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Update #4

I got quite a bit done since last time!

First I replayed through Rayman Origins. Not part of the Steam backlog, but I’ll still count it since it’s still PC. I played it back on Wii when it first came out and it’s just as good as I remember. Ending stages are a little frustrating, but the game’s super forgiving.

I played about half of Poi. It’s a little plain and definitely doesn’t scratch my N64 3d platformer itch I’ve got. It just doesn’t have the same feeling or charm, but between that and replaying Mario 64 or something, I should be able to tide myself over until Yooka Laylee.

Lastly, I recently was gifted the third one from a friend for my birthday, so I finally got around to playing and completing Dark Souls for the first time. I gotta say though, I just don’t get it. I probably only died 10-15 times and most of those were dumb things like forgetting to equip the ring you need before falling to fight the Four Kings or getting hit by Silver Knight’s great arrows on a narrow walkway as opposed to dying from combat. I dunno. I just didn’t enjoy myself. And, holy hell, some places are just entirely too dark even after popping up the brightness. If I have to strain my eyes to the point of migraine just to be able to see what’s less than 5 feet in front of me, there’s a problem. Also didn’t much care for how progression is handled entirely in a “wander around until you figure it out” type of way. I mean, of course I don’t want you to hold my hand, but some things are completely ridiculous. The worst offenders of this are definitely the invisible paths in Crystal Caves and the aforementioned Four Kings fight. Because of all this, I probably won’t really be bothering with the sequels unless they’re pretty different.

Update #3

Short update since this week was busy: Began and finished Steamworld Dig. Not much to say, but it’s just as fun as it was on 3ds. Nothing too spectacular though since it was just a mining platformer.

Steamworld Heist is amazing though! The switch to a space-pirate strategy game works so much better as something unique and fun, I feel. Loving all the stuff you can do with aiming shots too! I’m not too far yet, just having finished the first set of levels, but I’m looking forward to playing it more in the upcoming week.

Next update I’m looking to finish Steamworld Heist and begin either Hyperlight Drifter, or Ori and the Blind Forest.

Weekly update #2

Within the past week, I’ve both began and finished Kero Blaster and Stardew Valley!

Kero Blaster was pretty simple fun. The game basically looks, plays, and sounds about the same as Cave Story, so it was pretty easy for me to get into. It’s suuuuper short though, with me beginning and finishing it within an afternoon, so I’d only recommend getting it if you find a good deal. There’s an alternate campaign after you beat it that I haven’t played through yet though, so I’ll come back to it pretty soon.

Stardew Valley took up a lot more of my time this week. I’ve never really played through a Harvest Moon game before, so everything was pretty new to me, and I don’t really know how I felt about it.

At first, I was a little frustrated since I was spending up until 12-2:00 p.m. just taking care of crops everyday, so I felt like I was missing out on everything else in the game since between the time it took to finish farm things, how slow my character moves, and the fact that you HAVE to get back home before 2:00 am, I didn’t feel like I actually had the time to do other things.

However, once I managed to set up deluxe sprinklers around the farm, I pretty much took care of everything else I would be interested in doing in the game within a month and got hella rich. I dunno, maybe the game just wasn’t for me since I felt the goal of farming was to spend the least amount of time farming for the most money. At the same time though, I feel like I enjoyed it most while I was still balancing activites.

If anybody reads this and has played a good amount of Harvest Moon, I’d be very curious what their thoughts are on it. How is Harvest Moon the same or different? Which do people prefer? Please let me know.

I still haven’t organized my library, although I’ve set a plan for categories. I’m intending to work on this on and off throughout the next few weeks during downtime waiting for classes.

Next Bubble Plant weekly update: Azure Striker Gunvolt + either Steamworld Dig&Heist, or Hyperlight Drifter. For next week, I also wish to figure out formatting for these updates.

Began and fully completed Finding Teddy yesterday, buuuuut I also bought Kero Blaster and Stardew Valley from the Humble sale. I’m trying to finish AM2R today, but I’ll also be getting to one of these two as well (not quite sure which one yet though).

I’m also looking to organize my library sometime today since I’ve hit the 350 games mark and it’s gotten a little rough to find and decide on a game to play.

639 games (+65 not categorized yet)
72% never played
5% unfinished
7% beaten
2% completed
14% won't play