About two weeks ago I finished Deep Dungeons of Doom

This is one of those games that are simple, but not so easy to beat. And it takes an outrages amount of time to get to 100%.
Just some numbers how rare some items are: in 46 hours I found Mountain Spring water once. Never got the red key card (I got it once I think at hour 3 but did not know that it is rare and died anyway in the dungeon like a noob, yikes. So, I got never access to the Bubbly Potion, and still miss a Secret - but luckily this is does not prevent 100% achievements) I got a Power Berry about 3 times but could only secure it 1 time… and so forth. Then you have to do 666 levels in the endless dungeon, that’s not fun - but doable (using the Witch, a legendary weapon, like Hynx’ staff and the Curing Wand and 5h). Finally, you have to collect 30k gold to buy all the upgrades and secure the last achievos. Whahaha. I would not do it again. But when I was about to give up I finally made some progress and could beat the game, and then I just kept going… stupid, I know. However, the 9th Circle now is one of my rarest achievements.

    Deep Dungeons of Doom

    43 hours playtime, 46 of 46 achievements (100%)

    Overall, this game is a gently introduction to rogue-lites for those who never came across the classics. This is why I say yes. However, I can only mildly recommend it since it is kinda dated, (very!) grindy, and repetitive. If you are alright with that consider it on sale.

I’ve pretty much spent the rest of the time playing Super House of the Dead Ninjas. I doing speed runs and dreaming of getting 100% - but this will probably never happen. Nonetheless, progress is possible and I could at least get 7 Minutes in Hell. I tried to stop playing this but it feels so good.

    Super House of Dead Ninjas

    86 hours playtime, 35 of 46 achievements (76.09%)

    This is how a (hardcore) arcade action-platformer has to be. The rogue-lite elements are a (welcomed) extra here and not the whole thing like in some other (poorer) attempts. The True Ninja DLC does not add much but heck why not (and if you want to do seepd runs you will definitively need it). 9.5/10