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Hi! 🙋 My name is Stefani. I’ve been on BLAEO for six years now. This site has motivated me to play my games and share my love for gaming.


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-negative increase in games :)
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Mid August update!

(how is it august already….)

  • Hades

    24 hours playtime

    12 of 49 achievements

  • Not Tonight

    13 hours playtime

    5 of 15 achievements


I didn’t get much progress this month so far because I’ve been playing longer games.

Not Tonight:
I enjoyed this game and I was having fun with it but unfortunately it had a lot of bugs. I spent some time looking at a guide before I realized that I wasn’t playing wrong, the game was making errors on my behalf. I finally had to stop playing right before the last chapter because I ran into a game breaking bug. Restarting the previous nights didnt work and I was not able to continue playing. I obviously can’t recommend it, but it was a lot of fun for not the wasted 13 hours. I added the sequel to my wishlist in hopes that i have better luck with it.

I’m not a fan of rogue-like games for two reasons. One, I don’t like repetition in games. Two, I’m really awful at them. Just terrible. I knew I’d either hate this game or get crazy addicted. Luckily it was the latter! Hades is so much fun. The story, voice acting, amount of details (there’s so much detail!). it had so much put into it. It has a God Mode feature that makes it easier to beat and I am very thankful for that. I’d never finish the game without it. I will give a full review of the game when I’m done but I’m glad I jumped on the Hades hype train. With how long this game is, this will probably be my focus for the rest of the month. Also (small spoiler) I just beat Hades for the second time. When I started I thought I’d never get past the first boss and it was a fantastic sense of accomplishment to beat Hades himself. Which was NOT in easy fight, even on God Mode. That took me many many many many tries.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the month!

End of July Update!

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great month. I only got a couple games done but progress is progress!

My Friend Pedro

4.1 hours, 20 of 30 achievements
4/5 go on a killing rampage in the city with your friend Pedro... who is a banana...

This was chosen for my Challenge me challenge

My Friend Pedro is a sidescrolling shooter game where you can do a lot of parkour and cool tricks. Watching a quick minute of gameplay will tell you if you will like this game or not. It's not my type of game but I still really enjoyed it. It gives you a score at the end of each level based on how well you did and how stylish you were doing it. I kind of ignored the score so I could focus on playing my own way. If you are a completionist you'll love this even more.

Pedro (the banana) also adds comedy to the game since you are a silent (pro?)tagonist. The game is short and every chapter adds a new element to the game to keep it fresh throughout. I didn't really understand the ending at all, but I enjoyed the ride.

Overall, if you enjoy sidescroller shooters, scoreboards and gore, you might love My Friend Pedro. I recommend this on sale. Off sale its a little steep for 20 USD but its a very unique game.

Kentucky Route Zero

16.1 hours, 11 of 24 achievements
4/5 a dog, a skeleton, a bar, oh my!

This was chosen for my Play or Pay challenge

I have an interesting relationship with this game. I won it on steamgifts 6 years ago! I played it instantly after I won it before they released chapter 4 and 5. I didn't realize that the game had a reputation of releasing chapters late. Apparantly it took 9 years to release all the chapters. soo.. I marked it as finished after beating chapter 4. Finally years later they released chapter 5, but I forgot about the game entirely! So when it was picked in POP for me I was super excited. Plus they added achievements! Was the entire thing worth the wait? I definitely think so.

Without spoiling the story, Kentucky Route Zero is a point and click game featuring a man named Conway and his dog, on their last trip to deliver a package. From there kicks off a magical realist journey about capitilism, sacrifice, friendship, and the unknown.

Overall I loved this game! But I'm going to break down the good and the bad because it is not a game for everyone.

I enjoyed the dialogue and the characters. I like that at several points in the game you can get different character perspectives depending on who you choose. The soundtrack is great. Both atmospheric, chilling and nostalgic in a lot of ways. The game has a lot of interesting surreal ways to give its narrative. I enjoy games that get creative or metaphorical, but its more like a storybook or a piece of art with a message, then a standard video game.

The game can be very confusing. It leans in on its magical realism so its hard to tell what is real and what is not. I know thats the point, but the narrative jumps around often and the story left me very confused. I did have to look up some things, which may just be a personal experience but I know I'm not the only one confused often by the narrative. Also, the game feels very sluggish. The characters walk slow, some parts drag on. It can get boring at parts.

Overall I still really enjoyed it. I like games that experiment and try new things so I knew it was something special to me when I played it 6 years ago. This game is not for everyone and it does have its faults. I would 100% recommend it on sale because of that.

Mid July Update!


VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

11 hours, 11 of 34 achievements
4/5 The best bar around!

I played this for my Play or Pay: Medium game challenge

VA-11 Hall-A is a cyberpunk bartending visual novel where you mix drinks and listen to your customers vent as you learn more about them and the world around you.

You play as Jill, a bartender in a bar VA-11 Hall-A (Valhalla). The gameplay is mostly reading text while mixing drinks. It's a very casual game and it's fun to get to know the characters and learn about the world around you.

The characters are very interesting and the dialogue is unique. I didn't quite like all of the dialogue. Not a specific reason but its like reading a book where some parts did not peak my interest. The soundtrack is fun and it lets you pick the songs you want to listen to while bartending. The game also has multiple endings so there is a lot of replay value!

If you are into the cyberpunk setting or relaxing visual novels with interesting characters, I definetely recommend this one, both off sale or on sale!


13 hours, 101 of 101 achievements
3.5/5 the worst hero around!

I played this for my Play or Pay: short game challenge

I have so many mixed feelings about this game. I didn't know what to rate it!

In Reventure you play a "hero" who is on a quest to save the princess. The game has one hundred different endings, each ending taking from around 10 seconds to around 15 minutes to get. It's not a full game where you get different endings; getting the different endings is the game.

Your goal is to save the princess, but you can choose your adventure and go around trying new things until you get a new ending. the endings can be absurd, out of the box, and very funny.

I applaud the developers for putting so much into this game. So many endings, secrets, etc. Each achievement is linked to an ending so you have to get them all to actually beat the game and get 100%. It's kind of a double edged sword because although its the charm, the numerous endings is also the problem. Getting all of the endings can be a very repetitive and difficult process..

When you get an ending (which usually takes around a minute at first and 10 minutes later) you get an ending screen telling you what happened to that character or world. Then you start over. It can be very.very.very repetitive after a while because you have to collect the same items and traverse the same map several several times. The game does offer some ways to fast travel as you get further in the game, but collecting items limits your ability to use those traveling methods.

Finding the endings can be difficult too. I know that's the entire point of the game, but some endings can be extremely hard to figure out! There are hints and an item that can help you out, but you have to figure out what items you need (you can't carry a lot of them) and what the game wants from you. After about 60 endings I had to start using a guide and playing in short bursts because it was difficult and a bit tedious. I know that won't be the experience for everyone, but that's what brought the score down for me.

The game is 100% worth the price though. Funny writing, plenty of play value, and a lot of love was put into this. Despite my love/hate relationship with this game, I really did enjoy myself and the first half was especially fun for me. The very end of the game is satisfying (although getting the 101'th achievement was a b***). If you are a completionist you will enjoy Reventure. For the small asking price, I definetely recommend Reventure on sale or off sale.

Playing Right Now:

  • My Friend Pedro

    3 hours playtime

    13 of 30 achievements

  • Control Ultimate Edition

    6 hours playtime

    10 of 67 achievements

  • Kentucky Route Zero

    8 hours playtime

    2 of 24 achievements

I’m taking a vacation off of work on the 31st which will give me proper time to beat Control. I want to properly explore the envinroment and play all of the DLC’s. I’m playing My Friend Pedro right now which is tons of fun. Next is Kentucky Route Zero, which I did beat a long time ago before they released the last chapter and added achievements. Now I have to replay the whole game since I don’t remember it very well. I enjoyed it the first time though so I’m happy to play it again. Happy gaming everyone and I hope you all have a great month.

11.2 hours
4/5 about solving a mystery and finding a place where you belong.

In Life is Strange: True Colors, you play Alex, a young adult with psychic powers that give her the ability to empathize with others and read their emotions. True Colors takes us to a small town of Haven Spring as you get to know the residents and also try to solve the mystery of your brothers death.

Spoilers aside, This is my second favorite game in the LIS universe, right behind the first. I think the scenery was beautiful and I really enjoyed the tone of the game. It has serious moments supported by beautiful ones. I enjoyed the characters and some of the best parts in the game were the casual moments where you spend time with the town and its people. I think the VA and character designs were nice too!

There are some (spoilerly can't say) parts that dragged the game down a little bit. Also after playing several dontnod games like this, I'm starting to tire of the formula. The first game holds a special place in my heart because I didn't expect to love it as much, especially after buying it on sale. Still, True Colors is a perfect introduction to the LIS universe, or a perfect chapter to fit in this compelling universe!

I recommend LIS True Colors, but more on sale since the full price is steep. If you take your time with it and get all the achievements you will get more playtime then me. Especially if you play it a second time to get another ending.

End of June Update!

I’ve been on a mission to really complete my Challenge Me and POP challenges! So far I beat three POP picks from last cycle (Batman, LIS, Steamworld Dig) and one Challenge Me from this cycle (GOTG). I still have plenty of games from this Challenge Me and POP cyle to beat and I’m going to keep going strong!


Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

12.0 hours, 23 of 47 achievements
4/5 you get to be batman, what more could you ask for?!?

Batman: Arkham Asylum is 13 years old now so I'm a little late to the hype train. I also hope I made some people feel old by stating that fact :c

Joker has escaped Arkham Asylum, and as expected he is on a mission to destroy everything! Not only will you (as the famous Dark Knight) get to fight Joker, but the game also features many of batman's other villains as well.

So this game was made for Batman fans. I'm admittedly not a fan of Batman, although I also really enjoyed The Enemy Within by Telltale. As long as you throw a compelling Batman story in front of me, I'll still enjoy it. Still, the easter eggs, the lore, the several villains and tapes and items you can find along the way. These are all huge nods to the fans of the Batman universe. If you have limited knowledge of Batman like me, it won't hit as hard. It's still great to read a bio or listen a tape of a character and learn more about them. I especially loved that it told you what comic and year each character was introduced.

The Riddler's riddles were a really cool idea. The Riddler will present riddles in almost every area in the game and if you solve them it usually gives you a bio to learn about a character or some peice of lore in the Gotham universe. The Riddles are fairly easy even if I didn't take the time to do them all. If you are a completionist, this game gives you a lot of riddles collectibles, character entries, etc to complete.

I know the combat has mixed reviews but I enjoyed it. I like it when it feels like my hits are actually making impact on others. The gadgets were also a lot of fun. The game embraced Batman as a character and added several gadgets to make the player truly feel like the caped crusader. Sneaking into vents, stealthing around the room, it all immersed me in the game and actually made me feel like a stealthy crime fighter.

I won't spoil which villains make an appearance, but there's a good amount of them. Most of the time when movies or games shove a bunch of villains in at once, it makes the story feel convoluted. Ex: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. It's a guitly pleasure, but it has to many villains for the screen time. Arkham Asylum pads its time out well. Each villain either serves a purpose, or is not in to enough to detract from the main story.

Obviously the game has aged. It would have been better to play on release. It really has aged well though! If I had to add more nitpicks, I just wish Batman was a more interesting character. He felt very boring and 2D. I know the villains were supposed to steal the show, but they did not provide him any spotlight. I also wish there was more teamwork with him and Gordon. The nitpicking is strong here, but their friendship or at least solidarity is one of my favorite parts in Batman. I like to have a partner around. Maybe they should make a Batman and Robin video game :P

Do I recommend this game? Heck yeah! Especially if you are a Batman fan. I feel like a lot of it was lost on me. It's still a good deal for $20 but its often on sale (like right now for $3). Pick it up! Maybe I'll get to the rest of the series soon. I heard the sequels aren't as good unfortunately, but I may still love them.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

22 hours, 46 of 59 achievements
4/5 great soundtrack? characters? story? ✔️

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a linear choice based action-adventure game. Getting my bias out in the open, these are my favorite types of games. Right behind choice-based rpg games, I LOVE linear story-telling games. Open world can be fun but its to much time and effort for me sometimes. I just want to be told a good story while I make my way through the chapters. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but that's why this game was made for me :P

I'm going to mention small gameplay spoilers, but no story spoilers. If you want to go into the game 100% blind, maybe skip this review.

Firstly, let's talk about the story and characters. The narrative starts small and grows by the chapter. Just like a movie, the stakes seem low and then become very high. I enjoyed the story and the moral message that came with it. I'm going through similiar themes that the story touches on and it hit me the right way. You play as Star-lord who is the leader of the group. It had to take me a moment to detach Chris Pratt's face from my image of Star-lord since the movies are the only knowledge I have of GOTG. I enjoyed the movies, but I think I enjoyed the game more. Especially with Star-Lord. Both are fun pieces of GOTG media, but being able to make choices as a leader made me relate to his character more.

The other guardians are great too. It actually does feel like a horribly flawed disfunctional group that comes together the longer you play. The dialogue and banter between the characters is by far the best part of the game. There's probably a hundred hours of dialogue, most of it casual and not even obtained by playing the story. The voice actors did a great job.

The graphics are very pretty and I like the different worlds. Especially how vibrant the colors in the game are. I got a lot of nice screenshots. The guardians and other characters look nice and its all immersive when the game isn't bugging out (more on that later). There are also collectibles and outfits you can find. The collectibles are neat because you can get insight on the guardians when you find them. It opens up more dialogue options. The outfits are just fun to find and you can wear any outfit at any time.

Onto the gameplay. Most people hate the gameplay. I understand why. It's repetitive, confusing, and can be boring. But this is my review and I LOVE the gameplay 😂. Unlocking new abilities and being able to pick which abilities each guardian uses on any enemy. It's so much fun. It's just chaos and I'm here for it! Drax, throw this barrel while Gamora slices him in half and Rocket throws a frickin bomb at this guy and I'll shoot him with my hundreds of rapid fire bullets!
The huddle is my favorite thing in the whole game. Although it only works as intended if you turn the volume slightly down on effects and dialogue (just a little on dialogue.) Then turn the volume all the way UP on music. Then the huddle becomes a blast. I love mindlessly killing thing while Rick Astley or Jitterbug blasts in my ear :P I will admit, towards the last two chapters the fighting become repetitive to me. But gosh darn if it I didn't love wrecking everything!

Let's talk about the soundtrack. Music is a big part of Star-lords life and both the movies and the game have a great soundtrack. Of course its mostly 70's, 80's songs but there are (I think) 28 songs in his soundtrack and you can even pick which songs to listen to on the ship. I enjoy the classics and its a nice addition to the game. Also like I said above, I recommend turning dialogue and sound effects to around 80% and the music volume to 100%. Depending on your headphones of course. As long as you can properly hear the dialogue, the music being the loudest sound enhanced the game A LOT for me.

The game was very easy imo. I'm not great at games but I never had an issue once where it took me more then two tries to beat a boss or group of enemies. I beat every boss on the first try except the final fight which bugged out when I beat it (more on that later) If you like harder games I would suggest raising the difficulty. Everyone is different though. If you are new to this type of game, I'd keep it where it is. I played it on normal difficulty and had a lot of fun.

Alright onto the part I've been hyping up! The glitches, bugs, overall reason I didn't give this a higher rating. Yeah this game is pretty buggy. Not horribly buggy to where its constantly glitching and ruining the game, but it can be annoying sometimes. I'm not knowledgable on types of glitches but I'll try to explain. It will lag sometimes for no reason, the cutscenes will skip real quick or linger a second to long. A few visual ones that happen for a half a second but take you out of the moment. Also the dialogue not finishing even though I didn't cause it to skip in any way. The final two chapters had the most. I had to refight phase 1 of the final boss fight cause it didn't register that I beat it the first time. They weren't overbearing, but it is a shame regardless.

Overall, I recommend this game. It seems very hit or miss. Some people loved it, some hated it. It fits right up my alley but maybe not yours. I got it on sale with the Avengers game so no regrets from me. If there's a sequel i'll play it!

Next Time!

These are the rest of the games from POP and Challenge Me and the ONLY games I’m going to play this month! I’m very excited and I’ll hopefully be back for a mid July update!

  • Control Ultimate Edition

    6 hours playtime

    10 of 67 achievements

  • VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

    4 hours playtime

    4 of 34 achievements

  • Reventure

    2 hours playtime

    30 of 101 achievements

  • My Friend Pedro

    18 minutes playtime

    0 of 30 achievements

  • Kentucky Route Zero

    8 hours playtime

    2 of 24 achievements

  • Heavy Rain

    64 minutes playtime

    0 of 56 achievements

  • Forever Home

    41 minutes playtime

    1 of 22 achievements

  • Saints Row IV

    5 hours playtime

    8 of 73 achievements

  • Guacamelee! Gold Edition

    2 hours playtime

    2 of 60 achievements

  • Everhood

    25 minutes playtime

    0 of 78 achievements

  • Hades

    4 minutes playtime

    0 of 49 achievements

Mid June Update!

Hey guys! I asked everyone on SG which games I should play and you all gave some great recommendations! I knocked out some super short games so that I could focus on these longer ones. So the rest of the month is dedicated to Life is Strange, Control, Arkham Asylum, and maybe some Challenge Me games as well!

The Twins

1 hours, no achievements
2/5 no spooks here

The Twins is a short rpg-maker horror game. The game tells you that before playing you have to gather specific items in real life and perform a sort of ritual to start playing. So if you don't believe in supernatural beings or that a video game can summon them, it'll be lost on you like it was on me.

Then it goes through some creepypasta like stories and poems. By the end, it asks you to spread the game to others so that the ghosts don't get you. Basically asking you to recommend or buy this game for others.

The game does have a creepy tone and I'm easily scared so just having eerie music with creepy stories did spook me a little. Everything considered though, there's nothing special to this one. I would not recommend it.

Comedy Night

1 hours, no achievements
2/5 good concept ruined by people

Comedy Night is a neat little platform for entertainers to showcase their talents. The game puts you in a comedy club setting and you can either talk on stage or just watch others talk or perform. The rooms are seperated by comedy, music, or just talking. The person on stage can talk about whatever they want and the audience (other players) can reply back or use emotes to clap, boo, etc.

The idea is really cool and I love any platform that lets people showcase their talents safely on the internet. The problem is that the game is just full of trolls or just awful people. I went on a few different times to check it out and almost every time there was a racist or homophobic remark being thrown around. It wouldn't matter if its a comedy or music oriented room, most times it would just be people arguing on stage or being rude in the audience. It was really just a big ol mess. .

Overall, I would not recommend this game. I was never going to talk in the game but I wanted to be part of the audience to see what interesting things come from it, but nothing good.

Draw & Guess

0.30 hours, no achievements
2/5 completely dead

Draw & Guess is one of those games like pictionary where one player will get a prompt and draw a picture and the other players have to guess what it is before the time runs out. There is no one online in this game. There hasn't been in the months since I bought it. If you don't have friends that want to play this, then make sure not to get it.

I played one game with a friend and then I uninstalled it. It can be a fun game but it doesn't provide anything you won't find in a free version of this online. I would not recommend.

This Month:

  • Life is Strange: True Colors

    8 hours playtime

    5 of 40 achievements

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

    6 hours playtime

    11 of 47 achievements

  • Control Ultimate Edition

    6 hours playtime

    10 of 67 achievements


End of May Update!



41.4 hours, 29 of 39 achievements
5/5 would cry again

Spiritfarer is a beautiful and emotional journey about helping your friends into the afterlife. You start as a new spiritfarer with a run down ship and one spirit companion. Explore different areas, find spirits, and build your ship however you want.

I bought Spiritfarer to fill my Stardew Valley void and I'm so glad I did. They aren't super similiar but both involve building, exploring, and discovering new things. The graphics on spiritfarer are downright georgous. I was in awe of the game until the very end. The music perfectly match the graphics and just deliver a beautiful experience.

The controls feel super fluid and I like that you can take your time and manage the ship and the occupants at your own pace. The emotional beats hit hard and the characters have a nice range of personalities. Some likable, others not.

I cannot think of one problem I had with this game, which is why I'm giving it a perfect recommendation. I do think I found a big bug though. You aren't supposed to be able to travel on the ship at night, but halfway through the game it didn't stop me anymore. I just traveled all the time without stopping. I'm not complaining though because that just made the game more fun! I seriously recommend this game to anyone who is interested and I'm glad I played it.

The Red Strings Club

3.7 hours, 5 of 19 achievements
4/5 a story that stays in your head for a while

This is kind of a hard game to review. It has a lot of different gameplay elements that just meshed into one interesting game. The Red String Club takes place in a cyberpunk setting and features bartending, pottery, conspiracies, ad thought provoking conversations about morality. I love the art, I love the characters, and I love the tension that the game creates. I spent most of the game wondering what was going to happen next and it was a fascinating ride. Not to mention, I'm in love with good pixel art!

The ending felt more open ended then I usually like, so I hope they make a sequel. Especially since theres a lot of unspoken lore around The Red String Club and its owner. Overall, I'd recommend this one, but maybe not full price. It is kind of short unless your doing multiple playthroughs. I don't think much changes based on your actions.

SteamWorld Dig

5.0 hours, 8 of 24 achievements
3.5/5 not my genre, but still super fun

These Steamworld games are a lot of fun. So far I've played this one and Steamworld Hiest and I recommend both of them!

Steamworld Dig is a mining platformer where you dig the mines to explore and find money for upgrades. I'm not much of a completionist so I didn't get to much into it, but its one of those games where you can easily spend hundreds of hours on it to discover everything.

I enjoy the western aesthetic and earning upgrades was a lot of fun. If you play games like terraria then you'll probably enjoy this a lot more. This isn't my type of game and I still had a lot of fun, so I'm recommending all of the Steamworld games until I'm proven otherwise :P

Finding Paradise

4.9 hours, 1 of 1 achievements
3.5/5 A solid and emotional sequel

Finding Paradise is a sequel to both "To the Moon" and "a Bird Story." You do not need to play either games to play Finding Paradise, but it does help you become more connected to the characters in the story.

Dr. Rosalene and Dr Watts are back at it again. You'll swap between the two of them throughout the story as you grant another dying wish. The music is beautiful and Freebird is once again pushing the boundaries of what you can do with rpg-maker.

It's a story heavy game with little gameplay so the story is the driving point of these games. I feel like this story was not as strong as To The Moon. Even if I didn't compare the two, there is a point in this story where I felt like they could have done so much more. The direction was not as impactful in my personal opinion. But aside from that, I still cried. It's still a beautiful story and message and the music pushes it home.

I'm glad I played this and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in these games. When they make another one I'll be excited to play.

End of March Update!

better late then never!

The Purring Quest

4.9 hours, 12 of 23 achievements
an almost purrrrfect game

Cat Quest is a super cute game where you play a cat named Kimchi whose on a mission to help his owner.

The game is full of humor and some surprisingly deep dialogue. There are plenty of things to collect and cats to find. I enjoyed the soundtrack and the story. The only downside is that the platforming was very slippery. It might be because I was playing on keyboard, but I would slide and die a lot which led to some frusteration. Landing on some platforms were difficult as well.

I would definetely recommend this game! Especially if you are a cat lover.

Smile For Me

3.9 hours, 18 of 24 achievements
a game that will inevitably make you SMILE

Smile for me is a point and click puzzle game in which you try to make as many people smile as you can. Find out what is making the residents of the habitat unhappy and fix their problems! Spread joy wherever you go! just make you you're in bed before dark…..

Smile for me is a unique game that took some getting used to. I actually gave up on it twice before actually giving it a good chance. I think the controls were a little confusing to me starting out. I'm very glad I gave it another chance because its actually a lovely game!

The game has interesting characters and problem-solving puzzles. It has multiple endings and a unique art style. Best of all, it's my favorite type of niche. Cute/happy looking games that have horror undertones. I love these types of games. It doesn't have a lot of horror, but its there lurking below the surface.

I won't give much away, but if you have a chance to play this I do recommend it. It's a short game packed with content.

Coming Up Next!

  • SteamWorld Dig

    2 hours playtime

    4 of 24 achievements

  • Heavy Rain

    64 minutes playtime

    0 of 56 achievements

  • Life is Strange: True Colors

    20 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

  • Okami HD

    33 minutes playtime

    0 of 51 achievements

February Update!

Hey guys! February is the shortest month and my birthday month, so I tried celebrating by completing as many games as I could. It’s not much (since most of the games were 30 minutes) but it was fun to knock out a bunch of games like the good ol days before I had a job and adult responsibilities :)

Supermassive Games:

Man of Medan

6 hours, 7 of 30 achievements

Man of Medan is the first game in the Dark Pictures Anthology. These games are interactive choice based games from the developers of Until Dawn. They play similarity to games developed by Telltale Games or Quantic Dreams. I really enjoy these types of games a lot, and The Dark Picture games are online and local co-op! I'm going to detail my love and struggle for these games a bit, especially when I get to the review of Little Hope.

Man of Medan is the first game in this series. There is a group of characters in the story and you wil switch to different ones throughout. The game will randomly assign you to one of the characters and you will then adapt your choices and personality to fit that character.

The story follows a group of friends who are eager to go on a diving trip. This excitement turns to horror when things go wrong and they land themselves on a presumed ghost ship. Similarly to Until Dawn, the choices you make will decide if the characters will live or die. You can get all the characters killed, none of them, or somewhere in between. This will lead to different endings. There are also a lot of Qtes that will decide your characters fate. If you are not quick on your quick time events you may get some characters killed.

On co-op, you and your partner will play different characters that will sometimes be together or apart. A lot of the time you get separated, which is by far the scariest part. This is really cool though because you and your co-op partner are usually watching different cutscenes and going through a totally different experience then eachother. I have not played on single player, so I can only really review the co-op side of this game.

Man of Medan is a little rough around the edges. It feels like a semi expensive indie game a lot of the time. The graphics are definitely a downgrade from Until Dawn. It looks like they are using a different engine all together. The faces and movement are often jarring and uncanny. I did get used to it though! The cuts in scenes are also jarring, like a awkwardly edited movie. These things don't really bother me much but its worth mentioning.

Back to some pros about the game. I absolutely loved the mystery and scares. I'm a giant baby and these games give me so much anxiety. There are a lot of jumpscares and some pretty clever scares as well. Solving the mystery of the story is probably my favorite part of the games so far.

Now that I got the pros and cons out of the way, let me get to the nail in the coffin. The games in this series (at least the first two) are broken. There are multiple game breaking bugs you could get if you are unlucky like me. Although if you google the game, its more common then it should be. We did have to restart the game half-way through to properly beat it because we got an infinite loading screen that can not be fixed. There are other bugs throughout, but that is the goliath of bugs. I will definitely touch up on the bugs on my review for Little Hope below, because oh boy did that game give my boyfriend and I grey hairs. Buuuut, just reviewing this game, it wasn't that bad (unless of course you get that game breaking bug.)

Overall, I enjoyed Man of Medan. It did feel like the first entry in the series. It was rough around the edges and still finding its barrings, but It's such a fun interesting concept and it fills that horror co-op void. I adore a good choice game, so I had fun with this overall. Do I recommend this game? Maybe not right now. I will talk about my recommendations of the games in my review of Little Hope. I bought the trilogy on sale but I would not recommend it full price at this moment.

Little Hope

8 hours, 10 of 30 achievements

Warning: This is less of a review and more of me complaining for multiple paragraphs. I sound bitter but I had a lot of fun getting my frustrations out in the most dramatic way possible. Also major spoilers (But I will tag them.)

Oh boy oh boy. So my boyfriend and I finished Man of Medan, and we were like, "let's hop into the next one!" That would lead us to this game. The second game in the Dark Picture anthology: Little Hope. What a fitting title. This game gave me little hope for the future of this series.

It all started when I loaded the game up for the first time. Instant crash. Let me preface this by saying that we both have desktops that have had no issues with any game thrown at it. none of these bugs are the fault of our computers.
"Weird." I thought. So I loaded up the game again. We get started and explore the differences between Little Hope and Man of Medan.

I played on Keyboard and mouse, and he played on controller. In Man of Medan keyboard uses WASD to move, and controller is analog stick. Normal stuff. In Little Hope, the keyboard is not used at all and its all point and click with the mouse. Controller is still the same. Use analog to move. I don't hate the choice, but I thought it was kind of interesting. The Qte's were no longer keyboard and mouse, and were just mouse. So instead of hitting "W" or "D" at the right time you now just line up your mouse to the circle and click. It makes the Qte's less diverse but much easier. You also get a little warning that a QTE is about to pop up, which is fantastic. In the previous game you had to keep your hands on the keyboard at ALL times. It could be a chill cut scene and you would miss a QTE and die because your fingers were not on the keyboard. In Little Hope, you get a little pop up warning where the QTE is going to be. So, thank you for that change! The point and click feature was a lot harder to deal with though because it made the characters move awkardly and It was hard to look behind or around me. So maybe play this game on controller.

They also added a new feature for co-op. I forgot what its called, but it's a local multiplayer feature that lets you pass the controller to your friends as you play. I only played online co-op but I appreciate the feature regardless.

As we started to play Little Hope, I instantly connected to this game. I liked the voice acting better, the characters were interesting and it had such an intriguing opening. The mystery was amplified in this game. You spend most of the game going "what?" and "how?!" I loved the mystery. I spent every scene connecting the clues and trying to solve the story. I felt like a mediocre Sherlock Holmes.
The story follows 4 college students and their professor who are trapped in a town called Little Hope. The town shows you visions of the Salem Witch trials along with other creepy and captivating events. Just like the last game, you play as each character while your choices shape their personality and their chances of survival.

So moving on. We are enjoying the heck out of the game when it happens. Our worst enemy. The bane of our existence. The infamous infinite loading screen that plagued our enjoyment in Man of Medan. It was back, with a vengeance. To explain our frustrations, one minute we are in an intense thrilling scene with life or death hanging on the balance… The next moment the game is loading up the next screen. It's still loading… loading… loading… any minute now… we leave to get a pizza… were back….. still loading. We leave the game and load up the chapter again… still loading… we go online and troubleshoot all the ways we can. Nothing works. We try loading it back three times with no success. We decide to go a chapter back and load it that way.. Nope. Now that chapter is also bugged. Every chapter we load back is bugged. We give up for the day and I politely email the developer hoping to get some help.

Meanwhile, if you search online, there are plenty of people who encountered this bug on many different chapters and there is still no fix to it all. They have encountered this bug for both games just like we have. Nothing has worked for anybody. The developers never responded to them or me (it's been four days.) I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't HEAVILY promote these games on their website. They are so proud of them, but they won't try to fix them.

We try ONE MORE time two days later and somehow, it works! We are now two chapters back but the game has loaded. We had to play like an hour to catch up, but we do it. We then decide that we will finish the entire game in one sitting to not risk this happening again. At this point my anxiety was through the roof. Both from the brokenness of the game, but also the fact that I have to play like 4 hours of it without stopping and I'm a giant baby. This game was tense! We encounter two more infinite loading screens on the way. We had to back out of the chapter and continue to fix them, but we were just honestly happy that they fixed and continued.

Finally, we get to the end of the game on the last chapter. its a scene in a house with so many things to click on and explore. As we were playing we noticed, we can't click on anything. It says its interactive but its not allowing us to click on it. We tried heading to our destination, but we couldn't continue going that way. Basically it was bugged. No big deal we'll load it AGAIN. So we did, and same issue. That specific location was very bugged. So we start the chapter over. This fixes it.

We are back and we can click on things now. We are exploring the previously unobtainable objects when boom, frozen game. We load in again. The game freezes again. We try it again. The game freezes, then CRASHES MY COMPUTER. I'm not tech savvy, so I can't even tell you how or why that happened. But it happened two times. We loaded in again after the crashes and then it froze and crashed my computer again. At this point I'm scared to play. I can play Elden Ring on this computer but not Little Hope! This particular last chapter is the buggiest of them all. We cannot get through this section. We had to agree to skip every single interactible item and story part and just head to our destination as quickly as possible. It was really sad to rush the ending. It worked though, and we were quickly able to get to the end.

Now were at the end, we have been trying to beat this 5 hour game for days. We get to the end, and… it sucks. All that mystery build up for a really dumb ending. Spoilers below.

So the game introduces multiple timelines, death loops, infinite possibilities of multiple realities or time manipulation, ghosts, demons, witches etc. It could not be more intriguing! But in the end it turns out that none of that was real. Nope. None of the characters are real. None of the situations were real. The witch trial scenes weren't real. The only thing that was real was the first five minutes of the game. Nothing you did in this whole game was real. You are playing a crazy guy with a lot of guilt. He banged up his head and went into a psychotic break. I have no problem with the unreliable narrator twist, but it was such a horrible ending compared to the set up. It's like being promised a million dollars and receiving it in monopoly money. Not to mention we saved every single character in the whole game which was really hard for us. No one died! then at the last cut scene they kill two of the characters for some obscure choices that we were supposed to know to make. Like not to ask for help when you were being murdered. Not that it should have mattered because the characters werent real anyway. I'm being dramatic for the laughs, but I honestly feel like they had an amazing story going, and they really flunked it for a cheap twist. So yeah..

Do I recommend Little Hope, noooo. I am still going to play the third game because we already bought the trilogy. But I'm going to hold my breath the whole way through. I hope they fix the games and put some more love into them,

Randumb Studios:

These next games I completed were all from the developers of Randumb Studios. I bought “The Test.” because it had good reviews. Then I decided to get all of their games because it was only fifteen dollars for every game. I didn’t realize that they were all the same game really, but It was still fun to beat all of them in two days. I’m just going to give an overall review here and then a short sentence for each game. All of these games are basically personality quizzes. You answer yes/no and situational questions and they give you a little scenario at the end that best fits your answers. Kind of like those pointless but fun buzzfeed quizzes (you know what I’m talking about!).

“The Test” series is probably their biggest. The rest are very low effort. I’m not trying to be mean because I myself cannot make a game and I know they have low price tags. Its just that they copy the same game each time and paste a different scenario. Most of the games share a lot of the same questions and every game has the same humor. Personally, I feel like the humor doesn’t always land. A lot of sexual jokes or edgy jokes that don’t have enough of a punchline to land. When you complete a game you get a secret word that you can put in your review or comments. The devs say that they incorporate the word and your name in future games, so that’s a neat interaction with the audience. Overall, each game is the same. You answer questions. Now that you are aware of that, let me go into each game.

  • The Test

    18 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Test: Hypothesis Rising

    30 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Confession

    18 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Horrorscope

    18 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Horrorscope: Fatal Awakening

    30 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Test: Final Revelation

    47 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: Chapter 1

    17 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Advisor - Episode 1: Royal Pain

    52 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Medieval Fantasy Survival Simulator

    26 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Survivor Dieland

    19 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Journey - Episode 1: Whatever This Is

    22 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Naked News

    14 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show - Episode 1

    24 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Survive or Thrive

    33 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • WTF is wrong with you?

    34 minutes playtime

    no achievements

The Test: The first game I played and definetely the strongest. The Test asks you “yes or no” questions about yourself and gives you a deep analysis of yourself at the end. Its simplistic like the rest, but it has some nice details. The ambiance is unnerving and it balances creepy and heartfelt pretty well. Secret Word: Fantasy

The Test: Hypothesis Rising: This is a sequel to The Test and it’s pretty much the same. They added situational questions to make it a little more interesting, but its no longer mysterious so it loses some intrigue. Secret Word: Talented

The Test: Final Revelations: Same as the other two but with some more interesting questions. They have “yes or no” questions, situational questions, and pictures in which you have to describe how they make you feel. The ending has a nice message and this is an overall nice trilogy, worth the 6 dollars. Secret Word: Greed

The Confession: I guess the fans dared them to make a game with only sexual questions, so they did. At first I thought it would be a mix of different dark secrets like, did you commit a crime or something like that. But no, its all sexual questions, and the middle schooler humor is strong in this one. I didn’t gain or lose much with this game, but I would not recommend it. Secret Word: Condom

The Horrorscope: This is just like The Test but with less effort. I would just get “The Test” instead. Secret Word: Cursed

The Horrorscope: Fatal Awakening. For only 10 percent of your life, this game promises to tell you how you’re going to die and how to avoid it. This is much like their other games with many shared questions like the others. It did get creepy though since my death prediction is a big fear of mine. It also told me not to go outside around a time that I had to go outside to walk to work O.O but spooks aside, these games are almost all the same and I’d still recommend The Test over this. Secret Word: Dirt

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: A goblin tells you puns and dad jokes and you click yes or no if it made you laugh. The puns are nice but it went on for very long and I was speed running through dad jokes about half way through. I dont even remember my secret word.

The Advisor episode one: This one was a little bit different. It’s like a visual novel where you play a magician who has to answer questions to become the advisor for the king. Depending on your answers, it will determine the fate of the kingdom. Each time you answer a question your character has a line of dialogue, which adds some life to the game. The game ends on a cliffhanger and the players get to decide how they want the story to proceed. The only gameplay is answering questions like the other games, but its got some charm.

Medieval Fantasy Survival: You are in medieval times and you are asked questions to determine if you would survive the times. I had a 85.7 percent chance of survival and my Secret Word was Morale.

Survivor Dieland: You are in a made up place called Dieland and you are asked questions to determine if you would survive in Dieland. I forgot my Secret Word :/

The Journey ep 1: Whatever this is: This game was made for people who are suffering from depression or are just stuck in life and want to find new hobbies to help them break free of the rut they are in. It has a more serious tone then the others. It didn’t provide much for me but it may be helpful to others. Secret Word: Meditate

Naked News: There is no answering questions in this one. It’s a kinetic novel that takes place at a news station. It aims for offensive humor, but it just doesn’t land well.

The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show: Gobby McGobblenutz is back. This time he’s hosting a quiz show. He will ask you would you rather style questions and you have to answer truthfully. Such as “eat chicken or eat steak.” Then he will tell you if its a common answer that people answered or uncommon. The more uncommon answers, the more points you get. It’s actually kind of fun and I enjoyed playing it. My score was 431 and my Secret Word: is Beautiful.

Survive or Thrive: Another questionnare that tells you how well you’d survive in the wild. At the end it will give you a situation in which it thinks you would survive/escape in. Secret Word: Asylum.

WTF is wrong with you? A game that asks, would you do this dirty or offensive thing for a million dollars? You have to decide if you would do each scenario for a million dollars. Its a lot of gross out humor and I realized I dont need a million dollars that badly. Secret Word: Strange.

I did not play The Twins or the Summoning because both require you to have certain items and perform ritual stuff and I’m way to lazy to grab all of that. But that concludes the rest of the games. Thank you all for reading this giant giant post of mine!

Upcoming Games:

I’m looking forward to playing these games next!

  • Okami HD

    33 minutes playtime

    0 of 51 achievements

  • The Purring Quest

    68 minutes playtime

    2 of 23 achievements

  • Heavy Rain

    64 minutes playtime

    0 of 56 achievements

  • The Banner Saga 3

    10 minutes playtime

    0 of 101 achievements

  • Life is Strange: True Colors

    20 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

February Update!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, but I’ve beaten a couple games now. I recieved an Oculus Quest 2 as an early birthday present so I’ve been trying to figure that out. Unfortunately It’s been making me motion sick but I’m hoping I get over it because I have a lot of new games I want to try!

turnip boy

3 hours, 31 of 37 achievements
Taxes? What taxes?

The title pretty much sums this one up. You play as a turnip boy who… commits tax evasion! This game is very cute and charming. I love the visuals and the humor. The humor reminds me of something like Paper Mario. I wish the game was longer and had more engaging gameplay, but those are just nitpicks. I still have some achievements to get and there are areas I still haven't visited. Also some fun endgame parts.

I don't know if I recommend it for 15 dollars since its so short, but I bought it on sale and it was a lot of fun!

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

9 hours, 13 of 14 achievements
hauntingly beautiful

Hellblade is a beautiful and dark tale of a girl named Senua who travels to Helheim to find her lover. The story is amazing and the graphics are on another level. The game is just beautiful to look at. They have also done some amazing things with the audio. Senua suffers from psychosis and the game does a great job of making you feel part of that experience.

Unfortunately I didn't fall in love with the game as much as I wanted to because of the puzzles. The puzzles slowed the game down drastically and it took me forever to solve them just to get to the next section of the game. I didn't mind the combat at all, but the puzzles were definetely a downside for me. That is just my opinion though and others may have loved those sections of the game.

Overall, I would not replay Hellblade due to the gameplay. But I would watch the cutscenes over and over. It has an engaging story and beautiful visuals. I would recommend it, preferably on sale!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest

2 hours, 9 of 38 achievements
A fun adventure that ended too soon.

Werewolf- Heart of the forest is a text based game that gives you a story and lets you make choices on how the story will go. It's pretty much a visual novel so if you aren't a fan of reading or VN's you probably won't like it. The story is intruiging and I enjoyed the choices and different aspects of the game, but then it just ends. It's so short and the whole game felt like a build up that was cut short. There was so much interesting set up and lore but not enough story to actually flesh any of it out. I didn't try other routes but the reviews made it clear that it wouldn't change much.

I really did enjoy this game and if there is a longer version or if its worth going back to it, I definetely would give it a try. It was a lot of fun and very interesting if you are a fan of werewolves! I definetely do NOT recommend this game for full price. But on sale or bundle it could be worth it!

End of November Update

Gaming was slow this month. Without burdening you all with personal details, I’ll just make it known that I lost a close friend last week. He was the person that I played most of my games with and gaming has not been the same this week. Instead of focusing on games that I played, I want to focus on games that I will be playing soon. Including one of his favorite games (Zero Escape, which I was playing beforehand, so I will proudly continue and beat.) That way I can keep a positive attitude.

  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

    4 hours playtime

    0 of 38 achievements

  • Borderlands 3

    9 hours playtime

    7 of 81 achievements

  • We Were Here Together

    2 hours playtime

    5 of 22 achievements

  • Life is Strange: True Colors

    20 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

The zero escape series is next on my list of games to beat. Then Life is Strange True Colors (or maybe in between since Zero Escape is technically two games.) I’ve heard good things about True Colors and I’m hoping it’s closer to Life is Strange one then two. Meanwhile I’m still working on Borderlands 3 and We Were Here Together. I’ve heard very negative things about Borderlands 3, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I have very low expectations so that’s helped a lot. Other then that, there is one game that I beat this month below. I hope everyone has an amazing December. Happy Holidays!

Road 96

10 hours, 8 of 12 achievements

I actually really loved this game.

Just by skimming the description, I thought this game was going to be like a randomly generated road trip where you make choices along the way. It's not like that. Every event is scripted and there are only so many events that can happen. But how you encounter them depend on some choices in the game. Basically there are multiple characters and once you 100% each of their stories, your pretty much done with the game. The replay value is very little after that.

Now that that is out of the way, I loved every minute of this game. You play as different teens trying to cross the border of a fictional country. Different choices you make may lead to different results for your teen. The game is political (which I normally don't enjoy) but it works in this game and leads to some good story beats. I absolutely loved the characters and the atmosphere of the game. The soundtrack and ambience reminded me of Life is Strange. The game does a good job of immersing you into its world. You feel afraid of the unknown and determined to help your character reach the finish line.

There are things I could nitpick about the game because it's not perfect. It's definetely not for everyone, but in the end its about what experience you get from a video game, and I really enjoyed this one. I was sad when it ended because I wanted more.