Well. Hitman 2 is done and dusted. Or at least, I’ve finished the campaign. I am leaving it downloaded though so I can go back through Hitman 1 as well, and then play around some more on each level. Truly some of the best, most do whatever you want, level design out there. If you had one apocalypse game and weren’t going to choose a mainstay like Skyrim or New Vegas, this could easily be that game. The sheer diversity and amount of challenges, above and beyond the basic story campaign, is something a person can keep revisiting over and over and over and over again.

What else?

Wildermyth: Really an excellent example of converting the pen and paper experience to gaming while still clearly being a video game. I really like it. That said, it definitely needs quite a bit of TLC still from the devs. I will revisit this when it leaves early access.

Kingdom Two Crowns: Actually enjoying this one as well. More of a mobile game, but on Steam. You basically create your kingdom one land at a time while fighting off evil and managing your resources. I don’t know if I’ll play this much longer, but the ten hours or so I put into it were fun. Definitely the style of game you can play in as long or short a session as you like. Very casual in that regard.

Strange Brigade is what I am currently playing. Totally fun game. Very much in that L4D2 style of 1-4 players vs the world. Sadly, there are not many people playing at the time, and it can be difficult to find a full group, much less even one player to co-op with. However, it is also a seamless single player experience, so not such a big deal, although co-op is decidedly more fun.