A.M.R.’s profile

Just another achievement hunter, most of my “never played” are games given free (on Steam, HB, or Indiegala when it used to giveaway Steam keys.. few other sources too)
I also hunt on Uplay (A.M.R.) and Origin (N7_A_M_R_Egypt)

As for SteamGifts:
I mostly enter GAs from my Steam Wishlist
5 years old account there but in reality I only have been really active since end of 2018
I know it looks like a leecher account but it really has been tough for me .. hopefully I will be able to give a little back in the upcoming months.

January Report

Thank you all for the warm welcome and the kind words, here is my first report
I copied Mouse format (hope you don’t mind), I think this is a good start for the new year:

Completed SG wins

Completed Backlog

Note: For games that had some progress before this month, time and achievements in ( ) are what was done during the month

All the above fitted PAGYWOSG event for the month

Completed on Origin

Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status
Sea Of Solitude 22 of 22 8 hrs Completed
SUPERHOT (17) 26 of 26 (17) 20 hrs Completed
Mini Metro (2) 49 of 49 (4) 40 hrs Completed

Additional statistics

Total number of completed SG wins in January: 2
Total number of completed/beaten games in January: 11/1 (Origin 3 completed)
Total number of games won on SG in January: 0
Total number of acquired games in January: 6
Percentage of completed SG wins: 86%
Percentage of completed games: 36%

Hello Everyone

A new comer here, still trying to figure some stuff out (those table formats / games on other platforms / what is up with the “Recently played” here ..some games I haven’t touched in ages showing up as played this month I don’t even have them installed.. others I have far more time during this month than it shows)

A moment of truth: I haven’t joined the site because my backlog bugging me (not yet anyway?!).. I joined because I felt the same circle of ppl on SG that ..you know.. actually play games (PA, PM, PAGYWOSG ..etc) are here and maybe a little ego after all I’m doing nothing else in life but gaming..
Non the less I do appreciate the organizing capabilities that the site offers

I wrote a very small info on my profile here just in case

Anyway thank you for stopping by and we will see how it goes