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Hi! 🙋 My name is Stefani and I’m slowly tackling my backlog. I enjoy mostly story driven games, especially ones with choices.

If anyone is interested in playing multiplayer games with me I have a list of online multiplayer games.


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Total Games: 779 games
Beaten: 226 games
Completed: 72 games
Won’t Play: 214 games
Games left: 261 games
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Beaten Since Joining: 298 games in 3 years

End of October Update!


The House in Fata Morgana

30.3 hours, 13 of 16 achievements


So I've heard so much about this game from users like Giselle and tsupertsundere. I decided to fork over the $25 and see what all the fuss was about. This is definitely one of the best (if not the best) visual novels I've played!

The House of Fata Morgana is a visual novel about a mysterious house and the people throughout time that had lived in it. In every story, there is a white-haired girl connected to it all.

At first, it took me a while to get into the game because of it's really dark tone. I like a mix of happy and sad, and most of this is very sad. About halfway through it really clicked with me and I enjoyed the story so much I couldn't put it down. The tone is somber, but it really needs to be for the story to have the impact that it does by the end.

I really don't have anything negative to say since I loved most everything about the game. One of my favorite things was music. Most (if not all) of the music is original to the game, and it's just sooo good.
It sets the tone perfectly and sticks in your head long after you logged off. The art is also spectacular. Probably the best art I've seen in a visual novel so far.

The writing is fantastic and so is each and every character. Fata Morgana has some great character development and constantly keeps you guessing on character motivations.

Overall, this is a great visual novel and I recommend it if you enjoy reading VN's. I liked the second half better than the first half, but both fit together to create a satisfying ending, and story overall.

I still have to get some achievements. (I'm missing some endings and I have to replay the game. I'm not sure if there is any changes from the first to the second playthrough.) but finishing this will be next on my "to do" list. Also CAREFUL WITH SPOILERS. I just realized my screenshots are no longer censored so don't click if you haven't played!

Speed Dating for Ghosts

2.1 hours, 6 of 6 achievements


Speed Dating for Ghosts is a goofy little VN where you are a ghost trying to date other ghosts. It's a cute game and had some sweet moments, but it's a little short and lacking for it's price.

You start by picking one of the three rooms. Each room has three ghosts you can speed date and talk too. By the end you can choose which ghost to go on a real date with. Then you get a short date scene. The characters were quirky, the little storylines were interesting and overall It's a charming game.

It's also easy to get the achievements for all you achievement hunters out there!

Not sure If I'd recommend this full price but I got it on sale ($2) and it was well worth it!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

60 hours, 18 of 82 achievements


TL;DR at the bottom :P

I LOVE medieval and/or fantasy RPG's. That's why Dragon Age Origins and Witcher 3 are two of my favorite games. So when Kingdom Come went on Sale for $15, I just had to grab it. Yes, this game has a lot of flaws, but I had a lot of fun with it.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you play as a blacksmith's son named Henry. Tragedy forces Henry to leave his home and go on a quest for revenge.
Keep in mind there are no fantasy or magic elements in the game, it's a more realistic take on the time period.

There is a lot to unpack with this game (and every long RPG, really) so sorry if my review is crazy. I had a long day and can't keep my thoughts straight :P

First of all, the game is buggy. From what I read it used to be much much worse. Game breaking even. It's not nearly that bad anymore and I never had a glitch that I had to fix to continue. There is a side mission I had to pass on because of a bug though, and that angered me a bit. Other than that it's just the usual small stuff, like clipping… or my horse getting stuck in a tree again.

The combat is also a divisive topic. I wasn't a huge fan, although I liked what they were going for. It's basically a realistic type of combat where you have to learn when and where to hit and dodge. It's fairly difficult and I never actually learned how to do it correctly. I just bypassed not knowing how to fight with other abilities or taking alternate routes. It's not that it's bad… just different.

Speaking of alternate routes, that's probably my favorite thing about Kingdom Come. The game doesn't really explain well, but you have several different ways you can do each mission. Every time I could not do something or I was really bad at a gameplay mechanic, I had another way I could approach the problem. I loved the freedom and never felt trapped during any of the missions.

Kingdom Come does have a terrible tutorial and slow beginning though. I had to google a lot (which breaks immersion) and I didn't enjoy the game until I started to understand how it worked. Also it takes a bit for you to get to the fun parts, but long rpg's can sometimes have a slow burn.

I did really enjoy the characters and setting. The map was fairly large and I've already stated I love a medieval setting. The characters were likable. Henry (the main character) is probably the most boring out of everyone. He gets more likable throughout but he isn't a stand out character for sure. I loved other characters like Capon, Radzig, Teresa, and the priest. The graphics also nice and there were a lot of fun places to explore.

The game does have a survival mechanic as well as a day/night mechanic. The survival part is very easy, so don't be persuaded if you are bad at survival. There is food found everywhere and a bed given to you fairly quickly. The only thing I didn't like is a lack of tutorial (like mentioned earlier) I kept dying for so long before I realized I was eating bad food. Once you unlock some skills though it makes the survival part a peice of cake. I don't know if the survival gameplay was necessary, but I didn't hate it. I did love the day and night cycle though. Doing a mission during the day or doing it during the night can lead to very different results and I thought that was really neat.

As far as the missions go, I thought they were done well. Some side missions were hilarious and the highlight of the game. With so many different routes to take, you can do missions several different ways.

The last thing I'l say is that the ending was lackluster.It ends with a second game in mind, and if a second game isn't made, it'll feel like a huge waste. The game ends very abruptly and I was pretty disappointed. I hope they make a sequel!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is fun, but unpolished. It sometimes feels like a AAA games but most other times, like an amitious indie game. It's no Witcher 3, but… that's okay. The game is it's own thing, and I enjoyed it a lot. it's hard to say if it's worth the full price. I really love games like this, but it is buggy and lacking at times. I think it's definitely worth it on sale though, and I would have been fine paying full price. Kingdom Come has a lot in it, and I think the devs really enjoyed making it.

(I just realized I wrote a novel of a review and it's all over the place, so here's a quick TL;DR)



  • realistic medieval setting
  • likable characters and story(for the most part)
  • many alternate ways to do missions and make choices
  • graphics are nice
  • day/night cycle
  • some hilarious side missions depending on what routes you take
  • choices matter (although it ends the same)


  • bugs
  • feels unpolished at times and sometimes has wonky animations
  • Henry can be boring
  • tutorial is lacking and a lot is not explained.
  • the survival aspect is not bad, but not necessary.
    -the ending

Next Time

  • DOOM

    2 hours playtime

    1 of 54 achievements

  • Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy

    4 hours playtime

    10 of 105 achievements

  • Bye-Bye, Wacky Planet

    2 hours playtime

    0 of 23 achievements

  • The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 6 achievements

End of September Update!


A Short Hike

2.1 hours, 4 of 8 achievements


I've been playing some bigs games so I haven't done much this month. I did beat a "Challenge Me" game, and I really enjoyed this one. So thanks for the pick, Samwise84!

A Short Hike is relaxing, cute and all-around enjoyable. You play as a bird hiking to reach the top of a mountain. Along the way, you can do tasks, collect feathers, etc. Collecting feathers is the main objective because you need them to climb up the mountain. You'll also find a lot of fun activities on the way.

I enjoy the pixel graphics, the characters were nice, plus the soundtrack was also fun and relaxing. It felt like the perfect length and I enjoyed the fact that you could move at your own pace.

If you are into short and relaxing games, then I highly recommend this one. I'm not an achievement hunter so I didn't find everything, but the achievements are very doable and won't take long to get!

Next Time:

I’ve got these games on my mind, but next month is also October so I’ll be adding some horror games to the mix down the line!

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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    34 hours playtime

    11 of 82 achievements

  • The House in Fata Morgana

    9 hours playtime

    3 of 16 achievements

  • Yakuza 0

    17 hours playtime

    7 of 55 achievements

End of the Month Stats:

Games beaten this month: Quantum Break, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, 60 Seconds Reatomized, Kind Words, A Short Hike.
Least favorite game this month: 60 Seconds
Most Exciting New Edition: The House of Fata Morgana
Biggest disappointment: Quantum Break (but still enjoyable!)
Biggest surprise: Kind Words, A Short Hike.

Favorite Game this Month: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair! 🎉

Mid September Update!


Quantum Break

11.5 hours, 27 of 42 achievements


Quantum Break is a game where you get the ability to control and manipulate time. You play Jack Joyce, who must use his new time abilities to stop time itself from being destroyed.

There are things I liked and things I didn't. I thought the different time abilities were pretty neat and well balanced. you can upgrade them and combine abilities to make the combat more interesting. If you don't use any abilities, it becomes the standard cover shooter.
I wish the enemies were more varied. Some enemies had the ability to zap around quickly, but I wanted them to introduce more powered enemies throughout the game.

The story was pretty good. The main character felt a little bland and I didn't really connect to him, but I enjoyed some other characters in the game. The story isn't amazing but if you enjoy time-traveling tropes then you'll probably like it. I wasn't a big fan of the ending though.

The biggest gimmick of the game is the choices and live-action segments. I thought overall, it was pretty neat. There is only one choice per chapter and it doesn't change the whole game or ending. It does change small details and a scene or two from the live-action parts. The acting was good and the story was engaging so I think it was a successful game/show hybrid.

I enjoy Remedy games overall. I liked Max Payne and Alan Wake. Quantum Break fell a little short of my expectations, but I still enjoyed it. I'd recommend it on sale, or full price if you really think it's your type of thing!

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

32.5 hours, 15 of 47 achievements


Danganronpa 2 is even longer and crazier than the first one. I can't tell which one I like more but I loved them both a lot. I enjoyed the first game because I didn't know what to expect and it was wacky and weird while grounded by realistic themes. This game is just bonkers. It actually does make sense when you finish the game though.

This game introduces new characters and a new story but still has the detective parts. I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the new locations. I thought the cases were really well done. One, in particular, shocked me a lot.

The game added a lot of extra things like a Tamagotchi like pet, a leveling up system, and some other extra editions. Also, a lot of extra bonus things after you finish the game (that I still have to complete).

I want to keep this vague, but if you enjoyed Danganronpa 1 I think you'll really enjoy 2 and it is worth it on sale and full price. It takes some time getting into but it's worth it when it picks up. I especially enjoyed the ending. I will be buying the third game in a couple of days so I hope it's just as good!

60 Seconds! Reatomized

3 hours, 16 of 60 achievements


60 Seconds! Reatomized just showed up in my library one day and I was really confused. Turns out it's an updated version of 60 seconds I got for free for owning the original one. I really respect when devs will give away a better and updated version of their game for free.

Anyway 60 seconds! Reatomized is definitely an improvement from the original game. I only played the survival again (because my boyfriend is using the good computer that can run the scavenger part) but that's really the only part that's heavily updated anyway.

The improvements I noticed right away was; the graphics were better, the rations were portioned better, and there were new events and art added. The menu is also different along with the book you use during the survival portion. Also, now when everyone leaves the shelter it's not an instant game over. That bothered me a lot in the first one so I was very happy to see that changed. I'm sure there are some little changes I didn't mention but overall it's much improved.

Sadly, even with the update I still felt a little bored playing and it didn't make me want to replay the game again several times. Overall 60 seconds is average at best (imo) and it's just not for me. If you are interested though then I definitely recommend picking up this version instead of the original since it doesn't remove any features and just adds a lot of better ones.

Kind Words

5.6 hours, no achievements


I saw Kind Words and thought it looked really cute. Then after a particularly bad day I wanted to try something wholesome so I went ahead and bought it. Definitely no regrets.

Kind Words is less of a game and more of a wholesome letter-writing experiment. The game plays relaxing music while your character sits in a room. Then you have the option to write letters or respond to them. These letters are written by real people with problems or insecurities. You can then reply to people anonymously and try to cheer them up, or you can write out your own problems and have people anonymously reply to you. You can also send out paper airplanes with messages on them that float around the room and reach everyone who is playing.

If someone replies to your letter, you cannot reply back to them, but you can send a sticker as thanks. There are like 8 stickers you can collect in total that add items you can use to decorate your room.

Since it's not really a game, there isn't much to do, but it's nice to pop in and read the nice letters or paper airplanes or write to some people who are feeling down. Surprisingly I've seen no trolls so far. There is a report button and devs have most likely been on top of it. Plus it helps that everything is anonymous and you can't reply to letters back and forth.

Overall I'd recommend Kind Words if you are feeling down or if you want to help others who are feeling down. Or if you just want to relax to chill music and read the paper airplanes as they fly by.

Next Time:

I have a lot of big games to look forward too. Here are the games I’m working on next.

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    16 hours playtime

    6 of 82 achievements

  • Yakuza 0

    17 hours playtime

    7 of 55 achievements

  • DOOM

    25 minutes playtime

    0 of 54 achievements

  • A Short Hike

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 8 achievements

End of August Update!


Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.5 Meakashi

10.2 hours, 16 of 16 achievements


Higurashi CH. 5 is the first answer arc in the series. It answers what happened in Ch. 2: Watanagashi.

Without spoilers, I'll say that it exactly what I wanted from an answer arc. It answered most questions, it was exciting, and it made Shion a much more interesting character. So far this is my second favorite game of the series, right behind Ch. 3.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.6 Tsumihoroboshi

11.4 hours, 15 of 15 achievements


This is the second answer arc in the series. I have mixed feelings about this one. I think the writing is still great, but it has a different feel to it. Tsumihoroboshi centers mostly around Rena (my favorite of the group) and is kind of the answer arc to chapter 1. I enjoyed Rena's POV and how the game escalates, but it felt weak in some parts.
I'm really not sure how I feel about the explanation for chapter 1. In some ways, it made chapter 1 less exciting and I didn't quite understand all of it. I know that there is more to the mystery though, so it's no big deal.

I'll have to replay this one to give a final verdict but overall it's written very well and fits fine into the series!

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

31.4 hours, 11 of 38 achievements


This was one of the games I beat for PoP. I bought this during a sale based on positive reviews and went into it completely blind.

I really loved this game! I had no idea what the plot was, but once it got started, I couldn't stop playing! I enjoyed the story and how story-heavy the game was. The characters were interesting and so was the villain. I also like VN's where you can interact with things. In this game, you can investigate, talk to people, give gifts, etc.
The animations looked so nice and so does the art. The voice acting was also pretty good.

If I had to throw some negatives out there, I wish the gift-giving did more then just earn skills. I also hated the bullet time battle and some aspects of the court cases weren't great.

Overall, the game was great. I'd recommend going in with little to no info (even though it's a well-known game). I liked most everything about it, but the story is what surprised me the most. I didn't expect it to be so in-depth.

I'm definitely adding this onto my favorite games list

Little Nightmares

4.0 hours, 7 of 22 achievements


I also played this game for PoP. Little Nightmares is a horror platformer where you play a child trying to escape on a ship while trying to avoid being captured and eaten.

Little Nightmares reminded me of the game "Inside." Both are eerie platformers that involve easy puzzle-solving and avoiding dangerous situations. I liked Little Nightmares slightly better though. I enjoyed the design of the characters and the locations. The gameplay and controls felt smooth and rewarding. It really captures the feeling of being small in a big world.

I was so busy being spooked I didn't quite understand the story until I read it online. I really enjoyed it afterwards though. If you like atmospheric platformers then I'd definitely recommend this one. Preferably on sale, because it is pretty short.

The First Tree

1.4 hours, 5 of 14 achievements


The first tree is a walking simulator where you play a fox who is looking for her cups. Meanwhile, a (human) narrator is telling his wife his regrets and memories he had with his deceased father.

Overall, I thought this game was okay. It's very pretty and it has collectibles around to learn more about the narrator's father and his overall life. The voice acting is passable and the story can be relatable to anyone who has regrets or has felt a personal loss.

The game just didn't hit me on a deep enough level. I didn't feel motivated enough to find the collectibles so overall it was just an "okay" experience. I did like a few moments in there but overall I'd only recommend it on sale.


Next Time:

Here are some games that I plan on tackling next!

  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

    2 hours playtime

    1 of 47 achievements

  • Slay the Spire

    16 hours playtime

    6 of 44 achievements

  • Quantum Break

    4 hours playtime

    13 of 42 achievements

  • Yakuza 0

    16 hours playtime

    7 of 55 achievements

  • Tower Unite

    48 hours playtime

    41 of 362 achievements

  • 60 Seconds! Reatomized

    2 hours playtime

    15 of 60 achievements

  • BioShock 2 Remastered

    4 hours playtime

    6 of 53 achievements

  • Analogue: A Hate Story

    8 minutes playtime

    0 of 14 achievements

  • DOOM

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 54 achievements


End of the Month Stats:

Games beaten this month: The Hex, The Walking Dead: Final Season, Higurashi Ch 5. Meakashi, Higurashi Ch 6. Tsumihoroboshi, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Little Nightmares, The First Tree.
Least favorite game this month: The First Tree
Most Exciting New Edition: DOOM
Biggest disappointment: The First Tree
Biggest surprise: Danganronpa

Favorite Game this Month: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc! 🎉

Mid August update!

The Hex

7.5 hours, 8 of 28 achievements


The Hex is the second game created by Daniel Mullins. In the Hex, you play six different video game protagonists as you figure out more about their game and story.

The Hex has some of the meta gameplay/humor that Pony Island had, but it's a very different game overall. It feels like a tribute to video games and the different game genres. I really don't want to say much because it's better to play blind, but if you liked Pony Island or if this type of game appeals to you, then I think you'll enjoy it.

I will definitely be checking out the games this developer makes in the future. I think the game is worth it off sale, but much better on sale.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

10 hours, no achievements


I played this one on PS4 (because I didn't want to buy it on Epic) and I really enjoyed it.

I played the first Walking Dead game when it first released and it became an instant favorite. The sequels never really lived up to that and I felt like the series would always disappoint me. Luckily, they picked it back up in the end. And by they, I mean whoever was left to finish this game when the company went under.

The Walking Dead: Final Season takes place sometime after season 3. Clementine and AJ (now older) find themselves seeking refuge in a school that is run by kids.

Basically, I liked most things about the game. I think it started off strong and fizzled a little (understandably) but overall I enjoyed the whole thing. The characters were likable. Clementine and Aj were had great character development. The different choices they added were interesting and I actually liked the ending a lot.

I don't actually know how much the choices matter (although they looked like they mattered more then usual in these games) but I felt good about most of my choices and enjoyed the different paths I could take with a couple of them.

Overall if you are a Walking Dead fan I recommend this one on any platform you want to play it on.. I'm not sure how the reviews are for it, but as a fan, I felt like I got the conclusion I wanted from the series.

Next Time!

Guess what, I got my new computer. Woooo! I can’t wait to tackle my SG wins and the games I’ve been wanting to play for a long time. Here is an estimate of the games I’ll be trying for the rest of this month

Play or Pay

  • Last Day of June

    2 minutes playtime

    0 of 21 achievements

  • Little Nightmares

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 22 achievements

  • Bayonetta

    33 minutes playtime

    0 of 50 achievements

  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

    52 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • BioShock 2 Remastered

    4 hours playtime

    6 of 53 achievements

  • Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword

    36 minutes playtime

    0 of 21 achievements

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

    17 hours playtime

    6 of 38 achievements

Other games

I’m not sure which ones to start on or finish so if anyone as any suggestions let me know!

End of July update!

Last post I said I probably wouldn’t be playing any more games this month. Well… I lied. I picked out a few short games that’ll play on this old laptop and I really loved most of them!

Tiny Guardians

8.3 hours, 6 of 16 achievements


Tiny Guardians is a fun little mobile port where you must summon guardians to protect the main character, Lunalie as you traverse through the level. It's like one long escort mission where you have to use different abilities and characters (paladin, wizard, archer etc) to beat the enemies trying to get to Lunalie.

The game is pretty fun but it gets repetitive fast. I enjoyed the different enemies and boss fights but overall I got a little bored and chose not to pursue most of the extra missions and characters. The art is nice and the gameplay is enjoyable in short bursts, but I wouldn't recommend this one at full price.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.3 Tatarigoroshi

13 hours, 16 of 16 achievements


I'm continuing to fly through these Higurashi games and loving them.. Like always I'm going to keep this review vague, but I will say that this has been my favorite one so far. This time the novel focuses on our favorite prankster (trap maker?) Satako. This chapter takes a more emotional and character-focused turn. In the previous chapters, I was more hooked on the story, but this one made me care about the characters themselves.

There were some things that are lost in translation for me like ~is it supposed to be normal that the coach fetishizes young girls?~ and other small things that I didn't quite get. But that small in comparison to the overall story.

The story was great as usual and it had one of my favorite endings of them all. I was starting to get a little bored by how repetitive the series was getting, but this renewed my interest and I am enjoying every minute of the mystery. I'd highly recommend this chapter if you enjoyed the rest, or if you're not sure if you should continue.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.4 Himatsubushi

4.9 hours, 8 of 8 achievements


Higurashi Ch 4 is the shortest of all the chapters so far. The last game said that this installment would have Shion as the narrator so I was naturally very confused for a short bit, waiting for her to pop up. I guess the devs changed it and decided to do one more arc before the answers came.

Himatsubushi is the first game to change narrators. Instead of the expected narrator, Keiichi we are introduced to a rookie investigator, Akasaka.
Ch. 4 is a prequel, taking place before the other three chapters. It doesn't feature most of the main characters but it's still an important installment in the story.

Overall this was probably my least favorite chapter so far. I think the narrator was less interesting and the story didn't pack the punch that the others did. Still, I think it's worth a read and adds some intriguing questions and answers.

The next chapter will be the first answers arc and I hope it's good! I've been enjoying the mysteries so much that I hope the answers can hold up to my expectations. Either way, I think it'll be enjoyable.

IMO this is the weakest installment, but still very good. I recommend this chapter if you enjoyed the others.


3.3 hours, 7 of 9 achievements


Distraint 2 is an atmospheric horror game about a man named Price and his inner demons. I enjoyed the first distraint, so I was happy to pick this one up from Humble Bundle and play it.

Distraint 2 takes place right after the first game so I won't really talk about the story. I'll only say that it continues to focus on the theme of mental illness and depression. It never delves into the themes on a deep level but it has a bittersweet vibe overall.

the games are not very scary but I enjoyed the atmosphere and creepy imagery. The puzzles are also very easy which can be a pro or con depending on if you enjoy hard puzzles.

Overall Distraint 2 is my favorite blend of horror. Which is creepy but not terrifying.
I'm a huge wimp so I like to play horror games that are spooky but won't make me throw my laptop across the room.

If you enjoyed Distraint 1, I recommend this sequel. Both games are cliche but fun. If you did not enjoy Distraint 1, this game will probably not sway you. I'd recommend you skip it. If you aren't sure about the first one, I'd still recommend the sequel. it is only three hours so it should be an easy 100%

The Lion's Song

4.8 hours, 36 of 86 achievements


I picked up The Lion's Song solely because it was on tsupertsundere visual novel master list. The list has proven to be helpful to me in the past (Higurashi, Dream Daddy,) so I decided to give Lion's Song a try.

I was expecting Lion's Song to be good but I was still pleasantly surprised! The Lion's Song is an anthology with different stories and characters. Each of the four chapters give us a different story that connects with the others in some way.

The stories are fantastic. The writing is great and there are several choices in each chapter that shape the story the way you want. It's hard to come across a visual novel with great dialogue, intriguing stories, and emotional themes.

I'm in no way an achievement hunter, but I will be going back eventually to get the achievements and find all of the many things I missed. I can't really find one bad thing about Lion's Song so I'll give it a 5 out of 5. I'd recommend it on sale or at full price.

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

5.0 hours, 9 of 19 achievements


Orwell: Ignorance is Strength is a sequel to the very popular game "Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You."

Much like the first game, Orwell has you using surveillance to spy and report on civilians. Everything in this sequel is a step down from the original. There are fewer choices to make, you have less impact on the world. The story isn't as good and it feels very short. The ending I got was also incredibly anti-climatic.
The first game let you decide what choices to make and how you want to drive the narrative. This game keeps the same mechanics but gives you less of that freedom.

There are some nice additions such as voice acting and a few more gameplay mechanics. Overall the game isn't bad, but it is a step down from the first Orwell. I still enjoy games like this and hope they make more. I would recommend Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, but on sale and not at full price.

The Darkside Detective

6.9 hours, 19 of 30 achievements


The Darkside Detective is a point and click comedy adventure game where you play as Detective Mcqueen alongside his dimwitted partner Dooley. Follow the two detectives as they investigate the supernatural (Darkside).

I don't know why, but this game is so darn charming. Meta humor alone doesn't normally get me, but everything about this game just collectively comes together in the perfect way. The humor is hit or miss (lots of pop culture and meta jokes) but the characters are likable and the game is goofy and delightful. The point and click puzzles are not too challenging and make since with the logic in the world.

Overall, Darkside Detective isn't going to win a million awards but I enjoyed the crap out of it. I'll definitely pick up the sequel when it comes out. It's a short game and I'd recommend spending an evening on it.

Portal 2 (Co-op)

6 hours, no achievements


I already wrote a review on Portal 2 the last post, but my friend and I just beat the co-op in the game. Since it took us like 6 hours, it's pretty much a game in itself.

Portal 2 has some great co-op mechanics. I love the small things, such as having a pointer to show your friend where to place a portal. Or having the ability to look through the eyes of your partner and see what they are looking at. It's small stuff like that which really adds to the experience and makes solving puzzles more fun. I also loved that most puzzles needed both players to solve, so the smarter person (my friend) can't solve the whole thing on their own.

The puzzles were just as good as the main storyline and some even let you kill your friend (just in case you had a fight in the puzzle before it). I enjoyed GLAdos dialogue and the two new characters were charming. I loved the gestures you could do and how you could be hostile or friendly towards each other. I just wish there were different endings depending on how you worked together (violently or friendly)

The story wasn't much and the ending was a little anti-climatic, but the main appeal was the puzzles so I think it did a great job. Overall, with such an old game, it still holds up splendidly and the co-op is no exception. Even the credits were creative and fun to watch (even if there was no song this time)

I'd recommend Portal 2 for the single-player and/or for the co-op.

End of the month stats:

Games beaten this month: Portal 2, 60 seconds!, To Be or Not to Be, Higurashi: When They Cry - Ch 2, Watanagashi, Tiny Guardians, Higurashi When They Cry - Ch 3 Tatarignoroshi, Higurashi When They Cry Ch 4 Himatsubushi, Distraint 2, The Lion’s Song, Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, The Darkside Detective
Favorite game this month: Portal 2
Least favorite game this month: 60 seconds!
Most Exciting New Edition: Terraria
Biggest disappointment: orwell: ignorance is strength
Biggest surprise: The Darkside Detective

Next Time

If everything goes right I should have my new computer by next month. If so, then I’ll finally be tackling my want to play list!

Mid - (ish) July Update!

So I just did an update a week ago but I’ll be pretty busy this month and I’ve done more gaming this week then I’ll probaby do the rest of the month. I bought some games from the summer sale and played most of them right away!

Portal 2

12 hours, 18 of 51 achievements


Okay, so I have a confession to make. This is my first time beating Portal 2. I beat the first one many years ago and loved it. Then my friend and I would play the Portal 2 co-op and about 2 hours of the main storyline several times. We just never finished it. Well, I finally did!

Portal 2, as you probably know, is a puzzle game made by valve. I beat half life 2 for the first time about a year ago (I'm the worst, I know) and it was fun but kind of outdated. Portal 2 feels much less outdated and still holds up wonderfully.

Firstly, I loved the puzzles. I'm terrible at puzzle games, but the learning curve was perfect and it never felt too hard or too easy. It introduced new mechanics throughout the entire game and then added to those mechanics to make fun and innovative puzzles.

Secondly, the characters. GLaDOS is one of the best video game characters out there and I was so happy to have her in the sequel as well. Not only is she still as snarky and sarcastic, but she has her own story arc this time. Then there is Wheatley. Stephen Merchant does an amazing job voicing him and I grew attached to the character right away. I didn't even see a certain twist coming.

Portal 2 actually has a story. I loved the first game but it was very bare, story-wise. Portal 2 uses the puzzles to enhance and support the story while adding backstory to the characters and locations. I didn't beat the co-op yet, but it has it's own story as well and it's hard to find that in a game these days

Overall, I loved this game. I'm glad to have finally beat it. Better 8 years late, then never. I'll definitely be adding this to my favorite game list!

60 Seconds!

4.6 hours, 14 of 56 achievements


60 seconds is a text survival game where you have one minute to scavenge supplies before a nuclear apocalypse. For the rest of the game, you make choices to try and keep a family alive in the bunker.

60 seconds is fun the first time… maybe the second. It gets very repetitive fast and all the choices lead to the same results. I tried to make different choices, but after the second run, I knew all the bad choices and all the good ones. I only did the scavenging part once, since it lagged really bad on this computer. Therefore, I only did the survival part of the game (which is 99% of it.)

It is much too repetitive but the game is fun for a while. You get to make choices to try and get rescued in several different ways and not die the many deaths available. You have to conserve your food and water and choose who has to go out and scavenge for supplies. Overall, it's not a bad game and it's a steal for a dollar. I don't think it has the replay value it seems to have though.

I'd say 60 seconds! is worth it on sale.

To Be or Not To Be

3 hours, 15 of 33 achievements


To Be or Not To Be is a choose-your-own-adventure VN about Shakespearean stories. I'm not very knowledgable about Shakespeare so I didn't get many of the references. Regardless this is a funny strange and creative visual novel. The choices never really lead where you think they will and the scenarios you get yourself in are just ridiculous and outrageous (in the best way).

It's not a masterpiece, but if you want a good laugh then I recommend To Be or Not To Be. I think it's worth it full price.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.2 Watanagashi

13 hours, 15 of 15 achievements


Alright, I've read two chapters of this story and I'm still so confused and intrigued. How do all these chapters connect and who did it and how? I need answers!

In all seriousness, these games keep pulling me in. As soon as I start to get bored, the mood shifts and the mysteries deepen. If you haven't started reading this series, I recommend it.

Next Time:

End of June Update!

Guess who’s going to have a computer in about a month? I finally bought the parts to it and now I just have to wait. I can finally get back to completing my wins and all the games I’ve been racking up in the sales while it was broken :P

I didn’t get much done last month but I will be playing a lot more games this month! I’ve bought some potato running games during the sale and I can’t wait to give them a try.


5.4 hours, 6 of 8 achievements


Detention is a Taiwan point and click horror game. I don't want to say much about the plot because most of it would be a spoiler.

I do want to say that I loved this game! I expected a simple horror game and left with a greater understanding of Taiwanese history and culture.

Detention is scary, it has a great story, and it'll stick with you for a while. I definitely recommend it!

A Plague Tale: Innocence

12 hours, 15 of 36 achievements


I played this one on PS4 and I was pleasantly surprised. Although not a perfect game, A Plague Tale is the type of game I've been itching to play for a while. a single player story-driven game with good characters.

Plague Tale is a linear adventure stealth game where you follow two kids (Amicia and Hugo) on a journey. Although it's very different, this game did remind me of the game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Both games had a good story and focused on sibling bonding to push the heart of the story.

This game is mostly stealth with some combat. There are interesting game mechanics added later but for the most part, you'll be stealthing through. The voice acting is actually pretty good! It looks like young kids were hired for the voices so I'm surprised by how well they did.

The game looks great, the setting is interesting, and it does have a good story with likable characters. My reviews are super vague this post, but I just don't want to spoil anything. This does have a hefty price tag so If you're unsure with the plot then I recommend it on sale for sure!

Next Time

(Games I’ll be playing this month)

End of May Update!

Cat Quest

5.3 hours, 2 of 12 achievements


Cat Quest is an adorable RPG where you play a cat who is looking for his kidnapped sister. This game doesn't take itself seriously, and honestly, I can't find anything I disliked about the game.

The protagonist is adorable, the customization is fun, the gameplay is simple but polished, and the story is fleshed out.

The game is fairly short and not that difficult so it's a great start to beginner RPG players or just anyone who wants to play a cute relaxing game.

I had a lot of fun with this one and I'd recommend it to any cat lover!

Monster Prom

5.5 hours, 4 of 32 achievements


Monster Prom is a stat-raising dating VN. You play a monster trying to seduce other monsters to earn a date to Monster prom.

This game has co-op (online and local) so I decided to play with my boyfriend. We never played stat building games before though and managed to flunk most dates before we realized it wasn't for us. We did have a lot of fun with the choices and dialogue though.

The main draw of the game is the humor. The humor is mostly based on offensive, silly, or absurd scenarios that usually play on the fact that they are indeed monsters. The humor is hit or miss, but it's overall an enjoyable game. There are a lot of endings and variety so it's good for a few playthroughs.

Overall, it's not my type of game, but it was enjoyable to an extent. If you enjoy this type of thing then you'll probably have some fun with Monster Prom.

How to Take Off Your Mask

1.7 hours, 13 of 27 achievements


This is one of those games that I knew wasn't for me, but I decided to play anyway. It did fit the monthly theme after all.
How to Take Off Your Mask is another romance Visual Novel. You play a girl named Lilia who wakes up one day to find out she's turned into a luccretia (half human - half cat.)
The two romance options are actually the same guy… but he has two different personas. One where he's a clumsy, awkward, "little brother" figure to the main character. The other, where he is a charming city guard.

Nothing in this story really appealed to me. The art wasn't bad, but that's about it. The dialogue felt childish and awkward. The story was really predictable and silly. All of the characters and situations felt forced, and overall I was glad it was so short.

I also hate the weird/creepy behaviors that are displayed in visual novels like this. For example: (spoilers?) Ronan (the love interest) thinks that she is a little girl when she is cat form. Yet he pets her head and flirts and other characters comment about how he is flirting with her. Even after he clearly displays how he thinks she is underage. Then later he comments about how he can't have feelings because she is young, but the rest of the game doesn't display that. There are other situations but I don't like most VN's that display this kind of thing.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this one unless you're a big fan of catgirls. It's not the worst VN I've read, but it's not a good one either.

Emily is Away Too

2.5 hours, 5 of 21 achievements

Emily is Away Too is a sequel to the free game "Emily is Away."

I played the first one and it was alright. I feel the same way about this one. Not bad, not great, just… alright.

This version has two different girls you talk too and it has multiple endings. I enjoyed the nostalgic part of the game. I'm an old (25) year old who remembers aol well. The game hits on some relatable topics and is more in-depth than the first one.

I got a good ending, but I do want to go back and see the other endings sometimes. I think the game benefits from multiple playthroughs.

I personally suggest turning on the auto-typing in the settings, because if not then you have to tap random keys a bunch to get each sentence out since you can't actually type what you want to. With the setting on, you can just make a choice, and have it typed out instantly.

Overall I recommend Emily is Away Too at a cheap price. If you liked the first one then you'll most likely like this one too.

The Final Station

5.0 hours, 4 of 23 achievements


The Final Station is a linear survival game where you must fight your way through an infected, dying world, gather supplies, and keep your passengers alive.

I actually enjoy this game a bit, but I wish it was longer. The world is infected and you must stop at every station to gather health, food, and ammo. Also find people who are left. Then keep everyone on your train alive until the next stop.

The gameplay is pretty fun, but also very repetitive. I never got bored of it, but I can see it becoming boring for some people. I know a lot of people commented on the game's difficulty, but I felt like it gave very generous checkpoints and I never had to worry about starting a large section over again. The story is intriguing, even when I didn't understand all of it in the end.

Really, I enjoyed a lot about the game. The atmosphere, the story, the gameplay. I wanted to catch more dialogue, but the passengers talk while you're trying to fix your train, which is usually on the other side of the train, away from the passengers. I wish they had the dialogue boxes follow you on the screen. That way it's not impossible to catch 90% of the train dialogue. That's a small nitpick in an overall enjoyable game though.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

8.6 hours, 10 of 33 achievements


Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a surprising hidden gem.

I had an entire review written out but it somehow got deleted before I posted my update. So I'm going to write a much shorter one now.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a strange game that's actually hard to explain. Basically, you join a club in which you have to watch people over surveillance cameras. Then you have to buy and keep up with a certain number of cameras each day to stay in the club. Meanwhile, you have to take care of your health and earn money through jobs, club questions, etc.

The best part of the game is the different scenarios and possibilities. You can interact with the people through (mostly) indirect means, which can lead to different situations and scenarios. The game has a ton of replayability because you'll come across different people and different choices on how to approach the game. It doesn't hold your hand in any way so its very confusing at first, but the more you play, the more fun it gets.

Overall I'd recommend Do Not Feed Your Monkeys on sale or in a bundle. Especially if you like management games with choices and multiple endings.

Renowned Explorers: International Society

8.5 hours, 46 of 165 achievements


Renowned Explorers is a rogue-lite where you must travel to different islands and get renowned. If you become the best explorer (get the most renowned) by the end of the trip, you win the game.
I was really excited to play this game, but once I got into it, I just didn't like it. The mechanics are confusing/explained confusingly. The AI are overpowered in a lot of ways. most of the game is random chance and it's just boring. This is one of those games that isn't made badly but you don't really have fun playing it.

I had a hard to specifying what I disliked about this game until I stumbled upon this review. I felt the same thoughts as this stranger so if you want a more in-depth review I recommend reading his/hers.

End of the month stats:

Games beaten this month: Higurashi: When They Cry CH 1, The Coma: Recut, Cat Quest, Monster Prom, How to Take off Your Mask, Emily is Away Too, Do not Feed The Monkeys, The Final Station, Renowned Explorers.
Favorite game this month: Higurashi, Cat Quest.
Least favorite game this month: How to Take off Your Msk
Most Exciting New Edition: Quantum Break
Biggest disappointment: Renowned Explorers
Biggest surprise: Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Next Time

like always, these are not guaranteed, but here’s a game plan for what I’ll be playing next. Two of these will be ps4 versions of the game.

End of April / Beginning of May Update!

I’ve been so busy with work that I forgot to write an update for April. Here’s my late april, beginning May update!
I’m enjoying this month’s theme so far. I’ve already beaten two games (The Coma and Higurashi) for the theme. Overall I’ve enjoyed most of the games!

Before the Echo

13 hours, 13 of 21 achievements


Before the Echo is an RPG rhythm game where you must fight monsters to escape a mysterious tower.

If you've ever played a rhythm game before, then you know for the most part what to expect. Arrows will fly down the screen and you must hit the corresponding buttons on time to succeed. This game does have some different mechanics that set it apart though.

When fighting monsters, you have three different fields that you can switch back and forth through. There is a mana field, a spell field, and a defense field. Each field has a different purpose.

The defense field is your main one. If you don't match the rhythm on this field, you lose health. You want to make the enemy lose all their health before you lose yours. This is where the spell field comes in.

In Before the Echo, you have the ability to craft spells and then use them in battle. With the spell field, you don't have to interact with it until you cast a spell. Once you cast a spell, the arrows will show up on the spell field. If you mess up hitting the arrows, then the spell is not cast and you must recharge it again. If you hit them correctly, you cast the spell.

Lastly, there is the mana field. Arrows will be falling down this field all battle. You get no penalty for not hitting them. You only use this field if you need to collect mana to cast spells. Once you collect enough mana, you can ignore the field until you need mana again.

Maintaining all three fields in a tactical way is the main focus of battle.

It sounds complicated but it's very simple. You can see all three fields at all times and it's very easy to switch between them.

There were a few reviews complaining about a large amount of grind you had to do. I personally didn't have this problem since I barely had to grind. In the game, you have to get items from each monster before entering the next level. I always got the items fairly quickly, but there is a small amount of grind for people who don't like that sort of thing.

Another positive about the game is the voice acting. It's far from perfect but It was apparent the devs enjoyed doing it. (It's especially apparent in the after game credits.) The story is interesting and there are plenty of goofy and entertaining characters.

Overall, if you need another rhythm game to scratch your itch, then Before the Echo is a good choice. It has some flaws. It could use a larger monster and music variety (the music is just so-so) but it's a well-made game with a lot of love put into it. I've seen Before the Echo on sale for a dollar (and even free on some sites) so I think it's a great deal on discount.

911 Operator

18 hours, 12 of 18 achievements


911 operator is a police management game where you play a 911 operator who must take calls, make decisions, and send out the appropriate units for the situation.

Right away, 911 operator feels like a smaller version of This is the Police. an incident will pop up (either with a text box or a phone call) and you either send out police, paramedics, or firefighters to the scene. The difficult part is deciding how many units to send out and managing to get as many situations solved as you can.

Overall 911 simulator is fun. If you like simulator/management type games like this, you'll have a good time. The game just has one major flaw that drags it way down.

It's so repetitive.

The game boasts over 50 recorded phone call messages, but most are tiny variations of the same few phone calls, over and over and over again. I even bought a DLC to add more phone calls, and before an hour was up, I was repeating those several times as well.The text incidents also repeat and there aren't a lot of variety of those either. once you know the correct answers to every situation, it's a bit of a bummer.

There are three different campaign modes, and I highly recommend you play "Unique Stories" first. It's the shortest campaign, but also has no repeating phone calls and more variety. The other two repeat a lot.

A nice counter to this issue is that the game does have steam workshop. The workshop is filled with fan-made phone calls. Most can only be used in the free play part of the game though, not the story.

Overall 911 Operator is fun. It's challenging, the idea is great, and it even has some cool features (like picking your own city to play on.) The repetitiveness of the game really drags it down though and I definitely don't recommend it at full price. I got it for $3 though, and I don't regret it.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi

9 hours, 14 of 14 achievements


Higurashi When They Cry (ch.1) is a Visual Novel about a boy named Keiichi who just moved into a new small village called Hinamizawa. He made three best friends and discovered a dark mystery that lies within the village.

I went into Higurashi blind. No expectations and no spoilers, and I ended up really enjoying it. I'm incredibly picky with VN's. It's not even that I only like the best visual novels. I just have a hard time connecting with them. I definitely enjoyed Higurashi from start to finish.

The art is not great, but the writing is detailed and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep you on your feet. The story has a nice build that develops the characters and plot naturally, and the sounds and music add to the feelings you get reading it.

Apparently, there are a crap ton of these games so I'm not sure where to start. I'll definitely pick up the sequel next sale, just to see where the story goes from here.

Spoiler!I just wanted to add that the game reminds me a lot of Doki Doki literature club. It probably came out first, but I played Doki first and both have a dark twist hidden under a cute exterior. I enjoyed this game more though because I didn't expect a twist, but with Doki, it was the main point. . I wonder how they continue the series after the way the game ends. Can't wait to see.

The Coma: Recut

6 hours, no achievements


The Coma: Recut is a 2D Korean horror game where you play a student named Youngho, trapped in his school with his psychotic teacher.

The Coma has some really good reviews, but I didn't have a great time with it. I love the art and the atmosphere. I also think the story is pretty interesting. I just really don't like the gameplay. I spent most of the game hiding in closets and dying. After a while, the teacher was not scary anymore, just annoying. Especially when you would enter a room and she would just be there with no warning.
It took me ages to get the good ending. (I even had a guide up after getting the bad ending, but I didn't do one tiny irrelevant thing and missed out on the good ending again.)

As I said, the art, story, and atmosphere are pretty good so if you are interested in the game you'll probably enjoy it. The gameplay just wasn't my cup of tea.

PS4 Games

Detroit: Become Human

25 hours, no achievements


Detroit Become Human is an adventure game that follows three different androids as they "wake up" and fight for their freedom under the rule of humans.

Detroit has so many different paths and my boyfriend and I spent a very long time talking about the pros and cons of the game and each different choice. Basically, I've said so much, I'm not sure what to add any more.

I did really like Detroit. It has its pros and cons but the choices really do matter and there are hundreds and hundreds of different variations. You can easily spend a week on the game finding every little thing. The voice acting is good and overall the characters are likable. The story had some issues. I enjoyed Connors story the most (as did everyone, according to the game's official poll.) He was the best developed and his story carries the game a lot. Kara is a likable mother figure. Her story doesn't break boundaries but it hits you emotionally and you root for her the same way you root for Clem and Lee in The Walking Dead.
I think Marcus had the weakest story. He had a lot of character development, but all of it was predictable and plot pushing. Without saying spoilers, I think he had the weakest sections in the game.
With three protagonists though, it really is up to opinion.

Overall, the motion capture was good, the voice acting was good, I loved how many choices and different paths there were, and Connor's scenes were the highlight of the game for me.

My review was very scattered, but I'm drawing a blank on what to say. If anyone has any questions about it I'd love to answer :P

Marvel: Spiderman

20 hours, no achievements


Marvel's Spiderman had a lot of great reviews so I was really excited to buy and play it. Spiderman is by far my favorite superhero and I haven't played a spiderman game since the Nintendo Wii.

This game has a lot of pros and cons but overall, I'd say I enjoyed it. The combat is a lot of fun and I enjoyed the variety of moves and gadgets you can use. There are plenty of different suits you can unlock and wear, and they look great in every cutscene. I was impressed that even the loading screen showed the proper suit you were wearing.

There are a lot of side missions/side activities to do. The more you play, the more unlock. They are fun overall and doing all of them is probably not very stressful.

I enjoyed the voice actor a lot. For some reason I thought Tom Holland voiced the game before buying, but the game takes place after Peter graduated high school and college, so he's in his 20's now and is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Overall all the voice actors did a good job.

There were some things that held the game back though. I thought the story wasn't very interesting. The coolest part was the part they showed in the trailer. There are a couple characters in the story that had a cool character arc that I'd like to see continued in the sequel.

The stealth was not enjoyable at all and I groaned every single time I got a stealth mission in the game. I like that they wanted to give playtime to other characters, but I wish they did something more with it.

Overall the game is a little corny and rough around the edges, but I think that's the charm of a spiderman game. I wish the story was better, but I did enjoy it. The gameplay is fun, I think Spiderman was accurate. I like the variety of missions and I plan to go back and 100% it for that last outfit.

Next Time

I’m not sure yet what games I’ll play this month. I’ll continue the monthly theme while also playing some more console games. Here’s my prediction of what I’ll be playing for May.

  • God of War
    God of War

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 2

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • a Hand in Darkness
    a Hand in Darkness

    0 hours playtime

    0/10 achievements

  • 1bitheart

    1 hours playtime

    1/60 achievements