The Achievement Hunter Adelion’s profile

Well, not much to say. I am an achievement hunter which probably explains the relative high amount of completed games and I try to only add games to my Steam library I surely want to play. The only exceptions are game which came in a package with others (which is a bit annoying).

As I’m always in search for help with some multiplayer achievements I will just post some games I plan on doing. So if by chance you found your way here and need help for the same achievements then just contact me on Steamgifts or and old update here:

  • No more room in hell: The one I’m looking at is the HAZMAT achievement. Kill 500 zombies with at least three people from my friendlist. So I need …. at least … three people. Also I will only play without unlimited ammo because it is boring as xxxx. If this works well maybe we can give the last two missing speedrunning achievements a try. Most likely no “We got this” achievements since I don’t have the patience for that at the moment.
  • Resident Evil 5: Just the easier multiplayer achievements with the points and combos. Not the win 30 rounds one. That would take forever. I have wasted a lot of time already on RE6 …. Sidenote: You need the Untold Stories DLC in order to be able to play the versus mode.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice backlog hunt ^^

Thank you section for the kind people who helped me (and a part of at least Steamgifts) with some annoying multiplayer achievements:

  • Crystal: Left4Dead 1
  • EvilBlackSheep: Magicka
  • revilheart: Left4Dead 2
  • Zlia: Left4Dead 2
  • MrsAlwaysRight: Mini-Ghost

List for games I currently can’t complete due to broken achievements as a reminder to check back on them later:

  • Poncho: Unlikely as the developer outright denied the achievement being unobtainable but dropped the game and never gave any proof
  • Chronicles of Teddy: New Game+ achievements became broken after update, developer reacted on Twitter but said only if he has time, possible but unlikely
  • Devil’s Dare: One achievement for playing without upgrades broken despite registering in the in-game list, also achievements only trigger on Steam on exiting game, “update” for game exists on Wii, developers said there is a chance to bring the update to PC and maybe it will fix achievements along the way

The rumours are true

You may have heard it already. Maybe you haven’t. But it has happened. The curse is broken. Also, as side note, here we have what I have done the last month (which is not that much due to playing time-eating games -_-)

  • Cave Story+

    44 hours playtime

    70 of 76 achievements

  • 100% Orange Juice

    252 hours playtime

    140 of 187 achievements

  • Borderlands GOTY Enhanced

    52 hours playtime

    80 of 80 achievements

Cave Story+: The well-informed may have guessed it already. This is the game the intro is referencing. I also saw it just by accident. But apparently after, like eight years, someone managed to bug the developer in a way that the broken achievement is finally fixed ….. which is cool ….. and also confronts me with a problem. Because now I haven’t completed the game because I suck at it and not because it is impossible to complete it anyway :P The important takeaway here is: If a game has broken achievements just keep nagging the developers.
The interesting thing here is that I don’t remember the game updating (maybe I just forget). As far as I understand there is a server side (the receiver) to achievements which apparently can be changed independently from the game. It seems the emitter for the achievement has been in the code all the time but it just went nowhere. So with this fixed, the achievement for the best ending can be obtained legally. Also, to pour salt in the achievement cheater, the old achievement has been deleted apparently as “the curse broken” stands at 0 %. So with the achievement done I was at 68 achievements which is a stupid number. So I went back to Hell …. and managed to get a sub 6 minutes time. But yea, as I didnt suffer enough I decided to top this and get a better time. And after like um 4 hours I got a sub 5 minutes time. I maaaaayy be able to get below 4 minutes but that is not worth the pain, especially as there are still S rank achievements left which are just sick (coming from someone spending hours on single achievements). Checking the stats I should be able to complete Hard Mode in theory. Not sure if I want to spend the time for that one. But yea, three more achievements.

100 % Orange Juice: Another achievement bane as they just keep adding new DLC’s. On the bright side I have now (again) obtained every achievement which can be gained with my DLCs. Also I have completed (for now) the free co-op mode which I like a lot more than the versus game. I just can enjoy playing with other people and working towards a common goal more than beating the shit out of each other. For now, I have to wait for more DLCs to reach the 50 % sale treshold to get more achievements. At least I reached 75 %.

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: A lot of the achievements can be gained by importing old characters from normal Borderlands (a feature I discovered after 30 hours in-game ….). Nonetheless, as I read that you have to complete the game once anyway for the ending achievement I decided to start anew as it is more interesting. And actually I wanted to get everything done with a new character. I managed fairly well, had beaten the main game with all achievements as well as two of the four DLC’s. Got lucky and did co-op achievements with a Steam friend (and also by joining for 5 seconds an open two-player game, sorry). Only thing missing was killing Crawmerax to complete the Secret Armoury and …. Mad Moxxis Arena. So I did the three shorter challenges. I did the first of three larger challenges and I got to round 16 in the second challenge. And then, by stupidity, I crashed the game. So after 45 hours I gave up, important my all powerful level 69 Siren, got directly the missing achievements with the exception of killing Crawmerax. Since I was an all powerful Siren I just went there and killed him. So yea, Im mad that I have some achievements unlocked at the same time and also getting the all missions completed before killing Crawmerax. But with this I have completed this free addition to my library.

So yea, that’s it for now. Hm, all I talked about this time are achievements but the games are well-known so there is no point in talking about gameplay. Back to my most difficult game: What to play next (besides wasting more time in Vermintide ….). Hm, maybe I will finally start Sunless Sea. But I think I do some vacations in two weeks so I dont really wanna start a new game before ….. I think.

Dear Foolish Adventurer

Be thee a wise man, or a fool? Well, I am an achievement hunter so I am clearly a fool. For personal reference and opinion, achievement hunting means to me to complete the games you would have bought any way. Buying games just because they have many and/or easy achievements has nothing to do with achievement hunting as it destroys the purpose of the hunt being a supplement the game and elevating it to the main point hence robbing it of what it meant to be to begin with - a game. And I really wish those 5000 achievement games would be deleted retroactively or reduced to 100 achievements to send out a clear message. Also, that you could report games with broken achievements and they would be taken off from the game without waiting for developer interference. Or better, a game having broken/unobtainable achievements can not be sold on store anymore or only at reduced price to force developer hand.
Well, back to my foolishness. The last four months have been in the sign of unfinished buisness (achievement-wise). I followed the trails of the frogs, I challenged the mirrored rhythmics, I survived the nightmare of the zombie-apocalypse, I cleared the Streets of Red, I faced the horror of the Teleglitch and lasty I finally returned to the ruins of La-Mulana and completed them.

  • La-Mulana

    112 hours playtime

    64 of 64 achievements

  • Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2

    6 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • NAIRI: Tower of Shirin

    6 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • Heroes of Hammerwatch

    368 hours playtime

    92 of 92 achievements

La-Mulana: If you say you like Metroidvanias but you have never player La-Mulana you have done something wrong. If you have played the game and thought it is not good but unfair you are slightly correct on the unfair part but you haven’t understood either the game or metroidvania and you are making excuses. If you have played La-Mulana and used a guide less than two hours in, you have again made a stupid mistake because you don’t use guides on puzzle games this fast.
La-Mulana is an archeological platformer, exploration games which hinders your progress on three levels: Skill, Items/Abilities/Knowledge. Each is needed to reach the goal and yea, it is unlikely that you will reach it without using any guide at all, especially for endgame. You fight monsters in the ruins, you look at murals, read hints and solve puzzles to find and fight the guardians of the ruins. The whole map design is probably the best I have ever seen in any game. Although you can’t appreciate it if you havent spent some major time with the game. Personally, I managed to get 60-70% of the game done before I had to succumb myself. I did then finish the main story and unlocked hell temple just to stop playing at 80 % achievement progress. Five years fast forward, I finally picked of where I left of, confirming myself why the bonus section hell temple deserves its name because it is probably the most unfair area in the whole game (and while you can finish this section in less than 20 minutes it took me more than 4 hours to get through myself and that with videoguide). The initial plan was to get some of the “easier” achievements left. I thought there are some which are just to troublesome like getting all dialogues for Xelpud or Mulbruk but magically enough after Hell Temple I got the last missing dialogue for Xelpud. So I checked what else was left to do. Getting all characters in the ending! Which means a speedrun below 10 hours, killing all guardians on Hard (again), finding everything, and doing Hell Temple (again). So I checked a speedrun guide (of someone doing the game in less than 3 hours, sick people) and tried to stay as close as possible and still took nearly 5 hours in-game time (and probably 10 - 15 hours real time). Finding all scannable objects which means replaying the game or reloading older saves and just replaying parts because some objects vanish during the game. Lastly left? Getting all of Mulbruks dialogues and playing Hell Temple (again) but without the fairy vest (and since you cant just unequip them and all my saves were either hard mode or after finding the items it meant replaying the game, again). The fairy vest thingy was straight forward, Mulbruk on the other hand has over 50 dialogues and yes, they do change during the game meaning if you miss one, you cant get it anymore ….. so I had to check the underlying point system, get to Mulbruk as fast as possible with the fewest amount of items possible, rechecking her after beating a boss, solving a puzzle, finding new areas, finding new items everytime to check for new dialogues to find the missing ones. Sounds annoying? It is. Luckily, I already did the red (hard) achiements years back already like deeating all guardians just with primary weapons.
La-Mulana is a fantastic game but as achievement hunter you might have some bad times here and there. But I finally, completed the ruins. The cool thing about it? I can buy somewhere La-Mulana 2 in the future without having to worry over the first part. Also, the second part seems to have far less annoying achievement. And this time I will come prepared with pen&paper to note everything down. Because you can solve La-Mulana and everytime checking a guide I was angry because i could have solved it myself.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2: I’ll keep this short. You play as Vinny Cannoli a Private Detective who survivd the zombie nazi outbreak in Thug Town (First game) by questionable methods. Gameplay-wise this is a run&gun platformer shooting lots of mafia, police, nazis and zombies. Overall not to hard and a nice filler for inbetween. A rare occurence where I played a main character which is less heroice and more opportunistic and self-centered. Overall an enjoyable game with rather easy achievements.

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin: Won this on Steamgifts and enjoyed it for the most part. It is a Point&Click Adventure game with beautiful scenaries and graphics (probably handdrawn). You have to search for items and solve puzzles, talk to people and progress through the story. For most part this is not to hard. Only exceptions to this are the temple sections. The first one is confusing but manageable. However, the final temple is really tricky and sadly there was one puzzle I couldnt solve myself as it is to obscure in my opinion. The story presented was interesting but only so far because the game just stops in the middle. So considers this game like “Season 1” ….
Achievement-wise you are also on a rather easy ride as even the annoying ones like collect 40 gold coins are fair as there are more than 40 gold coins. Some achievements are missable though. Another (maybe) annoying thing is that the game is still “learning” so no completed game on the Steam counter and also no entry on my BLAEO account.

Heroes of Hammerwatch: Well, not much to say here. If you want to know more look on my old post about it. So why is this here again although I already completed the main game and the pyramid DLC? Because they added the Witchhunter DLC and I needed to complete it again. The fun part? August brings another character DLC (and probably more achivements). Sometimes, I feel trapped in some games because they keep adding new achievements (looking at HoH and 100 % OJ menacingly).

So, this was it game-wise. Are you a wise man or a fool? Ah, regarding achievements. I am replaying the enhanced Borderlands GOTY. I have done the main game and two DLC’s so far so Im not searching for a permanent partner. But there are several multiplayer achievements which I would like to do on a new char and some slight speedrunning. They should be done in about two hours I think. Anyone interested?

The rest will be random emo talk.

Those interested may have seen my thread in the forum. If you remember my last BLAEO post, I tried my luck with the “Deutsche Sportabzeichen”. And the good news is that I was succesful, getting it done on Silver Level which is a nice challening basis to retry it again next year. And everything was fine and I felt good and then …. I got notice that a working colleague got pregnant. And for some reasons this is really damping my mood. I was checking out if it is because I like her. And while I find her sympathic, we dont have that much contact and I knew she was married anyway which is reason enough for me to stay away. Still the feeling remains and after thinking more about it, I think it is less about who she is but about what she is - about as old as I am. So she is married, is getting a child and it reminds me that those are things I’m far away from. I am, most likely, jealous. Which is an annoying feeling. Extra annoying because I “know” the solution to the problem: Finding a partner, having a happy life and maybe marrying myself. But I always come up with thoughts that it seems impossible for me ….. so I stay trapped with these feelings which are unfair towards her. Because she has done everything right. Feelings are annoying. Just two months ago, everything was fine and some weeks later it feels messed up.

Busy Month

Well, this has been a busy month so far or more a busy week. I applied for a Beta Test in a game and also got taken. Problem was that the Beta started a lot earlier than I assumed meaning the beginning of this week. Luckily I had to download the 40 Gb to actually play it TWICE because I stopped the download as I was on work and before I restarted it, they made some small patch which lead to Steam downloading everything again. I tried some recovery methods for the already downloaded data but was not succesful. So yea, this meant I had two evenings to complete my single player games. Let’s look on the games:

  • Borderlands 2

    174 hours playtime

    75 of 75 achievements

  • Contrast

    3 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

  • The Greater Good

    12 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

  • Streets of Red : Devil's Dare Deluxe

    7 hours playtime

    36 of 36 achievements

Borderlands 2: Unless you are sleeping a lot and don’t read any game related news, most of you should know that Borderlands 2 got a free DLC last sunday. And as they introduced new achievements I took my time and installed the 10 Gb again (together with the Beta I really fear to run into my 100 Gb limit this month ….) and completed the DLC. More or less I think it is okay and fair enough. However, if you havent played Tales from the Borderlands you may have trouble following along. While they avoid nearly all characters from Tales they don’t take their time to explain what happened although different stuff is important for the game: Scooter’s Death is only mentioned in a side quest, Helios is down on earth but nowhere is explained why, Vaughn just appears but there is no introduction whatsoever other than him being a Bandit leader although he is not the type for it and more . This was poorly handled. Also the DLC ends on half note and like another user has said: either there is coming a second DLC or this has to be handled as introduction of Borderlands 3. Achievements are mostly fair with one being missable and another stupid grindy one based on drop chance which took me most game time I think. Playing Borderlands 2 was nice again for some hours. But it didnt help me with the decision if I shall buy the Handsome Collection to play the Pre-Sequel or if I should replay the remastered Borderlands 1. Because completing them would probably take up 80 hours and more.

Contrast: Back then at the very beginning of Greenlight there have been three platformers which got a bit attention. The first one (and the hardest of the three) was Giana Sisters which catered for Hardcore gamers with some heavy rock music tracks and a world shifting gimmick. The second one ( my opinion one of the better platformers I played due to great level design) was Fly’n which looks cute but gets hard really fast and overstays it welcome at certain points. The last one was Contrast and I finally traded for it this week. And now that I have played it, I have to say: It isn’t much of a platformer. So either I have the Greenlight Page wrong in my memory or there has been some design shift. Contrast is neither a real platformer nor is it much of a puzzle game. It mainly lives from a semi-interesting story and most from its ambiente. Also it was interesting how they tied the shadow mechanic to the actual story which is kinda unusual. Overall it is a very easy game which can be completed in 3-4 hours.

The Greater Good: Found this in my humble keys and it looked interesting enough to activate it. Overall a good game with an interesting enough story and likeable characters. Though, I never understood the complete opposition of the main bad versus magic. The animations (like in the trailer) seem kinda odd and stiff at time but the aesthetic style and colour palette can create some really beautiful scenery. The game has light humour elements which is also good. I think main point for most people is the battle system which is ATB (with time frozen if one character is at its turn). For some this may seem to slow, others may like it. I have to say, the battles are actually balanced very well. For most fights in the game I had to keep a certain strategy, pay attention to my defense and even use items. End game (with optional bonus bosses) also demands some strategy from you although it gives you the possibility to overpower enemies by leveling up. All in all an interesting and good game which you should give a chance to due to fairly well balanced battles, nice music and really beautiful sceneries. Achievements can be obtained fairly well and none are missable as you can return everywhere late game. Always a plus. Sadly, I cant add it on my BLAEO profile as it has limited profile status since release October last year. For this reason, I built the icon for this post myself.

Streets of Red: The re-release of the updated Devil’s Dare. A beat-them-up sidescroller for up to four players. Colour palette maybe a problem for some. Also the game is rather slow most time. And if you played the original as much as I did, it is a bit easy. The game has a lot of interesting references in levels and bosses and playable characters but the game wants you to multikill enemy groups which leads to the mentioned slowliness. In comparison to the original you don’t pick up with the attack button anymore, and food doesnt disappear anymore. Both are a plus and make the game easier. Achievements are exactly the same (although the new version has secret bosses which kinda got ignored) with some slight changes like only needing four pendants instead of ten. All in all it can be completed a lot faster or it can be completed at all since the original STILL has a broken achievement (and I am STILL sour about it). Got it for free for owning the original. Wouldnt have played it otherwise probably -_- I really wish they would just remove the broken achievement.

I’m glad I got through the smaller games so fast (and I really enjoyed The Greater Good) and also completed Borderlands 2 rather fast. Also with the Beta ending next week already I will have time to return to Heroes of Hammerwatch as they added new achievements today for the coming patch and also spent some more time for the co-op achievements in Orange Juice (already got a lot achievements in the last month from co-op mode and from DLC I already had). Other than that I have to make up my mind about the Handsome Collection (til tomorrow), Borderlands 1 Remaster or what I want to play next after the big games are out of the way again. I may activate and complete Squidlit or maybe I find something nice to trade for, still have unused keys (on positive note I reduced the Shadow Backlog by 2 games with the Greater Good and trading Tower 57 for Contrast). I will also check again my never played, unfinished and beaten categories if I change something there (like Resident Evil Zero -_-).

Not game related but another reason for the busy month is me training for the “Deutsche Sportabzeichen”. Due to talking to much and loud (and also since I wanted to slim down a bit) I had to take part in the company run beginning this month (only 4.5 - 5 km but for someone not used to this, it is exhausting). And since I didnt want to lose completely, I spend 6 weeks training for it. And since I am traininy anyway, I decided to try the Sportabzeichen three weeks later. There are four categories with different disciplines (you only have to do one each) and I am confident to get Bronze in at least three of them. So next Monday I will due Endurance and Sprint in Swimming and 10 days later I will do the other two categories. And hopefully I will be succesful. I am still unsure about the coordination category >.<

On a roll ….

another Steamgift wins finally completed years later. Also a game about … um … drugs I assume:

  • Deadlight

    17 hours playtime

    31 of 31 achievements

  • Small Radios Big Televisions

    2 hours playtime

    9 of 9 achievements

Deadlight: Deadlight is the story of a hobo on search for his family which can for strange reasons only move left or right during a zombie/shadow apocalypse with some light puzzle elements. On your way through the sewer and the suburbs of seattle you find a lot of dead people and possibilities to die and you even see living people although the majority tries to kill you too. There is not much more to say about the gameplay. It is solid and controls work for the most part. As it is typical for the genre though, there are a lot of cheap death situations if you don’t exactly know what to do (meaning first time …. and second time …. and third time you face certain death). However, there are a lot of checkpoints which are fairly placed.
Like said, it was another game (even Steamgifts win) which was beaten long ago (August 2014) but still had one achievement left (another fun no dying achievement). As I have issues deleting games which are not completed I was eager to one day do the final achievement. And the day has finally come. It is not pure no death. The game is separated in three acts and at death you just have to restart the act. Still, act II is about 50 minutes long and as such the most difficult part in the game. Also has the most annoying situations (like a helicopter chase). I first replayed the whole game to get an impression for the difficulty. Then I started going for the achievement. First act was beaten in second try. The second act though took several days (computer was shut-off inbetween so I had to replay act I again). But I have to admit after a while (and the help with a little video) I found more or less reliable ways to beat most situations. And as I finally reached act III it was just a matter of patience (still died 10 times or more, luckily act III is only 15 minutes and so I was back at point in less than 10 minutes). So yea, DONE. And deleted :P
With this I have completed most of my SG wins. The ones remaining are either due to broken, unobtainable achievements, general issues with achievements or because they have been in Early Access for the last 5 years and have not been finished from developer side. But I like my stats now that 140 and Deadlight are finally blue.

Small Radios Big Televisions: I’m not quite sure how to explain this game. As a door clicker? You always start with an image of some kind of plant/fabric on one side and one or more doors. You can enter those and can click yourself through more doors, solving small puzzles and searching for tapes. First time those tapes show relaxing scenes and you have to click a green orb, helping you to get further inside the plant. Then you will find magnets, which can alter the tapes and suddenly they get kinda creepy and trippy. There is some kind of story but um ….. the game is mostly trippy …. Game can be completed in about 2 hours without guide (although I had to search a bit and even guess at times). There is one collectible per plant and three tapes in different versions which have to found all for all achievements. Apparently, there are issues with the achievements if you miss some sequence previously. After beating the game, you can revisit earlier plants and recollect missed stuff (unless you missed the sequence). Game also tells you what you missed, so for most part I think it is fair.

Well, now back to: What to play next. I still have two games I got because I had their pre-versions in the library. While I’m still mad at Devil’s Dare it annoys me more that I have Streets of Red in my unplayed list. I just hope this time all achievements work as intended. Other than that I also have the Borderlands GOTY Enhanced in my library. I could just use my saves from normal Borderlands. But even then I would have to replay the game at least once. So I may do the whole thing again as I’m not generally opposed to it and it has been a long time since I played it. Problem is here that it consumes quite a lot of hours and also has multiplayer achievements. So I would need help -_- Also I would probably play Lilith again since I can do most stuff alone with her. Maybe I will also go and give a try for the versus achievements in Resident Evil 5. Although I would need some staged multiplayer help here too.

On another note, I recently reached 10,000 hours played on Steam -_- And as I don’t idle for cards this actually means real playtime ….. Oh, and also reached 98 % completion rate. Well, at least before I started Streets of Red and it went down again.

I have completed Teleglitch!

And if you don’t understand how awesome that is, you haven’t played that game (much). Also I have completed 140 (again) …. like 10 minutes ago:

  • Teleglitch: Die More Edition

    58 hours playtime

    39 of 39 achievements

  • 140

    12 hours playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

Teleglitch: Well, what to say here. Teleglitch has been sitting for the longest time in my Completion Rate Downer list. I had 24 from 39 achievements and didnt think I would some day get more because …. you know …. the game is hard. I played the game for over 20 hours and I have seen at best Level 7 from 10. The game itself is a rogue-lite top-down low resolution shooter in a dystopian future where different factions are developing new ways to kill each other and you are a scientiest in one of those lovely research institutes …. which had recently some kind of accident - the Teleglitch incident. You wake up with a pistol and a knife and a lot of stuff which wants to kill you. Each level you have to search for the teleporter to progress. Ammo is scarce in a sense that if you don’t know what you do, you will run out …. fast. If you miss to much … again. The game starts easy enough: Level 1 - Mutants, can be killed with the knife, melee only, Level 2 - Larger Mutants and Zombies, horrible moving pattern but still easy, Level 3 - First armed enemies, if you don’t have an armor 3 shots will kill you, Level 4 - 20 armed enemies, the game starts separating the casual player from the dedicated, Level 5 - Roboter bosses; yea you are screwed. With Level 4 the game really becomes difficult and failing means you have to replay previous level again. While there are unlockable shortcuts you need to beat levels further down the line to get them. For the starting point in level 3 you have to have reached level 5. For Level 5 it must have been Level 7 and so on. This means in order to unlock a new starting point you need to get at least past four consecutive levels. Luckily, past Adelion manage to reach Level 7 like …. once. And so I could start in Level 5 which was my starting point for most of my runs as it gives you quite a good selection of items and let you craft - yes there is crafting - powerlegs (faster movement) and a teleporter (second chance in case of death).
And so I played, and tried and tried. And I reached Level 7 again …. and died. I tried and tried again and found out that level 8 has another boss …. and died. I wondered how much farther I could get. Achievement wise I would be happy with 4-5 more achievements and beating Level 7 gave me already one. Reching level 9 would unlocked the arena. Usually another easy one, plus the achievements for beating the Level 8 boss and completing Level 8. And then it finally clicked, I could reproduce my games. I tried again. I’ve beated Level 8 boss and died. I tried again and reached level 10 and I died again. I found out that the Level 7 starting point is shit and kept the Level 5 one. Then, I managed to get to the last boss in the game - literally a rotating wall of death - and died again. And then ….. I survived the Teleglitch incident, the first time. And I become greedy. Teleglitch - in an odd similarity to Toki Tori 2+ (see previous update) - is a game where knowledge is power. The more you know the easier it gets. The game can still screw you over by placing three welders, 2 scientists and a squid directly at the start of a new level. But, it becomes manageable, reproduceable. And I started to go for the harder achievements - Surviving without Teleporters (can be done by starting from level 9, still difficult), completing the game starting from Level 1 (takes about 3-4 hours) which is easier if you know what you are doing. And then I had accumulated three wins and only one achievement remained. Beating the last boss in 10 seconds which took me ….. another 20 hours and 10 runs to finally get this done. But yea, I have completed the game which I never thought i could do. But most of the game becomes manageable once you get past the knowledge lock. Also the later levels feel easier, there is some kind of difficulty spike from level 4-7.


140: Euphorized, I decided to tackle another old burden. The last mirror level from 140. I completed the game before by beating all three levels and the respective three mirror levels and then the developer meant it would be cool to update the game with a fourth one. I have a different opinion about that. As the mirror levels have to be beaten in one go, I wanted to skip this one as the fourth level has a weird rhythm. Ah, yes. 140 is a minimalistic platformer where you unlock new level elements accompanied with new rhythms and the deadly elements move with the music.
Playing the fourth level over and over again - first in normal mode to get practice, then mirror mode - I started to wonder why the game has so many good reviews. And I think it is because most people don’t play the mirror levels. Because in there, a horrible design flaw gets visible. The game expects you to move anti-rhythmic. So the platform you are standing on will become deadly with the next beat. This means you have to jump prior to it which means you can’t use the beat as indicator but have to anticipate it. And in Level 4 this gets to a point where the music becomes counter-inuitive for the movement and you have to rely a lot on visual cues to solve the sections. In addition, the game has a kind of difficulty where a mistake means death, not repeting a section because you fell down, no …. death, repeating the whole level. And it doesnt set you to the beginning of the level but to the selection hub. You have to waste 10 seconds to restart the level, have to watch three seconds falling down. EVERY TIME. I sweared a lot but I managed to find reproduceable solutions for most selections. I feared that I would need several restarts caused by death by boss. But luckily I’ve beated him the very first time in mirror mode (non-mirror mode it always took at least 3-5 tries). So yea, right now I’m happy to have this annoying one completed to. If the developer makes another update I’ll get angry ….

So, two old burdes are done. One down from the Completion Rate Downer AND Unfinished list. And one more completed from my Steamgift Wins. Now, I will lock into what to tackle next. Maybe the euphorisation is enough for another no-death achievement …… Deadlight.

Another look back

Two games again although one I have played for a long time already and the second one I majorly played years ago. So let’s take a look back:

  • Heroes of Hammerwatch

    308 hours playtime

    81 of 81 achievements

  • Toki Tori 2+

    24 hours playtime

    38 of 38 achievements

Heroes of Hammerwatch: HoH is a top-down gauntlet like game. If you played Hammerwatch you probably now some things already. Playable classes are the same, abilities and gameplay are similar. However, there are significant differences. The first one being the game being randomized in its levels although after several runs you will have seen everything more or less. The second one is the progression system. While in Hammerwatch you always started at 1, in HoH you can progress between runs. For this several mechanics have been implemented like trainers (use skill points earned by levelling up) or shop upgrades (use gold). The trainer and shops again can be upgraded by the use of ore. Items later on can be upgraded as well and so on.
Story-wise you arrive at an old outpost below the Forsaken Tower and by spending gold and ore you can upgrade it step-by-step by clearing the Tower. If you have killed everything in the Tower you can progress to NG+ with healthier, stronger enemies giving more gold and experience so you can further upgrade the town and yourself to clear the Tower once again so you get NG+2. And so this goes on and on. Even at NG+15 I still have not activated everything the game gives me for getting stronger so you can spent a lot of time here and you have 8 different classes. Clearing the Tower with one class also gives a permanent bonus to every class you play so it is wise to change from time to time and to play all.
Achievement-wise a lot of grind is necessary and with the DLC it probably takes up to 200 hours. The most time consuming is for sure getting every character to Level 60 which equals NG+8 I think. Other than the grind the achievements are not terribly difficult. I have set the game to Complete for now but may have to revise it if another DLC drops.
Overall if you don’t mind doing the same over and over again (with slight deviations) and enjoy yourself getting stronger step-by-step than you should give the game a try. But beware, in contrast to Hammerwatch this one has NO local co-op.

Toki Tori 2+: Some time last year I think I finally got around a replayed Toki Tori (a puzzle platformer) and completed it. At least since then but before already I also wanted to complete Toki Tori 2+. So I finally did it. Toki Tori 2+ is another puzzle platformer but fundamentally different from Toki Tori 1 and most other puzzle platformers. The developers described the game once as a Metroidvania where progress is limited by knowledge. And I agree with this statement which was shown once again by replaying the game. You play as a yellow chicken trying to save your breathen by finding the five ancient frogs. While you have several puzzle segments the game is presented as one large world. As mechanics you only have two functions - stomping and whistling. But there are several animal-like creatures in the world and each of them has specific reactions to those actions sometimes also dependent from your position. The game is very clever in teaching you these reactions step-by-step. On the way you have several ways you can go aslong as you know how. So by returnig later to places you will notice how you can reach certain points which havent consider before because you missed some knowledge. As such you have a giant world you can explore, searching for the small yellow wings, pictures of stuff and of course the Ancient Frogs.
Toki Tori 2+ has aged very well and to this day still makes a lot of fun. It presents you with very fair puzzles all the time and it saddens me a bit that the game didnt get the recognization back then as it should.
Achievements are varied, some tied to story progression while others are for getting all fotos/wings or finding hidden stuff. Some achievements need some special action to be performed. For the longest time i didnt complete the game because I didnt find the ghost needed for one achievement and I only used a guide very reluctantly years after. The last missing achievement though was replaying the game and finding all frogs before entering the city (which is unlikely to happend on your first try). While this is not difficult it means to delete your one and only save game. And so I know have done the Detour achievement but have an “uncompleted” save game. While it was fun I resist the urge to get everything done again (although a part of me really wants to so better uninstall fast).
If you have it in your library you should give the game a try because you will findly a puzzle platformer with a clever overall world design where revisiting past places makes you notice new stuff.

And now back to what gaming next. More HoH, more Vermintide 2 of course. But else? Probably will take another look on past games. Other than that I have Streets of Red or Borderlands Enhanced which I got by owning the originals. Not sure if I want to replay them because the original has either broken achievements or the game is overall very time-consuming with MP requirements for achievements -_- Always so difficult to decide.

Weirdness in different stages

The two games I completed in the last weeks are ….. let’s say …. weird. In their own respective way each one:

  • Guacamelee! 2

    30 hours playtime

    49 of 49 achievements

  • Suits: A Business RPG

    4 hours playtime

    35 of 35 achievements

Guacamelee! 2: Well, what can you say about Guacamelee. You are playing an Agave farmer who has to save the Mexivers by dying and then transforming into a Luchador by wearing the Mask from the realm of the Death guarded by Tostada. Sounds strange and the game is just that. Strange. And a lot of fun. The story starts seven years after the first part and Juan, the Agave farmer is not in his best form anymore. But this is fast forgotten as soon black holes appear in the sky and Uay Chivo, the Goat Man tells you to travel the Darkest Timeline to repair the damage and save the Mexiverse. And soon after you are wearing the mask for the first time after seven years again.
Guacamelee is in its core a brawler. Over the course of the game you learn a lot of new special moves (like the Rooster Uppercut, the Frogslam or the Goat Fly) or other mechanics (like switching between the world of the living and the dead or transforming and fighting as a chicken). New Enemies are introduced regularly and you have to use your whole equipment of moves to take them down. Beside the brawling part the game has a HEAVY emphasis on platforming. If you are not good with platformers you should probably skip the game because you won’t have fun with it. Platforming is interestingly done by the same as the combat - the special moves. A lot of “bonus” stuff like more health and stamina and in side rooms where you have to solve those platforming puzzles by chaining special moves. First you have to understand which moves to use and then you have to execute them which is often easier said than done. And this doesn’t even include the platforming for the key parts.
But if you like brawling and you are good with platforming I can really recommand the game. You get a well executed game with fluid movement, a silly story, a good soundtrack, a lot of challenges and a drop-in and -out local coop mode which is always a plus and the reason I bought the game (and also because I played most of Drinkbox’s games and like them, nice developers).
Achievements are based on getting 100 % in all areas which includes a lot of shouting as the challenges and platforming parts are really tought until you understand the best course of action. Also you need the DLC’s to get all achievements.

Suits: A Business RPG: Suits is …. um …. different what you can easily see on the Store page and the presented screenshots. Going into the game though you will soon find out that it is more or less a RPGmaker game. Just that all assets are handdrawn and the story and characters are very weird. I’m not sure if the goal was an underlying message or it was just a chaining of silly ideas concerning the main theme of capitalism. Hard to tell. Game begins with you in buisness school and all other pupils. Surprisingly you are the only one with an adult body and even more surprisingly you finish as the best of class (because everyone else gets burned to ash). And after this you start fighting your way through the six different sectors of the game getting closer and closer to the CEO.
Like I said in the beginning, there is probably some message underline because you get messages concerning the different cycles all the time but you should play the game for its weirdness alone. Achievements are mostly on the easy side but can be missed easily as the mostly concern side quests. I missed four achievements in my playthrough. But since I changed save slot regularly I just had to pick the correct one and could get the remaing ones in less than 30 minutes.

For now I will complete Heroes of Hammerwatch which will still take some time. And then, my favourite game will start again. What to play next? Maybe reducing the shadow backlog. Or getting back to some older games. Always wanted to complete Toki Tori 2 for example. Another weird game Party Hard 2 (about a man killing all people on a party because he felt annoyed) has to wait until i get back to my locak coop partner :P

A potpourri of different games

And none of my older not-played and unfinished games -_- At least it helps reducing my Shadow Backlog. I think I should do more giveaways again to help with that one too :P So let us look at this months yield:

  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare

    10 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

  • Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

    27 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

  • SOMA

    10 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare: Well, this one was a logical choice after playing Alan Wake before and I got it from that Christmas bundle. I was not 100 % sure on this as several reviews said that the story is the same and just repeats three times which is to say ….. just incorrect. But let’s start at the beginning. The gameplay is pretty similar to Alan Wake but more action focused. Combat is a bit more fluid but you still get several unfair situations especially in the Arena Mode (which is needed for achievement completion). Story is adding some parts to the narrative of Alan Wake, setting in two years after the original game. Some people said the writing is worse than the original but I actually liked it. I understand the remark as the intro and outro of each episode sounds like the writing of some hobbyist. But the clue is that Alan has no way of fighting in the real world as he is trapped in the Ocean Space. As such he used an old episode of a TV show he was an author for with a similar plot and used this as basis to fight the evil Mr. Scratch. As such the intro and outro have the same cheesiness as that tv series while the remaining part of text is written on same style as the main game. Mr. Scratch is an evil clone of Alan Wake and over the episodes he is talking to you with video messages, showing the bad stuff he has done and wants to do in your name which is a frightening thought. Due to the mashing of reality and the tv show as basis for Alan to do something at the end of the game you have no idea what really happened but then again this is the “problem” for the whole of the Wakiverse.
Like initially mentioned the story has only three areas (one per episode) which you visit each three times. And each time the objective is the same. But as you get there a second time, the person of interest remembers you and has prepared. As such it plays differently and faster. Each re-visit is siginificantly shorter than the previous one. Achievements are for most part pretty easy as they have toned down the collecting spree to one. Added has been the arena mode which is basically survive for 10 minutes while getting points with a no damage based combo system. Which is for most part okay but like said before due to unfair situations you easily loose the combo. But even so achievements are mostly on the easier side with maybe one or two exceptions. All in all, an interesting enough revisit to the Wakiverse with some interesting information about side characters like Barry or Alice.

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4GO: Well, it is a Neptunia game so not much to explain here. Only played the first one of the main series. This here belongs to the spin-off series and has therefore a different fighting system which is real-time action based. You play the character of your choice and the three remaining characters are controlled by the computer. You have skills, normal attack and you can block. Added to this you have some equipment choice and that is pretty much the gameplay stuff for the action part. The rest of the game is a Visual Novel, dress up game with a simulation of a MMORPG. You have a guild, a blacksmith, two or three shops etc. Like I said, there is not much to explain if you are familiar with the Neptunia series. The game is pretty easy and very-lighthearted which is a nice change from time to time. Achievements are also easy. Only drawback is that you need post-game some annoying grind for getting stronger weapons so you can beat the bonus bosses. But the whole game can be completed in about 25 hours and is something you can play mindlessy.

SOMA: SOMA on the other hand you should play with concentration (and also not at night with all lights off like me) for two reasons. First, you have to concentrate on your surroundings so you don’t run into monsters by mistake. Since it is dark it helps to remove other light sources in your room :P The second is that the SOMA story covers some really heavy issues. A quote from a person in the game (unimportant person, only there for a minute) was :”Nothing on this station is allowed to die.” Which is really the essence of the game. On the other hand there are some slightly different answers as what one would consider life or existence. And this is the main idea behind the whole game. How would you define existence. Gameplay-wise you are close to Amnesia. You are navigating through a mostly dark station, you are unfamiliar with looking for answers, and avoiding horrible monstrosities on the way. The monster are for the most part nerve-wracking (although there is a SAFE mode making them tame) and navigation works most time. I say works because there have been several parts of the game where I had no idea where I am going to and if I am right here. But I always found the right direction more or less directly and that although I felt lost. Especially the Ocean bottom in the Abyss is heavy to navigate and was an “awful” experience. Im not sure if this is good or bad. It is definetely interesting design O.o There are also puzzles - both simple minigames as well as find out which item you need and where to find - which are mostly doable if you pay attention. But you need to pay attention. And their have been two or three times where I had to look up a video because i didnt know what to do. Most often I overlooked some kind of cable I either had to plug or unplug.
Story-wise I can’t tell to much. Just that Simon, the protagonist had a car crash prior to the game and is having a brain scan made. And the next second he is on some weird sea station, no idea how he got there (this gets explained in the game and ruined my initial thought for the story). Over the course he then finds a companion helping him to navigate and also giving him some kind of objective all the while tackling the issues of existence and also covering how shit went down for humanity in total and especially on the sea station. All in all an interesting experience although not for the easily scareable people. But yea, I probably wouldnt replay this as well due to the tense atmosphere in several parts of the game.

I have skipped over my “completion” of Heroes of Hammerwatch because they finally announced the release of the DLC and as such new achievements.

Long, long overdue

Not this post, as the last one was …. recently. But I finally found the motivation to activate a key I received as a gift from a Steam Year ….. I think years ago. I always kept it in mind but postponed it over and over again. But last month i then finally activated, installed and completed the game. Hurray for issues:

  • Gemini: Heroes Reborn

    5 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

  • Minit

    6 hours playtime

    27 of 27 achievements

  • The Darkside Detective

    8 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

Gemini: Heroes Reborn: So Gemini is the game of a Heroes Reboot that I never heard of. And even the main series I only saw like half a season? Well, you play Cassandra on search for information for your family in some kind of totally abandoned facility because a friend told you that there are totally information about them there. Basically, it is a fairly linear First Person “Platformer/Superpower” game. While it has a lot of gimmicks, somehow they don’t have any impact. Something is missing everywhere in the game. If I had to choose the gravest problem though I have to agree with a review. The main protagonist does take it in very well that she has superpowers (okay Heroes Universe so there is at least context) and has no problem randomly killing people. All characters in the game appear to be quite lifeless and even the most dramatic/tragic scenes just “happen” without you caring at all. Overall, a lot of wasted chances. And yea, time paradoxes. I hate them -_-

Minit: Wanted to have this and traded for. Minit is a puzzle game with rather simple graphics. Gimmick here is that after picking up the cursed sword in the beginning you just live a minute (“Minit”, you get it?) and then die. But you keep all your items. So it is more of a nuisance/gimmick. Your goal is to solve small puzzles, get new items and with them access new areas with new small puzzles, kinda like a metroidvania in very small. The main route of the game is fairly easy but there are some kind of extra puzzles for total completion. I admit that there have been two or three which I couldnt solve on my own and looking at the solution I understand why. At least one puzzle I probably wouldnt have got on my own. After completing the game once, you get a New Game+ with only 40 seconds and some rearrangements which is quite a bit harder. Overall, an enjoyable experience although the main gimmick sometimes feels tedious.

The Darkside Detective: A point and click adventure game which has kept itself simple and is really amusing. You are playing Detective McQueen solving weird cases with his trusty sidekick Dooley. You chose a case in the beginning, and then just transit from screen to screen, talking to people, collecting items and getting to the end. All cases have to do with the Supernatural which is kinda accepted in the world as you are paid by the police. Cases take from 15-40 minutes most for completion and have witty one liners, lovable and funny characters, is constantly breaking the fourth wall and has lots of references to other games. Overall, a really good game, sadly ending on a Cliffhanger. But I saw there is a season 2. Have to wait for it though :P
While the game is very good and mostly on the easier side, there are some minor things which I didn’t like. One is that some of the achievements are a bit tedious (not much but they are). For example in one case you have to read all books, but you have to read some twice and there is no indication that you have to do this. And you will hardly get this yourself. And one case (the Christmas Shopping) I had no idea what I was doing most of the time. I clicked around randomly and still couldnt solve one step. Still, I really liked the game and the dynamic between McQueen and Dooley. REcommandable if you enjoy pixelated adventure games with some humour.

Welp, and now back to the old “What will I play next” game -_- Well, for the moment I still have Heroes of Hammerwatch to complete and maybe I will revisit 100 % Orange Juice for some more achievements. Or revisit an older game for completion. Or buying something in the sale. Or activating one of my keys from Humble or Fanatical. Especially the Fanatical are quite good but long games.

New Year, still playing games

Actually, over the winter break I played more than normally. Although, majority went into Heroes of Hammerwatch. And still shouting a lot at my pc during gaming -_- I have to get calmer. Sounds like a good resolution for 2029.

  • Alan Wake

    30 hours playtime

    67 of 67 achievements

  • The Long Reach

    6 hours playtime

    15 of 15 achievements

  • Super Life of Pixel

    46 hours playtime

    72 of 72 achievements

  • The Disney Afternoon Collection

    14 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

Alan Wake: A.Wake is the story about a coffee addicted, traumatized author scared by darkness. Which would be one of the possibilities to interpret the story. Actually, the story is pretty straightforward. You have a writer’s blockade and decide to make a vacation with your wife on some island. Just for said wife to disappear and the house you visited shortly before together with her. And so you have to fight the darkness in order to get her back. I initially somehow though gameplay would be more like Dead Premonition like …. a bit more open world and navigating. But you get different chapters and levels which are all pretty much streamlined, fighting the same enemies over and over again. The game is good and somehow interesting but it drags down on your nerves. Game gimmick of the day is light. Enemies can only be hurt after you have broken their darkness shield with a flashlight, or you just bomb them with a bang or a flare. Also enemies can reappear continuously and can throw their weapons at you …. just to have them back a second later. And you can only outrun them while sprinting for like …. 10 meters before Mister Wake needs an oxygen chamber. The straight forward and yet still confusing story is told further with two DLC’s which happen again to avoid giving clear answers.
For achievement hunting there is some stuff to do and most is reasonably and fair. But the developers have again integrated some collectibles achievements. And yes, you need to find them all. While the game is split in chapters, the game has avoided to list what you are missing in which chapter. So you either use a guide for the first playthrough which is super stupid and nobody should do this or you make notes yourself and then compare with a list for the second playthrough (which you have to do anyway for the Nightmare difficulty). Especially the thermos’ are super painful. While they are most often close to landmarks you can still overlook them and if you haven’t made notes you would have to check 5 chapters in order to find maybe one missing thermos. This could have been solved better.

The Long Reach: Talked about this last time already. Just want to add that I exchanged two e-mails with the developers and after loading my last save the missing achievements popped up. I’m pretty sure I have done this before and nothing happened. So maybe the developers did change something on the game. However, there have been no updates and now I am confused.

Super Life of Pixel: Game has been updated and received new achievements. So now there exists a classic version which can be accessed over the beta functionality (and has own achievements) and the new super version. A lot of stuff remained the same but some levels got a makeover, positions of collectibles have been changed inside levels and between levels and also new levels have been added. And maybe I have some trauma because i didnt remember the game being as hard the first time i played it, especially the beginning. While you go through the history of computers and the graphics change most of the games feels to similar for my taste. I think I need to play Evoland for comparison where with the era the gameplay changes as well. And also ….. platformers ….. this one is a terrible offender:
I swear, one day aliens or gods or whatever will descend on our planet and they will say: “We are here to judge your species.” “How will you do this?” mankind asks. And they answer: “Bring us 100 randomly chosen computer games and we will see if you developed far enough to no longer use kill upon touch devices in your games. Let’s start with …. Super Life of Pixel.” And this is how earth will end. I can’t even imagine the thought process:

A: Finished. I’ve created a masterpiece.
B: I played it and maybe ….
A: Don’t worry. It is not boring it has direct kill spikes, everywhere.
B: I’m not sure ….
A: And we have different types as well with different hitboxes and timing.
B: I don’t think spikes ….
A: …. alone are enough? Got this covered. I have fire …. which works more or less like spikes just harder to time. Oh and lasers and electricity ….. which works again like Lasers.
B: I think you should talk with actual people ….
Community: Too many spikes!!!!!
A: Shut up. You just can’t understand my masterpiece.

Yea, to many spikes -_- Well, got it done and have the achievements with again to many collectibles and no clear information where I should look for them. And misisng on Special console and to search in 100 levels for them is not a good design idea. For new players it will be even more annoying as the achievements for classic version still exist.

The Disney Afternoon Collection: Is a compilation of NES games of which I played at least four in my childhood. Although, I seem to have forgotten some details about some, especially Ducktales. If you get over the initial difficulty spike in about every game, they are actually on the easier side. And you even have a rewind function although I never used it. Chip’n Dale can be played in local co-op. Other than that you just have to get familiar with the game design and levels and you can complete the games more or less easily.
Achievement side is …. okay I guess. But there are some design issues and lot of wasted potential. Because you have mainly three achievements for every game. Complete, Complete on Time Trial (you can’t do Time Trial and get both at the same time, you HAVE TO play twice) and complete boss rush in certain time. Difficulty wise they are a joke because the times are so abhorrent high that you actually can’t miss them. Boss rush is always an hour and takes 2 minutes for some games. Time Trials are two hours and take between 10-30 minutes dependent on skill. And actually achievements in the game are actually ignored. Especially the Ducktales games have so much potential for better achievements like: Certain money amount at the end of the game, finding the hidden treasures, playing the secret level. Ducktales 2 has a lot of fun to find secrets and you need even to input minimal brain functionality. But yea, sometimes easy can be okay too.

That’s it I guess. Happy New Year. Have to check what I will play next besides Heroes of Hammerwatch. Currently looking for Trades for Minit and the Darkside Collections. And maybe I should play the Ducktales remake at one point for comparison reasons.