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Hi! 🙋 My name is Stefani. I’ve been on BLAEO for four years now.
If anyone is interested in playing multiplayer games with me I have a list of online multiplayer games that I play or want to play.


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July and August Update!

I definitely plan to be more active on here. I’ve been working and picking up other hobbies so I haven’t played many games the past couple of months. I did play some very fun games though!

Papo & Yo

4 hours, 4 of 10 achievements
3.5/5 rough around the edges, but has an important story to tell

Papo & Yo is a puzzle platformer about a boy named Quico and a monster. Quico must solve puzzles with the help/and hindrance of Monster while he uses this new world to escape his real one.

The game plays like a normal platformer. Jump from platforms, run around and solve puzzles. The puzzles are fairly easy. Sometimes you have to move boxes, switches, use Monster to boost yourself. Or sometimes you have to feed him frogs to make him angry, which will either help you with the puzzles, or make them harder to complete.

The graphics haven't aged very well, but the visuals in the game are really neat. Some of the puzzles use unique mechanics and visuals that really help bring the story to life. Because its a story about Quico's life, there are a lot of interesting metaphors and emotional moments. The soundtrack also really helps with the emotional impact. There were some beautiful songs in the game.

Where gameplay and graphics lack, the story carries it through. It's not a unique story, but they present it well and by the end, you feel like you've been on a journey.

It's a short game, if you haven't played, I highly recommend it. Not for full price, but I would get it on the next sale or in a bundle.

Night Delivery

2 hours, 3 of 6 achievements
3/5 simple but spooky

Chilla's Art games usually have a basic formula. Clunky and one dimensional gameplay, bad sound mixing, short stories, and low quality visuals. You would think that's a recipe for a horrible game, but somehow they almost always pull off a fun and unique horror experience.

The low quality visuals usually make the game even more terrifying. Especially the photorealistic but warped faces they usually use. The games are dripped in Japanese culture and you often feel isolated and confused, which gives you a feeling of despair. Even games like convenience store makes working a night shift at the store feel dreadful.

This takes us to Night Delivery. This game definitely spooked me. I am a giant baby when it comes to horror games though, so if you are a horror game expert, then this may not phase you.

You play a night delivery person attempting to drop off some packages. Except you are alone, and its the middle of the night, and you don't know why you are there other then to get the socks scared off of you. The more you deliver some packages, the weirder the story and the people seem to get.
Like most Chilla's Art games, this one also has a moral, or message to tell. it's also very short. About 1 to 2 hours.

There are multiple endings so I advice looking around and trying to collect everything you can.

The game is only 3 US dollars, so if you are interested, I recommend buying it on sale or full price.


2 hours, 2 of 14 achievements
4/5 a beautiful experience

Journey is a lovely platformer. It doesn't need or use dialogue to tell you its story. Your thrown into a desert world and you have to journey (get it?) across the different terrains to get your destination.

The music is absolutely stunning. The visuals are still beautiful. I was shocked to find out this was released in 2012. The fact that you can have random other players join you in your journey is wonderful. I only had someone join at the very last 20 minutes, but it was a lot more fun when they did.

I am definitely replaying this game sometime soon and I hope to find more people when I do!

This game is short so I recommend it more on sale, but if you dont mind short experiences that are worth the price in quality, then I recommend it full price too.

Here’s some more games I’m working on at the moment!

  • Wildermyth

    15 hours playtime

    9 of 55 achievements

  • Mass Effect 2 (2010)

    16 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Tell Me Why

    7 hours playtime

    16 of 30 achievements

End of June Update!


20 hours
Even better then before

New Pokemon Snap

I'm about to sound old right now, but in 1999 Pokemon Snap came out on the Nintendo 64. Five year old me frickin loved this game. I then played it a few years later and loved it even more. Its very nostalgic to me, and this new version definitely delivered!

In Pokemon Snap you are a pokemon photographer who goes around taking pictures of different pokemon. You are given items that have the pokemon react or do things that lead to secrets and new areas. Then the professor rates your pictures.

New Pokemon Snap took this concept and added so much while keeping everything that made the game great to begin with. New items have been added to get a bigger variation of pictures. There are so many more pokemon as well. There are way more secrets and easter eggs. The further you get in the game and the levels, the more you can see and do.

You can now edit your pictures. You can add stickers, filters, reframe, and do a bunch to the photos to make them perfect. You can then share your photos online and have other people like your photos. There is also a photodex that shows you the pictures you've taken of each pokemon.

The scoring system is much better then the original. You have to catch the pokemon in different situations to get different star ratings. Then you can get bronze, silver and gold stars. It also takes in account the size, how many pokemon are in the shot, if the pokemon is looking at you, the background, and other things in the score. I also really enjoyed that they added a story to the game, even if its a small one!

Overall, if you've never played Pokemon Snap, I highly recommend it if you like calming games like Animal Crossing. And if you liked the original and your skeptical, I'm here to say they did the original justice, and more.

Inunaki Tunnel

1 hours, 2 of 7 achievements
short and spooky

Another short and spooky game by Chilla's Art. I stream these with a friend, and I enjoy the fact that they are short because otherwise I wouldn't be able to finish them. I'm awful with horror, but these are just spooky enough to be fun and not overbearing.

In this one, you wander around Inunaki Tunnel. Apparently this is based off a real place in Japan, which makes the game creepier. You mostly just walk around and solve some puzzles and there are multiple endings. It's not a fantastic game, but its short and cheap, and it freaked me out. There is also a secret ending that is creepy af.

Resident Evil 7

12 hours, 20 of 58 achievements
4/5 Ethan needs a hug

Another horror game!

I love Resident Evil. My laziness is the only reason It took me so long to play this. In this first-person Resident Evil game, you play a man named Ethan who goes to a creepy isolated house to rescue his long lost wife. Things don't go so well, and all of the sudden cannibals are trying to adopt Ethan.

This game was a lot of fun. It brought Resident Evil back to its roots while also adding an entirely new feel. I love the old Resident Evil style, but I also love this. My only gripe is that the main character is kind of boring and emotionless. He's not really the focus though and it doesn't detract from the strengths of the game.

If you are a new Resident Evil fan or a a fan of the older games (that were more survival horror orientated) then I highly recommend this one! Now I just have to save up money for RE Village, because I'm very curious how all of that plays into the story.

Its You: A Breakup Story

1 hours, no achievements
3/5 screw healthvetica

Its You: A Breakup Story is a very short game about an unhealthy one-sided relationship. You play a nurse who gets a call in the middle of the night by your boyfriend, Josh. The gameplay consists of just picking dialogue options. The game is very short and it quickly starts to repeat dialogue options. I enjoyed it though and its a pretty accurate portrayal of a toxic relationship.

The developers also donate 20 percent of the games profit to the Atira Women's Resource Society. That's not related to the story, but I thought it was really nice.

I got it on sale for a dollar, and If you're interested, I recommend it for the experience.

Which of these games do you think I should play next?

  • Stories: The Path of Destinies

    55 minutes playtime

    3 of 37 achievements

  • Scribblenauts Unlimited

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 25 achievements

  • Papo & Yo

    7 hours playtime

    3 of 10 achievements

4 month old update!

So I’ve been so busy with work and life that I haven’t been on this site in ages. I missed you guys and I hope everyone is doing well!
I haven’t played many games in four months but I’m getting back on track now!

Resident Evil 6

23 hours, 32 of 70 achievements
3/5 game is alright.. but co-op can be a blast

I played this on release date and I thought it was cool, but it wasn't the type of Re game I enjoyed. It's been nine years though so now I can judge it for it's own good and bad qualities… and boy does it have some good and bad qualities.

The Good:

  • You get to play as a bunch of different characters. Ones that we've loved throughout the series! Some characters are out of character but since they seemed to have reboot the series after this, it's not really an issue.
  • Each Campaign is different. Leon's is more traditional RE horror. Sherry and Jake's campaign is straight out of a 90's action movie. Chris's campaign is more "Call of Duty" military style. The different styles make playing through them less tiresome and repetitive.
  • The Co-op is actually great! Teamwork is implemented a lot in this game. Depending on who you choose, you may have a different task throughout some parts of the game. You need to work together to get through sections and help eachother heal and revive. If you are going to play this game, I'd only really recommend it on co-op. There is an online and local co-op.
  • The different games modes are interesting. They don't nail it as far as how great they could have been, but it's nice to have variety. There is a game mode where you can play a zombie who enters a person game. The only downside is that you move slow and start far away from the person. Half the time they kill you or complete the objective before you even get close to them.
  • The Voice acting and graphics. It still doesn't look bad even after all these years. and the voice acting is corny, but it fits the corniness of the game. I'll listen to Matthew Mercer any day.
  • That part with Piers. That was cool.

Now the bad:

  • The controls: Probably the worst thing about the game. The controls are weird even after you remap them. They make the game harder then it needs to be. The controls are just awkward, janky, and disorienting. You get used to them (kind of like RE4) but it takes a bit.
  • The gameplay: I like the different campaigns but it all boils down to shooting hundreds of zombies in the face, going to the next section, repeating. There are little puzzles throughout, but it doesn't take much brainpower. This is a very straightforward action game.
    There isn't anything wrong with an action shooter, I even like the genre, but I just felt like it didn't mesh with the Resident Evil formula. The zombies had to keep getting bigger and badder and it became a little laughable. Personally, I enjoyed the RE4 formula the most. I liked that it had more action but was also still scary and challenging. RE6 was not scary at all.
  • It got repetitive. Since the campaigns intertwine, you have to repeat some parts multiple times. It got a little competitive sometimes. Especially if its a part that was really annoying the first time. I wish they fast-forwarded it a little bit or made you do half the job.
  • The Ending. Every campaign gets an ending, but there is a final one after the credits. It ends on a cliff-hanger but the story won't be continued. Which is probably best because it was not a very interesting one imo. Still a bummer it ends on a cliffhanger though.
  • The bugs. There is a few of them. Especially during the unlockable campaign. Had to restart some sections due to bugs.

Overall, I had a blast playing with a friend but I wouldn't recommend it by yourself. Its frustrating and silly, but if you get it on sale, you and your friend will probably have fun.

It Takes Two

14 hours, 9 of 20 achievements
5/5 lovely co-op game worth every penny

This game is lovely! It Takes Two is a co-op only game where you play a husband and wife who get turned into dolls. There marriage is in shambles, but with the help of their daughter and other colorful characters, they try to return back to human and learn some lessons along the way.

First of all, this game has friend's pass. That means if you or a friend own the game, the other person doesn't have to buy it. That also includes online co-op. I bought the game, and my friend who is another state, didnt have to purchase anything to play the entire game with me. How cool is that?

It Takes Two is a 3D platformer that has multiple different gameplay styles and genres within it. The Co-op is a blast. You work together to defeat enemies, do platforming, and solve puzzles. The levels are so so creative and every minute of the game is filled with something to do. There are interactable objects, minigames, and places to explore. The game is surprisingly long, but every second is filled with a creative new level and power that you can use. Really, there is no part that is filler or boring IMO.

The game is also very pretty and the voice acting is great. The game is very forgiving and saves often. When you die (which I did often) it puts you right where you were.

If you like co-op platformers like Hat in Time or A Way Out, I highly recommend this one!


12 hours, 65 of 75 achievements
4/5 full of optimism, puts a smile on your face

In Wandersong you play a bard on a mission to save the world! What's your secret power to defeat evil? Singing!

Wandersong is a story driven sidescroller. You use music to interact with people, objects, and enemies. The gameplay consists of talking to people, solving problems, platforming, and some rhythm game elements. I can tell the game took a lot of inspiration from older Nintendo games such as Paper Mario. In both games you meet a quirky cast of characters with fun dialogue and absurd situations and levels.

The game is surprisingly long. Sometimes it feels like it runs too long, but it didn't dislike any minute of it. There is a lot of dialogue. Most characters can be spoken to multiple times. Overall, the tone of the game is happy. Wandersong deals with deep subject matters in a kind way and you walk out of it feeling happy.

This is a great game for kids or adults. I'd highly recommend it!

Chilla’s Art!

During the last sale, but my friend convinced me to buy a bunch of Chilla’s Art games. I’d never heard of them but now Im hooked! They are a bunch of japanese horror games that all run around one to two hours max. Here’s the ones I’ve played so far.

The Convenience Store

2 hours, 3 of 5 achievements
4.5/5 creepier then customer service

The Convenience Store is probably their most popular game. You play a woman who works the night shift at a convenience store. The game is even shorter then 2 hours, but I kept getting lost outside because I'm directionally blind.

The atmosphere and characters models are chilling and the subject matter is scary enough. Who wants to work a night shift by themselves? Definitely play this one to see if you'll like the others. This one was my favorite so far.

Missing Children

1 hours, 4 of 6 achievements
4/5 why must we always do our jobs at night?

In this one you play a detective who is looking for missing kids from different homes. You travel to a few different houses, questioning the parents and trying to get the truth. Just like most of them, this one has multiple endings.

I also enjoyed this one! The scares were reserved and used in the right places and it had an eerie feeling throughout.

The Ghost Train

1 hours, 4 of 5 achievements

This one wasn't as scary in my opinion, but I liked the atmosphere a lot. You have to get a train every day and one day things start to become a little… off. There are some puzzles on this one but they are very easy, you just have to be able to listen so I'd suggest playing with headphones.

Stigmatized Property

1 hours, 3 of 5 achievements
4/5 what happened to everyone??

In Stigmatized Property you go to a visit a boys house for the first time at night (why must you do this at night?)
When you get there, he's not there and neither is anyone else it seems… You have to find notes throughout the house and outside to find out what happened on this property.

I really liked this one. I enjoyed piecing the story together while being paranoid at every turn. There are multiple endings.


.30 hours, 3 of 4 achievements
2.5/5 what am I clicking on??

This is probably my least favorite of the games so far. In Okaeri you play a teenage girl who just moved with her mom. When you get home you have to interact with objects and look around to find out what happened in the house.

The game had good ideas, but it's not very fun. It's very hard to see what your clicking on or what to do, so I wandered for most of the play time confused. It's also very short. Even with my confusion it was only like 30 minutes. Overall, I'd play this one last.

The Caregiver

2 hours, 4 of 6 achievements
3.5/5 don't trust old people!

This is one of their newest games, and you can tell. It's still low budget but there are little cutscenes and it looks very nice for what it's going for. I would have given this a higher rating, but there is just one part that annoyed the crap out of me. I also got lost a whole lot. You can probably shave like 40 minutes off the time if you aren't directionally blind like me lol.

In the Caregiver you play a nurse who has to take care of an old man. Something more is going on though and the more you visit the creepier things get.


Next Time

These are games I’m going to play next. Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Inunaki Tunnel | 犬鳴トンネル

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 7 achievements

  • Umineko When They Cry - Question Arcs

    68 minutes playtime

    1 of 22 achievements

  • Fallout 76

    16 hours playtime

    14 of 60 achievements

January Update!


Batman - The Telltale Series

9 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

Telltale Batman follows the predictable Telltale formula. An interactive movie where you make choices that slightly change the story. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn't change the formula in any way. That being said, it was a fun game. I'm not really a batman fan, but I like that they put a different twist on the story and characters. I honestly found the game a little boring, even though I don't think its a bad game. I just don't think it grabbed my attention.

Overall, I think this is an average game. I'd hesitantly recommend it if you like Batman and/or Telltale. I DO recommend it so that you can play the sequel.

Batman - The Enemy Within

12 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

This was picked for my PoP and I'm really glad it was because I may not have played it otherwise. This game was a huge improvement on the last one! There are so many twists and turns, the story is chaotic and intense. The choices have a bigger impact and there are so many fun villains! Your choices effect the ending of each characters and you become invested in how they react to you.

My favorite thing about the game is (spoiler) how your decisions effect the joker. I grew attached to his character throughout the games and I really wanted to save him from his evil destiny. In the end I got the "fallen friend" ending. I don't really like villains who are just evil for the sake of it. I like more complex villains you can sympathize with, which is why I absolutely loved this joker. Also I stayed loyal to Gordon the whole game. We were true bros.

If you are interested, I recommend not watching the trailers. I didnt see them before playing and it really added to the game. I saw them after on the Steam page and they are full of spoilers. I really enjoyed this game and I might even go back and try a totally different route. If you are interested in these games, then I highly recommend this one.

Trine Enchanted Edition

6 hours, 5 of 33 achievements

My friend and I picked up the whole Trine series!

Trine 1 is a fun little puzzle platformer with beautiful scenery and fun platforming. We did play with keyboard, but the controls were a little difficult to control. They weren't very precise and the instructions would often come in controller form only. The story is a cute little generic fantasy plot but the beauty of the game is the gameplay and graphics.

I will throw this complaint out now, I hate that every single game has the same characters and abilities. Some things get changed, but playing the same three characters over and over got really repetitive fast. That could just be because we are binging it though. I'd recommend these games in smaller doses.

Something specific I like in the first game was the skills you could unlock by leveling up. You get specific character skills and you can spend them on different abilities. The use this in some of the other games, but not in the same way.

I'd recommend this game. It gets very cheap on sale (like a dollar) and its a fun co-op game. We barely had any crashes. We had a couple bugs. One that made us restart a whole level, but when I looked it up, it seemed kind of rare.

Trine 2: Complete Story

10 hours, 28 of 97 achievements

The sequel is much better then the first one. It looks beatiful, has a lot more puzzles and even had a free unexpected DLC at the end.

I'm not a fan of puzzle games so it felt a lot slower then the first one. Having to stop a lot more to figure out the solutions only to get stumbed on the exact next area. I like that the game lets you use multiple solutions to solve them. We never turned on the "float friend" feature, but we did get creative in skipping the traditional solutions. As far as puzzles go, they aren't very difficult. There are a couple types of puzzles that repeat in different ways. There is also another little game after the ending which was probably a DLC added in.

If you enjoy puzzle platforming, I highly recommend this one. I just loved looking at the different levels. It is a very beautiful game!

I’m working on a few more games right now that are almost finished. We are co-oping Trine 3 at the moment along with Resident Evil 6. I also have some of my PoP games to beat. Here are some upcoming games I’m going to play next!

  • Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

    5 hours playtime

    11 of 28 achievements

  • Resident Evil 6

    20 hours playtime

    25 of 70 achievements

  • Overcooked! 2

    7 hours playtime

    6 of 54 achievements

  • Hotline Miami

    75 minutes playtime

    4 of 35 achievements

  • The Descendant

    3 hours playtime

    1 of 50 achievements

My very late 2020 report!

(also happy New Year!)

2020 sucked, I think we can mostly agree. I actually did awful in my backlog slaying. Just didn’t feel up to gaming this year. I played mostly multiplayer games like Phasmophobia and Overwatch. I also started a bunch of games that I haven’t finished. I am feeling motivated again though and I have so many games I’m excited to play. I’ve collected a nice list of anticipated games. Since I’ve only completed one game this month, I’d rather just display my stats and favorite games this year! Hope everyone has a much better 2021.

Far Cry: New Dawn

15 hours, no achievements

I played this game co-op like I did Farcry 5 and it was fun… with its share of problems.

New Dawn continues the fifth game with a new protagonist. In a lot of ways, this feels like a Farcry 5 DLC. It's shorter, doesn't add to much, and even removes some features (I could no longer have an animal companion on multiplayer D:). among other things.
I think it does add some new features, although I played this a while ago so I forgot. Overall I payed 20 dollars on sale I think it was worth that price. I didn't do a lot of the side missions so if you do, I'm sure you'll get a lot of replay time out of it. The main story was only around 10 hours.

I really liked the graphics and the aesthetic. The bright colors and scenery helped me out of my gloomy state after playing 5. The game is really beautiful and I spent a lot of time just traveling around.

My biggest pet peeve (which 5 also suffered from but it was worse here) is how they incorporate the multiplayer. The second player isn't addressed and doesn't exist, which is fine. But the missions also don't account for them. Every airplane or vehicle mission, I was thrown out of the vehicle or had to run and find my own before we failed. We did a plane mission, and it spawned me next to the one seat plane that my friend was riding. I had to jump on to the bottom near the wheels and balance on until I fell off. Then it respawned me a plane. You basically have to fail some missions to get to participate. On top of that, there is a entire section of skills that my friend was allowed to unlock but I wasn't. There was no reason I can think other then laziness.

The story and characters were just alright. The story was too short so the characters were pretty one dimensional. Even when they tried to add emotion or development to the characters, it was always at the last second with zero impact. So yeah I wouldn't play for the story personally.

Overall, these games aren't usually my cup of tea, but I have a blast co-oping them. Even the bad parts are fun to make fun of. The game is actually pretty fun though even with it's bad moments. Farcry 5 is a better game, but this one is a nice little addition if you want a different ending to the story. I'd cautiously recommend this one. If you know what you're getting into and you still want to play, I say give it a go.

sadly my video game playing has been on a decline since I joined the site. In 2017 I beat 108 games. In 2018 I beat 61 games. In 2019 it was 42 games. This year in 2020 I beat 30 steam games. (not including the games I beat on I’m feeling optimistic this year though, so hopefully I can at least beat 2019s record!

Here are some of my 2020 stats!

Favorite game(s) beaten this year: Disco Elysium and Mass Effect

Runner Ups: Firewatch and Higurashi Ch 7

Least Favorite Game: Starting the Game

Favorite Multiplayer: Phasmophobia

Most surprising game (by how good it was) Doorkickers: Action Squad

Most hours put into a game: Fallout 4 (77 hours)

Biggest Disappointment: Magicka 2

Most played genre this year: Horror, action

See you guys again soon!

18 hours
Sherlock Holmes meets Ghost-hunters

Phasmophobia is a four player online co-op game where you and your team-mates must use equipment and clues to figure out the type of ghost that is haunting each building. You earn money for each successful mission and you can use that to buy more equipment. Each ghost can be found in different ways and move and react differently. You have to use equipment such as EMP, Spirit Box, and sound/motion sensors to rule out which ghost type it is. There is a lot of different equipment and it's fun to try them all.

The game also has voice recognition so you can ask it questions or find out where it is by saying "give me a sign." I haven't heard a lot of different responses yet so I'm excited to see them add more for the ghost to say. You can also use voice chat with your friends. The farther away you are, the farther the voice. It's better to use the game voice chat then discord or skype, because its more immersive and really feels like you're in the room together.

The game has a lot of interesting mechanics and it is genuinely scary. It's not so bad on amateur but when you get to professional level, you are dealing with a lot of pissed off ghosts.

There is an endless amount of things the developers can add to this game. More voice options and responses, more ghost types, bio's for the ghosts. More locations and game mechanics. Character creation, etc. I'm excited to see what gets added.

Overall, it's kind of bare bones right now and can get repetitive, but even in its early access stage, it's worth the price. It still feels like a full game and it doesn't feel half-assed like a lot of other early access. The only huge gripe I have with it is that it has very annoying bugs. My friend and I are dealing with a bug where one of us can't hear the others talking and we have to load in like five times for it to work. But I'm hoping they fix it soon.

Overall, the game is scary, fun, unique. I don't know how there hasn't been a ghost hunting co-op game before this. Or if there was, why it didn't get big. This is a great idea and there is so much you can do with it.


2 hours, 12 of 14 achievements
A New-Mexico Midsommar

Sagebrush is a walking simulator + exploration game where you explore a abandoned cult. The gameplay is very basic. You walk around, find keys, use them, and solve a couple of very easy puzzles. The interesting part is exploring and learning about the people and circumstances surrounding the cult.

The game is eerie but nothing scary really happens. Mostly just the feeling of dread as you discover the darker side of compound. Overall it's a short game and I enjoyed it. If you are interested in cults it's probably worth your time. If I remember correctly, it came in the huge bundle that came out a bit back to if you have that then give it a try!

My Big Sister

4 hours, 17 of 28 achievements
little sister simulator

My Big Sister is an rpg-maker game. I'll be vague since it has some twists and turns. Basically you and your sister are kidnapped and some supernatural forces are at play. The sisters don't get along but they have to work together to solve a mystery and get a happy ending.

The story is actually way more deep then I thought it'd be. I need to watch an explanation video to understand it all. I enjoyed this game a lot though. The scares are creepy and there are little to no jumpscares. It's more of a mystery then a horror but it has a good blend of both.

I love the art and some of the original ways they used rpg-maker. The characters are pretty unique. Most rpg-maker characters fall into cliche's but the characters here have a specific look and personality that sets them apart. A lot of the game is charming.

If you are looking for a creepy story heavy rpg-maker game I recommend this one!


1 hours, no achievements

My friend spent 2 dollars just to see my reaction to this game.. well worth the price.

Not much to say here, it's a meme turned into a somewhat fun but silly repetitive horror game.

Games like this are why I love the internet.


9 hours, 17 of 27 achievements
first the cat lady... now the dog gentleman

Lorelai is the third and final game in the Cat Lady series. I loved this series so much and I can't wait to see what the developers come out with next.

If you've played The Cat Lady or Downfall, you'll know what tone to expect from the third installment. It's dark and gritty and deals with depressing subject matter.

I really loved this game. Not as much as the Cat Lady, but I don't like to compare since I think each game was great in their own way. Lorelai looks beautiful, has an intriguing story, and a main character you want to root for.

The good ending was easy to get. Some might find that annoying but since I hate obscure good endings, I enjoyed it. I don't want to spoil much, but if you enjoyed the other two, definitely pick this one up.

The only small issue I had was that it would lag every time it saved, which was often.

Simulacra 2

13 hours, 14 of 27 achievements
It's not easy being famous

Simulacra is back. I really enjoy these games. They are equal parts scary and cheesy.

Simulacra 2 is a bigger game then the first. You can choose between detective or reporter (although I think it's mostly the same). You have your hands on the phone of Maya Crane. She is a deceased online influencer. You have to figure out how she died, and how her friends are connected to the case.

Right off the bat, I did enjoy Simulacra one better. This one is more ambitious, but that also makes it fall harder imo. Simulacra 2 is much less scary. The developers decided to exchange the scares for a more goofy game. I'm guessing that's because the bad acting and the charm of the first game became kind of popular. "fuuuuck it so muuuuuch."

I like the silliness and scares so no complaints here. I just wish it had more scares in this game. I just enjoy that they have their own style.

Another thing is that I didn't find any of the characters likable in this game. They are all influencers and are as shallow as you think. I just feel like they didn't balance out the characters enough for me to root for anyone in the game. I found myself not caring what happened to anyone.

It sounds like I'm being harsh but I did enjoy the game! It's bigger and you can tell that the actors had a lot of fun. Especially in that one video (you know the one if you've played it.) It's also probably hard to match the first one since the players already know the answer to who is doing this.

The acting is just as bad, but at this point, that's just part of the charm I was talking about.

I enjoyed Simulacra 2. If you haven't played either, my personal opinion is that the first one is the stronger of the two. Especially if you are looking for a horror game. I'm on board to see what kind of game they make next.

Cat in the Box

4 hours, 8 of 8 achievements
You won't believe what this youtuber saw!

Cat in the Box is an rpg-maker horror game. You play a youtuber who checks out an abandoned mansion, only to find it is not what it seems.

The gameplay is very Resident Evil like. No zombies or combat, but you explore a mansion while solving puzzles. Exploring is very important in the game. There is also limited saves but it's pretty generous as long as you look around.

The game is pretty spooky and has some jumpscares. The story is pretty interesting as well. There are multiple endings that are not hard to get. Overall I enjoyed the game. Reminds me of the classic Rpg-maker horror.

Thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun with the horror theme. I haven’t been updating regularly but I hope to start again soon. What is the scariest horror game you’ve ever played?

August Update

15 hours

My friend and I finally caved and bought this. I normally love platformers and multiplayer games, but this one didn't exactly click with me. I can't exactly pinpoint why, but we had fun with it regardless.

Like any game, Fall Guys had some pretty big pros and cons.

The pros are that it's goofy, easy to learn, colorful and fun. It's full of simple games that don't take much skill or effort. It's hard to beat every competitor, but it's not hard to learn how the games works. It's absurdity makes it all the more appealing and fun. It's also appropriate and enjoyable for all ages, which is really neat. You can play with your mom, child, friend, etc. I also like that there is no chat, because I feel like this game would be incredibly toxic.

On the other hand, there are some issues. The games get really repetitive and boring. There are only so many levels,. I'm sure the devs will add more, but if you play for a short while you've run through them all multiple times. There are still jerks on the game who will do things like grab you at the end of a finish line, even when it doesn't benefit them at all. Also plenty of hackers even though it's practically a kids game. Why take the time to hack a family friendly platformer?
It also requires a whole lot of players (60) so I'm wondering what they'll do when the hype dies down.

Either way, I'm glad I purchased it. It's not my favorite game but its cute, fun, and time flies when you're playing it. And after 15 hours, I finally beat a game!


Fallout 4

77 hours, no achievements

Fallout 4 was my first Fallout game, so I'm just going to write about my experience with it, since I'm not at all familiar with the Fallout franchise.

First off, the game does have achievements but I installed mods which removed my ability to get achievements. Secondly, I had to put on mods because this game is so broken. I'm not sure how this game was at release, but playing it now was a pain. I enjoyed a lot of parts, but ia big con of the game was how buggy it was.

Other then that though, I had fun. I liked the characters. The male and female protagonist had nice voice acting and I enjoyed all the dialogue choices I could choose. I enjoy any game that allows me to be sarcastic 24/7. Some voice acting wasn't great, but I really enjoyed others. I also really like the companions. My favorite was Hancock. I also really loved Nick Valentine and MacCready.

The story was okay… I didn't fully mesh with any of the factions, but I enjoyed the railroad the most. I played a lot of Detroit Become Human, so you better believe I'm all for those android rights. The other factions were also pretty evil and racist so it was a no brainer.

The gameplay wasn't really my thing. I thought the VATS, radiation and everything was pretty neat. I just didn't really have fun with the gameplay. Probably from all the bugs that came with it.

Going back to the story, it was kind of predictable at times and it wasn't too exciting, but the game really thrived with all the side missions. There were so many missions to do and paths to take. There is so much freedom to do what you want and that was the most fun part of it.

Overall, for my first Fallout games, I did enjoy it. I'm not sure if I will continue to play the rest but I did buy a few of them so I might give them a try .I think I'm into more light-hearted things and the ending still left me feeling a little melancholy.

I haven't played the DLCs yet but I'm doing that right now and I'm already interested in the one I'm playing. So I still have plenty left to do!


7 hours, 10 of 26 achievements


is a short first person shooter where time only moves when you move. You have to plan out each level because if you take the wrong steps, you will be shot before you can shoot back. It's a really neat concept because shooters are usually so fast paced, that taking out that element changes the genre entirely. It has some really cool features like watching replays in real time and being able to watch other peoples. I also didn't know it had a story. I thought it was just a bunch of levels, but there is a small story that connects them all. I enjoyed that a lot.

Overall, I highly recommend SUPER HOT. It's short, but it will definitely get you hooked. It's pretty difficult to put it down once you've started. I'd say SUPERHOT is one of the most innovative shooter I've played in years!

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.8 Matsuribayashi

16 hours, 14 of 14 achievements

After all this time I've finally finished the finale, and I have to say it was a wild ride…

Higurashi is one of those visual novels that look basic and cutesy on the service, but unveils an intense, emotional, and crazy mystery. I won't say anything else about the story, except it's worth playing if you are a fan of mystery and figuring things out as you go.

As far as the finale went, I enjoyed it. Most things were already explained but the new twists and turns all made sense. You can tell it ended how it was always supposed too. I really enjoyed some of the smaller characters having bigger roles. Some characters I didn't care for turned into my favorites. I think it's hard to live up to the hype of the question arcs, but they did it well. The answers will never be as entertaining as the questions, but as a complete package, it was incredibly fun.

If you are thinking of playing, I highly recommend it. The beginning of the first game (and a few games after) are very boring. It reminds me of Doki Doki Literature club, where the pay off is worth the wait, but the wait is very very long and tedious. Stick with it though and I think you'll enjoy it!

Playing Next:

I’ve been working on Death Stranding but that’s going to take ages to finish. I’ve already finished Simulacra but I’m trying to find other endings. Other then that who knows, I have a huge list of next games to choose from and I’m excited for all of them.

  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 38 achievements


    7 hours playtime

    12 of 27 achievements


    41 hours playtime

    31 of 63 achievements

June/July Update!

I’m still working on those itchio games, but I have so many great steam games that I’ll have to mix it up!


borderlands 2

110 hours, 37 of 75 achievements
4/5 fun, silly, and still great on co-op

I've beaten this before with my bf, but we decided to add another friend to the mix and have a three person co-op session. The game is more broken then I remember. I took us a week to be able to play because the servers wouldn't allow for co-op. Then while playing, some days it would work, some it wouldn't. All on the games end.

When we did get it to work though, it was a blast. Last time I played the character Zero, this time I played Gaige. I felt like she was more fun to play with my playstyle. We did missions that we missed before and as always, we used the infamous Bane gun to take down the final boss.

The game is a lot of fun and it's more fun the more people you play it with. Hopefully we can save up for the third game soon!


19 hours, no achievements
3/5 nostalgic and cute but sadly outdated

This is my first ever game on steam. I remember buying it and playing a bunch of it, but giving up before making it past the second or third stage. Thanks to the Spring Cleaning Event, I finally defeated my very first steam game.

Spore is a game that gets worse with age. In Spore, you start off as a little organism trying to eat and survive in the world. Then you go through different stages in your life until you finally end up in (spoiler) space!

The stages didn't age well, like I previously mentioned. Ignore the next parts if you don't want to know about the levels.
The single cell stage is cute and relaxing. You pick herbivore or omnivore and you eat plants or little cells to grow bigger. Eventually you develop and enter the creature stage.

The creature stage has you making friends or enemies. You are on land now and you have to learn dances, poses, and greetings to impress and recruit the other species. You learn these by customizing and equipping different parts to your own creature. You can also choose to attack if you want to be violent. I liked this stage the best, although it can still be a drag. I just enjoyed the random unexplained events, and discovering new and interesting creatures.

The Tribal stage is when things get a little longer and a little more tedious. Your species has evolved in a tribe of creatures and you can command them all on what to do. This includes picking food (which is used to build resources and buildings) and going to other tribes. Equip instruments to befriend or weapons to attack. You have to defend your little village while also befriending/dominating the others to continue. Then the Civilation Stage.

This is where the game just goes off the wall in terms of even attempting to mimic reality. But you should go into Spore knowing that its more goofy than educational. In this stage you own land, and you want to own the whole city. It's a simulation level where you build buildings, conquer others, and bring in revenue.

Lastly, the space stage. This one would have been the most fun, if not for how long it is. At this point I wasn't having a ton of fun. Nostalgia was the only thing keeping me going. Also that the game's aren't necessarily bad, it's just that other games have surpassed it in terms of similar gameplay. The space level is most creative. You can do a lot. Travel to different planets, paint them, upgrade gear, study, create colonies, talk to other species, trade, etc. It's pretty detailed. The ending was very… meh.

Overall Spore is a cute little silly weird fun game, but it's not as fun as it used to be. I think it's outdated now and there's no reason to grab it unless you have a nostalgic attachment.


5 hours, 8 of 10 achievements
4/5 great characters, atmosphere, scenery, and story

I know I'm late to the party. I just bought this and then it got picked for my POP so I was happy to try it. I went into this game completely blind. The only thing I knew is that the ending was mixed with a lot of people. So I'll be really vague in this review because it's much better with zero spoilers.

Firewatch is a walking simulator with dialogue choices. You play as a man named Henry who takes a job at a wilderness reserve.
The location is beautiful and I found myself walking around just to grab nice screenshots. The characters are likable and fully voice acted. The voice acting is pretty good too and very believable.

The story, which I'll be very vague about, captures your attention and you want to know more about these people and the location you work at.

The ending was disappointing to a lot of people. I do agree that it drags the game down a little, but I didn't hate it. I think it leaves a lot to think about and figure out on your own. I do wish it ended differently though.

Overall, I really loved Firewatch. Go on completely blind and I think you'll become engrossed in the setting and characters.

Doorkickers: Action Squad

17 hours, 20 of 51 achievements
4/5 fun, simplistic, and great on co-op

This game is a blast. it wasn't even on my radar until someone on Steamgifts mentioned it.

Doorkickers: Action Squad is a pixel side scroller where you go into buildings, kill the bad guys, and save the hostages. The more levels you get through, the more gameplay elements they add to the game.

Action Squad has beautiful pixel art. It also let's you pick from different characters. You have the basic easier characters like assaulter,. then the more strategic ones such as recon or shield. On our first playthrough we did assaulter and off duty cop. You can equip different weapons and abilities. My off duty cop had a twinky that made him invincible for a few seconds. It was great.

The game also has workshop so you can create levels, character, enemies, or just download ones that others have made. That way you have more levels to level up each of your characters.

Overall, The game is just… fun. It's nice to put aside the more serious time consuming games and just put on something that is mindless and entertaining.

We Were Here Too

5 hours, 11 of 20 achievements
3/5 good idea, but buggy and not much different then first game

We Were Here Too is a puzzle game where you and your friend are in a castle. One person is in one part of the castle, and the other is in another part. Each of you have different clues to the same puzzles, and you have to use your walkie-talkie (or mic) to solve it together.

Okay, so I want to love this game series, I really do. I love the idea behind it. My friend and I played the first game (which was free.) It was a buggy mess but for a free game, it was really fun!

A different friend and I just tried the sequel. The game is still a buggy mess, and it's no longer free… Lot's of bugs made us restart the puzzles, plus one timed based puzzle was delayed. It was not incredibly buggy, but for a short game, it did seep a lot of joy out.

Another thing is the price. I never try to use the price of a game against it, because the quality is what matters. But the price does matter here. The game is ten dollars, and is practically the same game as the original free one they made. The puzzles are of course different, but it's even more buggy and has the same story. Even the ending is the same. This game has two different endings, but we would have had to restart to get the second one, which isn't much more exciting. It's also very short. We took five hours due to the bugs, but it would have been an easy 3 to 4 hours.

Overall, do I like the game? Yes. I love the idea of two people having to solve the same puzzle using clues from two different areas. I just wish the developer would perfect their games. I got this one on sale, but had I guarantee that the next one is better, I'd gladly pay full price.

TL:DR we had fun, but avoid buying it full price. Buggy, short, and the first game is just as fun if not more. I hope the developer(s) improve upon it because I love the idea and I really do wish them luck!

New Additions (alternative title: I’ll be busy all year!)

  • Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Resident Evil 7

    53 minutes playtime

    2 of 58 achievements

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2

    11 hours playtime

    5 of 97 achievements

  • Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 39 achievements

  • Tabletop Simulator

    34 minutes playtime

    1 of 27 achievements

  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 52 achievements

  • VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

    4 hours playtime

    4 of 34 achievements

  • Super Trench Attack!

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 24 achievements

  • Unheard

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 12 achievements

  • Superflight

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 24 achievements

  • Outer Wilds

    14 minutes playtime

    0 of 17 achievements


    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 27 achievements

  • Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.8 Matsuribayashi

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 14 achievements

  • Mount Your Friends

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 8 achievements

  • Optika

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 5 achievements

  • Sagebrush

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 14 achievements

  • Forever Home

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 22 achievements

  • Fallout: New Vegas

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 75 achievements

  • Fallout 4

    37 hours playtime

    8 of 84 achievements

  • Fallout 76

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 60 achievements

  • Finding Paradise

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 1 achievements

  • Terminator: Resistance

    58 minutes playtime

    1 of 25 achievements

  • Among Us

    0 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Cattails

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 43 achievements

Tackling the Equality bundle (Batch #1)

Hi guys. I had this (not so brilliant) plan to try all the games in the “racial justice and equality” bundle.I wanted to do this because people kept pointing out the obvious good games in the mix, but I wanted to see if there were less obvious hidden gems. I put all the games on a spreadsheet (excluding tabletop games) and then used a random number generator to pick games for me. This has lead to some.. interesting results. If I didn’t like a game I usually gave up on it very quickly, so the reviews are just of games I played a lot of or completed. Some are also on steam in case you didnt’ buy the bundle so I’ll make sure I list those. Overall, I’m having fun randomly playing games so I hope you enjoy the reviews!

rating system:

red = bad!
green = “meh”
purple = good!

also on steam!


3 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Shipwreck is a Zelda clone where you go through different dungeons to retrieve artifacts. The game is similiar to Zelda (specifically Link's Awakening) in many ways. Heart containers, combat, dungeons, story. Even some references.

The story isn't much but the dungeons are fun and it's not very difficult. Sadly I can't review any further because I ran into a game breaking bug. At the very last dungeon I ran into a problem where I can't get passed because enemies that I have to kill won't spawn. I tried writing to the developer so I'm just waiting for a reply.

Hopefully I can beat this some day but for now I'll give it a 3/5. It's worth it for the 3 dollars on steam

Dominique Pamplemousse

1 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Dominique Pamplemousse (say that ten times fast!) is a very unorthodox stop motion point and click musical. You heard that right! There's a lot going on in this game.

You play a detective who is hired to find someone. The gameplay is normal point and click style. Most of the time you'll be talking to the same four characters. The music is awful, but the game is charming enough to forgive it. The game really wasn't for me, but I will give it the fact that it has charm and uniqueness. I've definitely never seen anything like it.

Check out the screenshots and trailer and see if it's for you. Personally I wasn't into it and I think it fits in a very niche department. I'll give it a 2.5 out of 5. For the $1 price tag it is definitely worth it. You can tell the people who made the game had a lot of fun.

A Mortician's Tale

1 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

A Mortician’s Tale is a short little game where you just got the job at a funeral home. You have to cremate, embalm, and clean the bodies as well as attend the funerals.

You get an email everyday telling you who the deceased is and how they should be presented at the funeral. You also get email updates about the company you work for. Once you read the email, you do whatever task it asks. Each process is really easy and just requires a step-by-step process.
It does get repetitive pretty quickly and there's isn't really anything compelling about it, but I enjoyed learning about how the process works (or at least the quick version of it.)
You can also read daily updates from a funeral blog. I actually enjoyed the blog the most because it was really educational and brought up some things I've never thought about.

Overall, the gameplay is basic but the story and theme of the game keeps you interested. It does have a strangely abrupt ending that makes you think the game could have been something great if they fleshed it out with more features.

I really enjoyed the game though. I felt like I learned some things and it addressed some heavy themes with a different perspective. I'll give A Mortician's Tale a 3.5/5. I don't think it's worth it for the 10 dollars on steam but it is for the 2 dollars it's on sale right now.

Long Days Gone

6 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Long Days Gone is a turn based pixel rpg. You play Rourke, a new recruit who goes on his first mission and realizes, he might be fighting on the wrong side of this war…

Long Days Gone is a surprisingly good game! It has a very interesting story with equally likable characters. The dialogue is nicely written and I really enjoyed the pixel and 2D art. The beginning is a lot more compelling them the middle, but that's because it does have a very strong hook.

The gameplay is not too interesting. It's turn-based combat with probability mixed in. You pick a target and then choose which part of his body to hit (head, arm, body). The head is critical damage but low accuracy. The body is low damage but high to medium accuracy. The arm is low damage and high accuracy, and usually has a chance to stun.

The game also uses a morale system which I thought was really neat. Depending on what missions or choices you choose, your team can gain or lose morale. If they are happy and have high morale, you get more critical hits in battle. additionally, if you use skills in battle, your character will lose morale. It's a nice balance.

The game isn't finished yet, it's missing the last chapter, but i'm enjoying it so far. It also has a ton of side missions, so you can easily spend a good chunk of time on it.

Overall I'll give Long Days Gone a 4 out of 5. $15 does seem steep, so maybe not full price, but if it looks up your alley, it's not an unreasonable price. If you got it on itchio, definitely give it a shot!

Orion Trail

4 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Orion Trail is a luck based choose-your-own adventure game. You have stats and different situations, and you have to choose the right answers to not run out of food,fuel, hull etc. The higher your stats are for each choice, the more chance you’ll win the situations.

I'm not sure whether to put this in the "good" or "meh" category for a few reasons. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy the different scenario's it comes up with. Picking and naming the crew is neat and so are the solo missions you can go on. The problem is that the game is entirely luck based. There is little to no skill involved (except picking the right stats which is really easy) and your winning or losing just depends on what marker the spinner lands on. You can be doing amazing one second and the next, land on a skull and lose half your fuel.

There is also not really an endgame cutscene, or at least in the itchio version, so It was really anticlimactic when I finished it.

Overall I did have a lot of fun. I liked building the crew, reading the situations, deciding the least dangerous paths. I'm still going to consider this a good game and give it a 3.5 out of 5. Just know what your getting yourself into!

Corinne Cross's Dead & Breakfast

3 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

I really enjoyed this game. Dead & Breakfast is a story about Corine Cross. Corinne’s high school acquaintance, Gale has recently died. She promises Gale’s sickly mother that she’ll look after the house while she recovers in the hospital. Little did Corinne know, that it was a haunted bed & breakfast!

The game mostly consists of gardening, cooking, and talking to ghosts and living beings. Everything is really easy and it’s a very relaxing game. The characters are very likable and it has a lovely little story.

The game is just delightful and wholesome, with a good story. It also has a new game plus feature. I haven't used it, but I appreciate that it exists.

Overall, Corrine Cross deserves a 4 out of 5. It's worth the $5 dollars on steam or a moment of your time on itchio.

Death and Taxes

3 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Death and Taxes was on my wishlist so I was very happy it showed up in the bundle. The game is similar to Papers, Please and other related games, in the way that you have to make choices that will effect the outcome of the world and ending. You're the new grim reaper. Summoned to choose who lives and dies. You do have to follow certain rules of course, we aren't barbarians! Will you decide to follow the rules even if you can see how it effects the world?

The game is a lot of fun and if you enjoy papers, please you'll probably enjoy this. It has a more light hearted tone, even if it is talking about the subject of death. There are multiple endings, interesting characters, and fun outfits to wear.

I'll give Death and Taxes a 4 out of 5.


Itchio only games!

Just Another Day at the Office

1 hours, no achievements

Just Another Day at the Office is a sidescroller game where you get fed up at work and decide to murder your co-workers. Everything about this game is low effort. No original assets, movement and gameplay is janky. Dialogue is horribly written. This is just one of those games that can be made in a matter of minutes.

Destiny Fails Us: a New Life

6 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Destiny Fails Us is a choice based otome about a girl named Idril. She is trying to balance school, friends, home life, and her recent break up.

The game isn't groundbreaking or too unique, but it has some good qualities. The writing isn't bad and a lot of the characters are likable. Some characters are very unlikable and you wonder why the mc gives them her time of day, but thats a small flaw.

The game has some darker themes that it explores, which did give it a more interesting plot. I haven't done all the paths, but it did make me curious on how things would go. It also has some small stat building and a text message feature where you can sometimes respond to friends or family.

The writing can be generic but it's also believable and there are many paths this VN can go. The art is not great, but it makes up the effort the creator put into the story.

This VN won't amaze you, but it could be worth your time. I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Lonely Wolf Treat

1 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Lonely Wolf Treat is a cute little rpg-maker game about a wolf who is stranded by an avalanche and forced to live by a bunnies village. The wolf, who is used to relentless discrimination, is surprised when a little bunny wants to make him curry…

The game is very basic and to the point. No side quests or extra activities. You follow a one hour story to the end. It has nice art and music and the message is wholesome. There’s nothing you won’t predict, but for free, it’s a nice one hour spent.


.20 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

1365 is a platformer where you ignore your anxiety and get through your first day of school. Overall the game isn’t very good. The message is nice but it's been done before many times. The platforming isn’t fun. The controls are too slidey and it’s hard to land on specific spaces. Some enemies were impossible to get through without getting hit. At first I thought it was designed that way, but way to many times I fell down when it wasn’t possible otherwise. There isn’t really an ending and it just kind of abruptly ends. It’s only like 20 minutes and it left me feeling empty.

Can Androids Pray

.30 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Can Androids Pray is a short game where you play a dying android who is talking to another dying android about life, god, and the meaning of it all.
This just wasn't for me. I didn't really feel connected and I needed more backstory to put myself in their shoes.

I don't think it's so much the game makers fault but my own preferences. Overall it was just okay.

Conversations with My Anxiety

1 hours, no achievements

Click to expand

Conversations With My Anxiety is a cute little game where you go on a first date and try not to flub it up. You make choices and every so often the little anxiety people in your head attempt to complicate things. There isn't much to it and it's fun but not too memorable. Overall it had some sweet and funny moments and I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

Thanks for reading! I’ll soon have an update with the actual steam games I played. As a thank you to this community and a father’s day gift, here’s a little giveaway

Quarantine Game Binging Update!

This was originally called “May Update” but since I didn’t play these all in May I changed the name. Every day blends in these days and games are what keeps me sane. Thank goodness I found some really good ones!

273 hours
5/5 new updates, fantastic multiplayer, all around fun.

First off, I didn't know this giant banner things was a feature. I only noticed when I saw everyone else using it. It's really neat.

I've already beaten and reviewed Stardew Valley. It's one of my favorite games and I didn't even know I liked farming sims. It's just so much fun. Making friends, mining for materials, growing crops and buying animals. Discovering new places, attending events, waiting for each update, etc.

I'm on year 3 on my single-player profile so I decided to see if my boyfriend and work friend wanted to play it with me. They agreed and the rest was history. We are having a blast and getting through quarantine together. Stardew Valley has been a huge stress reliever for me and I'm glad.

The multiplayer is just as good as the single-player in almost every way. You can choose to share the money, but you also have to each seperatly buy house upgrades, tool upgrades, etc. They days go by faster since you can't pause at any point, which is why were already on year 4. Each player that isn't the host gets their own little cabin that they can upgrade and decorate. Each person can also date a spouse meaning extra extra help on the farm. Overall, its fun to be able to sort out our tasks separately and get things done.

There have been several updates since I last played. There are new monsters, new items, and new story quests. Mods are now aplenty. We downloaded the Stardew Valley expanded and a lot of other mods.

Overall, this game is a gem. A kind soul bought it for me when it was barely out of early access and it's amazing to see how far it's come. If you haven't bought this yet, I definitely recommend it!



.30 hours, 109 of 109 achievements
2/5 not recommended unless you want easy achievements

This is one of the free games that was given out due to Covid. I installed it because, why not? It's free.
As soon as I loaded up the game it asked me if I want to enable achievements. Hell yeah, why wouldn't I?


all joking aside this is an achievement grabbing game. As soon as you load it up you get around 100 free achievements for doing nothing. Letters, numbers and symbols. The rest of the game is… not great. It's a racing game but it plays like an old flash game. It's clanky, not fun and way too easy. I got all the achievements and beat more than half of the levels in 30 minutes.

As far as achievement games go, this one at least has gameplay, but it's not enjoyable without the promise of all the achievements.
Personally I wouldn't recommend this even for free because I really don't like these games. I'm not an achievement hunter but I still think it takes the fun out of earning one. Everyone has their own opinion though, and if you're looking for a game to decorate your profile then check it out. It was free after all.

Lovers' Smiles

3 hours, 100 of 100 achievements
3/5 eh, it's okay.

This is another good game if you want a lot of achievements. It does have some pretty fun gameplay though.

There isn't really anything special or unique about Lovers' Smiles, but it can be a fun relaxing game. It's a puzzle game where you have to draw line's to get one smiling emoji to the other. Sometimes the smiles are in the air so you have to draw a single line to connect the two. I'm awful at these physics games, but that made it fun to figure the puzzles out.

For free, the game was a nice little break from my more intense games. For one dollar, it's still worth it. You know what you're getting into when you watch the trailer. Nothing less, nothing more.


12 hours, 33 of 88 achievements
3.5/5 unique and fun, but broken :(

I tried to play magicka on local multiplayer with my bf years ago and it wouldn't work. It kept kicking us over and over. My friend and I just beat it on online multiplayer, and sadly it was even worse.

Magicka is a fun little fantasy game where you can combine different elements to make spells. The game is comedic, goofy, and a lot of fun. Fighting enemies while trying out different spells was a unique experience. Friendly fire was a thing which made the game harder but way more hilarious. The story was pretty non existent but it didn't really matter because it was just fun to go around blasting things with thunderbolt.

Speaking of thunderbolt, that spell was. the. best.

We would thunderbolt like 90% of the enemies and it would kill them instantly. It was still hard because of the amount of enemies it threw at you, but thunderbolt was our best friend. We legitimately both thunderbolted the final boss to death before he could even attack. Than we went back and played the normal way to see what his move sets were.

but enough of the rambling. Magicka is a very fun, but sadly it's very broken. It had a lot of bugs. We couldn't see our spells some times, we'd die randomly, we wouldn't be able to move, we'd turn invisible, we'd disconnect CONSTANTLY. I think he got kicked twice a level.

If you are going to purchase magicka, due it at an insanely discounted price. It's a lot of fun but its so broken. It's sad to see. I wish the developer could go back to fix it, but I know budget could be an issue. Hope they can get to it one day.

Magicka 2

7 hours, 7 of 47 achievements
3/5 less broken... but less fun

And the saga continues…

This time my bf joined in so we had a three person game. Fortunately this game didn't have a connectivity problem or that would have been triple the pain.

Magicka 2 changes some things up from the original game. The graphics look better and the spells are a lot cooler. There is a quick slot now so you can quickly cast a spell if you're bad at memorization (me). You don't really find the spells as much now and they are just given to you at the end of each chapter. It is kind of a bummer but you do get more spells.

and you wouldn't believe it… they took out thunderbolt. Our favorite OP spell was just… gone. It took me half the game to get over it.

Magicka 2 is a lot less broken though. There are some bugs but not many and it functions a lot better as a game. I was really excited about it, but it turned out to be… less fun? It had less charm and it threw way to enemies out at a time. It was stressful as hell. Every battle felt like a boss fight. The first game had some problems with pacing. It was too easy and too hard at times. But this game just throws a million enemies at you after every step you take. It was more exhausting then fun.

There is an actual story in this game, and it's alright. Not the main focus but I was glad they added one. The outfits are more unique. We were a little sad it didn't have the same type of outfits though. Like, in the first game my friend wore one that let him heal by electricity. I wish they had something like that. I did like how they looked though and you could change the colors. The Robin Hood outfit was a personal favorite.

Overall the game is okay. It's just a crap ton of battling and then its over. It's a lot shorter, like 6 to 7 hours. The final boss is more unique (but so hard and frustrating!). But I liked it, it was different.

Overall Magicka 2 wasn't as fun as the first one imo. It is a better game as far as functionality though. Both are fun, and it's the one that works, so I'll take it. I'd recommend it on sale. I got it for three dollars and I think that was a fair price.

Tomb Raider

13 hours, 15 of 50 achievements
4/5 still holds up, would recommend

I played this for my PoP challenge. This is my first Tomb Raider game (since the N64) and it was really good!

You play as Lara Croft as she sets off on an expedition. Problem is, her and the rest of the group get stranded on an island. Just like the tv show Lost, this island just aint right and they find themselves fighting for their life.

First of all, no spoilers but this game is darker then I thought. I thought Tomb Raider was like a cute exploration game. I didn't realize it had a much darker tone. I really liked it though, felt more realistic.

The graphics still look beautiful. It must have looked fantastic back in 2013, because it still holds up today. The gameplay is enjoyable. I played the Uncharted series so I already love climbing and high stakes action scenes. I love the levels that have you running away from a collapsing building or a large fire. You could customize your weapons and abilities which I loved. I actually prefer a lot of linear games over open world so this fit that criteria perfectly.

The story was interesting and the characters were likable. I wish I got to know the characters more. Even though it's an origin story, I felt like I was thrown into the middle of the story a little bit. Everyone knew eachother well and I didn't get to really learn about them. But they were all unique and I didn't want anything to happen to any of them.

If I had to have one gripe with the game it would be the puzzles. A lot of them were illogical, downright difficult, or just didn't give enough hints. Once I looked them up I was like ooooooh, but before then, it's really hard to figure them out. Some were downright tedious. But with google available, I didn't care much.

Overall I really enjoyed Tomb Raider. I might have to check the sequels out. Does anyone know if they new one that just came out part of this series or was there another reboot? I recommend this on on sale or off. it's a fun game. If you got it for free like I did, then give it a try!

Mass Effect

30 hours, no achievements
4.5/5 would be perfect 5 if less outdated

yay, I finally did it. I played the first Mass Effect. Dragon Age Origins is one of my all time favorite games, so it's about time I played this.

Mass Effect is a space rpg where you command a ship and crew and have to save the world. Meanwhile your choices effect the story.

I loved loved loved this game. The story was so engrossing I couldn't put the game down because I had to know what happened next. The characters were likable and some of the choices were hard but fair. I didnt love the gameplay. I didn't like the type of gameplay to begin with, and it felt old and outdated on top of it. I did love the futuristic feel though. I absolutely adored the amount of lore that went into each planet and species.

I loved learning about each character because each alien had a different culture. I really grew to love some of my crew because of how exciting their stories were. Tali was my favorite character. I also really liked Liara and Garrus. There were a lot of very annoying bugs, but I managed to look up a fix for each one

Sadly I didn't get to play any DLC because I got the games on steam. I also won't be able to play the Mass Effect 2 DLC's unless I rebuy the game on origin.

If anyone hasn't played yet and they enjoy choice based rpg's, then really give this a shot! It is outdated but the story and characters still hold up. Buy the games on origin though so you can get the dlcs.

Next time!

Here are some more games I’m playing right now. Mostly with friends. Times are tough but I hope you guys are doing okay.

  • Dying Light

    7 hours playtime

    4 of 68 achievements

  • Borderlands 2

    71 hours playtime

    36 of 75 achievements

  • Observer

    4 hours playtime

    1 of 19 achievements

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