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Hi! 🙋 My name is Stefani and I’m slowly tackling my backlog. I enjoy mostly story driven games, especially ones with choices.

If anyone is interested in playing multiplayer games with me I have a list of online multiplayer games.


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End of April / Beginning of May Update!

I’ve been so busy with work that I forgot to write an update for April. Here’s my late april, beginning May update!
I’m enjoying this month’s theme so far. I’ve already beaten two games (The Coma and Higurashi) for the theme. Overall I’ve enjoyed most of the games!

Before the Echo

13 hours, 13 of 21 achievements


Before the Echo is an RPG rhythm game where you must fight monsters to escape a mysterious tower.

If you've ever played a rhythm game before, then you know for the most part what to expect. Arrows will fly down the screen and you must hit the corresponding buttons on time to succeed. This game does have some different mechanics that set it apart though.

When fighting monsters, you have three different fields that you can switch back and forth through. There is a mana field, a spell field, and a defense field. Each field has a different purpose.

The defense field is your main one. If you don't match the rhythm on this field, you lose health. You want to make the enemy lose all their health before you lose yours. This is where the spell field comes in.

In Before the Echo, you have the ability to craft spells and then use them in battle. With the spell field, you don't have to interact with it until you cast a spell. Once you cast a spell, the arrows will show up on the spell field. If you mess up hitting the arrows, then the spell is not cast and you must recharge it again. If you hit them correctly, you cast the spell.

Lastly, there is the mana field. Arrows will be falling down this field all battle. You get no penalty for not hitting them. You only use this field if you need to collect mana to cast spells. Once you collect enough mana, you can ignore the field until you need mana again.

Maintaining all three fields in a tactical way is the main focus of battle.

It sounds complicated but it's very simple. You can see all three fields at all times and it's very easy to switch between them.

There were a few reviews complaining about a large amount of grind you had to do. I personally didn't have this problem since I barely had to grind. In the game, you have to get items from each monster before entering the next level. I always got the items fairly quickly, but there is a small amount of grind for people who don't like that sort of thing.

Another positive about the game is the voice acting. It's far from perfect but It was apparent the devs enjoyed doing it. (It's especially apparent in the after game credits.) The story is interesting and there are plenty of goofy and entertaining characters.

Overall, if you need another rhythm game to scratch your itch, then Before the Echo is a good choice. It has some flaws. It could use a larger monster and music variety (the music is just so-so) but it's a well-made game with a lot of love put into it. I've seen Before the Echo on sale for a dollar (and even free on some sites) so I think it's a great deal on discount.

911 Operator

18 hours, 12 of 18 achievements


911 operator is a police management game where you play a 911 operator who must take calls, make decisions, and send out the appropriate units for the situation.

Right away, 911 operator feels like a smaller version of This is the Police. an incident will pop up (either with a text box or a phone call) and you either send out police, paramedics, or firefighters to the scene. The difficult part is deciding how many units to send out and managing to get as many situations solved as you can.

Overall 911 simulator is fun. If you like simulator/management type games like this, you'll have a good time. The game just has one major flaw that drags it way down.

It's so repetitive.

The game boasts over 50 recorded phone call messages, but most are tiny variations of the same few phone calls, over and over and over again. I even bought a DLC to add more phone calls, and before an hour was up, I was repeating those several times as well.The text incidents also repeat and there aren't a lot of variety of those either. once you know the correct answers to every situation, it's a bit of a bummer.

There are three different campaign modes, and I highly recommend you play "Unique Stories" first. It's the shortest campaign, but also has no repeating phone calls and more variety. The other two repeat a lot.

A nice counter to this issue is that the game does have steam workshop. The workshop is filled with fan-made phone calls. Most can only be used in the free play part of the game though, not the story.

Overall 911 Operator is fun. It's challenging, the idea is great, and it even has some cool features (like picking your own city to play on.) The repetitiveness of the game really drags it down though and I definitely don't recommend it at full price. I got it for $3 though, and I don't regret it.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi

9 hours, 14 of 14 achievements


Higurashi When They Cry (ch.1) is a Visual Novel about a boy named Keiichi who just moved into a new small village called Hinamizawa. He made three best friends and discovered a dark mystery that lies within the village.

I went into Higurashi blind. No expectations and no spoilers, and I ended up really enjoying it. I'm incredibly picky with VN's. It's not even that I only like the best visual novels. I just have a hard time connecting with them. I definitely enjoyed Higurashi from start to finish.

The art is not great, but the writing is detailed and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep you on your feet. The story has a nice build that develops the characters and plot naturally, and the sounds and music add to the feelings you get reading it.

Apparently, there are a crap ton of these games so I'm not sure where to start. I'll definitely pick up the sequel next sale, just to see where the story goes from here.

Spoiler!I just wanted to add that the game reminds me a lot of Doki Doki literature club. It probably came out first, but I played Doki first and both have a dark twist hidden under a cute exterior. I enjoyed this game more though because I didn't expect a twist, but with Doki, it was the main point. . I wonder how they continue the series after the way the game ends. Can't wait to see.

The Coma: Recut

6 hours, no achievements


The Coma: Recut is a 2D Korean horror game where you play a student named Youngho, trapped in his school with his psychotic teacher.

The Coma has some really good reviews, but I didn't have a great time with it. I love the art and the atmosphere. I also think the story is pretty interesting. I just really don't like the gameplay. I spent most of the game hiding in closets and dying. After a while, the teacher was not scary anymore, just annoying. Especially when you would enter a room and she would just be there with no warning.
It took me ages to get the good ending. (I even had a guide up after getting the bad ending, but I didn't do one tiny irrelevant thing and missed out on the good ending again.)

As I said, the art, story, and atmosphere are pretty good so if you are interested in the game you'll probably enjoy it. The gameplay just wasn't my cup of tea.

PS4 Games

Detroit: Become Human

25 hours, no achievements


Detroit Become Human is an adventure game that follows three different androids as they "wake up" and fight for their freedom under the rule of humans.

Detroit has so many different paths and my boyfriend and I spent a very long time talking about the pros and cons of the game and each different choice. Basically, I've said so much, I'm not sure what to add any more.

I did really like Detroit. It has its pros and cons but the choices really do matter and there are hundreds and hundreds of different variations. You can easily spend a week on the game finding every little thing. The voice acting is good and overall the characters are likable. The story had some issues. I enjoyed Connors story the most (as did everyone, according to the game's official poll.) He was the best developed and his story carries the game a lot. Kara is a likable mother figure. Her story doesn't break boundaries but it hits you emotionally and you root for her the same way you root for Clem and Lee in The Walking Dead.
I think Marcus had the weakest story. He had a lot of character development, but all of it was predictable and plot pushing. Without saying spoilers, I think he had the weakest sections in the game.
With three protagonists though, it really is up to opinion.

Overall, the motion capture was good, the voice acting was good, I loved how many choices and different paths there were, and Connor's scenes were the highlight of the game for me.

My review was very scattered, but I'm drawing a blank on what to say. If anyone has any questions about it I'd love to answer :P

Marvel: Spiderman

20 hours, no achievements


Marvel's Spiderman had a lot of great reviews so I was really excited to buy and play it. Spiderman is by far my favorite superhero and I haven't played a spiderman game since the Nintendo Wii.

This game has a lot of pros and cons but overall, I'd say I enjoyed it. The combat is a lot of fun and I enjoyed the variety of moves and gadgets you can use. There are plenty of different suits you can unlock and wear, and they look great in every cutscene. I was impressed that even the loading screen showed the proper suit you were wearing.

There are a lot of side missions/side activities to do. The more you play, the more unlock. They are fun overall and doing all of them is probably not very stressful.

I enjoyed the voice actor a lot. For some reason I thought Tom Holland voiced the game before buying, but the game takes place after Peter graduated high school and college, so he's in his 20's now and is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Overall all the voice actors did a good job.

There were some things that held the game back though. I thought the story wasn't very interesting. The coolest part was the part they showed in the trailer. There are a couple characters in the story that had a cool character arc that I'd like to see continued in the sequel.

The stealth was not enjoyable at all and I groaned every single time I got a stealth mission in the game. I like that they wanted to give playtime to other characters, but I wish they did something more with it.

Overall the game is a little corny and rough around the edges, but I think that's the charm of a spiderman game. I wish the story was better, but I did enjoy it. The gameplay is fun, I think Spiderman was accurate. I like the variety of missions and I plan to go back and 100% it for that last outfit.

Next Time

I’m not sure yet what games I’ll play this month. I’ll continue the monthly theme while also playing some more console games. Here’s my prediction of what I’ll be playing for May.

  • God of War
    God of War

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 2

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • a Hand in Darkness
    a Hand in Darkness

    0 hours playtime

    0/10 achievements

  • 1bitheart

    1 hours playtime

    1/60 achievements

End of March Update!

Wow, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve written on here. I’ve been pretty down about my computer breaking, and then on top of that, I’ve been pretty busy at my new job. Things are looking up though so I’ve been playing some low requirement games, and having a lot of fun!


Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

9 hours, 17 of 19 achievements


🎵 𝘿𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝘿𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮, 𝙬𝙝𝙤'𝙨 𝙜𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙗𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢…. 🎵

Dream Daddy is a light-hearted visual novel where you are a new-in-the-neighborhood single father. You choose to date other single fathers in your Cul-de-sac. I really enjoyed everything about this game!
Each character is likable and the dads all have a depth to them the more you get to know them. Dating the dad's is fun but on top of that, there is also a sweet father and daughter relationship at the forefront of the story.

Each path has a different tone, but most play like a quality rom-com. I enjoyed the writing, the art was really nice, and it never overstayed it's welcome. Overall I'd give this game a 4 out of 5!

ᴬˡˢᵒ, ᴹᵃᵗ ᶦˢ ᵇᵉˢᵗ ᵈᵃᵈ

Punch Club

14 hours, 29 of 47 achievements


Punch Club does a lot of things right, but the same amount of things wrong…

Punch Club is a boxing management game where you play a man trying to avenge his dead father. At the start, it's a lot of fun and very addicting. You choose between three paths (the bear, tiger, or turtle.) This translates to strength, stamina, and agility. You build up your stats by training, entering fights and earning money. Meanwhile, there are side missions to do, tons of fun references, and a branching storyline to explore.

The problem of the game becomes apparent in the middle half of Punch Club. It turns less into a "management" game and more accurately into a heavy grind. The game runs on a day cycle, and each day your stats go down (the higher your stats, the higher it goes down.) The games recommend you only focus on one or two paths since you cannot keep all of strength, agility, and stamina up at once.
Even with that knowledge, you have to keep the stats up while also keeping your hunger, happiness, and fatigue in check. While doing this, you're also trying to do the missions, work for money, etc.. If you don't spend the entire day in your basement or in the gym training, you lose too many stats. This leads to you grinding for hours on the game so that you can afford to lose a couple of days doing other activities. There are abilities in the trees that let you lock stats, but not by enough, and it takes a while to get to it.
This problem becomes very apparent at the end of the game where you are forced into a situation where you must do multiple things, while also keeping your stats up. That section alone took most of my time. Someone in the reviews described it as a "three steps forward, two steps back mechanic."

Even though the problem really bogged down the gameplay, I still really enjoyed this game. I love the art style, I loved the different paths and missions. It felt nostalgic but new. I'd still recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a heavy grind. The ending was a pretty big let-down, but it's probably better if you do a second playthrough.

Overall I give Punch Club a 3.5 (a 4?). I can't choose! 3.75 it is!

Evoland: Legendary Edition

25 hours, 37 of 65 achievements


I received Evoland: Legendary Edition for free because I already had Evoland 2 in my library. I hadn't beaten either game, so it was a nice addition!
I'll break this review up into two, for both games. Although I'll have a lot more to say about the second one.

The first Evoland is more of a demo than an actual game. It has little to no story and has cliche's written all over it. The draw of the game is that it cycles through different game eras and graphics while you play. At first, it was entertaining, but then it turned boring quick. At some point, it stops being creative and just makes you play a generic RPG with bad controls and weird difficulty spikes. The jokes and references rarely land and when you die it sends you back to the menu (for most of the game anyway.) The game is only about 3 hours, so there isn't much loss. I didn't enjoy it though and I'm glad I stuck through it and played Evoland 2…

𝐄𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝟐
Evoland 2 is an improvement in every single way. You don't even have to play the first game, because this one stands on its own with its characters, story, and creative gameplay. Evoland 2 also has the gimmick of shifting through game eras. But this time, it's done with purpose. You also get to play through a wide variety of game genres. They are incorporated in a way that feels appropriate for the scenes and downright enjoyable.

The gameplay isn't the only thing going for Evoland 2. It has a surprisingly in-depth story. It does have a very slow build, so I recommend being patient until it gets going! There are tons of fun references and plenty of collectibles to find. They even introduced a card game that is different than the one in Evoland, and way more people to challenge cards with.

I think this is a great game, but I do have some small gripes.
Some portions went on a little too long (looking at you, shoot em up section). Also I found the dialogue pretty corny and sappy. There was nothing particularly wrong with it, but it was to sugar sweet for me. It made it hard for me to attach myself to the characters.
I also felt like the ending left some unanswered questions, but I guess that's why theories are formed.
I know a lot of people reported bugs, but I only ran into one small bug. Overall, Evoland 2 was a bug-free experience for me.

My review was probably vague, but I don't want to spoiler anything. The gameplay is the main draw of Evoland 2, so if you like a light-hearted RPG that explores different eras and genres in gaming, then I would definitely recommend picking this up! Both games are not connected, so they can be played separately or together.

Overall, I give the whole Evoland: Legendary Edition a 4 out of 5.

Ceress and Orea

1 hours, 8 of 11 achievements


I read tsupertsundere's review on Ceress and Orea recently and It grabbed my interest. Rpg-maker games are a guilty pleasure of mine, and this one had lovely art and an adorable story.
After playing though, I definitely agree with tsupertsundere's statement about it "lacking a certain sumthin’ to really push it over the top."

Ceress and Orea is a short but sweet love story. After being sentenced to death, Ceress fights her way through the afterlife to be with her love, Orea. The gameplay consists of walking around and doing "puzzles." The puzzles are the easiest I've ever seen. Some involved collecting things and backtracking, which become very tedious.

The story is nice, but simple and won't surprise you in any way. It does have some flashbacks of the two characters that you can find by exploring.

Overall, the game was alright. I don't regret the dollar I paid for it. I'll give Ceress and Orea a 3 out of 5.


4 hours, 6 of 15 achievements


What can I say about Portal that hasn't been said already?

I played Portal for the first time about 7 years ago and absolutely loved it. Playing it again 7 years later has not changed my mind.

For those who don't know, Portal is a puzzle game made by Valve. You are given two portal guns that let you travel from one portal you set to the other. Using this ability, you have to solve puzzles in each chamber while listening to the passive-aggressive, sarcastic robot, GLaDOS.

If you haven't played this game yet, I'd fully recommend it. The puzzles still feel innovative. The portal gun is fun to use. GLaDOS is as sassy as always, and one of the best characters you'll find in a game. I enjoy the dark humor and the final boss fight was a lot of fun.

Funny enough, I never actually played Portal 2. I beat the multiplayer campaign with my friend several times, and saw them play the sequel a bit, but never beat the game myself. That will be my next project whenever it goes on sale.

I give Portal a short but sweet 5 out of 5.

Next Time:

These are the games I’m working on right now. Things may change of course, but I’m looking forward to them. On PS4 I’m also going to start Detroit: Become Human and try and beat God of War.

  • Before the Echo
    Before the Echo

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 21 achievements

  • 1bitHeart

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 60 achievements

  • Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament
    Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 21 achievements

February Update!

February has been a very busy month for me! I finally got a new job. I’m now working at AMC Movie Theaters (free movies yaaaay). My boyfriend and I plan to celebrate by going out on my birthday, which is coming up this month. Overall, I haven’t played many games but I have started some great ones that I plan to continue. My internet also broke recently so I played some games offline before it fixed. That’s why some of my games don’t have hours on them.
I look forward to playing some of my great SG wins soon!


Rogue Legacy

14 of 29 achievements
(Gift) 4.5 out of 5⭐


I'm not usually a fan of rogue-lite games but I really enjoyed this one!

Rogue Legacy is rogue-lite game where you must defeat four bosses to open the final door to the throne room. What makes the game unique is that each time your character dies, the next family member in line will succeed you. Each character has different traits (colorblind, O.C.D, vertigo, etc) and different abilities. It's a lot of fun to unlock different fighters and see the different varieties of characters and attributes.

Another thing I loved was that it's not THAT difficult. It's pretty hard (especially at the beginning because you have no skills or upgrades) but its very doable and once you memorized the patterns of the enemies then it becomes easier and more rewarding. I usually rage quit these games, but Rogue Legacy was rewarding enough to motivate me, even when I was dying 30 times in the first few rooms. There is a skill tree that you can pick and choose from that makes the game much easier and makes it more personal.

I don't want to give anything else away, so I'll just say that I definitely recommend Rogue Legacy. If you are new too rogue-lites I recommend this game, or if you just want to play a great game!

  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
    Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

    18 of 45 achievements

  • The Coma: Recut
    The Coma: Recut

    no achievements

  • Yakuza 0
    Yakuza 0

    14 hours playtime

    6 of 55 achievements

  • Bayonetta

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Hollow Knight
    Hollow Knight

    10 hours playtime

    3 of 63 achievements

January Update!



4 hours, 2 of 13 achievements
4 out of 5 ⭐


I played Limbo for the Play or Pay challenge. Thank you for the pick Joe!

Limbo is a puzzle platformer about a boy who enters Limbo in search of his sister. Most people have played this already but I avoided it because I'm really bad at puzzles. I'm glad it was chosen for me because I really enjoyed it!

The puzzles aren't very difficult. Most puzzles involved me dying and then realizing why I died, and finding the solution shortly after. There were really creative platforming portions and the controls felt great.

I don't really like finding collectibles so I didn't get many achievements. I was thinking of 100% the game but then I saw the "no point in dying" achievement and decided to not do that.

I didn't quite understand the ending, but it's probably up to interpretation. Overall, I recommend Limbo if you haven't played it. I'll give Limbo a 4 out of 5.

Purrfect Date

9 hours, 22 of 32 achievements
3 out of 5 ⭐


Soooo this is a Visual Novel/Dating Sim where you can date cats…

I wanted to play this because I really enjoyed Hatoful Boyfriend. A game where you do date an animal but it's more funny than creepy because of the absurdity of the whole thing. Purrfect Date isn't absurd enough, so you're left with a dating sim where you romance cats. It's not overly creepy, but they aren't playing it for laughs either.

I'll go through the pros and cons of the game:

The biggest pro is the story. I didn't expect much, but it was very interesting. It involves a mystery that gets revealed slowly throughout the game. It kept my interest and I wanted to see all the pieces fit together. (minor spoiler) ----Each chapter has you play a new protagonist who reads the journal of the old protagonist. It results in an interesting groundhog day type story but with multiple people.----

The characters (most which are cats) are well developed. There were interesting side stories and overall nice dialogue. The story takes twists an turns and has a dark tone.

Now to the negatives:

There is no skip or fast forward button. The devs promised to add one but never did. If you fail to romance every cat then you don't get the true ending. Instead, you get a dead end ending. There was no indication that romancing was a necessity, so if you failed a date like me, you'd have to start the whole game over with no skip. If you're an achievement hunter, take note that you'll have to play through multiple playthroughs without a skip button.

Another Issue I had was obviously the dating parts. I'm trying to balance my opinion while not shaming people who did enjoy the dating part of the game. Personally, I think it would have been wholesome if they had a "friendship" portion instead. I know it would take away the gimmick of the game, but it would make more sense to the story. (SPOILERS) --------They are humans that were turned into cats, but they don't remember being human. Plus the earlier protagonists don't know they were human, and are under the impression that they are intelligent cats. Therefore, I thought it'd make more sense that they become friends and fall in love after seeing their human form. Either way, I did enjoy the ending, and that's just my personal take on it. (SPOILER OVER)--------

My last issue is with the art. It's not terrible but I really didn't like looking at it. There are times where it's downright unpleasant. I've enjoyed VN's with worse art, and really it's not that bad, so It's just a tiny nitpick.

Overall I thought Purrfect date would be a funny Hatoful Boyfriend type game. It sadly wasn't and there isn't much to keep the interest. I did enjoy the story and the gameplay idea I mentioned in the minor spoiler. Too many things drag this down which results in a game that is just "okay."

I'll give Purrfect Date a 3 out of 5


A Way Out

8 hours, 14 of 14 achievements
4 out of 5 ⭐


I don't normally play multiplayer or co-op games on the PS4 because I don't want to pay for the membership. That's why I was really excited to find out there was a good ol fashion split screen local co-op game coming out. On top of that, my super picky boyfriend actually wanted to play this game.

A Way out is a co-op only game, where you and your partner in crime must work together to break out of prison and survive on the run. The co-op is the best part of the game. Both characters feel important and each player is needed to progress the story. If you're a fan of co-op that actually feels like teamwork, then I recommend A Way Out.

I loved both characters and how you slowly get to learn about both of them. The dialogue is great and each character has different dialogue when talking to the NPCs.

The story could use some work. It had great moments, but also very cliche ones. The story and gameplay got pretty bumpy towards the end, but the impactful ending reigned it back in.

I highly recommend getting the achievements, even if you aren't an achievement hunter. They are very easy to get and totally worth it.

Overall, some of the gameplay and story was lacking, but it makes it up with its likable characters, fun dialogue, and intelligent co-op. If you don't have someone to play with, there's also online co-op. I definitely recommend A Way Out and I'll give it a 4 out of 5.

(sorry, my reviews are all over the place. I'm currently writing this at 2am :P)

2018 Wrap Up!

didn’t 2018 just start? Where did the time go!? Happy 2019 everyone!

This year didn’t start so great for me… My computer is broken again! Turns out my last fix was just temporary and now I have to save up to get an actual professional to fix it. The worst part is that I won a few great SG games recently and I’ll have to wait to play them D:
This does give me the chance to play some of my smaller underappreciated games like the ones below, so there is a silver lining!


Last minute games:


7 hours, 11 of 12 achievements
3.5 out of 5 ⭐


I finally found the motivation to check this game out thanks to the Play or Pay group. Braid has been recommended to me for a while but I never got around to it.

Braid is a puzzle platformer with an interesting gameplay mechanic… you can manipulate time. At first, it's just rewinding time, but you discover more gameplay mechanics as you play.

I both loved and hated this game. The art and soundtrack are beautiful and I enjoyed the innovative gameplay. The little bit of story kept me interested and the level designs were creative.

On the other hand…

I'm absolutely terrible at puzzles! Braid has driven me to madness with these puzzles! I tried solving several of them before admitting my flaws and turning to a guide. This isn't really a game that holds your hand when it comes to puzzle solving, so if you enjoy a challenge then I recommend Braid.

If you do play, make sure to collect all the puzzle pieces for a very interesting ending! Overall I give Braid a 3.5 out of 5⭐

Don't Make Love

1 hours, 15 of 44 achievements
2.5 out of 5 ⭐


Don't Make Love is a Text-Based Visual Novel where you have a conversation with your significant other in an open field… Except you play as a praying mantis… and the conversation is about your natural instinct to make love and be murdered by your mantis girlfriend. :P

This game has interesting ideas. You can choose to play either the male or female mantis. Then you type in the chat what you want to say and the conversation should shape itself to fit your dialogue. Sadly, it doesn't really work that well. There is a response to what you type, but it's pretty limited and it repeats a lot. I tried turning the conversation in many ways and kept getting the same responses. Also there are different endings but you have to sit through almost the exact same dialogue each time.
Another problem is that the other mantis doesn't really say anything that warrants a response half the time. It's like they didn't finish their sentence but I have to type something in between phrases. Half the time it was just me going "ok." "yep" "go on…"

From the reviews, it sounds like most people enjoyed the conversations and the overall deeper meanings. I tried to get a few different endings but overall the game was just okay. I wanted to feel some kind of emotion but I just felt boredom.

I'll give Don't Make Love a 2.5 out of 5 ⭐

Cook, Serve, Delicious

34 hours, 40 of 52 achievements
4.5 out of 5⭐


Well, this game used to be on my "Won't Play" list so I'd call this the biggest turn in my steam library.

I usually don't enjoy games like this but Cook, Serve, Delicious is so addicting! The game is about managing a restaurant by serving the customers the correct foods, the correct way, and on time.

I played strictly with the keyboard, and the controls felt great! There is an option to remap keys which is very helpful. The game can also be played on mouse and controller, but the keyboard felt the best to me.

There is a fairly large variety of foods. Each one has a different way of cooking and being served. Some easy, and some a lot harder (I'm looking at you, Soup.) I was afraid the game would be too difficult for me but after a while, the muscle memory just kicks in. It feels so satisfying to just listen to music while dishing out food like a world famous 5-star chef.

When you aren't serving the food you're improving your restaurant. You can buy equipment for your restaurant, attend events, generate buzz to get more customers and receive emails. It also has multiplayer and a few other modes to try when you aren't playing the campaign.

Overall I really enjoyed this game. I'll definitely be coming back to it a lot. I'll have to grab the sequel next time it's on sale!

I'll give Cook, Serve, Delicious a medium rare 4.5 out of 5 ⭐.

Mid December Update!

Happy Holidays everyone! I finally got my computer fixed! Between my revived computer and the Vegas Pro bundle I just bought, I have plenty of things to do.
I also just won Yakuza 0. I’ve never played a Yakuza game, but I’ve heard great things so I’m excited to give it a try.

Battle Chef Bridage: Deluxe Edition

9 hours, no achievements
4.5 out of 5 ⭐


So while my computer was broken I was borrowing my boyfriends. His computer is so old I couldn't even run this game online. I played the whole game offline and apparently, it didn't save my playtime or achievements :( I did beat the game though and I really loved it!

Battle Chef Brigade is a match-3 cooking game where you kill monsters and then bring them into the kitchen to cook. I am incredibly new to the match 3 combo genre, but the difficulty is very fair and the mechanics are amazingly implemented. The game introduces new mechanics throughout the game while incorporating them into the story. It never feels like you're playing a tutorial or forced to learn new things.

There's a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics, a variety of monsters and items you can buy. The art was lovely and the characters are memorable and likable. The game also has a lot more story then I anticipated.

If you are new to this kind of game like me, then I'd still give it a try. There is a hard mode, but the normal mode is surprisingly easy and I only failed out once. There are also several game modes and local split-screen multiplayer.

This game gripped me from beginning to end and I couldn't stop playing it. I'll definitely be coming back to it from time to time. If you have this in your library, I definitely recommend giving it a shot.

I'm giving Battle Chef Brigade: Deluxe Edition a delicious 4.5 out of 5 ⭐

SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams

2 hours, 7 of 29 achievements
3 out of 5 ⭐


SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams is a free addition to the Simulacra universe. I really enjoyed the first Simulacra. This one isn't as good. I think making it free to play was a very smart decision and it made the game much more enjoyable without the pressure of money going into it.

Pipe Dreams is also a phone horror game, but this time you have to help your good friend Teddy. Teddy got a little too sucked into a game called "Flapee Bird"

Pipe Dreams decides to tackle mobile gaming as the primary focus. The message is a little heavy-handed but I don't think the devs were going for subtle. It's a lot more cheesy than the original. Both had some cheese, but the original held it's horror roots firmly. Pipe Dreams made me laugh more than cower. Most of it was intentional, but I was hoping they would add more horror to the game.

Pipe Dreams is also a lot shorter and linear. There are fewer things to explore than the original Simulacra. The original Simulacra also had a story that was shrouded in mystery. Pipe Dreams lets you into the plot about 3 minutes into the game.

If you don't compare Pipe Dreams to the original then it is a good game on its own. It has some interesting horror elements, the fake ads were pretty funny. There are a lot of mysteries in the game that I didn't explore and will go back and check out someday. There are also several multiple endings. The good ending is a lot easier to get in Pipe Dreams than the original Simulcra. You can easily get it without reading a guide.

Overall I think Simulacra: Pipe Dreams was average. Since it is free, I'd suggest playing it if you liked the original. I hope the devs make more of these with high quality because there could be an interesting Simulacra universe forming.

I'll give Simulacra a creepy 3 out of 5 ⭐

November Wrap Up

Another month and my computer is still broken. It turns out the battery wasn’t the problem so I’ll have to take it in for repair. Until then, I’ll be playing small games that my boyfriend’s computer can run. I lucked out and discovered some nice games.


11 hours, 8 of 23 achievements


I really enjoyed Wuppo!

I played this for the monthly theme. I had forgotten I even purchased it until BLAEO user msboring27 wrote a fantastic review about it. That piqued my curiosity, so I gave it a shot.

Wuppo is a puzzle platformer where you play a creature called a Wum, who is looking for a new home. I think my favorite thing about Wuppo is definitely the worldbuilding. msboring27 mentioned that in their review, and I couldn't agree more. There are many different kinds of creatures to learn about. You can find films that give you stories and insights into the world. The story itself explains how most of these creatures came to be and the part they play in the world.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. You can switch between items to solve puzzles and use your weapons. You can also buy things at the stores such as outfits for your Wum. The game is fairly easy. The bosses aren't that hard and I think I only struggled on the last boss. I played on the normal difficulty, but I imagine it gets much harder on the higher ones.

Wuppo has fun environments that you can explore. The story is very basic but opens up the game to plenty of great worldbuilding, character interactions, and humor. If anything the game just reminds me of something I'd play on Gamecube or N64. I love wacky games like this.

I'd give Wuppo a 4 out of 5 ⭐

Subsurface Circular

2 hours, 11 of 13 achievements


Games with a strong story or narrative are my favorite so I was really happy to get my hands on Subsurface Circular. Overall it did not disappoint. Sadly some of it got spoiled for me before playing, but other than that it's just a neat little text game. Almost like a visual novel but where you can choose most of your dialogue and talk to different robots.

The game sets up its own mood and atmosphere, without your character even leaving the train. The world is interesting and I enjoyed finding some easter eggs.. If you enjoy text-based adventures and/or mystery stories then you'll probably enjoy this. It's about 2 hours long and can be played in one sitting.

I also give this one a 4 out of 5 ⭐

Painkiller: Black Edition

12 hours, no achievements


Painkiller was chosen for me in the Play or Pay group. I've never heard of the painkiller games so I admittedly had no idea what the game was even about. Sadly, I won't have any nostalgic attachment to it, so I'm just giving my thoughts on an older game.

Painkiller is a frantic fast paced shooter where you have to kill big groups of enemies to clear the area. rinse and repeat. It does have a story but the main focus is definitely on the gameplay. Although this isn't my type of game, It was pretty fun to turn my brain off and kill thousands of undead creatures. It's actually a good stress reliever for the difficult month that I've had.

First I'll list off the bad:
Obviously, the realistic graphics didn't age well at all. Some of the boss fights were poorly designed. I spent ages trying to beat the last boss fight, then googled what the problem was. Once I googled how to do it, I beat it in less than 30 seconds. (not even exaggerating). Another boss had a lack of clear instruction and confusing mechanics. Another one gave unavoidable major fall damage during the battle. When googling how to avoid it, the game requires you to go back and do something else first. Overall half of the bosses were good, half were terrible. The last real issue I had was that it would crash a lot. Luckily it did autosave though.

Now the good:
Painkiller had a lot of fun levels and overall the level design was good. There was a very fun variety of weapons. Each one had two different types of bullets so it was fun to mix it up. The enemies were varied and fit the environment well. Overall it did a good job at raising the adrenaline levels and keeping you on your toes.

I enjoyed the first half of Painkiller a lot more than the second half. The second half just threw hundreds of enemies at you at once. It didn't feel strategic anymore, and more like living hell. I think that's the appeal of the game, but it just wasn't for me. I was terrible at it and I had to keep starting over at checkpoint several times. I picked the medium difficulty option, but apparently, my strong suit is not these types of games. I spent half of the game internally cursing. I have serious respect for people who beat this on the hardest difficulty.

Overall, Painkiller is a great game if you want to kill as many things as possible and feel pretty badass while doing it. I'm sure it was way cooler when it was released, but overall it did have some avoidable issues.

I'll give Painkiller: Black Edition a 3.5 out of 5 ⭐

If anyone has any good suggestions for low end games in my library that can run on a potato then let me know! I know I have games that can run on this thing, but it’s a lot to sift through and I’m not even sure which games are worth the attempt.

Spooktober Halloween Month!

So my computer decided to break right at the beginning of the month! I bought a new battery to see if that’s the issue but I still haven’t received it yet. October is my favorite month to play games so I’m pretty bummed about it. My boyfriend let me borrow his computer though so I got some games done. His computer is pretty old so they were very small games, but I’m still grateful. I made a little giveaway in celebration of October if anyone is interesting! DERE EVIL .EXE


5 hours, 13 of 24 achievements


This is the first lost phone game I've played and I really enjoyed it. I tried to play Replica right after but I wasn't having any fun with it.

Simulacra is a horror game where you find a lost phone on your doorstep that belongs to a woman named Anna. Something has happened to Anna and you must dive deep into her phone to discover the mystery, while hopefully saving Anna in the process.

Simulacra may not be that scary to horror game veterans, but it was pretty terrifying for a big baby like me. It was at least scary enough to keep me entertained but not so scary that I had to stop playing. The game doesn't rely on cheap jumpscares to get the point across. It has a couple but they are implemented well. The game instead uses imagery, creepy ambiance, and different phone effects to add horror and tension.

The gameplay consists of clicking around, a lot of reading, and puzzles. I'm not the best at puzzles, but they aren't very hard. If you pay attention or look hard enough you'll always find the answer. The only difficult thing was trying to get the good ending. I don't think I would have been able to get it without a guide. I got the worst ending first, then used a guide to get the good one. Overall there are 4 different endings. 1 good, 1 bad, and 2 neutral.

Overall Simulacra is creepy, easy to understand, and engaging. The only downside is that the voice acting is pretty bad and can sometimes take you out of the immersion. Other than that though I highly recommend it.



2 hours, no achievements


This game had a horror tag on it but it's not actually horror. It's more comedy. It still fits the theme though because it has monsters in it.

Nepenthe is a hand-drawn rpg where you play a character who lost his memory. Also it's your job to save the world. Ya know… the usual.

If I had to describe Nepenthe I would say it's… okay. Just alright really. I enjoy that it's hand-drawn. Even if the art isn't great. Hand-drawn art gives me nostalgia and it's always nice to know that effort was put in.

The story is pretty bland. The usual "save the world" trope with not many twists or turns. The humor is the selling point of the game. You either like the humor or you don't. It's that kind of wacky random humor that you'll see in games like Suits. It wasn't my type of thing, but it didn't bother me either. I can enjoy silly and meta humor from time to time, but usually, I like a deeper connection to a game.

The combat is heavily inspired by Undertale. You can choose story mode or adventure mode. Story mode is very easy and you just hit the attack. Adventure mode is the way the game was intended to be played. To attack, you have to hit the correct letters when they show up in a circle. Pretty much like quick QTE's. To defend you have to avoid the projectiles coming at you in the box, Just like Undertale. Also like Undertale, you can choose to fight monsters or leave them alone. The combat was more difficult towards the end, but it's still much easier than Undertale.

Nepenthe isn't a great game, but it's not a bad one either if you like meta humor and casual gameplay. There are three different endings. but it'll take you only a couple hours to get them all.


Seven Mysteries: The Last Page

3 hours, 19 of 26 achievements


Seven Mysteries is an RPG-maker horror game about a creepy high school and the secrets that lie within it.

The game is very story heavy. If you don't like reading a lot of text or watching long cutscenes, then I don't recommend this one at all. To prove what I mean, there is even an achievement called "survived the reading."
I personally love story heavy games, but the pacing between gameplay and cutscene wasn't very good. The pacing made the game feel much longer than it actually was.

Even with those issues, the story is still nicely done. You can tell the developer had a clear vision the whole time and it resulted in a sorrowful but endearing story.

The gameplay is your usual RPG-maker game. Read text, solve puzzles, and make some choices that result in different endings. It's a very casual game since the puzzles are hardly puzzles and there is little to no thinking required.

Seven Mysteries is a horror game, but it's not very scary. I've played spookier rpg-maker games for free. (Witches House being an old but good example). If you're looking to be scared, this probably won't scratch that itch. The horror theme did flow well with the plot and overall setting though. I wouldn't change the horror, I'm just glad I was able to play it with the lights off :P

Seven Mysteries does have some serious and avoidable flaws. The long dialogue/cutscenes coupled with the bad pacing was the first one I noticed. I actually thought the game was ending a couple times, when it was actually only halfway through…
The gameplay was also a little bit of a letdown. I know the program is limited, but I've seen very creative gameplay come from devs with rpg-maker. The puzzles were simple and unfulfilling. There was also a very frustrating stealth section that took half my playtime. I saw that it wasn't in the original version of the game and I wish they had just left it out.

Overall Seven Mysteries: The Last Page isn't anywhere near the top of my favorite RPG-maker games lists. (I've played a lot of these games. Guilty pleasure). It's still enjoyable though. If you play a lot of rpg-maker games then I recommend it for the story.
If you don't like these games, then this one won't sway you at all.


Death's Hangover

1 hours, 15 of 50 achievements


Death's Hangover is a "ball and bat game" (otherwise known as a twist on Brick Breaker) where you have to work your way up a castle and face Dracula.

The story is about two dead guys (who now accompany woman's bodies) who are sent by Death himself, to face Dracula in his castle. You work your way up the castle (each room being a level) until you get to the final boss.

The game plays like Brick Break. You have a paddle and a ball. You have to stop the ball from falling out of the level while also hitting blocks, enemies, chests, and doors. The doors open up the next level and the chests give you souls which you can use to revive after losing a game. There are also power-ups you can collect that make the game a lot easier.

It's pretty self-explanatory and it's a fun little hidden gem. One of the steam reviewers described it as "Arkanoid meets Bill and Ted." I think that really sums it up.

The game didn't feel difficult but I'm also not an achievement hunter. I assume the fun (and difficulty) of the game really starts when you try to collect all the achievements.

If you are looking for an arcade game similar to games such as Brick Break or Arkanoid, then I'd recommend Death's Hangover. Not for the dumb little story, but for the nostalgic gameplay and for the challenging achievement hunt.


Rusty Lake Hotel

2 hours, no achievements


Rusty Lake Hotel is an eerie and surreal point and click puzzle game. The less I say about the minimal plot the better, but the gameplay almost 100% consists of you going into each hotel room and solving puzzles. It has a nice variety of puzzles and gets more challenging each room, but never impossible or frustrating. If you love puzzle games then this is worth giving a try for the price tag!

Game related Story Time: (no spoilers)
When I got to the ending of the game, I was left very confused and disappointed. I didn't understand it at all. After using my top secret research resources (google) I found out that this game is part of a bigger series. The series being the Cube Escape/Rusty Lake series. Rusty Lake Hotel fits right in the middle of it all.

I'm not a big fan of puzzle games so I decided to watch a Let's Play of the entire series instead of playing them. I seriously highly recommend these games. They are all point and click puzzle games with an eerie "twin peaks" style to them. At first, they hardly have a story and barely connect. But then they start to form the overall story and world-building that led to Rusty Lake Hotel and the other games on steam (Rusty Lake Roots, Paradise)

The Cube Escape games are all free and very short (around 30 mins each.) The Rusty Lake games are not free but they are longer (around 2-4 hrs each). If you want to play I'd recommend them in this order:

Cube Escape: Seasons, Cube Escape: The Lake, Cube Escape: Arles, Cube Escape: Harvey's Box, Cube Escape: Case 23, Cube Escape: The Mill, Rusty Lake Hotel (on steam), Cube Escape: The Birthday, Cube Escape: The Theater, Rusty Lake Roots (on steam), Cube Escape: The Cave, Rusty Lake Paradise (on steam)

Anyway, this was longer then I thought but I wanted to give a little background to how to enjoy Rusty Lake Hotel a lot more. You can still play Rusty Lake Hotel by itself. The entire game works as a solo game and the only confusing thing will be the ending.

⭐⭐⭐✰✰ (rating does not include other games in the series even if I had a long discussion about them)

Costume Quest 2

9 hours, 8 of 18 achievements


Okay, I have a confession to make… I never played the first Costume Quest. I couldn't afford to buy it for this Halloween theme and I already had the sequel in my library. Now that that is out of the way, Costume Quest 2 is a lot of fun, even if you've never played the first.

The game doesn't explain everything since it's a sequel, but I figured it out on the way. Costume Quest 2 is an enjoyable and quirky RPG where you collect costumes and go trick or treating…. and also save the future of Halloween from a grumpy dentist who wants to ban Halloween forever.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. It gets repetitive fairly quickly, but the charm of the game pulls it through in the end.
In CQ2, you earn costumes by receiving a pattern and then finding the pieces of that costume in different chests around the area. Once you have the full costume, you can use it in battle. Each costume has different abilities and strengths. Pairing different ones up is what adds the most variety in the game.

In battle, you can use your special attack (which varies depending on the type of costume) or your normal attack which involves hitting the attack button right before colliding with the opponent. It does get repetitive as I mentioned above. Mostly because there are a lot of enemies to battle and not a lot to the battle system. There are some nice features though. Such as the Halloween cards that you can buy and collect that give you different effects to use in battle.

Other than fighting and knocking on doors, you also do a lot of exploring. There are some side missions, and some interesting areas. The characters in the game jump back and forth between future and present at times, so it's neat to see how some people or areas changed.

Costume Quest is very easy. I never lost a battle, and I'm not a fantastic player. Everything flowed perfectly, except for one mission that was so frustrating that I had to google the answer. Turns out other people had the issue and it was due to the game giving bad instruction.

The best thing I can say about this game is that it's charming as hell and it's perfect for the casual gamer. I didn't fall in love with it but I'm glad I played it. I would give it a 3 1/2 star but I don't know how to do a half star, and it's not quite a 4 for me. Still, I recommend it, especially if you have kids or just want to play something funny and wholesome.


Transparent Black

1 hours, 4 of 11 achievements


Transparent Black is a dark and grim RPG game. I wish I could say more but I was actually pretty confused by this game.

The entire game can be completed in about 30 minutes, including all the endings. I know the basic of the plot, but I don't want to say due to the short play-time and the fact that the plot isn't on the steam page. I'm pretty lost on the details though. Either because of the imperfect English translation or the fact that I'm just bad at piecing things together.

Anyway I'll just explain the gameplay. The whole game takes place in one classroom. You can talk to the classmates, click on the objects around the room, and eventually discover all three endings.

For a $1 game, it wasn't bad. I just didn't enjoy it due to my confusion and it's short length.

Also, I did not play the DLC so if that adds to the game or sheds some light on it, then ignore all my rambling :P


August Wrap Up


Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

10 hours, no achievements


There are very few DLC's that match or even surpass their original game. One that comes to mind is the Witcher 3 DLCs. Another one is Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

Tiny Tina puts you into a tabletop (basically D&D) fantasy game where Tina is the host and tells the story. The story had humor, interesting quests, and even some surprising emotional moments. There were a variety of new enemies, weapons, locations. The assets were changed, such as the vending machines, to fit the fantasy setting.

My boyfriend and I also unlocked the fantasy skins so we matched the environment. I was playing Zero with a ghoul skin and he was an elf Maya.

Basically, it's Borderlands 2 as a fantasy game. Really what's not to love about that?


Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER

12 hours, 21 of 47 achievements


This was chosen for me for the "Challenge Me" event. It's also the first of my long Resident Evil marathon I'm embarking on.

Resident Evil 0 takes place before the first game. You play a S.T.A.R.S agent named Rebecca who is sent to investigate a string of strange murders. Along the way, you team up with an escaped convict named Billy. You can control both characters throughout the game.

There isn't much I liked about this game. I love the Resident Evil franchise overall, but this game can be easily skipped. The fixed camera angles make the gameplay confusing. The inventory space is extremely limited (more than usual) and half of the game is spent trying to switch items between the two players.

There is a loading animation for every…little…thing. Opening doors, climbing, going upstairs, etc. They all have a 5-second animation. It becomes highly annoying when you realize you have to open doors constantly in the game.

The AI for whichever character you aren't playing is incredibly bad. Most of the time I had Billy or Rebecca set on idle so that they wouldn't try to fight and get themselves killed.

The characters aren't memorable and I already forgot the story since it barely connects to the rest of the series. The graphics have been updated from the original, so this may be enjoyable to those who have a nostalgic attachment to it. For someone like me who has never played it though, it's honestly just draining.

I'm still glad it was chosen because I want to play all the Resident Evil games that I got in a bundle long ago.


I haven’t been very productive for the second half of this month because I picked up a new hobby. I learned how to edit videos. My boyfriend bought me Vegas Movie Studio 15, so I’m excited to learn more and create some cool stuff. Other then that I won Hollow Knights! I might have a new job soon too which is excited/terrifying.

End of the month stats:

Games beaten this month: The Grandfather, Mindless Running, Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, Beyond Eyes, Blues and Bullets, Resident Evil 0, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep
Favorite game this month: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep
Least favorite game this month: Mindless Running
Favorite new edition: Hollow Knight
Biggest disappointment: Resident Evil 0
Biggest surprise: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

Tackling my Wont Play list

I decided to try out the monthly theme this time because I like the challenge. If anything, it confirmed my decision to put certain games in my “won’t play” list. I must have tried 15 different games before I settled on the 5 I played. It also helped that some were suggested to me and overall they are all very short.
Also, sorry my reviews are all over the place. It’s late and I’m very tired. Wanted to write this out though because it will convince me to stop trying a bunch of bad games :P

After doing this theme I’m curious. Is there any games you guys put in your won’t play list (or just thought you’de hate) but actually enjoyed?


Blues and Bullets

2 hours, 6 of 14 achievements


I actually forgot to put this on the theme page, whoops.

Anyway I put Blues and Bullets in my "won't play" list because the game is abandoned. I think two chapters were released and then the developers moved on. Technically I only have chapter 1 so it's not beaten, but I'm going to count it as beaten anyway.

It's such a shame it was abandoned because I really enjoyed this game. Blues and Bullets plays like a dark gritty Telltale game. From the first moments of the game the story had me intrigued and I wanted to know more.

The story follows Eliot Ness (voiced by Doug Cockle, funny enough). A former detective who is hired by his old enemy, Al Capone, to find his missing niece. Meanwhile there are other missing children who may been taken by something not human… (I'll never know)

The game plays out like an interactive crime thriller with some crime solving mixed in. There are some interesting choices in the game, but we'll never know how they effected the rest of the story.

The settings in this game are beautiful. The way the game shows them off proves that they put a lot of work into them with the little budget they had. I love the color scheme too. A mostly black and white game with red mixed in to show off the important elements.

Overall I obviously cannot recommend this game since it's abandoned and the story will never finish. It's just a shame because I would have gladly purchased the season pass.

Instead of leaving this review off on a sad note, I'll ask a question. What is your favorite interactive movie type game? It can be something from Telltale, Life is Strange, Quantic Dream or something else entirely.

Before it was abandoned: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✩

After it was abandoned: ⭐✩✩✩✩

Beyond Eyes

2 hours, 3 of 10 achievements


I really wanted to like this game but there was so much holding it back from being great. I enjoyed the art a lot. It was cute and lovely. The premise of the game is also unique. You play a blind girl who is looking for her cat. The sounds she hears while you explore opens up the world around her. Everything goes from white to colorful as you walk.

Unfortunately, in my opinon the game gets tedious real fast. My biggest complaint is Rae's walking speed. She walks sooooo slow. It takes an insane amount of time to get from point A to point B. That's not really an issue for a walking sim, except that she's blind so you can't see where you're going. There's no sense of navigation in this game so you have to walk aimlessly until you find the right way to go. Combine that with the slow walking speed and it can be excruciating. Especially in parts like chapter 4, where it's a big open area with only one path to find.

I know the story is personal to the developer, but looking for your cat is not story enough to excuse two hours of aimless walking.

There was a part that really frusterated me. I got to the end of chapter 4 only to find out (spoiler) ~I couldn't get passed the dog because I didn't pet the dog in chapter 3. I know that was mostly my fault because there was an indication with the ball that I should interact with the dog. Still, I wish they didn't allow me to finish the chapter unless I did pet the dog. Because I didn't pet the dog, I had to not only restart chapter 3, but also chapter 4 again. Which took a very long time and was incredibly boring.~

Overall I really wanted to like this. This game was suggested to me so I hate to say bad things. I'm still grateful though because I got it off my "won't play" list into my "beaten" list, and that's a great accomplishment for me. I think this is a love it or hate it kind of game. Therefore II would say give Beyond Eyes a try if you have it. If you're able to get past 30 minutes and still love it, then I think you'll enjoy the game!


Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

5 hours, 8 of 76 achievements


Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball (woo, that's a mouthful) is a pretty fun game! I don't remember why I put it on my "won't play" list, but it probably had something to do with me having no friends to play with and being bad online.

This one was also suggested to me (thanks, JaffaCaffa!).

Disco Dodgeball is basically a dodgeball game where you skate around a big arena and try to hit the other players while dodging the balls yourself. It has different games, but I mostly just enjoyed the typical team deathmatch. The game encourages trickshots, but I usually just ran up to one of the bots and pegged them in the face.

The game feels a little clunky, but the controls were not that bad and didn't deter away from the fun. The online is dead (the peak being 20 people today) but it's still fun to play with bots. I may even come back and visit this game every so often.


Mindless Running

1 hours, 9 of 19 achievements


This game was just…. mindless.

Honestly this game provides nothing. It's a runner game where you have to jump over the spikes. It's also clunky and ugly. The layout is almost the same in every level and the character never jumps exactly when I hit the jump button. In one of the levels the spikes blend in with background items and it's hard to tell what can kill you and what can't.

The story is poorly written and hardly a story at all. When I finished story mode I went to endless mode. Every so often when I hit continue after dying, it would switch out my character with one I didn't even pick.

Overall, I saw someone in the reviews compare this game to the dinosaur game you get on Chrome when you lose internet. That's basically what it is, but way less fun.


The Grandfather

1 hours, no achievements


So this is one of those artsy games. I think I put this one in the "wont play" list purely because of how weird it was.

The Grandfather is a puzzle game with a very very disturbing story, with some dark hand-drawn art to back it up.

Some negatives are lack of subtitles and somewhat quiet narration. Also the game doesn't explain anything and throws you in abruptly.

Really all I can say about the game is that I didn't like it. It was pretty unsettling and the story didn't grab me.

I got this in a bundle but it's now free to play if you enjoy disturbing artistic games.