July 2020

I finished all 3 of the games I purchased in Winter Sale 2019, so there's some progress there.
Also, apparently I've added 20 games to my backlog, while also beating/completing 20 games - so right now my additions and completions cancel each other out, lol.

Steam Library: July 2020

21% (26/123)
26% (32/123)
24% (29/123)
17% (21/123)
12% (15/123)

Steam Library: June 2020

19.2% (23/120)
25.8% (31/120)
22.5% (27/120)
18.3% (22/120)
14.2% (17/120)

Most Played Games:

Hollow Knight 36 hours
Coloring Pixels 21 hours
Big Pharma 11 hours
Half-Life 2

Tomb Raider

18.3 hours
26 of 50 achievements

I would've never played this if it wasn't given for free a while back.
Thanks to Jaded and my partner for encouraging me to play it! I had a great time.
I wish half of the achievements (or maybe around 20) weren't for multiplayer so that I could achievement hunt in the game, but oh well.
I added the next game on my Steam wishlist but I don't think I will get around to buying it any time soon.

Half-Life 2

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

4.3 hours
12 of 12 achievements

I got this for free during Kinguin's Crazy Free Weekends last summer and it's been sitting on my Steam library ever since. I actually was waiting to get a controller to play it at first, since on its Steam page it says a controller is required to play. But that's not the case. Brothers can be played with a keyboard as well, and without any issues--since that's what I did.

It's a pretty easy puzzle game and story-focused. The puzzles weren't challenging at all. I really liked the art style (except how they drew or modeled people). I have some very nice screenshots from the game, if anyone's interested.

One thing I didn't like was that the cut-scenes can't be skipped.

And this is a SPOILER, so read at your own risk:
I also didn't like how the only female character who is alive turned out to be a giant spider-monster who ended up attacking the brothers. Up until that point I was pretty impressed by her, thinking "Oh wow, she knows her stuff," since she helped the brothers a lot. Did anyone else not like that part too? or is it just me?

Half-Life 2


11.6 hours
75 of 75 achievements
Half-Life 2

Degrees of Separation

10.0 hours
10 of 10 achievements

I'm back to playing Hollow Knight, apparently.

As it can be seen, my gaming time this month is all over the place. In the second half of the month there are no beaten or completed games - instead, there are a bunch of games I've played and didn't even get close to "beating". I tried playing Gloom but it doesn't look like my kind of game at all, so I'm not sure if I'll go back to it at some point, or just leave it as it is.

I discovered there are free audiobooks on Spotify and most of my Coloring Pixels time was combined with that - listening to audiobooks while coloring images. I managed to finish "Book 2" in the game and did some other images from other books as well. That game will never be "completed" and I've made my peace with that - too many DLCs and they keep adding more. I'll consider it "beaten" when I finish the free images + the DLCs I've already bought.

I'm really hoping to finish playing Hollow Knight this time, even if I can't do 100% game completion. That game has so many things to do, and it's hard to do all of them if you're as bad as I am in the game. I'm still enjoying it a lot, though and that's what matters the most.

I started playing Big Pharma mainly because I was aiming for this month's BLAEO theme, Steam Sales. BP is one of the games I purchased last summer sale and never played. While I made some progress in the game, it'll be another (at least) 20 hours before I can consider it "beaten".


  • Flood of Light
  • Life Is Strange
  • Wins:

  • Boundless

You got some really good progress this month! I didn’t realise you had completed three, and that Tomb Raider was this month!
I should get my butt in gear and play TR - then we could probably do multiplayer achievements :P


All of them were early in the month, and for some reason July lasted 3 months long. I had to check my June post to make sure Tomb Raider’s in July haha.
And yeah, that might be fun if you ever play TR! :D


Haha yeah that was my thought this month - I forgot I played Hellblade this month it seems so long ago!


Nice progress! I also love listening to audiobooks or podcasts while playing games that don’t have a story to focus on!

How did you like Wondersong, would you recommend it?


How did you like Wondersong

Honestly, not really. I was really excited by the concept, but most of the game fell flat for me. They did interesting things with the “singing” mechanic for sure, but even with that… it was boring and hard to finish. :(

Also thanks :)


Thanks, at least that kind of confirm what I was scared of (that the concept was good but that the execution was boring) cuz I’ve been flipflopping about getting it or not. I guess i’ll pass for now.


If you had it you could give it a try, but if you don’t already own it - pass for sure.