October 2022 Update

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Overall backlog progress :

26.2% completed
61.2% beaten
12.3% won't play
0.3% unfinished
0% never played

Side note

With this one, I only have 2 unfinished games on Steam. One will be beaten over the Christmas when I have my Planescape: Torment save file. Other is Unravel 2 that I will play this month I think.

I started Second Extinction, DAEMON X MACHINA and Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus on EPIC. Second Extinction is meh, I wonder why they will release it after 2 years with so little content. Few simple fetch missions and really small map… DAEMON looks better, but also too grindy for me to stick for longer. Mechanicus is nice, I will beat it this month or next one, depending on my time.