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September 2021

… This month my old laptop died. Since then I’ve been using my second laptop, which is newer and not fit for gaming at all, so not much gaming was done in September. I’ve been playing Cozy Grove every morning (the laptop can handle that much) and using 1 free hour of GeforceNow every once in a while since a subscription is quite expensive for a service which doesn’t have a lot of games I’m interested in.

Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove

28.3 hours
48 of 62 achievements

I bought Kena: Bridge of Spirits from Epic to play on GFN, so I’ve been busy with that. I’m taking it slow and having a lot of fun.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

6.2 hours
no achievements

And… that’s about it for this month.

August 2021

I'm too tired to write something long here. It was a decent month but some things were very frustrating. I did some gaming though, which was nice.

Half-Life 2

Down in Bermuda

3.0 hours
23 of 25 achievements
Half-Life 2

Neo Cab

5.9 hours
15 of 18 achievements
Half-Life 2

Raji: An Ancient Epic

6.6 hours
18 of 21 achievements
Half-Life 2
free on Steam

Come with Me

0.7 hours
9 of 9 achievements

This month is just ... unlucky.

Half-Life 2


2.3 hours
6 of 26 achievements

I normally don't say anything about unfinished games, but this month I want to. There's a bug in Effie where in a racing game, if you die and press the restart button early, the game freezes and you have to close it by force, otherwise nothing happens. Since I'm stuck in that racing game (I'm so terrible at it that I spent at least an hour replaying it), I don't really feel like playing Effie - which is sad, because I was enjoying it otherwise. I might eventually play it, but … the bug and the racing game is making me not want to.

Half-Life 2

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

6.3 hours
25 of 34 achievements

… I'm very unlucky this month. I knew Nanotale had some problems and bugs, but none of them were game-breaking for me, until they were. I'm experiencing a bug where a mission I've cleared isn't registered, so I can't progress in the game. I submitted this to the developers and they asked for my save files, but I haven't heard anything from them ever since. I could, potentially, play and finish the game, but this is annoying and it makes me not want to play.

Half-Life 2

As Far As The Eye

18.4 hours
35 of 67 achievements

I enjoy(ed) this game. It was 5 "tutorial" chapters that are named Campaign, for some reason; and 8 different routes to play later on. I finished the Campaign chapters, and then managed to win a run in first 4 of the 8 routes, but the last 4 feel impossible. I tried many times and died in every single one of them. The game isn't beaten for me unless I do the last 4 routes, but so far it's been difficult. Who knows if I can even do them?

… So, As Far As The Eye stays in the unfinished pile. It is sad because I put a lot of effort into this game in August.

Half-Life 2

Cozy Grove

8.0 hours
22 of 62 achievements

Cute game.


  • Down in Bermuda
  • Cozy Grove
  • Reddit Win(s):

  • As Far As The Eye
  • Effie
  • Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
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July 2021

Since almost all of my new games from this year is done, I should really go back and play the remaining games from last year. Right now I actually don't have many games I want to play in my Steam library, but I'll still try to give a chance to those I'm not that interested in. I think July was a fine month of gaming for me as I had a lot of fun. Sadly my backlog clearing got a bit slow after I re-discovered Solitaire. I've been playing Microsoft Solitaire a lot, but it doesn't show how many hours I've spent on it so it'll forever be a mystery lol.

New Games 2021:
45% (5/11)
45% (5/11)
9% (1/11)
New Games 2020:
28% (12/43)
35% (15/43)
19% (8/43)
5% (2/43)
14% (6/43)

I wanted to get 100% in Chicory: A Colorful Tale but since I bought and played it very close to its release, one or two collection achievements eluded me. There are no guides yet, so I'm not sure what I am missing. Oh well.

Half-Life 2

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

19.6 hours
31 of 33 achievements
Half-Life 2

Beasts of Maravilla Island

2.9 hours
31 of 31 achievements
Half-Life 2


4 hours
9 of 17 achievements
Half-Life 2

Tiny Lands

3.2 hours
12 of 12 achievements

At first I thought I can play and perhaps beat The Long Dark this month, but as I played and got into the game, I learned that I can only partially beat it since the story mode isn't completed yet. 3 out of 5 episodes are out, and the 4th one is still being developed. The survival mode is extremely difficult for a beginner like me, so I couldn't make progress there either. I might play and complete the existing 3 episodes in August, but I'm not sure yet.

I also bought Rumu and Hidden Folks, but ended up refunding them.


  • Tiny Lands
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June 2021

Surprisingly enough, I actually played games this month! I'm so glad to be playing games again, and finally the spring semester at the university is over. I'll have some more time for myself, for gaming, and other things! At least for a while. This is also my second year anniversary here! I joined back in June 2019.

Steam Library, June 2021:
30% (44/148)
41% (61/148)
10% (15/148)
7% (10/148)
12% (18/148)
Steam Library, June 2020:
19.2% (23/120)
25.8% (31/120)
22.5% (27/120)
18.3% (22/120)
14.2% (17/120)

I actually wanted to 100% Littlewood as well, but there are a few achievements that will be just a waste of time to go for, so I gave up on it. No need to grind cutting trees or mining ores for hours just for achievements.

Half-Life 2

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

3.1 hours
34 of 34 achievements
Half-Life 2


40.1 hours
55 of 60 achievements

I actually haven't bought anything from the Summer Sale. I might buy one or two games in July, before the sale ends, but for now I'm happy with what I have. My birthday is in June, so a friend gifted me a game to celebrate. I'm looking forward to playing that one!


  • Littlewood
  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale
  • Gift(s):

  • Beasts of Maravilla Island
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May 2021

I ... actually played games this month?

New Games 2021:

33% (2/6)
33% (2/6)
17% (1/6)
17% (1/6)

Half-Life 2

Rusty Lake Hotel

1.4 hours
23 of 23 achievements
Half-Life 2

The Almost Gone

2.4 hours
9 of 12 achievements

I finished it once, maybe in June I'll go back to it and finish it a second time to get the rest of the achievements.

Half-Life 2


38.9 hours
38 of 39 achievements

I'm missing a single achievement but to get that I need to replay a big chunk of the game, so it's not completed yet. I'll hopefully play that chunk in June and get that last achievement, otherwise it's going to bother me. :P


  • The Almost Gone
  • Gifts:

  • DARQ
  • </ul>
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April 2021

I didn’t beat or complete any games this month. Instead, acquired 2 new games.
Tank Quest’s developer is a friend of mine and I’m happy to support him. This is his first game, and hopefully he’ll continue to make games in the future!


  • Tank Quest
  • Free:

  • Rusty Lake Hotel

March 2021

I haven’t been gaming as much lately, so here’s a shorter/smaller post. No additions. Just two games off the “unfinished” list.
I also played a bunch of Spiritfarer but technically haven’t beaten it, so I will add it in April probably.

Half-Life 2

Dead Cells

38.3 hours
54 of 87 achievements

I defeated the Hand of the King and got the first Boss Stem Cell. I will play it more later on to progress more in the game, but the end credits rolled, so I'm considering Dead Cells as "beaten".

Half-Life 2

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

39.1 hours
17 of 34 achievements

With the Season 4 of Fall Guys, they introduced a new game mode: now you can play in "squads", and if your squad wins, you also win. Thanks to that I was finally able to get a win in the game, after almost 40 hours and several seasons of playing. I'm not actively playing it anymore, but I wasn't able to consider it "beaten" because I hadn't won previously. Now it's marked as beaten, yay!

February 2021

Most of February was spent studying for my finals and writing assignments, so not much gaming got done. I didn't buy anything, so there's that.

Most Played Games:

Dead Cells 20 hours
Stardew Valley 10 hours
- -

Half-Life 2

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

2.9 hours
23 of 29 achievements

20 hours of Dead Cells, 10 hours of Stardew... and that's pretty much it.

Nothing to see here.

January 2021

With January, the semester at the university is coming to an end, so I have a lot of work to do. I just wish my finals would end so that I'll have some time for myself again. I'm exhausted. Earlier in the month I had some time to play games, but for the most part I didn't want to, and later on I had limited time anyways. I'm back to playing Stardew Valley thanks to the new content update, and I'm loving it. I'm glad to be back. It's still one of my favourite games, and going back to it after a long time is fun. Other than that, I did very limited gaming.

Most Played Games:

Stardew Valley 15+ hours
Coloring Pixels 6 hours
Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan 2 hours

Half-Life 2

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

6.5 hours
21 of 24 achievements

I was replaying this game in expert mode to get the last few achievements but at one puzzle the game broke and I had no way of continuing. There wasn't a fix that I could find, so I just gave up on getting 100% achievements - not that important anyways.

Half-Life 2

Hanoi Puzzles: Solid Match

1.5 hours
11 of 11 achievements


  • Hanoi Puzzles: Solid Match
  • Wins:

    SteamGifts Wins:

  • Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan
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December 2020

Happy New Year, everyone!

Steam Library: December 2020

29% (40/140)
39% (54/140)
13% (18/140)
9% (12/140)
11% (16/140)

Steam Library: November 2020

28% (36/128)
41% (52/128)
14% (18/128)
9% (11/128)
9% (11/128)

Most Played Games:

Lyne 10 hours
Coloring Pixels 9 hours
Rain World 7 hours

Half-Life 2

Little Misfortune

3.1 hours
27 of 35 achievements
Half-Life 2
Won on SteamGifts

Queen's Quest 5: Symphony of Death

3.1 hours
20 of 21 achievements
Half-Life 2

Mystic Pillars

4.6 hours
15 of 15 achievements
Half-Life 2

Path of Giants

3.6 hours
17 of 17 achievements
Half-Life 2
Game Pass for PC


0.0 hours
25 of 25 achievements
Half-Life 2
Steam Family Share

Assemble with Care

1.5 hours
14 of 14 achievements
Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels - Advent Pack

0.0 hours
25 of 25 achievements
Half-Life 2


0.9 hours
1 of 1 achievements

End of the year hits different with additions. This month I got extremely lucky with Reddit, and won a bunch of wishlisted games! The sales didn't hit my wallet as hard, thankfully. I'm looking forward to playing them all!


  • PHOGS!
  • klocki
  • Gifts:

  • Spiritfarer
  • Townscaper
  • Wins:

    SteamGifts Wins:

  • Queen's Quest 5: Symphony of Death
  • Reddit Wins:

  • Felix the Reaper
  • Path of Giants
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic

  • Haven
  • Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
  • </ul>
    </div> </div>