10th raport!

100% Orange juice – 100% campaign frustration. Really. This is nice board game, with easy but funny mechanism and friendly community, but playing story mode on difficulty higher than easy is a pain, because AI is boosted and have much better rolls than you. But if you ignore single player mode and will play with friends or strangers is really good. Also game is quite fast, so it’s easy to find time for a play.

  • 100% Orange Juice

    19 hours playtime

    15 of 124 achievements

Kingdom: Classic & Kingdom: New Lands – well, I’m not big fan of tower defense games, but this one wasn’t bad. I enjoyed playing it. But sadly is too repetitive. Every game looks the same for me. Since Kingdom: Classic was free, and most of you probably have it, I don’t recommend buying New Lands. There are no much differences to pay for it.
Btw, achievements in New Lands are probably bugged, because I was getting them without fulfilling condition. It looks like on game load game is no checking “day” condition, so for example there is achievement for having 8 archers at first day. If you will load game when you have those 8 archers at, let’s say, 23 day you will still get this achievement.

  • Kingdom: Classic

    5 hours playtime

    6 of 34 achievements

  • Kingdom: New Lands

    6 hours playtime

    11 of 34 achievements