Yuuji then all the other girls.

When it gets down to it this is just a typical romance with a few oddballs. All the girls and guy included have past problems. In the end its all about getting with them and learning bits and pieces of everyone. You get into more action packed style later on so it shouldn't be getting judged for what type fruit is. I also read this along with their mini story in labyrinth since I do know the history of it all. It was also nice just seeing the references you wouldn't get unless you know in the future of eden and labyrinth

Perfect Summary

The Leisure of Grisaia

2.4 hours, no achievements

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This is just a short story following Michiru during somewhere in fruit. This is just really a nice little fun game. It's not serious like the next ones or sad. Its just there as a little break just something to enjoy.

The Samaritan Paradox

2.5 hours, 15 of 17 achievements

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I did this game in 1 sitting. The writing was sometimes difficult to read but it was still readable. This game is split into 2 sections. 1 part has us play or who is trying to find the mystery behind a dead mans last books and the 2nd half has us take part in the book. I preferred the main game but overall both parts were good. It has a pretty good ending as well


2.5 hours, no achievements

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Wasn't originally planning on talking about the 1st game but since I got the sequel why not. Unhack basically has us (un)hacking stuff. It's fairly simple with 10 puzzles getting slightly harder but not by much. I find the puzzle section actually quite fun and I think I'm gonna miss it in the sequel which I heard was more story heavy then gameplay this time

Somehow I completely forgot to do unhack 2 review but I remember writing it. But maybe I just imagined so hard about what I was gonna write. I thought I did a perfect 10 but nope had to rush that out. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if it weren’t for unhack at the bottom questioning where its sequel is!

Also not only did I hit 400 perfect games but I finally got down to 50% completed games. It’s been months since I lost that middle ground but its finally here again. Hopefully my progress will continue to be this great so I don’t ruin it to much come christmas

Weekly Games #107


24.1 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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As with most games ending on a cliffhanger there's no news of the sequel. Despite that though I will be keeping this game because its still great. Most free games that try to do a mystery doesn't work, it just ends up boring or stupid. This one just works and all the characters are great. We just need more of it

Pink Rage Otome

0.7 hours, 78 of 78 achievements

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I did 2 and a half routes before just calling it quits. I liked the music alot but the story was just eh. I didn't care enough to try and work out whats happening longer then I did

planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~

1.3 hours, 19 of 19 achievements

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Like other key games, this is a beautiful and sad story. Its focus is on giving that experience rather then focusing on other things like backgrounds, for which there aren't many. Even the character doesn't obey the rules by being outside the background onto the text box. If you get the chance to pick this up then do it because its worth it

Sakura MMO

1.4 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

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I want to quickly say how amazing I find it that sakura can keep me listening and paying attention. With lucid9 I would listen for a little bit before the no voices made me lose concentration. It's probably because of how short they are that its like yep I'm near the end no point having background noise.

Anyway I liked this sakura game. I find it interesting that not only does this have real sequels to carry on the mystery we also don't get introduced to one of the girls into the last 5 minutes. Like normally we know who we are getting with, we make the choices focusing on them but nope one of our girls shows up way later into the story. I'm actually looking forward to reading the next ones

Sakura MMO 2

1.6 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

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Despite my fears the sequel was just as good as the 1st part. This time we get to the quest side of mmos and I liked the new characters we got to see.

Sakura MMO 3

1.7 hours, 25 of 25 achievements

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I actually want more of sakura mmo because this set of games were great. It was a great conclusion to see and we finally got given our harem ending. It's not just pick a girl for a couple of pictures no we get proper endings and real life Eleri is just cute. Oh and viola is way more sadistic then the one in their actual sadist game.

Tessa's Ark

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So I did the 1st puzzle before ignoring the story. It just didn't interest me and with the art style it was a pain to look at. The puzzles are kinda boring since its just the same thing but it wasn't the worst.

Yes, Master!

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As expected this was dumb but its one of those games where bad is good. Yeah lets leave it at that you can tell what game it is by just looking at the picture


5.8 hours, no achievements

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This is a shorter game then I expected from a point and click but it was still good. The story is told in notes so if you don't wanna read don't bother. This does need a sequel though, it ends just so suddenly that its not satifying and we get left with wondering what happens now.

Despite being in a slacking mood I got a bunch of games done. I know they are short but as always backlog is backlog and I need to clean up my games. Got rid of 3 just this week to make up for the 3 games I added… Also after 2 months I won another game yay

Weekly Games #106

Space Pilgrim Academy

29.7 hours, 54 of 54 achievements

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This series is hard to talk about. When I played the games ages ago I enjoyed it, I liked having a calmer storyline compared to the war going on in the other series. This time round the classes got annoying. They are just everywhere and because you also play as gail it just made me want to keep going with the more action side then the class side. But then we reach 3 but mainly reunion where it gets crazy. It's just so weird to reach the end of the series of both sets for it end like this. It made me wonder if I wanted more school life or not. I'm finding it hard to talk about this so I'll just leave it at that. I cant put into words how I feel or what I'm thinking so no point making it more jumbled. So lets leave it at all 8 games were fun to play

Yume Nikki

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I don't have the patience for this kinda game. I spent way to long trying to find 1 item I cant imagine doing it for 24 mysterious things. Game may say I only played for 24 minutes but it sure felt like an hour!

So just like last week I left it to the last day to get a report done. This one includes 2 games not done though and just counting it as the whole series since I did it the same way for the original space pilgrim games. I swear next week or at least the week of this month will be better! I will have all my grisaia games done and that counts as 6 right there. I will get at least 10 done this month even if you cant see it right now. This week I also finally idled mini thief for its cards. I ended up with it when buying my big sister and I decided on wednesday to just get it done or it will never be. Luckily enough even with another game open it only took 1.5 hours unlike the 2+ games normally require

Also it has reached my attention that I reached over 900 games. It is technically only 897 because of the 5 I deleted but still. It is a sad month. I just cant believe I reached that low. I cant get out of the endless circle of being in 50% done. My yearly bar will just be the same but the colours moving slightly about XD

Weekly Games #105

Corpse Party: Sweet Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday Bash

7.3 hours, 19 of 19 achievements

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We finally reached full humor with this game. While it can get a bit dark at times its for the fun of it because its punishments! I think this is my favourite game so far since its fun and yeah chapter 8 is right with waterworks cuz its sad to. The only problem is the new characters and stuff. I just don't know why we now need 2 more additions and they act like we are suppose to know who they are. I don't mind them actually being there but unlike in blood drive they don't add much. They are basically added for the extra chapter which ruined the mood. It wasn't funny like the rest of the game and ruined the way we saw those new 2 girls. Anyway I'll just leave it of on that matter because this was an amazing game and I'm gonna remember the good more then that last disappointment. It's a worthwhile game to get if you have the others even if its not in the same tone

I managed to complete a game before this short week was up. I was planning on doing a 1 hour long free game but instead decided to just push through corpse party, but hey at least its something and what a great start to the month. I also made some great progress on grisaia the past 3 days with completing 1 girl already. So yeah its a bit shorter then I remember but I have gotten faster at reading but still.

August 2020


Achievements: 41,970
Perfect Games: 384
Average %: 93
Completed this month: 24


This month I have really focused on longer games. I set out to clean up bioshock infinite so I can finally say I did everything. I replayed corpse party again so I can clean up the remaining games too so 2 of those stats points were just them. I slowly made my way through hollow knight 90 minutes at a time. Next month I’ll be finishing up corpse party and my pop games. I also want to start the grisaia series next month and they aren’t the shortest games either.

I will say I’m surprised by how much I did. In the final week I managed to do more games then I did the rest of the month. A bunch of those completed this month was from already completed games redone to finish off a series but as always they won’t count for the final year one. Most of the games ended up short in the end but its still just surprising how many I did do

Last month was sakura this month its Lucius idk whats happening for favourite games. Lucius is not a great series, its buggy and lucius 2 was terrible but lucius 3 was the perfect game. I thought I was gonna give my favourite game of the month to nameless but nope couldn’t after doing lucius in 1 day