ABC Challenge

Sorry, I know I’m spamming immensely! This is the last one, I promise!


  • Omit “A” and “The” in names (Come on, that would be just too easy.)
  • No chickening out! (Obviously. I’m trying to beat a backlog here.)
  • In case of more obscure letters, the game chosen must contain given letter somewhere in its name.

List is subject to change.

# Game Achievements Playtime
1 4 Elements
100% (14 of 14) about 9 hours
2 AER Memories of Old
0% (0 of 20) 0 minutes
3 Burly Men at Sea
0% (0 of 25) 0 minutes
4 Captive
0% (0 of 13) 0 minutes
5 Draw a Stickman: EPIC
0% (0 of 52) 0 minutes
6 Epistory - Typing Chronicles
0% (0 of 55) 0 minutes
7 Fumiko! Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 20) 0 minutes
8 Gone In November
0 minutes
9 Hacknet
0% (0 of 11) 0 minutes
10 It's Spring Again
0% (0 of 4) 0 minutes
11 Japanese Women - Animated Jigsaws
18% (6 of 34) about 2 hours
12 Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]
38% (13 of 35) about 1 hour
13 Light Fantastik
0% (0 of 23) 0 minutes
14 Murdered: Soul Suspect
0% (0 of 48) 0 minutes
15 Nyctophilia
0 minutes
16 Oxenfree
0% (0 of 13) 3 minutes
17 Papers, Please
0% (0 of 13) 0 minutes
18 QP Shooting - Dangerous!!
0% (0 of 36) 0 minutes
19 Rakuen Won on SteamGifts
0% (0 of 15) 0 minutes
20 Scribblenauts Unlimited
0% (0 of 25) 0 minutes
21 To the Moon
0% (0 of 1) 0 minutes
22 Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade Received through SteamTrades
0 minutes
23 Visibility
0% (0 of 17) 1 minute
24 World's Dawn
0% (0 of 30) 0 minutes
25 Yomawari: Night Alone
4% (1 of 27) 20 minutes
26 Zzzz-Zzzz-Zzzz
0 minutes

Uh man! I love where you’re going with this! I only saw the VN one and this one, but now I realized you have more of them! You can do this! \o/
If you care for input, I could look into it, if not so much, I won’t since that got more and more :D


Hi there! Nice to see another commenter under my post :) Recommend anything you like, for whichever post you like! Suggestions are always welcome on my profile ^^

Blue Ϟ Lightning

what genre does this list fall under?
is it just a general/ anything not in the other lists?

also if you manage to finish all your lists I’ll be incredibly impressed (its a large commitment and most people that joined finished a bunch of things right away then trailed off and didn’t continue)…and thats with only one list!

Y Yomawari night alone (I really need the motivation to play this some time)


This one is everything that doesn’t belong to any of the other genres, yes. Also, thank you for the encouragement! I’m not one to be trusted when I take so much upon myself, but fate had some unexpected off time in store for me, so I thought “why not?” Anyway, we’ll see how (badly?) I do at the end of the year!

Yomawari is cute, but I’m still too much of a coward to play it alone, so I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to play it with me. I still wonder what it is about Corpse Party that makes it stand out as the one horror franchise I don’t seem to be afraid of…


So many of these has made me want to do them now XD


My personal, overall ABC recommendation! \o/

Amnesia™: Memories
BioShock (Remastered maybe?)
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
dUpLicity Beyond the Lies - bc I still wanna play :3
Enigmatis - I guess? thinking
Flower Shop! \o/
Go! Go! Nippon! My First Trip to Japan - Uh, yes, we’ve been here :D
Highway Blossoms (Hatoful Boyfriend is gone o.o)
I - no idea -.-
J - same ^^
KARAKARA - Let’s do this!
LEGO® The Hobbit™ - play some Lego.I’m totally not into this
Murdered: Soul Suspect <3
Nightmares from the Deep
One day in London - let’s just stick to that ^^
Papers, Please - surprised me. Well, the story mode, never touched the free game.
Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition
Subsurface Circular - super quick, but… interesting!

Yeah, we totally got lazy and didn’t do the rest, bc nothing jumped into my face and said: TAKE ME!
So not as much ;)


Hmm… Looking at those, I’d say:

  • I’m already playing Amnesia: Memories on my Vita, so it’s not as high in my Steam backlog as it would normally be (I guess I’ll get to the Steam version whenever I feel like I forgot the story? we all know how that goes, haha)
  • I’m playing Bioshock Remastered and loving it, but since it’s a bigger game, I’m playing it at my boyfriend’s, on his PC (and even then it stutters and takes a while to turn off, for example)
  • Since I recently refreshed my memory of Enigmatis 1, I’m curious to see how the other games are gonna connect to it (they look so different on the surface!)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend is definitely gonna be finished this month! (if not this week, that’s how much of a breeze it is ^^)
  • LEGO games are all the way at the back of the backlog too, because of what I imagine are their performance needs (plus achievements, grr)
  • You reminded me of Murdered: Soul Suspect, I need to get to it ASAP! The reason I still haven’t touched it is because it requires a 64bit operating system and I haven’t had one at hand for a while (I know, I’m suuuper lame)
  • Papers, Please is dear to my heart, so I’m going to be playing it really soon~
  • Won’t be playing Queen’s Quest 2 any soon, since it’s… well, a sequel :’3

Right, I don’t have too many non-VN/PaC/HOG games, now that I think about it ^^


Yeah, that. That never happens, does it? The forgetting for games you wanna forget so you can replay them :D
Yes! I was basically the same with Bioshock! <3
HF with Enigmatis 2 \o/
Woho! Birdies incoming! <3
I totally get that. I don’t even have a Lego game to start with :D
Murdered: Soul Suspect was very nice indeed :3
Yes, do it! Papers, Pls! <3
Ok, wasn’t sure if you had the first Queens Quest. I get that :)

  • It really doesn’t! You come back tom something 5 years after you first experienced it and you’re like “God, I totally only remember really loving this!”, but then as you get back into it you’re more like “Oh… I can feel it all… coming back to me… I know it too well… I remember everything! Nooo!” :’D
  • It’s really cool! I was afraid I wasn’t gonna like it after I finally decided to redeem the code for it, but hey, I’m doing okay! (I am playing on Easy, BUT STILL)
  • I will, soon enough! ^^
  • Birb, birb! Fluff, fluff! Piiigeeeonsss~
  • Oh, really? The LOTR and Hobbit ones were going around as freebies some time ago though! (which is how I got them)

Yeah, I played it on easy too. Until I learned you can… uh… start the game on hard, switch to easy, rush to the end, switch back to hard and finish the boss on hard and yay! Achievement! So I totally tried finishing him off on hard the first time… and it worked pretty quick :D
Yeah, I think I noticed them being for free, but I totally didn’t grab them, bc I couldn’t care less. I’m still a bit mad at Indiegala for the goldenticket thing? I got so much BS I never wanted that way ;(


Oh yeah, I read about that! Still, I wanna get to know the story as much as I can first (though the methods the game utilizes to tell it don’t really help aka I can’t grasp much from the audio diaries + there’s an achievement for collecting ALL of them? talk about brutal :c); then I’m gonna urge boyfriend to play on hard (was there a higher difficulty? can’t remember) and without Vita Chambers for the achievement, mwahaha :3

Awh, that’s a shame. I’m eternally grateful for freebies (just wish some more of them were actually Steam keys… side-eyes IndieGala.
Also, same! :O GooCubelets, ahoy!


Yeah, did the same, so just relax and enjoy. Btw I got the last two audio books when started the new game.
And you can really start it on the most difficult lvl, set it back to easy and then back to most difficult. Sadly it didn’t work with the second game :(

Well, I really didn’t get anything nice from those freebies. But I’m mostly picky with games. So even though something might be for free, I might just not take it, bc… I wanna play the games I have and if I have games I don’t wanna play… I’m struggling panic ;)

“Yup! So it’s Hatoful Boyfriend now and then… hmm… I wonder~

I remember I even legit thought about inviting my mom to help me figure them out! :’D

O.O No. Way. A gift… for me…? OwO”

So many choices <3

Haha, yeah. I know those kinda riddles. Me and Professor Layton figured at some point out, how I’m just not it for some riddles. So my mum had to do them :]

Yeah, sry, to get your hopes up. I don’t have Queens Quest 1 anymore. Thought I had a key, but nope, nothing there :(


Since I don’t visit my boyfriend as often as I would like to (for the sake of gaemz), I wonder just how long it will take for me to get the game at least close to completion :’D

Same, actually! Well, I tried my best getting those freebies, because I heard people say they’ve been getting Deadly Premonition and that game… it’s so bad it’s good.

Yeah, I totally don’t know what to read next! I almost don’t want to be forced to say goodbye to the birbs!

Oh, I wanna play Professor Layton too! It looks so cartoony and fun! (Also, I seriously need to start using my 3DS or I’ll go bonkers imagining how it breaks from not being used :/)

Awh… that’s a shame :c Feel free to message me if you ever do have something I might want though (this is totally not impolite :>).


Ah, well, you’ll manage. Maybe you should just… like visit his PC more often innocent xD

You could always just play the Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday thingy ^^

I still need to check… if there ever was a new Prof Layton. Haven’t played in for ever! :(

Haha, will do :)
No worries. Also I totally know the struggle of trying to be polite, while at the same time saying: GIMME! I NEED THAT! :D


Oh, that’s a great idea! Every day, I’ll come over and make him study… idk… in bed… or something… while I play games! determined xD

I really wanna do that too! But since it’s Christmas-related… I wanna get in the mood~

Aside from the Professor Layton games, I know there’s one about his daughter, for the 3DS. Just checked up on it and it seems to be the latest one (2017).

On one hand, the backlog’s not gonna kill itself… but on the other, the wishlist isn’t gonna disappear by itself either! :D


I totally approve ^^ xD

It… was? Uh, I just remember it being totally odd :D

Mhm. I might remember that? Dunno rly. Ah, it’s definitely been a while :]

Oh yes. The ever growing Wishlist. I mean, they could just stop producing games, we have that many to play… oh, no! No stopping! Give us new games, give us choices! \o/


Not to mention he’ll be ready for cuddling all that time :D

It totally is! I mean, the images can only get so festive!

Hmmm… so have you played it or not?

Yeah, yeah! Give, give! \w/


Uh. Cuddling! Sweet bonus! <3

Mhm. Yeah, sry to say, but compared to the Hatoful Boyfriend, that one didn’t really stick with me :D

Like wtf! Just looked it up and… nope, I only own 6 games, that would be the 7th. So I don’t have it, didn’t play it! Guess I have to spent money innocent


Yup! Damn, talking about that makes me miss him even more…

Awh, it’s okay ^^ I imagine the holiday spinoff doesn’t have a dark underbelly anymore, huh?

Oh, and… while you’re at it, go get Detective Pikachu as well, if you haven’t already! (what am i talking about, you probably have)


Ah, sry. Didn’t mean to trigger anything here :(

Try and see for yourself ;)

Nope, I don’t have it. Well, I gotta see what I can afford after buying 6 movies today, which I didn’t plan at all -.-
It might have to wait a bit. Plus I would need some kinda holidays away from my PC to enjoy them… Uh. Right. As if that’s happening anytime soon :] xD


Nah, it’s totally okay! It’s only almost been a week since we’ve last seen each other (lol). But it’s gonna get worse later :/

I’m gonna! Well, in winter! As for the main game, I’m steadily getting closer to the end!

Damn, that’s crazy! I’m not the type to buy movies on DVD… but then again, I did get a box full of anime DVDs for cheap… glad I still remember (lol). Gotta start watching them some day!
Oh, that’s relatable too! Aside from the mentioned box, I’ve got console games to play and shelves full of manga I never picked up… ;w;


You can’t see each other that often?

I just… uh… gave up on C14 Dating. I love the game. It’s awesome! But I’m too stupid to get the last ending. Which annoys me, but… yeah, I don’t see any difference in what I’m doing, so.. I’m ending it right here.

Ha, yeah, same trouble here.
Way too much backlog on… everything. Let’s not start talking about books, bc… that’s just the same xD


No, no. It’s a matter of taking a short bus ride for now, but soon he’s going to go to university and that’s gonna mean being in another town… long-distance, ahoy…

Aww! Aren’t there any guides you could use to get there? I know I don’t like reading guides when I’m early into the game (cause they spoil everything), but if I were struggling with ending the game, then why not?

Capitallism, ho! Just let us stop having to go to school or work and enjoy ourselves at home! (lol)


Ah, ok. Well hopefully you get to see a bit more of him, before he goes of to uni :)

There is a guide. It’s not very helpful with the not-dating achievements. Still I think 20h is enough. I’ll not push myself anymore. Even if it’s soooo sad ;(


Oh, I’ll be seeing him often enough, I imagine - what with his final exams not happening because teachers are striking against getting underpaid…

Hmm, well, damn… 20h is enough indeed. There’s a lot more to see in this life!


Glad to hear it :)

Yes! So many more pretty games <3


Yup! I’ve actually spent the day at his place yesterday! ^^

Yes! Why is it that the untouched ones are always the most shiny and exciting?!


Bc they are new and not yet full of dust. So they sparkle and aaaaaaaaaaaw! <3


Yah! I got to play some more Bioshock, among other things, and eat yummy pizza, so yay!

Hmm… are they new though? Buy dates go as far as three years into the past for me, but maybe in the digital world nothing can get too old? thinking


PIZZA! \o/

Yes, everything on the WL is new and shiny. Like things in the store are also new and shiny even if they are years old. Once they are at your place they get old and dusty - or it’s just me I guess :D


Dang, that’s so right! People think me weird for doing my best to force game boxes back into the foil wrappers they came in after I carefully unpacked them, but I really hate the thought of the boxes not only gathering dust, but also… idk… decaying, in a way? Even though they only really stand/lay on my shelves.


Ah, no. I totally get that. I bought a couple of movies over the last… months? Haven’t unwrapped them yet, bc why? Once I have the need to watch them, I can still do that. Up to that point I can say: Look, they are new and shiny! <3 :D


Literally me! You probably think my Steam library is all it is, but I’ve got like 10+ unpacked game boxes that pretty much can also all be redeemed on Steam :’D


Oh no! It’s a trap!


A trap it is indeed! The titles, however, will remain unspoiled until the day I get to them ^^