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Hi! 🙋 My name is Stefani. I’ve been on BLAEO for four years now.
If anyone is interested in playing multiplayer games with me I have a list of online multiplayer games that I play or want to play.


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End of March Update!

better late then never!

The Purring Quest

4.9 hours, 12 of 23 achievements
an almost purrrrfect game

Cat Quest is a super cute game where you play a cat named Kimchi whose on a mission to help his owner.

The game is full of humor and some surprisingly deep dialogue. There are plenty of things to collect and cats to find. I enjoyed the soundtrack and the story. The only downside is that the platforming was very slippery. It might be because I was playing on keyboard, but I would slide and die a lot which led to some frusteration. Landing on some platforms were difficult as well.

I would definetely recommend this game! Especially if you are a cat lover.

Smile For Me

3.9 hours, 18 of 24 achievements
a game that will inevitably make you SMILE

Smile for me is a point and click puzzle game in which you try to make as many people smile as you can. Find out what is making the residents of the habitat unhappy and fix their problems! Spread joy wherever you go! just make you you're in bed before dark…..

Smile for me is a unique game that took some getting used to. I actually gave up on it twice before actually giving it a good chance. I think the controls were a little confusing to me starting out. I'm very glad I gave it another chance because its actually a lovely game!

The game has interesting characters and problem-solving puzzles. It has multiple endings and a unique art style. Best of all, it's my favorite type of niche. Cute/happy looking games that have horror undertones. I love these types of games. It doesn't have a lot of horror, but its there lurking below the surface.

I won't give much away, but if you have a chance to play this I do recommend it. It's a short game packed with content.

Coming Up Next!

  • SteamWorld Dig

    2 hours playtime

    4 of 24 achievements

  • Heavy Rain

    64 minutes playtime

    0 of 56 achievements

  • Life is Strange: True Colors

    20 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

  • Okami HD

    33 minutes playtime

    0 of 51 achievements

February Update!

Hey guys! February is the shortest month and my birthday month, so I tried celebrating by completing as many games as I could. It’s not much (since most of the games were 30 minutes) but it was fun to knock out a bunch of games like the good ol days before I had a job and adult responsibilities :)

Supermassive Games:

Man of Medan

6 hours, 7 of 30 achievements

Man of Medan is the first game in the Dark Pictures Anthology. These games are interactive choice based games from the developers of Until Dawn. They play similarity to games developed by Telltale Games or Quantic Dreams. I really enjoy these types of games a lot, and The Dark Picture games are online and local co-op! I'm going to detail my love and struggle for these games a bit, especially when I get to the review of Little Hope.

Man of Medan is the first game in this series. There is a group of characters in the story and you wil switch to different ones throughout. The game will randomly assign you to one of the characters and you will then adapt your choices and personality to fit that character.

The story follows a group of friends who are eager to go on a diving trip. This excitement turns to horror when things go wrong and they land themselves on a presumed ghost ship. Similarly to Until Dawn, the choices you make will decide if the characters will live or die. You can get all the characters killed, none of them, or somewhere in between. This will lead to different endings. There are also a lot of Qtes that will decide your characters fate. If you are not quick on your quick time events you may get some characters killed.

On co-op, you and your partner will play different characters that will sometimes be together or apart. A lot of the time you get separated, which is by far the scariest part. This is really cool though because you and your co-op partner are usually watching different cutscenes and going through a totally different experience then eachother. I have not played on single player, so I can only really review the co-op side of this game.

Man of Medan is a little rough around the edges. It feels like a semi expensive indie game a lot of the time. The graphics are definitely a downgrade from Until Dawn. It looks like they are using a different engine all together. The faces and movement are often jarring and uncanny. I did get used to it though! The cuts in scenes are also jarring, like a awkwardly edited movie. These things don't really bother me much but its worth mentioning.

Back to some pros about the game. I absolutely loved the mystery and scares. I'm a giant baby and these games give me so much anxiety. There are a lot of jumpscares and some pretty clever scares as well. Solving the mystery of the story is probably my favorite part of the games so far.

Now that I got the pros and cons out of the way, let me get to the nail in the coffin. The games in this series (at least the first two) are broken. There are multiple game breaking bugs you could get if you are unlucky like me. Although if you google the game, its more common then it should be. We did have to restart the game half-way through to properly beat it because we got an infinite loading screen that can not be fixed. There are other bugs throughout, but that is the goliath of bugs. I will definitely touch up on the bugs on my review for Little Hope below, because oh boy did that game give my boyfriend and I grey hairs. Buuuut, just reviewing this game, it wasn't that bad (unless of course you get that game breaking bug.)

Overall, I enjoyed Man of Medan. It did feel like the first entry in the series. It was rough around the edges and still finding its barrings, but It's such a fun interesting concept and it fills that horror co-op void. I adore a good choice game, so I had fun with this overall. Do I recommend this game? Maybe not right now. I will talk about my recommendations of the games in my review of Little Hope. I bought the trilogy on sale but I would not recommend it full price at this moment.

Little Hope

8 hours, 10 of 30 achievements

Warning: This is less of a review and more of me complaining for multiple paragraphs. I sound bitter but I had a lot of fun getting my frustrations out in the most dramatic way possible. Also major spoilers (But I will tag them.)

Oh boy oh boy. So my boyfriend and I finished Man of Medan, and we were like, "let's hop into the next one!" That would lead us to this game. The second game in the Dark Picture anthology: Little Hope. What a fitting title. This game gave me little hope for the future of this series.

It all started when I loaded the game up for the first time. Instant crash. Let me preface this by saying that we both have desktops that have had no issues with any game thrown at it. none of these bugs are the fault of our computers.
"Weird." I thought. So I loaded up the game again. We get started and explore the differences between Little Hope and Man of Medan.

I played on Keyboard and mouse, and he played on controller. In Man of Medan keyboard uses WASD to move, and controller is analog stick. Normal stuff. In Little Hope, the keyboard is not used at all and its all point and click with the mouse. Controller is still the same. Use analog to move. I don't hate the choice, but I thought it was kind of interesting. The Qte's were no longer keyboard and mouse, and were just mouse. So instead of hitting "W" or "D" at the right time you now just line up your mouse to the circle and click. It makes the Qte's less diverse but much easier. You also get a little warning that a QTE is about to pop up, which is fantastic. In the previous game you had to keep your hands on the keyboard at ALL times. It could be a chill cut scene and you would miss a QTE and die because your fingers were not on the keyboard. In Little Hope, you get a little pop up warning where the QTE is going to be. So, thank you for that change! The point and click feature was a lot harder to deal with though because it made the characters move awkardly and It was hard to look behind or around me. So maybe play this game on controller.

They also added a new feature for co-op. I forgot what its called, but it's a local multiplayer feature that lets you pass the controller to your friends as you play. I only played online co-op but I appreciate the feature regardless.

As we started to play Little Hope, I instantly connected to this game. I liked the voice acting better, the characters were interesting and it had such an intriguing opening. The mystery was amplified in this game. You spend most of the game going "what?" and "how?!" I loved the mystery. I spent every scene connecting the clues and trying to solve the story. I felt like a mediocre Sherlock Holmes.
The story follows 4 college students and their professor who are trapped in a town called Little Hope. The town shows you visions of the Salem Witch trials along with other creepy and captivating events. Just like the last game, you play as each character while your choices shape their personality and their chances of survival.

So moving on. We are enjoying the heck out of the game when it happens. Our worst enemy. The bane of our existence. The infamous infinite loading screen that plagued our enjoyment in Man of Medan. It was back, with a vengeance. To explain our frustrations, one minute we are in an intense thrilling scene with life or death hanging on the balance… The next moment the game is loading up the next screen. It's still loading… loading… loading… any minute now… we leave to get a pizza… were back….. still loading. We leave the game and load up the chapter again… still loading… we go online and troubleshoot all the ways we can. Nothing works. We try loading it back three times with no success. We decide to go a chapter back and load it that way.. Nope. Now that chapter is also bugged. Every chapter we load back is bugged. We give up for the day and I politely email the developer hoping to get some help.

Meanwhile, if you search online, there are plenty of people who encountered this bug on many different chapters and there is still no fix to it all. They have encountered this bug for both games just like we have. Nothing has worked for anybody. The developers never responded to them or me (it's been four days.) I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't HEAVILY promote these games on their website. They are so proud of them, but they won't try to fix them.

We try ONE MORE time two days later and somehow, it works! We are now two chapters back but the game has loaded. We had to play like an hour to catch up, but we do it. We then decide that we will finish the entire game in one sitting to not risk this happening again. At this point my anxiety was through the roof. Both from the brokenness of the game, but also the fact that I have to play like 4 hours of it without stopping and I'm a giant baby. This game was tense! We encounter two more infinite loading screens on the way. We had to back out of the chapter and continue to fix them, but we were just honestly happy that they fixed and continued.

Finally, we get to the end of the game on the last chapter. its a scene in a house with so many things to click on and explore. As we were playing we noticed, we can't click on anything. It says its interactive but its not allowing us to click on it. We tried heading to our destination, but we couldn't continue going that way. Basically it was bugged. No big deal we'll load it AGAIN. So we did, and same issue. That specific location was very bugged. So we start the chapter over. This fixes it.

We are back and we can click on things now. We are exploring the previously unobtainable objects when boom, frozen game. We load in again. The game freezes again. We try it again. The game freezes, then CRASHES MY COMPUTER. I'm not tech savvy, so I can't even tell you how or why that happened. But it happened two times. We loaded in again after the crashes and then it froze and crashed my computer again. At this point I'm scared to play. I can play Elden Ring on this computer but not Little Hope! This particular last chapter is the buggiest of them all. We cannot get through this section. We had to agree to skip every single interactible item and story part and just head to our destination as quickly as possible. It was really sad to rush the ending. It worked though, and we were quickly able to get to the end.

Now were at the end, we have been trying to beat this 5 hour game for days. We get to the end, and… it sucks. All that mystery build up for a really dumb ending. Spoilers below.

So the game introduces multiple timelines, death loops, infinite possibilities of multiple realities or time manipulation, ghosts, demons, witches etc. It could not be more intriguing! But in the end it turns out that none of that was real. Nope. None of the characters are real. None of the situations were real. The witch trial scenes weren't real. The only thing that was real was the first five minutes of the game. Nothing you did in this whole game was real. You are playing a crazy guy with a lot of guilt. He banged up his head and went into a psychotic break. I have no problem with the unreliable narrator twist, but it was such a horrible ending compared to the set up. It's like being promised a million dollars and receiving it in monopoly money. Not to mention we saved every single character in the whole game which was really hard for us. No one died! then at the last cut scene they kill two of the characters for some obscure choices that we were supposed to know to make. Like not to ask for help when you were being murdered. Not that it should have mattered because the characters werent real anyway. I'm being dramatic for the laughs, but I honestly feel like they had an amazing story going, and they really flunked it for a cheap twist. So yeah..

Do I recommend Little Hope, noooo. I am still going to play the third game because we already bought the trilogy. But I'm going to hold my breath the whole way through. I hope they fix the games and put some more love into them,

Randumb Studios:

These next games I completed were all from the developers of Randumb Studios. I bought “The Test.” because it had good reviews. Then I decided to get all of their games because it was only fifteen dollars for every game. I didn’t realize that they were all the same game really, but It was still fun to beat all of them in two days. I’m just going to give an overall review here and then a short sentence for each game. All of these games are basically personality quizzes. You answer yes/no and situational questions and they give you a little scenario at the end that best fits your answers. Kind of like those pointless but fun buzzfeed quizzes (you know what I’m talking about!).

“The Test” series is probably their biggest. The rest are very low effort. I’m not trying to be mean because I myself cannot make a game and I know they have low price tags. Its just that they copy the same game each time and paste a different scenario. Most of the games share a lot of the same questions and every game has the same humor. Personally, I feel like the humor doesn’t always land. A lot of sexual jokes or edgy jokes that don’t have enough of a punchline to land. When you complete a game you get a secret word that you can put in your review or comments. The devs say that they incorporate the word and your name in future games, so that’s a neat interaction with the audience. Overall, each game is the same. You answer questions. Now that you are aware of that, let me go into each game.

  • The Test

    18 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Test: Hypothesis Rising

    30 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Confession

    18 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Horrorscope

    18 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Horrorscope: Fatal Awakening

    30 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Test: Final Revelation

    47 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: Chapter 1

    17 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Advisor - Episode 1: Royal Pain

    52 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Medieval Fantasy Survival Simulator

    26 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Survivor Dieland

    19 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Journey - Episode 1: Whatever This Is

    22 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Naked News

    14 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show - Episode 1

    24 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Survive or Thrive

    33 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • WTF is wrong with you?

    34 minutes playtime

    no achievements

The Test: The first game I played and definetely the strongest. The Test asks you “yes or no” questions about yourself and gives you a deep analysis of yourself at the end. Its simplistic like the rest, but it has some nice details. The ambiance is unnerving and it balances creepy and heartfelt pretty well. Secret Word: Fantasy

The Test: Hypothesis Rising: This is a sequel to The Test and it’s pretty much the same. They added situational questions to make it a little more interesting, but its no longer mysterious so it loses some intrigue. Secret Word: Talented

The Test: Final Revelations: Same as the other two but with some more interesting questions. They have “yes or no” questions, situational questions, and pictures in which you have to describe how they make you feel. The ending has a nice message and this is an overall nice trilogy, worth the 6 dollars. Secret Word: Greed

The Confession: I guess the fans dared them to make a game with only sexual questions, so they did. At first I thought it would be a mix of different dark secrets like, did you commit a crime or something like that. But no, its all sexual questions, and the middle schooler humor is strong in this one. I didn’t gain or lose much with this game, but I would not recommend it. Secret Word: Condom

The Horrorscope: This is just like The Test but with less effort. I would just get “The Test” instead. Secret Word: Cursed

The Horrorscope: Fatal Awakening. For only 10 percent of your life, this game promises to tell you how you’re going to die and how to avoid it. This is much like their other games with many shared questions like the others. It did get creepy though since my death prediction is a big fear of mine. It also told me not to go outside around a time that I had to go outside to walk to work O.O but spooks aside, these games are almost all the same and I’d still recommend The Test over this. Secret Word: Dirt

Gobby McGobblenutz Presents: The Art of the Dad Joke: A goblin tells you puns and dad jokes and you click yes or no if it made you laugh. The puns are nice but it went on for very long and I was speed running through dad jokes about half way through. I dont even remember my secret word.

The Advisor episode one: This one was a little bit different. It’s like a visual novel where you play a magician who has to answer questions to become the advisor for the king. Depending on your answers, it will determine the fate of the kingdom. Each time you answer a question your character has a line of dialogue, which adds some life to the game. The game ends on a cliffhanger and the players get to decide how they want the story to proceed. The only gameplay is answering questions like the other games, but its got some charm.

Medieval Fantasy Survival: You are in medieval times and you are asked questions to determine if you would survive the times. I had a 85.7 percent chance of survival and my Secret Word was Morale.

Survivor Dieland: You are in a made up place called Dieland and you are asked questions to determine if you would survive in Dieland. I forgot my Secret Word :/

The Journey ep 1: Whatever this is: This game was made for people who are suffering from depression or are just stuck in life and want to find new hobbies to help them break free of the rut they are in. It has a more serious tone then the others. It didn’t provide much for me but it may be helpful to others. Secret Word: Meditate

Naked News: There is no answering questions in this one. It’s a kinetic novel that takes place at a news station. It aims for offensive humor, but it just doesn’t land well.

The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show: Gobby McGobblenutz is back. This time he’s hosting a quiz show. He will ask you would you rather style questions and you have to answer truthfully. Such as “eat chicken or eat steak.” Then he will tell you if its a common answer that people answered or uncommon. The more uncommon answers, the more points you get. It’s actually kind of fun and I enjoyed playing it. My score was 431 and my Secret Word: is Beautiful.

Survive or Thrive: Another questionnare that tells you how well you’d survive in the wild. At the end it will give you a situation in which it thinks you would survive/escape in. Secret Word: Asylum.

WTF is wrong with you? A game that asks, would you do this dirty or offensive thing for a million dollars? You have to decide if you would do each scenario for a million dollars. Its a lot of gross out humor and I realized I dont need a million dollars that badly. Secret Word: Strange.

I did not play The Twins or the Summoning because both require you to have certain items and perform ritual stuff and I’m way to lazy to grab all of that. But that concludes the rest of the games. Thank you all for reading this giant giant post of mine!

Upcoming Games:

I’m looking forward to playing these games next!

  • Okami HD

    33 minutes playtime

    0 of 51 achievements

  • The Purring Quest

    68 minutes playtime

    2 of 23 achievements

  • Heavy Rain

    64 minutes playtime

    0 of 56 achievements

  • The Banner Saga 3

    10 minutes playtime

    0 of 101 achievements

  • Life is Strange: True Colors

    20 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

February Update!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, but I’ve beaten a couple games now. I recieved an Oculus Quest 2 as an early birthday present so I’ve been trying to figure that out. Unfortunately It’s been making me motion sick but I’m hoping I get over it because I have a lot of new games I want to try!

turnip boy

3 hours, 31 of 37 achievements
Taxes? What taxes?

The title pretty much sums this one up. You play as a turnip boy who… commits tax evasion! This game is very cute and charming. I love the visuals and the humor. The humor reminds me of something like Paper Mario. I wish the game was longer and had more engaging gameplay, but those are just nitpicks. I still have some achievements to get and there are areas I still haven't visited. Also some fun endgame parts.

I don't know if I recommend it for 15 dollars since its so short, but I bought it on sale and it was a lot of fun!

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

9 hours, 13 of 14 achievements
hauntingly beautiful

Hellblade is a beautiful and dark tale of a girl named Senua who travels to Helheim to find her lover. The story is amazing and the graphics are on another level. The game is just beautiful to look at. They have also done some amazing things with the audio. Senua suffers from psychosis and the game does a great job of making you feel part of that experience.

Unfortunately I didn't fall in love with the game as much as I wanted to because of the puzzles. The puzzles slowed the game down drastically and it took me forever to solve them just to get to the next section of the game. I didn't mind the combat at all, but the puzzles were definetely a downside for me. That is just my opinion though and others may have loved those sections of the game.

Overall, I would not replay Hellblade due to the gameplay. But I would watch the cutscenes over and over. It has an engaging story and beautiful visuals. I would recommend it, preferably on sale!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest

2 hours, 9 of 38 achievements
A fun adventure that ended too soon.

Werewolf- Heart of the forest is a text based game that gives you a story and lets you make choices on how the story will go. It's pretty much a visual novel so if you aren't a fan of reading or VN's you probably won't like it. The story is intruiging and I enjoyed the choices and different aspects of the game, but then it just ends. It's so short and the whole game felt like a build up that was cut short. There was so much interesting set up and lore but not enough story to actually flesh any of it out. I didn't try other routes but the reviews made it clear that it wouldn't change much.

I really did enjoy this game and if there is a longer version or if its worth going back to it, I definetely would give it a try. It was a lot of fun and very interesting if you are a fan of werewolves! I definetely do NOT recommend this game for full price. But on sale or bundle it could be worth it!

End of November Update

Gaming was slow this month. Without burdening you all with personal details, I’ll just make it known that I lost a close friend last week. He was the person that I played most of my games with and gaming has not been the same this week. Instead of focusing on games that I played, I want to focus on games that I will be playing soon. Including one of his favorite games (Zero Escape, which I was playing beforehand, so I will proudly continue and beat.) That way I can keep a positive attitude.

  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

    4 hours playtime

    0 of 38 achievements

  • Borderlands 3

    9 hours playtime

    7 of 81 achievements

  • We Were Here Together

    2 hours playtime

    5 of 22 achievements

  • Life is Strange: True Colors

    20 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

The zero escape series is next on my list of games to beat. Then Life is Strange True Colors (or maybe in between since Zero Escape is technically two games.) I’ve heard good things about True Colors and I’m hoping it’s closer to Life is Strange one then two. Meanwhile I’m still working on Borderlands 3 and We Were Here Together. I’ve heard very negative things about Borderlands 3, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I have very low expectations so that’s helped a lot. Other then that, there is one game that I beat this month below. I hope everyone has an amazing December. Happy Holidays!

Road 96

10 hours, 8 of 12 achievements

I actually really loved this game.

Just by skimming the description, I thought this game was going to be like a randomly generated road trip where you make choices along the way. It's not like that. Every event is scripted and there are only so many events that can happen. But how you encounter them depend on some choices in the game. Basically there are multiple characters and once you 100% each of their stories, your pretty much done with the game. The replay value is very little after that.

Now that that is out of the way, I loved every minute of this game. You play as different teens trying to cross the border of a fictional country. Different choices you make may lead to different results for your teen. The game is political (which I normally don't enjoy) but it works in this game and leads to some good story beats. I absolutely loved the characters and the atmosphere of the game. The soundtrack and ambience reminded me of Life is Strange. The game does a good job of immersing you into its world. You feel afraid of the unknown and determined to help your character reach the finish line.

There are things I could nitpick about the game because it's not perfect. It's definetely not for everyone, but in the end its about what experience you get from a video game, and I really enjoyed this one. I was sad when it ended because I wanted more.

End of October Update!

Hope everyone had a nice October! I tried to play as many spooky games as I could get too.


4 hours, 5 of 17 achievements
4/5 beautiful art and meaningful message

I actually beat Gris in September so it isn't really a horror game, more like an atmospheric puzzle platformer. The puzzles and the platforming are super easy, so the atmosphere is really what drives GRIS.
The art and soundtrack are beautiful. They allow the game to convey many emotions and themes without any words spoken. The game has a sorrowful but beautiful theme that can probably strike some people as personal and relatable.
The only downside is that the game can feel a little boring. Its mostly walking and the story is vague. It can also be a little repetitive. It's overall great though and the fact that its short really helps the game because it was able to keep its charm throughout.

If you enjoy games like Journey, Flower, or Abzu, you will probably love GRIS. I think its a little expensive full price, but I would definitely recommend picking it up on sale.


4 hours, 9 of 33 achievements
2.5/5 a neat gimmick that becomes old fast

Perception is a first person horror game where you play a blind girl named Cassie who explores a mansion from her nightmares. Because Cassie is blind, the player can use echolocation to navigate through the mansion. The more you tap on things, the more you can see your immediate surroundings. What started out as a really neat idea became tiring very fast. The whole game is a slow moving walking simulator where you are constantly tapping to see.

It is a horror game that has some scares, but after the first hour, you realize there isn't much of a threat. There is an enemy that is supposed to show up if you make to much noise, but its actually incredibly hard to trigger him. He shows up very rarely even if you are tapping like crazy. I'm a huge baby when it comes to horror games, so I prefer for the enemy to stay hidden, but that takes a big element out of the game when you don't fear the threat.

The story was alright, wasn't bad but didn't keep me super interested throughout. I am a fan of walking simulators but this felt tedious and wore out its welcome within the first hour. It kind of reminds me of the game Beyond Eyes. Both were not my cup of tea, but I liked Beyond Eyes a little bit better because of its visuals and creativity behind it.

If you like walking simulators with some horror mixed in, you might like Perception. I personally just feel like it didn't provide enough for how neat the idea was. I especially don't recommend it for the $20 price tag.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

5 hours, no achievements
3/5 if you like Simulacra and Doctor Who, you'll enjoy this

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a found phone game centered around the Doctor Who universe. It's made by the creators of simulacra and has similar gameplay and horror.
If you've played any game like this you know the deal. You find a phone, snoop through it, and then scary stuff starts happening. You and some other characters have to solve what happened to the phones owner and the big mystery overall.

Personally, I really enjoy these games no matter how cheesy they are. I haven't seen Doctor Who in over 5 years but I recognized a lot of the characters and easter eggs. I don't think you have to be a Doctor Who fan to enjoy this game, but it is a lot more satisfying to play if you are.

The game isn't as scary as Simulacra in my opinion, only because there is less of a mystery. The enemy is in the title so you know who are doing these things. There are some genuinely scary moments though.

Overall, if they keep make these phone games, I'll probably keep buying them. I enjoy rummaging through messages and apps to find answers. I only recommend this game if you like this type of thing. It's not for everyone, but if you enjoyed Simulacra and/or Doctor Who, I recommend The Lonely Assassin. Also, is there a name for this type of subgenre? I'm seeing more and more phone games pop up but I've never a name for them.


31 hours, 18 of 28 achievements
4/5 A good game that could have been a great one

Vampyr is an RPG where you play a doctor turned Vampire named Jonathan Reid. In Vampyr, you try to find out who turned you and why, as well as fight the infection of the Spanish Flu and the Vampires ravaging each district in London.

Vampyr is mostly a linear game. with some open world. You can visit different districts but gates block a lot of paths until you are meant to go through them and the maps are small. There is also no fast travel, which isn't a big deal since it is a small area, but it can be a little annoying. There are side quests in the game, although tracking them is a little broken. Sometimes they disappear on their own and sometimes you cant mark them.

Speaking of bugs, Vampyr does have them. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to leave an area, only to discover that a gate was locked that should have been unlocked. That almost made me quit on the spot. There was also quite a few crashes. Plus every time I'd alt-tab out of the game, It would give me an infinite loading screen next time it loaded a new map.

The combat was also kind of bad. The combat was the biggest complaints in the reviews, and I didn't think it was THAT bad, but it also isn't very good or engaging. It can also be very hard and frustrating, especially when you are first starting out and you haven't had time to level up your character. It doesn't help that the game is awful at giving tutorials. I had to google how to do so many things in the game because nothing was explained past the very basic controls.

My last complaint is that the game is not very balanced with its morality. (small spoilers ahead, but they are in the trailers). In Vampyr, you can feed on humans to gain a big amount of experience to level up. Kind of like harvesting little sisters in Bioshock. If you choose to be a nice vampire and rarely feed (or not at all) it will make the game much harder. Another game comparison would be in Dishonored. In Dishonored, you can choose to not use your powers and kill, and you'll get a more difficult playthrough with a better ending. The problem is, with Dishonored and Vampyr, most of the fun lies in killing people. Vampyr can be somewhat frustrating and less entertaining if you go the non killing route. . (which is the route I almost always take.) It's not a game breaker, but I wish they could balance both a little more evenly.

Now on to the things I loved about Vampyr. The atmosphere is great. It takes place in London 1918, and it does a great job at portraying that. The characters are also pretty great. I enjoy all the side characters, even the small characters have interesting backstories and side missions. Doctor Reid himself is fun to play. Mainly because I really liked his voice acting. I enjoyed the non combat gameplay. It's mainly just talking to people and unlocking new dialog paths. Some of my favorite games are just full of dialog that help me connect to the people around me (such as Disco Elysium.) You can also cure sick people. There are a few different medicines you can craft to help people and improve district health. The choices actually feel impactful and you can really impact the world around you.

Overall, I really enjoyed Vampyr. It gave me quite the headache sometimes, but I love RPGS that have an intriguing story and characters. This is the exact type of game I love, and one day I hope they can remake it into something perfect. I might recommend this full price due to how long it is. If you did want to beat all the side quests it can be around 40 hours long. I would more likely recommend it on sale though because of its issues. It's stuck in the middle of being an ambitious well done indie game or a disappointing AAA game.

Next Time

  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    85 minutes playtime

    1 of 14 achievements

  • The Night Way Home | 帰り道

    85 minutes playtime

    0 of 5 achievements

  • Road 96

    10 hours playtime

    8 of 12 achievements

I was going to play Hellblade for Halloween, but I have a friend that wants to play it with me, so I decided to wait. It’s also full of puzzles so we can better solve them together.
The Night Way Home is a short horror game, but its been a real pain. I’m at a game breaking bug that will not let me finish the game. I’m going to give it one more try and if it doesn’t work, it’s staying in the “wont play” pile.
Road 96 is almost done, I’m just completing a few more things on New game plus. Expect a review for this one soon!

Hope everyone has a great November!

July and August Update!

I definitely plan to be more active on here. I’ve been working and picking up other hobbies so I haven’t played many games the past couple of months. I did play some very fun games though!

Papo & Yo

4 hours, 4 of 10 achievements
3.5/5 rough around the edges, but has an important story to tell

Papo & Yo is a puzzle platformer about a boy named Quico and a monster. Quico must solve puzzles with the help/and hindrance of Monster while he uses this new world to escape his real one.

The game plays like a normal platformer. Jump from platforms, run around and solve puzzles. The puzzles are fairly easy. Sometimes you have to move boxes, switches, use Monster to boost yourself. Or sometimes you have to feed him frogs to make him angry, which will either help you with the puzzles, or make them harder to complete.

The graphics haven't aged very well, but the visuals in the game are really neat. Some of the puzzles use unique mechanics and visuals that really help bring the story to life. Because its a story about Quico's life, there are a lot of interesting metaphors and emotional moments. The soundtrack also really helps with the emotional impact. There were some beautiful songs in the game.

Where gameplay and graphics lack, the story carries it through. It's not a unique story, but they present it well and by the end, you feel like you've been on a journey.

It's a short game, if you haven't played, I highly recommend it. Not for full price, but I would get it on the next sale or in a bundle.

Night Delivery

2 hours, 3 of 6 achievements
3/5 simple but spooky

Chilla's Art games usually have a basic formula. Clunky and one dimensional gameplay, bad sound mixing, short stories, and low quality visuals. You would think that's a recipe for a horrible game, but somehow they almost always pull off a fun and unique horror experience.

The low quality visuals usually make the game even more terrifying. Especially the photorealistic but warped faces they usually use. The games are dripped in Japanese culture and you often feel isolated and confused, which gives you a feeling of despair. Even games like convenience store makes working a night shift at the store feel dreadful.

This takes us to Night Delivery. This game definitely spooked me. I am a giant baby when it comes to horror games though, so if you are a horror game expert, then this may not phase you.

You play a night delivery person attempting to drop off some packages. Except you are alone, and its the middle of the night, and you don't know why you are there other then to get the socks scared off of you. The more you deliver some packages, the weirder the story and the people seem to get.
Like most Chilla's Art games, this one also has a moral, or message to tell. it's also very short. About 1 to 2 hours.

There are multiple endings so I advice looking around and trying to collect everything you can.

The game is only 3 US dollars, so if you are interested, I recommend buying it on sale or full price.


2 hours, 2 of 14 achievements
4/5 a beautiful experience

Journey is a lovely platformer. It doesn't need or use dialogue to tell you its story. Your thrown into a desert world and you have to journey (get it?) across the different terrains to get your destination.

The music is absolutely stunning. The visuals are still beautiful. I was shocked to find out this was released in 2012. The fact that you can have random other players join you in your journey is wonderful. I only had someone join at the very last 20 minutes, but it was a lot more fun when they did.

I am definitely replaying this game sometime soon and I hope to find more people when I do!

This game is short so I recommend it more on sale, but if you dont mind short experiences that are worth the price in quality, then I recommend it full price too.

Here’s some more games I’m working on at the moment!

  • Wildermyth

    15 hours playtime

    9 of 55 achievements

  • Mass Effect 2 (2010)

    16 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Tell Me Why

    7 hours playtime

    16 of 30 achievements

End of June Update!


20 hours
Even better then before

New Pokemon Snap

I'm about to sound old right now, but in 1999 Pokemon Snap came out on the Nintendo 64. Five year old me frickin loved this game. I then played it a few years later and loved it even more. Its very nostalgic to me, and this new version definitely delivered!

In Pokemon Snap you are a pokemon photographer who goes around taking pictures of different pokemon. You are given items that have the pokemon react or do things that lead to secrets and new areas. Then the professor rates your pictures.

New Pokemon Snap took this concept and added so much while keeping everything that made the game great to begin with. New items have been added to get a bigger variation of pictures. There are so many more pokemon as well. There are way more secrets and easter eggs. The further you get in the game and the levels, the more you can see and do.

You can now edit your pictures. You can add stickers, filters, reframe, and do a bunch to the photos to make them perfect. You can then share your photos online and have other people like your photos. There is also a photodex that shows you the pictures you've taken of each pokemon.

The scoring system is much better then the original. You have to catch the pokemon in different situations to get different star ratings. Then you can get bronze, silver and gold stars. It also takes in account the size, how many pokemon are in the shot, if the pokemon is looking at you, the background, and other things in the score. I also really enjoyed that they added a story to the game, even if its a small one!

Overall, if you've never played Pokemon Snap, I highly recommend it if you like calming games like Animal Crossing. And if you liked the original and your skeptical, I'm here to say they did the original justice, and more.

Inunaki Tunnel

1 hours, 2 of 7 achievements
short and spooky

Another short and spooky game by Chilla's Art. I stream these with a friend, and I enjoy the fact that they are short because otherwise I wouldn't be able to finish them. I'm awful with horror, but these are just spooky enough to be fun and not overbearing.

In this one, you wander around Inunaki Tunnel. Apparently this is based off a real place in Japan, which makes the game creepier. You mostly just walk around and solve some puzzles and there are multiple endings. It's not a fantastic game, but its short and cheap, and it freaked me out. There is also a secret ending that is creepy af.

Resident Evil 7

12 hours, 20 of 58 achievements
4/5 Ethan needs a hug

Another horror game!

I love Resident Evil. My laziness is the only reason It took me so long to play this. In this first-person Resident Evil game, you play a man named Ethan who goes to a creepy isolated house to rescue his long lost wife. Things don't go so well, and all of the sudden cannibals are trying to adopt Ethan.

This game was a lot of fun. It brought Resident Evil back to its roots while also adding an entirely new feel. I love the old Resident Evil style, but I also love this. My only gripe is that the main character is kind of boring and emotionless. He's not really the focus though and it doesn't detract from the strengths of the game.

If you are a new Resident Evil fan or a a fan of the older games (that were more survival horror orientated) then I highly recommend this one! Now I just have to save up money for RE Village, because I'm very curious how all of that plays into the story.

Its You: A Breakup Story

1 hours, no achievements
3/5 screw healthvetica

Its You: A Breakup Story is a very short game about an unhealthy one-sided relationship. You play a nurse who gets a call in the middle of the night by your boyfriend, Josh. The gameplay consists of just picking dialogue options. The game is very short and it quickly starts to repeat dialogue options. I enjoyed it though and its a pretty accurate portrayal of a toxic relationship.

The developers also donate 20 percent of the games profit to the Atira Women's Resource Society. That's not related to the story, but I thought it was really nice.

I got it on sale for a dollar, and If you're interested, I recommend it for the experience.

Which of these games do you think I should play next?

  • Stories: The Path of Destinies

    55 minutes playtime

    3 of 37 achievements

  • Scribblenauts Unlimited

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 25 achievements

  • Papo & Yo

    7 hours playtime

    3 of 10 achievements

4 month old update!

So I’ve been so busy with work and life that I haven’t been on this site in ages. I missed you guys and I hope everyone is doing well!
I haven’t played many games in four months but I’m getting back on track now!

Resident Evil 6

23 hours, 32 of 70 achievements
3/5 game is alright.. but co-op can be a blast

I played this on release date and I thought it was cool, but it wasn't the type of Re game I enjoyed. It's been nine years though so now I can judge it for it's own good and bad qualities… and boy does it have some good and bad qualities.

The Good:

  • You get to play as a bunch of different characters. Ones that we've loved throughout the series! Some characters are out of character but since they seemed to have reboot the series after this, it's not really an issue.
  • Each Campaign is different. Leon's is more traditional RE horror. Sherry and Jake's campaign is straight out of a 90's action movie. Chris's campaign is more "Call of Duty" military style. The different styles make playing through them less tiresome and repetitive.
  • The Co-op is actually great! Teamwork is implemented a lot in this game. Depending on who you choose, you may have a different task throughout some parts of the game. You need to work together to get through sections and help eachother heal and revive. If you are going to play this game, I'd only really recommend it on co-op. There is an online and local co-op.
  • The different games modes are interesting. They don't nail it as far as how great they could have been, but it's nice to have variety. There is a game mode where you can play a zombie who enters a person game. The only downside is that you move slow and start far away from the person. Half the time they kill you or complete the objective before you even get close to them.
  • The Voice acting and graphics. It still doesn't look bad even after all these years. and the voice acting is corny, but it fits the corniness of the game. I'll listen to Matthew Mercer any day.
  • That part with Piers. That was cool.

Now the bad:

  • The controls: Probably the worst thing about the game. The controls are weird even after you remap them. They make the game harder then it needs to be. The controls are just awkward, janky, and disorienting. You get used to them (kind of like RE4) but it takes a bit.
  • The gameplay: I like the different campaigns but it all boils down to shooting hundreds of zombies in the face, going to the next section, repeating. There are little puzzles throughout, but it doesn't take much brainpower. This is a very straightforward action game.
    There isn't anything wrong with an action shooter, I even like the genre, but I just felt like it didn't mesh with the Resident Evil formula. The zombies had to keep getting bigger and badder and it became a little laughable. Personally, I enjoyed the RE4 formula the most. I liked that it had more action but was also still scary and challenging. RE6 was not scary at all.
  • It got repetitive. Since the campaigns intertwine, you have to repeat some parts multiple times. It got a little competitive sometimes. Especially if its a part that was really annoying the first time. I wish they fast-forwarded it a little bit or made you do half the job.
  • The Ending. Every campaign gets an ending, but there is a final one after the credits. It ends on a cliff-hanger but the story won't be continued. Which is probably best because it was not a very interesting one imo. Still a bummer it ends on a cliffhanger though.
  • The bugs. There is a few of them. Especially during the unlockable campaign. Had to restart some sections due to bugs.

Overall, I had a blast playing with a friend but I wouldn't recommend it by yourself. Its frustrating and silly, but if you get it on sale, you and your friend will probably have fun.

It Takes Two

14 hours, 9 of 20 achievements
5/5 lovely co-op game worth every penny

This game is lovely! It Takes Two is a co-op only game where you play a husband and wife who get turned into dolls. There marriage is in shambles, but with the help of their daughter and other colorful characters, they try to return back to human and learn some lessons along the way.

First of all, this game has friend's pass. That means if you or a friend own the game, the other person doesn't have to buy it. That also includes online co-op. I bought the game, and my friend who is another state, didnt have to purchase anything to play the entire game with me. How cool is that?

It Takes Two is a 3D platformer that has multiple different gameplay styles and genres within it. The Co-op is a blast. You work together to defeat enemies, do platforming, and solve puzzles. The levels are so so creative and every minute of the game is filled with something to do. There are interactable objects, minigames, and places to explore. The game is surprisingly long, but every second is filled with a creative new level and power that you can use. Really, there is no part that is filler or boring IMO.

The game is also very pretty and the voice acting is great. The game is very forgiving and saves often. When you die (which I did often) it puts you right where you were.

If you like co-op platformers like Hat in Time or A Way Out, I highly recommend this one!


12 hours, 65 of 75 achievements
4/5 full of optimism, puts a smile on your face

In Wandersong you play a bard on a mission to save the world! What's your secret power to defeat evil? Singing!

Wandersong is a story driven sidescroller. You use music to interact with people, objects, and enemies. The gameplay consists of talking to people, solving problems, platforming, and some rhythm game elements. I can tell the game took a lot of inspiration from older Nintendo games such as Paper Mario. In both games you meet a quirky cast of characters with fun dialogue and absurd situations and levels.

The game is surprisingly long. Sometimes it feels like it runs too long, but it didn't dislike any minute of it. There is a lot of dialogue. Most characters can be spoken to multiple times. Overall, the tone of the game is happy. Wandersong deals with deep subject matters in a kind way and you walk out of it feeling happy.

This is a great game for kids or adults. I'd highly recommend it!

Chilla’s Art!

During the last sale, but my friend convinced me to buy a bunch of Chilla’s Art games. I’d never heard of them but now Im hooked! They are a bunch of japanese horror games that all run around one to two hours max. Here’s the ones I’ve played so far.

The Convenience Store

2 hours, 3 of 5 achievements
4.5/5 creepier then customer service

The Convenience Store is probably their most popular game. You play a woman who works the night shift at a convenience store. The game is even shorter then 2 hours, but I kept getting lost outside because I'm directionally blind.

The atmosphere and characters models are chilling and the subject matter is scary enough. Who wants to work a night shift by themselves? Definitely play this one to see if you'll like the others. This one was my favorite so far.

Missing Children

1 hours, 4 of 6 achievements
4/5 why must we always do our jobs at night?

In this one you play a detective who is looking for missing kids from different homes. You travel to a few different houses, questioning the parents and trying to get the truth. Just like most of them, this one has multiple endings.

I also enjoyed this one! The scares were reserved and used in the right places and it had an eerie feeling throughout.

The Ghost Train

1 hours, 4 of 5 achievements

This one wasn't as scary in my opinion, but I liked the atmosphere a lot. You have to get a train every day and one day things start to become a little… off. There are some puzzles on this one but they are very easy, you just have to be able to listen so I'd suggest playing with headphones.

Stigmatized Property

1 hours, 3 of 5 achievements
4/5 what happened to everyone??

In Stigmatized Property you go to a visit a boys house for the first time at night (why must you do this at night?)
When you get there, he's not there and neither is anyone else it seems… You have to find notes throughout the house and outside to find out what happened on this property.

I really liked this one. I enjoyed piecing the story together while being paranoid at every turn. There are multiple endings.


.30 hours, 3 of 4 achievements
2.5/5 what am I clicking on??

This is probably my least favorite of the games so far. In Okaeri you play a teenage girl who just moved with her mom. When you get home you have to interact with objects and look around to find out what happened in the house.

The game had good ideas, but it's not very fun. It's very hard to see what your clicking on or what to do, so I wandered for most of the play time confused. It's also very short. Even with my confusion it was only like 30 minutes. Overall, I'd play this one last.

The Caregiver

2 hours, 4 of 6 achievements
3.5/5 don't trust old people!

This is one of their newest games, and you can tell. It's still low budget but there are little cutscenes and it looks very nice for what it's going for. I would have given this a higher rating, but there is just one part that annoyed the crap out of me. I also got lost a whole lot. You can probably shave like 40 minutes off the time if you aren't directionally blind like me lol.

In the Caregiver you play a nurse who has to take care of an old man. Something more is going on though and the more you visit the creepier things get.


Next Time

These are games I’m going to play next. Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Inunaki Tunnel | 犬鳴トンネル

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 7 achievements

  • Umineko When They Cry - Question Arcs

    68 minutes playtime

    1 of 22 achievements

  • Fallout 76

    16 hours playtime

    14 of 60 achievements

January Update!


Batman - The Telltale Series

9 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

Telltale Batman follows the predictable Telltale formula. An interactive movie where you make choices that slightly change the story. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn't change the formula in any way. That being said, it was a fun game. I'm not really a batman fan, but I like that they put a different twist on the story and characters. I honestly found the game a little boring, even though I don't think its a bad game. I just don't think it grabbed my attention.

Overall, I think this is an average game. I'd hesitantly recommend it if you like Batman and/or Telltale. I DO recommend it so that you can play the sequel.

Batman - The Enemy Within

12 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

This was picked for my PoP and I'm really glad it was because I may not have played it otherwise. This game was a huge improvement on the last one! There are so many twists and turns, the story is chaotic and intense. The choices have a bigger impact and there are so many fun villains! Your choices effect the ending of each characters and you become invested in how they react to you.

My favorite thing about the game is (spoiler) how your decisions effect the joker. I grew attached to his character throughout the games and I really wanted to save him from his evil destiny. In the end I got the "fallen friend" ending. I don't really like villains who are just evil for the sake of it. I like more complex villains you can sympathize with, which is why I absolutely loved this joker. Also I stayed loyal to Gordon the whole game. We were true bros.

If you are interested, I recommend not watching the trailers. I didnt see them before playing and it really added to the game. I saw them after on the Steam page and they are full of spoilers. I really enjoyed this game and I might even go back and try a totally different route. If you are interested in these games, then I highly recommend this one.

Trine Enchanted Edition

6 hours, 5 of 33 achievements

My friend and I picked up the whole Trine series!

Trine 1 is a fun little puzzle platformer with beautiful scenery and fun platforming. We did play with keyboard, but the controls were a little difficult to control. They weren't very precise and the instructions would often come in controller form only. The story is a cute little generic fantasy plot but the beauty of the game is the gameplay and graphics.

I will throw this complaint out now, I hate that every single game has the same characters and abilities. Some things get changed, but playing the same three characters over and over got really repetitive fast. That could just be because we are binging it though. I'd recommend these games in smaller doses.

Something specific I like in the first game was the skills you could unlock by leveling up. You get specific character skills and you can spend them on different abilities. The use this in some of the other games, but not in the same way.

I'd recommend this game. It gets very cheap on sale (like a dollar) and its a fun co-op game. We barely had any crashes. We had a couple bugs. One that made us restart a whole level, but when I looked it up, it seemed kind of rare.

Trine 2: Complete Story

10 hours, 28 of 97 achievements

The sequel is much better then the first one. It looks beatiful, has a lot more puzzles and even had a free unexpected DLC at the end.

I'm not a fan of puzzle games so it felt a lot slower then the first one. Having to stop a lot more to figure out the solutions only to get stumbed on the exact next area. I like that the game lets you use multiple solutions to solve them. We never turned on the "float friend" feature, but we did get creative in skipping the traditional solutions. As far as puzzles go, they aren't very difficult. There are a couple types of puzzles that repeat in different ways. There is also another little game after the ending which was probably a DLC added in.

If you enjoy puzzle platforming, I highly recommend this one. I just loved looking at the different levels. It is a very beautiful game!

I’m working on a few more games right now that are almost finished. We are co-oping Trine 3 at the moment along with Resident Evil 6. I also have some of my PoP games to beat. Here are some upcoming games I’m going to play next!

  • Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

    5 hours playtime

    11 of 28 achievements

  • Resident Evil 6

    20 hours playtime

    25 of 70 achievements

  • Overcooked! 2

    7 hours playtime

    6 of 54 achievements

  • Hotline Miami

    75 minutes playtime

    4 of 35 achievements

  • The Descendant

    3 hours playtime

    1 of 50 achievements

My very late 2020 report!

(also happy New Year!)

2020 sucked, I think we can mostly agree. I actually did awful in my backlog slaying. Just didn’t feel up to gaming this year. I played mostly multiplayer games like Phasmophobia and Overwatch. I also started a bunch of games that I haven’t finished. I am feeling motivated again though and I have so many games I’m excited to play. I’ve collected a nice list of anticipated games. Since I’ve only completed one game this month, I’d rather just display my stats and favorite games this year! Hope everyone has a much better 2021.

Far Cry: New Dawn

15 hours, no achievements

I played this game co-op like I did Farcry 5 and it was fun… with its share of problems.

New Dawn continues the fifth game with a new protagonist. In a lot of ways, this feels like a Farcry 5 DLC. It's shorter, doesn't add to much, and even removes some features (I could no longer have an animal companion on multiplayer D:). among other things.
I think it does add some new features, although I played this a while ago so I forgot. Overall I payed 20 dollars on sale I think it was worth that price. I didn't do a lot of the side missions so if you do, I'm sure you'll get a lot of replay time out of it. The main story was only around 10 hours.

I really liked the graphics and the aesthetic. The bright colors and scenery helped me out of my gloomy state after playing 5. The game is really beautiful and I spent a lot of time just traveling around.

My biggest pet peeve (which 5 also suffered from but it was worse here) is how they incorporate the multiplayer. The second player isn't addressed and doesn't exist, which is fine. But the missions also don't account for them. Every airplane or vehicle mission, I was thrown out of the vehicle or had to run and find my own before we failed. We did a plane mission, and it spawned me next to the one seat plane that my friend was riding. I had to jump on to the bottom near the wheels and balance on until I fell off. Then it respawned me a plane. You basically have to fail some missions to get to participate. On top of that, there is a entire section of skills that my friend was allowed to unlock but I wasn't. There was no reason I can think other then laziness.

The story and characters were just alright. The story was too short so the characters were pretty one dimensional. Even when they tried to add emotion or development to the characters, it was always at the last second with zero impact. So yeah I wouldn't play for the story personally.

Overall, these games aren't usually my cup of tea, but I have a blast co-oping them. Even the bad parts are fun to make fun of. The game is actually pretty fun though even with it's bad moments. Farcry 5 is a better game, but this one is a nice little addition if you want a different ending to the story. I'd cautiously recommend this one. If you know what you're getting into and you still want to play, I say give it a go.

sadly my video game playing has been on a decline since I joined the site. In 2017 I beat 108 games. In 2018 I beat 61 games. In 2019 it was 42 games. This year in 2020 I beat 30 steam games. (not including the games I beat on I’m feeling optimistic this year though, so hopefully I can at least beat 2019s record!

Here are some of my 2020 stats!

Favorite game(s) beaten this year: Disco Elysium and Mass Effect

Runner Ups: Firewatch and Higurashi Ch 7

Least Favorite Game: Starting the Game

Favorite Multiplayer: Phasmophobia

Most surprising game (by how good it was) Doorkickers: Action Squad

Most hours put into a game: Fallout 4 (77 hours)

Biggest Disappointment: Magicka 2

Most played genre this year: Horror, action

See you guys again soon!