January Update

I’m going to keep this one short as I’m short on time. My nephew is coming over and spending the night so will have a house full of 3 boys under 5. If all goes well I’m taking them to see Monster Truck tomorrow…really depends on my youngest lol.

I managed to complete 13 short games in December so I figured I would tackle at least 1 more time consuming game this month and chose Trails in the Sky FC.

Trails in the Sky
It was time consuming and a little tedious if you want all the achievement…beware it ends on a major cliff hanger. I don’t own the second one so I will have to wait for a good sale to see how the story ends.

Birds Story
This was a nice story but not as good as To the Moon

Among the Heavens
Pretty much a Diner Dash type game.

Games I Started but haven’t Completed…Trails took to much time and I may have been distracted by FF XV Carinval Event lol
Broken Age

If interested in screenshots for Trails checkout my steam profile. Now I have to go mentally prepare for the craziness that a house full of boys brings lol.


I feel your pain ‘cause I used to look over 2 nephews. And you should finish Bastion and Broken Age. They’re just great.

Santa Was Here

Best of luck, Irdra.


a house full of 3 boys under 5

Oh my.

really depends on my youngest lol

For me, replace “youngest” with “son,” and…yeah. :p