Lucky Thirteen


So, may monthly theme didn’t go too well - I managed to beat just one game. One ended on my “won’t play” list and another one sits on the “unfinished” pile. Sigh.

🕒 ~5 hours
⭐ N/A

⁉️ STATUS: Won’t play

✔️ LIKED: It’s a nicely drawn game.
DISLIKED: Unfortunatelly, the gameplay is centered around playing hide and seek with a monster. That’s something I’m just not fond of. The game does give you a warning when the monster appears, but you often don’t have enough time to react (either because you just so happened to go through the “wrong” door or because there is no hiding place) so the monster kills you instantly. From my experience, there is about 50% chance that you’ll die everytime you change rooms. I have no patience for that.

🕒 ~28 hours
⭐ 40/48

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: Interesting visual stylization, cool swordplay. Generous time limits in some story- and side-missions. I hate time limits of any sort, but here I never felt stressed out by them because the game provides enough time to pass the level and even pick up some collectibles along the way. I also really liked the “Ulti-Mondo” skin that you unlock by beating the game for the first time.
DISLIKED: The utterly, ridiculously terrible button-mashing during boss fights with the Big Bad. It’s nearly impossible to pass, at least with KB+M (though from what I read, people with controllers had troubles with it as well). If you can’t smash the button fast enough, it’s game over for you, beceause there is no other way to get past those fights. That’s just plain bad design, pointless and unfair. Also, the optional challenges were frustrating as hell (but yes, they’re optional).

🕒 ~14 hours
⭐ 15/15

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: A good mix of adventure, walking sim and platforming. The core idea appealed to me (humans can’t adapt, so they destroy). The game communicates with the player quite well without relying on tutorials (that’s something games often get wrong and are either needlessly detailed or way too obtuse). Also, it’s easy to get the “speedrun” achiev! O.o
DISLIKED: Lack of proper in-game settings. The transitions between areas are not exactly seemless. At one point, the game gives you instructions that are pretty much an opposite of what you actually need to do (when you get the jetpack boost for the first time). The “interview” part of the story felt pointless and out of place.

🕒 ~4 hours
⭐ 7/7

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: Nice art, decent audio. The writing is ok, the story clearly has some sort of a vision as to where it wants to go.
DISLIKED: No real menu to speak of and when you beat the game, it just quits to desktop. The combat system (while interesting) wasn’t implemented very well. The riddles were completely out of place and had nothing to do with what’s going on in the game.

🕒 ~6 hours
⭐ 9/9

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: Mildly amusing strategy game in which you have to assemble a group of adventurers based on their preferences and then succesfully complete said adventure. Easy to 100%, which is a plus if you care about achievs.
DISLIKED: There’s quite a lot of typos. The game’s somewhat reliant on RNG and the interface can be confusing at first.

🕒 ~10 hours
⭐ 18/18

⁉️ STATUS: Completed

✔️ LIKED: A turn based strategy where you are the “villain”, going against the “heroes” (though they did conquer your kingdom, so you’re just taking back what was yours). Quite short, quite easy.
DISLIKED: Treasure chests seem to exist to be picked up by enemies, that’s a bit annoying. Overall, I would prefer if the gamplay was a bit slower and more “balanced”.

🕒 ~17 hours
⭐ 14/44

⁉️ STATUS: Unfinished

✔️ LIKED: A stealth game set in old-time Japan, in which you control a party of heroes. I like how each of them has different abilities and you have to make them work together to achieve their goal, all for the glory of the Shogun.
DISLIKED: The gameplay is a bit too challenging for me. In every mission, there’s one part where I get stuck for a long while and that annoys me, that’s why I lost interest in the game for now. I do intend to finish it because I enjoy stealth games, but you know how that goes… Soon(tm).

🕒 ~27 hours
⭐ 20/22

⁉️ STATUS: Beaten

✔️ LIKED: A mildly amusing, relaxing (if grindy) word game. I like that, it helps me improve my english. Though I wish there were some good word games available in my language (we mostly only have the lame ones).
DISLIKED: It requires quite a lot of grinding, especially towards the end before you are strong enough to tackle the dragon. I found it a bit difficult to remember which words I already used in longer games.


Hey, pretty good progress there, Ms. Thirteen! :3
Lifeless Planet looks fun…it hides inconspicuously somewhere in my backlog. Easy to get the “speedrun” achievement, eh? Sign me up! 14 hours, though, eh? Was that having to reply for the “no deaths” achievement? Did it feel like a long 14h or a short one, if there is such a thing?
So which is the game from the monthly theme that you beat? Hmm, looks like Killer is Dead maybe? I hate time limits, too…but it sounds like these weren’t so bad. Doesn’t look like my kind of game, though. I ended up mostly playing VNs for the Japanese theme, with mixed results…
Shadow Tactics looks like hardcore stealth. It even took stealth Queen Lenor 91 hours to complete it 100%. :o
Questr looks kind of fun…I’d never heard of it. I might have to add it to the old wishlist.

It looks like you’re playing Hydrophobia: Prophecy for this month’s theme (I hope you don’t mind that I peeked). How do you like it so far? I’m trying to decide if I’m going to play it this month…I actually played about an hour of it several years ago, then dropped it. It remains firmly on my completionist downers list. I know I won’t be able to 100% it (too many medals and collectibles) but maybe 10 or 11/13 would be possible…? Are you enjoying it? I just loathe playing games that I don’t like.

Hope all’s well with you, in-game, online, and IRL. :)

Lucky Thirteen

Hey Trent :)

The 14 hours from Lifeless Planet include playing through it multiple times (first the normal playthrough, then replaying some levels to get all the possible deaths for an achiev and then doing another full playthrough for the no deaths + speedrun achievs). I never once felt bored or frustrated by it, it definitelly wasn’t an “I wish this was over already” kind of experience.

You are right, Killer is Dead is the game that I beat for the monthly theme. I found out some time ago that I enjoy action games that let me use swords, so I kinda liked the gameplay (minus the button mashing issue I mentioned in dislikes). And yeah, Shadow Tactics is kinda hardcore. I decided to completely ignore the in-game badges (because each level has one for speedrunning) and that made it a much more pleasant experience. Honestly, I think that I would have hated the game if I was torturing myself with the badges.

Have you heard of the game called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling”? Questr is made by the same devs, in my opinion they have a talent when it comes to making satire ;)

And you are right again, I started playing Hydrophobia in hopes that it might fit this month’s theme. I kind of like it :) The shooting is a bit annoying, I could certainly do without that, but so far so good. I’m aiming for 10/13 achievs, that sounds doable so fingers crossed.


I tend not to like games requiring multiple playthroughs, but it sounds like it wasn’t so bad in the case of Lifeless Planet. Of course I just played a multiple playthrough game (Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden) in which you have to play all of HO-alternatives (dominos in this case) to get 100%. And I made the classic error of accidentally not switching to dominos in one case halfway through the game (it wasn’t an obvious HO scene), so I basically had to play 2 1/2 times. <grr>

I had not heard of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling, or at least, I didn’t remember it until I checked its store page…apparently I Ignored it at some point, so I guess I’ve seen it before. *blush*

Yeah, I’ll probably break down and try Hydrophobia: Prophecy. I’ll probably just start a new game since it’s been years since I played it. I have trouble remembering game controls from one day to the next, let alone years apart. :p