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Satruday, 18. 6. '16
Joined my fellow backlog assassins on this website and so the slow war against my dusty backlog has officially started.


Today, I want to tell y’all a story:
A long, long time ago one of my Steam friends gave me a copy of Darksiders. Back then, I played it for about an hour, then lost interest and never touched the game again. As an owner of the original game, I got the Warmastered edition for free at some point and remembering that I have that in my library, I recently entered a SG giveaway for the Deathfinitive Edition of Darksiders 2. Lo and behold, I actually won! “Right,” I said to myself, “time to give old Darksiders a(nother) go.”
And so I ended up playing the Warmastered edition and it turned out to be one of my most favourite games. The point is, I want to thank the person who gave me the original Darksiders all those years ago. Whoever you were (because I forgot :/ ), you’re awesome.
Thank you!

🕒 ~37 hours
⭐ 36/43

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: Overall, this is a very good game and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. The visuals are quite pleasant. The gameplay is an interesting mix of hack-and-slash action, 3D adventure and puzzle solving. It tells a decent story too, which is always nice. I also really like what they did with the title. Warmastered. Heh-heh. Oh, and Mark Hamill is there, voice acting the Watcher! <3
DISLIKED: The control scheme isn’t the most comfortable one, especially when it comes to throwing or using your “gadgets”. On a few ocasions when you need to jump or climb somewhere, the camera fixes itself at a rather awkward angle.

🕒 ~70 hours
⭐ 44/50

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: First and foremost, you play as Death! The gameplay is about 50% combat and 50% puzzle solving, which I personally enjoyed. I also enjoyed the climbing and wallrunning in this game - some people seem to dislike this element, but I found it really quite satisfying. And again, thumbs up for the creative wordplay. Deathinitive :)
DISLIKED: It’s one of the most broken games I’ve ever played. Seriously, on the technical level, this shit feels like it’s in early acess! You will randomly be unable to move after you close any in-game menu. It offers very few graphic options. Trying to rebind the controls is a huge pain in the back and some keys (like the arrow keys) aren’t recognized at all. Many players reported crashes after certain bosses. The game was abandoned by the devs all the way back in 2015 (2016?) and the much needed patches never came out. It’s all the more baffling because this is supposed to be the “improved” version of the game. If this is an improvement, then the original must have been an utter disaster.

Also, HOGs! Honestly, I don’t know what to write about these anymore. They’re HOGs, they come with the usual set of ups and downs.

🕒 ~3 hours
⭐ N/A

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

🕒 ~6 hours
⭐ 35/35

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

🕒 ~26 hours
⭐ 10/10

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

🕒 ~5 hours
⭐ N/A

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten


So Steam really fucked things up again with its genius “learning about this game” feature. An utterly useless thing that no one asked for, that does absolutely no good and doesn’t help anybody in any way. It hurts legit less-known developers by burying their game under the heaps of garbage that still fill the store, it denies players legitimately earned achievements by not counting towards their profile stats and it messes up with sites that track your library, like BLAEO. It’s pissing me off. For the record, 3 of these 8 games aren’t tracked on this site:

🕒 ~4 hours
⭐ 13/13

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: Well, it’s a HOG. I like those, so I enojyed the gameplay.
DISLIKED: The story was lame even by HOG standards and some of the in-game notes were really badly written.

🕒 ~215 hours
⭐ 21/55

⁉️ STATUS: In progress/Endless

✔️ LIKED: I found myself a new clicker. Yay! I like the change of pace that this clicker offers. Rather than buying new units, you play as a single character and upgrade him/her. You start as an apprentice, then you kind of specialize by choosing a magic school to focus on… it’s really quite unique :)
DISLIKED: I found myself a new clicker… oh no! The first run is honestly quite dull and boring.

🕒 ~3 hours
⭐ 13/13

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: Again, I liked the game overall because I enjoy playing HOGs. They also had a couple of really interesting hidden object puzzles where instead of a list of objects, you had a list of emotions and traits (like “deception”, “greed”, “bravery”…) and needed to find the objects that represent those emotions/traits.
DISLIKED: No bonus chapter to follow up the ending that was very clearly designed with a bonus chapter in mind.

🕒 ~2 hours
⭐ 18/18

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: A light-hearted, mildly amusing adventure with beautiful visuals.
DISLIKED: Nothing. Honestly, I see nothing to complain about. The game is qiute short, but that’s not really a bad thing in my opinion.

🕒 ~21 hours
⭐ 27/29

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten, but new content added

✔️ LIKED: This game’s a pleasant surprise. A very enjoyable bullet hell rogue-lite featuring mildly silly mechs and alien technology. Developers are actively working on updates and bug fixes.
DISLIKED: It’s a bit on the difficult side of things. By no means a hardcore game and by no means an unfair one, but I’m not sure I can experience the new levels, let alone the new boss, having beaten the preivous “final” boss just twice out of the many attempts.

🕒 ~1 hour
⭐ 3/3

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: You know Sokoban, right? A nice, relaxing puzzle game where you push boxes out of your way to reach the end of a level? Well, that’s Mushroom Quest.
DISLIKED: The game could really use an “undo” button for when you accidentally push a box in the wrong direction while walking around it. It features “only” 60 levels, so it might seem too short to some, but personally I prefer shorter games so I don’t consider that a downside.

🕒 ~3 hours
⭐ 20/20

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: And once again, I enjoyed playing Noir Chronicles because it’s a HOG and I like HOGs.
DISLIKED: The faces! The awful, horrible faces in this game. Seriously, don’t attempt to put real-life faces on your character models, it’s not necessary and more often than not, it looks bloody hideous.

🕒 ~68 hours
⭐ 19/31

⁉️ STATUS: “Beaten” (kinda-sorta endless)

✔️ LIKED: The core game is a competently made shared-world rogue-like.
DISLIKED: Everything that isn’t the “core game” is a blatant, shameless cash grab. Seriously, the monetization in this bloody thing stops just short of reaching EA levels of bullshit. I personally also very much dislike the way they handle events. New players or people without super-strong gear can rarely participate in anything, that’s simply disappointing.


So I’ve been away for more than 6 months. At first, I was too busy playing Warframe to do anything else. Then there was a long, annoying event in one of the clickers I play, so that ate a lot of my time. And then, I was just plain lazy. I’ve been meaning to start posting here again for a long while now, but subconsciously I was kinda waiting for a “good opportunity” to do so. The start of a new year is a pretty damn good opportunity, so I have no further excuses :D

Here are some of the games I played in the past three months or so:

🕒 ~30 hours
⭐ 49/74

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: The graphic style and the gore. Many people found it cringy, but I liked the game’s (and the protagonist’s) attitude. Violence is golden!
DISLIKED: The black and white graphic along with the isometric view sometimes made it a little difficult to see who’s shooting at you and from where. Speaking of which, some enemies would often shoot from off-screen. Bloody annoying!

🕒 ~65 hours
⭐ 44/59

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: Very pretty sceneries. Blasting enemies with powerful magic felt very satisfying, even with all its flaws. There’s necromancy, too!
DISLIKED: The crafting system was an overwhleming mess. They tried too hard to make it feel complex, but they only made it needlessly complicated and confusing. The constant need to stop to manage your inventory and spells felt out of place in such a fast paced game. Sometimes, I found it hard to “keep up” with the enemies due to the player character’s fairly slow speed.

🕒 ~9 hours
⭐ 12/12

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: Everything. Great relaxing story-driven game with an interesting plot twist. Great graphic style, too. Nice and easy, just how I like it.
DISLIKED: Some achivements don’t unlock properly - I got one achiev that I shouldn’t have gotten, and had to do three playthroughs for some achievs to finally register. Plain weird.

🕒 ~8 hours
⭐ 16/16

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: Pretty much everything. A very enjoyable puzzle game with some light platforming. Nice and fairly easy, though a couple of rooms took me a long while to figure out (which isn’t a complaint, mind you).
DISLIKED: A lot of backtracking, but you unlock the fast travel feature quite early in the game.

🕒 ~21 hours
⭐ 24/31

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: Charming visuals. Gameplay was engaging right from the start, with fairly enjoyable combat and some light puzzle solving. You play as the villain.
DISLIKED: One dungeon was horribly glitched - had to restart that level like 4 times because either my character or the object needed to solve a puzzle got stuck somewhere. The descriptions of items weren’t exactly informative.

🕒 ~38 hours
⭐ 60/92

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: Satisfying melee combat. Surprisingly well-written and meaningful story, good pacing as well. Geniunelly funny remarks from the protagonist. And our demonic companion Hoji <3
DISLIKED: Bullet sponge enemies - there were plenty, often two or even three at once!

🕒 ???
⭐ 51/64(?)

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten on GOG

✔️ LIKED: Pretty sceneries. The ability to customize your playstyle thanks to the upgrades (see the dislikes about that, though). Enjoyable if you are just looking for some demon-slaying action.
DISLIKED: Much less interesting story than in the previous game. Much less satisfying gameplay. Pseudo-open world level design that didn’t really suit the game, coupled with less-than-ideally handled checkpoints. No manual saves. The upgrades (in the form of figurines found in containers or dropped by enemies) kind of felt like they existed just to justify the open world; should have been handled like in the previous game, only more “in-depth”. Disappointing if you loved the previous Shadow Warrior and wanted more of that.

🕒 ~14 hours
⭐ 10/10

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: One of the good visual novels out there. The art is not too anime-like. Coherent writing, aimed at a mature audience. Interesting idea.
DISLIKED: Very slow pacing during the first half(?) of the game. Takes quite a while to get to know the characters so we have little reason to care until much later. The game sometimes focuses too much on the “novel” part and too little on the “visual” part, so we often stare at pictures of empty rooms or streets. I feel that they could have done more with the idea of the protagonist’s “sickness”.

Update number unknown + 16, or scrambling to keep up with my schedule.

Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity
⌛ ~110 hour | ✪ 12/48 | ☑ In Progress
I've won this awesome game on SG about 2 weeks ago and since then, I spent all my time playing it (and my two favourite clikers/idle games which mostly play themselves). I'm slowly but surely nearing the end though, so yay, progress!
I created a deligfuly cruel Death Godlike priest of Skaen, the god of resentment, secret hatred and deception, because of course I did <3 Enjoying the vairous choices and consequences, Obsidian came very close to nailing it in my opinion. I intend to replay the game one more time, playing as a honest, benevolent Monk and if I ever find the time, I'd love to play it for the third time as a Bleak Walker paladin. We'll see how that turns out.

Deus Ex: MD Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
⌛ N/A | ✪ 0/81 | ☑ N/A
? ? ?
LiS: BtS Life is Strange: Before the Storm
⌛ N/A | ✪ 0/34 | ☑ N/A
? ? ?
The Shrouded Isle The Shrouded Isle
⌛ N/A | ✪ 0/16 | ☑ N/A
? ? ?
More SG wins! Deus Ex and LiS: Before the Storm are wins from the Playing Matters group, from the very same person in fact (hi, TempeteJoachim). I feel just a little bit guilty for snatching these awesome games for myself, though now I have to play these within three months, serves me right :D Need to play the previous LiS game as well, only played the first chapter before.

The Secret Order 6 The Secret Order 6: Bloodline
⌛ ~3 hours | ✪ 28/28 | ☑ Completed
Another HOG aded to my collection; played all the previous Secret Order games, I wonder how long they'll keep it going.

= Liked   = Disliked   = Mixed Feelings

Update number unknown + 15, about the bad and the ugly.

Renoir Renoir
⌛ ~1 hour | ✪ 0/9 | ☑ In Progress
Renoir is supposedly a puzzle platformer that has one big flaw - the gameplay.
I really like the noir style and I could live with the ridiculously stiff character animation, but the gameplay is simply unbearable. The controls are extremely unresponsive, the movement extremely sluggish and then there are the puzzles. The puzzles go like this: You select a ghost, then you press ENTER to activate it, then you slowly perform the needed action with the ghost (mostly flipping light switches), then you press ENTER again to "record" the action, then you press ENTER yet again for a slow replay of what you just slowly did... What in the holy hell?
Yes, manipulating ghosts is a thing. No, the game doesn't explain why.

Catacombs of Undercity Catacombs of the Undercity
⌛ ~4 hours | ✪ 4/19 | ☑ In Progress
Catacombs of the Undercity is a gamebook set in the same universe as Assassin in Orlandes & Curse of the Assassin. Unfortunatelly, I played about half-way through and then kind of gave up. The game is brutally difficult because other than the fights with enemies, there's also a lot of scripted traps that are unavoidable and you have pretty much no way to heal. That, coupled with the RNG of the dice rolls, makes it a needlessly frustrating experience. I will be (hopefully) replaying the game on the easiest difficulty for the story and for a few more achievs.

Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes
⌛ ~4 hours | ✪ 8/8 | ☑ Completed
Close Your Eyes is what I would describe as "right idea, wrong execution". It's a horror RPGMaker game that occasionally manages to build almost frightening atmosphere, but unfortunatelly the developer overuses long pitch-black corridors where nothing happens to stretch the play time, which often kills the tension (for me at least).

The Escape DLC Story Of the Survivor: The Escape DLC
⌛ ~1 hour | ✪ N/A | ☑ N/A
The Escape (DLC for the RPGMaker game Story of the Survivor) is an older SG win that I recently tried to play, but couldn't. I'm not sure what's the deal with the 3 positive reviews, because I encountered a game-breaking bug right at the first boss. As soon as the battle started, I got stunned(?) and the stun debuff just never expired. Couldn't move, couldn't fight... boss couldn't kill me either, because I was partially hidden behind some shelf. Tried again, the same deal.
The bit that I was able to play, before the first boss, was pretty bad as well - the protagonist has to constantly eat and drink, because the hunger/thirst meters go down super-fast, as is often the case with shitty survival games.
It's really baffling, as far as I recall, the original game (Story of the Survivor) was decent.

Labyronia RPG Labyronia RPG
⌛ ~14 hours | ✪ 6/6 | ☑ Completed
Labyronia is another RPGMaker game that I recently played. It's not bad, but there are several annoying things that make the game much less enjoyable. The worst offenders are two or three huge, mostly empty maps that are extremely painful to navigate through. Really, if you want to have huge maps, you need to fill them with content, dammit!

And a little bit of good, played for theme:

Labyronia RPG Please Close the Doors
⌛ ~3 hours | ✪ N/A | ☑ Beaten
Labyronia RPG Mini Ninjas
⌛ ~19 hours | ✪ N/A | ☑ Beaten
CSD Cook, Serve, Delicious!
⌛ ~32 hours | ✪ 43/52 | ☑ Beaten
Mystic Saga Mystic Saga
⌛ ~25 hours | ✪ 40/53 | ☑ In Progress
Please Close the Doors
Freebie. It's an RPGMaker horror/thriller in which you are trapped in an elevator with 7 other people and need to find out who the murderer is before it's too late. An alright game actually, though somewhat buggy.
Mini Ninjas
Freebie. One of the cutest games I've ever played. Enjoyable hack-and-slash-y experience with basic stealth. Beautiful in-game world. Has several flaws, but is worth playing if you own it.
Cook, Serve, Delicioius!
A gift, forgot from whom
🙁 A restaurant/cooking simulator. Enjoyable to play but some foods are perhaps unnecessarilly difficult/annoying to cook at later stages.
Mystic Saga
SG win. A hidden object game that was clearly meant to be free to play on Facebook or perhaps mobile devices, but costs 4,99€ on Steam. Kind of worth playing if you can get it as a freebie, though.

= Liked   = Disliked   = Mixed Feelings

Update number unknown + 14, about a bit of horror.

The Padre The Padre
⌛ ~5 hours | ✪ N/A | ☑ Beaten
The Padre is an early acess horror adventure that immediatelly caught my attention. I was able to play it, courtesy of none other than CowOfDarkness, and I enjoyed it a lot! It was a pleasant surprise to see that the game has none of those annoying things that other indie "horror" games always do - there are no pitch-black rooms here, no shitty flashlights that are constantly running out of batteries, no cheap jumpscares... Just an honest-to-goodness spooky experience, accompanied by the Padre's gruffy remarks. They really nailed the atmoshpere, too.
The game's in early access though, so while it's perfectly playable and mostly bug-free, there are some minor annoyances (somewhat clumsy controls, camera occasionally getting stuck at a fixed angle, things like that).

Friday the 13th Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle
⌛ ~10 hours | ✪ 47/60 | ☑ Beaten
Friday the 13: Killer Puzzle is a delightfully over-the-top sliding puzzle that was released on 13th of April (which was friday, because of course it was friday). Made by the developers of equally awesome Slayaway Camp, you just know we're in for a real treat!
The game puts you in the role of Jason Voorhees and sends you on a quest to chop, slice and slash your way through many levels, under the guidance of Jason's loving mother. The base game containing 8 different scenarios is free, so go right ahead and immerse yourself in this murder marathon ;)

Bulb Boy Bulb Boy
⌛ ~2 hours | ✪ 12/12 | ☑ Completed
Planet RIX-13 Planet RIX-13
⌛ ~2 hours | ✪ 17/17 | ☑ Completed
One Eyed Kutkh One Eyed Kutkh
⌛ ~1 hour | ✪ 8/8 | ☑ Completed
Three short point & click adventures, all of them enjoyable to play and quite easy to 100%.
Bulb Boy has a horror vibe to it, you play as a little lightbulb in a scary world inhabited by other lightbulbs, zombie plants, murderous plush rabbits and your lovely moth dog.
Planet RIX-13 is kind of a sci-fi adventure about a lonely astronaut stuck on an alien planet, where he finds abandoned labs left by a team of researchers who were stationed there. Something is clearly amiss!
And finally, One Eyed Kutkh is a bit confusing artistic adventure about an alien whose spaceship broke and he crashlanded on a mysterious planet. A lot of the reviews complained that it feels very slow, but the pacing was just fine in my opinion.

Mercury Mercury: Cascade into Madness
⌛ ~15 hours | ✪ 54/58 | ☑ Beaten
Mercury: Cascade into Madness is another RPGMaker game made by Astronomic Games, a studio with several very good RPGMaker titles under its belt.
The game seems to be set in the same universe as City of Chains; you play as the vigilante Michelle (alias Mercury) who made it her quest to destroy the gang that harmed her some time ago, hopefully saving the city in the process. Once again, you are able to influence the outcome of the game with your actions - maybe you'll leave a trail of corpses in your wake, or maybe you'll go out of your way to be a pacifist, harming as few people as possible?
If you played some of Astronomic Games' other RPGs, you know what to expect. If you haven't, I suggest you give them a try, they're really good (especially City of Chains and Atonement 1 & 2) ;)

Swordbreaker The Game Swordbreaker The Game
⌛ ~5 hours | ✪ 67/67 | ☑ Completed
Swordbreaker is a mildly amusing chose-your-own-adventure visual novel, following a nameless adventurer on his quest to steal a priceless diamond located in a castle full of monsters and traps.
It's... deadly. You will die a lot and that may be a bother at first, but luckily the stuff isn't randomized so once you learn which choices lead to death, you'll most likely have a fun time exploring all the different scenes within the castle. The game has three different endings, depending on your playstyle (you can be deemed a coward if you run away from fights a lot, a killer if you murder the hell out of everyone or a "human" if you tend to be friendly and helpful). The Killer ending is by far the best one, in my opinion - certainly the most badass one! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't become the Lord Necromancer's evil minion, though ;D
One thing to keep in mind if you decide to play the game (which you might want to, it's really fun) - it will probably start in russian. Don't be put off by that, just skip the intro and switch to english, the intro will play again when you next start the game and the translations are pretty decent for the most part ;)

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
⌛ ~35 hours | ✪ 49/60 | ☑ Beaten
Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a gamebook with animated, grid-based combat. It's awesome, but I'd say it suffers from having such a wide selection of figurines (=characters) to play with. You see, there are 15(!) of them in the base game, three more if you decide to buy the DLC, and playing through it for the 10th, 11th, 12th... time really stops being fun.
There are also some achievements that are currently unobtainable (and will most likely stay that way), so that's another downside of an otherwise great game. Takes a special kind of genius to implement achievs for stuff that doesn't even exist in the game O.o

= Liked   = Disliked   = Mixed Feelings

Update number unknown + 13, about the ups and downs of stealth.

Alpha Protocol Alpha Protocol
⌛ ~38 hours | ✪ N/A | ☑ Beaten
Alpha Protocol is a stealth-action espionage RPG that I got for free during Sega's recent Make War Not Love promotion. The game suffers from the same issue as many other games where stealth is just one of the options, that is boss battles that require you to shoot your way through, but in between these forced shoot-outs, the stealth is truly delightful.
I was pleasantly surprised that the game can be finished without killing a single person, save for one scripted occasion where the protagonist throws a bad buy in front of a moving vehicle. Your pistol can shoot tranquilizers, fist fights are always considered non-lethal and after each boss fight, there is a dialogue with some meaningful choices including the option to either execute the character or to let them go. Of course you also have your trusty stealth takedowns, but that goes without saying ;)
The aforementioned choices & consequences are very worth mentioning as well: almost every conversation changes something, be it just a bit of dialogue, your reputation with the NPC in question or even the whole output of a mission!
The game has many flaws, but all in all, the pros seem to outweigh the cons.

Dex Dex
⌛ ~30 hours | ✪ 32/32 | ☑ Completed
Dex is a 2D side-scrolling RPG set in a futuristic, cyberpunk world that borrows a lot of elements from Deus Ex, up to and including the title :D
It's a pretty alright game with a pretty alright story and a pretty bellow-average stealth mechanics. After playing Alpha Protocol with all its stealth perks and meaningful choices, Dex feels a little bit disappointing. It's probably unfair, but I can't help it, I just... expected more?
Much like Deus Ex, Dex also touches the topic of human augmentations and that got me thinking: if the (ab)use of augmentations became a reality, I think I'd actually be very much against it. I'm not a religious person, I'm not a fan of "natural beauty" (being ugly as hell, myself :D ) or anything, but I believe we shouldn't alter our bodies too much unless we suffer some medical condition that requires it. That applies to plastic surgeries, too. What do you guys think?

Qasir al-Wasat Qasir al-Wasat: International Edition
⌛ ~16 hours | ✪ 13/26 | ☑ Beaten
Qasir al-Wasat is a game that I grabbed while it was on a neat discount not too long ago (courtesy of Golden$Dragon who lent me the 34 cents that I was missing). It's a unique stealth adventure, filled to the brim with complex puzzles and intriguing backstory. You are a creature from another dimension summoned by a powerful sorcerer to do his bidding, although you possess a free will and you had your own reason for accepting the contract.
The game has two rather big flaws though: 1) if you decide to play as a pacifist, you're gonna have a rather unpleasant time on two or three occasions when carrying a key (YOU are invisible but the key is, obviously, not and the guards will very much wonder why is there a key floating around). That leads me to: 2) the pacifist achievement is fucking broken! It annoys the hell out of me that I put the time and effort into beating the game 3 times, making 110% sure I didn't touch anyone, and the achievement refuses to unlock. I was *THIS* close to just unlocking the fucker with SAM. With that said, I still recommend Qasir al-Wasat to all stealth lovers!


= Liked   = Disliked   = Mixed Feelings

Update number unknown + 12, about the games I played (who would have guessed!).

Serial Cleaner Serial Cleaner
⌛ ~10 hours | ✪ 25/28 | ☑ Beaten
Serial Cleaner is a SG win from like 4 months ago. I finally played it, and I'm glad I did! It's an awesome stealth game in which you play as the titular cleaner (for the mob). If there's some blood, dead bodies or evidence that needs to disappear, the cleaner is the man for the job. One day, he gets a new client and troubles soon follow...
I can wholeheartedly recommend Serial Cleaner to fans of the stealth genre, it's very worth the time and money, although there is one "minus": the store page advertises trading cards, but the game doesn't drop them.

Yesterday Origins Yesterday Origins
⌛ ~7 hours | ✪ 15/36 | ☑ In Progress
Yesterday Origins is an interesting point and click adventure following the story of John Yesterday and a few of his past incarnations. The story is intriguing and the gameplay would be great IF the damned developers bothered to implement a proper mouse controls.
I mean, the game is playable with a mouse, but there are some issues with the cursor disappearing on close-ups or just feeling unresponsive while trying to rotate objects... As you can imagine, that's quite a problem in a point and click adventure. There's a message that the game is "best played with a controller" on the starting screen, but I call bullshit. Who in their right mind would want to play a point and click adventure, on their PC, with a controller?

The Ghost of Joe Papp The Ghost of Joe Papp
⌛ ~1 hours | ✪ 4/4 | ☑ Completed
Oh boy, this game... This game is a thing O.o The Ghost of Joe Papp is a short visual novel about a group of friends(?) rehearsing for their Shakespeare play performance, but no one takes it very seriously and everyone keeps kind of randomly talking about... nothing relevant or engaging, really. A part of all that is a young woman, who is the ghost of William Shakespeare and loves to smoke weed with one of the characters. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.

Mystic Saga Mystic Saga
⌛ ~5 hours | ✪ 28/53| ☑ In Progress
Mystic Saga is another recent SG win. Being the HOG fan that I am, I couldn't say "no" to adding another hidden object game to my collection. I... maybe should have said "no". It's one of those Facebook games - with the stupid energy system and microtransactions and all, except it costs 4.99€.
The hidden object scenes themselves are perfectly fine in my opinion, but I just can't recommend paying money for it, because games like this are meant to be free to play.

Monster Slayers Monster Slayers
⌛ ~38 hours | ✪ 11/22 | ☑ In Progress
Another great rogue-like (lite?) that I enjoy very much. You know, I wasn't a fan of permadeaths and loosing your progress before. I never understood how that is fun, but the more modern rogue-lites I play, the more fond I grow of the genre :)
Your goal in Monster Slayers is to slay three legendary monsters (=bosses) at the end of three short, randomly generated dungeons. You can choose from 14 classes in total randing from a knight to a beastmaster to a dragon. Yes, a dragon would also like to join the Monster Slayers' guild, it seems. You do that by building your little deck of cards and playing those cards against AI opponents. It's a very enjoyable game, can very much recommend :)
= Liked   = Disliked   = Mixed Feelings

Update number unknown + 11, about lucky number thirteen.

Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff CE Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff Collector's Edition
⌛ ~3 hours | ✪ N/A | ☑ Beaten
So, this month's theme is all about 3s and it just so happened that I played 3 things so far. One of them being Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff.
Small Town Terrors is a trio of HOGs: Livingston, Pilgrim's Hook and Galdor's Bluff (I played the other two before the theme was announced). All three are good HOGs, Livingston is the weakest one and Pilgrim's Hook is the best one, in my opinion. If you bought the Fanatical bundle and are still unsure whether you should activate these games, go right ahead ;)

Twisted Lands Trilogy Twisted Lands Trilogy Collector's Edition
⌛ ~11 hours | ✪ N/A | ☑ Beaten
Another trio of HOGs, this one consisting of Twisted Lands: Shadow Town, Twisted Lands: Insomniac and Twisted Lands: Origin.
Again, these are pretty nice HOGs, although there's a lot of backtracking, especially in the first one. I liked how interactive it is though, you can open and close some drawers/cabinets, you can ring a bell repeatedly, honk a car horn etc... I kinda like little details like this :D The games have quite nice stories too, about a mysterious island where people started turning into fish-like monsters and we get a little glimpse into how it started in Twisted Lands: Origin.

Weird Park Trilogy Weird Park Trilogy
⌛ ~12 hours | ✪ N/A | ☑ Beaten
And for the third time, a trio of HOGs: Weird Park: Broken Tune, Weird Park: Scary Tales and Weird Park: The Final Show. These are pretty standard HOGs - nothing groundbreaking, but nothing disappointing either. Not sure what else to say, if you have the key and aren't sure if you should keep it or not, I'd say yes, keep it ;)

Lost Castle Lost Castle
⌛ ~20 hours | ✪ 50/81 | ☑ In Progress
Lost Castle is a recent SG win that I also started playing. It's a great rogue-lite with lovely graphic, addicting gameplay and some mild humor here and there. It's hard, but not frustratingly so and when you die, you spend the collected souls on permanent upgrades and are ready to jump right back into the action, which I really appreciate. Nothing more annoying than a difficult game that puts you through several loading screens after each death.
By the way, the game is perfectly playable solo, even though it also features a coop mode ;)
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