January update

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Over all back log prog ress :
26% completed
54% beaten
1% unfinished
3% never played
16% won't play

Side note

I’m playing B2 DLCs now, so completion rate will go up

I finally moved past entry part of Pillars of Eternity, and I’m more than 50% into the story. Looks like I will finally beat this SG win :D

I also bough PC week ago, but still did not have time to tweak stuff. I will write separate update about it.


Sounds like you have some big games on your plate right now. Borderlands 2 and Pillars of Eternity are really long. I think I can understand most of the criticism towards BL2. If you don’t like the sillyness of Borderlands, then the game is much less appealing. I never thought about it, but it must be quite exhausting to play through it in this case.

Gratz on your new PC! I hope everything works well :)