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January 2024

Half-Life 2

Dead Cells

49.0 hours
64 of 121 achievements

I never made it past 1 Boss Cell, so we're back.
Recently watched a streamer play it for the first time and it inspired me to play more of Dead Cells. It's a fun game, even though I suck at it.

+10 hours in January.
[No idea how many new achievements, but there's a few.]

Half-Life 2


36.5 hours
26 of 27 achievements

I was supposed to finish this in January but picking up Dead Cells again distracted me.
I should be really close to ending the main story, though.

+8 hours in January.

Half-Life 2

A Little to the Left

11.6 hours
49 of 55 achievements

Technically I finished this game by beating it & its DLC this month, but I'm aiming for 100% achievements, which is taking some time. It requires to daily log in and do a short puzzle for 100 days, so it won't be marked as completed for a bit longer.

+6 hours in January.

    New Games:

    • Grow: Song of the Evertree
    • Moonlighter
    • Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania

2023 Assassinations

This year I only completed 4 games, and 3 of them in December. Maybe 2024 will be much better in terms of completions or gaming hours.
I wanted to do a long “year in review” kind of post, but there’s really not much reviewing I can do. 2023 was busy, stressful, and tiring - hopefully 2024 will be better!

Does anyone have any New Year’s resolutions?
I have a few things that need to be done (such as finishing my master’s and finding a job), but those barely count as resolutions. I think the main thing I’d like in 2024 is to establish a weekly/daily routine. I need stability in my life, and that might do the trick until I get a job. It’s insane how much space and energy day-to-day chores and thinking takes. If I can stop thinking so much about what to cook/eat, and also stop procrastinating putting clean laundry away, my life might be easier.

I also would love to do more gaming, and maybe watch a few shows/movies every few weeks. Not much of that happened in 2023.
Anyway. Happy new year, everyone!

Half-Life 2


56.0 hours
70 of 70 achievements
Half-Life 2

Farm Keeper

34.0 hours
6 of 6 achievements
Half-Life 2

Monument Valley

2.7 hours
19 of 19 achievements


1.5 hours

November 2023

mid-november to mid-december is a tough time to be a graduate student. i hope i’ll survive to see the new year. i’m back to gaming, it seems. i was very irresponsible this month and played a lot. oh well. no assassinations, though.

Half-Life 2


50.3 hours
62 of 70 achievements

the star of this month: apico.

once i started playing i couldn't stop. 50 hours, all of them in november.

it's actually "beaten" as i've finished the "main story" and saw the credits, but i'm aiming to 100% achievements, so for the time being i'll stay as "unfinished". i'll mark it only after i'm done with it.

Half-Life 2

Garden Galaxy

9.0 hours
22 of 28 achievements
Half-Life 2


27.2 hours
22 of 27 achievements

+2 hours

unfortunately ooblets didn't get much screen time this month. maybe in december i'll finish it.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

201.5 hours
339 of 1569 achievements

+1 hour
+5 images completed (all very small)

haven't been feeling like playing this game lately, even though i really wanted to. maybe i'll do one of the Advent packs, starting tomorrow.

    New Games:

  • Garden Galaxy
  • Hokko Life
  • Monument Valley
  • Dinkum
  • Coral Island
  • </ul>

October 2023

Some gaming happened in October!

Half-Life 2


24.3 hours
22 of 27 achievements
Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

200.4 hours
334 of 1523 achievements

+7 hours since January 2023, and
+8 completed images

very slowly chipping away at it.

The Turkish Steam store will be using USD starting from November 20th, and so I bought a few games just in case. They were on sale or rather affordable at their current prices, which I don’t expect to be the case once the prices are converted to USD (even thought they will be regional still, from what I understand).

I bought Dawn of a Soul to support to developer, since they announced that their game will be going free and I had enjoyed their other game, Move n Bloom.

Wandering Village was a gift from a friend.

    New Games of 2023 (3)

  • Dawn of a Soul
  • Summer in Mara
  • Hazel Sky
  • The Wandering Village
  • </ul>

July-October 2023

The Rewinder & Puzzle Pelago are gifts from friends. The rest I’ve purchased over the months.

Still very little gaming is happening, except this week where I’ve been obsessively playing Ooblets. I’ve been waiting for that game to release since 2018, and I’m glad to be finally playing it. I kind of forgot about its existence for a while since I rarely open Epic Games anymore … not that I have anything against it, I just don’t remember to check the launcher.

If anyone has cute/wholesome game recommendations, I’d love to take a look at them. Especially if they’re farming/life simulators - I miss playing those.

    New Games of 2023 (2)

  • The Rewinder
  • Farm Keeper
  • Submerged: Hidden Depths
  • Lost in Random™
  • Solo
  • Puzzle Pelago - A Drag & Drop Economy
  • Ooblets
  • </ul>

January-June 2023

I’ve completely fallen off from the face of the (gaming) earth but I’m alive! Doing my master’s and trying to settle in a new country is still taking a toll on me and so I rarely have time, energy, or the motivation to play games. Hopefully this will change once I finish my program next summer and start a full-time job; that should give me more time and energy to get back into gaming. Until then, this account will be rarely active, but it happens.

Instead of doing empty monthly posts, I decided to split the year into two. So far, I haven’t finished a single game in 2023, so this one’s just an “additions” post. The backlog is slowly starting to get bigger, but it’s okay.

How is everyone? Did I miss anything important?

    New Games of 2023 (1)

  • Lovingly Evil
  • Minute of Islands
  • Manifold Garden
  • Omno
  • Among Trees
  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla
  • </ul>

January 2023

Not much happened in terms of gaming, but I don’t mind.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

193 hours
326 of 1294 achievements

Another 18 hours logged into the game. I'm finally up to date on the Bonus book, and I made some progress in the Community 5 book.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels - Advent 4 Pack

0 hours
no achievements

December 2022

I can't believe the year is already over. I didn't get much gaming done in 2022 sadly, but maybe 2023 will be a better year.

Steam Library 2022:
25% (48/191)
37% (70/191)
14% (26/191)
14% (26/191)
11% (21/191)
Steam Library 2021:
30.1% (49/163)
40.5% (66/163)
11.0% (18/163)
6.7% (11/163)
11.7% (19/163)
Steam Library 2020:
29% (40/140)
39% (54/140)
13% (18/140)
9% (12/140)
11% (16/140)
Half-Life 2

Spring Falls

1.7 hours
12 of 12 achievements

Cute little puzzle game that I enjoyed playing, but since it's so short, probably it's better to buy it on sale.

Half-Life 2

Coloring Pixels

175.9 hours
300 of 1272 achievements

Another 15 hours of this game . . . I wasn't able to finish the Advent 4 DLC, sadly. I got really close though.

Half-Life 2

Cloud Gardens

2.5 hours
3 of 11 achievements
Half-Life 2


1.3 hours
8 of 15 achievements
Half-Life 2


0.9 hours
2 of 14 achievements

More games from the sales . . .


  • Spring Falls
  • Melatonin
  • Timelie
  • </ul> </div> </div>

November 2022

Hi everyone.

I still have virtually no time to play games but I still ended up buying . . . a lot, from this year’s autumn sale. I did this mainly because I was warned of the price raise that’s going to happen soon, and also because, eh, why not? Maybe this will make me prioritize gaming a bit, we’ll see.

Who knew moving to a completely new country for grad school would be so intense? (Ha ha . . ha . . . I’m dying, send help.)

    Steam Autumn Sale 2022

  • Cloud Gardens
  • Dorfromantik
  • Ever Forward
  • Lila’s Sky Ark
  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page
  • Mosaic
  • My Time at Sandrock
  • The Sojourn
  • Coloring Pixels - Bakery Pack
  • Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea
  • </ul>

July 2022

I was going really good at the beginning of the month, and then I just . . . stopped. I'm currently getting ready to move across the globe, to Canada, so there won't be much gaming for a while, I'm assuming.

Half-Life 2

Cat Cafe Manager

11.4 hours
59 of 59 achievements
Gifts New Games 2022
Half-Life 2

It Takes Two

13.3 hours
11 of 20 achievements
Half-Life 2


4.9 hours
no achievements
Gifts New Games 2021
Half-Life 2

ShellShock Live

4.2 hours
6 of 58 achievements
Gifts New Games 2022

My younger cousin really wanted for us play games together, so I was given a lot of gifts (4), and Stray is from a friend.


  • Golf It!
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • ShellShock Live
  • Tabletop Simulator
  • Stray
  • </ul> </div> </div>