How is it April already?

March has felt like an extra long month, yet April 1st surprised me. I had several more 100 % games planned for March so I could catch up on my goals. Only managed these 12.

Phrase Shift comes highly recommended. It’s not that deep or complex, but it is very fun and different if you’re a word game addict like me.

Slash It and Slash It 2 are fun typing/reaction games. Very easy. So relaxing and just a little bit addictive! I preferred Slash it 2 for it’s word mode (1 has a shape matching mode which is replaced by the word typing mode in 2, otherwise the games are pretty much the same). The only thing I didn’t like, especially in Slash It, was the visual choices made. The font used was too hard to read which probably was chosen for arbitrarily adding difficulty. Also in that shape matching mode your shape started just on the edge of ‘correct’ and by waiting even a second you lost the match – and you only had that one chance.

Agent Walker was pretty interesting in its setting of WWII, but ultimately I didn’t like it. Not only did it come with an utterly pointless boss fight (seriously, who thinks HOGs need boss fights?) but the story/game structure felt weird. Between the climax of the story and the ending there was a lot of faffing about and at one point I really couldn’t recall what I was working towards. Slightly same problems in Endless Fables.

Magical Silence is quirky and somewhat fun. It’s more like a visual experience than a game. Play it for easy 100%, play it if you like surreal or want to explore pretty pixel art for 15 minutes. I’d like to recommend this but I know most people won’t like it. :)

Evo Explores is a fun, relaxing, tranquil puzzle game about optical illusions. Your task is to guide Evo through escher-esque alien environments trying to piece together some of their history. The story isn’t that involved, but the atmosphere and the puzzles are something every puzzle/casual fan should check out. If you liked Zenge, you’ll like this.

Other than these, I’ve been playing The Way which is gorgeous af. ♥