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January 2023

Not much happened in terms of gaming, but I don’t mind.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

193 hours
326 of 1294 achievements

Another 18 hours logged into the game. I'm finally up to date on the Bonus book, and I made some progress in the Community 5 book.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels - Advent 4 Pack

0 hours
no achievements

December 2022

I can't believe the year is already over. I didn't get much gaming done in 2022 sadly, but maybe 2023 will be a better year.

Steam Library 2022:
25% (48/191)
37% (70/191)
14% (26/191)
14% (26/191)
11% (21/191)
Steam Library 2021:
30.1% (49/163)
40.5% (66/163)
11.0% (18/163)
6.7% (11/163)
11.7% (19/163)
Steam Library 2020:
29% (40/140)
39% (54/140)
13% (18/140)
9% (12/140)
11% (16/140)
Half-Life 2

Spring Falls

1.7 hours
12 of 12 achievements

Cute little puzzle game that I enjoyed playing, but since it's so short, probably it's better to buy it on sale.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

175.9 hours
300 of 1272 achievements

Another 15 hours of this game . . . I wasn't able to finish the Advent 4 DLC, sadly. I got really close though.

Half-Life 2

Cloud Gardens

2.5 hours
3 of 11 achievements
Half-Life 2


1.3 hours
8 of 15 achievements
Half-Life 2


0.9 hours
2 of 14 achievements

More games from the sales . . .


  • Spring Falls
  • Melatonin
  • Timelie
  • </ul> </div> </div>

November 2022

Hi everyone.

I still have virtually no time to play games but I still ended up buying . . . a lot, from this year’s autumn sale. I did this mainly because I was warned of the price raise that’s going to happen soon, and also because, eh, why not? Maybe this will make me prioritize gaming a bit, we’ll see.

Who knew moving to a completely new country for grad school would be so intense? (Ha ha . . ha . . . I’m dying, send help.)

    Steam Autumn Sale 2022

  • Cloud Gardens
  • Dorfromantik
  • Ever Forward
  • Lila’s Sky Ark
  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page
  • Mosaic
  • My Time at Sandrock
  • The Sojourn
  • Coloring Pixels - Bakery Pack
  • Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea
  • </ul>

July 2022

I was going really good at the beginning of the month, and then I just . . . stopped. I'm currently getting ready to move across the globe, to Canada, so there won't be much gaming for a while, I'm assuming.

Half-Life 2

Cat Cafe Manager

11.4 hours
59 of 59 achievements
Gifts New Games 2022
Half-Life 2

It Takes Two

13.3 hours
11 of 20 achievements
Half-Life 2


4.9 hours
no achievements
Gifts New Games 2021
Half-Life 2

ShellShock Live

4.2 hours
6 of 58 achievements
Gifts New Games 2022

My younger cousin really wanted for us play games together, so I was given a lot of gifts (4), and Stray is from a friend.


  • Golf It!
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • ShellShock Live
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • Stray
  • </ul> </div> </div>

June 2022

This month I'm back to making a post with multiple tabs, because I both acquired and played games! For a change! I haven't been playing much since the beginning of the year, (thanks to the last semester of university along with my senior thesis) but to keep things balanced I haven't been buying games either. But since the semester is over and I'm finally graduating, I thought I can indulge in a game or two--though, I bought only one and the rest were a gift from a friend for my birthday.

Steam Library, June 2022:
29% (50/172)
38% (66/172)
12% (20/172)
10% (17/172)
11% (19/172)
Steam Library, June 2021:
30% (44/148)
41% (61/148)
10% (15/148)
7% (10/148)
12% (18/148)
Steam Library, June 2020:
19.2% (23/120)
25.8% (31/120)
22.5% (27/120)
18.3% (22/120)
14.2% (17/120)

No games to see, but I managed to finish "Community 3" and "Community 4" books of Coloring Pixels.

Non-steam honorable mentions:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection -- I'm back at playing Solitaire a few times a day, haha.
Ensemble Stars!! Music -- Okay. This one's not my fault. A really close friend of mine showed me the game and made me play it a few times on her account, and now I'm hooked. I've been playing it a lot since a few days even though I'm usually not into rhythm games at all... well, there's a first for everything I guess. But it's also eating into my gaming time.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

159.2 hours
275 of 1117 achievements
Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove

149.9 hours
66 of 70 achievements
Half-Life 2


4.9 hours
8 of 30 achievements
Half-Life 2

It Takes Two

3.3 hours
2 of 20 achievements

This is actually my second time playing the game, but the first time wasn't on my Steam account. (Shhh).

Half-Life 2

Freshly Frosted

2.4 hours
34 of 78 achievements

I really should start "clearing" games once again . . .
I added the two ARK games because they were free, but I don't intend to play them any time soon (or ever).


  • Freshly Frosted
  • Coloring Pixels
  • Coloring Pixels
  • Gift(s):

  • Dogs Organized Neatly
  • Shady Part of Me
  • Eastward
  • The Wild at Heart
  • EA Play:

  • It Takes Two
  • Freebie(s):

  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • ARK: Survival Of The Fittest
  • </ul> </div> </div>

May 2022

Another month of little to no gaming . . . except Coloring Pixels.
But, good thing is, I’m almost done with my senior thesis! After I complete that, and another paper that’s due 8th of June, I will be officially done with my bachelor’s degree.

Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove

149.1 hours
66 of 70 achievements
Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

134.1 hours
243 of 1096 achievements

I actually made a lot of progress this month! Completed . . . 8 different images, woo!
But most of my time in Coloring Pixels this month went into r/Place pack, which is proving to be difficult to progress in. I was hoping to complete the first image in May, but not even that got done. Still, for fun purposes, here's my progress at the end of May: https://imgur.com/a/FB1Neak

April 2022

Life update: I have about a month before I need to submit my senior thesis, which should be around 11-12k words (or 40 pages double-spaced) … and I’m barely at 2k. If anyone is able to manifest things, please help me by manifesting my thesis … sobs. Honestly - no wonder I can barely play games.

Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove

141.3 hours
64 of 70 achievements

Most of my time this month again went to Cozy Grove. They finally released a DLC, so there's more to do in the game other than collection & achievement hunting, and the Spring Festival is here so that means nice clothes, flowers, and ducklings! I also unlocked some of the new achievements, but still far away from 100%.

Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove - New Neighbears DLC

0 hours
no achievements
Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

109.1 hours
235 of 1074 achievements

I also made some more progress in Coloring Pixels (about 4 hours?). Not much to see, but still a few images done. They added a new free DLC, (r/Place) so… This will never be done, but it's still nice to play once in a while since I don't have to think while playing it.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels - r/Place Pack

0 hours
0 of 16 achievements

The images in this are big so … who knows when I'll be done with it.

March 2022

Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove

126.1 hours
61 of 70 achievements

I was just 1 achievement away from getting 100%, and then they added even more achievements! The quest to perfecting Cozy Grove continues . . .

I didn’t play much else this month. I bought Lemon Cake, but then it turned out to be extremely repetitive and grindy, and not even the cute graphics was saving it, so I refunded it around the 2 hour mark. Since there is not much to say about my gaming, I will share a story from last month instead. So, I recently got accepted to a master’s program, and they require 3 documents before I can register as a student: certificate of graduation, transcript of records from my home university (1), & the transcript of records from the university where I spent a semester as an exchange student 2 years ago. Sounds easy, right? Haha . . . ha.

The catch is that the university (2) requires these to be “official copies”, which means hardcopy in a signed & sealed envelope. I contacted the university (3) where I went as an exchange student, but they sent me a PDF copy. When I asked for the “official copy”, they told me that it’s university 1’s responsibility to send it. I emailed back and forth with university 2 and 3 to hopefully get uni 3 to send a copy, but they did not change their position on this. So I contacted university 1’s International Office, but they also sent me a PDF copy. Then I contacted my department’s Senior Advisor, who told me to contact the Exchange Program Coordinator, who told me to contact the Registrar’s Office for the official transcript. R. O. told me they do not have transcripts for exchange programs, and told me to contact my department (which I had already done). Then Exchange Coordinator told me to contact the International Office, who then told me . . . they do not have the hardcopy of my transcript in my files. Ha . . .

But the story has a good ending! University 2 accepted a PDF copy to be emailed to them after this entire ordeal, thank god.

TL;DR Bureaucracy is hell and it took me a more than a week & 20+ emails to get a transcript mailed.

February 2022

Half-Life 2

Garden Story

16.8 hours
21 of 21 achievements

January 2022

Ever since my older laptop died, I haven’t been playing games as much… and it shows lol. No completions, no additions – at least the backlog stayed the same. I played a bunch of Cozy Grove though, since it doesn’t require anything really. I can simply go around the island, collect materials, sell flowers, try to get the in-game collection activements for the sake of getting them. I will 100% this game! haha.

Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove

92.5 hours
60 of 62 achievements