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Progress report: April ‘20

Being holed up in quarantine isn’t fun when you know you’re still gonna have to take exams later.
(Seriously, Poland, get your shit together! …or else I’ll inevitably overheat and faint <3)

That being said, I love seeing my fellow assassins’ happiness in regards to backlog progress! Let’s keep it going! :D
Here’s what I assassinated in April:
(Woops, I totally forgot! Here’s your usual reminder about my ABC challenges! General, Hidden Object Games, Point and Clicks, Visual Novels)

!Dead Pixels Adventure! - Ah, yes, an achievement fountain game. I am inclined to believe that this one doesn’t offer anything else besides the two levels it wants you to run through just to get its achievements going. I did just that and then let it idle. The game has no plot or visual consistence and the only cool thing about it is the track that plays in the background… but it’s the only piece of music that just keeps on looping. Still - achievements, eh?

A Game About - About what?, you might ask. I was planning on answering that question, but then I realized it would spoil everything. Besides that, all I can say is that the art is reminiscent of a preschooler’s, but I think that’s its charm. Also, the dev’s handwriting is very neat. Also also, you might want to keep in mind that this game isn’t very feel-good, in case you’d like to check it out.

Barro - Possibly the simplest race car simulator ever made. I decided to snatch this one up while it was free on Steam after noticing that most of the achievements are no-effort; didn’t take much time to get the rest either. The whole game seems to be made out of basic assets and looks more like a prototype than an actual game. There are over a dozen of tracks to choose from and you can input up to 99 laps, if you so desire. (But why?) However, there are only four types of cars to choose from and it doesn’t seem like they differ from each other, quality-wise. There’s apparently both an arcade mode and a time trial mode, as well as multiplayer compatibility; I just blasted through to 100% the game and call it a day - I can’t imagine myself not sucking at a racing game and I got this one done in 40 minutes, if that tells you anything about the difficulty. If you wish to spend more time with this game though, I recommend you put on your favorite music in the background, or else you’ll go crazy listening to the roaring engines.

Coloring Game 3 - When is L. Stotch going to stop? IT’S TIME TO STOP! I swear, if I see Coloring Game 4 becoming a thing, I might just go after the guy. More seriously speaking though, these really bring nothing to the table, except different images. Coloring Pixels still plays more smoothly and I don’t much care whether the images are animated or not. The only difference between the two sets of images seems to be the expanded palette, and so, after finishing the first half on my own, I used the automatic coloring system (which I believe was a thing in previous iterations, too) on the second half. I regret nothing.

HunieCam Studio - This HuniePop spinoff is a management simulator that lets you take control of your own camgirl business. You can recruit girls from the original game (excluding the secret ones) or brand new girls (who will presumably be appearing in the sequel to the main game, whenever that comes out) and train them, make them go shopping, collect some fans or put them straight to work. The more fans you collect during the three in-game weeks, the better the trophy you get. The game might seem overwhelming at first, but the guide I used to power through laid out an easy strategy that would have probably gotten me more stuff, had I used it earlier. The game itself is very pretty - the UI is sleek and the art is much more cartoonish (if HuniePop’s art is considered “anime-esque”, HunieCam’s has more of a “Western animation” feel to it). There’s also a whole another mode you can unlock called “Rock Hard Mode” and all I can gather from that is that it’s… well… harder, but after all the time I spent just 100%ing the game (I’m confident I did one or two runs that gave me nothing in return, so that’s wasted time) I didn’t even feel like checking it out. But yeah, if you’re also waiting for the HuniePop sequel and you don’t mind a time management game, I can definitely recommend picking this one up.

Lovers’ Smiles - Another game I picked up for free recently. It’s a simple drawing puzzle game; basically a re-skin of another game that is now removed - Draw_Love. If you have either of them, you basically have both. As for the quality, well… the menu can be hard to navigate, the hints are helpful only about half the time and the physics of the game can get weird. Other than that, it’s a fairly easy 100%.

Redrum: Time Lies - Y’know… the first one was much better. It had achievements and it could actually be classified as a HOG. This one is more of a point-and-click hybrid with puzzles. Said puzzles get increasingly more and more challenging (and the skip charge takes a solid moment), so thanks to not having any achievements relate to the gameplay, I could allow myself to skip a few. The ending also shows that the devs wanted to make another sequel… honestly, I think I’m glad they didn’t.

Simple Story - Alex - That was… well, a game. It’s as simple as RPGMaker games get… but it’s super uninspired and the English is terrible. On one hand - hey, it doesn’t make you go around collecting things for over 2 hours, just so you can’t refund it afterwards, but on the other hand… the plot is… wow. Just wow. I don’t care where you’re from, alcoholism isn’t normal and, uh… yeah, that’s all I can say about that game. But hey, at least I got to claim it for free.

The Deed - Also known as “Murder Your Sister Simulator”. One rainy evening, you arrive at your family home under the guise of celebrating your father’s birthday, but the only thing on your mind is the inheritance… which, due to how strained your relations are, will be passed on to your sister. And that is where The Deed comes in. There are a variety of things you can choose to use as a murder weapon, as well as multiple things that, when placed correctly, will serve as evidence framing someone else. Choose the perfect combo and you might just send someone else to juvie… or the case will remain unsolved. I’m not a huge fan of amateur-looking RPGMaker games, but I found this one worth completing, if only for the easy 100%.

The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved The World - I liked this one a whole lot. There’s just something different about VNs using photos of people instead of art. This one’s humor is pretty much all about the MC being the One Sane Man™, so if that’s not your cup of tea, you might want to hold out on this one. Oh, and I really want some pizza right about now.

There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015 - This is one of those games I watched people play on YouTube and decided I didn’t need to play myself, since I’ve seen everything there was to it. Lo and behold, it’s on Steam and it has achievements. Naturally, I dedicated half an hour to playing it. There’s not much to say about this one; if you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all. However, if this is the first time you’re hearing about it… there might just be a game… as well as a few other things.

True Lover’s Knot - I find it hard to believe that this was made by Americans, because while the English isn’t bad… it really feels like your typical Russian VN. The humor is stale (don’t get me started on “Bye bye PewDiePie?”), there’s an overload of flavor text and it’s super weird to look at anime-style sprites being placed against backgrounds featuring real people. Hell, the title of the game isn’t even that meaningful! Oh, what does the title relate to, then?, you might ask. Well… “True Lover’s Knot” is the name of the recently popularized virus that seemingly only the MC can remove and/or fight… and then pretty much every device any character uses gets it at some point in time, just so you can play a minigame. Frankly, as crappy as it looked and as unnecessary as it was, the minigame was my favorite part of the whole thing. I mean, the VN’s attempt at being an “otome game” really failed too, because I’m not into guys that are only interested in their work, nor am I into guys who try to get into my pants with how cocky they are. Speaking of which, this game’s roundabout way of talking about sex was disgusting. It could have been better if it were actually funny, but here it was just uncomfortable. (If you want a VN that approaches sexual content in an over-the-top and comedic fashion, I highly recommend Oppaidius: Summer Trouble!) Last but not least, here’s two things to remember if you ever want to play this yourself: watch out for the “party” cutscene - it’s about twice as loud as the rest of the game and should probably have an epilepsy warning; and the achievements are locked from triggering in the latest build for some reason, so you’re going to want to save at the branching point, close the game and download the old build attached in “Properties > Betas”.

Twickles - Another puzzle game I decided I don’t have the time or patience to solve by myself. Luckily, someone posted their solutions to all the puzzles and thanks to those, I got done in minutes. Twickles consists of 75 levels with the goal of “get the ball from point A to point B”. To do that, you can rotate corridors for the ball to slide through as well as the whole board you’re working on. As the levels progress, new elements are introduced - sliding blocks, fans and portals that will either help your ball or frustrate you to no end (depending on how well you’re doing, that is). The game looks really good and runs with no issues even on my potato laptop, so if you’re into puzzle games, look no further.

Woodle Tree Adventures - I honestly have no idea why this gets lumped in with all those really crappy non-games. It’s a cute little platformer where you control a living tree stump tasked with collecting water drops. There is, however a noticeable lack of polish - no indication of which creatures can hurt you or not (most can and will, but one type for some reason will just say “Why are you hurting me? :(“ when you try to hit them, and I felt bad about that), constant clipping through other textures (which could work both ways, really) and checkpoint irregularities (if you fall off halfway through the level, you’ll end up back at the start of that part, but if you fall a few steps further in, you might get transported back to the very beginning) are what comes to mind. It might as well be my new favorite platformer (but that’s just because I don’t play many anyway). I applaud it for not only being cute, but adding some challenge on top of it. It got slightly rage-inducing at times, mostly due to the checkpoint irregularities, but in the end, I didn’t have a bad time. I wish there was also some better way to set the camera up when it gets out of control and I can’t see anything else than my character’s barky back and the huge, berry-filled backpack. I did play it using the keyboard though, so maybe it would be different with a controller; I was advised to play using one, after all.

Yes, Master! - This is the kind of game you’d find on a website with strictly erotic games, rather than Steam. At least on Steam it has achievements. The plot is lackluster and only serves for more sexual action, so it’s your usual deal. Also, I’ve never closely known a person going through PTSD/trauma, but I’m convinced they wouldn’t stutter that much. (Additionally surprising that the same devs seem to have made Metropolis: Lux Obscura, which I have yet to check out, but it initially looks a lot more appealing.)

See you next month, and keep on assassinating! :)

Progress report: March ‘20

So, how y’all doing in this wonderful quarantine time, eh? You-you hangin’ in there, hm? Well, I sure hope you do, because I adore it! imightactuallybegoinginsaneohgodpleasehelpme
Seriously though, online schooling is going… okay? Lots of people see this as a chance to wind down and relax, but it ain’t lookin’ that good when you’re graduating, like I am this year. Que sera, sera for sure, I just wish our politicians were more serious about the matter… but instead our president debuted on Tik Tok.

Yes, you read that right.

He debutedon Tik Tok.

Anyway… let’s get back on track with my progress, shall we?

(There’s also been updates to my ABC challenges! Check them out here: General, Hidden Object Games, Point and Clicks, Visual Novels)

Blind Love - I still don’t really know what to think of Michaela Laws’ VNs as a whole, but this one was short and sweet (assuming your choices lead it to be so), but not without drama… although that didn’t feel genuine to me, oddly enough? Still, bonus points for the option to name characters.

DISTRAINT - You know… I can see evicting people as a job get taxing… but not like that. I appreciate the dev’s efforts, but this game wasn’t scary, it was just annoying (especially the scare chords, so damn loud!) Oh, and because there’s no voice acting (or at least visible color coding on the character models), sometimes you’ll be confused as to who the heck is talking at the moment. Personally, I read everything there was to the story, but I just couldn’t feel for the main character, or any other character at all. Here’s to whatever the sequel brings, I suppose.

Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt - I might have set my bar a little too high for this one? I liked Path of Sin: Greed and since one can tell this is in a similar vein, I was stoked to finally try it out. There was a supernatural twist to it, which I frankly didn’t mind much, but it seems that in the bonus story the devs got lazy and/or cut corners. The usual uncanny valley is present in character models and the unsuitable voice acting aaand… I know better than to expect marvelous plot in HOGs, but this one really failed to keep my attention. However, that might be my bad too, as I played it all in one go and at some point I just really wanted to be done with it. Oh, and the 3D animations were uuugly. I’m convinced I don’t really like 3D animation in general, but here it was just… yuck. If I ever get to play the sequel, I hope it’ll be better.

Japanese Women - Animated Jigsaws - This was far, far more comfortable to play than Pixel Puzzles games (which are pretty much the only jigsaw games I’ve played on Steam). The pieces connect with each other and snap into place really nicely. The “animated” part is what originally sold this game to me and it came through, even though most of the images are short video loops taken against backgrounds that barely move or in nature, making the patterns difficult to discern. However, the women were pretty and the game managed to occupy me in… these… trying times. Yeah. Oh, and I can’t say I understand the way the game went about unlocking jigsaw sizes for different images. That being said, I’m super duper tired of jigsaws (…again? I feel like I might have said that before).

Lexica - Decided to come back to this one, since the concept was easy and I knew all the solutions were already out there, so I thought - why waste my time trying to figure it out, if I can just copy the solutions? So that’s what I did. There are just way too many games in my backlog for me to worry. Not to mention that the game has its faults - sometimes it gets hard to pick up letters or snap them into place (they end up sliding out and away from your cursor), there were some words I never even heard of, and I believe I also saw a few misspelled words? That’s a red flag for a word puzzle game. However, I’ve seen bad and this isn’t it, so if you feel like taking up a challenge, I can recommend Lexica.

Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey - Oh boy, I haven’t played a HOG in a while! Three months, to be more specific. The more HOGs one plays, the less creative insight one can give (maybe?), so I’ll just say: anyone who stuck with my notes on HOGs knows that I naturally gravitate more towards the realistic ones, rather than the ones set in fantasy worlds. This one… I hoped it would have Alice in Wonderland influences (Y’know how the main character’s name is Alice? And then “Mind Snares”? I dunno, maybe that’s just me), but it didn’t. Instead, it was a bag so mixed it ended up not charming me at all. There were a few badly cut voice lines, I found the 3D animation particularly ugly and the ending was anticlimactic. Other than that, it’s still a solid Artifex Mundi HOG.

Pleasure Puzzle: Portrait - Grabbed this one for free recently. It’s got super pretty art and assuming you solve all the images in 24-piece mode (which is what I did), you won’t even have to complete all of them to 100% the game.

Solitaire Christmas. Match 2 Cards - I’ve actually played through most of this back in January, just to leave the Christmas-themed games behind. The solitaire + match pair combo works really well and gets addicting in minutes. The game looks appealing and the sound isn’t too bad, but anyone would have a brain meltdown listening to the same music for 30 hours, so at some point I just muted it. There were bugs here and there (my UI disappeared once or twice for a whole round), but nothing broke the game to the point of frustration. Truth be told, the only reason I’m logging this game right now were the last two achievements, the requirements of which are a pain in the ass… so I only now used another player’s save file to get them! Yay!

Whew! Well, I guess that’s all from me for now. See you next month! :)

Progress report: February ‘20

Now… this is definitely something we need to talk about.
(Psst! Amitte actually wanted to make this post look cooler by embedding the image here, as one would, but that would mean having to randomly share it with the whooole Imgur community and that’s one thing we’re not doing, ever!)

Let me tell you… I have nothing interesting to talk about in regards to my “progress”, so assuming you bothered to check out the image, I’ll just talk about my life in February. Finals… are… coming closer and closer, inevitably… I probably should be studying, but since I have no idea where to start, I just try my best at keeping up with school as it is. And since I should be studying, I’m procrastinating in… the least relaxing way?, which would be playing casual games, yeah. It’s even come to the point that after putting on a few long music albums to listen to in the background, I started thinking “Wow… for some reason, I feel like I’d rather listen to someone talk into my earholes.”, and even though I did put on some talky videos from YouTubers I watch a lot before, it was the first time I straight up thought that to myself. …so shortly after my winter break rolled in, I ended up shifting my sleep schedule to going to sleep at 4 AM, waking up at 11 AM and spending most of my day playing that thing that’s most prominent in the lineup and listening to videos I’ve already seen (from one person in particular). I know this isn’t something to be proud of, and believe me, I’m not trying to make it seem like it is, but I feel like it made me feel better about life in general. I don’t even feel like making self-deprecating jokes all the time. I don’t feel tired constantly. (Obviously, if I stay up late, I do, but that’s just a given.) And besides that point, I went to my first casting ever! It was for a musical and I got in! Don’t have a role to play (I’ll only be one of many backing vocals), but it wasn’t surprising, knowing how my audition actually went. Still, it’ll only be a week since the casting on Sunday, but I’m already super excited about learning all the songs and harmonizing with so many people who are just as excited as I am, if not more! Even if that does mean dedicating my Thursday afternoons to rehearsals. Actually, I think the casting was the reason this post didn’t come out sooner! I probably got too lazy just thinking about it, but now I got to it and managed to write all my thoughts down.

See you next month! Here’s to more progress in March (in gaming AND in real life)!

Progress report: January ‘20

Well, looks like another month has passed! I’ve been thinking about what to say here, and I really can’t figure out if there is anything interesting to say this month. (Update: There totally is! This is going to be my first fully active year on BLAEO, you’ll see! Update 2: Oh, and I knew one day BLAEO was gonna include restricted games! Too bad my play history for this month is inaccurately cluttered because of that…) I’m still dragging my dumb ass through this last year of high school, hoping to pass my final exams without trouble, so that I can get possibly the longest holiday in the history of my schooling. Oh, and I’ve also gone to prom! It wasn’t anything special though - I didn’t dance, I barely talked to anyone… I just ate food. I wish I could get the money and the time back.
Gaming-wise though, I can sum this month up as one where I basically just took care of the most casual of the casual games, just to get them out of the way of my progress, I suppose.

Enough of my rambling though, let’s get to it!

Coloring Game 2 - No idea what could be said about this one that wasn’t said about the first installment, except that the Raphael paintings were an overkill. From what I can understand, there won’t be any DLC content for this game, so hey, I suppose I completed it already. Nice.

Demon King Domination - This one is, ah… it’s… pretty special. As Malos, the titular demon king, you have to fight Dianne, a princess who wants to avenge her father and protect the people she rules over. Win the duel (or not!) to get one of four possible endings and, well, dominate Dianne more and more each time. The battling mechanics seemed like they were going to be tough to figure out the best course of action… but then I realized the developer made a step-by-step guide to all the endings, so I guess the game is actually just very linear. Oh well, can’t tell if that’s good or bad though. The art and voice acting (for Dianne) were average, the music and Malos’ voice were just about what you’d expect, the sex scenes were nice and the voice-only epilogues that unlock with each of the endings were a neat idea.

Pinstripe - If I had to name this tidbit, it would have been titled “Thomas Brush’s Pinstripe, or How a Game Made Me Hate Itself”. Don’t get me wrong: when I first heard about it, I was sold. I saw a trailer and I decided I was going to buy it on launch day… and so I did! I spent about 4 hours on my first playthrough, because I had no idea what I was doing and platformers aren’t a genre I’m into, but I loved it! It was magical, being able to discover the game all by yourself, with no spoilers (or tempting guides, for that matter) around. Can’t say much about the later playthroughs, but at some point I realized… the achievements I clearly fulfilled the requirements for weren’t unlocking, so with that, I decided to leave the game for a while to try and see if they get fixed (the publishers seemed responsible enough). Somewhere in that period, I did a few “meaningless” playthroughs (no achievements unlocked) already. Now, for some reason I decided I really want this to be my first finished game of 2020, so I just went for it… aaand I ended up doing another three playthroughs to earn all the achievements I had been missing. Yay for me, the one person who just can’t seem to go the easiest way. Anyway, because of that, my perception of the game shifted. At heart, Pinstripe is a simple puzzle-platformer with a story just mysterious enough to keep you going… but it does its best to pad out the playtime in the most noticeable ways. Even in New Game+ mode (which you will need to play at least once to earn all the achievements), you can’t solve the puzzles you already know the solutions to before getting the related hints in-game, which is frustrating, to say the least. There are, however, multiple things you can cut back on, which makes me wonder why they’re there in the first place (in New Game+ mode you’ll surely have more than enough money to keep replaying the game over and over without worry). The biggest offender, however, is the fact that at a certain point, you have to go all the way back to the location you start out at to carefully collect enough currency needed to progress further (to add insult to injury, the first time you play, you have to look around everywhere, cause you’ll only be able to get just enough to progress, from what I recall). That being said, to give up the game entirely at that part is ridiculous in my opinion. Whether you aim for perfection or not, Pinstripe will undeniably have a smooth art style, an endearing cast, a fabulous soundtrack and enlivening voice acting, which I, personally, will most likely still remember in a few years.

See you next month!

Progress report: December ‘19

It’s finally here! 2020 IS UPON US!

…well, it’s actually 2 AM while I’m writing this, but I digress. I don’t usually get emotional on days like these, but somehow I feel like this time around there’s a lot I want to say.

First off - Happy New Year! May what you all aspire for become real. If you like drinking, I hope you drank responsibly; if you prefer eating or celebrating in any other way, I hope you had a great time doing that! I just had some kids’ champagne - not one for the real thing.

Sometimes, when I watch movies I see characters writing in their diaries and I think “Aww, I wish I could write a diary too…”, which is then followed by a “Your life isn’t even interesting? What would you write about, huh?”. Now, I think that BLAEO might just be my special kind of diary - after all, gaming is a big part of my life. It kickstarted with watching other people play and now my own playtime could match up with that. It could be daring to share thoughts and opinions with other people, but what we have here is a pretty secluded community - since non-members can’t peek inside, I like to think this is a safe space for us all. This kind of thinking might be encouraged by how few of you I’ve ever talked to - but by all means, feel free to interact with me! I really feel like I want to get to know more of you.

As for the meat of it - the games - 2019 has seen a definite improvement, mainly because it was the first year I seriously picked up my gaming tools and went on in. (Too weird of a way to say it?) Compared to the first year I ever played something on Steam - 2016 - my completed game count is over ten times higher! (I-it’s eleven. Eleven, to be exact. Almost twelve, but still, eleven.) 106 is a pretty nice number, too. I can proudly say I’ve completed over a hundred games (and movies!) and it does fill me up with a sense of achievement. I’m glad I squeezed in that last game on the 31st; on a side note, I was also hoping to be done with Papers, Please before the end of the year, but ultimately, I decided against it - too much obligatory reading on WWII in school does its thing.

Other than that, I’ve been okay. I’m definitely not sick, my room is still a mess (much more contained than whatever has been going on those past months, but still nowhere near ready for a TV setup), my psyche might be weakened… but I’ll see if that’s anything I can work on sooner or later.

Oh, and I won’t be doing a summary of the whole year - I’ve already been catalogueing all the games I’ve assassinated during the year instead, so you can hop over to my profile and take a quick look.

Since I can’t tell if there’s anything I might have omitted, without further ado, here is the final progress report of 2019!

Adolescent Santa Claus - A series of short vignettes about the time “you” spend with a schoolgirl Santa Claus. It was cute, but tiring enough since all it did was reiterate the same things for half an hour.

Its your last chance in new school - You thought I said Hanae Novels’ creations were bad? Let me tell you, at least those VNs knew they wanted to describe some (mediocre) fucking. This VN, however… I don’t think it knows what it wants to be about. That, and the writing is terrible. The grammar is all over the place in the worst ways possible. I could forgive the generic chibi sprites if the story was good, but it’s simply not. I have no idea what the title is supposed to mean, the protagonist is some kind of sick weirdo and all the characters insist on being his friends from the first time they see him. (Oh, and you can’t tell them you’re not their friend, because God - yes, God himself - will “give you another chance”; as if you needed it). To add insult to injury, there’s a chunk of the VN that plays without the text box, so it’s pretty much impossible to even imagine what the hell is going on during that time. The endings are abrupt, uneventful and horribly disjointed from the whole thing. I’m not one to use superlatives, but for all I know, this might be the worst VN I have played yet.

My Brother Rabbit - Once again, Artifex Mundi brings their A-game. My Brother Rabbit is a point-and-click constructed much like The Tiny Bang Story - every chapter gives you a few locations to work with (multiple types of items to find and use in a certain way; not sure if that explains enough), although unlike TTBS, this game is aimed more at children with its easier (mostly) riddles and cute, but weird art style. Speaking of being a kids’ game, I have to say the overarching plot is surprisingly serious, albeit realistic and free of violence. That being said, I’d suggest this game to be appropriate for kids of age 7 and up, unless one’s willing to solve riddles together and explain the story. I wouldn’t know how it goes since I don’t have a kid. All in all, it seems my love for AM and their games won’t be running out any time soon.

Path of Sin: Greed - You know, I like being able to 100% my games - especially when they’re as simple as HOGs get (unless they’re bugged, but I digress) - and I almost thought I wasn’t gonna make it in this one, with an achievement for completing a HOG scene in less than twenty seconds. I mean really, what kind of sadist could set such requirements? Luckily, I earned it fast, so I was incredibly happy. To speak more generally about the game, though, I really liked it. I’m convinced I’m more into the realistic HOGs than the ones that are strictly confined to some fantasy realms, but I feel like the life-like aesthetic doesn’t always suit the game - I mean, I really liked the thumbnail art and it was one of the few things that made me so intrigued by this particular HOG in the first place… Also, similar to Agent Walker: Secret Journey, I wish I could have seen the protagonist in-game at least once. Agent Walker did have a voice though; however, some of the voices don’t fit the characters’ looks in my opinion, so I’m not sure a voice would help the protagonist here. All in all, this was a solid murder mystery HOG with a few odd achievements (the one I mentioned wasn’t the only one that fits this description) and some minigames I still wish HOGs would stop using, for the sake of keeping my sanity in check. Also, hey, doesn’t this title totally sound like it’s open for more installments? You know… the seven deadly sins?

Welcome To… Chichester 0 - Preview - I mentioned this one in a post before, but hey, it got achievements! So I spent, like, three whole minutes getting them all. End of story.

美少女麻将接龙 - Know Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire? This is that… but in Chinese. I didn’t write about the English version of this game, but it is identical to Mahjong Strip Solitaire: Harem Guild, which I did write about here. For reasons unknown to me, however, this version only launches on 64bit devices… and it took me twice the time to complete.

Wooh! There it is! Again, I wish you all an amazing 2020 as well as a fabulous new decade! (Wonder what the internet will have in store for us…)

Oh, and since we’re all assasins here at BLAEO: May your scope never waver.

Progress report: November ‘19

Yeah! I can’t believe it’s December either! Really nice to see the site hustling and bustling with progress reports - even more than usual, it seems!
As for me, I think I’m slowly getting better - my body has calmed down for the most part and I’m doing well mentally, I hope. My room is still a mess though. sweatdrops
Oh, and this time I can explain why there aren’t as many completions - I took a break from my PC for over two weeks to try and “detox” - didn’t work, spent all my free time watching movies and TV shows instead :’)

Here’s what I accomplished this month:

Break Ups - As the title suggests, this short movie is about a couple who tries to disappear from each other’s lives after making and breaking up multiple times. One day, however, they find a strange device that transports them back in time to various moments from their lives, just for them to see that breaking up might not be the best idea. I love me some time travel, but this didn’t do anything for me. There’s hardly any story to get, and whatever there is, it’s tough to understand - you get no information as to when they first started dating, why they broke up and why they kept mistreating each other. That, or the subtitles are poor - the characters did say three times more than the subtitles, which I don’t remember experiencing ever before, I think. All that’s left is to wonder if the version available on Crunchyroll is better in that regard.

Fairy of the treasures - I don’t wanna say I’m drawing a blank, but… man, there’s just nothing interesting to say about this game. It’s a stupid, 15-20 minutes long clicker game (and an unenjoyable one at that) hidden under a stupid premise of “People of X land have found tons of treasure chests… but only women can open them… and now you can help one of them!”… and then you click like a thousand, maybe two thousand times, and it’s over. Yeah. I swear, there are cool clicker games out there; this one just isn’t it… unless you’re looking for an achievement fountain.

MISSING - An Interactive Thriller: Episode One - MISSING (which is what I’ll be calling this game from now on) is an hour long FMV about a guy who has been kidnapped by an unknown individual (I feel like the achievement called “Mr. Grey will see you now” might have been supposed to act as a foreshadowing… that, or it’s referencing everybody’s favorite book), who keeps leaving woah-so-scary messages in chalk all around the vicinity. Oh, and there’s also a detective looking for the protagonist. The little story you get aside, pretty much everything else is really good - the FMVs are recorded with a stable camera, the actors are speaking loud and clear, the locations you interact with have doors or drawers you can interact with, and those are just… chef’s kiss …so smoothly animated. Then again, the last FMV I played was Press X to Not Die, which was a lot more QTE-heavy, didn’t let you skip around and was in general a lot more amateur, so I guess I haven’t set my bar too high (yet?). The only thing I could think of improving in MISSING would be some of the UI (seriously, why THAT font?). I still consider myself lucky having gotten this in a trade though, as even though the game was said to have its episodes released separately, this episode has been removed from the Steam Store, so I suppose it didn’t do all that well… shame, I like me some FMVs and would love to know what they had in mind for the next episodes.

one night, hot springs - In this first npckc VN available on Steam, you get to accompany Haru on a trip to the hot springs with Manami, Haru’s long-time friend and Erika, whom Haru meets for the first time that night. What’s more important, however, is that Haru has a secret - one she fears may ruin the outing altogether! As it often goes with the VNs I tackle, this one is just too short to say anything more without spoiling it all. I have to say I liked this one - the art style is very rounded and a pleasure to look at, the music suited all of the scenes well and I believe the story had been written with utmost care - I’m impressed that the creator didn’t omit anything you’d see in your typical slice-of-life anime hot spring trip (if anything, they’ve added more). From now on, I think I’ll be looking into more of this dev’s works. Oh, and if you decide to play it yourself - don’t forget to check out the gallery after getting all the endings!

See you next month! (…next decade?!)

Progress report: October ‘19


In reality though, maybe it’s because I have to go to school now (which in turn leaves less time for myself) that I got into this dark place…
Eh, I guess I just want to let you all know that I haven’t been doing the best lately. I think stress is genuinely consuming me at this point, which I never imagined could happen. Even something as small as getting this post done had me so tired just thinking about it…
But now that I’m here, I’ll do it! Oh, and like I mentioned last month - I managed to get photos of my room uploaded here!

A Salem Witch Trial - Oh look, I actually managed to complete a game related to the monthly theme. Salem, snooping out witches, executing said witches… how much more “on-theme” can you get? Well… at first I didn’t believe this VN could be that short, but then I realized the only reason for that is the game being too samey - the only different thing are the endings, and even then the epilogues are very similar. During the hour you’ll spend playing this, your task will be gathering intel on the person supposed to be the witch and, ultimately, choosing to believe one or the other side. Most endings will throw a straight Did I make the right choice? at you, blatantly pointing out that you haven’t seen the true ending yet. Simply put, it’s “Halloween for busy people”, which I guess is what you could call me this year. Aside from the samey-ness, the most obvious problems are the soundtrack (it’s like, three songs in a game that lasts an hour and a half… just imagine that and try to tell me it’s bearable) and the script (quite a lot of mistakes of such caliber that I’m convinced the writer is not a native speaker; although the VN isn’t just an unreadable mess like it would usually be in such cases).

Game of Puzzles: Animals - Small puzzle game with photos of animals. Easy 100%, that’s all.

Girls of Hentai Mosaic, Lady’s Hentai Mosaic, Topless Hentai Mosaic - What if I told you I bought (pretty much) the same game three times? Yes. Yep. I absolutely did that. I have to admit now, this is where I draw the line. It stopped being funny/entertaining/what have you. Anyway, getting to the point - the first one is a “shuffle puzzle”, the latter two are another type of puzzle which I’m not sure has a specific name. All three of those games were ridiculously easy and featured unappealing female models that looked like ’00s fanart of your favorite anime characters. ~20 minutes on each gave me 300 achievements and left me with a lingering sense of distaste.

To wrap this up in a way that is sort of unusual to my posts, in a way… I’ve been looking to get into anime… well, different kinds of anime. ’80s anime. ’90s anime. Idol anime. Magical girl anime. Obscure anime. My poor online presence makes it difficult for me to get personal recommendations, however, so I’ve decided to ask here. What are some anime you could recommend that fall under one or more of those categories? I’m eager to see and/or hear what you’ve got to say!

See you next month!

Progress report: September 2019

If there was ever a month to be ashamed of progress, it’s this one. Not only did I barely complete anything, I also bought a lot of games. Like… a lot. Seriously.
However! I suppose there is one unfinished game that deserves a special mention…

  • A Raven Monologue
    A Raven Monologue

    0.2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Monster Prom
    Monster Prom

    23.4 hours playtime

    25 of 32 achievements

  • The Deer
    The Deer

    0.1 hours playtime

    no achievements

A Raven Monologue - Best described by its Steam store page, A Raven Monologue is “a short experimental silent story about a raven that does not know how to croak and his relationship with the people in the town”. To put it bluntly, I didn’t understand the story at first, but there is a pretty solid interpretation (one of many?) available, which helped me out. Artistically speaking, the visuals are incredibly pleasing to the eye and the theme song is quite nice (although the odd accent the singer put on some words was noticeable, inevitably). Definitely looking forward to other works from Mojiken Studio.

Monster Prom - Now this… this is a game I never expected myself to get behind… but then I did. When I saw a video of the alpha version, I didn’t see the appeal and completely forgot about it… until it came out. After watching a few videos of the final product, I decided I must have it. After I traded for it, I started playing and… it took up pretty much all of my gaming time for September. Honestly, it’s everything it says and more! The characters are highly likeable (literally can’t pick a favorite when it comes to potential dates!), the music consists of a bop after a bop and the plot is as nonsensical as it gets without forgetting of what the character shticks are. As I fell in love with this game, I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that the second one is coming out next year… and then there are also three more in the works! THREE MORE! Even though I’m gonna try and take a break from it so it doesn’t dominate my life, I can’t help but aim to complete it… but that’s TBA, as it’s estimated to take a looong time.

The Deer - This has got to be the worst game I’ve ever received in a trade. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but… it’s bad. The way it’s made is what makes it a failure. Its presentation makes it impossible to tell what age group it was supposed to target, the information presented is wordy and forgettable (if you want to help children learn, do so through callbacks!), and the minigames are a joke. Even if you couldn’t care less about what your kid is playing, as long as they stop bothering you, it’ll be 15 minutes at best until they’re done with The Deer.

If there’s anyone curious about IRL, since September is now over, it means I finally have my new furniture! Woop woop! I wanted to show you all fellow assassins before and after pics, but I haven’t uploaded them anywhere to link in my post yet… maybe next month? I’m already late enough with this post.

Also, it’s finally October, which means… I CAN PLAY S P O O K Y G A M E S! …as long as I have time, of course.

Anyway, see you all next month!

Progress report: Fourth week of August ‘19 (a.k.a. No, It Did Not!)

Fvckin’ hell, I thought I had it in me for another game or two… but alas, I discovered a new YouTube channel and became invested in it instantly. But hey, at least I got the mosquito net on my window now… which means I can open it with 99.9% certainty that my room won’t become a biology classroom (that last decimal being at risk due to how my mom cut a small hole in the net when trying to cut off the excess… :/). Either way, life has to go on, whether we like it or not (as of this moment, I really don’t), so due to school starting again, I’ll be returning to monthly posts, as I will most definitely have less free time in general. (One thing there won’t be less of, however, is my ABC challenges! Let them catch your eye here: General, Hidden Object Games, Point and Clicks, Visual Novels)

Here are the last of my kills for this month:

Book Series - Alice in Wonderland - Having been around for over 150 years at this point, there’s no way you haven’t experienced this story in one way or another. This is basically the script of the original novel, made into a VN, therefore there’s no writing to be judged. The anime-fied versions of the characters look pretty good (the boobage on the Queen of Hearts though, holy moly). Most of the VN is accompanied by pleasant classical music, with multiple SFX used here and there to fit with the script. As far as the Book Series goes… it’s just about as good as the Sonic Storybook Series. At least it was the best VN I’ve ever seen made in TyranoScript so far (not counting the broken and incomplete gallery).

Home Darkness - Escape - To be honest, I feel dirty and ashamed calling this a point and click, but that’s what it’s closest to being. The game launches in a pretty small screen, gives no story or direction and is accompanied by a looping BGM that’s 10 seconds long, at best. With a walkthrough that’s three and a half minutes long (!), it took me a whopping… 11 minutes to complete the game. What is at the end, you ask? Do you escape the house? I don’t know! What I do know is that you get rich! Yes… you get rich. And the music that was meant to portray the happiness of getting rich doesn’t even erase the horrendous, royalty-free horror loop, it just plays on top of it! Man, I love shitty games.

Sisyphus Reborn - It looks, feels and plays like an art project from the previous decade. Not a complaint, just a fact. It seems to have been made with the same engine utilized by The Cat Lady and Downfall, interestingly enough. As for the contents - it’s half an hour of pure abstractism, accompanied by a really good soundtrack. Heads up though, the game runs in a 640x480 window, so you’d probably like to launch it in fullscreen mode for full immersion.

breathes in sharply, rubbing the tears out of her eyes That being said… the last day of summer holiday isn’t complete without some crying… I mean, see you next month! Yeah! Bye! Hang in there! goes back to crying in useless human being

Progress report: Third week of August ‘19 (a.k.a. Did It Go Well This Time?)

Another week of solitude has passed… and now I’m not alone anymore. (Self-explanatory, I suppose.) If everything goes well, I should get my new furniture this week! Finally! (EDIT: LOL NO, the carpenter came over just to tell us it’s gonna be done in two weeks… SIGH.) Oh, and a mosquito net for my window! Don’t want any of those pesky insects getting into my room (wasps are hellspawns; change my mind).

As far as progress goes on other platforms, I can officially call myself a Skyclad Observer; meaning I finished Steins;Gate on my PSVita. Amazing art, memorable music, unique characters accompanied by top-notch voice acting - an easy 10/10 for me.

And as always, here’s my Steam game progress:

Chilie Peppers - Okay, so… this one is about a girl whose name was… Jessica, I think? - but everyone just called her “Chilie”. The main character, Beth, kept her distance from Chilie during middle school, but high school changed everything. Through some twists and turns, Chilie (now much more sexy than in middle school, obviously) starts living together with Beth and her parents. The girls, being joined at the hip, one day realize they’re in love with each other. The end.

Flow: The Sliding - An endless rhythm game that looks simple enough, but has no instructions on how to proceed. The achievements relate to pressing all the letter keys, so after achieving a personal record of 65 points, I did that and ultimately completed the game in five minutes.

Paradigm - Jacob Janerka’s debut title - Paradigm is set in the fictional, Eastern European country called Krusz. You are Paradigm - the “handsome mutant” forced to go on an adventure to stop the CEO of DUPA Genetics… even though he only wants to finish his new EP. As random as pretty much everything in this game is, the gameplay is streamlined and intuitive - no Sierra logic, no way to die - without holding your hand. The voice acting is solid, the art is striking (character art, especially) and the music beatsies are as phat as can be. If you’re into point-and-clicks, Slavic memes and 70’s/80’s culture, Paradigm is definitely for you. As for me, it’s been a favorite for a long time now.

Tokyo Hosto - I knew it was going to be bad… but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. I don’t even feel like writing about it - here is a good review I found. Honestly, it’s outstanding that this game features three (!) VAs that later went on to voice girls in HuniePop. I bet they wouldn’t remember acting for this game until you asked them about it.

Train Journey - Incestuous Behavior and Lesbian Sex on a Train: The VN. Last I’m seeing of this dev, for now at least.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to tell me! I… might play them… One Day™.

See you next week!