Zero Escape: The Nonary Games - Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (999) is done and dusted. The first entry in the Zero Escape series tmk. I’m pretty certain I saw and did everything available.

Pretty cool overall. Overall, the game asks what would happen if you could have a direct impact on the collective subconscious.

How it presents is via an escape room visual novel with a variety of endings. The puzzle logic in this game is mostly consistent throughout, so once you get a grasp for how the game approaches things, it should be relatively smooth sailing.

The voice acting kind of went back and forth between really well done and marginally annoying, lol. The story can be separated into the character focused parts and the technical/science/pseudo science/sci-fi parts. The latter was really quite interesting. The former jumped between really well done and marginally annoying much like the voice acting.

The writer(s) did a great job with pacing, and with mixing in humor to break up the intentionally oppressive and serious feel of the game. The characters themselves were all pretty cool as well.

There was one truly annoying thing about this game: it is a shameless over explainer. You walk into a cargo hold of a ship, for example, the game will definitely go into an unnecessary description of what a cargo hold is lol. Maybe you were wondering how to operate a pencil. This game’s got you covered, lol

Anyway, this half of The Nonary Games took about 17 hours to complete. I’ll likely jump into the second game tomorrow or the next day.