Enjoying games one at a time :) Narayan’s profile

  2018 Update (still relevant in 2019)

I've been with BLAEO for over 3 years now, and I seem to be doing better than I used to. I'm more effective at finishing what I started. Especially that I've been working on not fixating over achievements, and not wasting my time on mmos or other compulsion inducing grinders. I still slip up sometimes, and I don't have the best assassination rate yet (although it gradually does get better and better), but hey - it's process. Overall, I've stopped avoiding long games, or anything that would slow down my progress numbers, instead I decided to just have fun with whatever I'm playing at that moment.

  Gaming resolutions 2019

1. I will try to beat all the remaining 21 unplayed games added to my library in 2018.
2. I will then work my way through 84 unplayed added in 2017, as many as I can.

  GGG - General Gaming Guidelines

► new acquisitions (purchases, trades, or gifts) shall be played ASAP, and thus no new backlog shall grow
► preferably one game at a time
► if rotating few games, I should keep it to reasonably low amount that won't make me abandon anything
► avoid mmos, multiplayer, or compulsion inducing games
► don't start early access games until they release, play fully released & complete games in backlog first
► try to avoid too many challenges, or events interfering with my gaming habits
► try to post on BLAEO every time when I'm finished with a game

  Rating System

My smiley system is very subjective and personal. It mainly boils down to whether or not I enjoyed the game myself, whether or not I had fun while playing, and how much entertainment I got out of it. The game being good or bad objectively (as much as it can be determined) doesn't matter here. Only what I felt about it after finishing it (so it's just for fully beaten/completed games, not first impressions).
• games I enjoyed substantially, I had a lot of fun playing them
• even if they had issues, those didn't impact my enjoyment, or not enough to make a dent
• something about them resonated well with me
• I personally liked them (probably quite a lot even)
• and even if it wasn't something widely liked by other people, it did fit my personal tastes really well
• if I had infinite time, I would probably replay them
• games I found to be nice, or nice enough
• either they were good, but they had way too many issues to ignore, which lowered my enjoyment
• or I found them to be lukewarm, but I still consider time spent playing to be pleasant enough
• or they simply might have been mediocre, subpar even, or just m-kay (nothing to write home about) but I don't regret playing them, nor consider time on them wasted
• some of them I might have enjoyed almost as much as but they didn't feel as fun to warrant a full smiley either
• games I did not enjoy
• either really bad, or not that bad (good enough even), but with myriad issues that killed my enjoyment and sucked out most of the fun
• or just a complete clunky technical mess I had no patience for
• even if they seemed nice at first, they might have turned out to be completely misaligned with my expectations or preferences by the time I was finished
• playing those made me frustrated, irritated, angry, utterly bored, or very disappointed

April 2020

Quick note not to forget; fill out properly later:

  • Cyrano Story
  • Octopath Traveler (Switch)

March 2020

  • Black Desert Online (for a whole month)

February 2020

Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition

91 h playtime 40 of 40 achievs PS4 Pro

Death's Gambit

21 h to completion + 7h other builds Xbox Game Pass for PC


10 min playtime all 3 endings


35 min playtime all species identified

January 2020


10 s-shots 1.7 h playtime 25 of 25 achievs


7 s-shots 3.4 h playtime 23 of 23 achievs

September 2019

Stones of Solace

15 s-shots 48 min playtime 6 of 6 achievs learning

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

25.5 h playtime 100% Nintendo Switch

August 2019

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

?? s-shots 12 h playtime 48 of 55 achievs

A Short Hike

3 s-shots 4 h playtime 8 of 8 achievs

July 2019


15 s-shots 1.5 h playtime learning

  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Switch)
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch)

June 2019


2h playtime Epic Store

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

9.4 h playtime Epic Store

Pool Panic

10h+ playtime Nintendo Switch


1.5 h playtime Nintendo Switch

Last Day of June

2.7 h playtime Epic Store

May 2019

SteamWorld Dig

7 s-shots 13.4 h playtime 21 of 24 achievs SG Win

Sky Shepherd

5 s-shots 11 min playtime learning

Burning Daylight

20 s-shots 44 min playtime learning

April 2019

Yoshi's Crafted World

10+ h playtime Nintendo Switch

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

8.1 h playtime 24 of 24 achievs Nintendo Switch

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

32.1 h playtime Nintendo Switch


32 s-shots 5.8 h playtime 16 of 16 achievs

a Museum of Dubious Splendors

5 s-shots 33 min playtime

March 2019

The Bridge

14 s-shots 5.6 h playtime 20 of 20 achievs

Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

42 h playtime Nintendo Switch


6.3 h playtime 14 of 26 achievs Origin