Update: I’ve been playing Stardew mainly since my last update. Some of the achievements my friend and I couldn’t get before got patched, so I’ve gotten the Legend achievement (get 10 million total), Full House (had been done but was glitched), Mystery of the Stardrops (get all seven stardrops, was also broken so we couldn’t get the marriage stardrop), and the achievement for completing the Joja route. We finished the Joja stuff in two days real time and by Fall 4th in game time. Now, I’m just working on the Journey of the Prairie King stuff. Five days ago, I won a game called Mighty Gemstones on Steamgifts. Yesterday, I won the DLC and skin pack for it, so I completed all 100 levels. Now, I just need to finish My Beastly Lovers. I played it a little bit on Thursday (Aug. 30), but things got kind of grindy so I couldn’t finish it in time. Once I finish it, I think I’ll post a review of both Mighty Gemstones and MBL.

Managed to finish MBL. I was the first person to 100% it. :)

Played a bit of Snake Classic today. Thankfully, since I didnt close the game, I didn’t have any issues with achievement unlocks. Some people had it break permanently from what I read.

I plan to play a few Christmas games I’ve won on SG today and maybe start Bayonetta.