I’ve been slacking on updates because summer classes started up so I’ll do one big summary and try to piece together the last few weeks in a month when class ends. Basically, I’ve just been playing lots of Stardew Valley in my free time. The multiplayer beta was released and I was OBSESSED. I now have 34/40 achievements although I’ve accomplished slightly more than that and the achievements just didn’t trigger. :| I’ve also been playing one of the many Sudoku games I own with my boyfriend. We’ve done all the DLC levels and are on level 13 out of the normal ones.

After I write this post, I’m going to play My Beastly Lovers which I won on Steamgifts earlier this week. It was a Playing Appreciated giveaway.

So… my laptop’s fried a week or two ago, aka I can’t play any games til I get a new one probably. On the plus side, I have a backup computer for homework. It’s terrible for gaming, but I was able to idle JC2-MP at 6 FPS. I got the ‘play for a month’ achievement finally. :)