9th raport

Hunie pop – well, weird mix of bejeweled and dating simulator, or maybe dating simulator parody, since it’s impossible to get rejection (unlike in real world >.>). What can I say, game is enjoyable, but it is hard to be not enjoyable unless you hate bejeweled. Photos of girls are nice reward, if you like 2D girls (I like >.>). Btw, I need to warning you guys, those girls are probably are cheating on you, because how otherwise they could took those photos? There is probably just another guy, who is playing with them in bejeweled.

I tried to be funny, but with my English it could went wrong. :v

  • HuniePop

    16 hours playtime

    8 of 20 achievements


I thought it was funny. :D


Thanks, your comment made me really happy. :D