First Week of May

4 SC achievements unlocked. At this point, all I’m really doing in F13KP is the daily death puzzles.

7 SC achievements unlocked.

No progress. Last final today, so tomorrow, break starts.

Oh boy, today was a BIG day. I played and finished several games.

This morning, I decided to start with Gone Home. I’ve played through it already, but did so way before they added achievements, so I had none of those unlocked. It took an hour or two (and some frustration about having to speedrun on a laggy computer + using a trackpad), but I 100%ed that.

I then went onto a more casual game- Animals Memory: Cats. It’s only eighteen levels but there’s 50 “Play a level” achievements for whatever reason.

I got all the achievements in the Arkanoid games (!4RC4NOID! technically but thats annoying to write out) and played those. It didn’t take long since all the games are is keeping the ball from falling out of the map. Idling KOHBEEP edition was annoying though because I stopped the spam achievement unlock halfway through to restart Steam and the achievements idle from the very beginning each time, so I had to wait a few hours for that.

I played some Dream Daddy, specifically through Damien’s dates, Craig’s, and Mat’s last date. I played and finished Santa Run (will do reviews of all of these later), Dad’s coworker (had to idle this one overnight because you have to be clicked into the game), and Dab, Twerk, and Dance.

Finished Dream Daddy finally :D (last date completion order: Hugo, Brian, Robert, and then Joseph).
It’s currently 11 am and I’m about to play WEED.