adil’s profile

Gaming resolution for 2019:
Beat more games.
And if possible, complete my own year-long challenge me (based on January 2019 theme).
Stop paying attention to achievements.

Gaming Platforms:
50% Steam, other half is either PS Vita, Switch or 3DS. Used to play a lot on Xbox 360 too.

Gaming Updates:
I’m bad at writing long report. So I finally thought of a nice way to tackle my reports. I’ll go with good, bad and a short conclusion. Might not be the best or super informative but it should give a fair idea of what I thought of the game. Hopefully.

Gaming Scores:
I’m not a fan of scoring games so I give them a fun rating. Basically it means I rate my games based on my personal enjoyment. So it’s totally subjective and irrational. I still tried to give an explanation to each level of fun, click the spoiler if you’re curious to see.