Closer Than You Think- PA post:

Warning: Spoilers


Well, this is a great start. The game opens windowed, no options menu, and I still cant use f12 to screenshot.


The food looks good though. I probably won’t post much on this VN because I’m updating whilst playing & I already accidentally scrolled through a few lines of dialogue just by moving my trackpad in the wrong way. Thankfully, by doing so, I also found the backlog.

“She just wants to send me to the store again”

What? We just came back from the store with bread.


Woaaah, I just told a guy I loved him, and I (as the reader, not the character) don’t even know his name yet.


The art’s really not bad though. It’s quite cute; I like it.

Nameless boy rejected me, oof.


Hello there, new love interest. I assume you also happen to go to my new school.


I’m curious what these transitions are. I want to say they separate chapters or something, but I may be wrong.

Wait, maybe this new guy named Thomas is my love interest?


Jeez, boy, calm down. I accidentally ran into you.



uh…. what happened

thankfully, it fixed itself at the next line.


I just realized the phone is a pineapple phone.


James is now Cyril. I’m curious if that’s his name in a different language or if they just accidentally put the wrong name.


At least we feel the same way about math (Amelie and I)

Rip, James and Amelie started dating, and he immediately cheats on her with a new girl.

Annnd she moved past it immediately. Props to her, I suppose.


:o It’s Valentine’s Day and he just blatantly told me he wasn’t waiting for me…and Amelie’s his girlfriend.


This picture’s pretty cute.


The game’s not continuing anymore and it’s not going to the credits, but I can’t do anything, so…I guess this is the end of the game? I think I just have to exit out of the game. It won’t even let me save anymore from this scene.