Achivement Name Description Date
Science Nerd Science Nerd Win Peaceful Tech Race 22.05.2018 19:22
I'm getting good I’m getting good Complete 10 missions 22.05.2018 14:07
Now I have a machinegun Now I have a machinegun Unlock the Assaulter class 22.05.2018 14:07
Enough for a Spark Enough for a Spark Get 13 stars 22.05.2018 14:03
Every life matters Every life matters Save your first hostage 22.05.2018 14:00
Persistence is key Persistence is key Get a 3 star result as an “improved result” on a mission 22.05.2018 13:58
They can do it They can do it Get your first Perfect Plan Medal 22.05.2018 13:56
I'm doing it I’m doing it Get your first No Pause Medal 22.05.2018 13:55