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Just using this to keep track of stuff idk...nu buli
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smol unimportant update of VN and dead cells

This month me (and gf) have played a lot of Dead Cells…and not much else.
its soooo good and I need to figure out this new dlc like do I need to use a boss cell to get to the cavern or what cause hard mode is to hard for my weak self…

other then that I finished some VN mostly for challenge me/pop’s
and I gotta say of them I really liked One Small Fire at a Time. It surprised me how nice it was I would wholly recommend it to anyone who has it tucked away in thire library somewhere.
However while Eden* and Fault are in no ways bad VN I could barely get through them finding myself skipping ahead in parts whenever I got bored (holding skip for 5 sec every once in a while). Eden is visually amazing and the story is melancholy but one thats feels generic if you’ve watched a lot of drama’s and sci-fi anime/novels/whatever. its character based but I couldn’t find myself caring about either of the two main characters.
Fault 2 feels like it should be better than my memories of 1 I really like stories of magic but I liked the first novel and disliked this
even though I kept thinking “hey thats cool.
crashing to desktop hasn’t been overdone in games yet right?…
so I wanna chalk it up to me not being in the right mood for it and not it being a bad story.
price is well worth its free price…fun but not noteworthy I guess I’d describe it

a dark update for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome everyone’s eyes.

Nearly 2 years later as far as I know I’ve finally finished styx.
I made it harder for myself by focusing on never being seen (reloading if I am caught) on every level but I finally did it.

Styx has some of the best game mechanics and stealth of anything I’ve played…and thats it.
The level design is lacking… unimaginative and repetitive as after the 3d mission they start reusing all the same areas again and again.
The story is functional but I didn’t find it engaging.
However it makes up for it with solid fucking gameplay.
that is all…no intrest in getting the speed medal and no kill insignias for the missions it was so much effort just getting shadow…however I’m excited to try the second game sometime.

Call of Cthulhu is solid.
dark and creepily themed for the most part the stat based system where you can put points into the type of skills you want (picking locks? smashing down the door? seducing the guard?) with multiple ways to get around and through stuff along with a scale of how insane you’ve become based on how many weird things you’ve done like reading books made out of human skin gives you a nice sort of immersion. And the story while hitting every single cliche you could find about Cthulhu and those types of detective stories is really nicely done. I found myself playing late into the night during exam season to finish it.

my one gripe with this game is the FUCKING SHAMBLER. slight spoiler but the regular stealth sequences are fine but ho boi do I fucking hate the shambler stealth sequences it can always run faster than you and hear you and stabby stabby eat your face and make you cry. Why do story games have to put in bullshit like this its fucking soma all over again gdamned monster

Among the Sleep

1.9 hours, 1 of 10 achievements

Challenge Me

Among the sleep was both surprisingly better than I thought it would be and not as scary…for some reason I thought it would be more horror pain and suffering but nope.

Yomawari: Night Alone

2.2 hours, 2 of 27 achievements


1.9 hours, 1 of 19 achievements

I just started playing >Observer_ and yomawari among other things both are fun enough for me to want to continue but neither interest me enough to play unless I’m killing time

Taking a look back at 2018's resolutions and my goals.
I played more games than I planned and while I didn't manage to make it a nice 100 I changed my goal near the end to be 123 and I made that
so hey- 123 games played (started/dropped/beaten)
I failed moving my average cheevo completion up dont know what I was thinking or how I thought I could make that...its still at 50%
as for not buying any games for myself...I was weak and bought the answer arc for umineko as soon as I finished teh question arcs.
but other than that and a few small things that bareelyyy count I haven't broken it..
now seeing as how I have other things on my mind I dont have as much time for games this upcoming year. However my new resolutions.

Ompromptu Gaming Resolutions for 2019

  • Continue doing a PoP and a challenge me every month :3
  • half my unstarted and unfinshed games this year. (from 80 down to 40) and (66 down to 33)

smol nearly empty update mostly for myself.

I didn’t play much this month due to school and social stuff…
I’ve beaten

and thats it. (single player wise)
Hotline Miami was fast paced and I could play it in small bursts at a time. it ramped up difficulty and became punishing (although became easier near the end? feel like the last 6 chapters were nothing) but never felt “unfair” despite pitting you againsed horrid odds and stacking everything againsed you.

a side note I bought and played

with friends and its honestly super fun.
the concept is simple and its not like theres “endless hours of entertainment” but for what it is its one of the most fun I’ve had (playing with a friend) in the past while and I’m definitely planning on playing it again.

My last challenge me was sad... I tried each of the games in it and totally plan on playing/finishing most of them (will probably nope out of outlast though I tried it and I’m too much of a wuss to continue tbh…) but I didn’t have enough time to get into them right now…maybe when schools done and I just have work cause work doesn’t carry over afterwards (no homework/labs/design projects you have to do at home)…also I broke and bought a few games on steam even though I told myself I couldn’t unstil my backlog shrunk…at least it was cause I had wallet money from cards that I could use and not me just being weak)

I’ve finally finished Umineko…and with it I’ve finished my ABC Plan…finally

Umineko When They Cry

Umineko When They Cry - Question Arcs

ABC ~plan

22/22 achivements 54 hrs playtime

Blue's score

Umineko is by far the longest VN I’ve read and by far my favorite…and fuck do I want the answer arcs now cause I’m super invested at this point.
Higurashi is a great series and I definitely would say I liked reading and watching it. The way it makes you think of theories and supports all sorts of wild thinking (is it aliens? a conspiracy? a curse? demons? a bunch of hyper intelligent squirrels?) however Umineko blows it out of the water in the way it twists and turns what could be happening at any given moment.
Without any real spoilers a general synopsis of Umineko is that (its a separate story from Higurashi) that from the very start introduces its witch and sets her up playing a game with a fervent anti magic believer.
A group of people are trapped on a island in a storm in a cliche isolated from the rest of the world mystery trope and then begin to get killed in all sorts of ways. the witch claims stuff was done through magic and her opponent continues to claim every person killed in a locked room was done so with traps or someone hiding and leaving the room after everyone investigated and went away etc…
the deaths become more and more fantastically set up and the arguments used to explain their deaths get more and more twisted- a play on words with the characters borrowing fallacy’s or famous sayings to try and support their point…and really the whole thing is fascinating and I love it.

With this I’m done the last game in my ABC Plan however from the very start the point of my plan was to provide me with something to play once I finished any challenge me/monthly theme/pop games I was playing for the month.
…and with this list finished I need to make a new one.

For now my new ABC Plan is

with nearly ever game chosen from unfinished challenge me’s or simply my unfinished category its extra motivation to go back to them even while pushing through the new additions.
(not going find extra games to fill missing letters and not going force myself to beat each game (if I don’t like it/am not having fun I’ll drop them) however I am enforcing they have to be played in order…that’s the only way this plan works for me cause its point is to remove the indecision of picking a game to play.)(anything challenged to play outside of the order is fair game however)

Finally I just want to say have a happy spooktober with spooks to all and all a good fright.

Random Stats cause I’m dumb and like them…first time doing something like this- no buli

Today (16 September 2018)


A year ago/earliest snapshot I can find of my profile (15 August 2017 to be exact)


Important point I want to bring out of this…My unfinished games are identical (88) even though I’ve since increased my game count by 146 games…so at least it hasn’t gotten any worse…but with how stagnant it is it sure hasn’t gotten better :/
sure percentage wise its increased and on the bar it looks alot smaller but looking at pure game count I’m lacking in progress.

I’ve been playing around looking at all my stats on Completionist.Me for hours now and in terms of playing (judging by unlocks) last year (2017) was the most consistent/I played the most. this year is close after…sadly I was at 50% library “completed” (only started games only achievement wise) till just recently when I dropped back to 49% :/

I’m feeling really unmotivated to play anything. but also I want to play a game.

I’ve been scrolling up and down my steam library for ages and sure that’s not necessarily something new
but for awhile I’ve been fixing it by having people challenge me and pick something for me.
but right now I’m not in the mood for anything I’ve been challenged recently and I’m sitting here mindlessly scrolling up and down

and up and down.

and suffering.

I'm also reminded of all the people who've made before and after backlog posts and I really wish I had saved a snapshot of what my library looked like a year ago.
I wanna see some statsssssigh.

Soma is great

I’ll be completely honest here I’m not a big horror fan.
But Soma is more than a simple shock value joke littered with jump scares.
If I had to explain the experience it would be a well crafted sci-fi narrative glued onto a B-horror movie
its glued on and incorporated into it but the sci fi story could stand alone quite easily if removed from the horror elements.
They horror subplot was even resolved as…well on the way to finish the main plot you’re (nearly literally) pulled aside to deal with the monster subplot and then continue on to the end to deal with the main story.
I’m only slightly exaggerating in that.
The monsters are set up “as game-play” cause without them it would just be a walking simulator and who likes those wew.
and I guess I’m being a little to harsh cause the monster subplot helped set up some of the main sci-fi parts like explain how you were made/give an excuse for why you can hear the dead by datamineing their black boxes and I really like the aesthetic/lovecraftian sort of background
However Its kinda annoying being interested in the lore and backstory to places and have all sorts of cool stuff you can explore only to be stalked by a creepy ass monster that can hear you (and can sense you looking at it? so you’re not allowed looking at the monsters…or moving and have to hide looking at the wall waiting for it to go away/jump and eat your face.

Anyways a bit more rambling if you don't care about spoilers

So one of the issues this game brings up is the whole cloning phenomena. When the researcher’s copy themselves into the arc they immediately commit suicide in the name of “continuity” basically they believe “human consciousness as an entity that transcends a physical body.” and start “mass suicideing” with cyanide gum etc…so they can “transfer their soul to their copy” or whatever…fucking nuts…

while playing the game you copy your mind into a different body only to realize theirs another you in the old body still freak out and kill it… your dense ass also has the exact same reaction at the end ugg.
one part of the monster subplot is the WAU/all encompassing AI responsible for making all the monsters including you doesn’t see life so narrowly…its decided each copy is a separate human (no matter how failed or disfigured it is) and deserves to be treated as such…
and at the end of the day its slowly learning and improving and based on how the main character turned out well on its way to re creating life.
also why I ended up not killing the WAU…

(if anyone’s played the game and reads this I’m interested to know if you killed the WAU or not and your reasoning behind it)

Also based on how much I liked it I'm actually considering trying a few more horror games. Observer looks like it might be intresting can anyone confirm? as a cyberpunk horror thing...

Scanner Sombre

0.4 hours, no achievements

Play or Pay

The other POP game I played this past period was Scanner somber…dropped after a half hour when I fell into a hole and couldn’t get out and was jumping around and then realized…I could be having more fun doing anything else.

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition

2.0 hours, 16 of 16 achievements
Challenge Me

DISTRAINT Another horror game :3
this one is a side scrolling pixelated gem…and really nice in many ways.
Not too scary but definitely creepy as it deals with the main characters guilt and unstable mental state.
slight tangent-

I read this psychological horror novel by orson scott card years ago called lost boys.
basically a suburban style thingy about a father who’s a game programmer and him dealing with his unethical boss trying to undermine him and a co worker he finds out is a child molester (who wants to babysit for him) and the horrors of being a parent which ends with him finding out the nice elderly father of the owner of his rented house is a child murderer and all the missing children from the past however many years are cause of him. It didn’t have any monsters and wasn’t (too) graphic with parts but it was downright creepy.

…and that novel is completely different from DISTRAINT but the creepy sense of dread it gave me was almost the same… somehow.
but maybe I’m just weird.
either way I enjoyed it and would totally recommend it to those it might interest.

Evoland is not as good as its successor I nearly quit it after the turn based rpg combat appeared and only pushed through cause it was short and I was moving almost on autopilot through it spamming keys and glazed over.
I really liked Evoland 2 and spent ages exploring it and getting 100% but I can’t bring myself to do that for this…I’ll reach the final really shitty boss fight and toss it into the beaten category.

Finally this game is a challenge me but from a older month I just finally finished now…


6.3 hours, 23 of 44 achievements
Challenge Me

I’ve never Read Homstruck… and I enjoyed this game but still have no interest in touching Homestruck :3. HIVESWAP is cute and great… Its full of references to random things and has humor and feels cute idk.
slightly off topic but I figured out how I like writing updates.
I used to write stuff here previewing often then copy the source code to notpad++ and fiddle around with it...
this time I wrote everything in stackedit a random online markdown editor that showed me everything in real time (same site I was using to format a md file for github actually) and then exported that to html and added in the formatting from that :3
aka was lazy and couldn't bother writing anything myself and just used the generator :3

super easy \o/

OKAMI HD / 大神 絶景版

28.3 hours, 34 of 51 achievements
Play or Pay            Won on SteamGifts

I just finished Okami and I have to say something about it.
but cause I’ve sat here for close to 20 minutes trying to figure out what to say (and messing around with the title while I do :3)…
I’ve decided to just narrow it down to one thing I liked about it and one thing I disliked :3
I liked the bosses (and some of the monsters I guess) :3 the varied styles and and figuring out how to beat each one theirs an umbrella he keeps defending with…what if I blow wind? or lets attach each of these vines to the but of the spider and rip it open :3<
what I didn’t like however was how slow the text is.
(The movement was really slow as well but then I changed the settings to low and no longer felt like I was moving through molasses.) I could not stand how slow the text moved however it crawled across the screen and I found myself skipping parts (no speedup option but you can just skip all of it? ugggg) and then failing the first time I tried a new brush technique because i skipped through the tutorial text :3.
if it was a visual novel it’d be a deal breaker cause I could barely get through cut scenes but as an adventure game its just a minor flaw :3

Black The Fall

5.8 hours, 6 of 14 achievements
Play or Pay

While I'm here I also beat another game from my POP - Black the fall. I did not like this nearly as much. There is not a single thing wrong with it. Its similar in style to Limbo and Inside... but Playing it felt like a chore :/ the art was kinda pretty and I found myself quite impressed with random points- for instance playing with shadows so the platform is illuminated in darkness and you have to jump over the black hole then suddenly there is a hole in the wall that's bright and the platform around it is in shadows so if you're rushing you think its solid but its not ;3 but my take away was I felt like a chore and I didn't have fun :/

Side note that applies to both games its annoying when a game doesn’t recognize any controllers if you don’t start the game with them- I found myself starting a game and turning on my controller while it loads then remembering and alt-F4’ing out of the loading screen to re start the game with controller working :/

Smol update cause I just cheated a bit and added some titles to my wont play category and now I’ve completed more than I haven’t played \o/

\o/ banzai that was a goal I was aiming for I think… now all I have to do is beat absolutely everything else and finish all my unfinished