• BioShock 2

    14 hours playtime

    29 of 68 achievements

Finished the original version coz I read so many negative things about the remastered.

I enjoyed this second one. I kept thinking maybe I was the guy in the first game but apparently not. I was hoping there’s some sort of connection to the first game.

I think I enjoyed the plasmids of the first game better, but I like the upgrades of the second game more. I also miss the invisibility tonic. It was fun to just disappear sometimes. But it does seem odd for a Big Daddy to vanish around like that. Yet, the Big Daddy I was controlling didn’t feel that much of a Big Daddy. I wouldn’t last long against other Big Daddies with only basic weapons.

The guarding part of the game was a bit exhausting though but I got used to it. One of the things I disliked about the first game is having to guard the Little Sister as I travel, and this game made it a main feature.

I like the story. I don’t understand why others feel like it’s inferior to the first; it really isn’t. But what happened to Tenenbaum??