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Today (13 Augest 2019)


11 Months ago (16 September 2018)


Earliest snapshot I can find of my profile (15 August 2017 to be exact)


Should probably wait so its 12 months but I wanted to post it now.
This past year I embraced marking a much higher percentage of games as "wont play"
If I continue at my current gaming rate I should beat my backlog by next year... \o/
once that happens I'll remove the restrictions I've imposed on myself (and let me buy games for myself on steam/non bundled)
I'll still be working on going back to some of the stuff I've dropped and trying to complete stuff I've beaten but it will be a glorious time.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

6.2 hours, 29 of 60 achievements

Bendy is a horror game with a unique and well done art style. It does a good job of creating a creepy atmosphere with unsettling points (every time you leave and come back a new cutout appears for example) or twisted cartoons and every time you see shadows start to curl and gather you know to hide somewhere and hope you don't get found.
However the game is overly fond of tedius mechanics...80% of it is fetch quests with some of them get through area x to object y and bring it back then return to y and get a second copy then bring it back then return to object y and come back to the point where you've mapped out the path between the start and the destination and can avoid most monsters.
Or fetch quests in mazes that leave you searching around and around unstil you finally find the last hidden object down path xyz.
I still liked it but in comparison to say soma (a horror game I really liked) I found it lacking.


36.7 hours, 40 of 67 achievements
Challenge Me

Moonlighter was nothing special yet it managed to sync so much of my time. the gameplay loop of fighting and looting then switching to a shop and melo selling was the right kind of addictive. Even though the combat wasn't the best in comparison to straight combat oriented roguelikes (binding of issac, dead cells etc) and even though the selling wasn't as complex as straight management marketing games the combination was pleasant and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Other games I beat this past month

Nurse Love Addiction: is a cute yuri vn about nursing school. The story is well written although after a few hours I started losing some of my intrest and just skipped through to get the last endings.
Portal 2: I start portal years ago and played through all the co-op content as well as a bunch of the single player campaign however its only recently that I finally went back and finished it.- real fun co op and while some part of me liked portal 1 better its defenitly a really good game.
Kathy Rain: free (for a time) point and click game that was funner than I thought it would be.
The Darkside Detective: (played most of it months ago offline with sis only recently played the last 2 chapters) This game has some amazing humor and asthetic I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with a modicum of humor and a slight enjoyment of P&C games.
60 Parsecs!: Not at all what I thought it was 90% of 60 Parsecs is a chose your own adventure story/randomized choice based story. Defenitly going back and trying some more endings some time.

and a list of multiplayer games I played this past month (ask if you want to know more about any of these)


If I continue at my current gaming rate I should beat my backlog by next year… \o/

\o/ Hooray \o/

Though I have a rather small backlog compared to many other members of BLAEO, I’ve practically given up on completely beating my backlog one day. For this reason it’s incredibly inspiring to see others actually achieve this massive goal. I wish you all the best in the coming months, may you manage to achieve this impressive feat in 2020 :)


I’ve practically given up on completely beating my backlog one day.

Oh come on! Your library is not out of control yet. If you are not an achievement hunter/completionist you definitely can do it. Is there anything I can do that you believe may help or motivate you with this?


Thank you for your kind words! You are of course right, it’s not literally impossible to clear my backlog. But looking at the numbers I clear (on average) 3 games/month. Even if I don’t add anymore games to my backlog, it should take me a bit more than 6 years to clear every game out of my backlog. That’s quite a long time! And gaming is not just about clearing one’s backlog. I would like to add a few games here and there, which means I think it’s easier to strive for different goals, smaller steps. Maybe I’ll have my backlog cleared someday, but surely not in the foreseeable future.

And that’s okay for me. I like reporting about my progress on BLAEO and I really feel like I make progress. Therefore, thank you for your offer, but right now I can’t think of anything to help or motivate me, since I do feel motivated and happy about clearing my backlog. Just that I have smaller goals. But I still get a tiny bit jealous when seeing others actually completing their backlog ;)


I want to know more about the multiplayer games. :blobdogeyes:

EDIT: Wait, how the heck is Road Redemption beaten after less than 2 hours?

Blue Ϟ Lightning

all multiplayer games go into the rogue/endless/multiplayer catagory…I played it with sis and gf we got to level x died restarted got to level y died restarted got to level z died etc

anything multiplayer I count as beaten after I’ve played with people because I’m only going play with people and can’t play alone…or whatever it goes in the catagory cause I’ve gotten some fun out of it and move on…I’m not going put it in wont play cause I’ll play it again and I’m not going put it in unfinished cause I need to beat everything in that category/am actively working on making it smaller.


If I continue at my current gaming rate I should beat my backlog by next year… \o/

You can do it!! \o/

Blue Ϟ Lightning

hopefully…its an optimistic estimate I’ll probably fail :/


Why did Love is Dead just take half an hour?

Blue Ϟ Lightning

it really should be dropped but I asked my partner if they wanted to try it and after getting a confirmation activated a key and tried it…

the gameplay isn’t engaging and the narator started getting annoying. I think we reached chapter 6 before losing all interest to boredom.


I think we reached chapter 6 before losing all interest to boredom.

That’s for the “won’t play category”, not the finished one, Blue. :notlikeblobdog:

Blue Ϟ Lightning

its multiplayer :eyes: it goes in the green catagory


I don’t understand how it being multiplayer makes it green, but it’s sad that you didn’t like the game. I was kind of looking forward to trying it. :/

Blue Ϟ Lightning

I guess my justification for marking multiplayer games in the same catagory as endless/roguelikes is I can’t beat it alone and/or the meaning of playing it is different (playing it with someone to have fun together vs playing it alone to play through it). The only times I’ve been marking them as unfinished/wont play is when it has a whole single player campaign I haven’t done (portal 2 was unfinished for like 2 years even though I played through the whole co op campagin years ago) (and cheating a bit by ignoring some I have no intrest of every playing the single player for)
some games like broforce I’ve started from the begining 4 times now with 4 different people and made it to various completion percentages…I haven’t made it to 100% and I dont know if I will restarting each time so even though theres a “end” I haven’t reached I feel like just changing my whole classification for multiplayer games (played with someone at least once == go in green catagory) instead of growing my already enormous wont play catagory. (at the same time…I haven’t been marking any of them as completed)

either way I know this classification breaks some things so I try to make sure people exclude the whole catagory with challenge me’s or Pay or Play picks and try to be super strict when it comes to SG wins.


Thank you for explaining! That does makes sense. If you’re done with the game, I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s red or green.


Digging the progress stats there, and very jealous of how accomplishable it looks!


Damn, you’re totally dominating that backlog! Congrats and good luck for what might be your final dash!


Wow, this looks awesome! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, you can do it!!!!! \o/

But is this just me or are 111 games like a lot for not playing? Haven’t checked them out yet, I’m just a bit surprised. I’m right now at 2% with them, but then again I can’t let that easily go hide

EDIT: Ok, most games on the list are unknown to me. Some I was like: But… but…but!
And then there was: Tropico! And I am so proud of you! I should have done the same thing! But… I didn’t drop

Lucky Thirteen

Today (13 Augest 2018)

Hello, person from the past. Welcome to year 2019 ;D

I gave a your “won’t play” list a quick look, that sure is quite a lot of games. May I ask why you put Dex on that list?

Blue Ϟ Lightning

aaaaaa fixed it

Blue Ϟ Lightning

dex is there because it was expanding outwards and unlike other metroidvanias I was just dreading it…like when say hollow knight expands I kept wanting to find new areas to see what they looked like etc…but with dex I just thought oh fuck I can see on the map how many more areas there will be and I’m not looking forward to it.

If I liked the combat/hacking more then I’d continue but for now I’m putting it in wont play-
keep in mind I do plan on coming back to stuff after I get through all my unfinished and unstarted games…(its kinda the equivalent of putting it at priority 0 instead of deleting it.) but for now I have no interest in it.

Lucky Thirteen

Ah, fair enough :) Though I don’t remember/am not aware of any new content being added since I played it in 2017. Perhaps the version I played already had everything in it.