Hot Bullet 8

So I managed to play a little more than usual these days! Since I won Batman Telltale on Steamgifts and I’ve previously won an extensive RPG from the same user that I’m far from begining yet (Wasteland 2) I decided to honor that great guy by taking seriously this episodic game.

Episode 2 from Batman came this week and I’ve just finished it, it was amazing! So far this is my favorite Telltale game yet (and TWD and GoT were both great), I’m so hyped that I will take a stab at Arkham Asylum since I’m about halfway that game and I loved Arkham City on Xbox.

I also managed to squeeze some play time out of DOOM and completed Xenovere’s DLC missions I was recenlty gifted too! Moreover I fell in love with Tiny Guardians, a cool tower defense game I got as a gift too, so all of this has made me feel more at ease with all the amazing gifts I get from Steamgifts community, they are amazing people!

Will try to keep up with these games assassination, let’s kill the backlog with fireeee :]


Telltale Batman is actually good? but you also thing the Telltale GoT was great…? hmm e-e

Wasteland 2 is fantastic imo. Hope you enjoy it when you finally get around to it. :)


Glad you like the Batman Telltale! :-D