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May Update

Yeah May isn’t completely over, but hey, most the gaming I’ll get done this month is. So here we are. My first update.
So I have actually done more than I thought this month. I’m generally pretty slack on playing, much less beating or completing any games, so this amount is a success. Terraria I mostly completed last month, but seeing as I completed it this month…it counts! ;)

Terraria. Human Fall Flat, Don’t Starve Together and Magicka I have been playing with two other people, so it kind of relies on times we are all free! (and when we decide to not play Overwatch..)

I managed to get Enigmatis 2 and Hard Reset Redux for free recently, from a HOG group and Reddit, so want to complete the HOG and play a bit more of Hard Reset. I also got Hidden Folks from a trade with a friend, but think I’ll complete that pretty quickly!

Games Completed. Games Beaten. Games Started.. Backlog Additions

So I completed a fair bit for me… I did, however, add to my backlog this month…

SG wins:

→ Children of the Zodiarcs
→ Moon Hunters


→ Age of Wonders III
→ Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
→ Hatred
→ The Ship
→ Rogue Legacy
→ Timberman
→ North
→ Kathy Rain
→ Hard Reset Redux
→ Enigmatis 2


→ Hidden Folks
→ Don’t Starve Together


→ Indiegala Artifex Mundi Bundle #12 = +10 HOG’s…

So I’ve got a bigger backlog then I started :P

Hello World. Baby’s first backlog!

I have a fair few games I’ve never played or played a bit and forgotten/abandoned (so I have listed as never played) .

To start off my backlog, I’m attempting to go through a lot of my shorter games first, to get that snowball effect that hopefully then avalanches into completing some of my more time intensive games (ha…..).

First up: Artifex Mundi Hidden Object games!
After buying the new I.G. bundle, I should get through some of these games and some others I’ve added to my list.. We’ll see how it goes! :)