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  2018 Update (still relevant in 2019)

I've been with BLAEO for over 3 years now, and I seem to be doing better than I used to. I'm more effective at finishing what I started. Especially that I've been working on not fixating over achievements, and not wasting my time on mmos or other compulsion inducing grinders. I still slip up sometimes, and I don't have the best assassination rate yet (although it gradually does get better and better), but hey - it's process. Overall, I've stopped avoiding long games, or anything that would slow down my progress numbers, instead I decided to just have fun with whatever I'm playing at that moment.

  Gaming resolutions 2019

1. I will try to beat all the remaining 21 unplayed games added to my library in 2018.
2. I will then work my way through 84 unplayed added in 2017, as many as I can.

  GGG - General Gaming Guidelines

► new acquisitions (purchases, trades, or gifts) shall be played ASAP, and thus no new backlog shall grow
► preferably one game at a time
► if rotating few games, I should keep it to reasonably low amount that won't make me abandon anything
► avoid mmos, multiplayer, or compulsion inducing games
► don't start early access games until they release, play fully released & complete games in backlog first
► try to avoid too many challenges, or events interfering with my gaming habits
► try to post on BLAEO every time when I'm finished with a game

  Rating System

My smiley system is very subjective and personal. It mainly boils down to whether or not I enjoyed the game myself, whether or not I had fun while playing, and how much entertainment I got out of it. The game being good or bad objectively (as much as it can be determined) doesn't matter here. Only what I felt about it after finishing it (so it's just for fully beaten/completed games, not first impressions).
• games I enjoyed substantially, I had a lot of fun playing them
• even if they had issues, those didn't impact my enjoyment, or not enough to make a dent
• something about them resonated well with me
• I personally liked them (probably quite a lot even)
• and even if it wasn't something widely liked by other people, it did fit my personal tastes really well
• if I had infinite time, I would probably replay them
• games I found to be nice, or nice enough
• either they were good, but they had way too many issues to ignore, which lowered my enjoyment
• or I found them to be lukewarm, but I still consider time spent playing to be pleasant enough
• or they simply might have been mediocre, subpar even, or just m-kay (nothing to write home about) but I don't regret playing them, nor consider time on them wasted
• some of them I might have enjoyed almost as much as but they didn't feel as fun to warrant a full smiley either
• games I did not enjoy
• either really bad, or not that bad (good enough even), but with myriad issues that killed my enjoyment and sucked out most of the fun
• or just a complete clunky technical mess I had no patience for
• even if they seemed nice at first, they might have turned out to be completely misaligned with my expectations or preferences by the time I was finished
• playing those made me frustrated, irritated, angry, utterly bored, or very disappointed

September 2019

Stones of Solace

15 s-shots 48 min playtime 6 of 6 achievs learning

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

25.5 h playtime 100% Nintendo Switch

August 2019

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

?? s-shots 12 h playtime 48 of 55 achievs

A Short Hike

3 s-shots 4 h playtime 8 of 8 achievs

July 2019


15 s-shots 1.5 h playtime learning

  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Switch)
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch)

June 2019


2h playtime Epic Store

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

9.4 h playtime Epic Store

Pool Panic

10h+ playtime Nintendo Switch


1.5 h playtime Nintendo Switch

Last Day of June

2.7 h playtime Epic Store

May 2019

SteamWorld Dig

7 s-shots 13.4 h playtime 21 of 24 achievs SG Win

Sky Shepherd

5 s-shots 11 min playtime learning

Burning Daylight

20 s-shots 44 min playtime learning

April 2019

Yoshi's Crafted World

10+ h playtime Nintendo Switch

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

8.1 h playtime 24 of 24 achievs Nintendo Switch

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

32.1 h playtime Nintendo Switch


32 s-shots 5.8 h playtime 16 of 16 achievs

a Museum of Dubious Splendors

5 s-shots 33 min playtime

March 2019

The Bridge

14 s-shots 5.6 h playtime 20 of 20 achievs

Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

42 h playtime Nintendo Switch


6.3 h playtime 14 of 26 achievs Origin

February 2019


50 s-shots 6.1 h playtime 17 of 17 achievs Gift


40 s-shots 99.7 h playtime 26 of 41 achievs Gift

Euclidean Skies

12 s-shots 6 h playtime 53 of 53 achievs learning


8 s-shots 2.7 h playtime 11 of 11 achievs

Stick It To The Man!

20 s-shots 5.8 h playtime 16 of 16 achievs

The Silent Age

17 s-shots 3.4 h playtime 24 of 24 achievs


17 s-shots 7 h playtime 8 of 8 achievs


20 s-shots 3.2 h playtime 22 of 22 achievs Gift

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

44 s-shots 18.6 h playtime 27 of 27 achievs

Cosmic Express

8 s-shots 10.8 h playtime 12 of 12 achievs

The Stillness of the Wind

10 s-shots 3.7 h playtime

January 2019


7 s-shots 46 min playtime 4 of 5 achievs learning


38 s-shots 22.5 h playtime 10 of 11 achievs


28 s-shots 17.8 h playtime 37 of 37 achievs

Seers Isle

50 s-shots 13.1 h playtime 40 of 40 achievs Gift


8 s-shots 2.2 h playtime 20 of 20 achievs

What Remains of Edith Finch

2 h playtime Epic Store

Onimusha: Warlords

27 s-shots 13 h playtime 48 of 55 achievs Gift


1 s-shot 8.4 h playtime 11 of 12 achievs


14 s-shots 6.4 h playtime 11 of 11 achievs

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

18 s-shots 15 h playtime 23 of 25 achievs

2018 in Retrospect & Resolutions for 2019

Some of you may already know, that I deleted my SG account back in October. It was 3 years 8 months old and level 9 at the time of deletion, with over 5k comments & 18k items filtered out. Do I regret it? No. Actually I haven’t thought about it in a long while (until now that is, since I had it in my notes for New Year’s post). Right after deletion, a compulsion to check it constantly still lingered, but it passed quicker than I expected, and I just moved on with my life. Why am I mentioning it? Well because it definitely affects my gaming strategy, as whole 2017 was centered around playing SG wins almost exclusively, and 2018 was also heavily focused on SG wins. And I indeed made substantial progress. While I still have the BLAEO SG Wins list (but hidden) to sooner or later fully do it justice, I’ve stopped dividing my games into wins and non wins, and mentally consolidated my library into just “my games”, all of them. Actually, it’s one of the resolutions that I had for 2018 that influenced my approach to gaming at most, and will be something I’ll use as a basis to my strategy from now on. Let’s review them:

  Gaming resolutions 2018

1. I will try to play 2018 wins asap - either right after winning, or right after whatever I’m playing at that time.
2. I will then work my way through my past wins, trying to make up for the difference played/won from 2017.
3. I will allow myself to play non-wins/ non-gifts in the ratio of 2 per 1 - I need to finish 2 wins, in order to start something of my own, so that my wins backlog always goes down from this point forward :)

@1. Succeeded. I’ve played all my 2018 wins, 20 of them. I’ve beaten+completed 17 of them, the remaining 3 were played extensively, but one is still in early access and even though it was supposed to release in 2018, it didn’t (I’ve exhausted all the e/a content, intend to beat the game once it’s released as I liked it), another one turned out to be a bit too hard for me and I hit a brick wall (but as I also liked it, I’ll try to get back to it again and get better at some point), and the last one I just dropped after 31 hours (I wasn’t having any fun with it). Overall most of them turned out to be engaging and fun to play.

The most vital part of that resolution turned out to be “to play stuff asap”, and quite early on I decided to loosely broaden it to games I acquire myself (but without strict obligation to do so). Playing games as soon as I obtained them turned out to be great. I was hyped about something, and I could immediately jump in and enjoy it. This contrasted with playing games I got 3-4-5 years ago made it even more clear, that prioritizing older games would be way less fun. While I might have wanted to play something 3-4-5 years ago, it often turned out that either I wasn’t hyped about it anymore after such a long time, or the game didn’t stand the test of time, or I managed to play similar but better games in between and it wasn’t as good in comparison (might have been great if I played it when I got it), or my tastes simply changed, my interests shifted and I didn’t care about it as much.

So “playing games asap” will be incorporated into my general gaming rules from now on (instead of just copy-pasting it into each year’s resolutions). The moment I obtain something new, be it my own purchase, a trade, or a gift, it shall be played. This will curb my purchases, because if I won’t have time to play something asap, I won’t buy it. SG wins won’t be an issue anymore, as I’m not a member anymore. This will also apply to other platforms, not only Steam. And thus no new backlog shall grow, and I hopefully will enjoy games much more that way. :)

@2. Succeeded. I’ve beaten+completed 78 games in 2018. 75 on that list + 3 “Steam is learning about this game” that BLAEO wasn’t able to sync. 41 were SG wins minus all 20 of the 2018 ones (that I’ve played), makes it 21 surplus. The negative difference between 2017 won and 2017 finished was 21. So I barely made it, but still :) I thought I would beat more, but in December some serious real life stuff happened (that I don’t really want to talk about) and gaming was the last thing on my mind. I even thought I would fail this one, so I was quite surprised after I calculated the numbers properly for this post.

@3 I guess this one is a fail (although not by much), because with 41+6 wins+gifts beaten the proportions just don’t match, but after October, I just started playing whatever regardless win or not. I guess if I calculated the ratio till October = till I was still SG memeber, it would check out (real close though), but I’m not very concerned by this one anymore, so it’s fine :)

My 2019 resolutions are much simpler I guess, considering “play new games asap” becomes my permanent rule:

  New gaming resolutions for 2019

1. I will try to beat all the remaining unplayed games from 2018
2. I will then work my way through the unplayed from 2017, as many as I can.

I could add a BLAEO specific mini-resolution, to write explanation on my profile as to what my super complicated ;) scoring system of smiley faces mean, but I expect to be done with it in few days tops, maybe even today if I feel like it, so I’m not adding it to the box above (which also goes into my profile description). Around April I think, I stopped writing lengthy posts containing my impression of games. In fact I stopped writing anything really. I managed to post several Steam reviews at the beginning of the year, but once I’ve stopped writing about games, I just stopped writing everywhere.

I still do post diligently every month here, but only colorful strips of data on the games I’ve beaten/completed (so only about finished and closed cases), with links to store page, screenshots & achievements, and info of how long it took me to finish a playthrough. And because there is no text in them, I don’t include them in global activity feed (but if you check my profile, you’ll find my recent gaming history in this “strip” format). Not to mention, I usually create a post at the beginning of a month, then as the time passes I just edit it and add new completion data, every time I beat a game. While it’s posted at the beginning of the month, it doesn’t contain full info till the end of the month, so posting it globally that way wouldn’t make much sense either. So unless I find my muse again, you’ll hear from me in a year’s time, when I’ll be writing a 2019 summary ;) Or if you talk to me on steam or in comments of course, I do reply to those :)

Happy New Year everyone! :D

PS. If you’d like to check out my top 10 recommended of the games I played in 2018, go to my post in the January theme. But if I could recommend more, there would be a whole page long list, cause honestly I had fun with most of the games I finished in 2018.