• Dishonored 2

    32 hours playtime

    20 of 50 achievements

That was a fun run. Took me longer than the average coz I really wanted to do the stealth and merciful route. Unfortunately, I can’t avoid being detected. I think being undetected is only possible on the New Game+ mode where you retain Runes for use in the new playthrough.

It feels great to be reintroduced to the Dishonored universe. I think those who played the first game and DLCs will enjoy this. Playing as Emily felt strange at first but I got used to it. Afterwards, I did a quick run with Corvo (might continue afterwards) on the Dunwall stage and it felt more familiar, although somehow “heavier”. Maybe I got too used to playing “light-footed” Emily.

I’m a bit disappointed that there’s no more “Hound Pits Pub” type of experience. The time spent on the new base of operations was considerably shorter, and personally not very memorable, compared to the first game. No interesting twists either.

Still, I’m satisfied and glad that I got to play this sooner than I planned after I won it on SG. I might do another round (high chaos and/or Corvo maybe) before going on another game. I might not jump into Death of the Outsider just yet. I wanna savor this before I leave the game behind forever(?).